All praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom the Omnipotent the Omniscient the Omnipresent the Omnificent

Last testament of GOD that succeeds all previous scriptures, the successor of Torah and Injeel (Gospel of Jesus) which updates Divine Law and being final edition of all Scriptures supersedes all Scriptures “Holy Quran” is made-easy, standalone, plain, simple and self-explanatory Book. It is a unique and very beautiful book. From many names, its one name is Furqan which mean it separates Truth from falsehood. But despite all merits that Holy Quran contains, one cannot get guidance from it unless she/he is God conscious 2:2, and reads and understand it with honest and unbiased mind and takes Quran as one whole Book. Verses cannot be understood in isolation because verses of all chapters are interconnected and explain each other in multifaceted forms. Unfortunately, majority of our Muslims never read and understand whole Quran in their whole life. Majority believes, mere recitation of Quran is enough. For example in South Asia, over 600 million Muslims though read Quran but do not understand Quran in their whole life. Instead, they depend on Mullahs, and Majority of vile Mullahs are not just ignorant but also are certified disciples of Satan. Instead of guiding youth to true real Islam of Quran, they preach them millions of fabricated stories derived from so-called hadiths and Sunna reports that Prophet Mohammad PBUH never left behind, and he neither verified nor certified even one single report. What is result? ISIS, Taliban, Boko-Haraam and many other fanatical gangs, countless sects that are fighting each other since the invention of innovation of Hadiths and Sunna. Holy Quran makes clear that One GOD has only one True Path and that path is Islam. From Adam to Prophet Mohammad, all Prophets were Prophets of Islam. Following picture explains this point in detail. From Quran, it becomes clear that task given to Prophets was to deliver Books of God to people. It was not duty of Prophets to invent their own tafsir (exegesis), Fiqa (Jurisprudence), hadith and Sunna books nor they ever invented but clergy invented that all innovations centuries after death of Prophets like Mishnah, Talmud and Hadith and Sunna. Core Message of All prophets was “Touheed” La Ilaha Ill Allah”. Islamic law is valid Only from Quran. All who make Islamic law from extra-Quranic books in fact make humans partners of Allah and this is big Shirk.GOD ordains in Quran in many verses, do not follow your ancestors/oldies blindly; and do not follow your monks (Mullahs Imams Pseudo Scholars Priests Rabbis) instead of Allah Jalla Aala. Do not take Prophets as your Lord. But fact is: Majority of People do not follow Made-Easy Quran directly but through their stupid Mullahs, Imams and Pseudo Scholars who in most cases tells then lies and fabrications. They send people astray. They have created tons of demi-gods  like Abu Hanifa Malik Shafi  Ibn Hanbal and many countless Mullahs whom they follow. They do not care what Book of Allah says but care about what their monks say:From Adam to Prophet Mohammad, all people who believed in five articles of faith given in Quran 4:136 (and in all Scriptures) were Muslims and are Muslims 22:78.  God ordains in Quran: That a Muslim must believe in all Prophets and must not make any difference in all prophets. But After Jesus, majority of his followers forgot teachings of Jesus and started to follow Church and their Priests, and Paul etc. In same way: Centuries after death of Moses, Rabbis abandoned Torah the book of GOD and invented another Book parallel to Book of Allah, called Talmud.Muslim Clergy copied way of Rabbis and Church. They saw, Christians has made Mortal Human prophet Jesus not just son of God but also GOD. Instead of realizing, that they should not copy the bad practices of Christians and Rabbis, Muslim Clergy decided to follow way of Rabbis and Church Priests, They thought, if Christians has made Jesus so high, then why we Muslim should not start to worship Prophet Mohammad in different implicit forms. They fabricated hadith of Miraaj (night Journey) to show Christians if Jesus is gone to Heaven alive (a fable), then Mohammad is not less than Jesus. So Persian Pseudo Hadith Imams placed Great man Mohammad(s) on a flying donkey Boraq and sent him to any remote part of universe where GOD lives, so that he could make a meeting with GOD to receive Five daily Rituals. Point is: If GOD could send a big Book Quran through Wahi (revelations) to Mohammad(s); then why Mohammad was bothered to fly on donkey to receive that Five Rituals? This totally one hundred percent fabricated story was forged by Persians in order to blend Five Zoroastrian Rituals in Islam. Salat of Quran has no any relation with rituals with five daily Rituals.Quran tells that even Mountain and Stars do Sajood to Allah. Do they come in Masjid to place their foreheads on ground? No. Do they have any forehead? No. So meaning of Sajdah here is not physical prostration but to bow to Divine Law. Quran also tells than even Birds follow Salat. In above given picture there are three bords.  Can any Hadither/Mohammedan tell us, from that three birds, which one is Sunni and which one is Shia, do that birds come in Sunni or Shia Masjid to pray their made-up units of Rituals? Do that birds follow Sunni-Brand rituals or Shia brand Rituals, Do they lift their finger in Tasha’ad according to made-up Hanfi Madhab or Malki Madahab or Shafi’i Madhab are Jafria Madahab? During their Salat, do that birds say Ameen loudly and or silently after Sura Fatiha? During their Salat, do that birds recite Drood Ibrahimi (forged by Shia Buyid Rulers) during their Salat? Before Salat, do that birds sing in Masjid Shia brand of Azan (that include Name of Dead Ali RA), or Sunni brand of Azan that include name of dead Prophet Mohammad(s)? Clear violation of 2:136 and 72:18. Reader is suggested to read our on-line Book on the subject of Quranic Salat at:   Reader is suggested to read our Page that tells whole story, how and why hadith of Miraaj was forged, at:

Quran is DEEN (Divinely prescribed way of life) which, after right faith, ordains a Muslim to concentrate on Philanthropy. On the contrary, Clergy made religions order people to be busy in non-scriptural Rituals.

In Islam, Divine Message is Important than Messenger. But near Mohammedans, Messenger is more Important than Message (Quran). Islam is in fact Allah-ism but Sunni Sect follow not Islam but a Mushrik dogma “Mohammedanism”. They abandon book of Allah and follow fabricated Seera of Mohammad(s) and millions of fabricated Hadiths and Sunna reports which has no any relation with Islam.

Prophet Mohammad died in 636 A.D. and Muslims used to seek guidance only from Book of Allah. Mohammad was ordained to follow to book but Book of Allah 6:114, 10:15, 6:19, 5:44; and Mohammad told Muslims, after me follow no book in Islam safe Quran. And that was the Pristine Islam.He was the Greatest Satan the Paul of Islam Shafi’i who invented disastrous innovations of Abrogation and two kinds of Wahi/revelation in Islam. These lethal innovations opened new Pandora box, and hypocrites and fake Scholars started to invent millions of lies and later ascribed that lies to Prophet Mohammad, and labeled those lies as Hadiths and Sunna. As a result, Majority of Muslims abandoned Islam (Allah-ism) and started to follow Dogma of Mohammedanism. Now, instead of loving living Hayi, they started to love and worship dead Prophet Mohammad(s) in various forms. Now they started to do Ishaq with dead Prophet Mohammad(s) instead of with Living Hayi. Now instead of praising and adoring Hayy-ul-Qayoom in Masaajid (72:18), they started to adore dead Prophet Mohammad(s) in Naats and droods. Now they start to violate 2:136, 3:84 and started to prove that dead Prophet Mohammad(s) is not just superior to all other Prophets but also is Head of Prophets. So Sunni Sect framed totally new Mushrik dogma under Flagship of Satan Shafi’I (an hidden Shia). Hadithers/Mohammedans claim, they do not worship Mohammad and do not take Mohammad as their LORD 3:80. But their claim is false because when they start to love a dead man instead of Living Hayi, they give rights of LOVE that only Allah deserves, to a dead man. When they Hadithers/Mohammedans make Islamic law (Sharia) from extra-Quranic books such as hadith and sunna, and Seera, they practically make dead Prophet Mohammad “Partner of GOD” which is shirk and is concomitant to worship dead Prophet Mohammad(s), and is concomitant to take dead Prophet Mohammad(s) as their Lord. Who take Prophets as their Lord are Kaafirs (3:80, 5:44, 6:114). Moses told his followers to follow Islam (Allah-ism), but Talmudic Rabbis invented new dogma of Judaism which has no relation with DEEN that Moses told them to follow. In same way, Isa/Jesus told his followers to follower to follow Islam (Allah-ism) 3:52 but after Jesus, his followers started to follow Jesus-ism. Now our Muslim majority did same and after 722 A.D., started to follow counterfeited dogma of Mohammedanism. Like all Prophets of GOD, Prophet Mohammad PBUH also told his followers to follow Islam (Allah-ism) but Shafi’i told Muslims to follow Mohammedanism. Blind-following is a disease, a sickness. One Generation follow fables of previous generation and then later, that fable become their solid steely dogma. Even books that Mohammedans follow say: Prophet said: Follow no book in Islam except Quran. A Muslim can please Prophet Mohammad on the day of judgment only if he relinquish false Mushrik Dogma of Mohammedanism (invented by Shafi’i and hadith Imams 1200 years ago) and follow Islam=Quran (Allah-ism). Otherwise, hell is waiting for all Mohammedans. Quran 3:80 makes clear: who take Prophets as their Lord, are Kaafirs. Who make Sharia Law from any extra-Quranic Books are Kaafirs 5:44. However Hadithers=Mohammedans make laws from millions of fabricated hadiths and they practical take dead Prophet Mohammad(s) as their LORD in all their practice. Love that only Allah deserves they gave to dead Prophet Mohammad(s). They the camel-Piss-drinker-Mushriks are not different from Indian Cow piss drinkers. In no anyway, at no any scale, under no any measure, Mohammedans are Muslims nor Shiite are Muslims who, instead of follow Islam (Allah-ism), follow another Mushrik Dogam Ali-ism and Hussein-ism. 

After studying almost all hadith books and all Tafsirs (exegesis) that Hadithers follow, Our Team have honestly and sincerely, concluded, that vast majority of Mullahs and Imams of today are Jaahil Ignorant, and vast majority of Mullahs, Imams and Mofassars 1300 years ago were also Jaahil Ignorant, and 1200 years ago were Ignorant, and 1000 years ago were Ignorant. Reason is: Exalted Last Prophet left behind only Noble Quran because his sole one duty was to deliver Quran and return to his Lord 29:18, 42:48, 3:20, 3:80, 5:99, 72:21, 28:56, 18:110. This is why; after completion of Quranic wahi, after a short period, he died because his great mission was now complete which was none but delivery of Quran clearly. He left behind no any manuscript of Hadith, Sunna, Contexts, Fiqa, Shane-Nazools, and Tafsirs (Exegesis). Know that: If the heart be pure, clean and sanctified, it will be able to discern between right and wrong, truth and lie, and guidance and misguidance.

But question is; why he did not leave behind any Extra-Quranic Book; despite he could setup another panel of honest mature writers to write down Tafsirs, Hadith and Sunna books? Answer is: He was absolutely not in need of to leave behind all that extra-Quranic books because Quran is made easy 54:17. Because Quran is fully detailed 6:114. Because Quran explains every thing for Muslims 12:111, 16:89, 17:12. Because Quran has its own best build-in dictionary, and its own best built-in Tafsir (exegesis) 25:30, 25:33. Mullahs, Imams and Mofassars (authors of books of Tafsirs) even 1300 years ago remained Jaahil Ignorant because most of them did not use Quran’s own built-in dictionary and Quran’s own built-in Tafsir but they added long tales/stories in their books which came from fables and fabricated hadiths (hearsay) that in most cases were concocted by hypocrites (pseudo converts of people of Book) like Wahb Ibn Munnabih, Hammam Munibbih, Rabbi K’ab al-Ahbar and by his many students like Abu Hurairah, Ibn Abbas, Ibn Umar and many others. All that hadiths and Tafsir are huge pile of lies or let say: that all books of hadiths and Tafsirs are Himalaya of Lies, Nonsense, Gossip, Hearsay, very Foolish-talk, and comic moronic Stupidities. It is sad to ascribe that all concocted tales to Prophet but that what is done by hypocrites. You will see many Mullahs and Pseudo Scholars who say: After Quran, Bukhari and Muslim are the most authentic books but truth is: Bukhari and Muslims are books of authentic lies. For solid Proof, read our page “some hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death”.

Among other oldest hadiths collection are of Malik’s Mowatta, Tabarani, Al-Hakim  (Mustadrak), Bayhaqi, Musnad Ibn Hanbal, Darimi, and Daraqutni. We have read all that works and we have concluded, that authors of that all works were not different from stupid ignorant Mullahs of today. Their collections are full of laughing stock. Regarding Tafsirs; majority considers and loves Tafsirs of Razi Jalalyn, Risala of Shafi, Fiqa-Hanfi, Ibn Kathir, Baghawi, Qartabi, Tabari, and Zamakhshari but truth is: in that all books though there is some truth too but billions of tons of lies and foolish-talk too. Ibn Hajar is one of the biggest demigods  (9:31, 2:170) of Sunni sect but truth is: this Egyptian Mullah was in way more educated than our stupid Mullahs of today. He was a Jaahil. His work is full of Kufar and Shirk. Though not all but almost all Mofassars and Hadiths-collectors belong to Shafi-School, and Shafi was the Greatest Satan/deceiver of our 1400 history; and an Ass never gives birth to elephant. If Teacher was a Satan, then how will be his followers! Read our special page on Shafi (an hidden Shia). And Books of Shia sect also stink more than dead dogs. That almost whole pile of garbage grew in Abbasid era 750-1258 A.D. DNA-wise, Abbasid were half Muslims and half Zoroastrians. Their Tutors, Ministers, Prime Minister, many wives and even mother were Persian Zoroastrians. O Wise Person: Know that: Whole Islam is finalized in Quran. Any rite, ritual or law that has no roots in Quran is absolutely not part of Islam. All extra-Quranic Laws (Sharia Laws), Rites and Rituals are innovations of Clergy. Islam is to have right faith 4:136; to follow Divine law; to be mindful about Allah in all awaken conditions; and to live your whole life as a righteous Philanthropist 2:177. If you follow all this, then day of death is the Best day of your life on this earth.To obey Allah and his Messenger/Rasool mean to follow Quran and nothing else but only Quran. All who make Islamic Law (Sharia) from extra-Quranic books are Zaalim, Faasiq, and Kaafirs (5:40-58, 6:114, 6:19, 10:15). Now, we end this page with following Picture: Please tell your relatives, colleagues and friends about this page in order to rescue them from Satanic path of Shafi’i, Hadith Imams, and corrupt Dars-e-Nizami which is converting Muslims into Mohammedans from 1200 years. Thanks.Also never forget to read our FULL page “How Imam Shafi’i corrupted faith of Muslim Majority, at:

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