tumblr_static_bismillah-thuluth[1]MostOutrageousHadithHadith of Miraaj is that the most outrageous forged hadith which turned the table of DEEN Islam at 180 degree, and converted DEEN Islam into a religion of criminal Mullahs and Imams. (Deen=Divinely prescribed System of life)

A  Fanatic said, how we can say, that Miraaj is a Persian’s forgery because (according to him) Quran also mentions Miraaj. Our answer to that Fanatic was as under:

Our Answer:

This is sickness in the heads of all brainwashed fanatics that they do not read comments of others fully and start to scream their rants. Before you post your crap here; You were supposed to read our already posted comments fully. Lie of fictitious Miraaj does not exist in Quran at all. Show us where is following in Noble Quran:

1- Where is Flying Donkey called Boraaq in Quran? It is not in Quran. Zoroastrian Bukhari  and others copied this story in his evil fake hadith book from two Zoroastrian’s Books, Zerdashtnama and Arda Viraf Namak.

2- Where is written in Quran that, that Flying Donkey used to had face of a pretty woman on which Prophet took ride?

3- Where is in Quran that Prophet went to Jerusalem in Palestine to lead prayers of all Prophets in Aqsa Mosque? All Historians know that No any Masjid Aqsa existed in Jerusalem Palestine in the life time of our beloved Prophet. That Masjid Aqsa which we see today in Jerusalem Palestine was built many years after the death of our beloved Prophet by Omayyad Caliphs.
Historian know that during the life time of Last Prophet neither any mosque Aqsa nor even any Jewish temple existed in Jerusalem Palestine. Jewish temple was made ground zero by Romans about 570 years before the birth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad The Exalted.Templedestruction70AD“The Romans Destroy the Temple at Jerusalem, 70 AD,” Eyewitness to History. Josephus’ account appears in: Cornfield, Gaalya ed., Josephus, The Jewish War (1982); Duruy, Victor, History of Rome vol. V (1883).

4- In Sura Asra, Quran says Masjad Aqsa. If you know even the basics of Arabic, then you must know that meaning of Aqsa in Arabic is Remote.
Masjid Aqsa mean REMOTE MOSQUE and at that time no any mosque from Mecca was remoter than already built Mosques in Madina before the night Journey of Prophet. Sura Asra only points to night Journey of Prophet from Mecca to Madina.

5- In Sura Najam where are the points that we have already discussed in above-given four points? Where is in Quran, that Prophet has face to face meeting with Allah? You Jaahils think, Allah is like a man and he is sitting some where in Sky in a remote villa and Prophet met to GOD in that Villa? You are Jamaat-Jahileen. Mullahs and sectarian translators badly twist verses of Sura Asra & Sura Najam and add their Kharafaats (fables) in brackets when they translate VERY CLEAR verses of Quran. They play with BOOK of Allah in order to make their false stories fit-able in Quran.

6- Where is in Quran that Prophet bargained with Allah like union leader to reduce 50 Prayers from 50 to 5 prayers? Where is in Quran, that Prophet met with Moses and other Prophets in Miraaj? It were Persians who fabricated hadith of Miraaj in order to blend their 5 Zoroastrian Namaz Rituals in Islam through Zoroastrian Mother of Caliph Harun Rashid “Queen Khaizran” around 787 A.D. She bribed Mullahs and Imams with millions of Gold and Silver coins to shut their mouth and who resisted lost his neck. Hadiths are heap of Persian lies that they forged 300 years after the death of Prophet & in Quran there is no any Five Namaz rituals. Show us units of each Five rituals in Quran? Show us where COMPLETE AND FULLY DETAILED Quran 16:89 tells you units of each rituals of Shia and Sunni sects, and where Quran tells you, what to read in Five daily Namaz Rituals, & from where U manufactured Atta-Hiyaat text, and who manufactured Drood Ibrahimi that is read in Atta-hiyaat of Five Namaz rituals? That Drood (salawat) never exists in Quran. That Drood Ibrahimi was fabricated by Dehlmi Moiz Doula of Persia when he captured Baghdad. Quran7_143_Moses7- Before you brainwashed Jaahil post your further crap here, we tell you to visit our following page “How Five Persian Zoroastrian Daily Namaz Rituals were blended in Islam in 8th Century”?


8- We post Facts and nothing but Facts. Our Team post TRUTH and nothing BUT TRUTH. We are more dedicated Muslims than you blindly following Jaahil Fanatics. We say TRUTH because Quran ordains us to say truth always. By telling Truthful Factszz, we follow commandment of Quran that is given in verse 2:42.AqsaMosquebuiltYear(7) -Nicolle, David (1994). Yarmuk AD 636: The Muslim Conquest of Syria. Osprey Publishing.

(8) -Rizwi Faizer (1998). “The Shape of the Holy: Early Islamic Jerusalem”. Rizwi’s Bibliography for Medieval Islam. Archived from the original on 2002-02-10.

Please note from above-posted picture that Construction of Aqsa Mosque started Five year after the death of Prophet Mohammad the exalted, and Mosque was completed in 692 CE which mean (692 minus 632) 60 years after the death of Prophet (632 CE). Please also note that this masjid was constructed (mihrab) facing Mecca. Therefore, fabricated story of Two Qibla (Qibla-Tain) that we read in forged Books of Hadiths is nothing but a concocted lie. Later Persians Zoroastrians built there a Mosque with two Mihraabs to validate Qibla-Tain fiction.AnAuthenticLieBukhariFMiraajForgeryNoteLSee below fictitious flying donkey Boraaq with face of pretty woman. See  how Persian Zoroastrian hypocrite Imams has ridiculed Prophet Mohammad, about whom, Allah has witnessed in Quran that he used to have the highest level of Conduct. Besides; Mosque shown in following picture never existed in the time of Prophet. When Mecca was under control of Zubair RA and Omayyad had no control over Qibla; they, then, made that Mosque in Jerusalem, so that,  people should visit this mosque in addition to Qibla in Mecca. They also fabricated many hadiths of First Qibla of Muslims. FiveRitualsPersiansFraudMajorityAndTruthNonSenseOFmainStreamRQuran6_116-117_MajorityVSTruth

CarRacingChurchVsMullahsFFollowing Picture shows you face of True DEEN Islam that was perfected upon last Prophet Mohammad the exalted, and has been finalized in Noble Quran. Islam is Deen and not religion. Deen mean “Divinely prescribed System of life”. Components of a System are Laws, rules and regulations; and not countless brands of Clergy-made Rituals & innovations.Islam_Deen_Not_ReligionFollowing Picture shows you face of Counterfeited Religion of Mullahs and Imams which was invented by Criminal Shafi   


Also never miss following pages or you might die as a Mushrik-Mohammedan, and not Muslim

Allah says: his Quran is Complete & fully detailed; Then why no any units and Method details of Five Daily Rituals? How Zoroastrians blended their Five daily Namaz Rituals in Islam in 8th Century? Read at:


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Only one ficticious Hadith of Miraaj turned the table of Deen Islam at 180 degree & converted DEEN into Satanic Religion of Mullahs and Imams


6 thoughts on “Only one ficticious Hadith of Miraaj turned the table of Deen Islam at 180 degree & converted DEEN into Satanic Religion of Mullahs and Imams


    • Thank you brother. We have tried to convert all our work into pdf format but in pdf file, text and pictures were badly overlapped. We suggest to install latest free “firefox” browser at your computer, and open following link that contains almost all our pages. It will take a few minutes to load that very long page. When page is fully loaded, please click on option menu button at right-upper corner of browser, and from pull down menu, save page in “maff” format at your hard disk. That maff file can be opened any time by firefox browser. If browser does not give option for maff file, then please install free maff extension.

  2. Muhammad Rafique Jodhpur wala says:

    Very Informative

    Please enlighten us how prophet pray to god,please learn me how prophet did Salawat ?

    Best regards

    • Thank you – Your this Question proves 100% that you have posted your comments without reading this page fully. Because answer of your question is given fully in this page. Keep reading this page again and again even 1000 times until you learn that your question is fully answered in this page

  3. Halil says:

    It becomes very wearisome and tiresome honestly to read all this with the attitude in which it is written. I do agree with most of the points made, but the manners in it do not coincide with how the Quran teaches us to argue. Verse 16:125 for instance.

    • Thank you for your comments and kind advice. Our team will try to best to have softener tone in future articles. However; a Wise, concentrates on the Truth being told, and not on, how the truth is being told. But you are right. We will follow your this great advice sincerely in future articles. God bless you in abundance

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