All praise is due to Allah Al-Hayy-ul-Qayyoom who never dies and is closer to the person than his neck vein and knows even what soul of person whispers secretly and silently, who is focal point of all true love obedience and remembrance near a sincere devotee (Ibaad-al-Mukhle-seen), who must be praised and thanked in each breath in all awaken conditions when person is lying down, standing, walking,  and working, who solely deserves his house in each heart. All journeys start and end at Lord of Universe Allah Hayy-ul-Qayyoom. Hayi is the First and Hayi is the Last. Hayi (Allah) is with you wherever you may be. Hayi is the Outward as well as the Inward. Hayi is the Hidden and Hayi is the Manifest. Hayi does not live in any House but there is no any house where Hayi does not live. Nothing is like him. No human vision can encompass Him, whereas Hayi encompasses all human vision. Wherever you turn your face, is his presence. And Hayi is right present there in any meeting where one or more than one persons are confabulating. Hayi is Omniscient, and Omnipresent which mean everywhere and anywhere. His throne [Arsh] is extended to all spaces. “wasiAAa kursiyyuhu alssamawati waalarda 2:255”. Who is mindful about him in all awaken conditions, never goes astray; and who is gone astray due to his own stubbornness, no one can place him on right path except Allah Al-Haadi. If there be but the weight of a mustard-seed, and though it be [hidden] in a rock, or in the skies, or in the earth, Hayi knows about it. If you abide on a mountain-top or in a deepest vale or in the bottom of Sea or in a cave or in a quiet home or in any temple, God is always with you, and is closer to you than your neck-vein. His Throne is extended to all spaces 2:115, 2:142, 2:177, 50:16, 57:4, 58:7, 24:35, 2:255, 56:83…85, 42:11. Hayi is the supreme judge, and on the day, in his court, no one will be wronged even equal to a mustard seed. Quran 21:47 (Allah Al-Hayi says) “But We shall set up just balance-scales on Resurrection Day, and no human being shall be wronged in the least: for though there be [in him but] the weight of a mustard seed [of good or evil], We shall bring it forth; and none can take count as We do!” 

God says in Quran sura Waqia: Quran 56:83..85: “Why, then, when [the last breath] comes up to the throat [of a dying man]; the while you are [helplessly] looking on; and while We are closer to him than you, although you see [Us] not”. (Because Man and his eye is in Material World but Real Immortal world of Eternal God is in Spiritual Realm. Two different dimensional planes. This is why: Human eye cannot see God but after death (or Meditation), Man’s spiritual eye (also called 3rd eye) can see in Spiritual Realm). God says about events after death “Certainly you were heedless of it, but now We have removed from you your veil, so your sight today is sharp (Quran 50:22)”.  Fact is: Life on this earth is like living in a dark room; but it is the death that turns on the light-button of that dark room. Even before death, if you got enlightenment due to intensive proper-meditation; your Light-button might be partially switched on. 

No human vision can encompass Him, whereas HU (God) encompasses all human vision: for He alone is unfathomable, all-aware.” (Quran 6:103, 7:143) — “And nothing is like him (Quran 42:11)”.  Therefore; O Man: Be mindful about HU in your each breath. Any breath which goes out in without his mindfulness, is in his denial. A Man of God said: “My Teacher has taught me a precious lesson: The Moment you have forgotten to remember God, is moment you have spent in denial of God”.

Be Peace and blessings upon all Prophets and Messengers of God. God has ordained we Muslims not to make any distinction among them “la nufarriqu bayna ahadin” (Quran 3:84, 2:136, 2:285), as all prophets and Messengers were prophets and Messengers of Islam. They all preached none but Islam (Quran 3:19, 3:85, 42:13, 10:72, 3:67, 2:130-140, 10:84, 3:52). You are visiting the most truthful Islamic page of present time. This page is also a Gold-mine for the students of spirituality, history, theology and comparative religions. We are highly honest Surgeons but excuse us, we do surgery without giving any kind of anesthesia to patient. We do not care, if patient cries aloud during surgery but we do care about the ultimate health of patient. If apparently, this page looks you muddy; then know, that diamonds of truth are hidden in this mud. If you are not interested in diamonds, then please exit from this page right now and look some fancy pages of Mullahs, Imams and Number-2 scholars who are deceiving we blindly-following humans from centuries. Majority of so labelled as big even Ph.D scholars of today, and of past 1200 years are/were in fact deceivers and disciples of Satan. Be ready for big jolts and ruthless shocks. If you are a heart patient and at the same time you are also a fanatic; then we advise, not to proceed, but if you are a brave, sincere, honest and mature Truth-Seeker; then this page is for you. Our Non-Muslim Sisters and Our Non-Muslim Brothers: In this website, we are not imposing on you any irrational dogmatic fables like Clergy, Mullahs, Imams, and Priests do. This site invites you for a rational and sensible dialogue.

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Below are some highlights of above-given pages pinpointed to Pseudo Scholars, Right Path, Lie of Abrogation, misguided mainstream, curse of blind following, core message of Noble Quran, Atheism, Ignorant Ph.D’s, Islam sole one true path of one God, Christianity, Judaism, Prophets and their faith, Evil Sects, Satanic innovations of Hadiths and Sunna, some samples of authentic-lies called hadiths, Paul launched  the biggest dogmatic fraud of mankind history, Attitude of Four guided Caliphs toward hadiths, task assigned to messengers, how hypocrite hadith imams ridiculed Prophet, Quran, and Islam, who is true Muslim, Status of Clergy in Islam, Democracy vs Quranocracy, Democracy an irrational system, who was Paul of Islam, lie of stoning (Rajam), The Name Muslim, Islamic law valid only from Quran, Islam is Deen, and not a religion, and a fine  and precise touch to Spirituality and Reality; and much more.There is another example of one of the biggest impostors of present time; and his Name is Tahir-ul-Padri. He is from Pakistan. He is king of all Mushriks. He spent his whole life to preach Shirk and Zindqa. He wrote over 500 books and that his all books are nothing but crap, not worth of even one cent. But Why? Because his all work is based on millions of fabricated hadiths. And in order to make his point, he frequently twist verses of Quran and feels no any shame for this crime. Please note, in Ignorant Pakistani Society, he has millions of followers who are in fact brainless hypnotized pets.

Another example is of Zakir Nuke. He is one of the greatest Debaters of Present time but he preaches Truth with tons of lies, and so he in this way violated verse 2:42. Why? Because his some work is based on fabricated Hadiths. Beside, his knowledge is confined only to a few fields. We can give one example of his ignorance. In order to support fiction of Jesus, he was telling in one video: Look: Fiction of Jesus is also mentioned in Bibles. Despite he always say (which is truth) that Bibles has been corrupted. So Mr Naik; how can you support a fiction from books that you know, are already corrupted? Therefore; when such kind of our Monafak Mullahs want to support their some unsound beliefs, even Haraam becomes Halaal for them. Besides; he told a big lie, that fiction of ascension and return of prophet Isa/Jesus is also mentioned in Bibles. How? We with our eyes have read oldest bibles of Mark Mathew Luke and John of 4th Century and there is no any trace of fable of ascension and return of Jesus. Church added this fable centuries later in Gospel of Mark to show converts that Christianity is superior to Islam. So that Missionary could say, Look: Prophet Mohammad is at ground and Isa is alive up in heaven. Later other gospels writers copied that fable from gospel of Mark. Please read fully our page mentioned above “Best Scholarly page about Jesus”. When one tells truth to these brain-bent fanatics; they will declare him immediately a Qadiani or hadith rejecter. MirzaAndKahlifa2ImpostorsOur team fully believes that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani and Rashaad Khalifa were impostors; and Prophet Mohammad was the last Prophet and Messenger of GOD. And If you do not reject hadiths that were forged by Persian Zoroastrian pseudo imams 250-400 years after the death of Prophet, then you are a Kaafir as per Quran 5:44.True_Sharia_LawQuran3_80 Another Example is of Gavaid Jamidi. He has very limited approach in many important fields of knowledge such as history, medical science, para-psychology, metaphysics, spirituality and ancient Arabic literature etc; yet he has been branded as Scholar. Though he took bold steps about the fictions of Mahdi, Dajjal and Isa but still he preaches many lies fully loaded with shirk. Like majority of Mullahs, he in his whole life failed to learn difference between DEEN (Divinely Prescribed way of life), and Religion. He failed to know that approach of Quranic Divine System is mainly Qualitative , but approach of Ibleesian System “Democracy” is only Quantitative. Quran stands with TRUTH, even if spoken by just one person among 7.3 Billions. Democracy has to do nothing with truth; as it stands with majority regardless if that majority is of even evil-doers. If a democratic parliament comprises evil-doers; they can permit to publish insulting cartoon of Prophet Mohammad under label of freedom of speech, despite GOD witnessed in his last testament “Quran” that Prophet Mohammad used to have the highest Moral and Ethical Standard. If Majority in a Society is of ignorant thieves; they can elect top-thief as their President. Yet Jamidi supports that Ibleesian system in order to please West. In one video Mr Jamidi was telling that in Mosques, text of Christian Bible should be read too but this Pseudo Mullah is not aware that after Jesus, Original Gospel of Jesus “Enjeel” in Aramaic language became extinct. Mark Matthew Luke and John are never Enjeel nor are Scripture but are books of Hadiths of Jesus which his followers compiled centuries after Jesus. In fact that books remained anonymous books for over 150~200 years (Professor Paula). Besides; even that four hadith books of Christians (names are mentioned above) are being edited, recast, and tampered from centuries. Manuscripts of 4th Century show: Jesus as son of Man but now that verse has been changed into son of God in Gospel of Mark. Same is done in other three Gospels. So how Mr Jamidi can suggest Muslims to read parts of that 4 tampered hadith books of Christians in Masjid? Besides; every new Divine Book updated previous Divine Law, and so it superseded previous Scriptures. Being final Book of GOD, Quran has carried forward Still-Not-Expired laws of Previous Scriptures, and also, Quran has updated Divine Law. For example: Quran carried forward almost all dietary laws of Original Un-Corrupted Torah. This is why; Kosher of Yahood is Halal for Muslims. Quran has also carried forward 9 out of 10 Commandments of un-corrupted Torah. During update of Divine-Law, Quran has dropped 10th Commandment of Torah which is called Sabbath. So Quran has superseded all previous Scriptures. Though we Muslim believe, and must believe 4:136 that all original un-corrupted Divine Books books were from God, but after landing of Quran; People must follow Only Updated version of Divine Law which is in Quran Only. This why, Quran has abrogated bible and Torah in 2:105-106 and has superseded those books 5:48. Because Author of all Scriptures is One God; So slander of Plagiarism has no any base at all. Even we can see many historical reports in which Prophet Mohammad(s) told Muslims not to follow Torah or Bible but only Quran. On many Occasions, Prophet said: Even if Moses(s) and Isa(s) Jesus were alive today: They would have followed me (Ibn Qayyim); mean the Book which God has sent to me, Quran 6:114. Another example is of Bilal Philips. (like Lion of Islam Shaykh Khalid Yasin) He is one of the greatest speakers we have ever seen. A dedicated sincere Muslim. We pray Hayi to grant him long life with excellent health. We are his fan and we love him more than his father loved him but and but, yet he spends hours to defend one lie of Zoroastrian Bukhari in which Bukhari says that Prophet at age of 52 years did sex with 9 year Aisha RA. This is the report which was forged by 11 Shia Narrators of Koofa and Basra Iraq, and Bukhari added this report in his Book to defame last Prophet, about whom, Allah witnessed in Quran that he used to have the best Conduct. See links at our main page for actual age of Aisha RA.

Quran22_78DiagramFSome say: Muslim and Islam mean nothing and those words are invented by Clergy. Another group says: Its mean submission and they have invented a new cult labeled as Submitter;, yet another group claims through their incomplete phony defective Arabic grammar, that meaning of Islam is mere Peace and meaning of Muslim is mere a “Peaceful Person.” But assume: you believe in God, and another person does not believe in God but he is still a peaceful person. Will we say that “Peaceful Atheist” a Muslim? Absolutely not. Therefore; to say, that Muslim mean “mere a Peaceful Person” is totally illogical and irrational argument. People who claims so, give example of “Assalamo-Alaikum” “Peace be upon you” but they forget that Arabic is so big language that just for Camel, there are over 5000 words, and meaning of Quranic word Sajadah is not only physical prostration. Though word “salam” means peace too but it has other meanings too such as “submit/bow to”. If you are in an Arab Country, and you request a favor from your friend, he might answer “Tislam” which mean “on my head”, I will do same as you have told/commanded (will submit to command). When we read whole Quran; we can easily realize: That a Muslim was and is that Person who, from Adam to Prophet Mohammad, believed in One God, and followed his Divine Law (given in Scripture of that time). Therefore; from Adam to Prophet Mohammad, all True Believers the followers of Divine law, were/are NAMED by GOD as “Muslims” in 22:78. All Scriptures were scriptures of Islam and All Prophets and Messengers were Prophets and Messengers of Islam 42:13. Quran in 3:85 uses verbal noun “alislami deenan”. True Followers of Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, Ishmael, and Moses David Jesus and Mohammad were/are Muslims. 3:19, 3:85, 3:52, 3:67, 42:13, 22:78. Islam is name of a Deen (Divine System) that a Muslim submits to. A Momin is perfect stage of a Muslim when he is fully practically dedicated to Divine laws (Read Sura Momi-noon). A Muslim cannot be a Muslim unless he/she believes in all Messengers of GOD 4:136 (because they all were Messengers of Islam), and believes, that all Original Scriptures were sent by God because all Scriptures were scripture of “Muslims and Islam” which has been now superseded by final edition of all scriptures “Quran” 5:48, 2:105-106. Quran updates Divine Law and also carries forward remnant Truth of all previous scriptures.

To make the concept further clear; consider from Adam to Prophet Mohammad, only one Scripture of Islam with various editions; and Quran is final edition of that Scripture. Like, First Edition was sent to Idris, 2nd updated edition to Noah, …. next updated edition to Abraham … next updated edition to Moses … next updated edition to David, then Solomon … Next updated edition of same scripture to Isa/Jesus, and next Final edition to Mohammad in which that DEEN ISLAM is finalized which was preached also by Idris, Noah, Abraham, Ismael, Issac, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus and Mohammad (Quran 42:13, 3:19, 3:85, 3:67, 3:52). This is why Quran testifies all previous editions of Scripture.  

However, as per Divine Law that a Muslim follows, a Muslim must also be a Peaceful Philanthropist 2:177, 60:9, 20:190. In 22:78, GOD has named believers of all times as Muslim. So Muslim is a name assigned to a believer; and all know that names are not translated. Mr Black is never Mr Aswad in Saudi Arabia but still Mr. Black. Therefore; in any language word Muslim is Only Muslim, and never mozlem or moslem or Submitter. Christianity and Judaism are not product of Moses and Jesus but of Paul, Constantine, and Talmudic Rabbis. Quranic verse 6:125 shows meaning of word Islam by contrast. Allah expands breast of a guided one with Islam but who is sent astray (due to his own stubbornness), his breast is narrowed (mean in sense). So Islam is to follow Divine Law, and Kuffar is to deny Divine law. Verse 9:74 also designates Islam as an opposite to Kuffar (To deny God and his laws). So again, to follow Divine laws is Islam and to deny Divine laws is Kuffar. Verses 39:22, 61:17 show same contrast. Islam is Deen which mean “Divinely prescribed way of/system of life”. A Muslim follows Laws of Divine System throughout his life.   Muslim_Name_TranslationNoahAgreatMuslimQuran3_67PlusNote

JesusWasMuslimF2Following is record from one the most recognized historians of First Century. Though in historical records, not every thing is 100% authentic but even if not all, but most of following text appears sound and credible to us. After reading following text, reader is requested to compare character of Essene (Hawaari’yoon of Quarn 3:52) with the character of followers of Paul that we call Christians. In following text (relevant to Essence) Important lines are highlighted with Red font and blue color of font shows comments of Team Factszz:

The Essene; although Judeans by ancestry, they are even more mutually affectionate than the others. Whereas these men shun the pleasures as vice, they consider self-control and not succumbing to the passions virtue. And although there is among them a disdain for marriage, adopting the children of outsiders while they are still malleable enough for the lessons they regard them as family and instill in them their principles of character: without doing away with marriage or the succession resulting from it, they nevertheless protect themselves from the wanton ways of women, having been persuaded that none of them preserves her faithfulness to one man. There is also a different order of Essene. Though agreeing with the others about regimen and customs and legal matters, it has separated in its opinion about marriage. For they hold that those who do not marry cut off the greatest part of life, the succession, and more: if all were to think the same way, the line would very quickly die out.

Since [they are] despisers of wealth—their communal stock is astonishing—, one cannot find a person among them who has more in terms of possessions. For by a law, those coming into the school must yield up their funds to the order, with the result that in all [their ranks] neither the humiliation of poverty nor the superiority of wealth is detectable, but the assets of each one have been mixed in together, as if they were brothers, to create one fund for all. They consider olive oil a stain, and should anyone be accidentally smeared with it he scrubs his body, for they make it a point of honor to remain hard and dry, and to wear white always. Hand-elected are the curators of the communal affairs, and indivisible are they, each and every one, [in pursuing] their functions to the advantage of all.

By “Factszz”: Here it will be important to mention Quranic verse 2:219. God addressed Prophet and said: “…..And they (people) also ask you about what to give to charity: say whatever is surplus to your needs…..”

No one city is theirs, but they settle amply in each. And for those school-members who arrive from elsewhere, all that the community has is laid out for them in the same way as if they were their own things, and they go in and stay with those they have never even seen before as if they were the most intimate friends. For this reason they make trips without carrying any baggage at all—though armed on account of the bandits. In each city a steward of the order appointed specially for the visitors is designated quartermaster for clothing and the other amenities. Dress and also deportment of body: like children being educated with fear. They replace neither clothes (though used to wash) nor footwear until the old set is ripped all over or worn through with age. Among themselves, they neither shop for nor sell anything; but each one, after giving the things that he has to the one in need, takes in exchange anything useful that the other has. And even without this reciprocal giving, the transfer to them [of goods] from whomever they wish is unimpeded.

Toward the Deity (God), at least: pious observances uniquely [expressed]. Before the sun rises, they utter nothing of the mundane things, but only certain ancestral prayers (seems Dua/Adore God) to him, as if begging him (Clearly it seems Dua) to come up. After these things, they are dismissed by the curators to the various crafts that they have each come to know, and after they have worked strenuously until the fifth hour they are again assembled in one area, where they belt on linen covers and wash their bodies in frigid water (mean normal cold water refer to Quran 5:6). After this purification they gather in a private hall, into which none of those who hold different views may enter: now pure themselves, they approach the dining room as if it were some [kind of] sanctuary. After they have seated themselves in silence, the baker serves the loaves in order, whereas the cook serves each person one dish of one food. The priest (seems Dua) offers a prayer before the food, and it is forbidden to taste anything before the prayer; when he has had his breakfast he offers another concluding prayer (Dua like thanking GOD, you have granted us Rizk). While starting and also while finishing, then, they honor God as the sponsor of life (Sustainer). At that, laying aside their clothes as if they were holy, they apply themselves to their labors again until evening. They dine in a similar way: when they have returned, they sit down with the visitors, if any happen to be present with them, and neither yelling nor disorder pollutes the house at any time, but they yield conversation to one another in order. And to those from outside, the silence of those inside appears as a kind of shiver-inducing mystery. The reason for this is their continuous sobriety and the rationing of food and drink among them—to the point of fullness.

As for other areas: although there is nothing that they do without the curators’ having ordered it, these two things are matters of personal prerogative among them: [rendering] assistance and mercy. For helping those who are worthy, whenever they might need it, and also extending food to those who are in want are indeed left up to the individual (Please refer to Quran 2:177); but in the case of the relatives, such distribution is not allowed to be done without [permission from] the managers. Conc anger, just controllers; as for temper, able to contain it; of fidelity, masters; of peace, servants. And whereas everything spoken by them is more forceful than an oath, swearing itself they avoid, considering it worse than the false oath; for they declare to be already degraded one who is unworthy of belief without God. They are extraordinarily keen about the compositions of the ancients, selecting especially those [oriented] toward the benefit of soul and body. On the basis of these and for the treatment of diseases, roots, apotropaic materials, and the special properties of stones are investigated.

To those who are eager for their school, the entry-way is not a direct one, but they prescribe a regimen for the person who remains outside for a year, giving him a little hatchet as well as the aforementioned waist-covering and white clothing (Hawari’yoon f Quran 3:52). Whenever he should give proof of his self-control during this period, he approaches nearer to the regimen and indeed shares in the purer waters for purification, though he is not yet received into the functions of communal life. For after this demonstration of endurance, the character is tested for two further years, and after he has thus been shown worthy he is reckoned into the group. Before he may touch the communal food, however, he swears dreadful oaths to them: first, that he will observe piety toward the deity; then, that he will maintain just actions toward humanity; that he will harm no one, whether by his own deliberation or under order;StatOf20thCentury2that he will hate the unjust and contend together with the just; that he will always maintain faithfulness to all, especially to those in control, for without God it does not fall to anyone to hold office, and that, should he hold office, he will never abuse his authority—outshining his subordinates, whether by dress or by some form of extravagant appearance; always to love the truth and expose the liars (Refer to Quran 2:42); that he will keep his hands pure from theft and his soul from unholy gain; that he will neither conceal anything from the school-members nor disclose anything of theirs to others, even if one should apply force to the point of death. In addition to these, he swears that he will impart the precepts to no one otherwise than as he received them, that he will keep away from banditry, and that he will preserve intact their school’s books and the names of the angels. With such oaths as these they completely secure those who join them.

Those they have convicted of sufficiently serious errors they expel from the order. And the one who has been reckoned out often perishes by a most pitiable fate. For, constrained by the oaths and customs, he is unable to partake of food from others. Eating grass and in hunger, his body wastes away and perishes. That is why they have actually shown mercy and taken back many in their final gasps, regarding as sufficient for their errors this ordeal to the point of death.

Now with respect to trials, [they are] just and extremely precise: they render judgment after having assembled no fewer than a hundred, and something that has been determined by them is non-negotiable. There is a great reverence among them for—next to God—the name of the lawgiver, and if anyone insults him he is punished by death. They make it point of honor to submit to the elders and to a majority. So if ten were seated together, one person would not speak if the nine were unwilling. They guard against spitting into [their] middles or to the right side and against applying themselves to labors on the seventh days, even more than all other Judeans (Zoroastrian Hadith Imams allow Hadithers to spit even during Non-Quranic Five Zoro-Rituals): for not only do they prepare their own food one day before, so that they might not kindle a fire on that day, but they do not even dare to transport a container—or go to relieve themselves. On the other days they dig a hole of a foot’s depth with a trowel—this is what that small hatchet given by them to the neophytes is for—and wrapping their cloak around them completely, so as not to outrage the rays of God, they relieve themselves into it [the hole]. After that, they haul back the excavated earth into the hole. (When they do this, they pick out for themselves the more deserted spots.) Even though the secretion of excrement is certainly a natural function, it is customary to wash themselves off after it as if they have become polluted. (As no modern toilets existed in those days and no any method could be better, clean and hygienic than the method they adopted)

They are divided into four classes, according to their duration in the training, and the later-joiners are so inferior to the earlier-joiners that if they should touch them, the latter wash themselves off as if they have mingled with a foreigner. [They are] long-lived, most of them passing 100 years—as a result, it seems to me at least, of the simplicity of their regimen and their orderliness. Despisers of terrors, triumphing over agonies by their wills, considering death—if it arrives with glory—better than deathlessness. The war against the Romans proved their souls in every way: during it, while being twisted and also bent, burned and also broken, and passing through all the torture-chamber instruments, with the aim that they might insult the lawgiver or eat something not customary, they did not put up with suffering either one: not once gratifying those who were tormenting [them], or crying. But smiling in their agonies and making fun of those who were inflicting the tortures, they would cheerfully dismiss their souls, [knowing] that they would get them back again.

For the view has become tenaciously held among them that whereas our bodies are perishable and their matter impermanent, our souls endure forever, deathless: they get entangled, having emanated from the most refined ether, as if drawn down by a certain charm into the prisons that are bodies. But when they are released from the restraints of the flesh, as if freed from a long period of slavery, then they rejoice and are carried upwards in suspension. pulses of the bad are impeded by anxiety, as they expect that even if they escape detection while living, after their demise they will be subject to deathless retribution. Team Factszz thanks to author of following page which is source of above-given text :


Important_Callout2Quran_2_62Important Note by Team Factszz about verses 2:62, 5:69:

Majority of ignorant Imams, Mullahs, their brainwashed pets, Atheists and all other haters, usually pick any one verse of Quran and conclude, this and that is said by Quran. This approach could be totally wrong and dangerously misleading. Quran must be understood as one whole book because verses of different chapters explain each other and are interconnected. When a Person reads one verse; at the same time, his eyesight must be on all other verses of Quran. Only this is the way to understand scripture correctly. For example: One verse says, a Muslim-Man can marry a Jew or Nasaara woman provided she is not Mushrika (who make partners with GOD). To say Jesus, son of GOD or GOD is shirk 5:72. Marriage is allowed but one verse says: Do not take Jews and Christians as your friends 5:51. So? But Quran 60:9 explains already mentioned verses, and says: Do not take those your friends if they fight against you and drive you out from your homes. In 60:8, this point is further clarified, that Muslims should be kind with all those non-Muslims who do not fight against you and do not drive you out of your homes. So point is crystal clear now “Friendship is forbidden only with those who fight with you and drive you out of your homes”. We can present many more examples like this one. Quran is standalone fully detailed BOOK and it fully explains itself and is absolutely not in need of any other theological man-made book or any Mullah or any Imam 25:30, 25:33, 12:111, 16:89, 17:12 . Now we come to the point. Before reading, verse 2:62 and 5:69, Reader must have sight on all verses of Quran. Some relevant points to verses 2:62, 5:69 are as under:

1- Allah has named all True Followers of all Prophets and Messengers “MUSLIM” 22:78. Therefore; all true followers of Idris, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad (peace be upon all of them) were only and only MUSLIM. Please note that Muslim is the name given to True Followers of all Prophets in 22:78, and name cannot be translated into any other language. Mr. Black will not be called Mr. Aswad in Saudi Arabia. Even in Saudi Arabia he will be called Mr. Black.

2- All Prophets/Messengers preached none but sole one same path of one GOD “Islam”. All prophets/Messengers were prophets/Messengers of Islam and all Original (not corrupted) Scriptures were scriptures of Islam. This is why, as per Quran, a Person cannot be Muslim just by saying “La ilaha ill-Allah; Mohammad Rasool-Allah” but by believing, not just in Mohammad(s) but in all Messengers and Prophets 4:136. This is the very clear Truth of Quran. Never follow millions of fabricated hadiths that will only misguide you. Quran is final edition of all Scriptures and it supersedes all previous scriptures 2:105-106, 5:48, 4:136, 2:133, 10:84, 42:13, 10:72, 3:52, 3:19, 3:85, 3:67, 28:52-53-54, 5:72, 22:78,

3- Prophet Abraham(s) was neither a JEW nor Nasara but was upright Muslim 3:67. This makes clear, that tribal words Jew and Nasara and their made-up dogmas has no any relation with true path of GOD “Islam”.

4- Allah will not accept any DEEN (Divinely Prescribed way of life) from anyone except ISLAM. And anyone who follows any other DEEN (some say religion) is gone astray, and at end, will be loser 3:19, 3:85.

5- All Muslims the true followers of all Prophets must had believed and believe in five. Allah, Angels, Scriptures, Prophets and Messengers, and Day of Judgment. The Haadoo, Sabians and Nasaara mentioned in verses 2:62 and 5:69 were nothing else but Yahoodi-Muslims (true followers of Moses), and Nasaara-Muslims Hawariyoon (True Followers of Jesus 3:52). Not all Yahoodi (from Tribe of Judah) were Muslims and not all Nasara (Nazarene) were Muslims. Like, there are Chinese-Muslims but not all-Chinese are Muslims.

Quran 27:42 (~2800 years ago when Queen Saba reached in Court of Prophet Solomon(s): “So when the queen arrived, she was asked: “Is your throne like this?” She replied: “It looks as if it is the same; we had come to know that Solomon is not only a king but also a Prophet, therefore we have already become Muslims.”

6- Like all Prophets, Moses also preached none but Islam. No name of any other Prophet appears in Quran more than name of Moses(s). Then from where came Juda-ism? Know, that Prophet Jacob(s) had 12 sons, and on each son, there was a tribe. So there were 12 Tribes. In 722 B.C, Syrian King Sargon-II attacked Israeli State and destroyed much part of it, and took many tribes as captives, and later deported them to East (Afghanistan and Kashmir). Again Babylonian (now Iraq) King Nebuchadnezzar (Bakhat Nasar) attacked Israeli State around 582 B.C. and took remainder tribes in captivity and later deported them to Afghanistan and Kashmir. Consequently, after attacks of Sargon-II and Nebuchadnezzar (Bakhat Nasar); from 12 tribes, 10 were taken away and only two tribes, tribe of “Judah and tribe of Benjamin” were left in Palestine. Have you noticed that “Judah” was not a dogma or DEEN or Religion but a Tribe? Centuries after the death of Moses(s), Talmudic Rabbis converted name of Tribe “Judah” into a dogma called Judaism. So Yahoodi (From tribe Judah) is a Person who belongs to tribe of Judah. As we say, he is a American Muslim, German Muslim etc., say, he is a Yahoodi-Muslim (Hadoo) the true follower of Moses, he is Nasaara-Muslim the true follower of Jesus 3:52. Nasara/Nazarene mean a Person from Nazareth. And it’s never mean “Christian”. Nasara is not dogma but Tribe. However; Christianity is a dogma manufactured by Roman Mithraic policeman Paul who was ardent follower of Pagan Cult Mithraism. He was born in Tarsus Turkey and his actual name was Saul. Do you know, in those days, Tarsus was the biggest center of Pagan Cult Mithraism! Christianity is in fact duplicate copy of Mithraism 5:72. Trinity, Son-ship, Virgin Birth, sacred day Sunday (SUN-Day) that all stuff was imported from Mithraism. Neither first canonical bible, Bible of Mark, and John nor Quran and history tell that Jesus was born without human father. We know each word of Quran. Mullahs twist verses of Quran and whole Sura Maryam. Please read our special page “Was Jesus born without human father?” By origin, Afghani and Kashmiri people are Israelite’s lost 10 tribes that were taken away from Palestine by King Sargon-II and King Nebuchadnezzar. Even after 2700 years, their Marriage customs, DNA, women dress, facial contour/features, habits, food style, even most of their tribe names are exactly same as were of Biblical Israelite. For irrefutable proof, read our page “Best Scholarly Page on the life of Jesus”. Also read our page “How to prove rationally that Qadiani the followers of Impostor Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani are not Muslims”.

Some Christian missionaries falsely claim: that Christians believed Jesus as Son of GOD and GOD even at the time when Quran was landing. No. This is not True. True Nasaara never believed so. They considered Jesus only a Messenger of GOD. There were other whom Satan mislead, and they believed in blasphemies (Christians). The biggest proof is; that one of the oldest Nasaara Communities is in Kerala South India. They are who were taught by Thomas, right hand of Jesus, 2000 years ago. Up to year 1500 A.D, followers of Jesus in Kerala India never believed that Jesus is son of GOD or GOD until Portuguese invaded that states in 15th century and told them, either you follow our Christian-belief (loaded with blasphemies) or perish. They were forced to believe in blasphemies of Trinity, son-ship and god-ship; and later a generation follows previous generation.

Zoroaster was a Monotheist Prophet of GOD, and Majoos mentioned in Quran 22:17 were in fact true Muslim-followers of Zoroaster (22:78, 3:19, 3:85). But about 500 years after the death Zoroaster, his true path was hijacked by Hakeem Mani. Mani badly distorted teachings of Zoroaster and invented 5 Zoroastrian Namaz Rituals and fire worship. We have very reliable historical record which show: during visit of Persia, Jesus/Isa debated Zoroastrian Magi (Follower of Mani Manichaeism), and Jesus told them in debate: Stop Worshiping Fire. Full reference is given in our another page “Quranic Salat”. That 5 Namaz Rituals which were Invented by Mani were later blended in Islam through Forgery of Hadith of Miraaj. In same way, Rituals of Yahood were invented by Talmudic Rabbis. Because God is Omnipresent, so such kind of directional rituals with Physical drill has nothing to do with true Path of God. Quran defines a Good deed, not Rituals, but Philanthropy 2:177 Quran2_62FullNoteTo sum up: Even today there is website of Jew-Muslims with name “Jews for Allah”. People mentioned in verses 2:62 and 5:69 are none but Yahoodi-Muslims the True followers of Moses 2:133, 10:84; and Nasaara-Muslims the true followers of Jesus 3:52. Sabians mentioned in these two verses are nothing else but Sabian-Muslims the True followers of any other Prophet, some say, they were true followers of Prophet Idris but we are not sure and it is not important to know who they were. Allah Jalla Aala never contradicts his own verbatim words given in Quran. Verse 4:136 makes clear that anyone who does not believe even in any one article from five, he/she has gone astray. Then how Allah can reward those in 2:62, if they did not believe in Five, Allah, Angels, Prophets/Messengers, Books and day of Judgment? For Sure, Hadooo, Nasara and Sabians mentioned in verses 2:62 and 5:69 had belief in FIVE; and who believed in five and now believes in five, is a Muslim. All True Followers of Jesus were Muslims 3:52 but after landing of Quran, they will remain Muslims only if they believed also in Quran and Prophet Mohammad(s) too. 28:52-53-54, 4:136. islamdeennotculturePlease also note that in verses 2:62, 5:69, conditionally, word “AAamila salihan” is also used; and definition of “Amil saliha” (good deed) is given in 2:177 which is “To believe in Five plus Philanthropy“. Therefore; from Adam to Mohammad, any person who believed in Five and offered his services in the field of Philanthropy, was a Muslim and is a Muslim 22:78. Quran makes VERY CLEAR that No any action of a person is “Amil Saliha” (good deed) unless he/she follows verse 2:177, 4:136. Please read 14:18 too. Almost all non-Muslims and many even blindly-following Muslims think that Islam was started from Prophet Mohammad. But Quran makes very clear that all Messengers of GOD including Moses and Jesus preached none but Islam. All true followers of all Messengers were Muslims, and they were never followers of fabricated dogmas of Judaism or Christianity 3:67, 22:78, 42:13, 3:52. Islam never started from Prophet Mohammad but was perfected upon him 5:3. Never Jesus but Mr. Paul was founder of Christianity.

OneGodOnePathFreeWillCOHow some so called Modern-Muslims (in fact a gang of Pseudo liberal hypocrites) twist and misuse Quranic verses 2:256 and 10:99

It is clear from verses 2:256 and 10:99 that Quran clarifies two paths, the path of Rahman (God) that leads one to paradise; and path of Satan that drags one to Hell. In other words, though Quran advises to follow path of God but it leaves one free to be either a Muslim or a Kaafir. Therefore; a person is free to chose any of that two paths. But when a person has embraced Islam, he/she has to live according to the laws, ethics and codes of Noble Quran that clarifies what is Halaal (legal) and what is Haraam (illegal). Under a Muslim-Rule, one has no absolute free-will. Person is not allowed to commit Zina (adultery) or to drink wine or to murder or to slander others or to steal etc. For example; under a Muslim-Rule, a Person is not allowed to slander a Chaste lady (80 lashes for slander-monger); but also a woman is not allowed to spread lewdness in society 4:15, and if court places such a woman under house-arrest for life until she repents 4:15; she cannot contest her this case in court by saying, that Quran authorizes me free-will. Free-will is for, to chose a path but when one has chosen the path, he/she has to abide by the laws of that path/system. I.e., in Germany, we have to abide by German-laws; in USA, we have to abide by US-laws too; and in same way, under a Muslim-Rule, a Muslim has to abide by the Laws of Noble Quran. Nowhere one is allowed to commit illegal things under pretext of “FREE-WILL”, and that makes distinction between an human and an animal. It is like; in USA, one has free-will to decide if he wants to reside in State of New York or Oklahoma; and in Canada, if one wants to reside in Ontario or Manitoba; but after decision has been taken; he has to obey laws of that State/Province honestly and sincerely. If you cannot, then move to other place, where you can follow law (Quran 4:97).NeverForgetCO1– Islam is the only Sole True Path of One God. All Messengers of God from Adam to Mohammad preached only Islam. All Scriptures of God were/are Scriptures of Islam. Judaism and Christianity are not dogmas of Muslim-Moses and Muslim-Isa (Jesus) but were made-up by Talmudic Rabbis, and Paul and Constantine. Remember firmly that all True followers of the Scriptures that were sent to their relevant Prophets, used to call themselves only Muslims 22:78, and history has proved it too 42:13, 3:19, 3:85, 3:52, 3:67.

2– If any Muslim commits any evil or any act of Terrorism, then blame that Idiot but not Quran in which Islam has been Finalized. Quran ordains you Peace Justice and Philanthropy. Quran makes very clear in many verses that no any killing is permissible except through court (Bil-Haqq) for the pursuit of Justice.

3– Quran ordains you to be kind and Just even with non-Muslims who do not fight with you and do not drive you out from your homes 60:8.

4– For War and Peace, Quranic verses 2:190, 4:75 set the foundation of Law, which mean; war is permitted only in defense 2:190; and in order to rescue oppressed people from an Oppressor 4:75. All war verses of Quran that ordains to annihilate kaafirs, are against those non-believers who attacked Muslims first, and It is very clear from internal context of Quran. An honest reader of Quran knows this truth very well. Verse 2:190 also ordains that you will not commit aggression even during defensive war which mean, you will not harm noncombatants like women and kids/children, you will not fire at those enemy soldiers who raise their hands and repent. In general; and during war, you will not break the ethical and moral codes that are explicitly set by Noble Quran. After defeat of enemy, in order to protect civilians of Enemy from harm and plunder, you will place a unit of Army Guards to protect Citizens of Enemy, and in lieu of that services, you are permitted to ask justified tax amount (Jizya) from them. But if they embrace Islam, or for next war-front, due to shortage of soldiers, if you pulled that guarding unit; you have to return that tax to them; and history tells us, it was done in the time of Prophet and Companions, and especially under the command of Great Muslim General Khalid bin Waleed. If a Muslim Country is attacked, it is not duty of any individual to declare defensive-Jihad against enemy-country but it is duty of Muslim Ruler/Parliament/Shoora to assess and decide. According to laws of Quran; Ignorant Sectarian Fanatics like ISIS and Boko-Haraam, very clearly, are not following Islamic law that has been finalized in Quran. Therefore; never attach that fools with Islam.counterfeiteddogmaofmullahs5– Please note, Islamic law is valid only and only from BOOK of GOD, and who make such law from any other Book (such as fabricated Hadiths, Sunna, Sira, Tafsirs, Contexts, Fiqa books), has been declared, not by us, but by GOD, as Kaafirs in 5:44, and that Divine verdict is further fully reinforced by 6:114, 10:15, 6:19, 50:45, 3:80, 3:20, 16:116, 28:56. Prophet left behind no any BOOK except Quran which has its own built-in dictionary and so it fully explains itself and explains every thing for a Muslim 12:111, 16:89, 1712. Quran is protected by the Most Powerful 15:9. Therefore; what is not in Quran, is NOT PART OF ISLAM AT ALL. If Quran does not tell Units of Shia and Sunni Rituals, that mean Salat of Quran is not Rituals. Read our special page on this subject. All other books were fabricated by defeated hypocrites 250-800 years after the death of Prophet Mohammad in order to distort Islam, to send Muslims astray, to manipulate and twist Islamic laws of Quran and to split Muslims into countless CURSED Sects. Quran forbids sects many times and names you only and only Muslim in 22:78 from Adam to Mohammad. Also note that sole task given to Prophet was to deliver Quran clearly to people 5:99, 29:18, 3:20. Prophet Mohammad could not guide 28:56, so how he could guide through millions of fabricated hadiths, sunna, sira, and Fiqa books that he neither owned nor ever certified? How he could guide Shia and Sunni sects for mutually conflicting methods and units of five Rituals? How he could guide Shia and Sunni sects about their mutually conflicting calls of Prayers also called Adhan or Azan? Just squeeze your head, and think/ponder/use reason/inquire/investigate 8:22, 7:179. Verse 10:15 makes as clear as Sun in the sky that Prophet Mohammad was BOUND to follow only and only what is given in Quran. Deen Islam emphasizes Philanthropy but Counterfeited Religion of Mullahs and Imams emphasizes non-Quranic countless brands of Rituals that Quran has blasted in 2:177. Deen = Divinely Prescribed way of life / Divine Constitution for livelihood / presenter of Divine Sociology (Never ever Mullahs-Manufactured religious theocracy).

6– Core Message of Quran is in verse 2:177. That verse ordains to have Right Faith (4:136), and to follow Divine Laws, and ordains to earn good deeds not by non-Quranic Rituals but by Philanthropy which is to help your poor relatives, disabled, needy, who ask for help, who is under crushing debt, who is under any kind of Bondage, who is jobless +++……

7– If you are following final preserved and guarded Testament of GOD “Quran”, that mean you are following Allah and his all Messengers because being final edition of all Scriptures, Quran updated Divine Law and also it carries forward remnant Truth of all previous Scriptures. Quran clarifies both paths, path of GOD and Path of Satan but leaves you free which path you want to follow 2:256, 10:99. God has given you brain and has made you autonomous what you chose. For following Path of Satan, you drift to Hell and for following path of GOD you proceed to Paradise. You are fully responsible for your all personal actions. According to Quran, all Good that comes to you is from GOD but all evil that fells upon you (only after permission of GOD) is echo of your bad deeds as per law of Cause and Effect, and law of requital. If a pain strikes a pious person the servant of God, that is test for patience (Isa, Zakaria, John the Baptist/Prophet Yahya); but if a disaster strikes a community of evil-doers, that is Azaab/Punishment from God. Concerning destiny, you are responsible for your own actions but other events especially many big events, occur under destiny which can be changed neither by you nor by us ( Haad, Thamood, Nation of Lot etc but precisely, again a result of Cause and Effect). Near you and us, death is a big tragedy but near God and in Reality, it is nothing more than to move from one room to another, to disappear from one dimensional plane, and to appear on another dimensional plane. Between both planes is a barrier/Barzakh 23:99-100. Death gives death to cage in which patriot lived, and not to the parrot which flies back after death of cage 32:11. Learn: that Parrot is immortal, though not eternal. Only God is Eternal.COMRPlease remember firmly: If you will build your faith on man-fabricated books of Contexts, Nazools, Tafsirs Exegesis, Sira Seera, Fiqah, Sunna and Hadiths books (that Prophet Mohammad never certified); then there is high probability that during your life-time, at any stage, you might slip to path of Satan Iblis; but if you will build your faith on ONLY BOOK of GOD and his Messenger which is none but Quran 39:23, 69:40; then with time, your faith will grow stronger and stronger 2:256. Last and final guarded (15:9) testament of GOD which supersedes all previous scriptures, updates Divine Law, and also carries forward remnant truth of previous scriptures, the Noble Quran is Standalone fully detailed made-easy Book of GOD 54:17, and it explains everything for a Muslim 12:111, 16:89, 17:12. Any rite, ritual and law that is not given in Quran, is absolutely not part of Islam. You must be very careful. Understand Quran only by Quran. Quran has its own built-in dictionary. Throughout Quran, verses explain each other in multifaceted forms. Just search same Arabic word in whole Quran, make a table and then you will know exact meaning of that certain word. During understanding the Quran, never use any external theological source otherwise you will not learn Quran correctly even in 100 years. Again: Understand Quran only by Quran. Understand verse 3:7 that tells, in Quran are verses that are Foundation of Book and there are verses that are allegorical. For example: When Quran says: There will be rivers of honey and milk in paradise, that is allegory to tell person that paradise is a great place. Quran talks in a way that human brain can understand. When GOD says: Ship/Boat of Noah was floating in front of our EYES. That never mean that GOD has eyes like we humans have but that mean, his boat was under our watch because Quran tells in one Foundation verse: “Nothing is like him (God) 42:11. Also know that almost all translations are twisted by Sectarian translators. Therefore; use your commonsense, and learn Arabic. You will be able to catch the DELIBERATE-TWISTS of evil sectarian translators when you will use internal built-in dictionary of Quran.Pinned_TWTPaulAndShafiDeceivers4c9XjjjVerse5_72_2To make Jesus/Isa son of Mary, “God” and “Son of God” is undoubtedly 100% Shirk which is well clarified in whole Quran especially in verse 5:72 but also remember: during formation of Islamic law (Sharia Law); Ignoramus Idiots who place man-made books beside book of God are also Mushriks; as by committing this Shirk, they do make Clergy, Priests, Mullahs, Pseudo Scholars, and Imams (9:31) Partners of God. This is also 100% Shirk 6:114, 16:116, 10:15, 6:19, 5:44, 25:30Ibn Hazm has discussed Tahrif (Tampering) of Torah and Gospels in depth in his bookKitab Al-Fasl Fi Al-Milal Wa-Al-Ahwa’ Wa-Al-Nihal”. If you are well versed in Arabic, then you can download both volumes of this book from following address free of charge: al-fasl fi al-milal

We think, its English edition is not free of charge. Following are some excepts from above-mentioned book of Ibn Hazm. Ibn Hazm writes:

As for our affirmation of the Torah and the Gospel, what is it’s camouflaged meaning? We have never ever rejected any of these two books, but we declare someone who rejects these books to be an infidel (kafir). Indeed, what we have said is that God, the Sublime, truly revealed the Torah on Moses (peace be upon him); and He truly revealed the Psalms (Zabur) on David (peace be upon him); and He truly revealed the Scrolls (Suhuf) on Abraham and Moses (peace be upon them both°}; and He truly revealed unnamed Scriptures on unnamed Prophets. We believe in all of that (K. al-Fisal, Vol 1, 211-212).

In the above passage, Ibn Hazm carefully reaffirms his belief in all of God’s revealed scriptures in response to those who may be inclined to gain the opposite impression in the light of his vituperative discourse on the Torah and the Gospel. Secondly, Ibn Hazm contends that the Jews did not faithfully preserve the original text of their divine scripture, the true Torah (al-Tawra al-Sahiha). The same contention is also made about the Christian preservation of the genuine Evangel (Arabic Injil) revealed to Jesus. In fact Ibn Hazm is bold enough to claim that the infidels (kuffar) among the Children of Israel and the infidels (kuffar) among the Christians changed the Torah and the Gospel respectively, by adding to it and subtracting from it (ibid). According to Ibn Hazm, this corruption and alteration of their divine scriptures was a deliberate and conscious act of infidelity, more especially on the part of the Jewish rabbis and Christian priests.

According to Ibn Hazm, the corruption and alteration of the original texts of the Torah and the Gospel can be explained by the defective manner of its transmission from generation to generation (Watt 1991: 66; Powers 1986: 116). In order to substantiate this claim, Ibn Hazm develops quite an elaborate interpretation of Judaeo-Christian history. Through it he attempts to show that both the Torah and the Gospel did not have multiple lines of transmission from one generation to the other. In relation to the Torah, Ibn Hazm observes, it was the exclusive possession of the Kahanim or priestly class, who passed it down from father to son for over 1200 years. This exclusivist chain of transmission, Ibn Hazm believes is a virtual guarantee of, corruption, alteration, addition and subtraction. Ibn Hazm attributes much of the blame for corrupting the divine texts to their leaders (al-Fisal, 1:116).

Ibn Hazm strongly contends that the Jews themselves admit that the original Torah was altered and destroyed between the seventh and fifth centuries B.C. He basis this on the acknowledgement by Jews of the fact that Jehoahaz b. Josiah, the king of Judah (609 B.C.) removed the names of God from the Torah, replacing them with the names of idols, and that his successor, Jehoiakom b. Josiah, burned the Torah. And the Jews supposedly admit further, that at the time of the restoration in the fifth century B. C., the Torah had been forgotten, so that Ezra the Scribe had to reconstruct it, to the best of his ability from memory (Powers 1986:116).

In the chapter entitled “How the Torah was corrupted?” (Kayfa hurrifat al-Tawra?), Ibn Hazm reconstructs the history and condition of the Torah from the death of Moses through to the demise of the Jewish empire and the eventual return of the Children of Israel to the sacred temple at Jerusalem. Ibn Hazm describes no less than seven periods within which the entire Jewish community rejected faith and openly worshiped idols (al-Fisal, Vol 1, 187-189). Ib Hazm writes “What scripture can remain ( safely preserved) with the rebelliousness of infidelity and the rejection of belief, throughout lengthy periods, and in a small country which is the size of a three day journey, and no-one remained on their religion or followed their scripture besides them on the surface of the earth”.

With regard to the Gospels, Ibn Hazm develops an important distinction between it and the Torah, pointing out that no Christian would make the claim that the Gospel is the verbatim word of God conveyed by Him to Jesus, in the same way as the Jews would claim this about the Torah. On the contrary, he says: All Christians agree that the Gospels are a composite of works by the four evangelists – Mathew, Mark, Luke and John – and a number of other writings (IL. al-Fisal, Vol 2, 22). Due to thousands of contradictions, Ibn Hazm writes, “that the Gospels are the works of accursed liars (min ‘amal kadhibin mal’unin)” Fisal, 2, 19-21). Ibn Hazm cites Matthew 9, 18-19 and 23-25; Luke 8, 40-42 and 49-56 and Mark 5, 21-43, (Caspar and Gaudeul 1980:81) and argues that all of these contain different accounts of the incident of Christ and the daughter of Jairus.BibleCorruptionAnd QuranFCorruptioninMarkMost of the over 5000 New Testament differences between the King James Bible and modern Bible versions like the NASB, NIV, RSV, ESV, NET, Living Bible, and others, are the result of two manuscripts which allegedly date to around 350 AD called Sinaiticus (Aleph) and Vaticanus (B). Dean John William Burgon, personally collated the Sinaiticus and Vaticanus manuscripts. In his book, “The Revision Revised”, which he wrote in 1881, he gives his opinion and lists undeniable facts about what these two manuscripts say. Mr. Burgon states on page 11; “Singular to relate Vaticanus and Aleph have within the last 20 years established a tyrannical ascendance over the imagination of the Critics, which can only be fitly spoken of as a blind superstition. It matters nothing that they are discovered on careful scrutiny to differ essentially, not only from ninety-nine out of a hundred of the whole body of extant MSS. besides, but even from one another. In the gospels alone B (Vaticanus) is found to omit at least 2877 words: to add 536, to substitute, 935; to transpose, 2098: to modify 1132 (in all 7578): – the corresponding figures for Aleph being 3455 omitted, 839 added, 1114 substituted, 2299 transposed, 1265 modified (in all 8972). And be it remembered that the omissions, additions, substitutions, transpositions, and modifications, are by no means the same in both. It is in fact easier to find two consecutive verses in which these two mss. differ the one from the other, than two consecutive verses in which they entirely agree.

On page 319 of he remarks, “In the Gospels alone Vaticanus has 589 readings quite peculiar to itself, affecting 858 words while Aleph has 1460 such readings, affecting 2640 words.” In his book, Revision Revised, Dean Burgon wrote over a hundred years ago, concerning the ages of Codices Vatican (B) and Sinai (Aleph): Quote: “Lastly, – We suspect that these two Manuscripts are indebted for their preservation, solely to their ascertained evil character, which has occasioned that the one eventually found its way, four centuries ago, to a forgotten shelf in the Vatican library; while the other, after exercising the ingenuity of several generations of critical Correctors, eventually (viz. in A.D. 1844) got deposited in the waste-paper basket of the Convent at the foot of mount Sinai. Had B and Aleph been copies of average purity, they must long since have shared the inevitable fate of books which are freely used and highly prized; namely, they would have fallen into decadence and disappeared from sight.” (Ref: P1) In short these two codices are old simply because, first, they were written on extremely expensive and durable antelope skins, and secondly, they were so full of errors, alterations, additions and deletions, that they were never used by true believers and seldom even by their own custodians. Thus they had little chance of wearing away.

Herman Hoskier also has written a 2 Volume set called: Codex B and Its Allies: A Study and an Indictment. – Hoskier, Herman Charles (1864-1938) This thorough and scholarly work can now be seen online: In it he documents many of the 4000 or more differences that exist just between these two “oldest and best” manuscripts.
Quranic verse 61:6 tells us: That Jesus foretold his followers, that after him, God will send to them a Prophet whom name will  be Ahmed (another name of Mohammad). So, when Quran says this: Just believe in it, and believe in it 100% because Last and Final testament of God “Quran” is Truth of all Truths. If we do not find this foretelling of Jesus in Four Hadith Books of Christians named as Mark Matthew Luke and John, then it is not surprising at all because that four hadith books of Christians are being edited, recast and tampered since the day those were written down. That four Synoptic books mutually contradict each others. And we have already given irrefutable proof of tampering in above-given pictures. Problem is: After Jesus, Actual Real Aramaic Gospel of Jesus “Enjeel” became extinct. In verse 61:6, Quran uses word “Rasool” which mean “Messenger of God”. Therefore; it is clear that Priests who have been tampering Mark Matthew Luke and John from centuries changed word “Ahmed Rasool” to Comforter/advocate in John 14:16 while translating from Aramaic/Syriac to Hebrew, then to Greek, then to Latin, and then to English. John 14:16 says: Jesus told his followers that after he goes back (mean dies), God will send another Advocate/Comforter to them who will stay with them forever. In this verse, word “who will stay with you forever” is important. We all know: No any human lives/stays on this planet forever. So in John 14:16, meaning of “ who will stay with you forever” can be only: that Law (Quran) which he will deliver, will stay with you forever. And it is true, because last Divine Book delivered by Prophet Mohammad “Quran” will stay with mankind forever to the day of Judgment, as Quran is final-update of Divine law. Previous Scriptures and their laws were not forever but for a specified time. Law of previous scripture used to end after coming of next Scripture. This is why, God says in Quran, it is Mandatory for People of Book (Jews and Christians) to follow Quran after landing of Quran.

And following verses of Gospel of John also reinforce our point which we have already discussed above: Below, Words in Blue-Font are taken from Codex Sinaiticus.

John 15:26 But when the Comforter/Advocate has come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me.” (Note: And in fact Prophet Mohammad testified Jesus).

John 16:7-8 “Nevertheless I tell you the truth; it is expedient/profitable for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter/Advocate will not come unto you; but if I depart/go, I will send him unto/to you”. And when he comes, he will convince the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment.

(Note: As we have seen here, Codex Sinaiticus has used word Advocate instead of Comforter, and an Advocate is, who talks legally on behalf of another. This is very close to word Rasool (Messenger of God) because All Rasool were INDEED an agency of God. They preached as advocates of God. When we see dictionary for word Advocate=Proponent, we see this meaning: a person who pleads for or in behalf of another; a person who argues in favor of something; a person who supports a cause or doctrine; adherent. Also these verses of Gospel of John make clear that next Advocate will come only after the death of Jesus. Of course that verses from Book of John are not pointing toward Obama or Gorbachev or Stalin but to a Messenger of God, who after Jesus, was none, but Prophet Mohammad who delivered final version of Divine Law=Quran, that will stay with mankind forever. But Church Priests who are Pro in tampering and forgery from 2000 years, without feeling any shame, also claim that meaning of Comforter/Advocate is “Holy Spirit” which in no ways fits in above-given verses of Gospel of John. Jesus is taking: That Advocate will come after I have gone back to God, mean after my death. So, how does here word “Holy Spirit fit in above-given verses of Gospel of John! Jesus is clearly foretelling about a Rasool/Messenger of God who will come after him. These Professional Forgers have also invented another stranger term “Holy Ghost”.

But following Quranic verse 61:6 tells: when that Advocate (Rasool Ahmed=Mohammad) came to all people including “People of Book” (Jews and Christian), they blamed him for Sorcery. And indeed they did so. For example: When Disbelieves objected: Why did God not send to Mohammad Quran as Hard Book from Heaven; God responded in Quranic verse 6:7 “Had We sent down upon you a book on paper (O Mohammad), and they had touched it with their hands, those who disbelieve would have said, “This is nothing but plain magic”. In same way: When Quran was being revealed to Prophet Mohammad; disbelievers used to say to Prophet: Quran 25:5 “And they say: Fables of the men of old which he hath had written down so that they are dictated to him morn and evening“ (Note: This verse 25:5 makes Clear that Prophet was able to read and write. Meaning of Ummi in Quran is Gentile=Non-Jewish 3:20. It never mean illiterate as Idiot Mullahs are spreading from centuries). And this kind of attitude of Disbelievers were with all Prophets of God. For example, when Prophet Moses met Pharaoh and his team, they said to Moses; God says in Quran 28:36 “When Moses came to them with Our clear signs, they said: “This is nothing but sorcery faked up: never did we head the like among our fathers of old!”. God says in Quran 46:7 “When Our revelations are recited to them, plain and clear, those who disbelieve say of the truth when it has come to them, “This is obviously magic”.

Finally, a very simple argument: those church Priests who, during past 1800 years, can tamper with countless verses of Four Synoptic Hadith Books of Christians Mark Matthew Luke and John; can also easily tamper those verses of their Gospels that had foretold Prophet Mohammad(s). And for sure, they have done that Tampering because Quran 61:6 is its witness; which mean, name of Prophet Mohammad was present in Original Aramaic Enjeel which became extinct after Jesus. When Quran says something, you have to take it 101% Truth, because Quran is not an Hadith book like concocted hadith books of Sunni, Shia and Paulines, but Quran is a Divine Book – verbatim word of God, and God has taken responsibility for its preservation through millions of Huffaaz 15:9 (Huffaaz is plural of Hafiz. Hafiz mean: a Person who memorize whole Quran).      Allama G. A. Pervez (May Allah sanctify his soul) was that one of the greatest geniuses of Islam who unfortunately spent his whole life sitting in lawn of his own house but he never entered in that house ever; Otherwise, he could have realized that inside his house were the most beautiful gardens and rivers; and the fourteen realms, Stretched like canvas tents.

Another conventional Mullah is Ganjem Choudary from U.K. who follows man-forged books for Sharia law and keeps Quran aside 25:30. Another dangerous Impostor is Yaseer Qadhi. That list might take over 100+ pages if we take records of past 1200 years from Chief of all Criminals “Imam Shafi” and onward. Shafi was mother of all evils in Islam. He was Paul of we blindly-following Muslims. Please visit the page that we have dedicated to the crimes of Shafi in this page. Every Muslim must read this page. Our Research and inquiry based on several decades shows that during past 1200 years, not less than Seventy percent so labeled as Mohaddith, Scholars, Mullahs and Imams were not just impostors but indeed were/are certified disciples of Satan. They have ruined Muslims and  Faith of Muslims. We will try to elucidate by an example how Shafi diverted majority of we Muslims from path of Rahman to path of Satan 1200 years ago.

Assume, Truth was in North pole and falsehood was in South pole. Before the era of Abbasid and Shafi, Bus of Muslim Umma was going toward North pole. But suddenly Satan appeared and he told Bus Passengers; O men: you are going in wrong direction. He told passengers that Truth is not in North Pole but in South Pole. So he changed direction of that BUS at 180 degree. That Satan was Imam Shafi. So we Muslims are driving BUS to wrong direction from 1200 years. Criminal Shafi told Muslims, that forget who sent you the BOOK, but worship and idolize Divine Postman who brought that Book to you; and that what we are doing from past 1200 years. We are idolizing last Divine Postman of GOD who died 1400 years ago after completing his Great Mission. Criminal Shafi told we ignorant Muslims 1200 years ago that keep kissing pipe-line that brings water in your house but forget that Authority, who is sending water to your house. Paul sent all Christians astray, and Shafi sent vast majority of Muslims astray. They both, told Christians and Muslims, to chase a wrong Truck on Highway. IslamisDeenNotReligion Truth is, that after death of Messengers (Rasools), their chapters in this world were closed. After their death, A true Muslim must follow Only and Only Allah Hayy-ul-Qayyoom who never dies; through his last preserved and protected BOOK “Quran” that last Prophet, only left behind in written form. Standalone complete and fully detailed Quran (12:111, 16:89, 17:12) has its own built-in dictionary and so Quran is absolutely not in need of any external theological source such as fabricated hadiths, forged Sunna, Tafsirs, Exegesis, contexts, Shan-e-Nazools, Mullahs and theologians. Allah says in Sura Qamar four times that we have made this Quran easy to understand and memorize. Quran is simple plain Book and is so simple as is 1+1=2. Do you need any interpretation or Fiqa or Tafsir or fabricated hadith or forged Sunna in order to understand 1+1=2? No. Mullahs has made that all stuff in order to run their schools and trade shops. Did that all crap exist before year 672 A.D. when Muslims were superpower? NO.  The term “Interpretation of Quran” is that Satanic tool of Evil Mullahs and Freak imams that makes Quranic verses “Nose of Wax” that Mullahs can twist in any direction in order to support their many false beliefs. This is why, we have countless conflicting interpretations of many verses of Scripture. Quranic verses are so simple and so unambiguous, that no any further interpretation is required. If you need clarity about any point of Quran; look that clarity with in Quran in other relevant verses; and for sure, you will get it.  ThreeGrpVersesYou will listen Na’ats, Shia-concocted Droods, manufactured Salawaats even in Masaajid especially in South Asia, despite verse 72:18 tells: Masaajid are only for Allah and do not put any other name side-by-side with Allah in Masjid. Even non-Quranic Atta-Hiyaat and non-Quranic Drood Ibrahimi was concocted by Shia in Abbasid Period, and blended in Five Rituals. In this ways, every Muslim who performs rituals in Masjid, violates verse 72:18. Almost whole Umma has been converted into Mushriks except some of his True Servants. Fanatics ask: How Satan can send us astray for 1200 years? If Satan can send the biggest religious group “Christians” astray from 2000 years; then why same Satan can not send we Muslims also astray from 1200 years? Is Satan enemy of Christians, and friend of us; so he will ignore us? No. Satan sends all those astray easily who follow others blindly, regardless if such groups are of Jews or Christians or we Muslims. Quran has declared Blind-Followers as worst beasts on planet, and worst among worst blind-followers are ignorant who follow a Sect Called Salafi. Remember: Quran does not allow any sect in Islam. From all Evil Sects that are forbidden in Quran; one of the most ignorant and backward sects is “Salafi”. Criminal Gang of ISIS, and Saudi region belong to this ignorant Sect. They think and so claim, that they are the most learned Muslims on planet, and so all others should follow them. But let we see what is truth. In ISIS and Saudi Arabia Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz also known as Ibn Baz or Baaz was/is considered among the TOP MOST scholars and an Authority in Islamic theology. Following, his Fatwa (religious ruling) will enlighten your whole body in a nano second.FatwaByBinBaaz1970Chief Saudi Cleric, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, issued a Fatwa in 1970: “Whoever believes that the Earth moves around the Sun, or that man has landed on the moon is an ardent Kaafir. Furthermore, anyone doubting his infidelity would be a greater Kaafir and his wife would be automatically divorced from him. It would be haram (illegal) to marry into his family, drink water in his house, pray behind him, or to attend his funeral prayer”. Read much more about this Emperor of Ignoramus Mullahs Ibn Baz at:

Note: in order to visit pages shown in following table; either you can manually write down in note-pad the web-address/url of the page you like to visit, or just click on following table to open a Clickable-Page for all links which are given in following Table. In order to open that clickable page in a new tab; right-click on following table, and then in pull-down menu, click on “Open in New Tab”.Noble Quran 67:2 God. Who created Death and Life, so that God may try which of you is best in deed: and God is the Exalted in Might, Oft-Forgiving.

Noble Quran 50:43 (God says) Verily, it is We who grant life and deal death; and with Us will be all journeys’ end

Noble Quran 32:11 Say, “The angel of death put in charge of you will cause you to die. Then to your Lord you will be returned”

Noble Quran 6:94 (When those people who have not performed well in earthy life will be presented in court of God, “[And God shall say:] “And now, indeed, you have come unto Us in a lonely state, even as We created you in the first instance; and you have left behind you all that We bestowed on you [in your lifetime]. And We do not see with you those intercessors of yours whom you supposed to have a share in God’s divinity with regard to yourselves! Indeed, all the bonds between you [and your earthly life] are now severed, and all your former fancies have forsaken you!

Noble Quran 21:47 (God says) But We shall set up just balance-scales on Resurrection Day, and no human being shall be wronged in the least: for though there be [in him but] the weight of a mustard-seed [of good or evil], We shall bring it forth; and none can take count as We do!

Noble Quran 23:99-100 [AS FOR THOSE who will not believe in the life to come, they go on lying to themselves] until, when death approaches any of them, he prays: “O my Sustainer! Let me return, let me return [to life], so that I might act righteously in whatever I have failed [aforetime]!’’ Nay, it is indeed but a [meaningless] word that he utters: for behind those [who leave the world] there is a barrier [of death] until the Day when all will be raised from the deadIf above-given lines of made-up book “Granth” are true; then this earth was supposed to be inhabited by pigs instead of over seven billion humans. Truth is: In Granth, Truth has been blended with tons of falsehood and myths by those disciples of Nanak who came from Hindu dogma. Partially, Granth looks just another book of Hinduism. If we assume that all what is quoted in the name of Nanak in Granth is genuine; then for sure, like many other Sufis; though Nanak learned a lot of Truth; but also he leaned from Ignorant Sufis/Mystics/Yogis some nonsensical idiotic fables. But there is possibility; that some lines in Granth which have been attached to the name of Nanak might have never been said by Nanak. Not all but majority of Sufis/Mystics are Ignoramus. They never fully understood/understand Last testament of God “Quran” fully. For example: We see tons of Truth in Poetry of Kabir but he also spewed tons of falsehood. On one page, he blasts scriptures, but in another page he says: Problem are not scriptures but Problem are clergy who failed to understand scriptures. Ibn Arabi also told truth but also tons of lies. Even Great Sufis like Rumi and Sultan Bahu also wrote some material which is not untrue. Dear: Know that Final Criteria for Truth is only Noble Quran. You will notice some chants of Sufis/mystics in our pages but we have never posted their any chant/utterance in our pages which contradicts Noble Quran. We say to you: It is Quran which leads you to true Path.

In Granth, there are many lines which have been connected with the name of Nanak but Nanak never said those lines. Even many Sikhs are aware of this fact. Any line in Granth, connected with the name of Nanak that contradicts Quranic laws and ethics, is not from Nanak but from any Hindu Yogi. For example one hymn of Granth “maaDho ham aisay too aisaa” is from Arjan but in last line of this hymn, it is shown, it is from Nanak. There are many other examples like this example. We have read whole Granth.

Chila is a term used by Muslim Sufis which mean to do “Spiritual Meditation” upon God” for several days, usually for 40 days. They prefer 40 days because Islamic Prophets Moses and Jesus also did this kind of Meditation for 40 days. Prophet Mohammad also used to do this kind of Meditation in Cave Hira where he received first revelation of Quran. For this kind of Chila, Sufis usually select Mosques which are attached to Tombs of Sufi Saints. They believe, on such blessed places, there is additional Barkat-Allah. Nanak did his all Chila only on Tombs of Muslim Sufi saints which include, but not limited to,  for 40 days on Khanqah of “Shah Abd-ash-Shakoor; for 40 days on the Khanqah of Shah Shams Tabraiz in Multan, Pak. Also know that Dad of Nanak “Bhai Kalu and Nanak’s grandfather Bahi Sobha were also Mureeds of Shah Shams Tabraiz. Nanak also did Chila for 40 days on Khanqah of well known Muslim Sufi saint “ Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti”. Nanak also did Chila on well known Sufi Saint “Baba Fareed”.  After this Chila, Nanak went to Mecca for Hajj, then he traveled for 11 days and reached Madina Monawwra. He also did Chila on Khanqah of Shaykh Abd-al-Qadar Jilani in Baghdad. Now. Only a brain-dead stubborn fanatic can say that Nanak was not a Muslim. And so far we humans are failed to invent any panacea which can be used to convince a blindly-following stubborn Fanatic. As we have discussed in this section of this page that concerning life of Nanak, there is continuously multiple solid evidence which fully proves that Nanak was a Muslim Sufi; and every Muslim expect; after his death, he will be buried. Nanak did his all Spiritual Chila (meditations) only on the tombs of Muslim Sufi saints, and Nanak’s “Will” was: To Preserve his Chola (Cloak). And on that Chola, nothing is printed except Quran, and that verse of Quran is also printed on Chola which translate as “One God has only one True Path, and that is Islam”. Is there can be a bigger proof than this: that he was a Muslim! Some Fanatics will tell you that on Chola was also printed Vedas Psalm and Torah etc. But Such kind of Fanatics are the Greatest liars under sky because the First Non-Sikh team of 20 people who inspected this Chola about 350 years after the death of Nanak; did not find on Chola anything else except Quranic verses.

And that story about dead body of Nanak is totally concocted which says: his dead body was disappeared, and was replaced by flowers; and half flowers were picked by Hindus and Half by Muslims. In fact, Nanak came to know his time of death is close now. He wrote a letter to Sufis of Bukhara (where Nanak stayed for long time) that his time is almost over; so they should come to Kartarpur for his funeral. Either his grave is in Kartarpur which Sikhs say Samadi, or he was buried by Bukharian Sufis in any other place secretly. His dead body never disappeared miraculously as fanatics say. For sure, he was not cremated, otherwise, fictitious story of flowers about his death would have never surfaced. Now logically we can conclude as under:

1- Was his body disappeared miraculously and replaced by flowers? No. Not at all. This kind of stories cannot be accepted by a Rational Mind.
2- Was he Cremated? For sure; not.
3- Then there is left only and only one possibility which is: His body was buried.Thomas Hughes (1838-1911) was Christian Priest. He stayed in British India for many years. He wrote a Book “A Dictionary of Islam: Being a Cyclopaedia of the Doctrines, Rites, Ceremonies, and Customs, Together with the Technical and Theological Terms, of the Muhammadan Religion. W. H. Allen. 1885″. It is interesting to note that Thomas Hughes has discussed Baba Nanak in his book which is named by him “Dictionary of Islam”. Now we will post some excepts from that book, below for the kind information of an honest unbiased Reader:

On page 584, Thomas Hughes writes “As a fact we find that the doctrines preached by the Sikh Gurus were distinctly Sufiistic ; and, indeed, the early Gurus openly assumed the manners and dress of faqirs, thus plainly announcing their connection with the Sufiistic side of Muhammadanism. In pictures they are represented with small rosaries in their hands, quite in Muhammadan fashion, as though ready to perform zikr. Guru Arjun, who was fifth in succession from Nanak, was the first to lay aside the dress of a faqir. The doctrines, however, still held their position; for we find the last Guru dying while making an open confession of Sufiism. His words are : ‘The Smritis, the S’astras, and the Vedas, all speak in various ways : I do not acknowledge one (of them).’ “

About Nanak’s utterance “No Hindu No Musalman“,  On page 585-586, Thomas Hughes writes: (please note: Some English Authors write Muslims as Mohammedans)

“In his very early days, Nanak sought the society of faqirs; and used both fair and unfair means of doing them service, more especially in the bestowal of alms. At fifteen years of age, he misappropriated the money which his father had given him for trade ; and this induced his parents to send him to a relative at Sultanpur, in order that he might be weaned from his affection for faqirs (India Office MS. No. 1728, fol. 29). His first act in his new home was to join the service of a Muhhammadan Nawab, named Daulat Khan Lodi ; and, while serving him, he continued to give to faqirs all his salary, except the bare maintenance he reserved for himself (Please read Quran 2:177). While in the service of this Muhammadan, Nanak received the ecstatic exaltation which he felt to be Divine inspiration. It is stated in the tradition of his life, that Nanak went to the river to perform his ablutions, and that whilst so engaged, he was translated bodily to the gates of Paradise. “Then a goblet of amrita (the water of life) was given (to him) by command (of God). The command was: This amirta is the goblet of my name ; drink thou it.’ Then the Guru Nanak made salutation, and drank the goblet. The Lord (Sahib) had mercy (and said) : Nanak, I am with thee ; I have made thee happy, and whoever shall take thy name they all shall be rendered happy by me. Go thou, repeat my name, and cause other people to repeat it. Remain uncontaminated from the world. Continue (steadfast) in the name, in alms-giving, in ablutions, in service, and in the remembrance (of me). I have given to thee my own name : do thou this work.’ ” (fol. 33.) Hero we have notions closely akin to those of the Sufis, who lay much stress on the repetition of the name of God, which they term Zikr [7. v.], on religious ablutions [wudu.], and on meditating on the unity of God.  No sooner had Nanak recovered from his trance than he uttered the key-note of his future system in the celebrated phrase, “There is no Hindu, and there is no Musalman.” (fol. 36.) The Janam-Sakh’i then goes on to say that, “The People went to the Khan (his former employer) and said, ‘ Baba Nanak is saying. There is no Hindu, there is no Musalman.’

The Khan replied, ‘Do not regard his statement ; he is a faqir.’ A Qazi sitting near said: ‘0 Khan! it is surprising that he is saying there is no Hindu and no Musalman.’ The Khan then told an attendant to call Nanak; but the Guru Nanak said: ‘What have I to do with thy Khan? ‘ Then the people said: This stupid is become mad.’ …. Then the Baba (Nanak) was silent. When he said anything, he repeated only this statement: ‘There is no Hindu, there is no Musalman.’ The Qazi then said: ‘Khan, is it right that he should say. There is no Hindu, there is no Musalman ? Then the Khan said: ‘Go, fetch him. The attendant went, and said: ‘Sir, the Khan is calling (you). The Khan says: For God’s sake give me an interview, I want to see thee. The Guru Nanak arose and went, saying: ‘Now the summons of my Lord (Sahib) is come, I will go. He placed a staff upon his neck and went. The Khan said: ‘ Nanak, for God’s sake take the staff from off thy neck, gird up thy waist; thou art a good faqir. Then Guru Nanak took the staff from off (his) neck, and girded up his loins. Then Khan said: ‘Nanak, it is a misfortune to me that a steward such as thou shouldst become a faqir. ‘Then the Khan seated the Guru Nanak near himself and said : ‘ Qazi, if thou desirest to ask anything, ask now ; otherwise this one will not again utter a word.’ The Qazi becoming friend smiled and said: Nanak, what dost thou mean by saying. There is no Hindu, there is no Musalman? Nanak replied : . . . To be called a Musalman is difficult ; when one (becomes it) then he may be called a Musalman. First of all, having made religion (Din Islam) sweet, he clears awaj’ Musalman wealth. Having become firm Muslim Religion (din) in the way brings to an end the revolution of dying and living (7. 0. MS., 2484, fol. 84.) “When Namak had uttered this verse, the Qazi became amazed. The Khan said: Qazi, is not the questioning of him a mistake? The time of the afternoon prayer had come. All arose and went (to the mosque) to prayers, and the Baba (Nanak) also went with them.” Nanak then demonstrated his supernatural power by reading the thoughts of the Qazi. “Then the Qazi came and fell down at his feet, exclaiming, Wonderful, wonderful! on this one is the favour of God.’ Then the Qazi believed ; and Nanak uttered this stanza: A (real) Musalman clears away self ; (he possesses) sincerity}, patience, purity of speech : (what is) erect he does not annoy : (what) lies (dead) he does not eat. Nanak ! that Musalman goes to heaven (bihisht/Paradise).’‘ When the Baba Nanak had uttered this stanza, the Saiyida, the sons of the Shaikhs, the Qazi, the Mufti, the Khan, the chiefs and leaders were amazed. The Khan said : ‘Qazi, Nanak has reached the truth; the additional questioning is a mistake.’ Wherever the Baba looked, there all were saluting him. After the Baba had recited a few stanzas, the Khan came and fell down at his feet. Then the people, Hindus and Musalmans, began to say to the Khan that God (Khudd) was speaking in Nanak.” (India Office MS. 1728, fol. 3G-41.)”

The foregoing anecdotes are taken from the India Office MS., Xo. 1728 ; but the ordinary Junam-Sakhis current in the Panjab vary the account somewhat by saying that when the Khan reproved Nanak for not coming to him when sent for, the latter replied: “Hear, Nawab, when I was thy servant I came before thee ; now I am not thy servant ; now I am become the servant of Khuda (God).’ The Nawab said: ‘Sir, (if) you have become such, then come with me and say Prayer in Mosque as today it is Friday.  Nanak said: Go, Sir.’ The Nawab, with the Qazi and Nanak, and a great concourse of people, went into the Jami’ Masjid and stood there. All the people who came into the Masjid began to say: Today Nanak has entered this sect (Islam). There was a commotion among the respectable Hindus in Sultanpur; and Jairam, being much grieved, returned home. Nanaki perceiving that her husband came home dejected, rose up and said, ‘Why is it that you are today so grieved ? Jairam replied: Listen, servant of Paramesur (God), what has thy brother Nanak done! He has gone, with the Nawab, into the Jamia-Masjid to pray ; and, in the city, there is an outcry among the Hindus and Musalmans that Nanak has become a Turk (Muslim) today.” (India Office MS., No. 2886, fol. 39.).

Above-mentioned account of Thomas Hughes leaves no doubt that Baba Nanak was a Muslim Sufi Saint.

Hughes continues on page 586: “It is particularly worthy of remark that a “cup of amrita” (i.e. immorality) is considered the symbol of inspiration ; just as Hafiz (1315-1390 A.D.) exclaims: “Art thou searching, Hafiz, to find the waters of eternal life? ” And the same poet expresses his own ecstasy in a way almost identical with the reception accorded to Nanak at the gate of Paradise. His words are: “Then he gave into my hand a cup which flashed back the splendor of Heaven so gloriously, that Zuhrah broke out into dancing and the lute-player exclaimed, ‘ Drink 1’. The staff (muttaka) that is mentioned is, also, that of a faqir, on which a devotee supports himself while in meditation. Another significant fact is that when Nanak speaks of himself as the servant of God, he employs the word Khuda, a Persian Muhammadan term ; but when his brother-in-law Jairam speaks of God, he uses the Hindu word Paramesur. It will, also, be noticed that Muhammadans are affected by the logic and piety of Nanak ; and to them he shows himself so partial that he openly accompanies them to the mosque, and thereby causes his Hindu neighbors and friends to believe that ho is actually converted to the faith of Islam

On Page 587 Hughes writes: The most significant associate which Nanak found was, undoubtedly, Shaikh Farid. He was a famous Muhammadan Pir, and a strict Sufi, who attracted much attention by his piety, and formed a school of devotees of his own. The first greeting of these famous men is significant enough. Shaikh Farid exclaimed, “Allah, Allah, Darvesh”; to which Nanak replied, “Allah is the object of my efforts, O Farid ! Come, Shaikh Farid ! Allah, Allah (only) is ever my object.” The words in the original being Allah, Farid, juhdi; hamesa O, Sekh Farid, Juhdi Allah Allah. (India Office MS., Xo. 1728, fol. 8G.) The use of the Arabic term juhd implies the energy of the purpose with which he sought for Allah; and the whole phrase is forcibly Muhammadan in tone. An intimacy at once sprang up between these two remarkable men ; and Shaikh Farid accompanied Nanak in all his wanderings for the next twelve years.

In his next journey Nanak is said to have visited Patan [Town Pak-Patan is in Pakistan where a Great Sufi Saint Baba Farid Shakr-Ganj (born 1173 A.D.) is buried], and there he met with Shaikh Ibrahim, who saluted him as a Muslim, and had a conversation with him on the Unity of God. Nanak expressed his views in the following openly Suflistic manner: “Thou thyself (art) the wooden tablet ; thou (art) the pen; thou (art) also the writing upon (it). Nanak, why should the One be called a second? ” {India Office MS. 1728, fol. 117.) The Pir asks an explanation of this verse in these words : “Thou sayest, ‘There is One, why a second? ‘ but there is one Lord (Sahib), and two traditions. Which shall I accept, and which reject? Thou sayest, ‘The only One, he alone is one’; but the Hindus are saying that in (their) faith there is certainty; and the Musalmans are saying that only in (their) faith is there certainty. Tell me, in which of them is the truth, and in which is there falsity?” Nanak replied, “There is only one Lord (Sahib), and only one tradition.” (fol. 110.). Nanak is made to say, ” The book of the Qur’an should be practiced.” (fol. 144.)Our advice to Educated Sikhs: Nanak was Employed by a Muslim Nawab. He prayed in Mosque with Nawab. Nanak lived whole life in the company of Muslim Sufis. He did his all Spiritual Chilla (a kind of meditation) on the Tombs of Muslim Sufi Saints. He along with Muslims scholars and Sufis went to Mecca and did Hajj. After doing Hajj he went to Iraq Baghdad and stayed their for years among Sufis. During this stay in Baghdad, he used to visit tomb of great Muslim Sufi saint Shaykh Abd-al-Qadar Jillani. Nanak used to wear Chola (Cloak) and inside the Cloak, Muslim Kalama was printed along with verses of Quran. This cloak still exists in Dera Nanak, India. He used to have in his Pothi (a kind of pocket) “Quran”. His last resting place is Kartarpur (town of God), Pakistan. In 2019, Islamic Sufi Government of Pakistan made Kartarpur a magnificent beautiful place. Because Pakistani Federal Minister of Religious Affairs Dr. Noor-ul-Haq Qadri PhD knows very well who Nanak was. Qadri knows about Nanak 100 times better than Sikhs, as he himself is a Pious Sufi. In year 2019, during the Ceremony of Kartarpur Corridor, Pakistani Minister of Religious Affairs Noor-al-Haq Qadri said in his speech that Nanak stayed in Baghdad for years and he used to visit tomb of Muslim Saint Shaykh Abdul Qadar Jillani. When Sikhs heard his these words, you cannot imagine how became frozen faces of Sikhs for a moment! But this is pity: when blindly following People stick to a false dogma from generations; they will not accept even 1+1=2. In same way, Christians have been sticking to Son-ship and Trinity from 1700 years. Nanak never invented the Dogma called Sikhism. He never invented the Book what Sikhs now call “Guru Granth Sahab”. From the Truth which we have mentioned in this para; even a Person with half brain can understand who Nanak was. He was a Muslim Sufi. He was never a Sikh. After his death; Some Hindus yogis hijacked name of Nanak and invented new dogma “Sikhism, and also invented a new Book now called” Guru Granth Sahab” which is blend of truthful Poetry of Muslim Sufis, and falsehood of some Hindu yogis. Sikhism is a False cult. Never live and die in this cult. In last testament of GOD “Quran”, God says: All Prophets of God preached None but only Islam. God says in Quran 3:19, 3:85, God will not accept any Deen except Islam, and who will follow any other path will be among losers on the day of Judgment. If you want to save yourself from hellfire, leave Sikhism today, and embrace the Path which was followed by all Prophets. You already believe in One God. In order to be Muslim, you must believe also in All Books of GOD and  Quran is final edition of all Books of God; must believe in Angels of God; must believe in all Prophets from Adam to Prophet Mohammad(s); and must believe in the day of Judgment (Quran 4:136). We have told you the Truth but so far we humans are failed to invent any panacea which can be used to convince a sticky stubborn fanatic. Quran forbids to convert any one to Islam by force, but Quran ordains to drop invitation; and by inviting you toward path of Islam; we have fulfilled our duty. May God accept our this duty.To Sum Up: After death of “Muslim-Nanak”, Hindu Yogis hijacked his name, and they invented a new dogma “Sikhism” which has no relation with the faith of Muslim-Nanak; not at all“. It is exactly like: after Muslim-Isa/Jesus, Roman Paul took over; and manufactured a new dogma we know it today as “Christianity”; and about 1500 years after death of Muslim-Moses, Talmudic Rabbis converted name of a tribe “Judah” into new dogma “Judaism”. After Muslim-Buddha; his followers corrupted his teachings, and denied one God and went astray; despite there is solid evidence from Tibetan Scrolls, that 2000 age, in the time of Jesus; followers of Buddha used to believe in one God. And we cannot include in this list those people who worship stones, statues, private part of woman, cows, monkeys, donkeys, snakes, rats and cats.

Glorious Quran 3:19, 3:85: One God has only one True Path “Islam”, and any one who will follow any other path; on the day of Judgment, he will be among those who have lost.

You can watch/read a little more about this the filthiest mythical dogma of planet at following two links. Kindly pleaseDo not visit following two links if you are not married – Thanks:
[] As we have already proved in above-given pictures/references that Hindu dogma is the filthiest mythical dogma on planet. Their all so called sacred books are full of mythical moronic pornographic filth that stinks more than dead dogs. Now we talk about their another Book “Gita”. Gita shows: that it is a book of conversation between Krishna and Arjuna, where Krishna is shown as a Lord/Teacher who is talking to his subordinate Arjuna. In his book “gods, demons, and spirits”, Dr. Thomas Kovoor (an expert on Hinduism) tells us about Krishna as under: After reading this, think honestly: could such a corrupt sinner be god or even a true servant of God.

“Krishna is the 9th incarnation of the god Mahavishnu. Like Jesus Christ, Krishna was born as the “son of man” at Ambadi among cowherds Although he had sixteen thousand and eight wives, Krishna did not let other women go free Once, when he saw some Gopi women bathing in the River Kalindi, Krishna carried away their clothes from the bank of the river, and got on a nearby tree to feast his eyes on the Gopi women bathing in the nude. He returned their dresses only after each of them came out of the water and worshiped him so that he could see their nude bodies in full It is claimed that Krishna was so potent that be could satisfy all his 16008 wives at the same time”.

Some experts on Hinduism say “The Bhagavad Gita was written at some point between 400 BCE and 200 CE. Like the Vedas and the Upanishads, the authorship of the Bhagavad Gita is unclear. However, the credit for this text is traditionally given to a man named Vyasa, who is more of a legend than an actual historical figure

However, Gita is relatively cleaner than all other books of Hinduism. But we cannot deny that Gita also contains some baseless myths and tons of Shirk. Last testament of God Quran says: God sent Rasools/Messengers to all nations. However; names of only 25 Messengers are given in Quran. We are not 100% sure, but there is high probability that Buddha, Confucius and Socrates were men of God. Quran tells: War is permitted only in Defense or to rescue Oppressed People from any Oppressor 2:190, 4:75. Core Message of Quran is Peace, Justice, and Philanthropy 60:8, 2:190, 2:177. But throughout Gita; violence and war is promoted. It looks a Book which tends to justify violence, war and Terrorism.

Gita is never a Scripture for guidance but is in fact a story book of a mythical Hindu-war they call it Mahabharata-war. Within that War story, any Yogi/yogis has incorporated some Hindu Yogic theories. That Yogic theories are a blend of wisdom, Truth, Shirk, and falsehood/Hindu-Mythology. Final testament of God Quran is Book of Divine Sociology which finalizes Divine Law and Ethical Codes for a Divine System of life. Quran is Book of Guidance and Divine Sociology. On the contrary; Gita is a Book of a Hindu mythical War-Story Mahabharata in which Yogis has blended some truth along with tons of Hindu-Mythology. That mythology tells: either all people of world should wage war against each other, or all people should convert into Nuns’ type monks, who will do nothing but practicing Yogic theories in caves, Forests, and mountains.

Gita 18:52 Dwelling in solitude, eating but little, with speech, body and mind subdued, always engaged in concentration and meditation, taking refuge in dispassion.

But Quran is final Book of Deen Islam which is successor of Torah and Bible. Deen Islam mean: Divinely Prescribed way of Life. Quran tells: One God has only one True Deen which is Islam. God will not accept any other Deen except Islam (Quran 3:19, 3:85). Quran tells: All Prophets of God preached same one true path “Islam”; and all True Scriptures were Scriptures of Islam. All Prophets of God like Noah Abraham Moses David Solomon Jesus and Mohammad (peace be upon all of them) were prophets of Islam 3:19, 3:85, 42:13, 10:72, 3:67, 2:130-140, 10:84, 3:52.

Verses of Gita start from FightWhen my troops and the sons of Pandu eager to fight”. Quran starts with very powerful verse This is the Scripture in which there is no doubt, containing guidance for those who are mindful of God”. Gita tells: Human’s Killing is not an issue at all because Soul still survives. What a pathetic justification by that Hindu Yogis! Quran says in 5:32, 25:68 and 17:33: No human killing is permitted except through court for the pursuit of justice. Quran tells: Hereafter, man will be reward according to his good and bad deeds 21:47; but Gita tells: That reward depends on only Hindus Yogic Practices. It is not surprising to read that Hindu Yogis like Vyasa who wrote Gita and also Vedas, tell repeatedly in Gita that Vedas are from God but Tibetan scrolls which are more reliable documents than Four canonical Gospels of Christians, tell: During his stay in India; Jesus told clearly to Brahmans that your Vedas are not Divine but are concocted by Hindu Clergy. Now question is: who is more trustworthy, Hindu mythical Yogi Vyasa, or Prophet of God Jesus/Isa (Peace be upon him)? Of Course Jesus/Isa.Note: In above-posted picture, word “my Father” must not be taken as literal father, and word “Children of God” must not be taken as literally children of God. God blows his Ruh in every womb” during creation of humans. Father mean here, My Lord, my Rabb; and Children of God mean, People Created by God. Quran makes clear in Sura 112 and in several other verses that God is One; and literally, God has neither any wife nor any son.

Gita 2:37-38 Slain, thou wilt obtain heaven; victorious, thou wilt enjoy the earth; therefore, stand up, O son of Kunti, resolved to fight. Having made pleasure and pain, gain and loss, victory and defeat the same, engage thou in battle for the sake of battle; thus thou shalt not incur sin.

Gita 11:33-34. Therefore, stand up and obtain fame. Conquer the enemies and enjoy the unrivaled kingdom. Verily, they have already been slain by Me; be thou a mere instrument, O Arjuna! Drona, Bhishma, Jayadratha, Karna and all the other courageous warriors—these have already been slain by Me; do thou kill; be not distressed with fear; fight and thou shalt conquer thy enemies in battle.

But this is interesting when in chapter 17 Arjuna asks, “What about those who, even though setting aside scriptural injunctions yet perform worship?: Gita 17:28. Whatever is sacrificed, given or performed, and whatever austerity is practiced without faith, it is called Asat, O Arjuna! It is naught here or hereafter (after death). (Our note: And from Adam to Prophet Mohammad, Five Conditions of True faith for True Believers were/are given in Quran 4:136). We read in Quran 4:136:

Gita 17:23-24 He who, casting aside the ordinances of the scriptures, acts under the impulse of desire, attains neither perfection nor happiness nor the supreme goal. Therefore, let the scripture be the authority in determining what ought to be done and what ought not to be done. Having known what is said in the ordinance of the scriptures, thou shouldst act here in this world (Our Note: Last and Final scripture which has superseded all previous Scriptures is now Quran. It is mandatory for all Humans to follow now only Quran 6:114)

Quran 4:136 O you who have attained to faith! Hold fast unto your belief in God and His Apostle, and in the divine writ which He has bestowed from on high upon His Apostle, step by step, as well as in the revelation which He sent down aforetime: for he who denies God, and His angels, and His revelations, and His apostles (Messengers/Prophets), and the Last Day, has indeed gone far astray

Quran 14:18 [This, then, is] the parable of those who are bent on denying their Sustainer: all their works are as ashes which the wind blows about fiercely on a stormy day: [in the life to come,] they cannot achieve any benefit whatever from all [the good] that they may have wrought: for this [denial of God] is indeed the farthest one can go astray (Note: Please know: To deny last Book of God Quran is also concomitant to deny God, which is Kufar, and who commits Kufar is called Kafir). Kufar=denial.

To sum up:
We have read each line of Gita. Gita comprises clearly a story of purely mythical war “Mahabharata”. Within that mythical story; a Group of Skilled Yogis has also incorporated their Yogic theories. Yogis has fictitiously shown that Krishna who used to have 16008 wives is God who is lecturing Arujna to promote war and killings; and at the same time Meditations. From 30-40% verses are repeated again and again in 18 chapters. To compare this Book of Hindu Yogis with Glorious Quran is like to compare a small piece of copper with a big bar of Pure Gold; or is like to compare a small tiny boat with an Aircraft carrier of USA. Most appropriate name for this Book could be “Book of Hindu Yogic theory and practice”.

It seems: Gita was written by a Yogi or a group of Yogis who was/were skilled in Yogic practices but they have fictitiously used name of Krishna for the reason; Krishna is big name among Hindus; so that this book can be made popular among Hindu masses; Otherwise; how a big corrupt like Krishna (as Dr. Kovoor has shown above) could write this kind of Book!

Apart from the question, if Gita was a God’s scripture in ancient times, or not; after landing of Quran; it has become mandatory for all humans to follow only Quran, because being final and last testament of God, Quran carries forward all still-valid (not outdated) laws of all previous scriptures, and it also updates previous Divine law. Therefore; Quran supersedes all previous scriptures. If you do not follow Quran, and you die; your all even good deeds and spiritual gains will be lost (3:19, 3:85, 14:18).

Quran 5:48 (God says to Prophet Mohammad) Then We revealed to you this scripture (Quran), truthfully, confirming previous scriptures, and superseding them.

You can read with English translation, 99 the most beautiful names of the Sustainer of Universe given in “Noble Quran” at following url:

Quran6_116-117_MajorityVSTruthPieMMWe have included Hanfi, Malki, Hanbali, and Shafi cults because that is also one cause of Split in Umma (Muslim-Nation) and Quran forbids all kinds of Split>> Tafarraka. Jalaluddin Rumi narrated in his Book “Mathnavi”, These four (Abu Hanifa, Malik, Hanbal, and Shafii) have carved four religions out of one Islam. They have created irreconcilable divisions in the Deen of Nabi (Prophets).

Allah has designed Noble Quran in such a way that Quran explains itself fully. Quran has its own built-in dictionary. Each verse of Quran is further explained by other verses of other chapters of Quran. Therefore; standalone and fully detailed Quran 16:89 is absolutely not in any need of any external theological source like fabricated hadiths, forged Sunna, Mullahs, Imams, Pseudo Scholars, contexts, Shan-e-Nazools, Tafsirs (exegesis), and Mulahs-Made Fiqa (jurisprudence). Fact is, that no any human can explain BOOK of Allah except Allah himself. Because who explains a BOOK, must have higher intellect or at least his intellect equal to the intellect of Author, but no any mortal human being can meet this criteria. Quran is made simple and easy 54:17, 54:40. Quran is simple plain book, and does not need any interpretation like 1+1=2 does not. But Mullahs has invented term of “Quranic Interpretation” in order to convert very clear and unambiguous verses of Quran into a Wax-Nose; so that they could bend that nose in any direction as per their wish.

Abu Hanifa 699-767 A.D.

Malik ibn Anas 711-795 A.D. Al-Shafi’i 767-820 A.D. (Paul of Islam who converted DEEN Islam into religion of Mullahs and Imams). Deen = Divinely prescribed system of life) Ahmad bin bin Hanbal 780-855 A.D

These Mullahs (names mentioned above), interpreted Quran in their own way and divided One Muslim Umma (Nation). Their so called Fiqa (Jurisprudence) not only mutually conflict but also contradict laws of Quran. For example, according to one Mullah of above four; if Man gives three Talaqs (divorce) at same time with in a minute or even within less than a minute; three divorces will be applied; but this idiocy 100% contradicts very clear procedure of divorce that Quran ordains.  Quran says: Muslim are like one body, they must remain united like one body-mass 49:10, 3:103, 3:105. But these Mullahs has created divisions in one Muslim Umma by interpreting Quran in their own idiotic ways. Satan has sent ~two Billion Christians astray and same situation is with majority of ignorant Muslims, who, instead of following clear laws of Quran, follow Mullahs and  Imams. Truth is, that Mullahs mentioned above were even more ignorant in Islam than Lap-top Mullahs of today. Their books are full of lies that contradict Quranic laws. Same applies to all fabricated books of hadith and sunna. That Four Mullahs (names mentioned above) were always abusing each other. For example, we show you some quotes as follow: (Source: Criminals of Islam by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D).Imam Shafii called Abu Hanifa the worst of creation.(Tarikh Khateeb Baghdadi)

Abu Hanifa is no less than Iblees and Dajjal. (Imam Malik, Khateeb Baghdadi 13:396)

Abu Hanifa called Imam Jafar Sadiq and Imam Malik as the worst of creations. (Tareekh Khateeb Baghdadi)

Imam Yahya bin Moin said that Iman Hanbal was a hidden Sabai (a bitter, hateful Shia). (Tahqiq-il-Madahib)

Ibne Hanbal was apparently vanguard of Islam but in fact he was a dangerous hypocrite (Mullah Ali Qari in Mojahid-al-monafak)

Abu Hanifa said:, Be the curse of Allah on those who call themselves Imams, Imam Malik, and Jafar Saadiq are deceitful liars and sodomites. (Tahqiq-il-Madahib)

There were grave disputes between Imams Shafi’i, Abu Hanifa, Malik, Hanbal and Sufiyan Sauri. Whoever uttered much nonsense was called a Faqih (enlightened jurist). (Shah Waliullah, Hujjatullah Al Baligha pg 254).

Please note that Shia sect follows another Monafak Mullah “Jafar Al-Saqiq 700(702)-765 A.D.The Eclipse of Islam: What happened to Islam after Caliph Umar R.A.?

Dear Muslim: Learn, that Allah Jalla Aala has named us Muslim in his all previous Books and in his last Book Noble Quran too. Therefore; it is the greatest honor to be a Muslim. Precious Medal of Muslim is given to you by the owner of this Universe. So if one asks you 100 times, What is your Sect; Answer him, 101 times that I am Muslim and only a Muslim.

Quran has declared at more than four places, Sect-Followers, OUT OF ISLAM. So it is very clear that one of the biggest CRIMES in Islam is to make and follow sects. Because Sects-Making goes 180 degree opposite to the commandment of Noble Quran in which Quran ordains “TO HOLD FAST ALTOGETHER ROPE OF ALLAH (Quran) AND DO NOT SPLIT YOURSELF INTO SECTS”. All Prophets were just Muslims and they were never followers of any Mullah-Made evil sect such as Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, Salfi, Deobandi, Brailvi++. Stop this Crime and get out of evil sects and unite as MUSLIMS. Some fanatics, hypocrite Mullahs and number-two scholars now use terms of “Maktab-e-Fiqr” or “School of thought” in place of Firqa Sect to validate their non-Quranic evil Sects. But if one covers a Donkey with the skin of a Lion; that donkey does not become Lion and even after disguise, that donkey still remains donkey. Everyone on this planet knows that these Evil-Sects fight each other, they declare each other Kaafirs and so they produce Fitna, Fasaad and Tafarraka and Tafkir in one DEEN of Allah “Islam” and they clearly violate the commandment of Allah given in verse 3:103.

So our very Dear sister and our very dear Brother:

Introduce always yourself as a Muslim and only Muslim and just Muslim, and declare that you have no any relation with Non-Quranic Evil-Sects and I follow commandments of BOOK of Allah that forbids sects and finally I have to return to my creator Allah Jalla Aala. Quran3_103PlusNoteFCOHoaxes11-Virgin Birth: First Canonical Gospel, Gospel of Mark speaks not a single word about the Virgin Birth of Jesus. How he could miss this so big incidence? Bible of John has also no clue. We find virgin birth story in Mathew and Luke but first two chapters of Mathew and Luke that contain story of Virgin Birth were forged and added by Pagan Greek Priests in 2nd century. Gospels of Mathew and Luke of before-mid-2nd-Century used by Ebionite sect do not contain those 2 Chapters. Brother of Jesus “James the Just’ said: Jesus was born normally like other humans and he was son of Mary and Joseph. In four Gospels, Mark Mathew Luke and John, in many verses Jesus is written as Son of Joseph too.Noble Quran never tells that Jesus was born without human father but Mullahs manipulate verses to support fable of virgin birth crafted by church. Quran tells: Mary was told, you will have son but Mary replied, how I could have a son, as no one has touched me. After this dialogue with angel; years later, Mary left the temple. In those days: Nuns were told by Council of Priests not to marry (though in almost all temples, Priests used to play golf with nuns in hiding) but “NOT TO MARRY” was not GOD’s Law. Even in such a dirty environment, Mary protected herself from that sex-hungry Priests, and this is why she has highest rank among all Women. When Mary married Joseph, Council got very angry. A Good reader of whole Quran knows very well that birth story of Jesus given in Noble Quran is similar to the birth stories of Prophet Yahiya (John the Baptist) and Prophet Isaac (Is’haq) son of Prophet Abraham. Info about the births of Isaac and Yahiya were also told to their parent by Angels in advance when their parent were very old (impotent) and barren. But God fixed them and made them fertile and potent before the birth of Yahiya and Isaac. GOD makes a Plan and then creates resources and reasons to implement that plan according to his laws to fulfill his command of “Kun-Faya-Koon 3:47’. Please note: both, Yahiya and Is’haq had human fathers, so Jesus had too. To read discussion on this subject in depth, please open link number 20 given at the top of this page. JamesTheJust2We also do not find fable of Ascension and later return of Jesus in oldest Gospels. Like virgin birth, this hoax was also added in Gospels centuries later by Church in order to attract new converts. Our Mullahs again started to twist very clear verses of Quran in order to support this fable of Church. Quran makes clear that Jesus survived death on Cross 4:157, Raised in Honor/Spiritual exaltation 4:158, and died naturally at VERY OLD Age (Kahlan) 5:116-117. In verse 5:117 words “Wafat” is used and even a 5th grader of an Arabic School knows, Its mean death. When word “Wafat” appears in many other verses of Quran and also in verse 10:46, Mullahs translate it as “Death” but when exact same word appears in 3:55, and 5:116-117 for Jesus, they now bend it and translate as “Taken up to Heavens with mortal body of Flesh and Bones”. A clear twist but fanatics are hypnotized psychopaths and they even can twist book of Allah in order to validate their unsound beliefs. Instead of accepting truth of Quran, fanatics throw their all anger on Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. We know that Mirz G A Qadiani was an impostor but majority of our Mullahs are also brain-dead dumb beasts. Verse 43:61 has no any relation with Jesus nor does his name appear in that verse but sectarian translators place word Jesus in bracket in order to support a fiction. Word INNA-HU appeared in 43:61 points not to Jesus but to Quran. In many other verses of Quran, word Inna-hu is used for Quran. Now these Criminal Mullahs and their sectarian translators twist verse 4:159 not at 179 degree but at 180 degree in order to support their fable. It is like to move north-pole to south-pole and south-pole to north; a twist at 180 degree. Quranic verse 4:159 tells: That at the moment when all Jews and Christian will die (like all other people die); they will be informed at the time of their death about the reality of Jesus; mean he was neither son of God nor god but a mortal human Prophet, and he was not died on Cross, as Yahood believed that to die on Cross is a cursed death. But Criminal translators twist this verse 4:159 at 180 degree in order to show that Jesus is still alive with body of flesh and bones from 2000 years. They translate 4:159 as: that at the time of Death of Jesus, Jews and Christian will know about Jesus. In this way: these criminals (twisters of Scripture) try to show that death of Jesus is an event of future.Quran which is Successor and Superseder of Bible and Torah is Truth of all Truths but problem is: neither Church nor our ignorant brain-dead Mullahs understand what Quran actually says about Jesus: Our team has over 35 years research on the life of Jesus. This research covers areas of history, Scriptures, Spirituality, Medical Science, and Archeology. You can consider us top most Authority on this subject at present time. Problem is rooted in precise definition of “Crucifixion” which Mullahs and Church miss. Quran never denies in 4:157 nailing of Jesus on Cross but it forcefully denies death of Jesus on Cross. And Bible and tons of historical evidence 100% Confirm the claim of Noble Quran. Death on Cross is BINDING CONDITION OF punishment called Crucifixion. You can see this definition in Oxford dictionary or in Wikipedia. So if a person is nailed on Cross and then he dies on Cross; he is certainly CRUCIFIED, but if a Person is nailed on Cross but he was removed from Cross thinking he is dead, but in fact he was just in deep Coma; then that person is NOT CRUCIFIED because he survived death on Cross. English words “NOT CRUCIFIED” is translated in Arabic as “Wa Ma Salabu” and it is same word which God has used in Quran 4:157. Verse 4:157 says: He did not die on Cross=NOT CRUCIFIED but it seems them as so, that he has been Crucified=died on Cross. Because when a Person is in DEEP coma, he might be doubted as dead. But there is Eye witness of one Essene that when Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea received body of Jesus from Pilate and took it to tomb in Garden; Nicodemus (an expert Physician an Essene) told other disciples: Congratulation: Jesus is still alive. Quran calls Essene as Hawaari in 3:52. In fact Jesus was near to die on Cross when his heart was compressed by leaking Blood around heart but God (who can control subconscious of man) managed to send Roman soldier to pierce his chest. That cut the wall of locked blood around heart, and area around the heart was decompressed; so dooming heart gained rhythm again back. God is so precise planner that no one can understand his plans. Here we read Quranic verse which says: “They Planned a scheme against Jesus, and God also Planned his scheme; nay: God is the best Planner”. It was like; when in Quranic Chapter Sura Kahf, a Wise man made a small hole in Boat in order to save whole Boat from an Oppressor King. And Bible says: Nicodemus treated his Injuries with Aloe Vera (a Potent healing herb) and with other Herbs, and Jesus was able to come out of Tomb on 3rd day. He was never resurrected but resuscitated. He came out of Tomb after three days (like Jonah from the belly of fish) and hid himself as Gardener and Mary Magdalene recognized him. Later Jesus met to disciples and told them: Touch me, because Spirit has no flesh. Then he ate bread or fish with them. Read and UNDERSTAND following very unique Page with honest unbiased mind: “Best scholarly page on the life of Jesus. A Treasure for the Students of Comparative religion:

CorruptioninLukeIf you discuss this kind of matters with brain-dead hypnotized dummies (we call them Hadithers); instead of understanding and accepting very clear truth of Quran, they will propound tons of fabricated crap called hadiths: i.e Ibn Abbas said so, Abu Khudri has told so, King of hadith counterfeiters Mr. Abu Hurairah has said so, Hadith of Wikileaks has said so, Hadith narrated by Christopher Columbus told so and hadith narrated by Vasco da Gama told us, that Jesus will come down any time within next 22 days on certain minaret of Mosque. His excellency Abu Hurairah has also told hadithers that after dropping on earth, Jesus will break all Crosses and will kill all Swines. A pretty tough job which is not possible without thorough search of all sugarcane fields especially in Cuba and all forests. He might recruit Millions of brainless Mullahs and will assign them task of killing all swines. Team Factszz is not aware if they will kill all swines by swords or by rifles. That will also be the greatest day for free pork-eaters. What a joke, what a nonsense, what a shame, OMG. But hadithers believe in these fairy phony tales seriously. Even Mullahs with Ph.D in Islamic theology believe in this crap too, because they are brainwashed during their fake Ph.D studies, too. According to our analysis, Hadithers are the most dangerous psychopaths under the sky, If you fabricate a good quality of hadith along with good quality of fake chains of narrators that show: who will jump in the sea and die, is a martyr; next day you could see millions hadithers will be ready to jump in the sea in order to achieve martyrdom; and Gangs of TTP, Boko-Haraam and ISIS are also family of psychopathic hadithers. Islam is Quran, but they never follow Quran. Mullahs has extracted their brains out from their heads and all hadither are now empty-headed cattle 7:179. All their hadith books were forged 250-800 years after the death of Prophet. Millions of fabricated lies has been attached to the name of Prophet Mohammad the exalted by fake chains of narrations A told B told C told D told E told X told Y told Z; Chinese whisper spread over 800 years. People listen Sermon in Mosque and forget after they come out of Mosque but that is Chinese whisper of hundreds of years. Please also note that hadiths were and are illegal in Islam because Prophet and Four Caliphs burned and banned all hadiths. For tons of proof, please read our page “True history of hadiths” in link number 2 given at the top of this page. We have read that all books of hadiths, Tafsirs etc and that books are huge pile of stinky garbage. On the subject of fable of ascension and return of Jesus, we have published our magnum-opus on this subject which is almost a Book-Online. See at the top of this page link number 6. We claim, that reader will find no any other webpage that has discussed this subject in so much depth as we have in that page. That page is a Treasure for historians and students of comparative religions. Almost a Jesuspedia.jjjreuudesaZubyair3Nose3Third the greatest hoax was manufactured by Persian Pseudo Hadith Imams when they insulted Prophet Mohammad the exalted by placing him on a flying horse that has face of a very pretty woman. That fictitious phony horse is named by them as “Boraaq”. Truth is: Zoro-hypo Bukhari and other Persian Zoro hadith Imams copied this fiction from two Zoroastrian Books “Arda Viraf” and “Zerdashtnama. That hadith which they forged is called hadith of “Miraaj” or “Night Journey”. Please note; no any kind of phony flying horse exists in Noble Quran nor 5 Persian Namaz, Azan/Adhan and any method and units of conflicting Namaz Rituals of Shia and Sunni sects. Quran forbids all sects and God named all believers from Adam to Prophet Mohammad only MUSLIMS 22:78. Salat of Quran is never 5 Rituals. If Salat was rituals, for sure, God had told us how Shia should pray and how Sunni should pray rituals and this is Arabic text for Sunni Azan and this text is for Shia Azan (call of prayer). Please note that Hadith of Miraaj is 101% forgery and 5 Namaz Rituals are sub-part of that forgery; so! In order to read, how that hadith of Miraj was forged, please visit link number 30 at the top of this page. In order to read, why Salat of Quran is not 5 Namaz Rituals, please read link number 1 at the top of this page. Team Factszz tells you only substantiated Truth, regardless if truth is bitter or sweet. We never post that material on our web pages which we cannot fully substantiate with solid multiple evidence, logic and rationality. Any material which fails to pass the test of commonsense, logic and rationality is not posted by us at our pages. Mistakes are possible as we are not infallible. This is why; we encourage reader to post your comments at the bottom of relevant pages or send us your message by email through page “”. But we answer only that questions which already are not answered in our pages. Question must be also a “no-nonsense question”. Our pages tell you pure truth because when you build your faith on truth, that is stronger than Himalaya but when you build faith on lies such as forged hadiths sunna Sira tafsirs exegesis fiqa Mullahs Imams etc.; you can slip any time to the path of Satan. New converts/reverts who build their faith on that lies, sometime leave the counterfeited Number-2 Religion of Mullahs and Imams and become self-proclaimed apostates. For Sole one True path of one GOD “Islam”, we seek guidance only from last testament of GOD “Quran” which is Only the Book of Islamic law. No any other man-made book. Unlike most of Mullahs and so labeled as scholars of past and present; we go to Quran without any prejudice. This is why; we learn from Quran and we do not twist Quran in order to preach others any personal made-up dogma and its thoughts. Gawaid Jamidi, Allama Pervez and Shabbir Ahmed advise readers in their books and lectures that go to Quran with blank mind but their work clearly shows that they themselves deformed also some Quranic truth by using their some already preconceived unsound beliefs in subconscious. But this never mean: Ignorant Fanatics should fabricate any story, and then name that story, as Miracle. There are tons of fanatics who will tell you many fake miracles, and when you challenge those fanatics, they all have one same answer, and that is “Allah has power to do every thing“. Our Answer to these Fanatics is: Though God has all Powers but these fanatics are not permitted to fabricate some miracles and then attach those fake stories to unlimited Power of God.Tischendorf_NFor example: Shabbir and Pervez had already in their brain that they have to prove everything from Quran by Material-Science. When they failed to prove anything by material science (which has its limitations), they started to deform the reality of Jinn, Angels, and Miracles etc. They both are not aware that Material science is not the only science; and humans has not discovered all sciences yet, i.e. teleportation that was used by one Man of God 2800 years ago in the court of Prophet Solomon; and he transported throne of Queen of Saba/Sheba from very far in a fraction of second (Quran 27:38-39-40). There is another big impostor “Qamar”, who claims each word of Quran is Allegory (his false claim contradicts 54:17, 54:40) and so he claims: Meaning of Fasting is not to fast and meaning of Ghusal (washing) is not Ghusal and meaning of rain is not rain; and he twists every word of Quran. We never saw such a big impostor in our life. But there are tons of idiots who follow that impostor. Quran 3:7 tells, there are verses that are foundation of books “like nothing is like GOD” and there are allegorical verses like “our eyes were watching the Boat of Noah”; like: “in paradise are rivers of honey and river” is an allegory to explain that paradise is a great place; but not whole Quran is allegory as Qamar claims. Please read our page “Symbolism and Allegory in Quran”. To read page, please open link number 40 at the top of this page. Dear: Never follow any one blindly 8:22, 7:179. Always use your commonsense and reason at every step by passing it through the filters of Quran. TueMuslimAGoodPersonAbu_Bakkar DivinePostmanAndTrueMuslimQuran25_56PlusNoteFMessengersOnlyDivinePostmenF2ImportantPointFQuranVersusHadith

Quran_2_213_2Noble Quran 2:213: Mankind were one community. (Nature’s provision was abundant and open for all (2:36). Then Satan, their selfish desire, divided them (10:19)) Allah sent Prophets as heralds of good news and as Warners. He sent down with them the Scripture with the Truth to judge among people in their differences. After the Prophet passed on, people started differing in the Scripture that was given to them with clear verses. And they did so in stubborn rivalry. Allah by His Will keeps the sincere believers guided in Truth concerning whatever differences arise among them. Allah guides people according to His Laws. (Using your faculties of listening, observing and reasoning will help you achieve guidance, while selfishness, arrogance and blind following will lead people astray (2:170), (6:56), (40:35), (41:17)).Quran_6_114NImportant_ArrowProphetsDivineRobotsObedienceOfProphejtQuran makes very clear that sole task given to Messengers was only to deliver Book of Allah clearly, and it was not their duty to explain or teach the book because Divine Book has own built-in dictionary and therefore Quran fully explains itself. This is why Prophet left behind nothing except Quran written by scribes; nor any hadith and Sunna book was compiled by Four Guided Caliphs. Please read following verses.All Quranic verses that say, support Prophet, follow Prophet, and Obey Prophet etc are applicable only to Alive Prophet, when he was alive; And that Obedience was confined to laws of Quran that Prophet was preaching. Rationally and logically, it is impossible to love, obey and follow a dead person. So after death of Prophet, there is only one way and that is, to follow the BOOK that Prophet left behind for us. He left behind nothing except Quran which was fully written down under his supervision by scribes. And no any sensible Muslim can have any doubt about Quran because it is Allah who is protector of Quran 15:9. Hadith-Crap was forged 250-400 years after the death of Prophet with fake Matans and fake chains of Narrations by Persian Zoroastrian pseudo imams in order to disable Quran, to distort Islam, to misguide Muslims and to split Muslims into countless sects. They also invented fraud-machine of “Science of hadiths” which is designed to place labels of Cow-Meat on the the packets of pork. Even the best scientific methods can never convert a forged lie into TRUTH. Persian Zoroastrians took revenge from Muslims because it were Muslims who dismantled their millennia Zoroastrian empire in 636 A.D. Majority of our Mullahs and Imams from past 1200 years have acted as tool of Satan, and they never told we Muslims the truth. Please do not forget to read our two pages about hadith, given-above. One is “True history of hadiths” and other-one is “Some  hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death”.AbuBakkar_3_144_2ImportantBOOKPersians’ conspiracies against Noble Quran, by Dr. Syed Abdul Wadud



DivineSystemVersesdesdIslam_Deen_Not_ReligionPlease Click here in order to read Laws of Noble Quran relevant to above-posted diagramfrjufsIslam a Challenge to ReligionReligionOfMullah
Whenever we expose serious flaws (as given above) of irrational and illogical democracy; advocates of Democracy ask immediately, show us then alternate? Our answer is; that Divine System finalized in last testament of GOD “Quran” is not just alternate but the best system for mankind. Then opponents raise another question, how will you elect Members of Majlis Shoora? Our answer is; Supreme Court and Patriotic Army (the guarantor of State and Divine System) must not elect but select the best people of society. Because all the conflict is between two words “ELECT“, and “SELECT“. A feudal society in which majority of voters are Ignorant and Poor (sale-able voters); they could elect the Top Thief of this planet as President of Country, and a notorious Terrorist of this Globe as a Prime Minister. Then opponents, raise another point; how will you select the best, the pious, and honest people of society for Members of Shoora (Consulting body)? Our answer is; that from the day, when Adam was sent to this earth, to the day of today, every society knew well and knows well, even today, about the best people of their Societies. Throughout mankind history the best people were and are distinct in any society like are distinct Diamonds and Rubies on the pile of Charcoal. That the best people (always in Minority >> Quran 6:116-117) can make this earth paradise of peace and prosperity in the light of laws of Divine System which has been finalized in Last preserved and protected Book of GOD “Quran”.

FlawsOfDemocracyMany people think, Quranic system mean system of Ignorant Vile Mullahs and Freak Imams and foolish hadithers who follow millions of forged hadiths and fake sunna books. This is not correct. Mullahs and Imams are aliens to Islam. Quran is made easy 54:17, and Islam is absolutely not in need of that aliens who created their vacancy in Islam in order to run their Religious Theocratic trade through Madaaris and fake theological Universities. Prophet Mohammad(s) left behind no any manuscript except Quran. So Quran=Islam. Full Stop. Standalone Quran is made easy 54:17 and Quran fully explains itself by Tasreef and Tafseel 18:54, 6:114, 25:33, 12:111, 16:89, 17:12. So Quran needs no any other man-made book/source. What is in Quran is Islam. Any law, rite or Ritual that has no roots in Quran, is absolutely not part of Islam.

Quranocracy by Dr. Syed Abdul Wadud


Quran4_150_151PlusNoteFPlease click on following picture in order to enlarge it

FraudMachineofShafiAbrogationTheGreatestLie2Persian Zoroastrian’s Conspiracies against The QuranQuran2_105_106AbrogationQuran16_101BibleVsQuranBackwardCheckSphereChristiansHadithsHadithNQuranIntercessionNote: The filthiest forged Hadiths that are mentioned in this page can be read at our following page: Some Hadith that will drag you to paradise even before your death.



SinsShiftingFrom decades this Mullah is spreading fables and fictions which have no any relation with Pristine Islam which has been finalized in Glorious Quran; the Pristine Islam which was followed by Prophet Mohammad(s) and Four Guided Caliphs. This Mullah has also written some Books which are classic work of Gossipy Fables and Fictions. And source of his these all gossipy books are millions of fabricated extra-Quranic hadiths which were certified neither by Prophet Mohammad PBUH nor even by Four Guided Caliphs. That all hadith-stock is Himalaya of gossipy fairy tales mostly concocted by Zoroastrians, Zanadqa and Pseudo Converts who came from People of Book. Should a Wise Muslim build his faith on that fairy tales which were certified neither by Prophet nor even by Four Guided Caliphs? We say: Never. Six Hadith books of Sunni sect; and of Shia sect were fabricated 250-400 years after the death of Prophet, and all six authors of that six Sunni books were from defeated Zoroastrian Persia. In fact that all Persian authors were Zoroastrians hidden under Muslim names; and they forged that books in order to distort Islam, to send Muslims astray, to disable Quranic laws, and to divide one united Muslim Ummah into countless sects. Read proof in our this page about these Zoroastrian Pseudo Imams: Prophet left behind only written Quran, and its full proof is at: Therefore; Islam=Quran; Full Stop. Allah says: his Quran is Complete, Fully Detailed, and his Quran explains every thing for Muslim which is part of Islam 12:111, 16:89, 17:12, 6:19, 10:15, 6:114, 25:30, 16:116. Therefore; any rite, part of rite, any ritual, part of ritual, unit of ritual, and Islamic law (Sharia law) which does not have roots in Book of books, Truth of all Truths “Glorious Quran, is absolutely not a Part of Islam. As per Quran 6:114, 5:44, any one who makes Islamic law from extra-Quranic books are Kaafirs. And all hadithers and this kind of almost all Mullahs are violating Quranic verses 6:114, 5:44 from 1200 years. Meaning of “obey Allah and Rasool” is nothing else but to follow that Divine Book which Allah delivered to People through his Rasool, and that Book is only Quran 6:19, 25:30, 10:15, 6:114, 50:45. Authentic Oswat-Hasna of Nabi Mohammad(s) is depicted only within Glorious Quran. Rest is history; and a wise will never build his faith on historical crap. When a Muslim follows laws and Ethical Codes of Glorious Quran, he/she automatically also follows Oswat-Hasna of Ibrahim(s) and Mohammad(s) because Oswat-Hasna of Mohammad(s) was replica of Quranic Ethical Codes. A Muslim is absolutely not in need of to know about Prophet Mohammad more than what is given in Glorious Quran.

Indeed, from past 1200 years, this kind of fiction-mongers and skilled storytellers have ruined faith of we Muslims and whole Muslim Ummah. Instead of concentrating on Glorious Quran (the Book only left by Rasool 6:19, 25:30, 6:144, 10:15); these Fable-Mongers are telling Muslims gossipy Kharafaats which have no any relation with Deen Islam. We never have any personal grudge with any human on this planet but Truth must be told: According to our unbiased analysis: This Mullah Imran N. Hosein is one of the greatest Impostors of present time. A Big Liar who spreads fables and moronic fictions which have neither any relation with Deen Islam nor with Truth and RealityWe can see another Big Mullah of same brand who belongs to South Asia. His name is Tahir Padri. This Mullah tells so many lies that if there was any Nobel Prize for “telling lies”, for sure, Tahir Padri had won it. But because the most ignorant Muslims of planet live in South Asia, so, this fraudulent liar have millions of followers. He claims he has written over 500 books. But fact is: If a liar writes one book or 500 books; his books will be full of lies and false stores. A liar cannot write a truthful Book; no way. A liar is like a dirty Water-Well. No matter if we draw from a dirty water-well one bucket of water or 500 buckets of water; all will be dirty. The most Truthful is Allah Azza wa Jall. So his book Quran is the Most Truthful Book. Learn Arabic; understand it by its own Tasreef only; and then follow its laws and ethical codes sincerely. That’s it. This is pristine Islam.

This liar Tahir Padri  told his followers that 1400 years ago, People used to consume even feces of Prophet for their food and medicine. Because according to hadithers, last prophet of God, Prophet Mohammad(s) died at age of 63 (in fact it was 60); so in order to impress his ignorant followers, Tahir Padri told his followers about 38 years ago that Prophet Mohammad(s) met him in a dream, and he told him: you too will die at age of 63 []. But when we are writing this para, this Impostor Mullah is already 68 years old and still living very much.GOD has witnessed in Quran that Prophet Mohammad(s) used to have the highest standard of sublime conduct. Can such a great man tell this kind of hadith that is given below? O Brother O Sister! Awake up. That all hadith books are Himalaya of lies that defeated Persian pseudo imams forged 250-400 years after the death of Prophet to defame Prophet and to misguide Muslims. Whole Islam is contained in Quran 16:89. And all what is not given in Quran is not part of Islam. If Maps of India and USA are not given in Quran, then its mean, that maps are not part of Islam but of geography. If Quran does not tell detail about life of last Prophet, then its mean, to know detail of life of Prophet is absolutely not part of Islam but of history. A True Muslim must concentrate on the BOOK that Divine Postman delivered, and not on the Postman who delivered the BOOK at your door, and took your signature to show to GOD that he has delivered BOOK, and went back. After complete delivery of BOOK of GOD Quran to people, history tells us that GOD’s last Divine Postman (Rasool, Risaala,, Letter, Who delivers Letter or book) Mohammad(s) took signature of people by saying: Have I delivered you Message of Allah, they all said Yes Yes, You did. Then he raised his finger and said: O Lord: Be the witness. Also note that you can read historical crap such as hadiths books but you cannot build your faith on history but only on BOOK of Allah 5:44, 6:114, 10:15, 6:19, 2:213, 50:45, and Book of Allah is scripture and not an historical book. If Quran does not tell you to kiss black stone during Hajj and to beat Satan with small-stones; then its mean, to kiss stone and throw small-stones on freak Satan is not part of Hajj. That all are pre-Islamic Pagan practices. If fully detailed Quran 16:89 does not tell you to pray Five Zoroastrian Namaz Rituals nor it tells what to read in Qayaam or Tash’had nor it tells units of rituals nor it tells different brands of rituals of Sunni and Shia; then its mean Rituals are not part of Divine System of Quran. Verse 2:177 clearly forbids you from Rituals, and ordains Philanthropy. Serve creation of Lord to please Lord 2:177. In order to know what is Quranic Salat; read our following page: Know: No one can be Wiser than GOD. God says: Seek witness of a Man, or two women, where from that two women, one will be the witness and 2nd woman will be her assistant. In order to know: What is wisdom behind it, please download following small pdf file right now, and read and UNDERSTAND it at least three times.
Woman’s condition during Premenstrual DysphoriaExcuse us for saying this but we have to tell you the truth, though this truth might be pretty bitter for you. After reading countless books of Mullahs and Imams which were authored in past ~1200 years; we are reached to conclusion that though not all but vast majority of Mullahs and Imams in 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th and 20th centuries were deceivers, liars, hypocrites, twisters, ignorant, master-in-tampering; and majority of Mullahs and of Imams of today of 21st century have also same notorious trait. Their mentality has not been changed over time. They have twisted many verses of Quran like 2:105-106, 59:7, 33:21, 33:56, 4:157-157-159, 3:55, 5:116-117, 53:1-4, and many others verses either by their ignorance or by hypocrisy. As a result, they sent majority of we Muslims astray. They converted vast majority of Muslims into Mushrik-Mohammedans. In our pages, we have discussed how did they tamper translations of that all relevant verses. If they did it purposely to strengthen false viewpoints of their sects, then we must call them all hypocrites/Monafaqs; but if they did all this due to their ignorance, then we beg Allah Al-Ghaffaar Al-Ghaffoor to forgive them. If that was due to their ignorance, then root-cause of their ignorance was; they did not try to understand Quran by only Quran but through material of fallible humans like forged hadiths and tasfir books. It also appears: Prophet just delivered Quran and when its revelations were complete on the event of his last Sermon, a few months later he was called back by Lord who sent him here to deliver only Quran. Mission completed. God says in 5:99, 29:18, 42:48, 3:20 that Rasool is mere a Divine Postman and his sole duty is to deliver Quran only. This is why, he left behind no any hadith or sunna manuscript except Quran; nor he left behind any book of Tafsir (exegesis) because he was aware, it is not required, as Quran fully explains itself by its internal Tasreef and Tafseer 18:54, 6:114, 25:33. There is historic evidence that once Sahaba (Companions) asked an Islamic point but Prophet told them to understand that point from this and that verses of Quran. So he just refereed them back to Quran. We have many historical reports which show: during last illness of Prophet (which caused his death), Prophet was frequently lecturing people repeatedly, and was saying: ” O People! after me follow Book of Allah, what it makes Haraam (forbidden) is Haraam (Permissible) and what it makes halaal is Halaal. He was repeating these words everywhere. Seems he was afraid: My People might abandon Quran, and might follow other man-made stuff. This is why he also said in a few such lectures/Sermons that a Fitna might appear in future when people will abandon book of Allah and will start to follow extra-Quranic books in Islam. You are suggested to read our page “True history of hadiths and Sunna” at: Because 1200 years ago, Mullahs and Imams did not have great tools like computers we have today; so they either never tried to understand Quran only by Quran through its own built-in Tasreef and Tafseel, or they were mislead by man-made stuff like millions of hadiths and millions of pages of gossip called Tafsirs (Exegesis); and they failed to reconcile verses mutually. For example, verse 59:7 was misinterpreted (purposely or by ignorance) because it was not understood along with 59:6; and verse 2:106 was misinterpreted (purposely or by ignorance) by not understanding 2:106 along with 2:105; and 53:1-4 were misinterpreted (purposely or by ignorance) without understanding the truth of whole sura 53 which talks only about Quranic Wahi; not about hadiths at all; and verse 33:21 was understand out of internal context of Quran (purposely or by ignorance) which talks about battle of trench in Sura 33. We can see from books/manuscripts that existed 1200~1300 years ago, that even on small points, Sahaba/People have quite different views even sometime totally contradictory views. This Proves: Prophet never guided them in Person in addition to Quranic delivery. Because if he had guided them out of Quran, they could have no disputes about the understanding of some verses of Quran. God sent Rasool just to deliver Quran, and it is GOD who will guide people through their subconscious how to understand Quran correctly, and today we know: Its best way is: To understand Quran only by Quran. God says about Quran in 75:19 “it is for Us to explain it” Thumma inna AAalayna bayanahu. When verse 53:1-4 say: Rasool speaks but from Wahi; clearly, this is pointing to only Quranic wahi. Its mean: When Rasool is uttering verses of Quran through his sacred lips, that Quranic wahi is not his person talk but Wahi from Allah. God ordained Rasool in 6:114, 10:15, 6:19 not to follow any other law but law of Quran. Sura 53 is talking only about Quranic wahi that Rasool uttered from his lips.

To read full discussion on this topic; please visit our page on “Halaal and Haraam” at:
Last testament of God Quran makes crystal clear in 3:19, 3:85 that one God has only one True Path and that is Islam. These verses also tell: People who will follow any other Deen except Islam will be losers on the day of Resurrection and their deeds will not be accepted. Therefore; all Prophets and Messengers of God preached none but Islam 42:13, 3:67, 2:130-133, 3:52; and all true followers of all Scriptures (given to Prophets), were Muslims. Quran 22:78 tells us: From Adam to Prophet Mohammad(s), God has named all True believers only “Muslims”. Not Hindu, Sikh, Yahoodi, Christian, Sunni or Shia etc. All scriptures are scriptures of Islam. Every new Prophet came with new scripture which contained updated version of Divine law. So it was mandatory for Muslims of all times to stick to the latest Scripture of their life-span. Moses was given Book of God “Torah”. Jesus/Isa was given Enjeel. Because all previous scriptures were to be implemented for a limited time, so after their time expired, those got corrupted. Old and New testament has been badly corrupted, this is why Quran abrogated Torah and Bible 1400 years ago in verse 2:105-106, 5:48. Quran updated Divine law and also carried forward still-valid remnant law of previous scriptures. For example: Quran carries forward 9 commandments from 10 commandments of Torah. 10th, Sabbath is dropped. Some Ignorant Islamophobes spread lies that Mohammad(s) has plagiarized some passages from new and old testament. These fools know not that author of Original Torah, Original Enjeel and Quran are not Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad (Peace be upon all of them) but Author of all scriptures is One GOD. When author plans to bring forward his new edition, usually he uses some still-valid material from previous editions in his new edition. So slander of Plagiarism is mere moronic nonsense. We must also note, that after Jesus, Original Aramaic Gospel of Jesus (Enjeel) became extinct. Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John are never scripture Enjeel but are unreliable hadiths of Jesus. In that books, truth and falsehood is melted down together. Any verse of today’s old and new testament which still runs along with Quran, can be considered still uncorrupted but all verses of old and new testament which contradict Quran, are corrupted. Even that four books of hadiths of Jesus Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John are being tampered from 1800 years. Many top bible Scholars like Dr. Bart D. Ehrman PhD and Dr. Robert Beckford PhD admit that Old and New testament have been badly corrupted. Top most Christian German bible scholar of all times Dr. Tischendorf also wrote that bible has been corrupted. For example when we read Book of Mark of 4th Century, its verse 1:1 is: “This is Gospel of Jesus Christ” but when we read Book of Mark of today, verse 1:1 has been badly tampered and now it is: “This is Gospel of Jesus Christ son of God”. You can see, by adding in verse “son of God” they turned table at 180 degree, as they made a mortal human Prophet, Son of God. In same way, in Gospel of John of today we see many verses which we do not find in the Gospel of John of 4th Century. Over 10 news manufactured verses has been blended in last chapter of Book of Mark that we read today because that over 10 verses never exist in Mark’s edition of 4th century. In fact there are thousands of contradictions in corrupted old and new testament. For example: following verses has been deleted from The NIV (New International Version); Matthew 17:21, 18:11, 23:14, Mark 7:16, 9:44, 9:46, 11:26, 15:28,16:9-20; Luke 17:36, 23:17; John 5:4, 5:7; Acts 8:37, 15:34, 24:7, 28:29; Romans 16:24. Nothings happened like this in Quran in past 1400 years. No any verse was blended or removed from Quran nor any verse was changed from one form to other.Now there are two main groups, who from centuries, want to prove that Quran has also same problem as their Hadith books and 4 Gospels have. So it is to think like this “If am am sick, why my neighbor is not Sick too”. That two groups are: Christian Missionaries, and Sunni Hadithers. In order to defame and degrade Quran, and in order to bring Quran down to the level of fabricated Hadith Books and badly tamped Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John; hadithers and Christian Missionaries has invented many lies against Quran. Hadithers follow a false fabricated doctrine called abrogation but in fact Quran never abrogates its own verses but abrogates corrupted Bible and Torah in 2:105-106, 5:48. Hadithers also spread big lies from centuries that Quran, like hadiths, also came through narrations (Chinese whisper A told B told C told D told E….told X, told Z). But Truth is: Quran was instantly written down after Divine Revelations, and full Quran as hard book was present in the life of Prophet. You can read its full proof at: Quran is protected by God through memorization, and in all times thousands and thousands Hufaaz (people who memorize whole Quran) existed. At present time, over 50 millions Huffaaz exist. So even if Islamophobes publish Quran with twisted deformed words and verses; their trick will be useless because in Chest of 50 million Huffaaz is the same Quran which was in the hands of Prophet Mohammad(s). Hadithers and Christians missionaries has also invented together another lie against Quran. They call it Hafs and Warsh. Hafs and warsh is same one Quran with different style of Arabic graphic text. Because many Arabic regions, though write Quran in different style and some time they pronounce even same word differently but meaning of word remains same. Like in USA, Canada, and Britain, many English words are spelled/written differently and also some time pronounced differently. Like Color, Clour. Word “Schedule” is pronounced differently in USA and Canada from Britain. In same way: In Saudi Arabia, Friday is called Jum’a but in Egypt Friday is pronounced as Gum’a. But meaning is same which is Friday. In Saudia word Quran starts from “Qaaf with 2 dots at top” but in Morocco, they place just one dot on Qaaf instead of 2 dots but both Pronounce it as “Quran”. Usually “how are you” in Arabic is “kai’ful haal” but in some areas it is pronounced as “chai’ful haal”, here ch sounds like ch of chair. Please also note: 1400 years ago, in Arabic text, no any diacritical marks were used on Arabic words because being the mother tongue, Arabs knew how to read and pronounce the words without diacritical marks. Diacritical marks were added later in order to make the reading of Quran, easy for non-Arabs, so diacritical marks are not part of text but are mere facilitators. In Quran, God has addressed many time as “I did so” and also “We did so”. We, here is majestic Plural. Conclusively, that all minor differences in different Graphic Arabic texts makes no any difference in the meaning of any verse, any ethics, law, and codes of Quran, It is not like corrupted bible where many verses are deleted, made-up, and blended in Bible and many verses has been badly tampered. We have talked already above about that tampering. So try of Hadithers, Submitter-Cult, and Christian Missionaries to defame Quran is totally failed, and that has no any base at all. Last Prophet of God,  Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) died in year 6:32 A.D. and after his death, only Book of Quran was found in his Room. He left behind no any other written manuscript. He left no any hadith and Sunna manuscript. He did not certify any hadith. He did not verify any hadith. Six hadith Books of Sunni Sect labeled as Shihae Sitta and four of Shia books were fabricated 250+ years after the death of Prophet. 250 years is big time gap. Besides, contents of that books itself prove forgery of these books. All extra-Quranic books attached to Islam has no any relation with Islam. Quran makes clear in many verses that to Obey Allah and Messengers is same thing, and that is nothing else but to follow Quarn 6:114


God forbids in many verses of Quran not to follow others blindly, and even God declared that kind of blind followers “worst beast” on planet; and intellectually, such kind of blind followers are even worse than cattle 8:22, 7:179 but Fact is: by nature, Humans are Sheeple; and majority is of blind followers because to follow Clergy blindly is much easier than to investigate a matter and then reach to truth. Water always flows to easy path. In same way, Human mind usually follows Easy way. To follow Clergy blindly is an easy way but to spend days and months in investigation of a certain topic is, comparatively difficult Job. People who know the right answer of a Question: Who is God and what are God’s attribute; they will laugh on Physical Rituals like 5 Zoro Namaz. They will know very well that Physical 5 Namaz Rituals are just an other extension of Idol worship; because God is Omnipresent, and is independent of directions and locations. God is with you wherever you may be 2:115, 2:142, 2:177, 50:16, 57:4, 58:7, 24:35, 2:255, 56:83…85, 42:11. Therefore; You can make Dua or can talk to God any time when you are laying on bed or you are walking or you are working or you are in any temple or you are outside the temple. Your success is in following all ethics codes and laws of last testament of God “Quran. At beginning, Mosques were Muslim Community Centers and to adore God/to meditate upon God, but never for directional Physical 5 Zoro Namaz Rituals. “Even old mosques used to have no any Mehraab (Niche) toward Mecca; Mehraab in Mosques is a Bid’ah/Innovation (Albani)”. You can read full references of Albani in our page “What is Quranic Salat?”

But many people then ask: If Masjid was not a ritual center, but was Community Center and for adoration/meditation upon God; then why name of this building is Masjid because word Masjid is derived from word Sajadah. But that questioners do not understand Quran only by Quran. First of all, majority of Muslims never understand whole Quran in their life, and even who understand Quran fully, they never understand Quran only by Quran. They try to understand Infallible Book of Infallible GOD with the help of fallible books of fallible humans. Does it make any sense! No. So what is result then? Result is: They never understand Quran correctly in their whole life because when you try to understand Quran through man-made stuff; that man-made stuff influences your brain, and might take you far from real meanings of certain Quranic term/verse. Standalone Quran is Self-explanatory. Quran fully explains itself by its own built-in Tasreef 18:54, Tafseel 6:114, and built-in Tafseer 25:33. When we understand Quran only by Quran; it becomes Crystal Clear that in Quran, meaning of Sajadah is never Physical Prostration, never to place forehead on ground (an extension of Idol Worship) but meaning of Sajadah in Quran is “To humble to Divine Law”. Quran tells us in 22:18 and 55:6 that even Stars and Mountains do Sajadah. Now, do Stars and Mountains enter in any Mosque and place forehead on ground? No. Have Stars and Mountains even their foreheads? No. We have discussed meaning of Quranic Sajadah in detail in our page “What is Quranic Salat”? So Masjid is: Where Muslims solve their Problems as Per Divine laws/Humbling to (Sajadah/Masajid) Divine laws. And they also adore God; meditate upon God without any special physical movements, drill and directions.