tumblr_static_bismillah-thuluth[1]All praise is due to Hayi from whom all journeys start and end

Ya Shaykh al-Muhtram:

Allah says in Sura Qamar that Quran is made easy to understand and memorize and Quran explians every thing for Muslims which is part of Islam 54:17, 54:40, 12:111, 16:89, 17:12. Ya Shaykh: Should we not trust in Allah then? Quran is simple and plain book, and is absolutely not in need of any interpretation or any man-manufactured theological source such as fabricated hadith and Sunna, contexts, twisted Fiqa and Tafsir books, or Mullahs or Imams or so called Salaf etc. Quran has its own built-in dictionary, and Standalone Quran explains itself fully 12:111, 16:89. Did Abu Hanifa make any Hadith Book? No.

Did Allah command us in Quran to follow Salaf, 4 Fiqa imams, sects, priesthood, imams, forged hadith and Sunna? No
Even Quran no where tells, to follow Mohammad(S) but Messenger. And word Messenger is attached to the Divine Message that a Messenger delivers to people which was none but Quran in the case of Prophet Mohammad the exalted 47:2.

Verse 47:2 makes clear that to follow Mohammad is to follow only Quran. and not Books of hadiths and Sunna which were forged by defeated Persian Imams (disguised Zoroastrian hypocrites) 250-400 years after the death of Prophet in order to distort Islam. Fake Matans and Fake chains.

As per 5:44, 5:48, 2:213, 6:114, 6:19, 10:15, 4:105, 7:3, 10:109, 5:92, 64:12, 47:2 , Islamic Sharia law is valid only from Quran and who make law from any other books (such as Hadith and Sunna) are Kaafirs 5:44, 6:114, 6:19, 47:2

Sunna of Prophet is nothing else but replica of moral and ethical codes of Quran. Prophets were Divine Robots who were programmed not to follow any thing else except Books of Allah 2:213, 6:114, 5:44, 6:19, 47:2.

As per 5:44, 6:114, 6:19, 47:2, all hadith followers, especially Ahle-Hadiths are the biggest Kuffaar on this planet.

Islam is Simple:

1– What Quran ordains to do, Do it

2– What Quran forbids; Do not do it

3– About what Quran is silent, Do it as per your own honest judgement in the light of Quranic moral and ethical codes. Abu_BakkarShaykh: With all due respect, on the matter of Imam Shafi we differ with you at 180 degree. According our decades research, Imam Shafi was, that, the biggest Criminal of our 1400 years history who converted at least 70% Muslims into Kaafir-Mohammedans. He is that Satan who invented Satanic innovations of Hadith and Sunna, 2nd type of Fake Wahi, and the most destructive and outrageous evil of Abrogation. Shafi was Paul of Islam. We invite you Shaykh to read fully our following page on Shafi:

How Paul of Islam > Criminal #Imam Shafi sent majority of Muslims astray?

We have great respect for you Shaykh, and we have posted our opinion here.FraudMachineofShafiSects_are_KffaarMajorityAndTruthDivinePostmanAndTrueMuslimQuran6_116-117_MajorityVSTruthNonSenseOFmainStreamR

PieMMIslam_FlowChart1Sect formationSatanWorksQuranHadithOfAllahAndProphetNNQuran28_56AndMullahsDeenANDReligion1IslamDEENnotReligionQuran25_56PlusNoteFMessengersOnlyDivinePostmenF2Quran3_103PlusNoteFTenTruthsForMuslimF

Never forget to read our following page “True history of Hadith and Sunna, at: http://wp.me/p4GOwI-6e

Important_Callout2Read billions of tons of hidden truth at:

The Most Truthful Islamic Page of present time but only for who are honest and mature truth-seekers,



Responding to Honorable Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad for his one video about Sect Ahle-Hadith


6 thoughts on “Responding to Honorable Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad for his one video about Sect Ahle-Hadith

  1. The translation of Rasool or Nabi as prophet is incorrect derived from old testament they were individuals who used to attract masses by prophecies & fortune-telling while Quran denies Ilm ul-Ghaib is only the attribute of Allah . Pl also note that all these messengers were not robots but they exercised their will & choice under the boundaries of Divinity . Your team has undertaken an excellent task . May Allah Subhana Hoo wa Ta’ala enlighten all of us with a prayer “RABBI ZIDNI ILMA “

    • Thank you brother. Loved your comments indeed. As you have said, Quran makes crystal clear that only Allah Jalla Aala knows “Ilm ul-Ghaib”. Arabic word Rasool=Messenger has roots in Risaala, and in Arabic Risalaa is brought by Postman; as Risaala mean Letter/Books that Postman delivers at gate and At the end (Ref to last words of last Sermon) he takes signature for witness that I have delivered Risaala to you and leaves. Task of Divine Postman was just to deliver Risaala safely. It was not duty of postman to deliver some thing else that he was not ordained to deliver 2:213, 6:114, 47:2, 6:19. After Postman left; Full attention must be given toward the Book that he delivered, and we must not had started to idolize the postman from Shafi onward. Concerning word ROBOT, you have already defined very well the limits “under the boundaries of Divinity”. Exactly, that what we meant by that term, that a Messenger=Who carry Message=Risaala=Rasool delivers only what he was told to deliver, and that were only Books of Allah 2:213, 6:114 & nothing else. This is why; when Last Prophet passed away, he left behind no any written Hadith or Sunna or Tafsir except Written Quran because Quran has its own built-in dictionary and Tafsir (exegesis), and Quran fully explains itself. In Baqara when new reader of Quran reads Muslim and Momin, a question arises in his mind, Muslim OK but who is Momin? But when he reaches to Sura MomeNoon, He knows fully what is Momin. In same way, verses of one Sura explains verses of other Sura. But, one MUST read whole Quran several times and must not try to understand any verse in isolation

  2. Assalamualaikum

    If quran is only thing we have to follow so in quran allah just commanded to read salah…

    There is no where in quran which explains the detailed form of praying salah..

    So here we should see ahadith of our beloved nabi…

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