Reality of Dead Person in Grave

Restoring actual paradigm of Truth

All Praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom who never dies & is nearer to person than his neck vein & knows even what soul of person whispers secretly & silently, who is focal point of all true love obedience and remembrance near a sincere devotee [Ibaad-ul-Mukhle-seen], who must be praised & thanked in each breath in all awaken conditions when person is lying down, standing, walking and working etc, who solely deserve his house in each heart. All journeys start and end at Lord of Universe Allah Hayy-ul-Qayyoom.  HU is AWWAL and HU is AAkhir. HU is the First and HU is the Last. HU does not live in any House but there is no any house where HU does not live. Nothing is like him. His throne[Arsh] is extended to all spaces. “Waasay-aa-Kursiyyo-HuSamaawatay Wal-Ard”.

Reality of Alive, and Dead Person in Grave, in the light of Scriptures including Noble Quran, which is further confirmed by recent research in the field of Medical science relevant to N.D.E (Pls click on following pic to enlarge it)

Allah says, His BOOK is complete and fully detailed & it does not miss any thing that is required in Islam. When Muslims followed only Noble Quran under the command of Last Prophet and 4 guided Caliphs, Muslims became superpower of world in 636AD after defeating two superpowers of that time, Romans and Zoroastrian Persians. But Muslims decline started after defeated Persians trained pseudo Imams & ordered them to forge millions of lies and then labeled them hadiths of Prophet in order to distort Islam to take revenge from Muslims for their humiliating defeat in the battle field of Qadsia. After the inventions of millions of fake hadiths, majority of Jaahil blindly-following Muslims placed BOOK of Allah aside and started to believe in the lies of Zoroastrian Hadith imams that they stuffed in their evil books. Among these lies, is also a big lie called fictions about graves. Quran makes it clear that all prophets were like other mortal humans except they used to receive wahi from Allah. Quran also makes clear that dead do not listen. Quran also never says about any activity, torment or Azaab in Grave But on the contrary, Forged Hadith books of Persians spread countless fictions about death and grave like there will be questions in grave, there will be torments (Azaab) in grave, Dead man in grave listen your slam so say Asslamo-Alaikum Ya Ahlal-Qaboor and many many other fictions that Zoroastrian imams copied from Christians Jews and Zoroastrians & stuffed in hadith Books.

Truth is, (please refer to above-given picture) that with the command of Allah, spirit [Ruh] which is actual immortal person comes to womb of mother; is en-caged in mortal body of flesh and bones & child takes birth. That child completes set time on this earth, usually becomes young, old and dies. Upon death the real person Spirit [Ruh] goes back to Allah Almighty to listen his grades that he got in the test of life. Over 50% are pass marks. The mortal body of flesh and bones that was cage of real person now is either buried in grave or burned [As is done by Hindus] So it is VERY CLEAR here, that after real person goes back, his left-over cage is in fact dumped in earth or burned, to avoid decay or disease from body. So it is BIG non-sense to visit graves and invoke that dead cage of person [dead human body] by saying him Asslamo Alaikum Ya Ahlall Qaboor or go to Madina Monawwara and kiss the metallic net around the grave of Prophet and invoking him YA RASOOL Allah. It is utter non-sense, because after death our beloved Prophet is with Allah Jalla Aala & not in Grave. In grave is his mortal cage that does not listen any thing as NOBLE Quran tells us repeatedly. But fanatics do not believe in Quran but in fake forged millions of hadiths that Persian Zoroastrian Imams forged 250-400 years after the death of Last Prophet Muhammad THE Exalted. As a result, we can derive from above-discussed truth following points:

1- Dead do not listen as Quran tells us so.

2- All hadiths that say, Dead listen therefore CLEARLY contradict Glorious Quran, So must be rejected as fake.

3- There is no any activity or torments in Graves because Real Person [Spirit RUH] is not in grave but is with Allah after death of Person after Barzakh [barrier between this world and other real world “spiritual realm”]. So to say, that there will be Azaab in grave is a big lie. Can one ask these brainless fanatics, then how Hindu will have Azaab in grave because there is no any Grave for a Hindu? Allah is fully Qadar even to make back whole human body even from dust or ashes whenever HU will like so.

4- It is again clear from this discussion, that only real person [Spirit RUH] can go back to Allah after death and Human mortal body has no access to other real word called SPIRITUAL REALM. Therefore it is big lie, that Eisa PBUH was raised with mortal Body up in Sky and he will drop on this terrible earth again. We do not see any trace of this fiction in the oldest hand written bibles of 3rd century. After landing of Quran, many people started to convert to Islam and in order to show to new converts that Christianity is superior to Islam, they blended Fiction of Return of Eisa in Bibles centuries later. In verse 4:157 Quran never deny nailing of Jesus on Cross but denies his death on Cross. In verse 4:158 Quran used word ‘Rafa” & this word is used in Quran many times and its meaning is always TO RAISE IN RANKS [Darajaat] SPIRITUAL EXALTATION & never to raise body of Eisa up in Sky as brainless fanatics translate. Verse 43:61 points to Quran but in order to support fiction of return of Eisa, brainless criminal Mullahs & their pets have badly twisted verse 43:61 by adding name of Eisa in brackets. When Allah did not add name of Eisa in this verse; then why you criminals blend name of Eisa in 43:61? Verse 3:55, 5:116-117  clearly declare natural death of Eisa by using word WAFAT, same word WAFAT is also used in verse 10:46 for the death of Prophet Muhammad THE EXALTED. Read full proof in the middle of this page at:

5- Now in order to counter the fiction of Return of Eisa, Mullahs also fabricated another fiction of Miraaj to show Christians that if your prophet has gone up with mortal body, then our prophet is also gone up in Miraaj. So basically it was car-racing between Christian priesthood and Evil Mullahs of that era [750-1258AD]. Quran points in Sura Najam and Asra toward the Hijra of Prophet from Mecca to Madina. AQSA mean in Arabic REMOTE. Masjad Aqsa never existed in the time of Prophet. It was built in the time of Caliph Waleed bin Abdul Malik. Does Quran tell you about that beautiful fictitious woman-faced donkey called by fanatics BORAQ? NO. Bukhari copied the fiction of Miraaj from two Zoroastrian Books Zerdashtnama and Arta Viraf Namak. The Main target of forgery of hadith of Miraaj was to blend in Islam 5 Persian Namaz Rituals that does not exist in complete and fully detailed Noble Quran. Read full detail of this forgery at:

6- Quran clearly tells, that Allah is near to person than his Neck-vein but Human eye cannot see Allah bcaz we are in material world & with in this material body we have no ability to look in 2nd REAL WORLD “Spiritual REALM”. Therefore, when Allah is near to neck vein, neither Eisa PBUH nor Muhammad PBUH were in need of to ride on a donkey called Boraq in order to meet Allah in any imaginary remote part of this universe.

Correction: In following picture, please read verse number 32:11 instead of 3:11. We apologize for this oversight

Biggest religious group Christians have millions scholars called Priests & scholars that carry Ph.D’s in theology. But why all Christians with all their Priests & Ph.D Scholars are gone astray from 2000 years? Why? Why? There is only one MAIN REASON, that is blind-following of their oldies & old misguided generations. Exactly same reason applies to not less than 97 percent Muslims who are also gone astray frm 1200 years. Despite Quran declares those people THE WORST BEASTS on planet who follow others blindly.

Iblees has sent majority of people on earth astray, incl Christians Muslims Jews, Hindus ++. Reason is blind following oldies. Quran repeatedly warns; Do not believe blindly unless u inquire and investigate it fully. Muslims are following Criminal evil Mullahs blindly from 1200 years & so are gone astray.
Quran 38:82: [Whereupon Iblis] said: “Then [I swear] by Thy very might: I shall most certainly beguile them all into grievous error
Quran 38:83: [all] except such of them as are truly Thy servants”.

Glorious Quran makes Crystal Clear that Dead do not listen in Graves but Brain-Dead Mushrik Hadithers (who do not even read their hadith books fully) abandon Book of Allah and run after millions of hadiths that were neither verified nor certified by exalted Prophet. In that millions of hadiths (hearsay), a trace of truth is blended with tons of fabrications. Hadithers and their Mullahs always present one hadith of Battle of Badar: They claim: After death of Many Meccan-Kaafirs, In a speech, Prophet addressed dead-Kaafirs; so hadithers extrapolate it and say: This mean dead listen in Graves. But Let we see below that even Hadith Books of Hadithers say: Dead do not listen in Grave: 
WindowSpiritualHumanity was one Umma but when community started2expand; disputes among them also increased. So Allah sent his Messengers WITH BOOKS[2:213] SO THAT THEY cud JUDGE AMONG PEOPLE AS PER BOOKS. All were true Muslims who followed the laws of DIVINE BOOKS [genuine & not corrupted ones] that Prophets delivered to them clearly. Quran repeats, PROPHETS’ job is ONLY to deliver BOOKS clearly to people. It was not their duty to invent hadith & sunna nor they invented but centuries later Criminal evil Mullahs invented them.
If Hadith & sunna were part of Islam, Prophet could have left behind also written manuscripts of hadiths & sunna along with Quran but did Prophet leave any manuscript of hadith & Sunna? NO. Because whole Islam is contained in COMPLETE & FULLY DETAILED QURAN which is best hadith of Allah 39:23 & also is only authentic hadith of Prophet too 60:40-47 because Quran reached to us through his lips. Any Sharia law & Ritual that is not in Quran is foreign material that Persian Zoroastrian Imams blended in Islam during 750-1258AD. In practice Parsi Persians hijacked Islamic empire for 508 years during Abbasid Periods.  Prime Minister and all other ministers were from Zoroastrian Family Braamaka. Even mother of Caliph Harun Rashid Abbasi was Parsi Irani “Al-Khaizrun” who ordered Bukhari to forge hadith of Miraaj in order to blend 5 Zoroastrian ritual Namaz in Islam. Khaizran bribed Mullahs with millions of Gold and Silver Coins so that they should accept that forgery of 5 Namaz rituals. Who refused, lost his neck under Fatwaaz of Qazi appointed by Khaizran. Read full discussion at:



The SOLE duty of all Prophets was to deliver BOOKS of Allah to people. They completed their great missions & they died, So their chapters were closed. Therefore, real true relation of love & obedience of a person is with Allah But Jahils worship dead prophets & dead in Graves. Quran makes it clear that Dead do not listen. So it is TOTALLY waste of time and unnecessary to visit graves. Upon death, real immortal person goes back to Allah Almighty & his cage [body] is buried in grave. Now if one goes to grave of Prophet & says Ya Rasool Allah, he/she is committing big nonsense bcaz Prophet is not in that grave who will listen you but is returned to Allah after his death after barrier [Barzakh], So your Naats Droods and Ya Rasool Allah never reach to Prophet.Quran2_154_ShaheedQuran verses 2:154 and 3:169 are to honor martyrs who die for the cause of Allah. Though physically a Shaheed (Martyr) also dies, in this world, like all other mortal humans but after his death, Shaheed is alive in next world in spiritual realm or in any other form, and has special privilege and honor from GOD. This does not mean AT ALL that that Shaheed is alive in Grave. In graves, alive persons are not buried.QuranicVersesPlusNDE_NoteImportant_CalloutMost ignorant Jaahil Mullahs and their blindly following pets live in South Asian Countries like Pakistan India and Bangladesh. Majority of them are though by name Muslims but in fact they are not Muslims but Mushrik-Mohammedans. They idolize and worship already died Prophet Mohammad(s) more that GOD 3:80; despite Quran makes clear that Prophets were like all mortal human beings 18:110. Impostor Mullahs like Tahir Padri has told his millions of ignorant followers that Prophets are alive in Graves and Prophet Mohammad(s) is alive in Grave too. Such kind of mad fanatics must be admitted in mental hospital. Do we bury alive people in graves or dead? Quran says: Dead humans do not listen you in graves. Quran also tells that all Messengers of GOD were also mortal humans. These Mushrik Mohammedans believe in millions of fabricated hadiths that were forged by Persian Imams 250-400 years after the death of Prophet and ignore what Book of Allah tells. They debate with nonsensical points. For example: They will tell you that GOD has said, Do not say a Shaheed (Martyr) dead, as Shaheed are alive. That verse is to honor martyrs. Otherwise a Shaheed is physically dead like all other dead humans. When a Shaheed dies; speak in his ear, O brother: Will you get up and drink a cup of tea with me; Will he get up? NO. Why? Because physically he is dead and dead do not listen in graves (Quran). Shaheed is not alive in Grave but with GOD in spiritual realm; and there is barrier (Barzakh) between spiritual realm and this material world. Your Drood o Salams never reach to dead person, as he/she neither listens in grave nor from spiritual realm as there is Barzakh (Barrier of death) between both worlds, Our Temporary Material world, and the actual Real world which is Eternal world of Spiritual Realm from where Person is sent to earth for test, and upon death he/she returns to its original home. All journeys start and end at LIVING Hayy-ul-Qayyoom, adore him, and not who are died.

What is difference between a Muslim & a Mohammedan?



Quran 35:22 The living and the dead are not the same. Allah makes anyone He wills hear, you cannot make those in their graves hear.

To sum up ProphetsInGraveDeadAndGrave


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Reality of dead person in grave – Restoring actual paradigm of Truth


5 thoughts on “Reality of dead person in grave – Restoring actual paradigm of Truth

  1. Humans are not only physical bodies but besides physical bodies humans have soul, substance responsible for life phenomenon, substance wherein the actions done by them are stored. Soul within the humans could be perceived by existence of the Ego ( I within every human being ), innate knowledge of the Creator ( Descartes ) and most importantly a very well defined book of innate moral law ( Thomas Aquinas & Kant ) and the latter is with only humans as the species. The only task of all prophets was to convey the eternity of the soul and to warn humans that their afterlife will depend upon whether they adopted the book of innate moral law, which has been authored & inscribed by the Creator in their souls, or not. Once the book of innate moral law is opened ( this could be done by only original, genuine & philanthropist philosophers ) the basic & fundamental principle of this book is that humans should live peacefully & justice should prevail in all human societies. Humans are living like everything other than humans because they do not know the purpose of life as religions have been corrupted and this basic message was not conveyed. Read the book ‘Natural World Order & The Islamic Thought’ for details free at

    • Thank you for your comments.
      Quranic verse 2:213 and 2:177 cover major-part of your comments. Verse 2:213 tells that at the beginning, humans were a small community but when that community started to expand, frequency of disputes among people increased. Therefore; GOD sent Messengers with Divine Books to settle dispute among people and to tell people that there no no deity but One Allah. All Messengers preached same message of Islam 42:13. All Messengers were Muslims and their all true followers were Muslims. All Scriptures were scriptures of Islam. Islam is not religion but Deen which mean Divinely prescribed way of life. All theocratic religions are concocted by Clergy. Noble Quran is not a book of theocracy but Divine sociology that ordains peace and justice and mindfulness of GOD in all awaken conditions.

      Just to be a good person or good philanthropist is not enough unless one has correct faith. Sura Ibrahim in Quran makes clear that even the good deeds of infidels will blow like ash in wind storm, and it will be of no use.

      Original immortal person is not the body of flesh and bones but the Spirit/Soul. Body is just like a horse on which person rides to go through test of life. Upon death, mortal body is buried and original person goes back to source; where he/she is told, how did he/she perform during test on earth. During life on earth, continuously an holographic movie of all actions of person is recorded in his soul. After death, that movie is shown to person as witness for his actions 21:47. After death, memory goes with Person because during life time on earth, memory of person is never storied in his head but in Soul. Brain just borrows memory from soul and uses it.

      Islam the sole one true path of one GOD sets 5 mandatory beliefs for a Muslim.
      Believe in:

      5-Day of Judgement

      Any human who believes in above-Five; and lives a righteous life of Philanthropist 2:177 and remains mindful about GOD in all awaken conditions and follows all ethics, codes and laws of final testament of GOD “Quran”, is the person who is wise, and successful in test of life on this earth.

  2. Quran is a book of philosophy, psychology & science and would require reinterpretation because those so-called scholars who have done Tafsir of Quran knew neither of the three subjects. The socio-political structure prescribed in the Quran has been conceived, in the book referred in my previous comment, for the first time in the history of Islam. Please read the book and also what is stated below. Please read the link which contains the list of scientific publications. The publications mentioned in above stated letter are based on the contents of the book titled “Natural World Order & The Islamic Thought” which everybody can read free at

    Here are some very important facts about the book which will help readers to better understand the book and this may be considered as prelude to the book.

    Here is the scientific & rational proof of Qur’an is the final word of God.
    41-53 ” Shortly We will show them Our signs in the space and in their own selves and they will realize it is the truth….”
    Space is filled up with aether whereas Albert Michelson got the Nobel Prize in 1907 for doing the historical scientific blunder. Yes! It is a fact & here is the proof in the form of paper published in a peer-reviewed journal “Michelson-Morley Experiment: A Misconceived & Misinterpreted Experiment”. You could read it at . This is how atheistic physical science was encouraged & progressed.
    Humans are not only physical bodies but besides physical bodies humans have soul, substance responsible for life phenomenon, substance wherein the actions done by them are stored. Soul within the humans could be perceived by existence of the Ego, innate knowledge of the Creator and most importantly a very well defined book of innate moral law and the latter is with only humans as the species.The only task of all prophets was to convey the eternity of the soul and to warn humans that their afterlife will depend upon whether they adopted the book of innate moral law, which has been inscribed by the Creator in their souls, or not. Once the book of innate moral law is opened (this could be done by only genuine & philanthropist philosophers) the basic & fundamental principle of this book is that humans should live peacefully & justice should prevail in all human societies. Humans are living like everything other than humans because religions have been corrupted and this basic message was not conveyed. Only Qur’an contains this rational & perfect description of human beings and this is discussed in the book ‘Natural World Order & The Islamic Thought’ which you could read at already mentioned site.
    The proof of existence of soul is provided in only one book “ The Quran “ and hereunder are the verses.
    7-172 “When thy Lord brought children of Adam and their descendents which would be born from their loins and made their souls to testify: Am I not your Lord. They said: yes! we do testify: Lest you may say on the Day of Judgment: of this we were unaware.”
    This verse clearly reveals that all human souls have innate knowledge of the Creator Allah. The so-called Muslim scholars failed to interpret this verse in this manner but it was the philosopher Rene Descartes who philosophically derived that humans have innate knowledge of the Creator and this innate knowledge could not be in the physical body and consequently this knowledge has to be within the soul.
    2-1 & 2 “Alif lam Meem; There is absolutely no doubt in this book which will show right way to the believers.”
    For last 1400 years it was presumed by almost all scholars that the reference of the book which would show right way to the believers is to the Quran but it has the reference to the very well defined book of innate moral law which is inscribed on the souls of every human being (There being hundreds of verses in Quran wherein the book implies innate moral law but it has been misinterpreted to imply Quran & other revealed book). It was the philosopher Thomas Aquinas who first conceived philosophically that humans have innate moral law. Later Kant, one of the great philosophers, has thrashed out the book of innate moral law in humans.
    2-41 “ ….And believe in this book (Quran) which I have revealed to substantiate the books with you….”
    Almost all scholars believe that in this verse it is stated that the book (Quran) substantiates the previous books of Bible, Torah & Zabour. But how can Quran substantiate these books which were in the corrupted form at the time when Quran was revealed. Paul had corrupted the Bible by stating that Jesus Christ (May God Be Pleased With Him) has already suffered for the sins of the mankind. If this is accepted then Christians are logically free to commit sins which is against the essence of Quran and Islam. Actually the meaning of the verse is that the book (Quran) substantiates the book of innate moral law which is inscribed on the human souls. Thus Quran is a certificate and authentication of the book of innate moral law inscribed on the human souls. Now when we analyze the book of innate moral law; we could derive the social law, social-political structure and even the purpose of human life.
    The word energy used in the book has dual meaning as at some places it has the usual meaning as understood in adopted physical sciences whereas at some places it has the meaning of the basic substance of soul, the substance responsible for the livingness in the living organisms including humans, matter and the substance wherein the information of actions of life time of the humans are stored.
    I am in the process of writing the formal book based on my research which will be published in 2015: Insha Allah.

  3. Habib Ullah says:

    The proof of existence of soul is provided in only one book “ The Quran “ and hereunder are the verses.
    7-172 “When thy Lord brought children of Adam and their descendents which would be born from their loins and made their souls to testify: Am I not your Lord. They said: yes! we do testify: Lest you may say on the Day of Judgment: of this we were unaware.”
    So it means that we (Our souls) were alive before coming to this world (Earth), are alive now (on Earth by given physical bodies to our souls),will be alive (our souls) after death of our physical bodies and will be alive in the after world by given other physical bodies to our immortal souls???? The conclusion is that our souls are immortal (always alive).
    I agree that there is no azab in qabr or after death, but according to Quran the result of the actions of every human will be on the day of judgement not before as you are saying that souls are returned …etc
    There will many contradictions arise by accepting that there is something known as soul (Roh) which is immortal and always alive.
    Quran tells about two deaths and two lives (2-48) and so many other places also. So there is no hisab kitab after death in qabr nor with any kind of soul.
    If I accept your idea of immortal soul then what does it mean by, All Praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom (What it means to be Hayy-ul-Qayyoom? ). Immortality does not belong to any other than ALLAH.
    We believe as a Muslims that Quran never contradicts with its own ayats, so there must be some misunderstanding with the interpretation of 7 – 172.

    • Thank you brother for your enlightening comments. We suggest to concentrate on definition of two words Immortal and Eternal. We should not mix-up that two words. If we mix-up that two words, then brain can sense contradiction which in fact, is not.

      Immortal: not mortal; not liable or subject to death; undying:

      Eternal: without beginning or end; lasting forever; always existing (opposed to temporal)

      GOD is Eternal, and his Command Ruh is Immortal. GOD breathes his Ruh not just in Womb of Mary (as many fiction-lovers understand) but breathes his Ruh in wombs of all Mothers before their babies take birth, otherwise, not alive but a dead baby will come out from the belly of Mother. So, every Son of Adam contains Ruh of GOD and that Ruh is not eternal but Immortal. That is in body of every human and wherever man goes, it is with him and in that is house of GOD, so God is not confined mere in temples but is Omniscient and Omnipresent 50:16, 32:7-8-9

      Then He made his seed from a draught of despised fluid; – 32:8 (Picktall)
      Then He fashioned him and breathed into him of His spirit; and appointed for you hearing and sight and hearts. Small thanks give ye! – 32:9 (Picktall)

      After death, Real immortal Person (Ruh) crosses non-return barrier of death, Quran calls that Barrier as Barzakh (23:99-100). After Barzakh, Person lives in world of Spiritual Realm until his judgment will be done about his earthy life deeds. By special practice and technique, you can even see and talk to Ruh of your already passed away Grandma, Grandpa etc. But will be unable to touch physically as there is barrier of Barzakh. This is not just theory but is done empirically and practically, therefore; no any room for doubt.

      Please spare time and read Link #1 at our main page, as, because subject is complex and delicate, therefore; discussion in that page is lengthy, and needs full concentration during studying that page. We have discussed this matter in depth in multifaceted forms in that page so that Reader can have clear concept. We suggest not to skip any line or you might not understand that complex and delicate subject.

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