tumblr_static_bismillah-thuluth[1]AbrogationTheGreatestLie2Quran2_105_106AbrogationQuran16_101Quran18_27LieOfScienceOfHadithQuranIsMadeEasyMuslimAndMohammadenWhat is difference between a Muslim and a Mohammedan? Great Read


True history of Hadiths. A MUST reading for all Muslims; and Non-Muslims who are interested in Theology.


Some Hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death. Guaranteed

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/12/23/some-hadiths-that-will-drag-you-to-paradise-even-before-your-death-your-enlightenment-is-guaranteed #Pak #EU #India #Eng #USA #London

Two Paul: First-one sent all Christians astray, and 2nd-one sent majority of Muslims astray


Main Page: https://factszz.wordpress.com


Abrogation, the greatest lie against Noble Quran


3 thoughts on “Abrogation, the greatest lie against Noble Quran

  1. Abdul Basit Kudalkar says:

    Abrogation is truly a worst lie invented to misinterpret the Quranic verses.With this page one may realise this trick of Jahil Mullahs and Imams.

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