BismillahFVerdict of Quran about Sodomy and Sodomites

All praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom who is closer to person than his neck vein and listens even what soul of person whispers. All journeys start and end at him.

QuranExplainsEverything2Noble Quran is preserved protected and guarded final and last testament of God. One God is author of all original (not corrupted) scriptures and Quran is final edition of all Scriptures. Therefore; Quran updates and modifies previous Divine Laws and also carries forward some laws of previous Scriptures, mean previous editions of Scriptures. All Prophets/Messengers of GOD preached same one True Path of GOD “Islam” 3:19, 3:85, 42:13, and all scriptures were scriptures of Islam which are now superseded by Quran. All True followers of all Prophets were named only Muslims 22:78 and never Hindu Yahoodi Christian Sunni Shia  etc. One God has only one True Path which is Islam. Mantra of three Abrahamic religions is mere a stunt created by Clergy in order to please Yahood and Nasaara. Diplomatic_StuntQuarn makes very clear in 3:67 that Prophet Abraham was neither a Yahoodi nor a Nasraani but he was an upright Muslim. Dogma of Judaism was formed by Talmudic Rabbis centuries after the death of Prophet Moses. Never ever Isa/Jesus but they were Roman Mithraic Paul and Mithraic Emperor Constantine who made dogma of Christianity. Quran makes clear that true followers of Isa/Jesus were Essene mentioned in Quran 3:52 as Hawaari’yoon which mean white Garbed-Ones and that’s mean, who used to wear always white dress. History also fully confirms that Essene used to wear only white dress. Reader can read more detail about “How Essene Lived” in middle of our main Page at:

Hadiths_Heap_Of_LiesOne name of Quran is Furqaan which mean, it is a BOOK that very clearly separates falsehood from truth. Quran is a made-easy, simple, Plain Standalone BOOK that explains every thing which is required in Islam 12:111, 16:89, 17:12. So What is in Quran, is Islam; and what is not given in Quran, is absolutely not part of Islam. Islam has been finalized only and only in only one Book and that Book is Quran. Prophet Mohammad left behind not a single written page of hadith sunna sira contexts fiqa Tafsirs contexts and Nazools. That all stuff was fabricated by Pseudo Mullahs and Imams centuries after Prophet in order to distort Islam and to split Muslims into countless mutually fighting sects. According to 6:114, 10:15, 5:44, 16:116 Islamic law can be made only and only from Book of God; who make Divine Law from any other book, has been declared Kaafir in 5:44. Quran2_2As already said, Quran is made-easy simple Book 54:17 and this book is not for those evil-doers who seek discord even in very simple and clear laws. Quran is for people who are Mutta’qi and God Conscious and who walk in security, like a Person who, when  walks in a Garden, takes care of his garments not to be torn by thorns. There are laws in Quran that has fixed punishment for certain crimes, like, for Adultery are 100 Lashes and for, who place slander on a Chaste lady are 80 lashes. So no one can make that number of lashes from 100 to 101 or 99 and from 80 to 79 or 81. But a Muslim Shoora/Ruler can formulate any kind of law in the light of Halaal (legal) and Haraam (Illegal) that are given in Quran. For example: Wine is Haraam but Quran leaves its punishment to Muslim Shoora/Ruler. IslamicLawsASNow we come to actual subject of this page which is sodomy. Honest Reader of Quran knows well that in Quran, Sodomy is so big and heinous crime that God stoned to death all sodomites of Nation of Prophet Lot. That clearly gives right to Muslim-Shoora and Muslim Ruler to make a law against sodomy which could have death-Penalty as max punishment of this crime. Quran never allows sex without wedlock/Nikah and In Quran, Nikah is always between Man and Woman; and not between two men or two women. If Quran can punish a Man and woman for illegal sex, then how Quran can turn blind eye toward sodomites? Incident of nation of Lot fully confirms that in fact Sodomy is much bigger crime than even adultery. This is why; for adultery are 100 lashes but Sodomites were stoned to death. There are many evil-doers who twist the facts by saying that, that punishment was only for Sodomites of Nation of Lot, and not for us. We have already mentioned above that Quran is final edition of all Scriptures and it carries forward many laws of Previous scriptures, and also substitutes and updates some previous laws 5:48. For example, Quran does not ordain stoning for adultery but 100 lashes. On the other hand, Quran keeps the commands of Torah mentioned in 5:44 and 5:32 and carries forward also famous 10 commandments of Original Torah:

Author of all scriptures is same one God. Every author uses some material of his old editions in his latest edition and it is quite normal and natural. So evil-doers who say: Quran has plagiarized verses from previous books, are indeed brain-dead ignorant haters. Quran carries forward many of the same laws that you find in the Torah and Bible. In fact, the Quran is viewed as a confirmation and reformation of previous divine laws. Let we see now the Ten Commandments given in original Torah which are mostly also part of Quran. SlanderOfPlagiarizeThe Ten Commandments s are almost identical to the laws found in the Quran, but the Quran doesn’t list them as systematically as you find them in the Old Testament (Exodus 20:2–17):

The first commandment in the Old Testament forbids taking any gods beside God. The Quran also strictly forbids associating partners with God, known as Shirk. It is considered the only unforgivable sin (4:48).

The second commandment forbids making images of God. The Quran too warns against idolatry and making images of God (6:103; 14:35).

The third commandment forbids using God’s name in vain. The Quran also prohibits Muslims from using God’s name in casual swearing (2:224).

The fourth commandment says that the Sabbath must be kept holy. This is the only commandment that the Quran does not include, because it believes that the Sabbath was prescribed only for the Children of Israel (16:124).

The fifth commandment says to honor your parents. The Quran says that honoring your parents means not even expressing a word of frustration with them, such as an “uff,” or its English equivalent of “ugh” (17:23-24, 31:14). After carrying forward remnant truth of previous scriptures too; due to massive corruption in Torah and Bible; Quran has abrogated all previous scriptures and so has superseded those all 5:48, 2:105-106. See at the bottom of this page irrefutable and solid proofs of corruption in bible.Quran5_48PlusTransThe sixth commandment prohibits unjust killing or murder. The Quran also prohibits murder and compares the unjust killing of one life to be equivalent to the murder of all of humanity (5:32; 17:33).

The seventh commandment prohibits adultery, which is also equally prohibited by the Quran (17:32).

The eighth commandment prohibits stealing. The Quran condemns the act of stealing as one of the worst crimes and punishes it severely (5:38–39).

The ninth commandment prohibits lying and giving false testimony. The Quran also strongly condemns lying and false testimony (2:283; 24:4-5-6-7). And, the Quran commands Muslims to speak the truth even if it is against their own selves or their own family (2:42, 4:135).

The tenth commandment forbids coveting. The Quran also forbids the evil practice of coveting the possessions of others (20:131). SodomyBlackDiamond

And same this incidence of Nation of Prophet is also mentioned in Genesis 19:24 “Then the LORD rained on Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven“.

Leviticus 20:13 “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them”.


Following link gives more detail about the destruction of Sodomites of Nation of Lot. We suggest to read it. It is great info:

Therefore; argument of those evil-doers who say that Punishment for Sodomite People of Lot is only for them and not for us, is a shallow argument and it carries no any weight. They are the same morons who also says that commandments given in 5:44 and 5:32 are for Yahood and not for us, despite the fact, 5:44, 5:32 and verses about Sodomy are integral part of Quran. A Muslim-Ruler/Shoora has full right to frame a law against sodomites in the light of verses of Quran that tell about the punishment of people of Lot. However no any individual is allowed to take law in his hands and make his own one-man court and start to shoot a criminal. Quran allows no any killing but through court for the pursuit of justice. If any stupid enters in a club of sodomites and starts shooting them; that is his individual act. Quran never encourages such kind of silly and vile attacking criminals. To make law and its punishment is job of Shoora/Parliament and Ruler; and verdicts about that relevant punishments are given only by court. A Person should follow law of land.

There is another class of Mullahs and sectarian translators who deliberately twist the translation of verses of Quran in order to advance their agenda. They attach Quranic verses 4:15-16-17-18 with Sodomy but in fact that verses has no any relation with Sodomy. They neglect verse 4:15-17-18 and misinterpret one word of 4:16 “Al-alzaan or correctly it sounds as  “Waallathani” . They claim that word Waallathani mean dual masculine. so that mean two men. Such kind of idiots think, only they know Arabic grammar, and others do not know. They do not know that Quran is older than the first Book of Arabic grammar. It is not Arabic grammar that guides Quranic text but it is Quran that guided Arabic Grammar. Though Word Waallathani is used for Dual Masculine but same word is also used for “Both”  and for “Couple” of “a Woman and a Man”. In the light of internal Quranic context; in no way, two men fit in verse 4:16 but a Couple of a Man and a Woman. Quranic verses 4:15 talks about woman and its natural further extension or extrapolation is discussed in verse 4:16-17-18. About verses 4:15-16-17-18m, please read following picture and succeeding six points that, make this argument further clear. : 2016-06-17_2219002016-06-18_0007502016-06-18_001619 Quran is older than Arabic grammar. It is Quran that taught Arabs “Arabic Grammar. We suggest reader to read following link:

During any analysis we must use commonsense, reason, intellect, rationality, and logic 8:22, 7:179. Let we use it for 4:15-16-17-18:

1– For the Incident of Nation of Prophet Lot, Quran makes clear in many verses that they used to approach to Men for sex. Verse 27:55 uses words Nisaa and Rajal, and word “Shahwa” is also used. That verses make clear as Sun in the Sky that they approached to men for sex (Sodomy). We cannot compare that verses with verses 4:15-16-17, in which, matter starts from Fahisha of Woman, and ends at Fahisha of a Couple.

2– Even if we take Arabic Grammar into account that came into existence after landing of Quran; for two women, word will be Imratain or “Al Latayn” and for two men it could be “al-lazaan” but what word we will use for Couple “One Man and Woman? Answer is ” word “al-lazaan” could be used also for a Couple “Man and Woman”. However Internal Quranic context of Quran confirms that in verse 4:16, word “al-lazaan” is used only and only for couple. Because in 4:15 matter is being discussed about bad women of society, so logically next verse 4:16 ends at couple “Woman and man”.

3No any Fahisha is sexual intercourse unless sub-category of Fahisha “Zina 24:2” is explicitly mentioned. If we consider Fahisha in 4:16 as Sexual intercourse then verse 4:15-16-17 will contradict verse of Zina 24:2 at 180 degree; and we all know; there is neither any contradiction nor abrogation in Quran.

4– After establishing the fact; that there is no any Sexual intercourse in Quran 4:15-16-17; for the sake of argument, let we assume “Al-Lazaan” as 2 Men. So after ruling out sexual intercourse in 4:15-16-17; what two men will do? Will they just sit on a bench and drink coffee, and Quran orders to punish them for that cause! No. Al-Alzaan, as two men does not fit in 4:16 at all but a couple “man and woman”

5– If we assume in 4:16 “sex between 2 men” (which is not); then one can think: GOD stoned to death Sodomite nation of Prophet Lot; then how GOD could tell in 4:15-16-17-18 that a sodomite can commit sodomy and then he can say: O God, I am sorry; and walks away without any punishment? This again confirms that Sodomy has no any relation with 4:16. Only word Fahisha must never be interpreted as Zina (adultery) or Sodomy unless, both Zina (24:2) and Sodomy (27:55) are explicit from relevant verses. Word Fahisha used in 4:15 in no way deals sodomy or Zina but only immoral conduct and lewdness and that is further confirmed from repenting lines of 4:16-17-18 .We repeat again; Mullahs has attached 4:16 with Sodomy falsely by limiting Walaazaani only to 2 men but that word is also used for a Couple. Word Wallazaani in 4:16 is not confined to only dual masculine but to a Couple too. Word Fahisha in Quran cannot be interpreted as Zina or Sodomy unless, Zina or Sodomy is explicit in & in adjacent verses. Arabic is so big language that it has 80 different words for honey, 200 for snake, 500 for lion, 1,000 for sword, and 5,744 for camel.

6– Verse 4:15 talks about Fahisha of woman and its natural extension or extrapolation in next verse 4:16 becomes Woman and Man, and never two man. If verse 4:15 had discussed two women (which is not), then 4:16 was supposed to talk about 2 men. Word Al-Alzaan in 4:16 is not confined to masculine but to a couple or “both” also; regardless if word “both” covers “a girl and a boy” or “Mom and Dad” or “woman or Man”. Quran4_15_16_17Sodomy

There is another Shafi-Mafia that believes in the hoax of Abrogation. Whenever they fail to understand Quran correctly and fail to reconcile verses of Quran mutually; they shout: This and that is verse has been abrogated. So if they cannot treat headache; they tell to cut Head away from body. They claim that verses 4:15-16-17-18 were abrogated and replaced by verse 24:2. Their claim is a big lie. Verses 4:15-16 discuss only Fahisha of women and bad couples of society but 24:2 discusses sub-category of Fahisha (immoral conduct). As already discussed above, all kind of Immoral conduct is Fahisha. Zina is also a Fahisha but all Fahisha is not Zina. We cannot interpret word Fahisha as Zina or Sodomy unless Quran makes clear and explicit in surrounding internal context that it is Zina 24:2 or Sodomy 27:55. Please read our following page: Abrogation – The Greatest lie against Quran:

V_Important_MessageImportant_CalloutPlease note:; Quran ordains to be kind and just even with non-Muslims who do not fight against you 60:8. Quran ordains Philanthropy 2:177. Quran tells: War is permitted only in defense; and in order to rescue oppressed Ones from an Oppressor but even during war, aggression is not allowed 2:190, 4:75. Quran contains Divine Constitution for a Muslim State and contains code of Divinely Prescribed way of life. Being a System; disputes are to be solved in Courts. Quran never permits any individual to make his own court and shoot people in Clubs or elsewhere. Quran allows termination of life of one person only through court for the Pursuit of Justice. In a non-Muslim country; a Muslim should abide by law of Land but If he/she thinks, that law of land severely contradicts Quranic laws; then he/she should follow Hijra and move to another place where there is no restriction on his Deen and on its ethical and moral codes. In that case, Hijra is not mere our personal suggestion but God has ordained it in Quran 4:97. Quran4_97Quran4_16Comparison

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Verdict of Quran about Sodomy and Sodomites


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