tumblr_static_bismillah-thuluth[1]Quran2_42SmImportant_CalloutSome Nonsensical Questions raised by Mushrik

Hadithers in order to ridicule Book of Allah

In order to follow forged hadith books of Persian Zoroastrian Imams; Mushrik hadithers and Mullahs has made-up many satanic Questions in order to prove that Quran is incomplete, so this is why they consult so called fake hadith books. In fact when these Mushriks say so, at the spot they become Kaafirs? Why? How? Because in this ways they deny Allah & his verses in which Allah says “His Book is complete and fully detailed & his book explains every thing [required in Islam] 16:89: These Criminal Mushrik Hadithers have fabricated some following Question:

Queation 01:

We see 5 daily Namaz rituals in fake Hadith books; show us where are five Namaz rituals in Quran?

Answer 01:

Namaz_Forgery3In order to read full discussion; how that Zoroastrian 5 Namaz Rituals were blended in Islam in 8the Century; please visit our following page:

Question 02: Mad-Mushrik hadithers use different tactics to prove that Quran is incomplete, whether Allah says, His book is complete and fully detailed. So they also ask, show us detail of doing Hajj in Quran?

Answer 02:
Only Islamic is that Quran says about Hajj and that is enough. Any rites of hajj or Rituals that have no roots in Quran are un-islamic and has been taken from old pagan Arab customs and from Zoroastrians by Criminal Hadithers during 750-1258 AD when Islamic empire was hijacked by Persian Zoroastrians.
Islam is DEEN [Divine system] and Islam is not religion. Quran is Book of Divine sociology & Justice and not the Book of rituals and theocracy [Mullah-ism and priest-hood]. No any religion on the face of planet is Divine. All religions are forged by Mullahs and priests. DEEN of Islam/Quran tells to do betterment of humans [refer to verse 2:177] help a needy poor unemployed sick who is under bondage or debt disabled+++ …. the meaning of “Sallaat and Zakat” is “Administration and fiscal management” of Islamic state. Quran tells that Masjad ul Haraam is UNO UNITED Nations of all people on earth. They should gather there to discuss the issues. Slaughter of camel cattle on Eid-Adha on this planet is also un-islamic [A culture] EXCEPT in Mecca for Haji people. That sacrifice is limited to Mecca. Quran never says to slaughter billion animals on whole planet on Hajj. Quran also says that Allah is not in need of flesh and blood that is made up from sacrifice of Camel Cattle. To throw stones on imaginary Satan in Hajj is old rite of Pagan Arabs & is non-existent in Quran. Be specific to what is given in Quran about Hajj. Quranic Hajj is very simple rite, So do not convert simple Islamic rite into a complex un-Islamic “Ritual” by using fabricated hadith-crap. Read, Rite of Hajj according to Quran at:


Question 03: In order to prove that Quran is incomplete BOOK of Allah, Mushrik hadither asks; Where is Kalama [Shahda: La Ilaha iLL-Allah Muhammad Rasool Allah” in Quran?

Answer 03
“La Ilaha Ill-Allah” is actual Kalama of Islam tht was also Kalma of All Prophets. That was also Kalma of Idrees, Noah, Jacob, Younas, Shoaib, Eisa/Jesus Moses and Muhammad [PBUT] & all Prophets. Though Mohammad Rasool Allah also exists in Quran but also exists in Quran Noah Rasool Allah, Eisa Rasool Allah, Moses Rasool Allah. Quran says, who make difference among prophets is a KAFIR. So if one person says Muhammad Rasool Allah, he should say same for all Prophets of Allah too.
History tells, when a Christian used to convert to Islam, He was told to recite, La ILaha ILL-Allah, and Mohammad Rasool Allah and Eisa Rasool Allah and AbdAllah. Because Before conversion, Christians used not to believe in Prophet Muhammad as Rasool and used to believe that Eisa PBUH is son of GOD. This is why Convert was told that along with actual “UNIVERSAL” Islamic Shahaada “La Ilaha ILL-Allah”, also provide witness that Muhammad is Rasool Allah and Eisa is not son of GOD but his Man and Rasool. So the part of “Muhammad Rasool Allah” was used for conversions. Otherwise if one says Muhammad Rasool Allah, he must also say the same for all Rasools of Allah. This is the truth but Mushrik Hadither make mountain from an atom just to ridicule book of Allah & justify fake hadith books.
COMPLETE SHAHAADA FOR TO BE A MUSLIM: As per Quran any one who believes in Five; Allah, His Angels, All Prophets up to Last Prophet, His all Books (scriptures in their original form – not the corrupted ones like bibles) and Day of judgment, he/she is Muslims. Quran also says that If a person miss to believe in even one from these five is gone astray. All TRUE followers of all Prophets used to believe in these FIVE, so they all were Muslims. Quran tells us that all true followers of all prophets including Moses and Jesus used to call themselves MUSLIMS http://is.gd/boLDxm . The term Christian was not invented by Jesus but by Paul and priests. Following is criteria of a Muslim that is in Quran but Criminal Zoroastrian Imams has forged their own fake criteria that Mushrik Hadithers follow. These brainless Mushrik Hadithers follow fake books but do not follow what Quran says. With out the case of conversion, if you chant always “Mohammad-Rasool-Allah” then you are violating Quranic verses that say: Do not make difference among Prophets. For a Muslim, rank of Prophet Mohammad must be same as of all other Prophets of Islam such as Noah Moses Jesus etc.

Besides; if any one, even after saying “La ILaha Ill-Allah” and Muhammad Rasool Allah; still does not believe in all the Fives is not a Muslim. Quran says such a person “Gone astray”ActualShahadaQuestion: 04: In order to prove that Quran is incomplete, brainless Mushrik Hadithers also ask, Show us where is detail of Badar and Uhad Battle and name of Dad of Prophet in Quran? [Thanks to Allah that so far these dumb fools has not asked where is map of USA in Quran]

Answer: 04:
Quran is not Book of history. It is not Fard (Mandatory) in Islam that one should essentially know the full detail of battle of Badar and Uhad. Quran tells us what is right way to follow. One can see these info of battles in history books but one cannot make sharia laws from history books and one cannot build his faith on history books. If “How to make Ice cream” is not given in Quran then its mean to make ice cream is not Fard mandatory in Islam. It is optional. In same way, any thing that is ignored in Quran like 5 Namaz Rituals then it is not mandatory in Islam, but Salat is mandatory and Salat has no any relation with 5 Daily Rituals that Zoroastrians blended in Islam in 8th Century in the time of Caliph Harun Rashid through forgery of Hadith of Miraaj. To read detail, visit link at is given under Question No.1StandaloneCompleteQuranQuestion 05:
In order to prove that Quran is incomplete BOOK, Hadithers asks; Hadith books tells us to drink water with right hand and wear first shoe on right foot. Show us where is this in Quran?

Answer 05:
In order not to usurp fundamental freedom of Humans, Quran does not act as a dictator. Quran leaves it up to you with which hand you drink and on which foot u wear shoe first.

Question 06:
Show us where is 2.5% Zakat in Quran?

Answer 06:
It is matter of common sense to realize that if Allah can mention very complex fractional math in Quranic verses of inheritance, then what was difficult for Allah to mention 2.5%, or detail of 5 Ritual, their units, what to read in Qayaam & in Tashad in Sajda, Mehdi Dajjal etc?
2.5 % is un-Islamic, 5 Rituals are un-islamic, Mahdi and Dajjal are fables reinforced by hundreds of fake hadiths. Read full detail/discussion at:

Question 07:
Mushrik Hadithers also spread big lie by asking, Quran and Hadith has same source, then how can you believe in Quran and not in forged Books of Hadith?

Answer 07:
Quran and Persian’s forged hadiths do not have same source nor time. Full Quran in Book form in ring binder was present in the time of Prophet. Persian forged hadiths 250-400 years after the death of prophet in order to harm Islam and to discredit Quran and to split one united Umma into countless sects. Persian Imams also forged the story of compilation of Quran some time by Abu Bakkar some time by Uthman etc some time by Hafsa. Read discussion about “Compilation of Quran” at:


Quran came through Wahi and there were Scribes Kaatibs Wahi [refer to above-given link] who wrote, arranged and assembled complete Quran in book form under supervision of Prophet. Quranic Wahi is protected by GOD itself 15:9. Therefore; Kaafir Hadithers must keep their ugly fingers down from Quran, and must keep their filthy mouths shut about Quran in the matter of its preservation. They must not equate BOOK of Allah with Persian Crap that was forged 250-400 years after the death of Prophet through method of Chinese-Whisper such as,  A told B told C told D told E… and all  gossip, hearsay, lies and nonsense.
On the contrary, It was forbidden to write even real hadith of Prophet by Prophet & in the times of 4 Guided Caliphs.[a link for proof is given at the beginning of this page]. It was Persians Parsi Imams who forged hadith books 250-400 years later by fabricating chain of narrations when no any past written record for such hadiths was present. One of the most recognized Persian historian writes, that “these hadiths Imams disguised Zoroastrian Imams did not collect even a single true hadith of prophet but forged them all from scratch because our Persian’s target was to harm Islam/Quran and Arabs in order to take revenge from Islam for our defeat in the hands of Arabs in Qadsia”. For Proof, please read following page:

True History of Hadiths:


Question 08:
Mushrik Hadithers also say, that there are two kinds of Wahi, one is Quran and other is Hadith? This is a crude lie.

Answer 08:
Allah in Quran 69:43-47 makes crystal clear that all preserved Wahi sent to Prophet Muhammad PBUH is contained only in Quran. So there is no any preserved Wahi out side the Quran. Therefore, it is clearly proved from verse 69:44, that preserved Wahi is only one type that is contained in Quran [Not of two types matloo or Jali, and ghair matloo or Khafi]. Verse # 69:44 makes it clear as sun on sky that Personal sayings of Prophet are NOT WAHI. Allah in these verses clearly says, that If Prophet Muhammad had mixed his own sayings in Quran, we could have seized him from his right hand & could have cut his life-vein. This also proves that Imam Shafi (a disguised Shia] was among the biggest Mushriks and enemies of Allah who first time in history misguided blindly following sheeple people by saying that Wahi is of two types, one in Quran [matloo or Jali] and one out side the Quran [ghair matloo or Khafi]. Besides Hadith books fabricated by Persian Imams 250-400 years after Prophet in the name of Prophet have hundreds of thousands ridiculous errors and contradictions like in corrupted bibles, and we all know that any error or contradiction in Kalam-Allah [Wahi] is IMPOSSIBLE. 6:114. 6:19. 10:15

NOBLE QURAN IS THE BEST HADITH OF ALLAH [39:23] & also ONLY THE authentic hadith of Prophet [69:40-46]. So when you follow Quran, its mean you are following both, Allah and Prophet

Maulana Aslam Jairajpuri (1882-1955) – A distinguished scholar of his time and professor of Arabic and Persian at Aligarh University and Jamia Millia Islamia University said:

“When Allah showed me the facts of Qur’an at that point I came to know the position of hadith in Qur’an, which is history of Islam. To consider the hadith as Islam is not correct. If they were in Islam, then prophet Muhammad PBUH would also have left a written manuscript of these, like he did in case of Qur’an. For Islam, Qur’an is enough which is a complete book and in which Islam has been finalized.”FraudMachineofShafiQuestion 09:How Majority of Muslims can go astray for such a long period of 1200 years?MajorityAndTruthNonSenseOFmainStreamRAnswer 09: Can any Hadither answer us; why the biggest religious group “Christians” has gone astray from 2000 years? They say: Jesus is son of GOD despite they have produced millions of Ph.D theologians in past 2000 yrs. If Satan can send all blindly following Christians astray from 2000 years; then why same Satan cannot send majority of Jaahil blindly-following Muslims astray too from 1200 years? Is Satan enemy of Christians, and friend of we Muslims; so he will ignore us? No. Allah has laws in his books and who do not follow that laws, regardless he is Jew or Muslim or Christians; he will be sent Astray by Satan. In Quran, there is dialogue of Satan with GOD, in  which Satan said:

Quran38_82_83.2png1So if you are not True Servant of GOD and you place man-manufactured books beside BOOK of GOD; Satan will for sure send you astray and that what is happened with all Christians and majority of Muslims.

PieMMIslam_FlowChart1Sect formationBiggestTextPicQuestion 10: In Quran is; obey Allah and his Rasool; so why we should not follow Hadiths & Sunna too along with Quran?

Answer 10: When Prophet passed away, he left behind only written Quran and no any hadith and Sunna. Books of hadith and Sunna were forged by Persian Pseudo Imams 250-400 years after Prophet with fake Matans, fake Chains and fake science of hadith; which were neither written down under supervision of Prophet nor were certified by Prophet. Obeying the messenger is in upholding Quran, the whole Quran, and nothing but Quran:

  • Quran is the best Hadith of  Allah 39:23
  • Quran is also only Authentic hadith of Prophet 69:40

Sunna of Prophet is nothing but replica of moral and ethical codes of Quran. If you follow that codes; then you are following Sunna of Prophet.Important_ArrowPlease read following very important page fully: How to Obey Prophet after his death?

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/obeying-the-messenger-is-in-upholding-quran-the-whole-quran-and-nothing-but-quran/True_Sharia_LawQuran28_56GreenStarBigRead also our following pages:

True history of Hadith. A MUST reading for all Muslims; & Non-Muslims who R interested in Theology.

Some Hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death – Your enlightenment is guaranteed

Question 11: Sunni Kuffaar say: Many verses of Quran are abrogated.

Answer 11: No any verse of Quran is abrogated. You Kuffaar has been sent astray by Iblees Shafi from 1200 years; like Christians were sent astray by Paul.  Please read our following pages on this subject at:

Abrogation > Big lie against Quran

How Imam Shafi (Paul of Islam) derailed Muslim-Majority 1200 yrs ago?
AbrogationTheGreatestLie2Question 12: In order to show that Book of Allah is not complete; Jaahil Hadither usually ask: Show us method of Ablution/Wadhu in Quran?

Answer 12: These Criminal Kuffaaar Hadithers has waged war against complete and fully detailed Book of Allah from 1200 years under patronage of Apostate Abbasid Caliphs and King of all evild Satan Imam Shafi’i. These hadithers run after fabricated hadiths but neither read; nor understand Quran fully in theie whole lives. Fabricated hadiths give you different versions of mutually conflicting methods of Ablution but Noble Quran gives you only one very solid & compact method of Ablution and Ghussal (bath) in verse 5:6. So that before starting a meeting in Mosque, every one should have ablution. Majid before year 672 A.D was never ritual center but was a Muslim community center where problems of people were discussed and solved under laws of Noble Quran especially on Friday. This is why reader will not find any unit of Friday rituals in Quran.

Question 13: Ignorant Hadithers usually ask: Show us Fasting in Quran? Quran2_183_FastingAnswer 13: Fasting is very clear in Quran from DAWN to DUSK. That’s it (Note: When a big factory building was collapsed in Bangladesh; over 1000 people died and one old woman was rescued from debris after 15 days and she was still alive. So we sure you Fasting will not kill you. It is Creator’s order; so obey it). Please read, what Quran says about Fasting at:


Question 14: Infidels usually seek any discord to blame Quran and also they say at many forums, that God of Quran does not know Math and inheritance shares does not add up to 1.00. Kuffaar hadithers also share this attack on Quran in order to validate their Satanic innovations of Hadith and Sunna. But truth is as under:

Answer 14: The inheritance law of Quran is another big miracle and it is complete and detailed and if all fractions of inheritance are added together, answer is always 1.00 . Read fully at http://bit.ly/1glkqM8

WaragainstAllahQuestion 15: Quran makes repeatedly clear that all Messengers of GOD were NO MORE THAN Divine-Postmen (Russal/Rasools) of Allah. Their duty was to deliver BOOKS of Allah Clearly to people and go. It is duty of a postman to deliver you a letter and not to explain you what is written in letter. But Hadithers ignore whole Quran and propound verse 16:44 & twist its meaning and falsely claim that verse 16:44 says to Prophet to explain Quran to people; so in this way they validate Satanic innovations of Hadith and Sunna which were fabricated 250-400 years after the death of beloved Last Prophet.

Answer 15: Quran in many verses makes clear that duty of messengers was ONLY AND ONLY deliver Books of Allah and it was not their duty to explain it because Quran explains itself fully. Read how at: http://is.gd/ZBElOU  . Hadithers even twist meaning of verse 16:44. In fact verse 16:44 says only to DELIVER QURAN Clearly:

  • Quran 16:44 (Asad) “and they will tell you that their prophets, too, were but mortal men whom We had endowed with all evidence of the truth and with books of divine wisdom. And upon thee [too] have We bestowed from on high this reminder, so that thou might make clear unto mankind all that has ever been thus bestowed upon them, and that they might take thought.” —– because there is no contradiction in Quran, so let we see what some other verses of Quran say on this subject:
  • The sole duty of the messenger is to deliver the message, and GOD knows everything you declare and everything you conceal. [Quran 5:99]
  • Allah says about Quran: “It is for Us to collect, compose and arrange it and to promulgate it:” [75:17]
    Quran 72:21 Say:(O Prophet): “I am not given the power to inflict any evil on you, neither I am given the authority to guide you.”
  • If you deny the Message, then nations have denied before you . The only duty a Messenger has is to deliver Allah’s Message clearly.[Quran 29:18]MessengersOnlyDivinePostmenF2

Question 16: In some verses of Quran, word Hikma appears, and in order toi validate Satanic innovations of Hadith and Sunna, kuffaar(5:44) Hadithers say that meaning of Hikma is books of Hadith and Sunna that Persian Zoroastrian Imams forged 250-400 years after the death of Prophet to distort Isalm. Our answer is below.

Answer 16: Meaning of word Hikma is very clear even to the student of fifth Class in any Arabic and Urdu (Daughter of Arabic) Schools and that is WISDOM that Allah granted to Prophets so that they can deal with infidels and Stubborn Kuffars in a wise way when delivering Divine Message to them. So Hikma is in no way hadith and Sunna. For the sake of argument, even if we say that Hikma mean Hadith and Sunna; then Prophet would had left behind his Hadith and Sunna along with written Quran, so that Hadithers can use it to explain Quran, but did Prophet leave behind any his hadith and Sunna in written form? NO NO NO. Not a single piece of written record.

With reference to word “Hikma” in Quran verse 17:39, Dr. Allama Mohammad Asad Ph.D comments: “which thy Sustainer has revealed to thee”. It is to be noted that the noun hikmah, usually signifying “wisdom“, is derived from the verb hakama (“he prevented” or “restrained [him or it]”, i.e., from acting in an undesirable manner). Hence, the primary meaning of hikmah is “that which prevents one from evil or ignorant behavior” (cf. Lane 11, 617); in its positive sense, it signifies “[conscious] insight into that which is most excellent” (Lisan al-‘Arab, Taj al-‘Arus). Inasmuch as this term refers here, in particular, to what is “odious in God’s sight”, it implies moral discrimination (or “the knowledge of right and wrong”) on the part of men; and this, in its turn, presupposes the existence of an absolute, God-willed standard of moral value

Please read our page: True history of Hadith. A MUST reading for all Muslims; & Non-Muslims who R interested in Theology.


Question 17: Criminal-Hadithers also misuse and twist Quranic verses badly and usually bring just one verse of Quran out of context and misguide others with fabricated claims. They do same with verse 53:3 of Sura Najam “Wama yantiqu AAani alhawa” translates as: “Quran 53:3 (Asad) and neither does he speak out of his own desire:” and starts to claim that all talks of Prophet in his life is Wahi because he was not peaking with his own desire. Read our Answer below:

Answer 17: Criminal Hadithers, Cursed-twisters of Books of Allah bring verse 53:3 out of context and ignore other verses in Sura Najam that are surrounding verses 53:3. For example when we read next verse 53:4, 53:5 and other all verses of Sura Najam, it becomes very clear that what is being talked in verse 53:3 is only about Wahi Revelations and Quran in many verses especially in 69:40-48, 5:44, 10:15, 6:114 and Sura Abbasa makes crystal clear that all the Wahi sent to Prophet is only in Quran. For the sake of argument, if there was another kind of Wahi outside the Quran; then beloved Prophet could have left behind not one BOOK of Quran but two Books >> One Quran, and Other BOOK that contained 2nd type of Wahi that is not in Quran. But, did Prophet leave behind two Books of Wahi. No. He left behind only one Book and that is Quran. Imam Naafe said, Imam Shafii committed the most grievous crime, calling Hadith as another form of revelation. He equated Hadith with Wahi. (Tahqiq-il-Mazahib). Abu Hanifa said, “Be the curse of Allah on those who call themselves Imams; Imam Malik, Shafi’i and Jafar Saadiq were deceitful liars and sodomites. (Ref: Tahqiq-il-Madahib) . Quran verses 5:44, 5:48, 2:213, 6:114, 6:19, 10:15, 4:105, 7:3, 10:109, 5:92, 64:12, 47:2, 50:45, 16:64, 6:155 also confirm that to follow Mohammad(S) mean to follow only and only Quran, and nothing else.Quran28_56GreenStarBigQuestion 18: When we tell Hadithers that Hadith Books were forged 250-400 years after the death of Prophet; Hadithers say: that hadith books were present even before Book of Bukhari that was fabricated 250 years after Prophet. Hadithers are Liars and we have proved “their claim is false” at our following most popular page:  Read answer pls.

Answer 18: Following our page fully debunks false claim of Hadithers >> True history of #Hadith. A MUST reading for all Muslims; & Non-Muslims who R interested in Theology. https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/08/06/true-history-of-hadiths-and-sunna-a-must-reading-for-all-muslims-and-non-muslims-who-are-interested-in-theology/

Question 19: Where Quran says: How to bury a dead? And where is funeral prayer in Quran? Where are Eid Prayers in Quran?

Answer 19: Read incidence of two sons of Adam when one killed other and GOD sent Crow to teach the killer. Also read our following pages. A list of some innovations that were blended in Islam during Abbasid Period from year 750-1258 A.D.


What happens in Grave after death? MUST BE READ BY ALL Humans


Question 20: Where Quran says: Dead fish is Halaal. Only Hadith tells us that Dead fish is Haaal

Answer 20: Quran makes Haraam every thing that is already dead before Person act upon it 5:3 . If Fish is caught alive and then stored in freezer; it is Haaal, as when you caught it, it was alive. But if you go to sea or river and fish is already dead NATURALLY; it is Haraam for you. But You filthy Jaahil Hadithers are eating already naturally dead fishes from 1200 years because you follow fabricated hadiths. You are eating Haraam, this is why a matter of truth does not enter in your empty heads.DeadFish_is_Haraam_5_3Question 21: Quran says that Pig is Haraam. What about other animals.

Answer 21: One of the main reason of confusion on different subjects comes from incorrect practice, which is, to pick one or few verses and conclude Divine verdicts. Quran should be taken always as whole BOOK in order to understand it correctly. We always pick two verses 5:3, 2:173 and conclude that from animals, only pig is forbidden to eat and we extrapolate it further, that except pig all other animals are legal to eat. This is incorrect approach. In chapter Five “Maida”, 5:1 Livestock that pasture and graze are discussed.
In verse 5:1, 22:28, 22:34, word “baheematu alanAAami“ is important which mean animals which graze , every beast that eats plants, (Razi; also Lisan al-‘Arab, art. na’ma) . Word “baheematu” has roots in word LAMB (Source: Edward Lanes Lexicon)
Grazing and pasturing and ruminating livestock is made halal except pig because Pig also pasture. In Sura Five, Six and other part of Quran, it is made clear in 6:142, 16:8 that some animals like horses, mules, and donkeys for use such as for ride or loading, and some are legal to eat. In 16:8, mentioned animals are categorized for travel and show; and not as food. Please note, camel is exempted in verse 16:8. Verse 6:45 must be read and understood along with verses 6:142, 6:143 and 6:145. Quranic verses 6:142-43-44-45 are clearly rebuking those who invent prohibitions without warrant.
So it is clear from verses of Quran that dog rats cats are not halaal. Lamb Cow Sheep, Goat etc. are halal. Donkey and horse etc are not for meat but for work. Only Camel is, that can be used for loading and also its meat is halal, as it is exempted in verse 16:8..
For “baheematu alanAAami “, Akhtar Sherazi (a top thinker of Quran who always talks from Quran and, rejects Hadithism totally) tells; four-legged animals which ruminate and don’t have two big teeth are halal. Animals like pig, dog and donkey don’t ruminate and are not halal. He said the cow has four stomachs and the pure milk is produced in a highly scientific manner. This is why cattle and milk have been specifically mentioned in the Quranic verse.
He said when animals are slaughtered in Islamic way and the blood allowed to drain out is to make sure that diseases of the blood don’t harm the people. Seafood like fish, crab and prawn are not slaughtered because they have no blood and also no heart. Big fishes have blood and heart and therefore are not halal. This is the scientific reason. Similarly, birds with two stomachs are declared halal. Those with one stomach like crow are not halal. We are trying to contact Mr. Sherazi for his relevant reference from Quran.

Question 22: Do you believe in the hadith-ul-qudsi?

Answer: 22: Quran makes clear that who follow hadiths are Kaafirs 5:44 6:114. So all hadiths including Hadiths Qudsi are fabricated crap. Prophet never said that hadiths. Otherwise he could have left behind written records of such kind of hadiths like Quran.Quran5_44CompactFHadithLiesWoodenQuestion 23: How do you interpret Quranic verses that cannot be understood without a secondary source (hadith) to explain their context?

Answer: 23 Hadith Books were forged 250 years after Prophet and during time of Prophet and 4 Caliphs, all Hadiths were burned and banned (See Proof at our main page); so how Muslims understood Quran w/o crap called Hadith & forged contexts? Quran is made easy (Sura Qamar) and Quran fully explains itself, To read how, visit http://is.gd/ZBElOU

Question 24: What Quran says about Zina and rape?

Answer 24: Quran is very clear. Quran ordains to beat 100 stripes to a Zani regardless Zani is woman or man, married or unmarried. Zina is with mutual consent. Rape is like robbery and terrorism and Fasaad. So a rapist (Zina-Bil-Jabar) will be tried as per Fasaad law of Quran 5:33 and will be crucified. There is no any stoning Rajam in Islam. Kuffaar Sunni and Shia follow stoning from fabricated Persian hadiths. Very Good page. Please read at: Rajam (stoning) is not punishment of Quran/Islam but of Jews. Great Reading


Question 25: Where is in Quran that gay-ism/homosexuality is haraam / illegal?

Answer 25: Incidence of Nation of Lut or Lot in Quran clearly makes it Haraam. Many Idiotic Mullahs and Pseudo Scholars misinterpret Quran 4:16 in order to recuse sodomites from back-door but truth is, that verse 4:16 has neither any relation with Zina nor Sodomy. Detail about verse 4:16 is given below in Question/Answer no. 49 and 48 QuranAboutSodomyNengLutW2Please Read our Page: Verdict of Quran about#Sodomy and Sodomites

Question 26: Is secularism an acceptable form of government for a Muslim country as per Quran?

Answer 26: Depends, how you define secularism. Some say it is “No religion” but this is wrong concept. In fact secularism mean to allow religions of all people to practice their religion freely, and that was practiced even in the time of Prophet and Four Caliphs. Jews Christians and Atheist lived hundreds of years with in Islamic Government and no one was forced to convert. Quran says: La Ikra fiddeen”. There is no force in Islam. Drop invitation but NO FORCE. Hower in a Muslim Society, Only Divine Constitution of Quran is permitted and Quran fully protects minorities.

Question 27: A Jaahil Hadithers asks; Do you believe in du’as for entering the house, for entering the toilet, etc?

Answer 27: Quran is full of Du’as; if any other Dua you make part of Islam; that is innovation/Bid’aa . Quran never ordains you to make Dau before entering in Toilet nor Quran ordains to say Salam to dead people of graveyard; so these are all Satanic innovation produced by fabricated hadith books

Question 28: A brain-bent Mushrik hadither says: If I will not not believe in Hadith Books (forged Persian Crap); then how can I fall in the love of Prophet?

Answer 28: O bloody Jaahil: Why you are in need of to fall in the love of a Divine-Postman who delivered Book of Allah and died 1400 years ago & who did not leave any hadith or Sunna book behind? Why should you not fall in the love of Hayy-ul-Qayyoom who never die and is your creator?

Question 29: A Mushrik Hadither told us that who reject hadiths of Prophet (Persian forged Crap) is Hadith Rejecter and is a kaafir.10FloweredHadithQudsiCrapAnswer 29: This your Evil Fatwa has no any ground. In fact Fatwa of Book of Allah in 6:114 and 5:44 is; that who donot reject all hadith save hadith of Allah Quran; is a Kaafirs (5:44). So as per Quran, all Hadithers who make sharia laws from hadith books are Kaafirs 5:44 and this is verdict of Book of Allah that no one can change. Verse5_44BurnsWholeHadithismQuran5_44PlusExtendedNoteF

TwoConcoctedDoctrinesQuestion 30: One hadither asks: Is Jesus dead or alive?

Answer: 30: Only your forged hadiths of Liar Abu Huriara has made Jesus alive in Heavens but in fact as per Quran, though Jesus did not die on Cross 4:157 but was later died naturally 3:55, 5:116-117; and Quran say: Dead do not return. No doubt that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani was a false Prophet but will you reject all great work of Albert Einstein only because he was a Jew? If Quranic & historical truth is repeated by a Liar; will that truth changes into a lie? Our team has over 50 years Research on the life of Jesus, and following are our best scholarly pages on world-wide-web about the life of Jesus:

The best scholarly page on the life of Isa Jesus from A to Z. A Treasure for the Students of Comparative religion


How to prove logically and rationally that Qadiani are out of Islam?


Jesus had a human father. Read exposition of Sura Maryam at:


Question 31: In following video another Jaahil Mullah Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (from USA) has raised some totally nonsensical points https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJwmOTzdsrU

Answer: 31: We have answered his all points at : https://plus.google.com/104290473959548003496/posts/2DGBYRWoVas

Quesion 32: Hadith say: Last Prophet is Head of all Prophets, Imam-al-Mursaleen. Do you believe so?

Answer 32: Our Criteria to know, what is truth and what is falsehood, is Noble Quran, and not fabricated hadith Crap. A true Muslim must following only this criteria too. Quran repeatedly tells, that do not make any distinction among prophets, as all Prophets were Prophets of Islam. No any Prophet is head of Prophets and all Prophets are equal in rank and honor. Following picture tells you the TRUTH of Quran about this point: LaNofarraKaBainaAhdinFQuestion 33: Hadiths tells us that in order to get rescued from our all big crimes, Prophet Mohammad the exalted will be our Intercessor on the day of Resurrection. Do you believe so?

Answer 33: Quran makes very clear in many verses that no one will be intercessor on that day except Allah Jalla Aala for you. Gone-Astray Christians say that Jesus was died on Cross for their sins, so now (according to them) they are free to commit all kinds of Sins. Our Priesthood Mullahs and Imams copied these Kharafaats (fables) from Christians and fabricated hadiths of Intercession. Verses in following Pictures show you the truth:Quran_39_44IntercessionQuran6_94EngArbQuestion 34: Many hadiths tells us short-cuts to enter in Paradise such as Charity of Half-date, memorizing 99 names of Haqque Ta’ala will take you to paradise. Even if a person commit all crimes such as Fornication and murder but if he says “La iLaha ill-Allah”, he will enter in Paradise and even if a criminal dies on Friday, he will enter paradise. What is your opinion about these short cuts?

Answer 34: That all hadiths which tells you short-cuts are fabricated lies and contradict the judicial system that Allah will set up on the day of judgement 21:47. As per that system, your all good and bad deeds of whole life will be counted and weighed to decide for you Hell or Paradise. So one must live whole life righteously to have success in next life. “As you sow, So shall you  reap”:Quran_21_47ColoredPlusNoteQuestion 35: Hadithers also ask, show us Adhan/Azan call of prayer in Quran?

Answer 35: Following Pic fully answers mushrik-hdithers who commit shirk by placing man-made material and man-made books beside BOOK of Allah. AzanInnovation

How Non-Quranic Adhan /Azan / Call of Prayer evolved?
Zoro Persians with Millennia experience in forgeries, were professional forgers. After blending Zoroastrian Rituals in Islam in 8th century, they planned to inject in, now the call for Rituals. So they backed up that forgery by many concocted hadiths. Please read below what that hadiths tell us:

1- Muslim were not aware what to do, so some suggested, in order to call Muslims for Salat, they should lit Fire like Zoroastrians.
2- But Prophet suggested, we should use a big horn (Like Jews) but later he changed mind and said: Bell will be fine, so bell (Like Church) was made and used for Call of Salat.
3- Some Other Dreams-Mongers also Suggested to use Bell like Christians.
4- Prophet thought that some people should shout from the top of forts to call people for Salat.
5- One man said, in dream, he has seen a Person in green clothes and he told him this and that type of Call for Salat. Other people also came with their dreams and Prophet said to one person: your dream seems fit for call of Salat (Could he depend on dreams and suggestions, instead of Wahi 10:15?)
6- When Muslims came to Madina, they were not aware, how to call people for Salat. Some suggested bell, like Church, other suggested a horn like Jews but Umar said this and that will be ok

A point of commonsense, logic, and rationality:
Note: In such a big confusion and controversy about call of prayer (as appears above); If Adhan was part of Islam, then: was it difficult for Allah Aala to send text of Adhan/Azhan to Prophet Mohammad through Wahi? If Allah can send a big book like Noble Quran; then what was difficulty in sending one line of Adhan/Azan, Mahdi, Dajjal and Units of Shia and Sunni rituals through Wahi? Answer is: Islam is neither Theocracy nor a Clergy manufactured Ritualistic Theocratic Religion but Islam is DEEN the sole one True Path of One God. Deen = Divinely prescribed way of life and its core message is not rituals but to have Right faith, mindfulness of God, to follow Divine Law, and Philanthropy >> Quran 2:177.

Reader can read a.m Hadiths (we say it gossip) at following links:

Question 36: Ignorant Hadithers ask that Book of Bukhari tells that Prophet at age of 53 years married Aisha RA when she was baby of six years and did intercourse with her when she was 9 years old. Do you accept this hadith?

Answer 36: We says that all hadith books are fabricated lies forged 250-400 years after the death of Prophet. Hadith of 6 year marriage of Aisha RA was narrated by 11 Shiites of Iraq, 9 from Koofa and 2 from Basra. They fabricated this hadith to defame Prophet and Aisha RA. See more in following picture:AgeOfAishaRAAndMullahsF

Question 37: Verse 33:21 tells, that Prophet was role Model. What you say about that?

Answer 37: No where verse 33:21 tells that Prophet was role Model. When we read whole Sura 33, it becomes clear that this verse is confined to one event of battle of Trench Quran33_21PlusNoteRead full page on this subject at: How to Obey Prophet after his death?


Question 38: What you say about verse 33:56?

Answer 38:  Following pic tells the truth.Quran33_56PlusNote2

Question 39: Quran tells in 59:7, that whatever Prophet gives you, take it. So why we should not take books of hadiths and sunna?

Answer 39: Verse 59:7 never tells you that Persians wil forged books of hadiths and sunna 250-400 after Prophet Mohammad(S) and you should take them. In verse 59:7, matter of distribution of spoils of war is discussed. When Prophet was distributing spoil of wars, some people disputed, we want this and do not want this and so and so. So Allah told in 59:7, O Muslims, what share Prophet gives you from spoil of war, just take it. Now how this incidence can be translated as fabricated books of hadith and sunna? Did prophet leave behind any manuscript of hadith and sunna for you? No. Following picture shows, how criminals mad hadithers post just a portion of verse to misguide people. Because when one post half verse and hides other part, that can mislead. Quran59_7HalfVerseFQuran59_7AndNote

Read full page on this subject at: How to Obey Prophet after his death?


Question 40: Quran makes clear that there is difference between Rasool (Messenger), and Nabi (Prophet); what Team-Factszz says about this difference?

Answer 40: We have discussed this subject in following page. Read it fully:

How to prove rationally & logically that Qadiani are not Muslims?

Question 41:  Quran does not tell us about torments (Azaab) of Grave, but hadiths tell us. What you say?

Answer 41: Quran does not tell about any torment of Grave because there is no any such torment. Torment stories are fabricated by Persian Imams & hypocrites. Hindu do not have Grave, so how will they have torments of grave? After air crash over sea, even Muslims passengers die in sea and their bodies are digested by creature of sea. So where is now torment of Grave? Reward or Punishment is to Immortal Person (spiritual body) who leaves human-body at the time of death, and is taken back to Allah Jalla Aala. Read our following special page dedicated to this subject at:

What happens in Grave after death? MUST BE READ BY ALL Humans


Question 42: One Hadither asked that they find from hadiths about Jinns & without their hadiths they cannot know about jinns. Tell us What Quran says?

Answer 42: We believe in what Allah has said in 17:12, 16:89, 12:111 that My Quran explains every thing for Islam. So we always look all things only from with in Quran and we do not accept fabricated hadith books that were never certified by beloved Prophet. Following diagram explains, what Quran says about this subject: Jinn_DiagramQuestion 43: How you know; if English translation of a verse is twisted by translators or not?

Answer 43: See following Pic. BibleVsQuranBackwardCheck

Question 44 What Quran tells about end of World?

Answer 44: See following Picture Qayama2

Question 45: What team factszz says about Riba /Interest?

Answer 45: According to our understanding Quran forbids usuary(Riba). In old days when there were no any banks and When if a very poor person was in need of money; he used to ask a rich person. That rich person used to exploit it condition and used to tell him, OK I can give you 100 Dinar Say 100 dollar and U will return me 150 dollar after six month or I will confiscate your house etc. Poor Person had no other option but to accept the offer. It was cruelty, exploitation Zulm. Quran forbids that USURY because it was totally unjust.

Now we see another example: Say Brother Abdul Basit has 10 Million in Bank and he has 3 factories. He wants to build 4th factory and therefore; wants to take 2 Million loan from bank in order to invest it in 4th factory. In this case neither bank is poor nor Abdul Basit is poor. Bank is not forcing Abdul Basit that U must take loan from us at 50% interest. In this case, there are, two parties, Bank and Abdul Basit, both are working for business. We cannot say it Usury.

But see third case, Me Abdu Samad is very Poor neighbor of Rich-man Abdul Basit and ask some money on Loan. Now it is better for Abdul Basit’s next eternal life that he say: O Abdu, U are a Poor Man; I will give U w/o any interest but please return me after one years. If U write off that money later one; this will be great for U, your investment that will never perish, which will be better than millions rituals. One of the TOP MOST GOOD deed is to help poor relatives and other poor and disabled and needy people physically, verbally and financially. 2:177. If U have 1 million spare and U ask us; should I use it to repair a temple or give charity to poor people. We will advise for Charity to Poor.

Fourth case: Quran is Divine Constitution/Law. It is duty of Muslim Ruler to install no any system in Islamic country except Quranic system 5:44, 6:114, 22:41. Where Muslims are in minority and Ruler is non-Muslim like France; Ruler is not bound to follow Quranic Law and of course he will not. 22:41

Assume, U are living in a Country with Muslim Majority and Ruler has set up Quranic System in Country. Now Quran emphasizes Ruler to make Country a Welfare State; State with least Crime, with Peace, with Justice and with justified Proper taxing. In that case; Muslim GOV will have trillions in treasury thru Just Economic Order (Zakat) and Zakat-Tax (part of Zakat system). Now It is Duty of Quranic state to serve his people 2:177 and do not profiteer from their own people (like Capitalist Countries). As per this scenario, GOV must establish Banks (no one else) to give loan to every body w/o interest. GOV will be able to do so bcaz under Quranic System which matches a little bit with Chinese Politburo (ONLY One Party); there will be huge capital with GOV. Unlike other GOVS; Role of Islamic GOV is to serve people as SERVANT, and not to profiteer from people; therefore, Interest on loans will have no meaning. In this case NO ANY INTEREST in WHOLE COUNTRY. Maximum what GOV can do is, to as Positive or Negative Charge on Loan only in order to offset inflation rate. Divine System of Quran is totally different from so called Demo-curse-y and Capitalism etc. That Divine System worked up to 722 A.D. From 722 AD onward, Kings took over and from 1300 years, no where Real Quranic system is run. Despite, no any system can be ever better than Divine System. But Majority of Humans are following Satan and not Rehman(Allah) 38:82, 15:39, 6:116

In Quranic system, there is ONLY one Party called Hizb-Allah mean Party of GOD (not of Lebanon). Pious people are not elected 6:116 but Selected in Parliament (Shoora) and that Shoora elects Chief/President/Caliph etc). Law only from Quran. If President violates law; he is to be punished like a normal person.

If U live in a country where Quranic system is not working; we do not think, it is usury(riba) to take some money from Bank on light interest for spending it in business or at House Mortgage etc. Allah knows all compulsions and difficulties of his servant. Even pig is allowed to eat when a Muslim is being terminated by Hunger.

Question 46:  Can Team factszz define true facts about Islam briefly in a para?

Answer 46: Please following picture V_Important_Message

Question 47: Are three Talaqs Divorces in one minute valid?

Question 47: Quran has a step by step procedure:
In case of dispute, Wise People from wife side and husband side sit together and try to solve Problem. In most cases, this first steps works & problem is over.

But if dispute continues, Man should send Divorce to Court and Court can see the case. Because Islam is a Divine System and in that System, not individual but System/Courts decides as per Divine Laws of Quran. In same way; if woman has solid reason, she can go to court and ask for separation/divorce from an Evil Husband.

Court will try reconciliation but if not, then first divorce will apply & wife will remain in same house. In this way Quran fights very hard to fix the problem between wife and husband but after first divorce, if agree, they both can unite and finish the Problem. If not, then 2nd divorce will apply after a period set by Quran. Even after 2nd Divorce if they like, they can unite. If not, then 3rd Divorce applies after a period set by Quran. Now Quran tells. Enuf is Enuf. No more chance. I have tried my best. Now U are apart from each other and cannot marry again.

However, if woman and man marry with other person, and man or woman get divorced by natural way (not by plan. Allah knows even what soul whispers 50:16); then they can marry again.

But Our Evil Mullahs and Imams are misusing Quranic laws from ~1200 years. They are not cheating Allah but themselves. Name of Allah is also Latif-al-Khabeer, HU knows every thing. Nothing is hidden from him even a tiny particle of universe.


1- Majority our Ignorant people do not follow Made-Easy Quran but follow Fiqa Imams and mullahs who were fallible humans. According to Quranic law, a Man who gives 3 Divorces to wife in 3 seconds by saying Talaq Talaq Talaq; is a Criminal who violated procedure of Noble Quran. That kind of Divorce mean nothing. It is illegal. People should follow GOD and not Abu Hanifa or Malik or Shafi or Hanbal or Shia Imams.

2- Halala: That is another Evil which our Clergy has invented. Halala has no any place in Quran and that is another kind of Cheating. They trick, by; woman marries a Man thru plan that new husband will divorce her after a few days w/o sleeping with her and then that woman can marry back with old husband. This is clear Cheating with Laws of Quran and that kind of criminals are transgressors.

Question 48: Can I drink wine/Alcohol because there is no punishment of Alcohol drinking in Quran?

Answer 48: Please read answer in following epicure. IslamicLawsAS

Question 49: Have Quranic verse 4:16 any relation with Sodomy/Homosexuality?

Answer 49: Please read following Picture: Quran4_15_16_17Sodomy

Quran has its own built-in dictionary and Quran fully explains itself. We always understand Quran only by Quran and we never use any man-made theological material to understand Quran. Anyone who uses man-made material, never understands Quran correctly even in 100 years. So let we analyze Quranic verses 4:15-16 only in the light of Quran. Two points are important. Fahisha never mean Zina unless word Zina is exlicitly mentioned. Besides, meaning of word “Waallathani” cannot be extrapolated and speculated as Two Men. Quran is very precise and explict. If that were two men, then instead of “Waallathani”, Quran could have used word “rajulayni” which mean two men and that word “rajulayni” is used for two men in Quranic verses 16:76, 18:32, 28:15 and in some other verses. “Waallathani” in 4:16 points only to a couple comprised “Man Woman”. If that were two women then instead of word “Waallathani”, Quran could have used word “imraatani” which mean two women as is used in Quran 2:282. Therfore verse 4:15-16 neither points to Zina nor Gay-Sodomites or Lesbians, but immoral conduct of a woman, or a couple comprised man and woman. However, incident of Sodomites of Nation of Prophet Lot provides a legal space to a Muslim Ruler to make a law that enforces death Penality for a sodomite. Muslim Ruler can make millions of Laws in the line, in the light and guidance of Quranic ethics codes, and in the light of  Quranic injunctions of Haraam and Halaal

Allama Mohammad Asad Ph.D commented about verse 4:15-4:16 as: Some of the commentators attribute to the term fahishah (here rendered as “immoral conduct”) the meaning of “adultery” or “fornication” and are, consequently, of the opinion that this verse has been “abrogated” by 24:2, which lays down the punishment of one hundred stripes for each of the guilty parties. This unwarranted assumption must, however, be rejected. Quite apart from the impossibility of admitting that any passage of the Qur’an could have been “abrogated” by another of its passages (see note on surah 2 verse 106), the expression fahishah does not, by itself, connote illicit sexual intercourse: it signifies anything that is grossly immodest, unseemly, lewd, indecent or abominable in word or in deed (cf. Lane VI, 2344 f.), and is by no means restricted to sexual transgressions. Read in this context, and in conjunction with 24:2, this expression obviously denotes here immoral conduct not necessarily amounting to what is termed zina (i.e., “adultery” or “fornication”), and therefore redeemable by sincere repentance (in contrast to a proven act of zina, which is punishable by flogging).- It is noteworthy that in all cases of alleged sexual transgressions or misbehavior the Qur’an stipulates the direct evidence of four witnesses (instead of the two required in all other judicial cases) as a sine qua non of conviction. For the reasons underlying this injunction, as well as for its judicial implications, see note on 24:4.(Quran Ref: 4:16 ). Do not forget to visit our following page on this subject at: Verdict of Quran about Sodomy and Sodomites

Question 50: What mean Ummi and was Prophet able to read and write?

Answer 50: In Most cases word Ummi in Quran is not used for illiterate but for Gentile which mean non-Jewish. If any Arab was an educated person, he could be called Ummi Gentile (Non-Jewish). Verse 25:5 makes very clear that Prophet could write very well. Besides, he was a successful merchant and a merchant must be a literate. Also how a person can be so lazy that he never learned to read and right in his whole life when others in same tribes were able to read and write!

Question 51 What is stand of Noble Quran about Tattoo? 2016-05-21_232216Answer: 51 We will not refer to any hadith because Prophet certified not a single Hadith. All Hadith Books were forged centuries after the death of Prophet. We will discuss Tattoo only in the light of Noble Quran which is protected and guarded by the most powerful 15:19.

Quran is Book for people who are God Conscious Mutta’qi and wise (2:2) and it is not for brain-bent Idiots who always seek some kind of discord 3:7 and so are destined to Hell. Quran4_119_TattooQuranic verse 4:119 makes clear that who tamper with Creation of Allah are follower of Satan. Tattoo in fact tampers human skin permanently which is part of Human body; and humans are Creation of Allah. Therefore as per Quran, who makes Tattoo is follower of Satan. Tattoo are unnecessary and there are billion of people still happy who do not have tattoo. It is useless nonsensical Satanic practice and a Muslim must not follow it. However if Person embraces Islam and have already tattoo on body; he/she is not in need of to remove Tattoo unless it is easy, safe, and cheap to remove. Allah knows very well intentions of his servant and knows well limits and compulsion of his servant.

Question 52: In Quran; are men and women Equal in all aspects of life?

Answer 52: Please read our answer at: Status of Wife & Husband in Noble Quran

Question 53 As “Team Factszz” says: Hadith and all other non-Quranic practices were forged nearly 250 years after the Prophet, so how then Arabs did not speak against that all forgeries? Those Arabs who might have known the truth and knew that there are no such practices.Please reply

Answer 53 Al hadiths books were forged between year 750-1258 A.D. That was Period of Abbasid Caliphs. Abbasid Caliphs were 1/2 Muslim and 1/2 Zoroastrian (Parsi). Abbasid’s Tutors, their many wives, even the mother of the most powerful Abbasid Caliph Harun Rashid was a Parsi Zoroastrian. His Prime minister and many ministers were Zoroastrians from Irani Bramka Family. Therefore; practically Islamic Empire was totally hijacked by Irani Zoroastrians for 508 years. During that period, Arabs were subordinates of Persians. What Persians told them, they did and followed. Some True Arab Mullahs resisted corrupt practices but they were frequently tortured and hanged by Tout Qazi of Mother of Caliph Harun Rashid under different Fatwa (Similar what Roman Pagan Emperor did in and after Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D.). Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal was flogged and he died later due to that flogging. The Curricula called “Dars-e-Nizami” that our Mullahs teach in Madaaris to their students especially in Indo-Pak even today, was made not by any Arab but by Persians 1200 years ago. First dictionary of Quran, that translated thousands of Quranic terms into Persian Farsi language, was done not by any Arab but by Persians. Later that Persian terms were further translated into Urdu, English and in other Languages. Know that after 750 A.D.; Arabs, Islamically has been dead. What our Majority today follow is not that Islam which existed before 750 A,D. but what our majority follows from 1200 years is in fact Counterfeited version of Persian-brand of Islam. Even today, the translation of Quran that is allowed in Saudi Arabia is not from any Arab but from Two AJmis Pakistani Mohson khan and Hilali Khan; and that translation is among the worst ones, and is highly twisted translation of Quran. By Nature, we humans are Sheeple. One Generation follows even false practices of previous generation blindly; and after a few generation pass-over; that even false practice is believed as true practice. Just see Christians, from 2000 years they are following false dogma of Trinity Son-ship etc. In that blind-following, we Muslims are not very different than Christians, despite Quran repeatedly forbids blind following.

Question 54 Bro: is there any verse in which GOD says to keep your voice low specifically for women? Besides; does God say to women in Quran: “apne gharo mai tiki raho”? Mean: does Quran say: All women should stick to/in their homes for whole life?

Answer 54: You have raised two VERY IMPORTANT POINTS, which are so much Important that every Muslim Lady must know about these two Points: And Ladies must know; how evil Mullahs are misinterpreting Quranic verses from 1100 years in order to dominate and subjugate Women. You both Questions point to Quranic verses 33:32-33. It is important to know that LAWS for Wives of Prophet were different than General Muslim Women, i.e for Adultery are 100 Lashes for Muslim Woman but 200 lashes for Wife of Prophet. In Quran when Law is told ONLY for Wives of Prophet; Quran uses very clear words>>Ya nisaa alnnabiyyi>> Mean O Wives of Prophet. You will notice that in 33:32-33, only wives of Prophet are told to not be “over-soft in your speech” and be in your homes.”. For General Muslim Woman, Quran never tells to be in home always nor Quran tells>do not be “over-soft in your speech. However there is another Quranic Ethics>not to speak too loudly as too loud voice is voice of Donkey>>(Sura Luqman) but that ethics applies to> both, Man and woman equally.

Question 55: A Person asked: Will a non-Muslim or a Kaafir who had done good deeds in his life, get reward from Allah? What is opinion of “Team Factszz” about the people mentioned in Quran 2:62?

Answer 55: Janna is only for True Muslims who believed in the CONTENTS of Quranic verse 4:136. All True believers the true followers of all Prophets from Adam to Mohammad who believed in 4:136, were Muslims>Quran 22:78
All Messengers of GOD from Adam to Mohammad preached only and only 1 true Path of 1 God that is Islam 42:13, 3:52, 3:67

Allah has only and only one True Path and that is Islam 3:19, 3:85
No any Other Deen will be accepted by Allah except Islam 3:19, 3:85

A person who did good deed all his life, his deed will not be accepted by Allah if he is a Kaafir >>Quran 14:18
Good deeds of such a Kafir will be blown away like a wind storm blows away Ashes 14:18 Quran2_62FullNoteTrue Followers of Moses were Muslim, not Yahoodi. Yahdoodi is a tribe and not Dogma. A Yahoodi can be a Muslim or Hindu or Buddha like A Chinese can be an atheist and a Muslim Too. They were Talmudic Rabbis who invented dogma of Judaism centuries after the death of Moses. When Quran says: Even good Jew, Nasaara and Sabian will have reward from Allah, that mean those Jew Nasaara and Sabian were True followers of their Prophets so were Muslims. We can say them as Jew-Muslims (muslin who belonged to tribe of Judah/Yahooda), and Nasaara_Muslims (True followers of Jesus/Isa from area called Nasareth. Quarn called that Muslims of Jesus in 3:52 as Hawaari-Yoon which mean Essene who used ro wear ALWAYS only white dress.

Never Isa/Jesus but Roman Paul manufactured Pagan Dogma of Christianity which is duplicated copy of Mithraism. Quran_14_18Islam is the only Truth. All Religions are fabricated by Clergy. More about how Essene Lived, please read in the mid of our main page at:

Question 56: Question: Does quran tells women to wear hijab or burqa or they can wear modern dresses?

Answer 56: Please refer to our following page:

Question 57: What are your views regarding insulting prophet by making his obscene cartoons.?

Answer 57: Allah says in Quran that he will punish such kind of Criminals on the day of Judgment. However, it is our idea, not public but Muslim Rulers must protest against such insults.

Question 58: it is understood that mullahs twisted translations to suit their own wishes, but then what happened to Arabs, they knew always original language why then they accepted such things?

Answer 58: We have answered that Question repeatedly in our pages. But people do not want to spend time to read and seek answers by short-cuts. We R posting one para below for ur kind info: Brother: Al hadiths books were forged between year 750-1258 A.D. That was Period of Abbasid Caliphs. Abbasid Caliphs were 1/2 Muslims and 1/2 Zoroastrians (Parsi). Abbasid’s Tutors, their many wives, even the mother of the most powerful Abbasid Caliph Harun Rashid was a Parsi Zoroastrian. His Prime minister and many ministers were Zoroastrians from Irani Barmaka Family. Therefore; practically Islamic Empire was hijacked by Irani Zoroastrians for 508 years. In that time, Arabs were subordinates of Persians. What Persians told them, they did. Some True Arab Mullahs resisted them but were tortured and hanged by Tout Qazi of Mother of Caliph Harun Rashid under different Fatwa. Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal was flogged and he died later due to flogging. The Curricula called “Dars-e-Nizami” that our Mullahs teach in Madaaris to their students in Indo-Pak even today was made not by Arabs but by Persians 1200 years ago. First dictionary of Quran, that translated thousands of Quranic terms into Persian Farsi language was done not by Arabs but by Persians. Later that Persian terms were further translated into Urdu and English and in other Languages. Know that after 750 A.D.; Arabs Islamically has been dead. What our Majority today follow is not that Islam which existed before 750 A,D. but what our majority follows from 1200 yrs is in fact Counterfeited version of Persian-brand of Islam. Even today, the Quranic translation of Quran that is allowed in Saudi Arabia is not from any Arab but from Two AJmis Pakistani Mohson khan and Hilali Khan; and that translation is the worst and highly twisted translation of Quran.

Question 59: A sister asked: Is fixing artificial nails, hair and eyelashes harm? And shaping eyebrow?

Answer 59: Criteria of Halaal and Haraam is ONLY BOOK GOD >Quran 16:116, 6:114, 10:15, 5:44. Quran never forbids lady from fixing artificial nails, hair and eyelashes and shaping eyebrow. But lady must follow other dress codes of Quran too such as do not display beauty in public and wear longer garments. However any thing that brings change in body or skin permanently w/o any additional benefit is Haraam as per Quran like Tattoo>Quran 4:119.  When there is some clear benefit such as for a sick-person, transplant, then O.K.Quran16_116NplusNFQuestion 60: One person asked: I know most of hadiths are fabrications and I do not accept those all, except some, that do not contract Quran. Am I right Sir?

Answer 60: No. you are absolutely not right Sir: Quran makes clear that for Islamic Law, no any other book is to be owned and who do so are Kaafirs 5:44, 6:114, 10:15. Regardless if any hadith contradicts Quran or not; It is matter of law and Principle that a Muslim must not make any Islamic law from any other source except from Book of GOD Quran 39:23 and same Quran is also only the Book of Rasool too 69:40, as Messengers were mere AGENCY of Allah. Besides; there is no any surety that if one hadith does not contract Quran, then it is not forged. There are hadiths that do not contradict Quran and sound excellent but in fact are product of an excellent forgery. To place even one line of man-made text beside Book of Allah is Shirk. Following picture makes this very point clear. Zubyair5 Question 61 Does Quran allow to beat a Chaste Lady a Chaste wife?

Question 62. Please read our following page: Status of Wife & Husband in Noble Quran


Question 63: Kaafirs and Atheists cry every where that Prophet Mohammad was a pedophile and he slept with 9 years old girl when he was 52 years. What are your comment?

Answer 63: Kaafirs and atheists place slanders on Prophet that come not from Quran but from fabricated books of Hadiths that hypocrites and defeated Persian Pseudo Imams forged 250-800 years after the death of Prophet in order to demonize Islam and Prophet Mohammad. Report of 9 years marriage age of Aisha RA of Bukhari has been proved a naked forgery. Being a Muslim, lnow: That all Prophets and Messengers were great men of GOD. They were pious to core. Allah could not select an evil person as a Prophet. When Prophet Mohammad passed away, he left behind only Book of God Quran, Let we see below in picture what Book of God says about Last Prophet Mohammad the exalted. Please read our following page:
Age of Aisha RA was 48 years at the time of Marriage and She was widow of a martyr Saleh bin Saleh Al-Taiyab
https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/06/02/what-was-age-of-aisha-r-a-when-last-prophet-married-her-it-was-48-year-she-was-widow-of-marty-salih-bin-salih-taiab/ ProphetMohammad68_4

Question 64 Can a Muslim call Allah as God/god, father, parameshwar, or khuda etc?

Answer 64: A Muslim must call Creator only by that name/Names which we find in his Last and final Book “Quran”.>> Allah.
And Allah has many other beautiful names that are given in Quran such as Rehman, Rahim, Karim, Hayi Qayyoom Samih Basir Aleem Khabeer and many others. A Muslim must stick to this principle. However at our website we sometimes used also word GOD in order to target non-Muslim readers for Da’wa. And our this Good intention is for sure known by Allah. Brother: We must take guidance from Book of Allah that explains every thing for a Muslim 12:111, 16:89, 17:12. Muslims of past i.e followers of Moses and Jesus called Creator with that names which were given in those Islamic Scriptures that were sent to them. But Quran is the latest and final edition of all Islamic scriptures. Another example is name of Prophets and Messengers given in Quran. Quran call all Prophets only by their Names like Noah, Ibrahim, Moses, Isa, Mohammad. So we should follow Quranic method, and it is absolutely not mandatory to use at the end of name “PBUH” or (S) etc. Words like “Sallalllah hu Aalaihe wa aalihi Wasallam” were invented by Shiites. Many innovations that Sunni follow today were in fact concocted by Shiites during Abbasid Period. And you know that Quran forbids sects. Enough is to be a Muslim and only Muslim 22:78, 6:159, 3:103-105. Therefore, say just: Prophet Moses, Prophet Mohammad etc. Being Muslims, We have high regard for all Prophets of Allah but we should follow pattern that is given in Book of Allah.

Quran 3:80: He (Allah) would never command you to take the angels and Prophets as Lords. Would He command you to become kafir after being Muslim

Quran 17:110: Say, .Call (Him by the name of) Allah or Ar-RaHman, in whichever way you call, His are the Best Names……

Question 65: What is time of Fast breaking in Ramadan according to Quran; as Shia and Sunni sects has different versions?

Answer 65: Quran is a simple and plain made-easy book 54:17 that explains every thing for Muslim 16:89. We should understand Quran only by Quran without consulting external man-made sources. When you will try to explain Quran by external sources such as Ali said so, Jafar Sadiq said so, Baqir said so and Kafi says so and Nahj-al-Balagha says so (fabricated books of Shiites all garbage); and Bukhari says so and Malik says so, Abu-Khudri says so and Anas said so etc. (Fabricated Books of Sunnis all fairy tales); then you will remain confused always. Quran makes clear in many verses that Night and Day “Lail wa Nahar” are time periods, and that periods start and end on sunrise and sunset (Gharoob Shams). So Lail (Night) starts at sunset. Very simple: Break fast just after sunset. After Sunset till Sunrise, that all is “night period”. This is made clear in many verses of Quran and in the following verse too:

“He created the heavens and the earth truthfully. He rolls the night over the day, and rolls the day over the night. He ordained the sun and the moon, each running for an appointed time. Absolutely, He is the Dignified, the Forgiving.” 39:5

From this verse, we are told that the night and day are rolled into one another. This statement has very important significance on the definition of night and day (Layl and Nahar). This verse tells us that part of the night (when the day is rolled into it) is actually lit (just after sunset) and that part of the day is still dark (just after sunrise). Consequently to say that night only starts when it is totally dark is not in agreement with Quranic truth. It like line/border between the Land/possessions of two house owners. And that line between day and night is time of sunset, after which night starts. Clipboard

Question 66 Does Quran permit absolute Free-Will to person?

Answer 66: FreeWillCOHow some so called Modern-Muslims (in fact a gang of Pseudo liberal hypocrites) twist and misuse Quranic verses 2:256 and 10:99

It is clear from verses 2:256 and 10:99 that Quran clarifies two paths, the path of Rahman (God) that leads one to paradise; and path of Satan that drags one to Hell. In other words, though Quran advises to follow path of God but it leaves one free to be either a Muslim or a Kaafir. Therefore; a person is free to chose any of that two paths. But when a person has embraced Islam, he/she has to live according to the laws, ethics and codes of Noble Quran that clarifies what is Halaal (legal) and what is Haraam (illegal). Under a Muslim-Rule, one has no absolute free’will. Person is not allowed to commit Zina (adultery) or to drink wine or to murder or to slander others or to steal etc. For example; under a Muslim-Rule, a Person is not allowed to slander a Chaste lady (80 lashes for slander-monger); but also a woman is not allowed to spread lewdness in society 4:15, and if court places such a woman under house’arrest for life until she repents 4:15; she cannot contest her this case in court by saying, that Quran authorizes me free-will. Free-will is for, to chose a path but when one has chosen the path, he/she has to abide by the laws of that path/system. I.e., in Germany, we have to abide by German-laws; in USA, we have to abide by US-laws too; and in same way, under a Muslim-Rule, a Muslim has to abide by the Laws of Noble Quran. Nowhere one is allowed to commit illegal things under pretext of “FREE-WILL”, and that makes distinction between an human and an animal. It is like; in USA, one has free-will to decide if he wants to reside in State of New York or Oklahoma; and in Canada, if one wants to reside in Ontario or Manitoba; but after decision has been taken; he has to obey laws of that State/Province honestly and sincerely. If you cannot, then move to other place, where you can follow law (Quran 4:97)

Question 67 Please give detail about Quranic term ma malakat yaminuka

Answer 67 During war, women used to take part in war too. Example: She was Hind who chewed Liver of Uncle of Prophet “Hamza” in either one war. If after Enemy was defeated, and if a woman from that defeated group with her consent embraced Islam and agreed to Mary a Muslim or Prophet, that marriage is validated in 33:50-51-52. In other cases, some times wives of Kaafirs embraced Islam but their husband were still Kaafirs. In that scenario, If that woman escapes from his Kaafir Husband and come to Prophet or Muslims to seek #asylum; now that woman also comes under “milk al yamin” mentioned” (in ur control). If that woman agrees to marry a Muslim; that is valid then. Pls note that when a non-Muslim Wife of a Non-Muslim husbands becomes Muslim, Marriage/Nikah remains no longer valid, Quranic verse 33:50-51-52 do not mention in specific. Slaves but “milk al yamin”, >>UNDER your Control/Under your asylum

Quran in 2:177 ordains to set slaves Free. It is Quran who rescued Humanity from slavery. Also 8:67 is relevant . “IT DOES NOT behoove a prophet to keep captives unless he has battled strenuously on earth. [72] You may desire the fleeting gains of this world-but God desires [for you the good of] the life to come: and God is almighty, wise. – 8:67” – as an aftermath of a war in a just cause. As almost always in the Qur’an, the above verse lays down that no person may be taken, or for any time retained, in captivity unless he was taken prisoner in a jihad-that is, a holy war in defense of the Faith or of freedom (regarding which see surah 2, note 167) – and that, therefore, the acquisition of a slave by “peaceful” means, and the keeping of a slave thus acquired, is entirely prohibited: which, to all practical purposes, amounts to a prohibition of slavery as a “social institution”. But even with regard to captives taken in war, the Qur’an ordains (in 47:4) that they should be freed after the war is over.(Quran Ref: 8:67 )

Question 68 Does Quran forbid Stock trading and Forex Trading?

Answer 68 If you buy a House or a Car or a Cow at low price and sell with appropriate Profit, that is trade/Commerce and fully legal in Islam. Now just put Forex and Stock in place of Car or Cow, that you bought at low price and sell at profit. So Forex trading or Stock trading is very clearly a trade and commerce of modern days and Noble Quran never forbids it. If any Mullah gave Fatwa against Forex and Stock trading, he is a Satan 16:116. They are same vile Mullahs who gave Fatwa against bicycle that it is ride of Satan. They also declared TV haraam and now TV shows are full of these evil Mullahs. Risk is in every business, and so is, in stock trading too.

Question 69 Death on Cross is binding condition of Crucifixion. If a person is nailed on Cross but was removed from Cross before death; we will say: He is not Crucified Ma-Salabu 4:157 (as he did not die on Cross or say: he survived death on Cross like Jesus). Do we have any evidence; that 2000 years ago some people used to survive death on Cross?

Answer 69: For sure, some people used to survive death on Cross 2000 years ago and one of the Greatest historian of First Century witnessed this survival. But our Mullahs escape from all Truths and put all blame on Liar Impostor Mirza G. A Qadiani. Surviving crucifixion, after all, was not entirely unknown. As the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus wrote:

“On my return I saw many prisoners who had been crucified, and recognized three of them as my former companions. I was inwardly very sad about this and went with tears in my eyes to Titus and told him about them. He at once gave the orders that they should be taken down and given the best treatment so they could get better. However two of them died while being attended by the doctor; the third recovered.” Same is the case of Jesus. Reader is suggested to read our following Page on this subject:

Question 70: Can we consider 4 Bibles, of Mark Mathew and John as Scriptures from God?

Answer 70: Dear: First of all, Jesus was not given mutually conflicting editions of 4 Gospels. He was given Injeel and that scripture was in language of Jesus/Isa which was Aramaic. Original scripture INJEEL is totally extinct. Books of Mark Mathew Luke and John are mere hadith books of Christians like fabricated hadith books of Sunni and Shia sects — never certified by Prophet Mohammad. Jesus also never certified that 4 Circulating Gospels. Many many verses of that 4 Gospels of 4th Century are different than the verses that we see in 4 Gospels of today. That proves heavily corruption. Quran is guarded by Allah 15:9 and is 100.000% Pure and Real Scripture.

Question 71 What is the exact literal/trilateral root meaning of the word “Islam” and “Muslim”?? Is it “Submission” and “Submitter” Or “Peace” and “Peace Maker”
Thank you…

Answer 71: All Praise is due to Al-Haadi. According to our opinion which is based on Quran; from Adam to Prophet Mohammad, all True Believers of Original Scriptures were Muslims. Allah has named them all “Muslims” 22:78. So True followers of Jesus were never Christians but Muslims 3:52. He was Paul and Constantine who manufactured Pagan-Dogma of Christianity. Before Paul Nasaara>>Nazarene were not Christians but Nasaara. Quran used word Christian nowhere. Never Muslim-Moses but Talmudic Rabbis converted name of a Tribe “JUDAH” into Judaism centuries after the death of Moses (Musa). Abraham was a Great Muslim too 3:67. Quran tells, all Prophets and Messengers of GOD preached none but Islam 42:13, 3:19, 3:85. So One GOD has only One True Path and that is Islam. A Person is Muslim who follow Divine Laws of DEEN Islam. Islam is DEEN (never religion). All Religions are fabricated by Clergy. DEEN=Divinely Prescribed ways of life. Consequently, A Muslim is who submits himself to Divine Laws given in scriptures. However; because Quran has abrogated previous corrupted scriptures 2:105-106, 5:48 and Quran carries forward also the remnant truth of all previous Scriptures; therefore; when we follow Quran, in fact we follow Complete UPDATED Divine Law. A Momin is that Muslim who is very practical and fully dedicated to Divine Law (Sura MomeNoon).

To sum up:

One GOD has only One True Path and that is called Islam 3:19, 3:85, 42:13, 3:67, 3:52
Who believes in Divine Laws/Bows to Divine Laws/Bend to Divine laws, is a Muslim (Aslama).
Who is practical and very dedicated to Divine Law is a Muslim-Momin (Upgraded stage of a Muslim).
Even good deeds of that person will not be accepted by God whom faith is NOT RIGHT 14:18. Content of Right faith from Adam to Mohammad can be read in Quran 4:136.

However never forget: That a Muslims must be also a Peaceful Person according to Divine Law.

Core Message of Quran in 2:177: Rituals are not good deed but Good deed is to have right faith (4:136). to follow Divine Law (aqimu-Salat) and then live whole life as a Philanthropist. To Serve Humanity.

War is permitted only in defense and even in war aggression is not allowed 2:190. So clearly no harm to noncombatants like women and children or who raise hands in war. (ISIS and Boko-Haraam are violating Quranic laws).

War is ORDAINED (fard) in order to rescue Oppressed people from an Oppressor/Zaalim 4:75 (our 60 shameless and faithless Muslim Rulers never implement verse 4:75). Pls note, 4:75 is a FARD/Mandatory.

Be kind and just with even non-Muslims who do not fight against you and do not drive you out of your homes. 60:8

Question 72: I am very much surprised with your comments on Five daily prayers to be Abbasid innovations while the Prophet himself prayed Five times. It is absurd comment. How can it be an innovation while generations right from the Prophet inherited that. Could you explain please.

Answer 72: You have no any proof from Quran (only the Book Prophet left behind) that Prophet prayed 5 Namaz Rituals. Quran ordains Salat but no any units of Sunni and Shia Rituals, what to read and how to pray. Therefore, Salat of Quran is in no way Rituals. If U will Prove from hadith books your rituals; then we will not accept your argument because no any Hadith was certified by Prophet. Hadith books were fabricated 250-800 years after the death of Prophet. All hadiths are mere fabrications. Do U trust Allah? If Yes: Then Allah says:I am Guardian of Quran 15:9 and my Quran explains every thing for a Muslim 12:111, 16:89, 17:12. So, what is in Quran is Islam and what is not, is not part of Islam at all. Prophet was bound to follow ONLY Quran 10:15, 6:114, 6:19 and who make Islamic law from any other Book except Book of Allah, has been declared by Allah, as Kaafirs in 5:44. For Islam, a Muslim must follow NO ANY OTHER BOOK but Quran. Quran 29:18, 5:99, 28:56, 3:80 47:2 makes clear that Task of messenger was NO MORE THAN to deliver Quran clearly to people. It was not duty of Messenger to explain Quran by hadiths Sunna or Seera. This is why, he left behind No any BOOK except Quran (Quran as Book was assembled by Prophet – Read our special page).

Quran has its own built-in dictionary and Quran fully explains itself. It is made Easy 54:17 simple Book and is Standalone, so is absolutely not in need of any external theological support of forged hadith sunna sira Tafsir Fiqa Contexts Nazool, freak Mullahs and evil Imams. Example: If stoning to Zani and stoning to Satan during Hajj is not given in Quran, that mean, that are not Part of Islam at all. Quran orders 100 lashes for a Zani regardless person is married or unmarried. Evil Hadith Imams copied stoning from Corrupted Torah, like “Woman is made from crooked Rib of Adam” is also imported from Jews corrupted Book Genesis 2:22. Stoning to Satan during Hajj is pre-islamic practice of Pagan-Arabs & kissing of Black stone (shirk) is also old Pagan Practice. Otherwise it was not difficult for Allah to give that points in Fully detailed Quran. If Allah can give Safa and Marwa in Quran, then why not stoning to Satan? Eid Rituals, Funeral Rituals (Only Dua in Quran), 5 Daily Namaz Rituals etc that all are innovations blended in Islam after Prophet.

Quran 28:56 tells: Mohammad cannot guide. So how he could guide Shia and Sunni with different brands of Rituals and Azan. Can Allah send us two types of Azan and two kind of Rituals? Just use ur common sense. Prophet never prayed that Namaz Rituals. That Rituals were blended by Queen Khairzan in years 773 A.D. She was a Zoroastrian Mother of Caliph Haroon Rasheed Abbasi. She told Imams to forge hadith of Miraaj to validate import of 5 Zoroastrian Namaz in Islam. Hadith of Mirajj is the Biggest Lie that converted DEEN Islam into counterfeited religion of Mullahs. Deen=Divinely Prescribed way of life. Islam is DEEN the sole 1 True Path of One God preached by all Prophets 42:13, 3:67, 3:52, 3:19, 3:85. Islam is never a Religion. All Religions are forged by Clergy. Religions has fabricated many Non-Scriptural Rituals but Quran of DEEN Islam FULLY BLASTS Rituals in Quran 2:177, when it says: It is NEVER a Good deed to turn ur face to EAST and West but Good deed is to have Right faith (4:136), to follow Divine Law(Aqimu-Salat) and to work for the betterment of Humanity (Philanthropy).

Ur point:

“How can it be an innovation while generations right from the Prophet inherited that”

is moronic and contains no any sense, logic and weight at all. Truth is: That we humans are sheeple (blind followers by Nature). One generation follows a lie, then next generation follows it again, then 3rd and then it becomes Matwatar law and all follow it, like sheep follows other sheep. Best example is of Christians. Jesus never said that he is literal son of GOD nor he said that I am God. But Christians has inherited this blasphemy/a big lie; not from 1200 years like we Muslims; but from 2000 years. They have produced millions of Ph.D in theology. But they are still on wrong path.

So we ask U: If Satan can send blindly-following the biggest religious group (Christians) of this planet, astray from 2000 years; then why same Satan cannot send 2nd big blindly-following group (we Muslims) astray too? What is your answer? You do not have any answer but one; and that is: That Satan is enemy of Christians, so he has sent them astray but Satan is friend of we Muslims; so he has ignored us. And that answer is the most preposterous.

Answered [Iblis]: “I am better than he: Thou hast created me out of fire, whereas him Thou hast created out of clay.” – 38:76 (Asad)

Said He: “Go forth, then, from this [angelic state] – for, behold, thou art henceforth accursed, – 38:77 (Asad) –

and My rejection shall be thy due until the Day of Judgment!” – 38:78 (Asad)

Said [Iblis]: “Then, O my Sustainer, grant me a respite till the Day when all shall be raised from the dead!” – 38:79 (Asad)

Answered He: “Verily, so [be it:] thou shalt be among those who are granted respite – 38:80 (Asad)

till the Day the time whereof is known [only to Me].” – 38:81 (Asad)

[Whereupon Iblis] said: “Then [I swear] by Thy very might: I shall most certainly beguile them all into grievous error – – 38:82 (Asad) –

[all] save such of them as are truly Thy servants!” – 38:83 (Asad)

[And God] said: “This, then, is the truth! And this truth do I state: – 38:84 (Asad) –

Most certainly will I fill hell with thee and such of them as shall follow thee, all together!” – 38:85 (Asad) –

Quran tells in 6:116 that always Majority followed false path. Thru out mankind history True and wise people always remained in Minority.

Seems U have sent us ur comments w/o reading all contents of our main page which makes about 1000-Book-Pages. So U need weeks or months to read and then to understand all our work. So please spare time and read contents of our following main page fully. Do not skip even one word, or, you will not understand what we are saying.

The most truthful Islamic; and Theological page of Present time


This main page contains over 70 pages on different topics. But first link on main page discusses IN DEPTH matter of Salat and 5 Rituals.

Question 73:

Answer 73:









Last testament of God Quran makes crystal clear in 3:19, 3:85 that one God has only one True Path and that is Islam. These verses also tell: People who will follow any other Deen except Islam will be losers on the day of Resurrection and their deeds will not be accepted. Therefore; all Prophets and Messengers of God preached none but Islam 42:13, 3:67, 2:130-133, 3:52; and all true followers of all Scriptures (given to Prophets), were Muslims. Quran 22:78 tells us: From Adam to Prophet Mohammad(s), God has named all True believers only “Muslims”. Not Hindu, Sikh, Yahoodi, Christian, Sunni or Shia etc. All scriptures are scriptures of Islam. Every new Prophet came with new scripture which contained updated version of Divine law. So it was mandatory for Muslims of all times to stick to the latest Scripture of their life-span. Moses was given Book of God “Torah”. Jesus/Isa was given Enjeel. Because all previous scriptures were to be implemented for a limited time, so after their time expired, those got corrupted. Old and New testament has been badly corrupted, this is why Quran abrogated Torah and Bible 1400 years ago in verse 2:105-106, 5:48. Quran updated Divine law and also carried forward still-valid remnant law of previous scriptures. For example: Quran carries forward 9 commandments from 10 commandments of Torah. 10th, Sabbath is dropped. Some Ignorant Islamophobes spread lies that Mohammad(s) has plagiarized some passages from new and old testament. These fools know not that author of Original Torah, Original Enjeel and Quran are not Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad (Peace be upon all of them) but Author of all scriptures is One GOD. When author plans to bring forward his new edition, usually he uses some still-valid material from previous editions in his new edition. So slander of Plagiarism is mere moronic nonsense. We must also note, that after Jesus, Original Aramaic Gospel of Jesus (Enjeel) became extinct. Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John are never scripture Enjeel but are unreliable hadiths of Jesus. In that books, truth and falsehood is melted down together. Any verse of today’s old and new testament which still runs along with Quran, can be considered still uncorrupted but all verses of old and new testament which contradict Quran, are corrupted. Even that four books of hadiths of Jesus Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John are being tampered from 1800 years. Many top bible Scholars like Dr. Bart D. Ehrman PhD and Dr. Robert Beckford PhD admit that Old and New testament have been badly corrupted. Top most Christian German bible scholar of all times Dr. Tischendorf also wrote that bible has been corrupted. For example when we read Book of Mark of 4th Century, its verse 1:1 is: “This is Gospel of Jesus Christ” but when we read Book of Mark of today, verse 1:1 has been badly tampered and now it is: “This is Gospel of Jesus Christ son of God”. You can see, by adding in verse “son of God” they turned table at 180 degree, as they made a mortal human Prophet, Son of God. In same way, in Gospel of John of today we see many verses which we do not find in the Gospel of John of 4th Century. Over 10 news manufactured verses has been blended in last chapter of Book of Mark that we read today because that over 10 verses never exist in Mark’s edition of 4th century. In fact there are thousands of contradictions in corrupted old and new testament. For example: following verses has been deleted from The NIV (New International Version); Matthew 17:21, 18:11, 23:14, Mark 7:16, 9:44, 9:46, 11:26, 15:28,16:9-20; Luke 17:36, 23:17; John 5:4, 5:7; Acts 8:37, 15:34, 24:7, 28:29; Romans 16:24. Nothings happened like this in Quran in past 1400 years. No any verse was blended or removed from Quran nor any verse was changed from one form to other.

Now there are two main groups, who from centuries, want to prove that Quran has also same problem as their Hadith books and 4 Gospels have. So it is to think like this “If am am sick, why my neighbor is not Sick too”. That two groups are: Christian Missionaries, and Sunni Hadithers. In order to defame and degrade Quran, and in order to bring Quran down to the level of fabricated Hadith Books and badly tamped Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John; hadithers and Christian Missionaries has invented many lies against Quran. Hadithers follow a false fabricated doctrine called abrogation but in fact Quran never abrogates its own verses but abrogates corrupted Bible and Torah in 2:105-106, 5:48. Hadithers also spread big lies from centuries that Quran, like hadiths, also came through narrations (Chinese whisper A told B told C told D told E….told X, told Z). But Truth is: Quran was instantly written down after Divine Revelations, and full Quran as hard book was present in the life of Prophet. You can read its full proof at: http://wp.me/p4GOwI-lv Quran is protected by God through memorization, and in all times thousands and thousands Hufaaz (people who memorize whole Quran) existed. At present time, over 50 millions Huffaaz exist. So even if Islamophobes publish Quran with twisted deformed words and verses; their trick will be useless because in Chest of 50 million Huffaaz is the same Quran which was in the hands of Prophet Mohammad(s). Hadithers and Christians missionaries has also invented together another lie against Quran. They call it Hafs and Warsh. Hafs and warsh is same one Quran with different style of Arabic graphic text. Because many Arabic regions, though write Quran in different style and some time they pronounce even same word differently but meaning of word remains same. Like in USA, Canada, and Britain, many English words are spelled/written differently and also some time pronounced differently. Like Color, Clour. Word “Schedule” is pronounced differently in USA and Canada from Britain. In same way: In Saudi Arabia, Friday is called Jum’a but in Egypt Friday is pronounced as Gum’a. But meaning is same which is Friday. In Saudia word Quran starts from “Qaaf with 2 dots at top” but in Morocco, they place just one dot on Qaaf instead of 2 dots but both Pronounce it as “Quran”. Usually “how are you” in Arabic is “kai’ful haal” but in some areas it is pronounced as “chai’ful haal”, here ch sounds like ch of chair. Please also note: 1400 years ago, in Arabic text, no any diacritical marks were used on Arabic words because being the mother tongue, Arabs knew how to read and pronounce the words without diacritical marks. Diacritical marks were added later in order to make the reading of Quran, easy for non-Arabs, so diacritical marks are not part of text but are mere facilitators. In Quran, God has addressed many time as “I did so” and also “We did so”. We, here is majestic Plural. Conclusively, that all minor differences in different Graphic Arabic texts makes no any difference in the meaning of any verse, any ethics, law, and codes of Quran, It is not like corrupted bible where many verses are deleted, made-up, and blended in Bible and many verses has been badly tampered. We have talked already above about that tampering. So try of Hadithers, Submitter-Cult, and Christian Missionaries to defame Quran is totally failed, and that has no any base at all. Last Prophet of God,  Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) died in year 6:32 A.D. and after his death, only Book of Quran was found in his Room. He left behind no any other written manuscript. He left no any hadith and Sunna manuscript. He did not certify any hadith. He did not verify any hadith. Six hadith Books of Sunni Sect labeled as Shihae Sitta and four of Shia books were fabricated 250+ years after the death of Prophet. 250 years is big time gap. Besides, contents of that books itself prove forgery of these books. All extra-Quranic books attached to Islam has no any relation with Islam. Quran makes clear in many verses that to Obey Allah and Messengers is same thing, and that is nothing else but to follow Quarn 6:114QuranicTranslationsFFQuranExplainsEverything2MessageForJahilMullahs2

In order to see a list of about 30+ innovations that were blended in Islam during Abbasid Period from 750-1258 A.D., Please refer to our following page:


Dear reader:
In order to ridicule BOOK of Allah and in order to try to prove that BOOK of Allah is incomplete; these Filthy Brainless Mushrik Jahil Hadithers have made-up many many nonsensical Questions including a question “is it permissible to pray naked”. These Mushriks are fighting with Allah to prove that his BOOK is incomplete about which Allah says repeatedly in Quran that his BOOK is complete and fully detailed and it explains every thing [that is Fard in Islam]. Please refer to Quranic verses given in this page about this point.

For more info, please visit all pages linked in our main page at: https://factszz.wordpress.com

Note for Kuffaar-Hadithers (Quran 5:44): If you have any question, post in your comments below this page. If you will fabricate one Million+ Questions; Team “Factszz” will post answers of your one million question from Noble Quran here on this page. Allah Aleem-ul-Khabeer has put us on a stand of truth and from that stand, we can answer any question you put



Some NonSensical Questions raised by Mushrik Hadithers in order to ridicule Book of Allah


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