True History of Hadiths and Sunnah. A must reading for all Truth-Seekers

All 2.20 Billion Muslims; and Non-Muslims (who are interested in Theology) must read this message fully. Please forward this page to your relatives and friends. Allah Jalla Aala will reward you insha Allah for advancing this truth to others. You will not find such an informative page on this subject anywhere else.Many Friends wrote us that though they can find text-references of hadiths in other websites but no any website gives full original scanned Arabic text of all quoted references. Theses friends said that for the peace of mind and surety, they want to see original scanned pages of referenced books. Therefore; our team has taken this pretty tough Job, and after studying and screening hundreds of original books; in this page, we have reproduced original scanned pages of most of those references. Please also remember that foremost principle of our team is not to post any thing in our pages which cannot be substantiated from its original source. Reader can trust us 100%, because at any cost, we stick to that Quranic commandment which is given in verse 2:42. Truth is hallmark of Team “Factszz”. Ibn Asakir (1105-1176 CE) reported that a Zindiq was brought once to al-Rashid who gave his orders to behead him, then Zindiq said: “O Amir al-Mu’minin, aren’t you aware of four thousand hadiths I fabricated, in which I forbid what is lawful (Halaal) and deem lawful what is forbidden (in the Qur’an).”Abu Bakar 1st Caliph gathered disciples of prophet after death of prophet and said to them:

“You squabble among yourselves over hadith, this habit will increase as time goes by. Do not, therefore, narrate any saying of Messenger. If anyone wants to know, you can tell him the Quran is there between you and him. Whatever is allowed ought to be done, and refrain from what has been prohibited in the Quran.”
“If anyone inquires, you can always say tht we have the Holy Quran between us. Whatsoever it has been granted must be made permissible & whatsoever has been prohibited must be relinquished.” (Quoted in Tazkara tul Hifaaz e Zuhby)

Abu Bakar RA brought collection of Hadiths and then he made a bonfire of them all.” (Quoted in Tudween e Hadith, page 285-88) –“During Hazrat Omar’s caliphate the ahadith were in abundance. He made sure by putting the people under oath that whatever hadith the people had in their possession ought to be brought before him. As ordered, the public submitted whatever they possessed. He then ordered to make a public bonfire of those hadiths.” (Tubqaat ibn Sa’ad, vol.5, page 141)Muhammad Husayn Haykal was an Egyptian writer, a great Islamic thinker, journalist, politician and Minister of Education in Egypt. He wrote in his Book “The Life of Muhammad, Cairo. 1935”:
“Umar ibn al-Khattab once tried to deal with the problem of committing the Hadith to writing. The companions of the Prophet whom he consulted, encouraged him, but he was not quite sure whether he should proceed. One day, moved by God’s inspiration, he made up his mind and announced: “I wanted to have the traditions of the Prophet written down, but I fear that the Book of God might be encroached upon. Hence I shall not permit this to happen.” He, therefore, changed his mind and instructed the Muslims throughout the provinces: “Whoever has a document bearing a prophetic tradition, shall destroy it.” Dr. Mohammad Hamidullah with two doctorates, D. Phil., D. Litt., HI, academic author with over 450 books wrote in his Book “Introduction to Islam. Kuwait. 1977. pp. 34 & 35.”
“Abu-Dhahabi reports: The Caliph Abu-Bakr compiled a work, in which there were 500 traditions of the Prophet, and handed it over to his daughter ‘Aishah. The next morning, he took it back from her and destroyed it, saying: “I wrote what I understood; it is possible however that there should be certain things in it which did not correspond textually with what the Prophet had uttered.”
“As to Umar bin Khattab 2nd Caliph, we learn on the authority of Ma’mar ibn Rashid, that during his caliphate, Umar once consulted the companions of the Prophet on the subject of codifying the Hadith. Yet Umar continued to hesitate and pray to God for a whole month for guidance and enlightenment. Ultimately, he decided not to undertake the task, and said: “Former peoples neglected the Divine Books and concentrated only on the conduct of the prophets; I do not want to set up the possibility of confusion between the Divine Qur’an and the Prophet’s Hadith.”Qarza bin Ka’ab said it that once they commenced their journey for Iraq. Omar 2nd Caliph accompanied them till a place called Sira’ar, upon reaching there he inquired from them, “Do you know why I have come with you this far?” We replied, “For our welfare and in our honor!” He said, “Yes! And also that you are going, where the voice of Quran echoes like honeybees. Do not involve those people in Ahadith, and stop them from the Quran or narrate any traditions to them.” Qarza says, after that day, they did not remember narrating any hadith again. (Jamia al Biyaan il Ilm).When Abi bin Ka’ab tried to tell some hadiths to Umar Khatab, Umar RA became so angry that he was near to order to beat him with stripes. Umar used to say “HasboNa Kitaab Allah”. For us BOOK of Allah Quran is enough.

Once Abu Salma asked Abu Huraira; were you also reporting so many hadiths in the time of Umar Khattaab, as you are reporting now a days? He replied, If I had done so at that time; for Sure Umar Khataab had ordered to beat me with stripes.Khateeb Al-Baghdadi writes, and [so does] Al-Dhahabi in Tadhkira al-Huffaz, that ‘Umar b. al-Khattab imprisoned three companions in Medina. These were Abu Darda, Ibn Mas’ud and Abu Mas’ud al-Ansari due to their excessive narration of traditions. Umar kept them under house arrest in Medina and did not let them out for as long as he lived.
Furthermore, ‘Umar commanded the companions to bring the books of traditions at their disposal to him. They thought he wanted to organize them in a way so that there would be no differences between them. They brought their books, he burnt them all in the fire.

The third Caliph, Othman did not pay any heed to hadith or traditions. Once Ali’s son came to Othman with a script of command by Muhammad, about zakat. Othman, asked to be excused! (quoted by Al Sheikh Azhir bin Saleh).

Third Caliph Uthman RA used to reject hadiths that any one used to bring to him. Once Mohammad bin Ali RA took a paper to Caliph Uthman. In that Paper a hadith was written about Zakat. Uthman RA told Mohammad bin Ali “will you please keep me away from these hadiths” [Professor Allama Hafiz Aslam Jairajpuri]

Third Caliph uthman was heard on the Minbar(a stepped Chair in mosque from where Sermon of Firday is delivered) saying that no one has the right to narrate Hadith as were not narrated during the reigns of Abu bakr and Umar (Al-Tabaqat al-Kubra by ibn Sa’ad)One of the Greatest lies which Hadithers have been spreading from centuries is: “That in the beginning, though Prophet forbade to write down his hadiths but later he permitted”. But as per Quran 6:114, Prophet and four guided caliphs could not permit nor they ever permitted. Truth is: there was complete ban on extra-Quranic hadiths and Sunnah during the life of Prophet, and during the era of four Guided Caliphs. In fact, Caliph Umar RA considered those hadith-mongers as “Criminals” who used to narrate extra-Quranic Hadiths, and this is why: all people including Abu Hurairah were unable to narrate any hadith during life of Caliph Umar RA. Caliph Umar RA also placed some Hadith-Mongers under house arrest for life.Please note: That same above-posted Report of Darimi also appears in Tirmidhi 2906. If you can read Arabic, in Arabic text of above-posted hadith, words are very clear:  one Person is telling Caliph Ali RA “that People are engrossed in “HADITHS“. We have highlighted relevant line of Arabic text it in yellow color. In Arabic text of this hadith, plural of word “Hadith” is used which is ahadith which mean Hadiths. But because this hadith of Darimi, which is also given in many other books and in book of Tirmidhi too, drops nuke on hadithers, and clearly shows illegality of hadith books in Islam; so Saudi based Publisher Darussalam has deliberately twisted the English translation of Arabic word “Haadiths”, and has translated word “Haadiths” as “Stories“. Hadithers are Criminals. whenever any hadith or verse of Quran drops nuke on their false beliefs; these shameless, conscienceless, hypnotized, brain-dead Mushrik liars do TAREEF in translation of Hadith and verses of Quran. Tahreef mean tampering. After noticing tampering by Saudi Publisher Darussalam, we went to a site that contains largest online data bank of Hadiths. But we found, Mullahs of that site has also tampered translation of this report and also of all other reports that prove illegality of Hadith books in Islam. Sometime they have taken away whole hadith from their data bank which dismantle their false beliefs. Hadithers carry same DNA that is Carried by Priests who has heavily tampered Mark Mathew Luke and John in past 1900 years. When we see  hand written copies of that four gospels of 4th Century, we find, that are very different from Gospels of today. They have badly tampered Gospels. Hadithers are people of same Class. When faith of a group is based on not truth but lies; then that Group always tries to tamper the things in order to validate his false beliefs. When you are on Truth, You are not in need of any such tampering. Following picture is just one example of Gospel Tampering. There are thousands examples there. Many verses of Gospel of Mark that we read in gospels of today, are not given in Mark of 4th Century. Same is in John. After reading below: How Priests tampered Gospels, we are going to show you, in other picture with big red arrow: how Saudi Publisher Darussalam has followed footsteps of Priests, and has tampered translation of above-posted Report of Darimi.Another example of dishonesty and tampering by Saudi Publisher Darussalam is below: This is from Book of Bukhari under section “Book of Tafsir”. Darussalam has translated all Arabic of Book of Bukhari in English but when this Khaa’in Publisher came to this report, he left it purposely un-translated (Blank) so that English Reader must not understand what this Arabic text is telling. Why did he leave it blank? He left it blank because this report of Bukhari/Ibn Abbas drops nuke on one false belief of brain-dead Jaahil Hadithers. In this report: Ibn Abbass is saying that meaning of Word WAFAT that appears for Jesus in Quran 3:55 and 5:117 is Natural death. Which mean, Quran makes Clear that though Jesus survived death on Cross 4:157 but he has been died naturally at very old age. Because brain-dead hadithers believe in fiction of Church that Jesus went to Heaven alive with mortal body of flesh and bones and can drop any time on this war-torn earth again, so in order to validate their this fiction, they twist/tamper the Quranic word “WAFAT” and translate it as “To take Up alive to heaven” instead of translating it as DEATH. They escape from Quranic truth by blaming False Prophet Impostor Mirza G A Qadiani. We have published three big pages on this subject. Reader is suggested to read that pages from our main page. Also note, that when same word WAFAT appears over 25 times in Quran in other verses, same the shameless Hadithers translate word WAFAT as Death but for Jesus they translate it as “Taken up to heaven with body”. In biggest online site of hadithers that contains almost all main hadith books; Hadither-owners of site have taken following report out from Bukhari because it smashes their false beliefs. Fourth Caliph Ali bin Abu Talib gathered all the noble companions and said, “Disperse all of you and erase all Ahadith. Previous nations were destroyed for forsaking Allah’s Revealed Books and following the collections of their scholars.” (Mukhtasar Jaame’ Bayan-il-‘Ilm pg 33)[Please read verse of Quran 25:30 too]To declare any report of hadith books Sahih or Da’eef is subjective to personal opinion of Hadither-Mullahs, Imams and Fanatics. If any hadith goes against their any unsound belief, they will concoct some excuse to declare the report as Da’eef or munkar. From many types of their excuses, one is to find at least one scapegoat from the list of narrators of a certain hadith, and that scapegoated narrator will be declared a Liar or untrustworthy; but at the same time, there are big Mullahs who classify same narrator as truthful and trustworthy. Because above given Hadith 2906 from book of Persian Tirmidhi declares hadiths as Fitna; therefore; Tirmidhi and other many Mullahs has scapegoated one narrator Al-A’war and have declared him as untrustworthy. On the Contrary, two hugely big Mullahs of their times Ibn Kathir (in Faza’il al-Quran) and Ibn Athir (in Jamia Al-Asool) wrote: that some people hated Al-A’war only because they did not like what he has narrated in hadith no 2906 of Tirmidhi. They both said: Words given in Tirmidhi 2906 are the real words of Caliph Ali RA. Apart from this point; we also see, Arabic text of hadith 2906 of Tirmidhi is also given in Sunan Darimi, and Darimi is big dad of that all hadith Imams. He was teacher of Bukahri Muslim and Tirmidhi. In fact, if we assign any weight to historical crap; weight of Book of Darimi is more than Bukhari, Muslim, and Tirmidhi etc. This is why, we have started this page by quoting Darimi first of all. Maalik, Abd-Razzaq, Ibn Shaybah etc lived/born before Bukhari and Muslim. As per our opinion, their reports in their books have more weight than reports of Bukhari and Muslim. However their books also contains tons of concocted reports. Bukhari and Muslim contain tons of false and fabricated reports. In following picture is opinion of two hugely big Mullahs of past Ibn Athir and Ibn Kathir about hadith no. 2906 of Tirmidhi which has already been posted above.

To say: this extra-Quranic hadith is Reliable and other is not, is total nonsense and idiocy. Fact is: Neither Prophet nor four guided Caliphs certified even one such extra-Quranic Report. So legally, we cannot classify even one extra-Quranic Hadith as 100% Reliable. This is Mullahs’ and Imam’s own option to label an Hadith Report Weak or Sahih. Any report which goes against some unsound beliefs of Mullahs is declared by Mullahs/Imams as Weak (Da’eef). And in order to declare such report as Da’eef, these Cheater Imams will fabricate 100 reasons. On the Contrary; even a forged Hadith which clearly contradicts Quran can be be declared by Mullahs/Imams as Sahih provided if such report reinforces unsound beliefs of that sectarian thugs; and in order to label such forged report as Sahih, that Imams will say: all the narrators were angels. Therefore; We must consider Hadith literature mere a Crude Rough history. We can divide all reports of that Crude history into two Portions; 1- Dangerous Reports: the reports which contradict Quran, 2- Reports which are not dangerous: This kind of Reports do not Contradict Quran. You are not a Sinner if you read hadith literature but you are 100% a Mushrik Kaafir (5:44, 6:114) if you make Islamic Laws  (Sharia Laws) from such Crude history. Islamic Law is valid only and only from Book of God.Fifth Caliph Ameer Mua’awiya used to tell the people in public and openly, not to narrate from the prophet, as reported by al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi in al-Faqeeh wal Mutafaqqih, and in Tadween al-Sunnah:

In “Tabaqat ibn Sa’ad”, it is reported that Fifth Caliph Ameer Mu’awiya, when was the governor of al-Sham(Syria) prohibited anyone to sit with Abu Dhar al-Ghifari (because he used to narrate too much like Abu Huraira who was rebuked by Ummar Khattab 2nd Caliph)

“Many years after the death of Prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon him], Chief Scribe for Quranic Wahi, Zayd visited Muawia. When Muawia called a person to write down one hadith of Prophet; Zayd told Moawaia, Prophet forbade us to write down any of his hadith.  Abu-Dawud under report No. 1635 (3640). Note: in this page you will also see references that tell us: Umar RA burned and banned all hadiths and equated hadiths to Mishnah/Talmud. Also see below two reports from “Taqid al-ilm” that also tell: Zayd (Zaid) told: Prophet forbade to write his hadiths. In this page reader will see many references that show: Prophet forbade to write his hadiths. NOTE: After the martyrdom of 3rd Caliph Uthman RA in year 656 A.D; MoAawia RA, who was already governor of Syria (Shaam) from the time of Umar Khattaab RA; declared Caliph-hood in 657/658 A.D. He never became Caliph after the death of Ali RA in 661 A.D. as Kuffaaar hadithers Claim. All Historians know that after death of Uthman RA, Two Caliphs existed from 657/658 A.D to 661 A.D, one MoAawia and other Ali. In fact at that time majority of Hijaaz people were with MoAaawia & not with Ali. This is why, Ali R.A had to leave Hijaaz and he moved to Koofa Baghdad which was center of Zoroastrian-hypocrites and Shia. Zayd RA died in 660 A.D. So for sure, he met with MoAawia RA either during 657 A.D to 660 A.D or at least when MoAawia was Governor of Syria in the time of Uthman RA. That is 25 to 30 years after the death of Prophet. Besides, as this page proves, there is tons of historical evidence from multiple sources that ban on hadith continued through out the tenure of Four guided caliphs. Regarding MoAawia RA, please consult following references:


Abu “Ma’asharnarrated that Ibrahim Nakha’i” hated to write hadiths. He used to say: People can take it as Quran. {Reference: Musnad Darimi (797 A.D.-869 A.D.) in Chapter: “Near whom hadith recording/writing was not allowed”}.
Note: Abu Imran, Ibrahim ibn Yazid ibn al-Aswad ibn Amr ibn Rabia’ ibn Haritha ibn Sa’d ibn Malik ibn an-Nakha, also known as Ibrahim al-Nakha’i (670-717 A.D.), was a well-known theologian, jurist and scholar of Islam who was born in 670 (Born 34 years after the Death of Prophet and died 81 years after the death of Prophet). He met many companions of Prophet Muhammad(s) including, Anas ibn Malik and Aisha RA (wife of Nabi). Please note, Caliph Ali died in 661 A.D. and Muawiyah died in 680 A.D. So Ibrahim Nakha’i born nine years after the death of Caliph Ali RA, and lived in the era of Muawiyah, Yazeed, and Caliph Adul Aziz. Ibrahim and died in 717 A.D. just three years before the death of Abdul Aziz (720 A.D.) but he forbade whole life hadiths recording/writing. This report (and this our whole page) clearly shows: Prophet forbade to write any of his hadith, and that ban continued during Four guided caliphs. Professor Allama Hafiz Aslam Jairajpuri was a great Islamic thinker. He was Distinguished Professor of Arabic and Persian at Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamia. Some excerpts from his Book Ilme-Hadith are as under:Picture1Forgery of Isnads: “Hadith forgery was not limited to inventing Prophetic sayings or attributing existing maxims to Muhammad. In light of the importance of the isnäd to accessing authority in the Islamic tradition, isnäd forgery was arguably more common than matn forgery. Equipping existing hadiths with one’s own isnäds or reconstructing entirely new chains of transmission was known as ·stealing hadiths (sariqat al-hadith)’ or ·rigging isnäds (tarkib al-asänid)”. Reference: Hadith- Muhammad’s Legacy in the Medieval and Modern World Pdf file page 75 – Dr. JONATHAN A. C. BROWN. Note: Isnad mean sequence of Oral Narrations, in fact Chinese whisper spread over time-span of 250 years, like A told B told C told D told Obama told Lenin told Stalin told Bush told Harry potter told told James bond etc. Unending gossip, unending false stories. Please one day, stand outside a Mosque on Friday, when session of Salat is over and people starts to pour out, ask 10 people individually alone: What Imam told in Sermon? We assure you, all 10 will tell you deferent story. Then how can one remember oral narrations that are spread over time-span of 250-800 years? O man: Just use your commonsense; just ponder and use your reason 8:22, 7:179, 2:170. A group of students of hadiths reached to the house of Hazrat Fazeel bin Ayaaz Abid-Hur-mein [died 187 Hijri] but Fazeel did not allow them to enter in his house & Fazeel took his head out from the window of his house. Students of Hadiths saluted him and asked “How are YOU Ya Sheikh?”. Fazeel replied, From the side of Allah, I am very good but from your side, I am in serious trouble from the job in which you are. You have created a NEW Bid’at[Sinful invention] in Islam. Inna Lilla-hay Wa Inna Elaihay Raje-uoon”. You have left BOOK of Allah. If you have held fast BOOK of Allah, then your hearts get rescued from evils. Students said, “But we have read Quran already”. Fazeel replied, Quran is such BOOK which is enough for you and for your coming generations & then recited verse 10:57-58 of Quran.
10:57: O MANKIND! There has now come unto you an admonition from your Sustainer, and a cure for all [the ill] that may be in men’s hearts, and guidance and grace unto all who believe [in Him]
10:58 Say: “In [this] bounty of God and in His grace-in this, then, let them rejoice: it is better than all that they may amass!”

Imam Sufyan bin Aainiya [died 198 Hijri] said, I wished the ilme-hadith was in a big basket of glass upon my head  & that basket had fallen down breaking into small pieces, so that no any buyer of hadiths would had come to me. Whenever Imam Sufyan became very angry from any evil person/enemy in his life, He used to pray to Allah, O Allah, make him Mohaddith [Imam of Hadith=Hadith collector/compiler]

Well known Companions of Prophet Abdulah bin Abbas & Abdullah bin Umar also used to forbid hadiths and used to say that past nations were destroyed because they started to follow hadith collections of their scholars and left BOOKS of Allah.“It is written in famous Book Mukhtasir Jaamia Bayan Il-Ilm of Hafiz Ibne Abdul Barr [died 463 Hijri] that Dhaak Ibne Mazaham [died 105 Hijri] said that time will come when Quran will be placed in house corners covered with spidar net & will not be utilized by Muslims & people will run only after hadiths.
Suleman bin Hayaan Azwi[died 196AD] whom nick name was Abu Khalid Al-Aahmar said: Time will come when people will put Quran aside & will be bussy only in hadiths & fiqa.
Imam Daud Taa’i stopped to narrate Hadiths. When people asked, why did you stop? He replied that finaly he realized that to narrate hadiths is against Haq.(mean it is a sin or a action of Satan)”. ——- Quran 25:30 “And the Messenger will say, “O my Lord! These are my people, the ones who had disabled and made this Qur’an of no account.” (MAHJUR = They had immobilized it like villagers who bind a cow by tying her front foot to her horn).

It was crime to possess any hadith in the time of Umar Khattaab RA. Umar RA threatened Liar Abu Huraira to stop forged hadiths or be banished.[ Read more detail in this page. What Aisha RA & 2nd caliph Umar Khattab told to Abu Huraira].

“I have seen Ahadith in the Six Right Ones Books of Persian Imams that completely cancel out the Qur’an.” (Nizaam-ul-Qur’an by Sheikh Hamiduddin Farahi)

One great scholar of his time “Abaid-Allah” sindhi writes: “I feel shame to teach Book of Bukhari to neo-Muslim”“Whatever utterances we heard from Muhammad PBUH we noted them down in writing. One day it so happened the Messenger appeared and asked us about the subject of our writings. We replied that whatsoever we hear from his Majesty’s lips we transform it into writing. To which he said, “What! Are you compiling another book along with the book of Allah?” Meaning in other words that this cannot be made possible. He then insisted and commanded us that we ought to keep Allah’s words pure and that we must not amalgamate them with any kind of ambiguities. So we made a bonfire of our notes and parables in an open field.” (Quoted from Tudween e Hadith, page 249)

In HISTORY BOOK “Sunnan AL-Daramy” it is written that Ali Ibn Abu Talib, the fourth Khalifa in one of his speeches said, “I urge all those who have writings taken from the Messenger of God to go home and erase it. The people before you were annihilated because they followed the hadiths of their scholars and left the book of their Lord.”

It is written in HISTORY BOOK  named “Musnad of Ibn Hanbal that Abdullah Ibn Omar said, “the Messenger of God one day came out to us as if he was going to depart us soon and said, “When I depart you (die), hold to the book of God, prohibit what it prohibits and accept as halal what it makes halal.”

It is written in famous book “Taq-yed Al-Ilm “that Abu Saeed Al-Khudry said, “I asked the Messenger of God a permission to write his hadiths, but he refused to give me a permission.”

In the book of Al-Bidaya wal Nihaya (ibn Katheer), it is written that 2nd Caliph Umar Khattaab RA threatened Abu Hurayra to stop narrating hadiths or he will be chased after till the land of Daws (which is where Abu Hurayra is from)

Umar Khattaab RA wrote letters to the Prophet’s companions, who lived in other cities, asking them to destroy all the copies of hadiths in their hands” [Ibn Abdil Berr, Jamia ul Baya il Ilm wal Fazail.].

Umar said: Burn all the collections of hadith as these are like the Mishnah of the Jewish people.” Umar drew a parallel between the Mishnah that had contributed to the corruption of Judaism and the hadiths. [Tabqaat Ibn Sa’d]  “Ibn Abbas used to say, regarding the prohibition of copying the hadiths: “The communities before you deviated from the right path because of books they wrote like yours.” [Ibn Abdul Berr, Jamia ul Bayaan il ilm]

Some Companions came to report to 4th Caliph Ali Ibne Taalib and said: “The public is engrossed in hadiths.” “Is that so?” asked Ali. The answer was in the affirmative. “I had heard the Prophet say that a mischievous dissension seemed to lurk ahead.” I asked him what could that be and he replied: “The salvation is in the Quran. Those that went before you and those that will come after you are within reach of the Quran, the Book that settles all disputes; it is no joke, mind you. Anyone who abandons It will be subject to the wrath of God. Anyone seeking a truer path will go astray. It is the infallible rope of God. It is full of wisdom. It leads man along the right path. It is the Book that will surely lead you in the right direction, a Book with inexhaustible riches.” [Quoted from HISTORY BOOKS of Sunnan-i Tirmizi, and Sunnan Darimi].

Despite the great care and precision of the Hadith scholars, much of what they regarded as true was later proved to be spurious. In his commentary on the collection of Muslim, al Nawawi wrote: “A number of scholars discovered many hadiths in the collections of Muslim and Bukhari which do not fulfill the conditions of verification assumed by these men”. (Haykal, The Life of Muhammad, p. lxxxii). “During the first century of Islam & also thereafter the various political parties, the heretics, THE PROFESSIONAL PREACHERS (Mullahs/scholars), and even a number of sincere Muslims, all made their contributions to the growing rubbish-heap of false traditions (Hadiths)”. “They made deliberate changes to the text or the Isnad of certain Hadiths & fabricated others from scratch for the sake of sectarian gain” Ref: (Hadith Literature by: Dr. Professor Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi)

The Zanadika (Heretics) Hammad ibne Zayed, Abdul Karim ibn Abil-Awaja, Bauyyan ibn Saman & Muhammad ibne Said have invented over 19000 hadiths in the name of Prophet. Some even pious Muslims, Shia & Khawaraj produced fake hadith many times more than even Heretics. Abbasids & Ummayads concocted countless hadiths to support their politics & sects. Ghiyath Ibne Ibrahim made intentional changes in hadith to please Caliph Al-Mahdi. Ref: (Hadith Literature by: Dr. Professor Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi)4c9Xjjj“Kulthum ibne Amral Attabi once collected a crowd round himself in a mosque & related to them – with full Isnad (chain of narrations) a hadith saying that he who touched the tip of his nose with his tongue might rest assured that he would never go to Hell. The audience showed their readiness to accept this forgery as a genuine (shaih) hadith – by trying to ascertain their fate in this way” Ref: (Hadith Literature by: Dr. Professor Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi)“Sometimes in order to do mischief to people & gain their own ends, two storytellers would work together to forge hadiths. In this ways one of them once stood up at the end of a street narrating hadiths in praise of Ali RA, while the other stood up at the other end extolling the virtues of Abu Bakar RA. Thus did they make money from both the Shia and Nasibis & at the end of the day divided the proceeds equally among themselves” Ref: (Hadith Literature by: Dr. Professor Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi)“The most dangerous type of hadith forgers came from the ranks of devout hadith compilers themselves. Their sincerity & love for hadiths could not be doubted but many of them attempted unwittingly to kill the Ilm of hadiths by forging hadiths scribing them to the Prophet & spreading them across the Muslim community.
Nuh ibn Abi Maryam who had studied theology with scholars of great repute was known as Al-Jami on account of his vast & varied learning. He acted as judge at Merv during the reign of Abbasid Caliph Mansur. He related hadiths describing the virtues of various chapters of the Quran, But when he was pressed by authorities from whom he had recieved these hadiths, he confessed that he had FORGED them for the sake of GOD and to attract people to His book.

Aban ibn Abi Ayyash who was one of the most godly people of his time, was severely censured by Shu’ba ibn Al-Hajjaj and more than 1500 hadiths narrated by him on the authority of Anas were found to have no foundation.Ahmed Ibn Muhammad Al-Bahili (D.275/888) was generally venerated for his piety but when investigated, his 400 hadiths which were related by him, were found all forged. He himself confessed to having forged hadiths in order to make the hearts of people tender & soft.

Sulayman ibn Amr was a contemporary of Ibn Hanbal and would fast by day & offer prayers by night, outdoing in his many of his contemporaries but he was found none the less as a liar and forger of hadiths

Wahab ibne Hafs was generally regarded as a virtuous Muslim. His asceticism was so acute that it is said that for 20 yrs he did not speak to anyone. Yet none the less, he did not hesitate to forge hadiths. Many other well-intentioned and outwardly pious Muslims such as Maysara ibn Abd Rabbih the PERSIAN, Ahmed ibn Harab the man of piety, Ubad ibn Kuthayr, Abd-Allah ibn Ayyub, Hushaym ibn Bashir, Ziyad ibn Abd-Allah & the followers of Muhammad ibn Karram Al-Sigistani (Persian) held that it was permissible to FORGE hadiths in order to attract people to good deed and warn them gainst evil. These type of FORGERS then wrought havoc with Ilm Hadith. Their activities were often very extensive indeed. Most of Hadiths concerning the advent of the Dajjal and the Mahdi toward end of time, are forged.

We are told that Muhammad ibn Ukkasha and Muhammad ibn Tamin forged more than 10000 hadiths. Abu Said ibn Jafar forged more than 300 hadiths in the name of Abu-Hanifa alone. Ahmed Al-Qaysi concocted more than 3000 hadiths. Ahmed Al-Marwazi forged more than 10000 hadiths. Furthermore, a large number of other forgers like Ziyad ibn Maymun, Shurayk ibn Abd-Allah, and Talha ibn Amr invented thousands of false hadiths, some of which are quoted in sermons and declaimed from the Pulpits (Member of Masjad= A stepped wooden chair on which a Mullah delivers his sermon) even today”. Ref: (Hadith Literature by: Dr. Professor Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi) O Educated Reader: Here again we ask you. Should you build your faith on Book of Allah which is complete and fully detailed; or should you build your faith on these fabricated 2.3 millions [hearsay+gossip]=hadiths? Our dear! in this scenario, u are the decision maker. So you decide yourself. We are true Muslims and so want to tell you the truth.

We have taken following 11 para (up to  next red-font line) from Book of Mahmud Abu Rayyah “”Light on the Muhammadan Sunnah or Defense of the Hadith” page 126

Hammad ibn Zayd is reported to have said: The Zanadiqah (atheists) have fabricated twelve thousand hadiths, ascribing them to the Messenger of Allah (S).

Al-Mahdi said: One of the Zanadiqah has confessed before me that he composed four hundred hadiths, and they were being circulated and conveyed among people.

Ibn Asakir (1105-1176 A.D.) reported that a zindiq was brought once to al-Rashid who gave his orders to behead him, Then he (zindiq) said: O Amir al-Mu’minin, are n’t you aware of four thousand hadiths I fabricated, in which I forbid what is lawful (halal) and deem lawful what is forbidden (in the Qur’an).

It is reported too that when Abd al-Karim ibn Abi al-Awja’ intended to behead him, he said: I have composed for you four thousand hadiths forbidding through them what is lawful, and sanctioning what is unlawful (haram).

Ishaq ibn Rahawayh, who was the teacher of al-Bukhari, said: I commit to memory four thousand falsified Hadiths.

Sahl ibn al-Sirri al-Hafiz says: Ahmad ibn Abd Allah al-Jubyari, Muhammad ibn Ukashah al-Kirmani and Muhammad ibn Tamim al-Farabi falsified and fabricated more than ten thousand Hadiths against the Messenger of Allah.Al-Bukhari writes: I commit to memory one hundred correct Hadiths and two hundred falsified Hadiths. Reports (akhbar) in this respect are countless, and whoever wants to get acquainted with more of them can refer to their sources, especially al-Suyuti’s book Tahdhir al-Khawass.

Pseudo Converts Ka’b al-Ahbar, Wahb ibn Munabbih and Abd Allah ibn Sallam fabricated countless hadiths. Later almost all authors of Books of Tafsirs (exegesis) followed their fables that they brought from their corrupted books. Even some of the Companions (Sahaba) used to frequent to Wahb ibn Munabbih (an hypocrite). Ka’b al-Ahbar and Abd Allah ibn Sallam, while the Tabi’un (Followers) used to refer to Ibn Jarih. All these men got information they used to report from the Torah and Gospel, with their expositions and margins, so the Muslims found no harm to relate them beside the Qur’anic verses, the fact leading to their becoming another source of overproduction.

For all this, the rabbis embarked on propagating within the Islamic religion, so many falsities and trifles claiming them once to be taken from their scripture or latent knowledge, and another time to be among what they heard from the Prophet (S), while they being in fact foisted and forged by them. How could the Companions discern between truth and falsity in the rabbis’ utterances, while they were on one hand unaware of the Hebrew language which was used in their books, and on the other they were less than them (Rabbis) in sagacity and weaker in cunning. Therefore these falsities became so current and circulated among the Companions and their followers who used to take whatever those cunning men were relating without any investigation or verification, considering it to be certainly correct (sahih). Through Ka’b and Ibn Munabbih, some of the Talmudic tales (Isra’iliyyat) crept into the hadiths, turning to be so soon part of the religious and historic reports. About Ka’b al-Ahbar, in al-Isabah, Ibn Hajar says that he related from the Prophet mursal traditions, and from him (Ka’b) some of the Companions reported, like Ibn Umar, Abu Hurayrah, Ibn Abbas, Ibn al-Zubayr and Mu’awiyah beside others. Tons of evidence shows: Ka’b Al-Ahbar was mastermind for the murder of Caliph Umar RA.Abu Hurayrah, Abd Allah ibn Umar and Ibn Abbas, and others, who were trustworthy among the Arabs used to take hadiths from Convert (in fact hypocrite) Wahb ibn Munabbih (a Persian Zoroastrian who later resided in Yemen).  Abd Allah Ibn Sallam is Abu al-Harith al-Israeli. He embraced Islam after coming of the Prophet (S) to al-Madinah. He was one of the Jewish rabbis. From him Abu Hurayrah and Anas ibn Malik and others reported hadith. About him Wahb ibn Munabbih said: Al-Israeli was the most knowledgeable among the people of his time, and Ka’b was the most learned of his time people. He died in the year 40 Hijrah. Abu al-Shaykh in his book al-’Adamah, reported from Ka’b as saying: The seven earths rest upon a rock, and the rock is in an angel’s hand, and the angel is on a wing of a whale. The whale is in the water, and the water is on the wind, and the wind is over the air. It is a barren wind that never pollinates (the plants), and its horns are hanging from the Throne. Wahb ibn Munabbih is reported to have said: Four angels hold the Throne on their shoulders, each one of them (angels) has four faces: an ox face, a lion’s face, an eagle’s face, and a human being’s face. Every angel has four wings, two on his face so as to keep him from looking to the Throne, when he would stun and float in the air. Thereat he can say nothing but the words: Quddus (the All Holy), the Mighty King… Whose Greatness has filled the heavens and the earth.Abu Hurayrah and Abd Allah ibn ‘Amr ibn al-’As and others reported that the Messenger of Allah said: “There is no objection to relate from Banu Israel.103 It is known that Abu Hurayrah and Abd Allah ibn ‘Amr were among disciples of Ka’b al-Ahbar (a Pseudo Convert Rabbi). The reports indicate that the second one – i.e. Abd Allah ibn ‘Amr ibn al-’As – got during the Battle of Yarmuk two scholarships of the sciences of Ahl al-Kitab, and used to relate from them. Ibn Hajar added to this: “For this reason many of the Imams of the Followers avoided reporting from him. The Companions’ trust in the Ahl al-Kitab’s embrace of Islam and being beguiled by them made them (Sahabah) to believe their utterances and relate from them their fabricated traditions. Men of hadith state in their books that the three ‘Abds105, Abu Hurayrah106, Mu’awiyah and Anas beside others, have reported from Ka’b al-Ahbar and his brothers (rabbis). It is known that Abu Hurayrah was much more than all the Companions in having trust in and relating from him and following him, as can be seen clearly from his biography which I published in a separate book under the title Shaykh al-mudirah to which everyone can refer. This Ka’b al-Ahbar managed, through his devilish methods and plans, to foist so many superstitions, fancies and falsities into religion, that filled books of tafsir, hadith and history, in a way that distorted them and created doubt among people in their regard, and still causing us detriments and troubles that only God knows. I have previously referred to some of these superstitions as covering all of them requires independent full compilations. But wise Sahaba like Umar RA knew the negative reporting of K’ab and forbade Ka’b from relating the hadith, threatening to exile him to his homeland in case of continuing this practice, saying to him: You should give up narration of hadith or otherwise I shall make you join the land of apes. Ali RA used to say about K’ab: He is verily a liar.

One of the most truthful Islamic Thinkers of history, German Muslim Scholar Dr. Murad Wilfried Hofmann writes:

“Given the fact that tens of thousands of fabricated hadiths circulated within two centuries of the Prophet’s death, we simply have to admit that the hadith and Sunnah is not as reliable as we would all wish it to be. Let us be cruelly sober: Someone clever and ruthless enough to fabricate the matn of a hadith – be it for political or “pious” reasons – would he not be clever and ruthless enough to also fabricate its isnad?”

The medieval scholar Al-Nawawi argued that any non-mutawatir hadith is only probable and can not reach the level of certainty that a mutawatir hadith can. However scholars like Ibn al-Salah (d. 1245 CE), al-Ansari (d. 1707 CE), and Ibn ‘Abd al-Shakur (d. 1810 CE) found “no more than eight or nine” hadiths that fell into the mutawatir category. Reference: Hallaq, Wael (1999). “The Authenticity of Prophetic Hadiths: A Pseudo-Problem”. Studia Islamica. 89: 75–90. JSTOR 1596086.

Note by Team factszz: According to above quote, from past 1400 years, only eight hadiths can be trusted but please note: Six books of Hadiths of Sunni Sect, and four Books of Shia sect contain thousands and thousands hadiths (in fact all fabricated Stories, rumors. Hearsay, gossip). For the sake of argument: even if we consider that only eight hadiths are reliable; even after establishing that, A Muslim cannot make Sharia laws (Islamic Law/Hukam/Yahkam) from that eight hadiths, because as per Quran 6:114, 10:15, 16:116, 7:3, 6:19, Islamic law (Sharia) is valid only from Quran. Allah has declared those people Kaafirs in 5:44 who, in Islam, Judge from any other Book safe Book of God 5:44. During making Islamic law (Sharia), to place Extra-Quranic books/Sources beside Book of God is concomitant to make partners with God which is called Shirk the Greatest Sin. Because Messengers were not Partners of God but mere an Agency of God. Their duty was to follow only Divine Books. Truth is that even that mere eight hadiths (mentioned above) those are claimed to fall in mutawatir category, cannot be reliable because such stories are based on oral narrations, and that all oral narrations spread over time-span of centuries can never be reliable 100%. No way. And faith cannot be built, and must not be built on hearsay, gossip and rumors. In narrations; term “science of hadiths” and word mutawatir are itself two big lies. Science of hadiths is that fraud-machine which tends to convert lies into truth by placing label of Cow-Meat on packets of pork. Concerning term “mutawatir”, human history tells us, that when one fake dogma is forged especially under state sponsorship, people are forced to follow it. Next generation also follows previous generation because by nature we human are sheeple. When that false dogma is inherited to third generation and onward, that dogma becomes tough steely faith, and people start to declare such false dogmas as Mutawatir. If you challenge such dogmas, their followers will reply: O you shut up: We have been following this from 100 generations and according to their nonsensical argument, how all generation can be fool. But truth that these blind-followers refuse to accept is: One can win election by majority of ignorant voters but majority was never yardstick to measure truth. In fact, throughout human history, wise men were in minority, and fools always enjoyed majority (Quran 6:116). We can give two example of this so called mutawatir-forgery here. In Council of Nicea 325, Christianity was fused with Mithraism. But Christians follow Son-ship, trinity from over 1750 years. When you challenge them, they will answer you that their reports of Son-ship and trinity are mutawatir from generation. Other example is five daily Rituals that we Muslims follow from centuries. All hadithers will tell you that hadith of five Rituals are mutawatir. but fact is: She was Zoroastrian mother of Caliph Haroon Rasheed Abbasi “Queen Khaizran” who blended five  Zoroastrian Namaz/Gah/Bandgi in Islam around 773 A.D. through forgery of Hadith of Miraaj (night journey). In order to read whole story of that forgery, please visit link #1 at our main page. Salat of holy Quran has no relation with any kind of Ritual.  Islamic law is valid only from Quran 6:114, 5:44. During formation of Islamic law (Sharia), to place man-made books beside Quran is also like to make Partners with GOD.The Mu’tazilites, who are the later Ahl al-Kalam, also viewed the transmission of the Prophetic sunnah as not sufficiently reliable. The Hadith, according to them, was mere guesswork and conjecture, while the Quran was complete and perfect, and did not require the Hadith or any other book to supplement or complement it. Reference: Azami, M. A., Studies in Hadith Methodology and Literature, Islamic Book Trust, Kuala Lumpur, 92

Ibrahin An-Nazam (c. 775 – c. 845) was a Mu’tazilite theologian and poet. He was a nephew of the Mu’tazilite theologian Abu al-Hudhayl al-‘Allaf, and al-Jahiz was one of his students. Nazzam expressed the strongest statement of skepticism of any source of knowledge outside of reason and the Quran. For him, both the single and the mutawatir reports could not be trusted to yield knowledge. He recounted contradictory hadith and examined their divergent content (matn) to show why they should be rejected: they relied on both faulty human memory and bias, neither of which could be trusted to transmit what is true. Al-Nazzamm bolstered his strong refutation of the trustworthiness of hadiths within the larger claim that hadiths circulated and thrived to support polemical causes of various theological sects and jurists, and that no single transmitter could by himself be held above suspicion of altering the content of a single report. Al-Nazzam’s skepticism involved far more than excluding the possible verification of a report, be it single or mutawatir. His stance also excluded the trustworthiness of consensus. Reference: Racha El-Omari, “Accommodation and Resistance: Classical Mu’tazilites on Hadiths” in Journal of Near Eastern Studies, Vol. 71, No. 2 (October 2012), pp. 234-235

Moulvi Cheragh Ali (1844-1895), also spelled Chiragh, was an Indian Muslim scholar of the late 19th century. He was a colleague of Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan (A Great Muslim Sage): Chiragh Ali, wrote; nearly all the Hadith are fabrications. Reference: Latif, Abu Ruqayyah Farasat. The Quraniyun of the Twentieth Century, Masters Assertion, September 2006. Ghulam Ahmed Pervez, a disciple of Iqbal, also noted, “no steps were taken by the Prophet or by his immediate followers to preserve the integrity of Hadith”. References: Parwez, Ghulam Ahmed, Salim ke nam khutut, Karachi, 1953, Vol. 1, 43; cited in Daniel Brown, 1996, op. cit., p. 54; cited in Abdur Rab, op.cit, p. 202.

Early criticism of the Hadith came from a group referred to as Ahl al-Kalam, who lived during the time of Al-Shafii, and mentioned in his Kitab Jima al-Ilm, rejected the Hadith on theological grounds. Their basic argument was that the Quran was an explanation of everything (16:89). They contended that obedience to the Prophet was contained in obeying only the Qur’an that God has sent down to him, and that when the Qur’an mentioned the Book together with Wisdom, the Wisdom was the specific rulings of the Book.” References: Musa, ibid, pp. 36–37; taken from Abdur Rab, ibid, p. 199.

Daniel Brown notes that one of the arguments of Ahl al-Kalam was that “the corpus of Hadith is filled with contradictory, blasphemous, and absurd traditions.” Reference: Brown, Daniel W., Rethinking Tradition in Modern Islamic Thought, Cambridge University Press, 1996 (Paperback 1999), pp. 15–16; excerpted from Abdur Rab, ibid, pp. 199–200. At the turn of the twentieth century, Muhammad Tawfiq Sidqi (d. 1920) of Egypt wrote an article titled ‘al-Islam huwa ul-Qur’an Wahdahu’ (‘Islam is the Qur’an Alone) that appeared in the Egyptian journal al-Manar, which argues that the Quran is sufficient as guidance: “what is obligatory for man does not go beyond God’s Book. … If anything other than the Qur’an had been necessary for religion,” Sidqi notes, “the Prophet would have commanded its registration in writing, and God would have guaranteed its preservation.” Reference: Musa, Aisha Y., Hadith as Scripture: Discussions on the Authority of Prophetic Traditions in Islam, Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2008, p.6.

“Sidqi held that nothing of the Hadith was recorded until after enough time had elapsed to allow the infiltration of numerous absurd or corrupt traditions.” Reference: Sidqi, Muhammad Tawfiq, “al-Islam huwa al-Qur’an wahdahu,” al-Manar 9 (1906), 515; cited in Daniel Brown, 1996, op. cit., 88–89

Muhammad Rashid Rida (18 October 1865- 22 August 1935) born in Ottoman Syria, now Syria, was an early very influential Islamic reformer. He argued that “many supposedly authentic Hadiths were actually Jewish lore that had been attributed to Muhammad” Reference: Jeffrey T. Kenney, Islam in the Modern World, Routledge (2013), p. 21 The earliest Western scholar to note a relation between the ahadith and Jewish influences was the French Orientalist Barthélemy d’Herbelot (d. 1695), who “claimed that most of the six books (the most important hadith books) and many parts of the hadith literature were appropriated from the Talmud”, and later many others, like Alois Sprenger (d. 1893), Ignaz Goldziher (d. 1921), etc continued in such direction ; a more elaborated study was “Al-Bukhari and the Aggadah” by W.R. Taylor, who “appropriated some of these hadiths from al-Sahih of al-Bukhari and some haggadic texts from the Talmud and Midrash. Taylor compared these hadiths with the texts, and concluded that these hadiths were appropriated from the Talmud and Midrash. Afterwards, he also said that there were many narratives in the hadith literature in general, especially in al-Bukhari, that were taken from haggadic literature. He then studied the ways of and how these narrations were transmitted to hadith literature. According to Taylor’s opinion, a large amount of the oral information, narrations, stories, and folkloric information entered in Islamic literature in general, and hadith literature, in particular, during the transcription of the Talmud and Mishnah and after the formation of hadiths via the Jews living in the Arabian Peninsula, as well as the church fathers and Christian community.” Other scholars have different opinions on the same subject: Franz Buhl connects the ahadith with a more Iranian/Zoroastrian background, David Samuel Margoliouth with Biblical apocrypha and Alfred Guillaume puts more stress on a generic Christian influence. Reference: Özcan Hidir, “Discussions on the Influence of the Judeo-Christian Culture on Hadiths” in The Journal of Rotterdam Islamic and Social Sciences, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2010, pp. 2-5 OrientalistThough we have already provided above more than enough referenced solid proofs which confirm again and again that It was illegal to write & record any even true hadith of beloved Prophet, by Prophet and four guided Caliphs; but let we also listen what top most Researcher Orientalists of Islam has said about this subject. Their opinion is also important because they do not belong to any evil non-Quranic sects such as Sunni Shia Wahabi, Salfi, Deobandi, Brailvi etc ++++++ NO END. So their research has no any sectarian bias.

One of the top most Researchers and orientalists of Europe, Goldziher (22 June 1850 – 13 November 1921), was a Hungarian scholar of Islam, He writes: “In those weeks, I truly entered into the spirit of Islam to such an extent that ultimately I became inwardly convinced that I myself was a Muslim, and judiciously discovered that this was the only religion which, even in its doctrinal and official formulation, can satisfy philosophic minds”. In Cairo Egypt, Goldziher even prayed as a Muslim. He further writes: “In the midst of the thousands of the pious, I rubbed my forehead against the floor of the mosque. Never in my life was I more devout, more truly devout, than on that exalted Friday.” But despite his love for Islam, Goldziher remained a devout Jew all his life. His affection for both religions led him to seek the cross pollination of ideas between the faiths.
In 1890 he published “Muhammedanische Studien” in which Goldziher draws a picture of a Muslim society where the fabrication of hadiths was a widespread phenomenon, with people frequently producing fictitious hadiths for political or other purposes. He argues that different groups would either make up many hadiths that supported their respective positions, or modify existing traditions to justify their views, or else censor the hadiths that had been adopted by others. He also accuses Muslim scholars of relying solely on the isnad (chain of transmitters) without paying attention to ‘obvious anachronisms’ in hadith texts. 

The Dutch orientalist C. Snouck Hurgronje (1857-1936), a contemporary of Goldziher, writes: “The hadith literature was a product of dominant groups in the first three centuries of Islam, and thus it reflected their views. The idea that the roots of these hadiths can be traced all the way back to the Prophet is completely false and that the life and teachings of the Prophet cannot be re-constructed based on these traditions”.

Goldziher’s view that Muslim scholars could not notice the ‘obvious anachronisms’ in hadith texts was also taken up by the Belgian orientalist Henri Lammens (1862-1937). According to him: “Since the Muslim ulema (scholarly class) largely confined their efforts to the critique of narrative chains (isnad) and paid insufficient attention to the internal/textual critique of the hadiths, they failed to notice logical and historical impossibilities and anachronisms in the narrations.”

“John Esposito notes that “Modern Western scholarship has seriously questioned the historicity and authenticity of the hadith”, maintaining that “the bulk of traditions attributed to the Prophet Muhammad were actually written much later.” He mentions Joseph Schacht as one scholar who argues this, claiming that Schacht “found no evidence of legal traditions before 722, A.D.” from which Schacht concluded that “the Sunna of the Prophet is not the words and deeds of the Prophet, but apocryphal material” dating from later.” (Reference: Esposito, John (1998). Islam: The Straight Path. Oxford University Press. p. 67. ISBN 0-19-511234-2)

Another top Orientalist of Europe, David Samuel Margoliouth (1858-1940), Professor of Arabic at the University of Oxford, writes: “The concepts of infallibility (ismah) and non-recited revelation (wahy ghayr matluw) as theories were constructed to justify the position of fabricated Sunna as a legitimate source of the Islamic law”.

Note: Please note, that he was the biggest Criminal of Islam, Paul of Islam, Imam Shafi who was founding father of this forgery that produced Bida’a of Sunna and Hadith in Islam & opened door for Persian Zoroastrian Imams to forge Millions of lies against Islam in the name of Prophet 250-400 years after the death of Prophet. He was inventer of fabrications such as One Wahi is in Quran and other is out side the Quran in forged Sunna and forged Hadiths. He just fabricated this lie and preached this lie to blindly following Muslims with the full support of Pro-Persian and Pro-Zoroastrian GOV of Abbasid Caliphs. Joseph Schacht was a British-German professor of Arabic and Islam at Columbia University in New York. He was the leading Western scholar on Islamic law. He writes:
“There is no any evidence of legal traditions (Hadith and Sunna) before Year 722 A.D. in Islam & we can conclude that the Sunna or hadiths of the Prophet is not the words and deeds of the Prophet, but apocryphal material dating from later”

Fazlur Rahman, who was the Harold H. Swift Distinguished Service Professor of Islamic Thought at the University of Chicago wrote in his book Islam (1966) on the historic study of the Hadith. Summarising I. Goldziher’s scientific study of the Hadith, he writes:

But his argument runs, since the corpus of the Hadith continued to swell in each succeeding generation, and since in each generation the material runs parallel to and reflects various and often contradictory doctrines of Muslim theological and legal schools, the final recorded product of the Hadith, which date from the 3rd/ 9th century [over 250 years after the death of the prophet], must be regarded as being on the whole unreliable as a source for the prophets own teaching and conduct (1979:44) Professor Schacht, who according to Fazlur Rahman is the first scholar to have undertaken a, “extensive and systematic comparison of legal traditions in their historical sequence, is unassailable scientific and sound in method&127;(1979:47-48), did not believe that the Hadith or the concept of “Sunna of the Prophet” were part of first century Islam. Shafi [150-204/767-819] introduced them, at the earliest, nearly two hundred years after the death of the prophet. The Quran states exactly the same. The Quran was the only “Hadith” that was conveyed by the prophet and formed the guidance for the early Muslim community.4c9XjjjThere seems to be little doubt that practically the whole body of tradition was spurious”. (Robson, “Tradition: Investigation and Classification”, The Muslim World, Vol 1.41, p. 101).

The result is that the sum of tradition represents the history of the first two centuries of Islam.” (Tritton, Islam, p. 32). Note: Exactly, this is our point too, that Six canonized Hadiths Books forged 250-400 years after the death of Prophet by Persians the defeated enemies of Islam, with fake Matans and fake chains of narrations, are nothing but historical crap, and though you can read that crap but you must never build your faith on history. This is why, Islamic judgment (Yahkam), Islamic law is valid only and only from Noble Quran. Following verses make this point very clear 5:44, 5:48, 2:213, 6:114, 6:19, 10:15, 4:105, 7:3, 10:109, 5:92, 64:12, 47:2, 50:45, 16:64, 6:155.HadithsMereHistoryOne of the top Orientalists of Europe, David Samuel Margoliouth (1858-1940), Professor of Arabic at the University of Oxford, writes: As we investigate the sources of the traditions, we find that we know less about Mohammed; but we learn more about the history of Islam. (Margoliouth, “On Moslem Tradition” The Muslim World, Vol. 2, p. 121). Note: Exactly, this is our viewpoint too, that Six canonized Hadiths Books forged 250-400 years after the death of Prophet by Persians the defeated enemies of Islam, with fake Matans and fake chains of narrations, are nothing but historical crap, and though you can read that crap but you must never build your faith on history. This is why, Islamic judgment (Yahkam), Islamic law is valid only and only from Noble Quran. Following verses make this point very clear 5:44, 5:48, 2:213, 6:114, 6:19, 10:15, 4:105, 7:3, 10:109, 5:92, 64:12, 47:2, 50:45, 16:64, 6:155.The lie of Science of Hadiths and Lie of Chains of Narrations:
Hadith believing Muslims make big claims on the so-called scientific compilation of Hadith. Let it be clear however, that no matter how scientific you are in your compilation of what is “false” to start with, the compilation cannot make it true. Even the criteria that is presented are un-objective, i.e. the truthfulness of a particular narrator with a story of how truthful he was. To repeat, falsehood is not converted to truth by its scientific compilation.

The scientific method demands that “subjective” proof i.e. how truthful a person was be ignored and the item tested on objective criteria. What does the content say?

To sum up:  (Below are given many pictures. If text of picture is to be magnified, please press two keys at your keyboard:    Ctrl and +Whole Islamic law is contained ONLY IN QURAN.
All what is not given in complete and fully detailed Quran is NOT PART OF ISLAM.
Any ritual [like 5 daily rituals Namaz of Persian Zoroastrians], rite or sharia laws that has no roots in Quran, is foreign material that was blended in Islam during 508 years during Pro-Persian Pro-Zoroastrian Abbasid Caliphs from 750-1258 AD. Do you believe in what Allah says? Quranic Verse 5:44 declares those persons “KAAFIRS” who make sharia Laws from other Books than Noble Quran. [So no any Sharia law is valid but from Quran].Now for the refreshment of our very dear readers, we have posted in following picture some pure Diamonds and Rubies from so called hadith Books. Your refreshment is 101 percent guaranteed. Besides, after reading this picture, if you are a man, then, you will indeed love to be shifted to paradise of Ibn Maja right now, in order to dive in hell-hot 72 wives that will be gifted to you from Hell. (Only mentally retarded fanatics follow forged carp of that so called Hadith Books). Hafiz Daraqutni (918-995 A.D.) was an expert in the fields of Hadiths Literature. He is highly venerated by Sunni Sect. He  said: “Verily the correct hadith among false ahadith is exactly like the white single hair on the black ox skin” 18. (Our note: We can say it, like to search a needle in Ocean). Reference: Mahmud Abu Rayyah in “Light on the Muhammadan Sunnah or Defense of the Hadith” page 169


Darimi was one teacher of Bukhari.

Persian Conspiracy against Quran (Important)


A sample of some Crap from Hadith Book of Bukhari and others.

Hope, it will refresh your dried up Imaan.

1- When Prophet Moses was once taking a bath in a river. he placed his clothes on a stone but stone caught his clothes and stone escaped away leaving Moses NAKED so that other people should see his nakedness [Bukhari]. So Stone was walking like a man. Fiction-Monger Bukhari must had been captured against the crime of spreading pornography!

2- When “angel of death” came to Prophet Moses to take his life, Moses slapped angel so strongly that angel lost his one eye. [Bukhari]. So here Jaahil Bukhari is telling you that Angels have physical eyes like we have. Satanic Mullahs of present day seem much less ignorant than that stupid Bukhari.

3- Prophet Abrahim did his own circumcision when he was of 80 year age [ Zoroastrian Surgeon Bukhari]. See dictionary to know what is circumcision. How Bokhari has served Islam by this manufactured crap?

4- Prophet Abraham was a liar [Bukhari]. [AstaghfirAllah]. Was Bukhari a Muslim? Allah witness in Quran that Ibrahim was extremely truthful Person. Siddiqan Nabiya

5- Abu Huraira said that Prophet said that when Adam was created by Allah, he was 60 yards (more than 180 feet) tall. [Bukhari]. Do you believe in this bull of Abu Huraira & Bukhari?

6- Said Abu Huraira that Prophet Said that When one person was sleeping on a OX, ox started to talk to that person that I am not for sleeping but for cultivation/agricultural work. Once a wolf snatched a sheep and shepard ran forward to rescue the sheep. Wolf talked to shepard and said OK I release her today but what about Saturday (sabit) when you will not be there and I will snatch it again. According to this funny Abu Huraira; Abu Bakar and Umar were also there and they agreed on this truth. [Bukhari]. Do you believe in this fabricated childish story? 

7- God loves those who commit sins. Who does not commit sin, God does not like him [Sahee Muslim] – {Publisher Zam Zam Company Lahore Pak.}–> (See these Bloody Zoroastrian imams). These Criminal Imams were laying dynamite in the foundation of Islam but still our Jaahil Mullahs and their brainless pets kiss ass of these criminal hadith imams. Quran says, refrain from Evil & evildoers will be put in Hell. On the contrary, this Satanic Hadith Imam is encouraging Muslims to do evils so that hell is get assured for them. Clearly taking revenge from Muslims because It were Muslims who crushed their millennia Zoroastrian empire in 7th century.

8- Rats are one tribe of Jews [Bukhari]    We want a debate between Bukhari and Darwin. Also to test DNA of Jews & Rats. LOL 9- Said Abu Huraira that Prophet said that If there were no Jews, meat was never going to decay/expire; if there was no EVE (mother of all humans), woman would had never betrayed his husband [Bukhari].  If there was no eve; then from where Jahil Bukhari would had brought woman that will betray him & how then Bukhari would had been born if there was no eve? Only a Mad idiot could fabricate such kind of nonsense.

10- Said Abu Huraira that Cock and Donkey see Devil Satan [Bukhari] . What this useless comic report has relation with Islam? That also mean that Bukhari was able to see Satan.

11- Sun every day arises from between two horns of Devil-Satan [Bukhari]. Idiot Bukhari deserve Noble prize of Physics for his this great finding! Note, The Biggest Scholar of Saudi Arabia Sahykh Baaz gave Fatwa in 1970. That Earth is flat & No one has gone to Moon & who believes that earth is not flat & American are landed on moon is Kafir & his Nikah has been broken with her wife automatically & people are not allowed to pray his funeral & forbidden is to eat or drink in home of that Kafir. Read much more about this Emperor of Ignoramus Mullahs Ibn Baz at:

12- From where people catch FEVER? They catch it when HELL boils [Bukhari]  –  Our Bloody Brain-blind Mullahs have been telling us from centuries that Persian Imams, authors of Hadith books were great scholars and saints!!! This Bukhari must had been admitted in mental hospital

13- Said Abu Huraira that Once One JIN came to disturb Prophet during prayers. Prophet over took him and bound with a pillar so that people should had seen him but later Prophet changed his mind and freed him [Bukhari]. JIN is unseen creature like Ghost but not Ghost. We can say, JIN mean UNSEEN Creature. Do U believe in this fake story made up for small children?

14- If you do not pray, Satan urinates in your ears [Bukhari].  As we know, majority of Muslims do not pray that what called 5 [Non-Quranic] prayers daily. So we suggest them all to wash their both ears with disinfectant soap when they awake up to get rid of smelly urine of Satan. Do you think that Prophet has said this?

15- Yawning is from Satan, so one must try one’s best to stop it, if one says ‘Ha’ when yawning, Satan will laugh at him. [His excellency Abu Huraira] – What is importance of this crap in Islam?

Very Important page: Quran in BOOK form was arranged & assembled under supervision of Prophet

A few more examples of crap from the books of that evil shia/parsi/Jew imams is as under: From book of Bukhari Muslim, Ibne Maja, Nisae, Kaafi, Abu Daud, Ibne Ishaq and other criminals.

1-Prophet Married a girl at 6 or 9 yr when he was of 53 yr. (All 11 ravi of shia Bokhari are shia from Koofa & Basra Iraq. For proof, Open this following page and go to page 26: All Raavies were Shia

2-Prophet Ordered to take eyes of alive people out. (Quran says he is mercy for world)

3-Prophet advised to drink urine of camel. (What a fabricated shame) 

Prophet said: “O People: Fear Allah (be God conscious): Even if a mutilated Ethiopian is put in command over you, listen to him and obey him, as long as he upholds the Book of Allah among you”.

4-Prophet used to suck the tongue of his wife when was fasting. (Were these criminals Imams even Muslims)

5-Prophet used to have intercourse with his wife during menstruation. (Were these criminals Imams even Muslims) – Quran forbids sex during menstruation. Do you things Prophet has acted 180 degree opposite to Book of Allah? NO WAY.

6-Imad Mahdi will drop (read truth at:

Mehdi and Return of Jesus Reality

7-Eisa son of Mary went heaven alive and will drop again (see proof of truth at: Did Son of Mary die on Cross?  This is the best scholarly Non-Qadiani page on world wide web on this subject. Do not miss to read it & understand it.

8-Prophet went to Heaven riding on a donkey (Boraq) to meet Allah and talked with Allah like a union leader to reduce from 50 prayers to 5 prayers. (read the truth at page 144 and 151 at:

True History and False Beliefs.

9-Woman is evil (thu all are born from this evil?) Bukhari was also born from that evil. Does Quran say so? NO

10-A part of Quran is eaten by hungry goat. so Quran is not complete. (Were these criminals Imams even Muslims? – these bloody were shia – it is very clear from this slander – because this slander comes from Shia) – Some teachers of Bukhari were also Shia.NoStoningInQiran11-For a married Zani, punishment is stoning to death (Noble Quran orders 100 lashes only) – They fabricated/copied this story from corrupt Bible & Torah.

Rajam (stoning) is not punishment of Quran/Islam but of Jews.#Great #Reading at:

12- 13-Prophet Murdered 600 men of Banu-Qareza (From the book of Jew Ibne Ishaq – Imam Malik declared Ibne Ishaq a liar Kafir) But all our evil mullahs and imams love this Jewish biographer Ibne Is’haaq.

14-Prophet ordered to pull two legs apart of a alive person to kill him. – Hypocrite Ibne Ishaq

15-Prophet had 11 (and some time 9) wives and he was doing sex with them with in one hour. and prophet had sexual power equal to 30 men. (Shia Parsi Bukhari) – What is relation of this forged shameful lie with La ilaha IL-Allah?

16-Prophet snatched/married wife zainab of his said-son (This a fabrication, It never happened. Prophet himself arranged marriage of Zainab & his spoken-son)/ Then after divorce, he could nary. Quran makes clear, your adopted son is not ur real son

17-Dajjal will come – A lie forged by Christians and infused in hadith books18-Bad luck is in dog monkey horse and woman. [Quran gives high respect to woman. woman is mother of prophets and saints. Prophet Eisa said, after GOD the most respected person near you is your mother.)

19-Allah laughs and wonders and Allah show his thigh to believer to recognize him. [Only a mad can say like this]

20-Allah has 5 fingers, on one is earth on other this planet on other is sea on other is tree (all bullshits of Parsi hadith Imams – names mentioned above).

21-Prophet said if you do not have wife, take a female pigeon (a bird) as your wife. Mean, do sex with female pigeon (Biggest Imam Muhaddith of his time Hafiz Ibne Qayyam) – What a shame – What a Shame – What a Shame – O my GOD! still our majority of Muslims follow these crap books and do not follow the AHSON HADITH (The Best Hadith) of Allah – Noble Quran which is complete and fully detailed Book of Allah.

Dear readers!

We can post here other hundreds of forged carp of Persian Zoroastrian-shia Imams who were authors of Sihae Sitta six Hadith books but we do not want to make this page much longer. Dear reader if you also read Hadiths book of Shia called “Kaafi”; we are afraid you will go in coma or get heart attack. Just one sample from shia’s evil book of hadiths “Kaafi”: “Abdullah bin Sabah approached to Ali ibne Talib and said him “O Ali, You are real Allah”.   [Sihae Sitta = six authentic books of hadith] – Sihae is plural of Sahee and Sitta mean six in Arabic.

Please click on following link in order to view following very important Green picture in full screen to magnify the text, or press on Keyboard Crtl and + .

Read our page : Abrogation is the Greatest lie against Glorious Quran

Allah Jalla Aala Says in Quran repeatedly that Hu himself is guarding his Book Quran and no any evil even can touch his Book from any side. We know it is safe in the brains of millions Hafiz of Quran. But Bukhari says Quran is incomplete

Now can a real dedicated Muslim Imam attack Quran as Bukhari has attacked? Never. This is one million Percent proof that Bukhari was not just Non-Muslim but was an enemy of Islam [a disguised Zoroastrian under status of a Muslim Imam]. And all other Persian Mullahs were even worse than Bukhari. But will you not wonder that still majority of blindly-following so called Muslims will be ready to cut your neck if you tell them this truth that we have told you just now.

Allah says that he is protector, preserver and explainer of Quran. Does Allah say that like Quran; Books made by Persians imams are also protected by Allah? NO

Our dear: Truth is that, that when we read their so labled as hadiths [un-sensitized] books fully; it becomes clear that not only they were not Muslims but were in fact THE BIGGEST ENEMY of Islam. They have insulted Allah and Prophet + Prophets countless time in their books. Their hundreds of thousands reports so called hadiths CLEARLY contradict Quran. We can prove in countless ways that these Imams of Persia who fabricated so called hadith books 250~400 years after prophet were ENEMIES of Islam. However just one following point will be more than enough to prove that so called Imam Bokhari was chief of Persian Parsi Criminal Imams and was an enemy of Islam:

If we read Noble Quran, Allah says in Quran at many places that his BOOK Quran is the best hadith, is protected by him from corruption, is preserved in Louhe-Mahfooz & Allah has taken himself responsibility to Protect Quran. Moreover, Allah says, that no any evil can even touch Quran from any side. Due to lack of space, we quote below just one but very strong verse of Quran: Allah says:

“Behold, it is We Ourselves who have bestowed from on high, step by step, this Quran and, behold, it is We who shall truly guard it [from all corruption]” [Quran 15:9]

And also, not just Muslims but even top Non-Muslim scholars through out history has accepted that Quran is not changed, & what Quran we have today in our hands is same Quran that was in the hands of Our Prophet. Note that in all ages, Quran was memorized from cover to cover by many Huffaz. Today there are about 50 million Huffaz in World. Do u not see, how Allah has protected his book? Let assume, we throw all books of this world in Sea. Quran is only the book, that will be right back after a hour. Just bring any one Hafiz and print whole Quran again. So Muslims and non-Muslim Scholars agree that Quran is the purest un-changed scripture in the world.But Mr. Imam Bukhari / ibne Maja tells us opposite and says that Quran is incomplete so is UN-reliable because according to Mr Bukhari “Stoning verse” for Rajam is missing from Quran [AstaghfirAllah]. So in this way he has attacked Quran and Islam in the worst possible way. This proves, he was the biggest enemy of Islam. Now it is up to reader, if he wants to believe what Allah says about the protection of his Book, or Bokhari who says, Quran is incomplete & so UN-reliable. Pls. Note in same way shia talk. Also note that some teachers of Bokhari like Shaykh Fadal bin Wakin were Shia. Bokhari fabricated this hadith so that Muslim should not trust in Book of Allah – clear conspiracy. Shia speak in same tone of Bukhari and say, their 12th fictitious imam Mehdi will bring complete Quran. From here no any doubt is left over that Bukhari was a Pro-shia Zoroastrian.

Now if a brainwashed fanatic is reading this page; he will first of all say, [as this is their normal way]; that this hadith of missing stoning verse is not in Bukhari and we are telling lie. This kind of attitude of Mushrik Hadithers has become a fashion now-a-days But we can find that hadith in book called Sahih Bukhari every where. One of the authentic source is at: [Volume 8, Book 82, Number 816 : Narrated by Ibn ‘Abbas]

Note: In Quran Punishment for married or unmarried Adulterer is 100 stripes. Stoning that Bukhari talked about in fact exists in Jews Books. When in Quran it is clear that Punishment for married or unmarried adulterer is 100 stripes; then how Allah can say , it is stoning to death [Rajam] because it will contradict with the verse that says it is 100 stripes.

Quran 24:2: Male and female [Human] guilty of adultery or fornication,- flog each of them with a hundred stripes: Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day: and let a party of the Believers witness their punishment.

Notice here in verse 24:2, Allah did not make distinction between married or un-married fornicator. So punishment for married or un-married is same.

Now one cannot keep AT THE SAME TIME, a light switch ON and OFF. either it is ON or it is OFF. When Quran clearly says, that punishment for [married or unmarried female or male] an Adulterer is 100 stripes; then stoning to death [Rajam] punishment for an adulterer [married or unmarried female or male] is out of question. This is why, this Jewish punishment of Rajam [Stoning to death] does not exist in Noble Quran.

Quran supersedes past scriptures & is ultimate reference:

Quran [5:48] (O Muhammad) Then we revealed to you this scripture (Quran), truthfully, confirming previous scriptures (not forged ones), and superseding them. You shall rule among them in accordance with GOD’s revelations (Quran), and do not follow their wishes (of Jews & Christians) if they differ from the truth that came to you (which is Quran) ..

Quran is final testament of Allah Jalla Aala to mankind and Quran has clearly superseded the punishment of Rajam [Stoning to death] of Torah [Jewish Book of Moses – Deuteronomy] by 100 stripes.

But Mr Bukhari & so our majority of brainless Mullahs tell us, we should forget Quranic punishment, and should follow the punishment that were given in the corrupted books of Jews. Mr Bukhari copied punishment of Rajam from Book of Jews but declared it as an Hadith & added it in his book labeled by fanatics as Sahih Bukhari. Now please tell us honestly:

Could prophet say an hadith of Rajam that CLEARLY Contradicts Quran? NO NO NO.
It was duty of all prophets to establish laws as per BOOKS of Allah, the BOOKS that were sent to Prophets by Allah [Ref: Quran verse 2:213] & it was not duty of Prophets to invent their own hadith-laws, nor any prophet told his followers to follow other books than BOOKS of Allah. ““A’isha (Allah be pleased with, her) reported that it had been revealed in the Holy Qur’an that ten clear sucklings make the marriage unlawful, then it was abrogated (and substituted) by five sucklings … (Sahih Muslim, Hadith 2634)

There is no any abrogation in Quran & Quran is preserved & protected by Allah but These all Persian criminal Imams were enemy of Islam [disguised Irani Fire-shipper Zoroastrians] who insulted Islam in order to take revenge from Islam beacuse Arabs crushed their Persian Sassanid empire in 636AD to ground Zero. Another Bitter Sabaite Pro-Shia Monafik Imam “Ahmed Bin Hanbal” has spread same evil story too. This is great pity that majority of our Ummma has been brainwashed from past 1150 years from one generation to next generation, and now majority of our Umma [Muslim Nation] considers these Irani hadith Imams as truthful big saints but in fact they were not just Kafirs but were in fact enemy of Arabs, Rasool, Allah, Quran and Islam. And it is very easy to judge them from their evil books PROVIDE THAT, if one reads them fully.

But one may ask why they turned to enemy?
We have already given answer in middle part of this page but we are repeating it again below for you as it is important to know:
Answer is; that in 636 A.D there were two super Powers, one Romans and other Persian Sassanid [Fire-shippers] Parsi Irani Empire. In same one year of 636 AD, Muslims crushed that both superpowers with just gap of 3 months for each, in the time  of Ummar The Great. In the field of Qadsia, about 30000 strong Muslim Army crushed 60000 fully & heavily armed army of Persians. Read detail of this battle at:

After this crushing defeat, Persian empire crumbled and Persians felt deep insult and humiliation for their defeat and started to plan to harm Islam by conspiracies. Detail is given at: and
They claimed they have collected millions of hadiths and after scrutiny they have selected only sahih hadiths, But Persian historian Kasam Zada & others write; that in fact they never collected a single hadith but fabricated them with fabricated chains of narrations during 750-1258 AD when Persians were full incharge of Abbasids Government. So they got more than enough time around 508 years to deface Islam completely and during that 508 years, they fabricated books of hadith and Suuna [that we see today], In fact before 672 AD, Muslims used to have all laws from Quran and they were not aware about the terms of hadith and Sunna until Persian Imams under patronage of Persian-Abbasid Government fabricated them. Their target to make these fabricated books of hadith and sunna were:

1- To break the unity of One Umma [Muslim nation] that was one umma under the roof of one Quran

2- To create sects through conflicting fabricated hadiths in one Umma so that they should be fighting each other always [and that we see from 1150 years].

3- To disable Quran, so that Muslims should forget Quran and read their fabricated hadith books only. As it is happening today. In jahil Muslim societies such as in Pakistan, in fact sects give first position to their evil books of so called Persian hadith and 2nd status to Quran. For example if you tell Muslims of today that Quran forbids sects in Islam in more than 5 verses and declares sect maker as Mushriks and out of Islam; we will get an immediate ready-made answer from that Jahil Muslim that no no, there is sahih hadith that tells there will be 73 sects in islam. Now here explicitly he is telling you to forget what Quran says and follow the fabricated Persian hadiths that they designed in order to validate split of Muslim Umma.

4- So far these Criminal Persian Imams are succeeded in their all evil strategy. We are ~57 countries and our all GDP is less than the GDP of singapore that is a country of mosquito size. We are ~57 countries but crusaders and enemy of Islam are killing us beating us, raping us every where on this planet. Because through hadith fabrications, Muslim umma is split into over 500 sects and in this way we have violated the law of Quran that say ‘be united and you all catch the rope of Allah with strong grip–> be one umma – be united. Allah has made it clear in Sura Ra’ad of Quran that a nation that does not tries to change his condition, Allah also does not change its prevailing condition.QuranPreservedFollowing is very important page: Quran in BOOK form was arranged & assembled under supervision of Prophet

Whole Islamic law is contained in Quran. Quran is THE BEST HADITH of Allah[39:23] & also is only the AUTHENTIC HADITH OF Prophet[69:40-46].

The messenger’s duty is only to convey the Book [5:102; 16:35; 16:82; 24:54; 36:16-17; 14:52 etc.] + [2:213, 5:44]

The Quran is in detail & is made Easy to understand & memorize [6:114; 2:159-160; 10:37; 11:11; 41:1-3; 22:16; 6:38; 12:111; 14:52; 17:89; 75:16-19; 18:54; 20:113; 39:27-28; 54:17; 25:33; 16:89; 54:17; 54:32; 54:40 etc.]

Extra-Quranic Hadiths are an innovation [6:112; 22:52; 17:73-77; 10:15; 16:116; 42:21; 10:69-70; 5:47-49; 7:28; 33:64-68; 6:123; 6:144; 49:16; 39:23; 45:6; 31:6; 52:33-34; 31:20; 6:116; 2:170; 69:38-49;81:15-19; 51:7-11]

Allah in Quran 69:43-47 makes crystal clear that all preserved Wahi sent to Prophet Muhammad PBUH is contained only in Quran. So there is no any preserved Wahi out side the Quran. Therefore, it is clearly proved from verse 69:44, that preserved Wahi is only one type that is contained in Quran [Not of two types matloo or Jali, and ghair matloo or Khafi]. Verse # 69:44 makes it clear as sun on sky that Personal sayings of Prophet are NOT WAHI. Allah in these verses clearly says, that If Prophet Muhammad had mixed his own sayings in Quran, we could have seized him from his right hand & could have cut his life-vein. This also proves that Imam Shafi was among the biggest Mushriks and enemies of Allah who first time in history misguided people by saying that Wahi is of two types, one in Quran [matloo or Jali] and one out side the Quran [ghair matloo or Khafi]. Besides Hadith books fabricated by Persian Imams 250 years after Prophet in the name of Prophet have hundreds of thousands ridiculous errors and contradictions, and we all know that any error or contradiction in Kalam-Allah [Wahi] is IMPOSSIBLE.In al-Dhahabi’s narration, Qurzah is reported to have said, “When people asked me to narrate Hadith, I told them that ‘Umar had prohibited me to do so. Reference: Sunan al-Darimi, 79; Hayat al-Sahabah, III, 257, 258, Jami’ bayan al’ilm, II, 120

It has also been reported that when the Caliph sent Abu Musa al-‘Ash’ari to Iraq, he told him, “Do not engage them in Ahadith. I am your partner in this affair. Reference: Al-Bidayah wa al-Nihayah, VIII, 107; the author says, “This report of ‘Umar is famous.” These Riwayah indicate that an attempt was made to stop the propagation of the Ahadith of the holy Prophet (S) not merely its writing but also its narration in any form and manner

Ibn ‘Asakir has recorded the following statement of Ibrahim ibn ‘Abd al-Rahman. By God, ‘Umar did not die before he summoned the Companions of the holy Prophet (S), such as Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman, Abu al-Darda’, Abu Dharr, ‘Aqabah ibn ‘Amir and . . . He told them, “What are these Ahadith that you have spread all over the horizon?” They said, “Do you stop us from narrating Hadith?”. Reference: Hayat al-Sahabah, III, 272; Kanz a1-‘ummal, V, 239.

According to a Riwayah recorded by al-Tabarani, Ibrahim ibn ‘Abd al-Rahman used to say, “‘Umar summoned ‘Abdallah ibn Mas’ud, Ibn Mas’ud al-‘Ansari and Abu al-Darda’. He told them, “What are these Ahadith that you narrate so extensively from the Prophet (S)?” Then he detained them in Madinah until his own death. Reference: Hayat al-Sahabah, from Majma’ al-Zawa’id, I, 149; al-Tabaqat al-Kubra, V, 239; Tadhkirat al-Huffaz, I, 7; al-Mawdu’at, I, 94; al-Muhaddith al-Fadil, 133 Obviously, these individuals were among the most well-known Companions of the holy Prophet (S). The Ahl al-Sunnah have no doubts about the veracity of such men as Hudhayfah, Abu al-Darda’ and Ibn Mas’ud. ‘Umar himself had so much regard for Ibn Mas’ud that while sending him to Iraq he wrote to the Iraqis, “I have preferred your benefit to my own by sending Ibn Mas’ud to you. Reference: Tadhkirat al-Huffaz, I, 14

“Do not write down anything from me except the holy Quran and those who have written must wipe them out. Reference: Taqyid al-‘ilm P 29-31, Musnad Ahmad vol. 3 P 12, 21, 39, Sunan al-Darimi vol. P 110. The statement is very clear and it does not need any interpretations. It simply prohibits writing down of Hadith. Even those who had written some Hadith down had been made responsible to wipe them out.

Abu Said Khudri: I requested permission from the holy Prophet (S) to write down his Hadiths but he denied me such permission. Reference: Taqyid al-‘ilm P 36. It is narrated from abu Hurayrah who has said, “The holy Prophet (S) came to us when we were writing down Hadith. He asked us, ‘ what is this you are writing?’ We replied, “These are the matters that we have heard from you.” He then said, ‘Do you want a book other than the book of Allah? The nations before you were destroyed only for what they had written along with the book of Allah. Reference: Taqyid al-‘ilm P 34.

Another report is narrated from Zayd Ibn Thabit who when in the presence of Mu’awiyah was asked about a Hadith and was asked to write down that Hadith to which Zayd had said, “The holy Prophet (S) had told us not to write any of his Ahadith. Reference: Taqyid al-‘ilm P 35, ‘Umdat al-Qari vol. 1 P 572, Musnad Ahmad P 182 vol. 5.

Ibn Mas’ud was ordered to destroy all Hadiths that he had written down. Reference: Taqyid al-‘ilm P 39, Sunan al-Darimi vol.1 P 124-125

Umar Ibn al-Khattab on his intention to have Hadith compiled. ‘Umar is reported to have said, “I had intended to write down the texts of the Sunnah of the holy Prophet (S). But then it occurred to me that people in the past wrote certain books and due to their relying heavily on such books, they abandoned the Divine Scriptures. By God, I will not allow anything to cover (obscure) the Book of God”. Reference: Jami’ Bayan al-‘ilm, I, 57, cites this Riwayah through several chains (turuq); see also Taqyid al-‘ilm, 49-51. One of the Greatest Researcher and Muslim Sage of his time, Rashid Rida writes: Firstly, the Sahabah, Companions of the holy Prophet (S) narrated the Ahadith prohibiting writing even after the Prophet (S). Secondly, the Companions did not write The Ahadith; for had they done so, their compilations would have reached us”. Reference : Bihar al-Anwar, II, 152; Jami’ bayan al-‘ilm, II, 34.

Aishah is reported to have said, “My father had collected 500 Hadith of the Prophet (S). One morning he came to me and said, ‘Bring the Ahadith that are with you.’ I brought them to him. He burnt them all and said, “I am afraid, should I die leaving these with you.” It is reported on the authority of al-Zuhri that ‘Umar wanted to write the Prophet’s Sunan. He thought about it for a month, seeking guidance from God in this regard. One morning he made a decision and declared, “I recalled the peoples who lived before you. They wrote certain things and were attracted to such writings so much so that they abandoned the Book of God.” Reference: Al-Tabaqat al-Kubra, III, 287; ‘Abd al-Razzaq’s al-Musannaf, XI 257; Taqyid al-ilm, 49; Tatrikh al-Khulafa 138. Abd al-‘Ala’ says, “Qasim Ibn Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr used to dictate Hadith to me. He said, ‘The amount of Ahadith had increased during the days of ‘Umar. So he ordered that Hadith be collected. When this was done he set them on fire and declared, “No Mishnas like the Mishnas of the followers of the Bible. Reference: Al-Tabaqat al-Kubra, V, 188. Note: Mishna is one of the books of the Jews besides their Scripture, the Torah. ‘Umar Ibn al-Khattab compared it to the Hadith of the Prophet (S) which he did not want to exist alongside of the Book of God.

Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn abi-Bakr would ask ‘Abdallah ibn al-‘Ala’ not to write Hadith. Reference: Al-Tabaqat al-Kubra, V, 188.

Sufyan reports that when ‘Amr ibn Dinar was told that he wrote ‘Amr’s Ahadith, ‘Amr stood up and said, “Whoever writes should leave my place.” Sufyan says that thereafter he did not write anything that he heard from Amr. Reference: Ibid, V, 480; Tadhkirat al-Huffaz, I, 113.

Malik ibn Anas reports that when Ibn Musayyab died he did not leave behind any book. The same was true of Qasim ibn Muhammad, ‘Urwah ibn al-Zubayr and Ibn Shihab al-Zuhri. Reference: Tadhkirat al-Huffaz., I, 111 QURAN IS THE BEST HADITH OF ALLAH [39:23] & also ONLY THE authentic hadith of Prophet [69:40-46]. So when you follow Quran, its mean you are following both, Allah and Prophet

Maulana Aslam Jairajpuri (1882-1955) – A distinguished scholar of his time and professor of Arabic and Persian at Aligarh University and Jamia Millia Islamia University said:

“When Allah showed me the facts of Qur’an at that point I came to know the position of hadith in Qur’an, which is history of Islam. To consider the hadith as Islam is not correct. If they were in Islam, then prophet Muhammad PBUH would also have left a written manuscript of these, like he did in case of Qur’an. For Islam, Qur’an is enough which is a complete book and in which Islam has been finalized.” These are comments of one Member of Team Factszz which he posted under one video of a Mushrik Sunni Infidel who was claiming that Quran and Sunnah/Hadiths are same thing: Comments start: This is the Ready-Made Copy-Paste Lie which you Sunni and Shia Mushriks have been posting from 1200 years but it has no any rational base; not at all. Truth is: Quran is protected by God 15:9, 17:88, 41:42 but no any verse of Quran tells that those Six Books of Sunni Sect Sihahi-Sitta which will be forged 250 years after the death of Prophet, are also protected by God. Have you ever read those fabricated hadith books fully? You never because 99% Shia and Sunni Mushriks neither understand whole Quran in their whole life nor even they read their highly blasphemous Forged hadith books fully which badly insult great man 68:4 Mohammad, and attack Quran repeatedly.

Even your own so called hadith Books tell in over 50 reports that in the life of Prophet, Quran as written Book was present. For tons of references, read our page about Compilation of Quran. Your Zoroastrian Uncle Bukhari even writes in his book Bukhari that Rasool left behind nothing except written Book of Quran. Your book Muwatta of Malik, Bukhari, and all other Books write that Prophet forbade Muslims to carry Quran to the lands of Enemy. Can you Sunni Mushrik carry a Book from one place to other place which does not exist in Physical form? Your Books also show that when Prophet appointed Governor of Yemen, he advised him NOT TO TOUCH QURAN unless you are clean, and same is said by God in Quran: Do not Touch Quran unless you are clean. Now point is: Can you Sunni-Mushrik touch a Book which does not exist Physically?

On the Contrary, Six Sunni Hadith Books Sihae Sitta and four Books of Shia were Fabricated by those Persian Imams who had DEFEATED Zoroastrian Ancestry 250-600 years after the death of Prophet, and these books are books of fairytales and blasphemous stories.

If Hadith and Sunnah were part of Islam; then Prophet was supposed to leave behind also manuscript of Hadith and Sunnah for you Shia and Sunni Mushriks along with Quran. But did he? NO

If Hadith and Sunnah were part of Islam; then Four Caliphs were supposed to leave behind also manuscript of Hadith and Sunnah for you Shia and Sunni Mushriks along with Quran. But did he? NO*

If Hadith and Sunnah were part of Islam; then Companions (Sahaaba) of Prophet were supposed to leave behind also manuscript of Hadith and Sunnah for you Shia and Sunni Mushriks along with Quran. But did he? NO.

Your own Imam Al-Ghazali writes in Ihya-al-Aloom that No one wrote extra-Quranic Books of Hadith, Sunnah Tafsirs etc. during the life of Prophet, 4 caliph and during life of all Companion. Al-Ghazali also writes that Sahaaba HATED (Karha) to write hadiths. Your own Books show that Prophet forbade to writes his hadith but allowed Quran only, and Caliph Umar RA collected all scattered notes of hadiths from Muslims and burned those all hadiths in open Field and said these hadiths are Like Jewish Talmud. Even it is written in your own Book a report which Dhahabi has graded authentic that Caliph Umar RA placed three Sahaaba (companions of Rasool) under house arrest FOR LIFE for hadith-Mongering. Caliph Umar banned all hadiths and refused to write Sunnah of Prophet and said: By Allah, in Islam, I will not permit any other Book beside Book of Allah Azza wa Jal. That all shows that Hadith and Sunnah were ILLEGAL in Islam and are illegal even today.

This all shows that Hadith and Sunnah are not part of Deen Islam but these Hadith and Sunnah are Bid’a (Innovations) of Mushrik Shia and Mushrik Sunni Sects.

Even in whole Quran, nowhere TERM “Sunnah of Rasool” appears. Then where did you Sunni and Shia bring that term from? Did Rasool, 4 caliphs and any Sahaabi leave behind for you Sunni and Shia any manuscript of Hadith and Sunnah? NO. Then where did you Sunni and Shia bring that term from? In Quran, we see only two types of Sunnah; Sunnah of Allah Azza wa Jal, and Sunnah of bad people of past

Truth is: You Sunni and Shia are not followers of Prophet Mohammad (who followed only Quran 6:19, 6:114, 10:15, 25:30) but you Sunni and Shia Mushriks are INDEED followers of Iblees Rajeem who has sent you astray 38:82-83 and who will abandon you on the day of Judgment 14:22

Quran does talk about Oswat-Hasana of Rasool but did Rasool, 4 Caliphs and all Sahaaba leave behind for you any manuscript of Oswat-Hasana of Rasool? No. But why did they not?

Its answer is: they were NOT in need of leaving behind any extra-Quranic manuscript of Oswat-Hasana because authentic Oswat-Hasana of Rasool is well incorporated in ethical codes of Quran. This is why, we read in over 30 books of even you, that Aisha RA said: “The Quran is Akhlaaq of Rasool-Allah”
القرآن فإن خلق رسول الله
Quran makes very clear in these verses that Duty assigned to Rasool by God, was NO MORE THAN to deliver Quran clearly to people. This is why: Rasool left behind no any written manuscript except Quran. These verses make Clear that Rasool was mere An Agency of God 39:41, 6:107, 29:18, 5:92, 5:99, 3:20, 24:54, 42:6, 42:48, 64:12, 16:64, 2:213, 39:41, 18:110, 28:56, 72:21, 2:272, 27:92, 50:45. 12:111, 16:89, 17:12, 6:114, 10:15, 6:19, 13:40, 3:80, 75:19.

Therefore; meaning of “obey Allah an Rasool” is nothing else but to obey laws and codes of that Divine Book which God delivered to we people through his Rasool, and name of that Book is Quran only 6:19, 10:15, 6:114, 16:116 but in order to validate your fabricated hadiths and Sunnah, your Oldi Infidel Sunni Imams have also invented Big lies of two kinds of Wahi, and Lie of Abrogation against Quran. Without any doubt, Iblees is Murshid of you Shia and Sunni Mushriks 38:82-83,14:22.Six companions who disapproved of the recording of the hadiths of the Prophet, they are: Abu Said al Khudri, Abdullah ibn Masud, Abu Musa al Ashari, Abu Huraira (This indicates, that thousands hadiths has been forged in the name of Abu Hurairah), Abdullah ibn Abbas, Abdullah ibn Umar. Reference: [Baghdahi, Taqyid, 36-44]

And followers were successors of above-mentioned persoanlities that forbade to record any hadith. Al-Amash, Abidah, Abu al-Aliyah, Amr ibn Dinar, Ibrahim al-Nakhai, Abu Idris, Mansur, Muhammah ibn Sirin, Mughirah, Al Qasim ibn Muhammad,UbaidAllah ibn Abdullah.  Reference: [Baghdadi, Taqyid, 45-48]

Reference: Al-Ashari, Ibn masud and Ibn Awn were against the writings of hadith besides the name of Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab, who consulted the companions over the recording of hadith officially and after their full support he disapproved of it. References: [Baghdadi, Taqyid, 49-57] 

Imam Shafi’i; Among the Top most criminals of Islam

Imam Naafe’ said, “Imam Shafi’i committed the most grievous crime, calling Hadith as another form of revelation. He equated Hadith with Wahi” (Reference: Tahqiq-al-Madahib).

When we see list of Criminals of Islam who harmed Islam in 1400 years under the labels of Imam or Fiqih or hadiths compiler [Mohaddith] or Scholar; we find name of Imam Shafi at the top of list. No one has done more harm to Islam than this disciple of Iblees. He was the first who with the support of Pro-Persian Government of Abbasids, equated gossip & hearsay of general public and monaafiks [labeled as hadith and sunna] with Wahi of Noble Quran & diverted majority of Jaahil Mullahs & their brainless blindly-following fanatic pets from the path of Rehman toward path of Shatan Iblees, the path of Kufar and shirk. Evil work of this Shatan later lead to the biggest attack on Noble Quran called “Doctrine of Abrogation” that opened big door to declare any verse of Quran ABROGATED to which fabricated hadiths contradict. Please read in detail our note in this page about the Lie of Abrogation.

Despite Quran makes clear in 69:40-47 that Personal sayings of Prophet were not wahi. Besides, Prophet & 4 guided Caliphs strictly forbad writing of even the real sayings of Prophet. Abu Bakar, Umar Khattab, Ali ibne Abu Talib burned even al the real written sayings of prophet where ever they found so that Umma should follow only the BOOK that was given to Prophet by Allah. References are given at the beginning of this page.

When we see limitless height of his crime; then for sure this disciple of Iblees will be burning in Hell if Ghafoor-ur-Raheem had not pardoned this Shatan. Quran explains itself & Quran is absolutely not in need of the CRAP that Imams, Scholars, Mullahs, Muftis, and retarded Faqihs like Shatan Shafi has written. For the sake of argument, even if we say that Shafi has also done some good works; but even if he has done some works, his Crime discussed above is so lofty that it offsets his all other good works if he did any. He defaced the foundations of Islam

“Imam Shafi’i and Imam Malik were sodomites and catamites”  [Said by “Maulana” Yousuf Islahi of DEOBAND],

According to Allama Khatib Baghdadi, ‘Imam’ Malik and ‘Imam’ Shafi’i used to have unnatural (rectal intercourse) relationship with their wives quoting, “Your wives are your tilths.”(Gharaib Fil Tahqiq-al-Madahib).

Abu Hanifa said, “Be the curse of Allah on those who call themselves Imams; Imam Malik, Shafii and Jafar Saadiq were deceitful liars and sodomites.(Ref: Tahqiq-al-Madahib)

When Quran says “Your wives are your tilths” [Agriculture: the act or process of tilling land]; that never mean to do rectal intercourse with wives because Nation of Prophet Lut (Loot) was destroyed as they used to do rectal intercourse. Then how Quran can allow rectal intercourse with wives and forbids with boys? If Evildoers of Nation of Lut had to do rectal intercourse with women too then Prophet Lut was not in need of to advise evildoers that you marry daughters of nation instead of committing that evil act. “Your wives are your tilths” mean simply that husband can do intercourse with wife in any shape/style, up down, left, right etc. but intercourse will be in that part of woman from where child takes birth. When land is cultivated, it gives you crops and when wife is cultivated properly by husband, it too gives you crops=Children. How will one get that crop if he does rectal intercourse? In Quran matters are crystal clear and a person with basic common sense can know the truth of Quran but why then so simple truth was not understood by sodomites Shafi and Malik? Answer is, that either both of them were big Jaahils or were hypocrites/Monaafiks. At least one charge is true. Big truth is, that vast majority of these Imams and Mullahs of past were much more ignorant and jaahil than even the evil Mullahs of today but Jaahil fanatics has habit to idolize majority of oldies even if that majority of oldies were disciples of Iblees and this disease is well rooted in the blood of followers of one sect called Salfi. Moreover, just note also name of Imam Malik above too. How one can trust his book “Mowatta” when his author was a filthy sodomite? Like Hadith books of Persian Zoroastrian Imams, Small Book of Malik is also full of fabricated lies. In this page, we have also told that Umar Khattab and Aisha RA declared Abu Huraira a beggar, fraud and a thief. But this thief is THE BIGGEST CONTIBUTER of Hadith Books that were forged by Persian imams. So how one sensible person will believe on the narrations of a thief? Just use common sense. It is very simple to understand the truth.

“Imam Shafi’I, being a great forger, is totally unreliable”. (Reference: Imam Yahya Bin Moin in Jama’ Bayanul ‘Ilm)
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FraudMachineofShafiFollowing is very important page that must be read by all Muslims and all Christians, Theologians, and historians.

Two Paul: First-one sent all Christians astray, & 2nd-one sent majority of Muslims astray:

Now please read below what Allah says in Quran about Quran and Prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon him]

In verse 10:15, Allah says “When Our Messages are conveyed to them in all clarity, those who hope not that they are destined to meet with Us, (want to strike a deal with the Messenger). They say, “Bring us a Qur’an other than this or make some changes in it.” Say (O Prophet), “It is not conceivable that I would alter it myself. I only follow what is revealed to me. I cannot disobey my Lord, for I fear the retribution of a Mighty Day.”

(Note: It is crystal Clear from this verse 10:15 again that when Allah/Quran talks about Wahi (Revelations), it is wahi of Quran only. Also read 69:40-47 & 72:1 & also read Sura Abasa to reconfirm this point. So It is very clear that Imam Shafi was the biggest Criminal of Islam who first time equated Quranic Wahi with so called Hadiths–> Hearsay & Gossip of hypocrites and general public & Persian Zoroastrian Imams)

ObeyingMessengerHow to Obey Prophet after his death? Very Important Page:

Allah has taken the responsibility to explain it {the Quran} (75:19).

Allah says He has revealed the Quran and He will protect it (15:9).

Allah’s revelation to the Prophet (PBUH) is written in the Quran (6:19). There is no verse in the Quran which says that Allah’s revelation to the Prophet (PBUH) is outside the Quran.

 Say, “I am not different from other messengers. I have no idea what will happen to me or to you. I only follow what is revealed [Wahi of Quran] to me. I am no more than a plain warner.” (46:9)

[O Prophet] Whether we show you what we promise them, or terminate your life before that, your sole mission is to deliver (the Message of Quran). It is us who will call them to account. (13:40)

O Prophet, Say: . I but follow what Wahi is revealed to me (Wahi of Quran) .. Please refer to verses:  6:50 & 7:203, 46:9. 10:15, 10:109, 13:130, 18:110, 20:114, 75:16, 21:108, 29:45, 38:29, 38:70, 39:27, 39:55, 39:65, 41:6, 42:7, 42:52, 72:1

The Prophet (PBUH) was asked to obey the revelation sent down on him (10:109). He was asked to follow the Quran (75:18).

(O Prophet) Verily, you cannot guide aright everyone you love, but it is Allah Who guides him who wishes to be guided. And He is best Aware of those who will be rightly guided. [28:56] Also read (2:272), (4:88), (10:99-100)

Know, then, that Sublimely Exalted is Allah, the Ultimate Sovereign, the Ultimate Truth. (O Prophet) Hasten not in the learning and implementation of the Message of the Qur’an before a particular revelation to you is completed. These Messages given to you shall be established in stages, but always say, “My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.” (75:16).

Allah required the Prophet (PBUH) to follow the blessed Book sent down on him (6:155).

The Prophet (PBUH) used to judge matters according to the revelation sent down on him (5:48).

Those who do not judge matters according to what Allah has revealed (Quran) are Kaafirs (Quran 5:44).

The Quran encompasses the message of earlier revelations (5:48). So, the truth of earlier revelations is now contained in the Quran.

Allah has called the Quran “Tibyaanan li Kulli Shaiyin” (16:89)”. This means it explains everything.

The Prophet (PBUH) was required to solve all human differences through the Quran (16:64).
The Prophet (PBUH) was required to admonish & remind people through the Quran (50:45).Quran_16_89.png“For, one Day, We shall raise from every community a leading witness against them from among themselves. And We shall call you (O Prophet) to testify regarding those whom your Message has reached. The Book We have revealed to you explains everything; a Guide and Grace and the glad tiding for Muslims. Quran 16:89Below are some fabricated Hadiths of Persian Zoroastrian Imams that insult & degrade woman. That lies were forged 250-400 years after the death of last Prophet; and at the beginning of each lie Persian Zoroastrian Imams attached “Qaala Rasool-Allah” mean “Prophet Said” & labeled that forged lies as Hadith of Prophet. Hadith Matans were forged and chains of narrations were forged too skillfully> but to know big truth, do not forget to read following great Islamic page. True history of #Hadith. A MUST reading for all Muslims; & Non-Muslims who R interested in Theology.

Please read full sermon of 2nd-last Prophet of Islam Prophet Isa /Jesus PBUH about woman at our page at:

Allah’s Apostle said, “If at all there is bad omen, it is in the horse, the woman, and the house.” (Sahih, Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 32). Note: Quran respects lady more than man.The Prophet said, “After me I have not left any affliction more harmful to men than women.” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 33)  – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89

Allah’s Apostle said, “The woman is like a rib; if you try to straighten her, she will break. So if you want to get benefit from her, do so while she still has some crookedness.” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 113) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89. These Zoroastrian took these stories from corrupted bibles.

The Prophet said, “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should not hurt (trouble) his neighbor. And I advise you to take care of the women, for they are created from a rib and the most crooked portion of the rib is its upper part; if you try to straighten it, it will break, and if you leave it, it will remain crooked, so I urge you to take care of the women.” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 114).  A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89. These Zoroastrian took these stories from corrupted bibles.

The Prophet said, “A woman should not fast (optional fasts) except with her husband’s permission if he is at home (staying with her).” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 120) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89.What is difference between a Muslim & a Mohammedan? Great Read