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Responding to Mullah Nouman Ali Khan under his one misleading Video

Our team members continuously watch video of all kind of Satanic Ignorant Mullahs and some time we publish a special page like this page as rebuttal. Today we watched following highly misleading video of one Mullah “Nouman Ali Khan” at Youtbe. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bB4cARWalY4)

We have posted following comments under that video: We are publishing comments here too because that kind of Mullahs are usually very narrow minded with tiny mosquito-size brain. When any one differs with them; they will immediately block or mute your comments: In following comments we have talked logically and rationally. Our talk is not shallow and a wise can judge it.

By Hafiz Abdu Samad — Beginning with Name of Allah Aleem-al-Khabeer whom all praise is due. Allah says: My Quran explains every thing for Muslim 12:111, 16:89, 17:12. Quran is Protected and Guarded by Lord 15:9. But Did Prophet leave behind any book of hadith sunna sira contexts fiqa Nazools Tafsirs? NO. That all Books were fabricated centuries after the death of Prophet. Did prophet certify any of book that are mentioned above. No. QuranExplainsEverything2Quran makes very clear in many verses that Islamic Law some say Sharia law is valid only and only from BOOK of Allah 16:116, 6:114, 6:19, 50:45 Quran 5:44 makes clear that who make Islamic laws from any other book except Quran, are Kaafirs Kafiroon. So all Hadithers who make laws from hadith Sunna Sira books etc are Kaafirs and they will die as kaafirs. To place man-forged books beside book of Allah is Kuffar 5:44 Quran 28:56 tells; Mohammad cannot guide but only Allah guides. So how Mohammad could guide Shia and Sunni sects thru books of Hadith and sunna that he never certified? Quran_6_114NHow Mohammad could tell Shia and Sunni sects different brand of Call-Prayers and different brand of Rituals? Just use very basic commonsense. Quran 10:15, 6:114, 6:19 make clear that Mohammad was bound to follow ONLY and Only Quran. So Mohammad taught nothing but Quran. Quran is made Easy 54:17 and standalone Quran fully explains itself. Verses explain each other. Quran has its own built-in dictionary. So Quran is not in need of any external man-made theological source. U cannot understand Quran correctly even in 100 yrs unless U stop to use all man-made books; and understand Quran only by Quran. QuranStandaloneBookLike all Hadith-Worshiping Ignorant Fanatics U have also falsely claimed in this video that Companions Sahaba of Prophet preserved hadith for you. This is the GREATEST LIE of universe. There is tons of multiple evidence that Prophet and 4 Caliphs burned and banned all Hadiths. 2nd Caliph Umar told all people to submit all hadiths that they possess. People brought all hadiths, thinking, he want to compile a Master copy of Hadiths but what happened? Umar threw all hadith books in fire (Khateeb Baghdaadi and Hafiz Ibn Barr in Jamia al-ilm). Read our page “True history of Hadiths”. Omar said: Hadiths are like Mishnah of Jews. He wrote letters to his all city governors to burn all Hadiths they can find. Exactly same was done by 4th Caliph Ali who said in Friday sermon: O people erase all hadiths, as previous generations were ruined because they abandoned Book of Allah and follow collections of their scholars (Jamia al-ilm).Important_CalloutNo any hadither on this planet has any rational and logical answer of these above-given questions but they shamelessly still follow forged hadith crap. All hadith followers fit in Quranic verses 7:179 and 8:22. They are Cattle, nay even verse….HadithAndAliAllah says in 12:111, 16:89, 17:12 that his Quran explains every thing for Muslim. So why should U not trust in, what Allah says? It is simple; any rite ritual or Law that has no roots in Quran is NOT PART OF ISLAM. Quran tells many time to obey Prophet but Quran also tells many times that to obey Allah and his Prophet mean to follow only Quran. Quran never tells to follow books of hadith of Shia and Sunnis that will be forged 300-800 yrs after Prophet. 47:2, 6:114, 10:15, Book of Bukhari surfaced as BOOK 800 yrs after death of Prophet (Authored not by Zoroastrian Bukhari but Ibn Hajar). Abu_DardaQuran makes many times clear that JOB GIVEN to Mohammad was NO MORE THAN to deliver Quran clearly to people 29:18, 3:20, 3:80, 5:99 So when U follow Quran, U are following both Allah and his Messenger 39:23, 69:40, 47:2, 6:114, 6:19 but when for Islamic Law, U follow any man-made Book, U become Kaafir 5:44 and U then is following Shatan Iblis. All the verses of Quran U have used in video are badly twisted by you and in fact that verses forbid hadith lies and tell to follow only Quran 45:6. U have again badly twisted verse 4:65-66. in verse word JUDGE appears and 6:114 makes clear that Judgment is valid only from Quran. U are playing with Book of Allah like all Mullahs. Did 4:65-66 tell that U should follow those books that will be forged 300-800 yrs after Prophet? No. And Prophet never certified any sunna and hadith book. BiggestTextPicThat all Hadith books are based on Chinese whisper A told B told C told D etc. That are forged gossip and hearsay. A man who can forge Matan of Hadith, also can forged chains of hadiths. U can submit to Prophet for Laws of BOOK of Allah. How can U submit a human now who died 1400 yrs ago? Quran 68:4 tells that Mohammad had good conduct and Quran also tells in many other verses like 6:85 that all Prophets were of good conduct. Quran also gave Hikma (wisdom) to all Prophets IN ORDER to preach BOOK of Allah in right way. Without wisdom, U cannot sell even gold in Market in right way. Word Hikma and GOOD conduct never justify to follow those fabricated books that Prophet neither verified nor certified and that Books are full of blasphemy and Anti-Quran Hadiths. Sunna of Prophet is nothing else but replica of Quran. When U follow Quran, U are following Sunna of Prophet. Quran5_44CompactFLieOfScienceOfHadithDid Prophet leave behind any manuscript of any other Sunna Book for you? No. Nowhere Quran tells, Mohammad is role model. That verses 33:21, 33:56, 59:7 are clearly confined to Battle of Trench and Spoil of War when Prophet was alive. Again, Mohammad cannot guide 28:56 so sunna and hadith is only fuss. U have told again lie like all hadithers tell that Quran also came thru Rawayaats like fabricated hadith. This is a biggg lie that U hadithers spread only in order to validate forged hadiths. Truth is, that Quran as BOOK was compiled under supervision of Prophet. It was present as BOOK in life of Prophet. Read our main page “How Quran was compiled”. Ur claim is from hadith books but that books are forged, so ur claim is baseless. Verse 45:6 tells, that for Divine Law, you should follow only Divine Book, and not any Man-made Hadith/Personal Statement. That is universal truth and has no time boundary. It is for ever.U said Quran is not simple but Allah says in 54:17-40 that we have made Quran Easy. So you are opposing what Allah said. All your lecture is based on twist and lies, total lies. To sump up: For Islamic Law, If you follow Books from Ghair-Allah, then U are a Kaafir and U will die as a Kaafir 5:44. Islam mean to follow DIVINE BOOK that Allah delivered to people thru his Messenger; and never messenger in Person 47:2, 6:114, 10:15. And whole world know that GOD gave to Prophet Mohammad not Torah Bible or fabricated books of hadiths and Sunna but ONLY Quran 6:19, 6:114, 10:15. HadithLiesWoodenWe are also publishing rebuttal for this totally misleading video at our main page today with reference to your this video, So people should know If you are telling Truth or 24 Karat pure lies. Be brave and do not block or mute our comments. Give people choice to decide if You are telling Truth or we are telling Truth We invite all TRUTH SEEKERS to visit out main page at:

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Also our following pages expose your all lies:

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HadithsBooksAreLiesQJoseph_Schacht_FAbuBakkar_3_144_2Abu_BakkarAbuHuraira1ConfessionOfAbuHurairahAsHypocriteHadithOmarAndAbuHurairah - Copy

We suggest reader to read fully biography of the Biggest Hadith Narrator Abu Hurairah at following our page:


WhatIsSalatOfQuranFFiveRitualsPersiansFraudQuranVersusHadithHadithsAreLiesSTAR1IbneMajahBiggestCrapAbuHurairah3LiesAbtSolomonCOSolomondrilled70or90WomanHadithFSolomon60WivesFProphetSolomonAbuHurairahFUrinatingTowardQiblaFQuran3_80Quran6_159KhawaarijAbrogationTheGreatestLie2ScienceofHadithFraudMachineofShafiSects_are_KffaarSect formationSatanShafiHadithsInsultWomanPicNonSenseOFmainStreamRShiaorSunniImportant_Callout2TenTruthsForMuslimF

BukhariSuicideLie1BukhariAndSuicide2BukahriAndSuicideLieFWomanAndRib_ForgedHadithF2CamelUrineAndParsiBukhari2Note: Team Factszz about above-posted fabricated Hadith:
1– Prophet left behind not a single written hadith except complete written Quran.
2– Up to 722 A.D.; Satanic Innovations of Hadiths and Sunna used to have no legality in Islam (Professor J. Schacht).
3– Four Caliphs never compiled or ordered to compile any hadith Book. In fact Four Caliphs burned and banned all hadiths. Read our page “True History of Hadiths”.
4– It were Muslims who bulldozed millennia Persian Zoroastrian empire in 7th Century. During Abbasid Period from 750-1258 A.D., Persians hijacked Islamic empire and in order to disable Quran and to place Muslims on the path of Satan, they forged millions of lies with fake chains of narrations, and later labeled those all lies as Hadith of Prophet Mohammad(S). Did Prophet certify any Book of Hadith? No. We have read each line of all hadith books. It is very clear in these books that books were fabricated to misguide Muslims and to distort Islam. They remained successful in this conspiracy.
5– First painful thing is; that Persian hypocrites Imams forged millions of Hadiths in the name of Prophet. But more painful than this is; that instead of learning that these hadiths books are the biggest conspiracy against Islam; our Evil Mullahs, Freak Imams and their dumb and dead blindly following pets are always busy to defend crap that is stuffed in all forged hadith books. The report of Nine year marriage age of Aisha RA was fabricated by Eleven Shia narrators of Iraq, two from Basra and Nine from Koofa but our Mullahs and their pets are always busy to convince world that to marry a 6 or 9 year girl is ok. They have neither any brain nor any shame or honor. When Abu Dawud says in his forged hadith: Do ablution from water in which dead dogs and menstruation shreds of women are floating; these shameless hadithers and Mullahs start to defend even this kind of crap by hiding it under a metaphor etc. No any stoning in Quran. For fornicator, married or unmarried, are 100 stripes punishment but these dumb hadithers are stoning people by following fabricated hadith of Rajam (stoning) from centuries. Quran says: All is haram that dies itself but hadithers follow a fabricated hadith and say: Dead fish is Halaal.
6– Through this camel urine’s fabricated hadith, Criminal Bukhari has also tried to tell people that Prophet was very vicious and aggressive Person, as, as per his fabricated hadith of camel urine, Prophet ordered to take eyes of alive people out. This his crap totally contradicts witness of Allah of 68:4 in which Allah said that Mohammad(s) used to have the highest level of sublime moral standardPrayingTowardCamelWustaRitualFAfter studying almost all hadith books and all Tafsirs (exegesis) that Hadithers follow, Our Team have honestly and sincerely, concluded, that vast majority of Mullahs and Imams of today are Jaahil Ignorant, and vast majority of Mullahs, Imams and Mofassars 1300 years ago were also Jaahil Ignorant, and 1200 years ago were Ignorant, and 1000 years ago were Ignorant. Reason is: Exalted Last Prophet left behind only Noble Quran because his sole one duty was to deliver Quran and return to his Lord 29:18, 42:48, 3:20, 3:80, 5:99, 72:21, 28:56, 18:110. This is why; after completion of Quranic wahi, after a short period, he died because his great mission was now complete which was none but delivery of Quran clearly. He left behind no any manuscript of Hadith, Sunna, Contexts, Fiqa, Shane-Nazools, and Tafsirs (Exegesis). Know that: If the heart be pure, clean and sanctified, it will be able to discern between right and wrong, truth and lie, and guidance and misguidance.

But question is; why he did not leave behind any Extra-Quranic Book; despite he could setup another panel of honest mature writers to write down Tafsirs, Hadith and Sunna books? Answer is: He was absolutely not in need of to leave behind all that extra-Quranic books because Quran is made easy 54:17. Because Quran is fully detailed 6:114. Because Quran explains every thing for Muslims 12:111, 16:89, 17:12. Because Quran has its own best build-in dictionary, and its own best built-in Tafsir (exegesis) 25:30, 25:33. Mullahs, Imams and Mofassars (authors of books of Tafsirs) even 1300 years ago remained Jaahil Ignorant because most of them did not use Quran’s own built-in dictionary and Quran’s own built-in Tafsir but they added long tales/stories in their books which came from fables and fabricated hadiths (hearsay) that in most cases were concocted by hypocrites (pseudo converts of people of Book) like Wahb Ibn Munnabih, Hammam Munibbih, Rabbi K’ab al-Ahbar and by his many students like Abu Hurairah, Ibn Abbas, Ibn Umar and many others. All that hadiths and Tafsir are huge pile of lies or let say: that all books of hadiths and Tafsirs are Himalaya of Lies, Nonsense, Gossip, Hearsay, very Foolish-talk, and comic moronic Stupidities. It is sad to ascribe that all concocted tales to Prophet but that what is done by hypocrites. You will see many Mullahs and Pseudo Scholars who say: After Quran, Bukhari and Muslim are the most authentic books but truth is: Bukhari and Muslims are books of authentic lies. For solid Proof, read our page “some hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death”.

Among other oldest hadiths collection are of Malik’s Mowatta, Tabarani, Al-Hakim  (Mustadrak), Bayhaqi, Musnad Ibn Hanbal, Darimi, and Daraqutni. We have read all that works and we have concluded, that authors of that all works were not different from stupid ignorant Mullahs of today. Their collections are full of laughing stock. Regarding Tafsirs; majority considers and loves Tafsirs of Razi Jalalyn, Risala of Shafi, Fiqa-Hanfi, Ibn Kathir, Baghawi, Qartabi, Tabari, and Zamakhshari but truth is: in that all books though there is some truth too but billions of tons of lies and foolish-talk too. Ibn Hajar is one of the biggest demigods  (9:31, 2:170) of Sunni sect but truth is: this Egyptian Mullah was in way more educated than our stupid Mullahs of today. He was a Jaahil. His work is full of Kufar and Shirk. Though not all but almost all Mofassars and Hadiths-collectors belong to Shafi-School, and Shafi was the Greatest Satan/deceiver of our 1400 history; and an Ass never gives birth to elephant. If Teacher was a Satan, then how will be his followers! Read our special page on Shafi (an hidden Shia). And Books of Shia sect also stink more than dead dogs. That almost whole pile of garbage grew in Abbasid era 750-1258 A.D. DNA-wise, Abbasid were half Muslims and half Zoroastrians. Their Tutors, Ministers, Prime Minister, many wives and even mother were Persian Zoroastrians. O Wise Person: Know that: Whole Islam is finalized in Quran. Any rite, ritual or law that has no roots in Quran is absolutely not part of Islam. All extra-Quranic Laws (Sharia Laws), Rites and Rituals are innovations of Clergy. Islam is to have right faith 4:136; to follow Divine law; to be mindful about Allah in all awaken conditions; and to live your whole life as a righteous Philanthropist 2:177. If you follow all this, then day of death is the Best day of your life on this earth.SinsShiftingQuranisIslamQuran16_116NplusNFQuran10_15NewQuranJust3VersesEnuf

We answered one Mushrik Jaahil Hadither as Under, who falsely claimed that fabricated Hadith do not contradict Quran:

When you say: Hadith does not contradict Quran, then, its mean, either you have never read hadith books fully like we did, or you are the biggest liar of universe. At least one is correct. Know that hadiths contradict each other (like corrupted bible) and Hadiths also Contradict Quran at 180 degree. And hadiths contain lies comedy nonsense blasphemy and all kind of garbage. Forged hadiths tell:

Woman is Evil (Bukhari) Note: your mother is also woman and mother of Prophet was also woman

Person who commit suicide will burn in Hell (Bukhari)
Prophet Mohammad tried Suicide many times (Bukhari) Note: Is there any doubt that Bukhari was a Zoroastrian hypocrite disguised under Muslim Name!!

All black dogs are Devil (Sahih- Muslim). Can Prophet say so?

Sun Rises from 2 horns of Satan (ibn Majah)

In order to Receive Quranic Wahi, Prophet Mohammed used to wear THOB (Garments) of his wife (Bukhari). Here Bukhari has ridiculed Prophet and Quranic Wahi.

Prophet did sex at 52 yrs with 9 yrs Aisha (Bukhari). A lie forged by 11 Shia of Iraq, 9 from Koofa and 2 Basra.

To urinate facing Qibla is allowed – Abu Dawud
To Urinate facing Qibla is not allowed – Abu Dawud
Prophet forbade to urinate facing Qibla but he himself was found urinating facing Qibla (Abu Dawud).
A wise man can easily judge here that hadiths are mere fabricated gossip and rumors.

If you touch Pen*s, your ablution is broken (Hadith)
If you touch your Pen*s (male organ of man), your ablution is still OK (hadith)
It is forbidden to touch your Pen*s (male organ) with right hand (Hadith)
Prophet went to toilet, and later he ate meal without washing hands (Crap from Sahih Muslim). What kind of message these Zoroastrian hypocrites are spreading!!
Prophet used to pray facing his camel (not Qibla)- This crappy hadith is given in this page with full text). Read it.

Read below, how that fabricated crap called hadiths explain Quran!.
Salat Wusta is Prayer of Fajar (Hadith)
Salat Wusta is Prayer of Dhuar (Hadith)
Salat Wusta is Prayer of Asar (Hadith)
Salat Wusta starts after sunrise (Hadith)
Rats are a tribe of Yahood (Disciple of Devil-Darwin Devil-Bukhari).
Adam was 60 feet tall and  Prophet Abraham was liar (hadith). Note: Allah tells in Quran: Abraham was Siddeeqan-Nabiya mean A very TRUTHFUL Prophet).
After intercourse with wife, Prophet and his wife took bath with water and later Prophet made Wadhu ablution from same filthy water (Hadiths)
If Wife of Prophet ever Looked Sperm of Prophet on his clothes, she used her mouth water and scratched the dried-up sperm with her nails (Hadith).
Prophet forbade to urinate while standing (Hadith).
Prophet was seen urinating on a pile of Garbage while standing (Hadiths). O shameless Brain-dead Mushrik Hadither: Are these crappy hadiths from Sihae-Sitta explaining Quran? O hadither: you are worse than Catlle 7:179. Can a Great Man like Prophet Mohammad say this kind of stinky crap? Never. Prophet was a Great Man > Quran 68:4 Cattle_7_179When Satan listens call of Prayer (Shia or of Sunni, both different?), he farts loudly and escapes 36 Km away for Masjid. Note: Call of Prayers are always going on planet every moments all around the globe. So Satan of Hadithers  is farting non-stop. It could be reason of damage to Ozone Layer around on earth.
Male Satan meets female Satan on road-side and then then engage in sex (hadith).
In paradise every men will have 70 wives from the women of Hell and two Hooris. All 72 wives will have libidinous vag*nas. Pen*s (male Organ) of Man will remain erectile stiff and strong always. (Ibn Majah). We have posted this crappy forged hadith with full text in this page. Read it and enjoy. After reading this crap, you might have to go to washroom to change your pant.

We here assure you that we always say truth. We never post any thing unless is fully substantiated. To say 100.00% Truth is first Principle of our Team. Therefore’ you can trust fully what we say in our pages. If in doubt, contact us. We will send you full proof/reference. We do not like liars and so we are not liars. We strictly stick to Quran 2:42

If your rod enters in Vag of wife U should take bath even no orgasm (Hadith)
If your rod enters in Vag of wife U do not need bath if no orgasm (Hadith)

Water in which dead dogs and menstruation blood of your mother is floating, is still clean and pure (Abu Daud 0066)

Prophet Solomon drilled 100 women in one night (Abu Huraira – Bukhari)
In same Bukhari now we read, Prophet Solomon drilled 60 women in one night (Abu Huraira – Bukhari)
In same Bukhari we read now, Prophet Solomon drilled either 70 or 90 women in one night (So Gossip-Mongers Abu Huraira and Bukhari are not sure if women were 100 or 70 or 90 or 60)

Prophet Mohammad used to do sex with 9 wives in one hour and Prophet used to have sexual power equal to 30 men. (What a Shameful forgery!)
Prophet Mohammad used to do sex with 11 wives in one hour and Prophet used to have sexual power equal to 30 men. (What a Shameful forgery!). In those days, Sexual potent of Man was considered a great merit. So these forgers concocted these lies to prove that Prophet Mohammad was a superman. He was a mortal like all Mortal humans (Quran 18:110). In same way, these funny Persian hadith Imams ridiculed Prophet Mohammad by placing him on a flying winged donkey called Boraaq. Zoroastrian Hadith Imams copied that Boraaq story from their two Zoroastrian Books Zerdashtnama and Arda Viraf. you can read this story in that books.

Woman is equated to dog ass donkey and pig

Quran tells: On day of judgement, no one will bear sin burden of any other but Bukhari and Muslim say: On that day all sins of Muslims will be placed on heads of Christians and Jews. 180 degree contradiction Quran says: No one will be intercessor except GOD 6:94. Hadith crap say: Mohammad will be. Hadith also says That Prophet will be intercessor for all big criminals. So is duty of Mohammad to support big criminals? What a shame!. This forged hadith is designed to encourage Muslims to commit big crimes and get assured hell for them. That Hadith Imams were defeated Zoroastrian hypocrites. They took revenge of their defeat by misguiding we sheeple Muslims thru their stinky books.Hadithsarelies1Quran says: Do not make difference among Prophets but Hadith Crap show Mohammad superior to other and Head of Prophets. Forged lie. Quran 21:47 says: For paradise or hell. Ur all deeds will be counted and weighed, But Hadith Crap say. U can do all Crimes but by just giving one date Charity U can enter in Paradise; Do all crimes but by just saying La Ilaha Ill-Allah U wil enter paradise. That hadith Crap contradict Quran at 180 degree. And there is billions of tons of crap in all books of Shia and sunni, FOR Proof, read our page. Check all complete hadiths (mentioned above) with Arabic text at following page. We never tell lie. This is our principle. We never say some thing that we cannot substantiate. Dare to read: All Hadith Imams hailed from Persia were Zoroastrian hypocrites & worst adversaries of Messenger & Allah:

Verse 5:44 is not verse of Torah but of Quran. For example “Speak always Truth” is command of Allah and it is valid for all times. This command has no any time limit. In same way, command given in 5:44: “for they who do not judge in accordance with what God has bestowed from on high are, indeed Kaafirs” is for all times, as it tells universal truth that LAW is only to be made from BOOK of GOD and who do not do so are Kaafirs. So all Hadithers are Kaafirs.
Verse 5:44 is further supported by many others verses: 16:116 Law valid only from Book of Allah
6:114 Judge only from Book of Allah 10:15, 50:45 Mohammad bound to follow only Quranic Wahi.
Prophet Mohammad cannot guide but Allah guides 28:56, so how Mohammad could make his hadith and Sunna to guide U?
Duty of Mohammad is NO MORE THAN to deliver Quran clearly to people 5:99, 29:18, 3:20.
Quran is made Easy 54:47 and is self explanatory and need no any other man-made theological support. Hadith Sunna Tafsir contexts Tafsirs were forged in order to twist verses of Quran.

Mohammad is mortal man like all mortal men 18:110 V_Important_MessageSalat of Quran is never 5 Daily Rituals. That 5 Rituals are Rituals of Zoroastrians that were blended in Islam in 773 A.D by Zoroastrian mother of Caliph Haroon Rasheed . Her name was Queen Khaizran. Read our full page on this subject by visiting our main Page.

Islam is Simple: Whole Islam is in Quran only; and all what is not in Quran is NOT PART OF ISLAM AT ALL> Mohammad left behind no any book except BOOK of Quran (Bukhari) Prophet ordered not to write any hadith and who wrote, delete it Abu Bakar burned all hadith he possessed Umar Khattab told all people to submit all Hadiths to him and then he Burned all Hadiths. VERY clear that Hadith CRAP remained ILLEGAL in Islam during the life of Prophet and 4 guided Caliphs We have told CLEAR TRUTH but Truth never enter in a Sick-Brainwashed brain. Our following main page burns Hadith-Cult from its roots. Dare to read it factszz dot wordpress dot com

Nouman Ali Khan is misguiding people DELIBERATELY and He will pay price of this misguidance on the day of resurrection, and we will be the witness against him HaditherAreKaafirsNonSenseOFmainStreamRMajorityAndTruthQuran6_116-117_MajorityVSTruthMessengersOnlyDivinePostmenF2MessengerCannotGuideFFQuran18_110NQuran3_80

Read much more stinkiest forged hadith crap at our following page:
All Hadith Imams hailed from Persia were Zoroastrian hypocrites & worst adversaries of Messenger & Allah:

Is there any place of priesthood, Mullahism & pseudo scholarship in Islam?

Just one fictitious Hadith turned the table of Deen Islam at 180 degree


What is difference between a Muslim & a Mohammedan?

Abrogation > Big lie against Quran

Stoning >not punishment of Islam but Hadith Imams copied it from Corrupted Bible

Best scholarly page on the life of Jesus. A Treasure for Students of Comparative religion


SatanWorksWhatIsSalatOfQuranFToFollowQuranIStoFollowProphetListofhypocritesQuranIsMadeEasyImportant_ArrowQuran5_44PlusExtendedNoteFQuran tells, Prophet was a great man with the highest level of sublime conduct but fabricated hadith books especially following fabricated hadith of Parsi Bukhari depicts Prophet as the worst person on planet.JuaaniaNHadithBukhariCraphytfredddd
Truck_Foreign_MaterialkWhen we show the garbage that is stuffed in fabricated hadith books to conscienceless ignorant hadithers; in stead of admitting that these hadith books are heap of lies; they reply: these are Metaphors or Miracles. Remember: Mothers of all Prophets were also women. But If Bukhari declares all women of universe an Evil; Shameless Hadithers say: It is metaphor. If we show them forged hadith in which Prophet Solomon drilled 100 woman (other report says 60 women) in one night, Hadithers say it is miracle, If Crap of Sahih-Muslim says: that all black dogs are Devil; honorless Hadithers say: It is metaphor. If we show insane hadithers that forged hadiths which say: To do ablution (Wadhu) from Water Well in which orgasm fluid of man and woman, and dead dogs and menstruation shreds of women are floating; ignoble, hypnotized, despicable hadithers say: it is a metaphor. Therefore; all brainwashed mad Hadithers and their Satanic Mullah teachers want to cover tons of garbage of forged hadith books under just three words. It is a metaphor or it is a miracle or it is a wrong interpretation. They are mentally sick but who has made them sick? They are Evil Satanic Mullahs and Imams who has distorted their brains within past 1200 years. They all are psychopaths like fanatics of ISIS and Boko-Haraam. They deliberately fail to grasp the truth, that all hadith books were fabricated 250-400 years after the death of Mohammad(s) the exalted, and Prophet has no any relation with these forged hadith Books. Bukhari and Muslim were either mad ignorant Parsi Mullahs or hypocrites. Our research shows that they were Zoroastrian hypocrites under Taqiya with fake Muslim names. Contents of their Satanic books are the biggest proof of their hypocrisy. HadithsBooksAreLiesStatOf20thCentury2Quran2_190AndHatersQuranMakesUhumanQuranPermitsWarinDefenseOnlyStrongAndWeakFoundation2Important_Callout10FloweredHadithQudsiCrapHadithsBooksAreLiesQQuranBestHadithsWorstIslamIsDivinePMessageForJahilMullahs2Qayama2shariaisquranonly

Following is copy of our response to an Hadither (at YouTube) who raised some points about hadiths, Salat and Zakat

1– Prophet Mohammad left behind no any hadith or sunna or Tafsir manuscript except Book of Quran which is Protected by Allah 15:9. So if you follow fabricated Hadiths, you are following not Prophet but Satan Iblis. Hadith and Sunna are Satanic innovations that converted majority of we Muslims into Mushrik-Mohammedans 3:80. Up to year 722 A.D., Sunna and hadiths used to have no any legality in Islam. Four Caliphs burned and banned all Hadiths. In the time of Caliph Umar RA, it was CRIME to preach and even possess any hadith. See link #2 at this page for full proof. Sunna of Rasool (Messenger) is NOTHING ELSE but replica of Quranic ethics and Laws. All extra-Quranic Hadiths and Sunna are inspired by Satan Iblis. Rasool delivered you Quran, and no any hadith or sunna book. So in order to follow Rasool and his LORD; follow Quran. Quran tells many times: Obey Allah and Rasool but Quran also makes clear several times that to obey Allah and Rasool is to follow DIVINE BOOK that Rasool delivered, and Rasool delivered NONE but Quran 6:114, 47:2, 10:15, 6:19, 16:116, 50:45. Quran is made Easy 54:17. Quran explains every thing that is needed in Islam 16:89. So Quran is standalone, self-explanatory book and is not in need of any Mullah, Imam, Pseudo Scholar, Hadith, Sunna, Tafsir Contexts Nazool and fiqa books. Mullahs and Imams are aliens to Islam. We Muslims copied priesthood from Christians, Yahood, and Zoroastrians.2Islam is not, to follow Rasool in person but Islam is to follow THE DIVINE BOOK that Allah delivered thru his Rasool and that Book is Only Quran 6:114, 10:15, 6:19. Quranic verses 10:15, 6:114 make clear that Prophet was told, not to follow any Book or law except Quran.

3– Books of Hadiths like Bukhari and others were forged 250-800 years after the death of Prophet. That Books of Satan were never seen by Rasool-Allah. You brain-dead Jaahil Hadith followers never read Quran nor all hadith books in your whole life. We have read that all Hadith Books of Shia and Sunni sects, and that book are full of stinky garbage that stinks more than dead dogs. Can a Great Man (68:4) Prophet Mohammad could say this kind of Stinky Garbage such as: Sun rises from two horns of Satan, all black dogs are devil (Sahih-Muslim), Woman is Evil (Bukhari), Prophet tried many Suicides (Bukhari), Water full of dead dogs and menses blood of woman is still clean and pure (Abu Dawud 0066), Quran is eaten by Goat, so verses are missing (Ibn Majah 1944), do not touch peeenis with right hand, Do not kill a snake if that lives in your home, Prophet used to wear shirt of Aisha RA before receiving Wahi, Prophet tried to rape a woman Juhania, Prophet was a pedophile as he at age of 53 years did sex with 9 years Aisha RA, Prophet was Zaalim & he took eyes of alive people out, Prophet told people to drink disgusting urine of camel. This list is very long and reader is requested to view this whole list in link #3 of this page. You all hadith follower are brainwashed mentally paralyzed Cattle because you all hadithers follow that all forged garbage blindly. You never think or even try to think that a Great Man (68:4) like Prophet Mohammad can never say so. Donkey has better brain than you all hadith followers. You hadithers are a Gang of Jaahils. Satan sent all Christians astray, and Satan of we Muslims were Pseudo Hadith Imams. Very Clearly, Quran depicts Prophet Mohammad as Great Man 68:4 but forged Hadith Books depicts him as the worst person on planet. It is matter of basic commonsense: That GOD could never send a Prophet to people who is a bad man.

4– Quran makes very clear in 5:44 that all hadith followers are Kaafirs because Islamic law is valid only from Quran and who make laws from other books are Kaafirs 5:44 and Hadith followers are Kaafirs because they make laws from forged books of Hadiths. Allah makes clear in Quran that to follow Allah and his Rasool mean nothing else but to follow Quran because Messengers were no more than AGENCY of Allah 29:18, 5:99, 42:48, 3:20. So if you follow any other Book for Islamic law except Quran, then you are following your Murshid Iblis

5Salat and Zakat:

All what is in Quran is Islam and all what is not in Quran is NOT ISLAM. Salat of Quran has no any relation with Five daily namaz Rituals that were blended in Islam by Irani Zoroastrians in 773 A.D. Five Zoroastrian Namaz were forged thru forged Hadith of Miraaj. Read full page on forgery of Miraaj (night journey) in link #30 of this page. No any mention in Quran that during Miraaj Prophet Mohammad took ride on a flying donkey and bargained with Allah like union leader to reduce daily rituals from 50 to 5. That all tale is forgery of Zoroastrians. Allah has not mentioned 2.5 percent Zakat in Quran because Zakat is not mere 2.5 charity tax. Zakat is Economic System of Islam and in that System, Zakat-Tax is tiny part of System of Zakat. That tax percentage is not fixed in Quran by Allah Jalla Aala intentionally, and have left it to Muslim Ruler; it could be 2 percent in peace time and 15% or more in War time etc. In order to read, how Zoroastrians blended Five daily Namaz Rituals in Islam in 773 A,D.; please read link #1 at the top of this page. counterfeiteddogmaofmullahsAllah says in Quran: Task of Rasool (Messenger) is NO MORE than to deliver Quran clearly to people 29:18, 42:48, 5:99, 3:20. Allah also tells in Quran that Mohammad cannot guide any one (Quran 28:56, 72:21). So how Rasool guided you brainless brain-dead foolish Hadith followers from hadith and Sunna books that Prophet/Rasool Mohammad never left behind nor certified? Just use your common sense. Just ponder. How then Prophet Mohammad guided you Sunni and Shia about your mutually conflicting Azans (Calls for Rituals) and Ritual Units? Did Prophet give you two brands of Rituals? Quran 2:177 blasts all kind of Rituals when verse starts with words “it is NEVER a GOOD deed that you turn your face to EAST and WEST but Good deed is Philanthropy”. Quran 22:78, 3:19, 3:85, 42:13, 3:52, 3:67 make clear that from Adam to Mohammad, Allah has named all True Believers as ONLY MUSLIM 22:78. No Shia No Sunni No Wahabi No Salafi, No Yahoodi, No Buddhist, No Zoroastrian, No Yahoodi, No Hindu, no any sect at all. As per 6:159, Sect followers are Khawaarij who took exit from Islam by making sects. As per Quran 3:103-105, HELL is waiting sect followers.

Islam is simple: Follow Quran and that’s it. Allah says in 16:89, 12:111, 17:12, my Quran explains EVERY THING for Muslims. Therefore; what is not in Quran, is not part of Islam. For example: If Quran does not tell you, with which hand, RIGHT OR LEFT, you should drink water; then that’s mean, Quran has given you the option which hand you like to use. If Quran does not tell you, which shoe, RIGHT OR LEFT you should wear first; then that mean, you are free to wear either right or left. If Quran does not show you map of India and USA, then that Maps are not part of DEEN Islam but of Geography. If FULLY DETAILED Quran, never uses words of Mahdi and Dajjal; that means, Mahdi and Dajjal are fabricated tales and lies by hadith-forgers. If FULLY DETAILED Quran does not mention Units of Shia and Sunni Rituals and does not mention text of Atta-Hiyaaat and Drood Ibrahimi; then that’s mean; Salat of Quran is NEVER Rituals. If Quran fixed 100 lashes for Adultery; then no one can change that number to 101 or 99 or more or less. If Quran ordains 80 lashes for an evildoer who placed slander on a chaste lady, then no one can change that number of 80 lashes. If Quran depicts sodomy as an heinous crime but does not fix its punishment; then that mean, Quran has left the option of Punishment to Muslim Ruler/Shoora. Know that Quran is BOOK for Muttaqi and Wise; and not for brain-dead stubborn fools who are destined to hell due to their own stubbornness. Quran is a Big Book and is fully detailed 16:89. Then did Allah forget to mention 2.5 percent Zakat and Units of Shia Sunni Rituals? No Allah never forgets. Have Allah shortage of words? No Never.

If Allah can use complex fractional Math in Inheritance verses like 1/2, 1/6, 1/8; then what was difficult for Allah the Omniscient to mention units of Shia and Sunni Rituals, text of Atta-Hiyaat (Tasha’had) and Drood/Salat Ibrahimi of Tasha’had? Do you know that text of Att-Hiyaat (Tasha’had) was forged by Shia; and Text of Drood Ibrahimi was forged by a Persian Dehlmi fish-catcher Shia of Caspian Area, His name became later Moiz Doula when he captured Baghdad & became Ruler?


If you want to please Allah and his Rasool on the day of resurrection, then follow Noble Quran 25:30, 69:40, 39:23. For Islamic law (Sharia); do not follow any other Book in Islam except Quran, otherwise you will die as a Mushrik Kaafir. This is not our verdict but verdict of Malik-ul-Mulk in Quran 5:44. During formation of Islamic law (Sharia), to place Man-Made Books and Humans beside BOOK of GOD is like to make partners with GOD and no any sin is bigger than to make partners with ONE GOD. It is called Shirk and as per Quran, Shirk is that Crime which is unforgivable.

“Who do not judge from what Allah has bestowed from the HIGH (scripture) are indeed Kaafirs (Kafiroon)” 5:44.

Also note: verse 53:3 talks only about Quranic Wahi. It is clear when whole Sura 53 is read alongwith verse 6:114, 10:15, 6:19, 50:45. And 59:7 points to only distribution of Spoil of war. and Verses of Sura Ahzab like 33:21 are talking about Patience of Rasool during battle of Trench for living Prophet. No where Quran tells: to follow Prophet Mohammad in Person but to follow the Scripture that he delivered 47:2, 6:114, 10:15, 6:19. Quranic verse 3:31 never tells you to love Rasool, but Allah. And verses 6:114, 47:2, 10:15, 6:19 tell, that to obey Rasool and Allah is nothing else but to follow Scripture Quran. We have clarified that all points that you shameless hadithers deliberately twist and misuse in order to worship Rasool 3:80 May Allah Al-Haadi rescue majority of our Muslim Sisters and Brothers from the grip of Satan, the Satan who also sent all Christians astray.

Quran 38:82-83 [Whereupon Iblis] said: “Then [I swear] by Thy very might: I shall most certainly beguile them all into grievous error, [all] save such of them as are truly Thy servants!”

Quran 14:22 (Asad) “And when everything will have been decided (on the Day of Resurrection), Satan will say (to his followers): “Behold, God promised you something that was bound to come true! I, too, held out [all manner of] promises to you but I deceived you. Yet I had no power at all over you: I but called you, and you responded unto me. Hence, blame not me, but blame yourselves. It is not for me to respond to your cries, nor for you to respond to mine: for, behold, I have [always] refused to admit that there was any truth in your erstwhile belief that I had a share in God’s divinity.” Verily, for all evildoers, there is grievous suffering in store”. haditherscallouthadithsamplesall



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And we end this page with following Great Dua


Responding to Nouman Ali Khan under his one Video


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