All praise is due to Al-Haadi Hayy-ul-Qayyoom The Omniscient and The Omnipresent, from whom, all journeys start and end

AbrogationTheGreatestLie2Quran2_105_106AbrogationQuran16_101Quran18_27LieOfScienceOfHadithQuranIsMadeEasyMuslimAndMohammadenWhat is difference between a Muslim and a Mohammedan? Great Read

True history of Hadiths. A MUST reading for all Muslims; and Non-Muslims who are interested in Theology.

Some Hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death. Guaranteed #Pak #EU #India #Eng #USA #London

Two Paul: First-one sent all Christians astray, and 2nd-one sent majority of Muslims astray

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Abrogation, the greatest lie against Noble Quran


6 thoughts on “Abrogation, the greatest lie against Noble Quran

  1. Abdul Basit Kudalkar says:

    Abrogation is truly a worst lie invented to misinterpret the Quranic verses.With this page one may realise this trick of Jahil Mullahs and Imams.

  2. Samiul Islam Sourav says:

    Brother I know no quranic verses are abrogated.Don’t misunderstand me.I just want to be sure that the allegation of “more verses were revealed and later abrogated and the abrogated verses aren’t the part of the Quran now” this claim is a false claim.Please answer.I am bit confused.

    • Salam Brother:
      Can you read English well? If You can read well; then you were supposed not to post your this question which has already been answered in our this page in detail. Prophet left behind only written Quran & no any manuscript of hadiths, Sunna and Tafsirs. That all extra-Quranic stuff was forged by Mullahs and Imams 250 years after the death of Prophet and that all extra-Quranic theological books contain billions of tons of lies and folklore of enemies of Islam. Never heed that extra-Quranic theological Books. Quran is made easy 54:17 and Quran explains itself fully by Tasreef 25:33, 18:54 which mean verses explain each other in multifaceted forms. So you must read and UNDERSTAND whole Quran several times. No any verse of Quran is abrogated at all. All who tell you that Quranic verses are abrogated, are big liars and certified disciples of Satan Iblis. All books which tell you that Quranic verses are abrogated are books inspired by Iblis. Pity: Majority follows Mullahs and Imams blindly from centuries and no one has harmed Islam more than that freak Mullahs and folly Imams. Big Truth is: Vast majority of Mullahs and Imams from past 1200 years were and are liars, hypocrites and deceivers 9:31. They are multiplicities of Satan. They have badly deformed actual shape of Islam.

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