All praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom the Sustainer of the Universe the Omnipresent and the Omniscient, from whom, all journeys start, and end


This is the Best Scholarly (Non-Qadiani) Page at world Wide Web about the complete life of Jesus from A to Z.

In this page is in depth philosophical & intellectual discussion in the light of Noble Quran, Authentic history, Bibles, Opinions of top Muslim & non-Muslims Scholars, Professors, Historians, Authorities on this subject, and Great videos that make irrefutable points. In fact this page is an encyclopedia on Jesus.. Do not miss to read it fully. Please do not jump to any conclusion unless you read this page fully. On each step authentic historical, Quranic, and biblical reference are given. It is treasure for those who want to know truth about the Life of Jesus. Authors of this page (with 50+ years Research on this subject) are hundred percent unbiased and tell you truth and only truth, and nothing else. To tell truth is ONLY THE AGENDA. This page will prove that though Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani was an impostor but much bigger impostors than Mirza Qadiani are majority of Priests, theologians, ignorant criminal Mullahs, and Imams from past 1200/2000 years. They have played no any role in past except the role of disciples of Iblees, and a role of a deceiver.

Reading time: From 2 to 5 hours.
Reading and understanding the page with all internal references links and videos: 2 days to 10 days. Depends how the reader is.

For a mature unbiased and honest reader this page is GOLD-Mine but for brainwashed stubborn ignorant Fanatics, this page will be of no value. This page also burns the roots of fictitious tree that Roman Mithraic Policeman Saul later called Paul planted 2000 years ago. Indeed Paul concocted the biggest dogmatic fiction of mankind history and named it Chri$tianity. Like all other Prophets, Jesus / Isa preached none except Islam. One GOD has only one true path that was preached by all Prophets and that path is Islam. If you are a wise person, then remember firmly, that a misguided ignorant Muslim or a group can be bad, but not Islam at all.

Good Luck for all who are sincere and mature truth seekers. If you have 1000+ questions, that page answers you. However, if you have any no-non-sense Question, Team of Factszz is at your disposal. Please click on following blue button to open that page:


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The best scholarly page on the life of Isa Jesus from A to Z. A Treasure for the Students of Comparative religion


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