Worth Reading Biography of Abu Hurairah RA The biggest contributor of Hadiths BooksPlease note: Authors of this page are only Muslims 22:78 and do not follow any evil sect. We are neither Shia nor Sunni. Quran forbids sects in many verses. It is written in Tabaqat of Ibn S’ad and by Ibn Hajar Asqalani in Asaba that the Caliph Umar said to Abu Huraira that: “‘When I made you the governor of Bahrain, you had not even shoes on your feet, but now I have heard that you have purchased horses for 1,600 dinars. How did you acquire this wealth?’ He replied, ‘These were men’s gifts which profit has multiplied much.’ The Caliph’s face grew red with anger, and he lashed him so violently that his back bled. Then he ordered the 10,000 dinars which Abu Huraira had collected in Bahrain be taken from him and deposited in the account of the Baitul’-Mal.”If we apply the supposedly rigid criteria of Muhaddaseen (Expert Scholars of Hadiths) used to select those who narrated hadiths, Abu Hurayra will be the first one to fail the test and his hadiths will be the first to be counted among the the forged hadiths.

In 21 A.H./642 A.D., during the caliphate of `Omer ibn al-Khattab, Abu Hurayra was appointed as governor of Bahrain. After two years, he was deposed because of a scandal. The details of that scandal are recorded in the books of Ibn `Abd Rabbih, the Mu`tazilite writer, and in Ibn al-Atheer’s famous classic book Al-`Iqd al-Fareed. A summary of that incident runs as follows:

When Abu Hurayra was brought to him, `Omer said to him: “I have come to know that when I made you governor of Bahrain, you did not even have shoes to wear, but I am now told that you have purchased horses for one thousand and six hundred dinars.” Abu Hurayra said, “I had horses which have multiplied, and I received some as gifts.” `Omer then said, “I would give you only your salary. This (amount) is a lot more than that (more than your salary for both years). Pay the balance back (to baytul-mal, the Muslim state treasury)!” Abu Hurayra said, “This money is not yours.” `Omer said, “By Allah! I would bruise your back!” Saying this, `Omer whipped Abu Hurayra till he bled. Then he thundered: “Now bring the money back!” Abu Hurayra replied: “I am to account for it before Allah.” `Omer said, “This could be so only if you had taken it rightfully and had paid it back obediently. I shall throw you back to your mother as though you were dung so that she would use you to graze donkeys.”In another report is that Abu Hurairah stole 40000 Dirham from treasury but returned to treasury only 10000 Dirham when pressed by Umar Kahattab. Reader must know that books of so called hadiths by fanatics are full of hadiths that are narrated by Abu Huraira. HadithOmarAndAbuHurairah - CopyIn the book of Al-Bidaya Wal Nihaya (Ibn Katheer), it is written that 2nd Caliph Umar Khattaab RA threatened Abu Hurayra to stop narrating hadiths or he will be chased after till the land of Daws (which is where Abu Hurayra is from). It  is written in HISTORY BOOK (labeled as Sahih-Muslim by Fanatics) in Volume I, page 34, that during the time of the Prophet, Umar Bin Khattab beat Abu Huraira so severely that the latter fell down on the ground.

Once Abu Salma asked Abu Huraira; were you also reporting so many hadiths in the time of Umar Khatab, as you are reporting now a days? He replied, If I had done so at that time; for Sure Umar Khataab had ordered to beat me with stripes.Important_Callout2ConfessionOfAbuHurairahAsHypocritePlease Note That Abu Huraira was student of notorious Hypocrite Jewish Rabai Ka’ab Al-Ahbar. Abu Huraira have forged thousands of hadiths alone and he has attributed them to the name of Prophet. For all hadith of Abu Huraira, he himself is only the witness. No other witness. So his most of fabricated Hadiths are called Ohad Hadiths. But Our Brain-Blind stupid Mullahs will declare you a Kaafir at the spot if you tell them this truth about Abu Huraira [A deep hidden Jew Hypocrite] —-> A mass production Machine that fabricated thousands of hadiths just in two or three years & connected to the name of our beloved Prophet. Abu Bakar  RA spent whole life with Prophet & used to have only over a hunded hadiths that later he burned, Like Omar RA also collected all hadiths and Burned. Ali bin Abu Talib 4th Caliph also told people to burn all hadiths. Proof is at: “True History of Hadiths” at:

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/08/06/true-history-of-hadiths-and-sunna-a-must-reading-for-all-muslims-and-non-muslims-who-are-interested-in-theology/This above-given report provides more proof of the Jewish influence on Islam through Abu Hurirah who narrated thousands of fabricated hadiths that have nothing to do with this Great Deen of Islam. Deen=(The Divinely Prescribed Way of Life). AbuHurairah3LiesAbtSolomonCOCallout_3ColorBigAnd following is magnum opus of Abu Hurairah and Bukhari: (Joint Venture)Reader can judge this hadith-forger Abu Hurairah that in one report he said 100 wives and in other report 60 wives. In third report he said 70 or 90 women.Ka’ab Al-Ahbar was a prominent Jewish Rabbi from Yemen, from the clan of Thee Ra-een (Thee al-Kila), then he apparently converted to Islam in the time of Ummar Khattab (in fact a disguised Munafik). No one has produced so many outrageous hadiths along with Abu-Huraira as he has produced.Almost all Hadiths that Insult woman, prophet and Allah, are from these two Munafiks such as, Woman is equal to horse, black dog, Ass, Donkey and Satan (Bukhari Vol-7, Book 62, #32, Sahih Muslim Book 004, #1034, Tirmidhi Vol:1 Pg 128, most of inhabitant in Hell will be women, If there was no woman, meat will never be rotten, Do not trust horse and woman, Prophet has 9 and some time 11 wives and he was busy with them for intercourse day and night and have sex power equal to 30 men (what a shame), Eisa son of Mary flew to Paradise with his mortal body and will drop again on earth, Allah when puts his leg in Hell it becomes cold, Allah will show his thigh to believer, a country where woman is head is cursed, Allah laughs and wonders and Allah has five fingers, on the first He puts the Heaven, on the second finger He puts the Earth, on the third, He puts the trees, on the fourth, He puts the water and the land and on the fifth, He puts the rest of His creation (total stupidity/garbage). Goat ate the verses of Quran for Rajam (stoning to death), Prophet used to suck tongue of Aisha  RA when he was fasting, Prophet used to have intercourse with wives during menstruation, prophet used to fornicate other women, Prophet was highly Zaalim and many many nonsensical and shameful stories.—- But still our so called stupid Mullah/scholars and their blindly following ignorant pets believe theses all outrageous stories. We were banned on many Islamic forums many times, when we tried to tell them this truth. Because a stupid who is living in darkness from centuries will not accept to come out in light, even If he/she is brought out in light, his/her eyes will not open in light. About such people Allah has said SUMMUN BUKMUN Deaf, dumb and blinds. Quran tells us clearly that during the life time of Prophets, there were many hypocrites around Prophets.

And similarly We have appointed enemies for every Prophet – devils from men and jinns – one inspires the other with fabrications to deceive; and had your Lord willed they would not do so, therefore leave them with their fabrications.”  (Allah said in Noble Quran verse 6:112).HadithsInsultWomanPic

In Noble Quran, Allah witnesses, that Last Prophet used to have THE BEST CONDUCT & duty of Prophets were to follow commands of Books of  Allah. Then how Prophet could suck tongue of Aisha RA when were fasting & How Prophet could do intercourse with wives during menstruation, when Quran forbids it? Is witness of Allah in Quran more truthful about Prophet; or filthy slanders of Abu Hurairah and Bukhari?Quran68_4Abu Hurairah only became a Muslim about three years before Muhammad’s death and the early Muslims wondered how someone who had known Muhammad for such a short time could learn so many hadith from him. One tradition attributed to him does tend to reflect poorly on his reliability. It is reported by the other great traditionist Abdullah ibn Umar that dogs were to be destroyed unless they were kept for one of two purposes.

Narrated Abdullah bin Umar: Allah’s Apostle said, “If someone keeps a dog neither for guarding livestock, nor for hunting, his good deeds will decrease (in reward) by two Qirats a day”. (Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol. 7, p. 284).

Dogs, therefore, were only to be kept for watching herds or for hunting. Abu Hurairah’s tradition reads as follows:

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: He who kept a dog except one meant for watching the herd, or for hunting or for watching the fields, he lost two qirat of reward every day. (Sahih Muslim, Vol. 3, p. 827).

In this hadith we find that dogs who look after fields were to be spared in addition to those serving the other two purposes mentioned by Ibn Umar. The tradition has an interesting addendum: “Zuhri said: The words of Abu Huraira were conveyed to Ibn Umar who said: May Allah have mercy on Abu Huraira; he owned a field” (Sahih Muslim, op. cit.). Quite clearly Ibn Umar believed that Abu Hurairah had forged the permission to preserve dogs who looked after fields to protect his own vested interests. As a Western writer says, “A better illustration of the underlying motive of some hadith can hardly be found” (Guillaume, The Traditions of Islam, p.78).

‘Abu Huraira is believed by the Muslims to have been too pious and conscientious a Muslim to put into the mouth of Muhammad any words which had not actually fallen from his lips, or to ascribe to him anything that he had not done. But he does not appear to have been endowed by nature with power of minute observation or a critical faculty strong enough to take cognizance of all the circumstances in which the Prophet uttered certain words or acted in a particular way”. (Siddiqi, Hadith Literature, p. 29).AbuHuraira1Regarding Abu Huraira, Author says “If it is possible to expose just one Companion as unreliable, the firmly constructed apparatus of tradition criticism begins to shake. It certainly topples over when this Companion happens to be the one who, of all the Companions, has transmitted the greatest number of sayings on the authority of the Prophet”. (Juynboll, The Authenticity of the Tradition Literature, p. 13).The Jews, hundreds of years after Moses’s death created Mishnah (hadith, sayings) and Gemarrah (sunna, Actions) and uphold them and the invented laws in them rather than the TORAH (revealed word of God).
In the city of Nicene 300 years after the death of Jesus, the concept of Trinity was CREATED, and is now the primary source of a Christian’s belief in defiance of the Bible which advocates the absolute worship of God Alone.
The Muslims 150- 200 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad CREATED another source of their religion with the Quran, “Hadith and Sunnah”, falsely attributed to the prophet Muhammad, and in defiance of the Quran. Today most Muslims have discarded the Quran in favor of Hadith and Sunnah.Important_ArrowWhat Quran says and What 2nd-Last Prophet of Islam said about Woman? MUST READ


Please note, when Prophet passed away; he left behind only written Quran and no any written hadiths. Hadith Books were forged by defeated Persian Imams 250-400 years after the death of last Prophet. That hadiths Books are heap of lies. And when for these Books, the biggest contributor/narrator is a Liar Abu Huraira; then how will you trust content of that evil forged Books?






And finally, His excellency Abu Hurairah who was a supersonic machine that manufactured about 40000 fake hadiths, tells us about one funny & strange RoosterNote: in order to visit pages shown in following table; either you can manually write down in note-pad the web-address/url of the page you like to visit, or just click on following table to open a Clickable-Page for all links which are given in following Table. In order to open that clickable page in a new tab; right-click on following table, and then in pull-down menu, click on “Open in New Tab”.Fabricated Context-stories (Asbab-Nazool) which enemies of Quran and Heretical Sunni/Shia sects have attached to the verses of Quran. Truth is: Extra-Quranic material such as Fabricated Books of Hadiths, Concocted Sunnah, Gossipy Tafsirs (exegesis), and stories of Context (Asbab-e-Nazool) are the Greatest Conspiracy against Noble Quran, hatched by defeated Zoroastrians, Zanadqa, hypocrites, and other enemies of Islam

At the very beginning, here is one important question: Did Prophet and four Caliphs leave behind any written manuscripts of so called Hadiths, Sunnah, Tafsirs and Stories of Contexts (Asbab-e-Nazool) along with written Quran? Answer is No, Never. If that all stuff was required to understand Quran, then at least four Caliphs were supposed to compile this kind of extra-Quranic manuscripts? But did they? No. If that all extra-Quranic stuff was part of Deen Islam, then at least four caliphs were supposed to compile this kind of extra-Quranic manuscripts but did they? No. Therefore; it becomes crystal clear that this all extra-Quranic material was neither needed to understand Quran nor that extra-Quranic material is part of Deen Islam.

On the Contrary; we have tons of well-known references which show that Prophet forbade people to write down anything from him except Quran. Prophet also told people: who have already written down from me any extra-Quranic material, he must destroy it. After death of Prophet, First Caliph Abu Bakr RA told Muslims “La Tuhadithu”, which mean do not narrated any hadith from Prophet. He told Muslims: decide your all matters according to Quran. Caliph Umar RA ordered all Muslims to submit to him all notes of written Hadiths which they possessed. People obeyed the order and submitted all such material to Caliphs Umar RA, thinking: that probably, he wants to compile a Master-Copy of Hadiths. But do you know, what did Umar RA do? He burned all those hadiths in an open Field, and told people: these hadiths are like Jewish Mishnah which sent Yahood astray. Mishnah is now part of Talmud. Caliph Umar RA wrote letters to all City Governors ordering them to erase all hadiths. Caliph Umar RA warned two Supersonic Hadith-Mongering Machines “Abu Hurairah” and “Rabbi K’ab-al-Ahbar” (a Pseudo convert to Islam) to stop narrations of hadiths or you will be punished. It is recorded that Abu Hurairah said: he could not narrate any hadith during era of Caliph Umar RA because he was afraid: Umar RA could break his head. But there were three Companions of Prophet who were still narrating hadiths to People. It is documented in all Famous books that Caliph Umar RA called those three companions (Sahaaba) of Prophet, and asked them “What are those Hadiths of Prophet which you guys are narrating to people?” Then Caliph Umar placed them under house arrest for life. They were released only after the martyrdom of Caliph Umar RA. Does it not show you clearly that Hadiths-Spreading was a Punishable Crime and so is even today? Caliph Uthman RA walked on the footsteps of Abu Bakar RA and Umar RA

O Man: Factszz never talks without references and proof. You can read Original-Book Scanned references of all points which we have just mentioned above, in our this page “True History of Hadiths and Sunnah” at: http://wp.me/p4GOwI-6e

How did Muslims understand Quran in the life of Prophet and four Caliphs without the existence of books of Tafsirs, Hadiths, and Contexts? Answer is: they understood Quran only by Quran because Quran fully explains itself, which mean: Quran does its own Tafsir (exegesis) through its own internal built-in Tasreef and its own built-in dictionary. And this is Only the Correct way to understand Quran correctly. Also, logically and rationally; Infallible Book of Infallible God cannot be explained through Fallible Books of Fallible men. In order to write Tafsir of Quran, a Person must have more knowledge than Author of Quran, or at least level of his knowledge/Intellect must be same as of Author of Quran. Now, we all know: Author of Quran is One God. Then, is there any Mofassar (exegesis writer) who have more knowledge than God? No way. In Quran 75:19, God says about Quran that “It is for Us to explain it”.  And Quran indeed does its own Tafseer through its own Tasreef 6:114, 25:33, 18:54. This mean: all Quranic verses are interconnected like brain neurons. And in this way, verses explain each other in multifaceted forms. For example: when we read Surah Baqara (Cow) of Quran, we see two terms, Muslim, and Momin. New reader of Quran might pause a while and think; Oh: then what is difference between these two terms? But when reader proceeds further and reaches to Surah Mominoon; he reads there full definition of “Momin,” and in short, it becomes clear that if a Muslim is equated to an Engineer, then a Muslim-Momin is like a Professional Engineer who really practically applies all laws and ethical codes of Book of God in his temp earthy life. Quran explains itself very beautifully.

At the beginning of 7th Century there were two superpowers, Romans, and Zoroastrian Sassanid Empire of Persia. Bother Superpowers were defeated by Muslim-Generals. Millennia old Zoroastrian Empire was totally collapsed. Now because Zoroastrians could not face Muslims in battlefield, therefor; they started to destroy faith of Muslims in Ideological field. Defeated Persians got full chance for Revenge after year 750 CE when Abbasid with the support of Persian Zoroastrian, revolted against Omayyad Caliphs, and finally built their Abbasid Empire in year 750 CE. Abbasid were Pro-Persian and Pro-Zoroastrians. Tutors of their Children, and almost all Ministers in the era of Abbasid Caliph Haroon Rashid were Persian Zoroastrians from Bramka dynasty/ancestry. Even wives of some Abbasid Caliphs and Princes were Persian Zoroastrians. So, now Iron was hot enough to beat and bend. Zoroastrians Ministers tried to change Arabic Text of Quran but badly failed because there were thousands and thousands Huffaaz out there, and they could catch even if one word of Quran is changed. God has put these Huffaaz as a Check on Quranic Text. Say: In fact Huffaaz are Divine Guards of Quran 15:9, 17:88, 41:42. If all Books and Computer archives are thrown into Ocean; Quran will be right back within hours. Just bring One Hafiz, and print whole, exactly same Quran which was being recited by Prophet Mohammad PBUH 1400 years ago. Hafiz is that Person who memorizes whole Quran cover to cover. Plural of Hafiz is Huffaaz or Huffaz.

Now when Enemies of Islam failed to change Quran, they came with several other conspiracies to change the Translation of Quran by attaching different concocted stories of Hadiths, Sunnah Tafsirs and Contexts (Asbab-Nazool) to each verse of Quran. As said above: that kind of extra-Quranic manuscripts never existed in the era of Prophet and Four Caliphs. Their purpose to attach such stories with each verse of Quran was in fact: to superimpose that Stories upon verses of Quran, so that: Reader of Quran may have already a built-in Story in his mind, and then he will understand Quran not through Quran’s own internal Tasreef but through that concocted stories of Hadiths, Tafsirs and Asbab-Nazool (contexts). For example: when these hypocrites planned to blend Stoning/Rajam Punishment of Jewish Talmud in Islam, they invented many hadiths in which it was shown that Prophet Mohammad PBUH was ordering to carry out non-Quranic punishment of Rajam (stoning). From such many ridiculous stories, we read one comic story in the book of Zoro forger Bukhari:“Narrated `Amr bin Maimun: During the pre-lslamic period of ignorance I saw a she-monkey surrounded by a number of monkeys. They were all stoning it, because it had committed illegal sexual intercourse. I too, stoned it along with them. Now in school, even a 5th grader boy can judge that this is a moronic Joke, a comedy, despicable forgery. Bukhari was applying his concocted Rajam law even to monkeys. Please note: regardless if a person is married or unmarried; for illegal sex (sex without wedlock), Quranic punishment is 100 lashes. Nowhere Quran tells to apply Rajam. With Quranic verse 11:114, these hypocrites and heretical Sunni sect have attached another ridiculous story of Context (Asbab-e-Nazool) which is given in Tirmidhi 3114, as: one man kissed a woman illegally, and in order to forgive sin of that Idiot Kisser; God sent down verse 11:114 in which God ordered all Muslims to pray two Namaz Rituals at sunset and at morning in order to forgive sin of that sexy Kisser. Can you believe in such kind of ridiculous concocted fables if you have a healthy brain! And same concocted comic story is also given in book of Zoro hadith forger Bukhari, number 4687, at: https://sunnah.com/bukhari/65/209

These Enemies of Allah and Quran also invented another lie against Quran which they named “Abrogation”. Through this lie, they tried to make Quran a Scribbling-Pad of a Poet. Through this lie of Abrogation, they started to declare any verse of Quran “Abrogated”. When their Fabricated stories of Hadiths started to contradict Quranic Laws; they started to say that relevant verse is Abrogated. Besides; when these Ignoramus Sectarian Heretical Sunni and Shia Mullahs/Imams of past failed to reconcile verses of Quran, mutually; the easiest way they found was: to declare relevant verse of Quran “Abrogated”. But truth is: in order to understand Quran correctly, there is one Golden Rule, which is: whole Quran must be considered as background context of every verse of Quran because in Quran, verses are interconnected like brain neurons, and in this way: verses explain each other in multifaceted forms. When we take whole Quran as background context of Quran, and we read verse 2:106 along with verses 2:105, 5:48, it becomes Crystal Clear that due to, being the Final Edition of all Scriptures, Quran is abrogating previous corrupted Scriptures, and is abrogating their outdated laws. Quran never abrogates its own verses. Kindly read our page “Abrogation – the Greatest lie against Quran” at: http://wp.me/p4GOwI-Y

Heretical Sunni and Shia sects are being badly misled by these Fabricated Hadiths, Fake Stories of Contexts (Shan-e-Nazool) and concocted stories of Tafsirs from 1200 years to such a degree that from 1200 years, these Shia and Sunni heretical Mullahs and Imams are failed to understand Quran correctly. They failed to understand Quran correctly because instead of understanding Quran through Quran’s own in-built Tafsreef, they always superimpose Fabricated Hadiths, Fake Stories of Contexts (Shan-e-Nazool) and concocted stories of Tafsirs upon verses of Noble Quran.For example: these Mullahs are totally failed to understand; meat of which animal is Halal or Haram in Quran. They have different sectarian Fiqah (Jurisprudence) which they have derived mostly from those fabricated books which we have mentioned above. And what is the Result? One Sect says: meat of Rabbit is Halal (legal), but other sect says, it is Haram (illegal). Even J. Ghamidi type Pseudo Scholars say: All grass eating animals are Halal (legal to eat). This is the Climax of Ignorance and stupidity of these Pseudo Mullahs and folly Imams. If we take words of this Pseudo Scholar Ghamidi, then, because Donkey, Horse, two-ton heavy hippopotamus, and three-ton heavy Elephant also eat grass; so, according this Pseudo Mullah; meat of Donkey, Horse, two-ton heavy hippopotamus, and three-ton heavy Elephant is also halal! But according to Noble Quran, meat of these all five grass eating animals Donkey, Horse, Rabbit, Elephant and hippopotamus is as Haram as is Haram flesh of Swine. This mental-blindness is not confined to Ghamidi only but also to all those over 100 ignoramus sectarian Sunni and Shia translators who have translated verse 5:1 wrongly as “All grazing beasts of the flock are permitted to you“. This is 101% wrong translation. This mean: according to all over 100 translators of Quran; meat of Donkey, Horse, Rabbit, Elephant and hippopotamus is Halal! This is the foulest idiocy propounded by these Ignorant Sectarian Psychopaths. This all happened to them because they superimpose Mullahs-Made Extra-Quranic books upon verses of Quran, and they never pondered on Quran through Quran’s own Tasreef. But even after 1200 years, they are not ready to accept the Truth. Iblis has made them dumb by hijacking their brains 38:82-83. Noble Quran is so beautiful book that it has made clear this whole big subject of “Halal and Haram meat” of animals just in Two Words. After understanding that two-words, you can learn easily that on whole planet, which grass eating animal is Halal, and which is not Halal. In order to read detail, please visit our page “Which meat is Haram and which meat is Halal according to Noble Quran” at: http://wp.me/p4GOwI-Ni

Main Page: The Most Truthful Islamic Page of present time but only for who are honest and mature truth-seekers:

Worth Reading Biography of Abu Hurairah RA – The biggest contributor of Hadiths Books


6 thoughts on “Worth Reading Biography of Abu Hurairah RA – The biggest contributor of Hadiths Books

  1. mohamed nazir sokwalla says:

    there is no any ‘stoning to death’ in Quran, then why are the same carried on in parts of muslim world while backing their rights against quran verses. Is it really true our holy book does not have those verses??

  2. We know each word of Noble Quran. Quran ordains 100 lashes for illegal sex regardless if person is married or unmarried. Stoning for illegal sex came from hadiths, and all hadiths are fabricated lies. Hadithers copied stoning from corrupted Torah. All hadith Books of Hadithers were forged 250-800 years after Prophet. Unfortunately, like Christians, our Muslim-Majority is also gone astray. They abandon laws of Book of Allah and follow fabricated hadiths that Prophet never certified. We suggest you to read our following page that discusses in depth about non-Quranic Stoning Punishment that hadithers follow:

  3. Md. Faruk Hossain says:

    From early age, I heard Gold and Silk is haram for male but I don’t find any ayat of quran that says those are haram for male. Expecting answer…

  4. Dear Brother: A person who have not just read whole Quran but have also understood whole Quran through Quran’s own Tasreef only 18:54; knows very well that Islamic law (Sharia law) is valid only and only from Quran 16:116, 6:114, 6:19, 50:45, 29:51, 25:30, 10:15, and people who make Sharia law from extra-Quranic books have been declared “Kaafirs” by Allah Jalla Aala in verse 5:44. Now point is: does Quran forbid man from Gold and Silk? No, never, not at all. That are Silly Ignoramus Mullahs who have forged many Non-Quranic Sharia laws which have no any relation with Islamic law=Quran. Prophet left behind only written Quran; nothing else. So Islam=Quran, FULL STOP

  5. Suhaib says:

    If best hadith is book itself and all hadiths are fabrications…And successors of prophet(sw) didnt write down anything whether historical or sayings of prophet(sw) or his companions(PBUT)

    So all historical books of related to Islam ,the sources you mention eg old historical books of Ibn saad,ibn hisham and the likes are fabrications because in no way one can prove their authenticity,leave alone using them to justify our narrative ,so is the case with hadith books ,if we deem them unreliable we cant use them as a proof about anything…

    Means we dont have any reliable historical record of early islam ,so anything you mention here which is not in Quran like who succeded the Prophet(sw) and those historical events that followed…

    So how can we explicitly prove ,say to ourselves or a non muslim,that Quran was compiled before Prophet(sw) died…

    Note that we can only rely on Quran ,also we mention today’s scholars some arent even muslim ,their narrative is also rejected

    • He is God who tells in verse 39:23 that his Quran is the Best Hadith but you Jaahil Sectarian Hadither is ridiculing verse 39:23 in your comments. Neither Prophet nor even four Caliphs left behind even one page of extra-Quranic hadiths; then where did you Jaahil-Hadithers bring these millions of extra-Quranic hadiths from? Lies Lies and only fabricated lies. Your argument is purely Childish and Moronic which carries no any rational weight all. You have just repeated your that ready-made copy-paste nonsensical rant which your Ignoramus Mullahs and folly Imams have been repeating from 1200 years like a parrot. Just Noble Quran which is protected by God 15:9, 17:88, 41:42 is more than enough to prove that extra-Quranic Hadith and Sunnah are illegal in Islam. Just these seven verses of Quran 5:44, 6:114, 10:15, 16:116, 6:19, 29:51, 25:30 incinerate whole building of your fake Cult of Hadithism. But because you brain-bent Sectarian Jaahils neither understand whole Quran in your whole life nor even you wish to understand Quran with honest unbiased mind; therefore; we present references even from your own extra-Quranic books to show you that look: even your own extra-Quranic books say that your extra-Quranic Hadiths are illegal in Islam. It is like to beat empty heads of you Jaahil Hadithers with your own dirty shoes. According to Glorious Quran 6:114, 5:44, very clearly, Hadith-Followers are Mushrik Kaafirs. Because during formation of Islamic law (sharia law), to place man-made books of fallible men beside infallible Book of Infallible God is to make Partners with God, and this is the Kufar and Shirk 4:48 which you hadithers have been committing from 1200 years. Hell is waiting you Sectarian Hadithers 3:103, 6:159, 3:105. God has called Quran “BOOK” many times in Quran, and God tells in Quran that Wahi was written down, and God tells, HE himself is Safeguarding Quran. So, you infidel must not worry about Quran but worry about your those millions of fabricated extra-Quranic Hadiths which were certified neither by Prophet nor even by Four Caliphs. Dumb People like you must read our all pages fully to realize the Truth, or at least must read these two pages fully: https://wp.me/p4GOwI-2AY and https://wp.me/p4GOwI-7W4

      Millions of non-Muslims embraced Islam only after reading the Quran because Quran itself proves that it is Book of God. In Quran, God talks directly to man 50:16. But many converts also left Islam when they read Tons of Fables Kharafaats from Books of Sunni and Shia sects which tell Prophet Solomon drilled 100 women in one night, and Prophet Mohammad used to have sexual power equal to 30 men and he used to have intercourse with 11 wives within an hour, and Evil Omen is in women, and Donkey Woman and Dog break prayers, and Satan Farts when he listens Adhan, and all Black dogs are Devil, and Adam was 27 meter tall. When some Reverts read this kind of Comic Kharafaats from Bukhari and Muslim, they leave Islam. Book of Shia sect Nahj-al-Balagha says: Women are Scorpions.

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