BismillahFNoPriesthoodInIslamIs there any concept of Theocratic Mullahs & Priests in Noble Quran? Does Quran say; Ask Mullahs and Priests if you do not know some thing about the knowledge of Quran/DEEN Islam?

GOD has made his last BOOK Quran easy to understand and memorize 54:17, 54:40. It is a simple, clear plain Book. Every Muslim can and must understand it easily. Therefore; there is no any place of Priesthood, Mullahs, Imams, Theologians, Pseudo Scholars in Islam. Standalone Quran has its own built-in dictionary and it fully explains itself. Therefore Standalone Quran is not in need of any external theological source such as fabricated Hadiths, Sunna, Exegesis (Tafsirs), Fiqa, contexts and shane-a-Nazools. These all tools were made by Mullahs in order to interpret even very clear unambiguous verses of Quran as per their own wish. Quran is simple like 1+1=2. So do we need any interpretation of 1+1=2? Not at all.Quran_75_19PlusNoteEvil Mullahs has also forged some hadiths to augment their status among we ignorant Muslims. For example: They have fabricated one hadith, which tells: that Mullahs are inheritors of Prophets, which is a big lie and we do not see this kind of any verse in complete and fully detailed Quran. Besides; from a tiny crazy Mullah to a big Ph.D. Mullah, all together badly twist verse 16:43, 21:7 and 3:7 of Quran. In that verses, GOD tells Prophet, that you should not have any doubt in BOOK that we are giving to you (Quran). because we also sent previous Books to past Prophets and you can confirm it from Ahal-Zikr which mean “the followers of [earlier] revelation or scriptures”, and we never sent angels as Prophets in past but only Men. But in order to validate their place in Islam, Mullahs twist the word Ahal-Zikr deliberately, and tell their ignorant students that Ahal-Zikr mean Mullahs; and according to them, GOD is telling, If you have doubt then ask Mullahs. This is shear Tahrif of Book of Allah. In other way (according to Mullahs): Allah was telling Prophet Mohammad(s) 1400 years ago in 16:43 and 21:7, that O Prophet, if you have any doubt, then You ask Mullahs; despite no any idiotic Mullah ever existed around Prophet at that time nor any Mullah is supposed to have more knowledge than Prophet’s knowledge. Moreover, no any past scripture was sent to Mullahs and our silly vile Mullahs are not followers of early revelations. Quran uses words of Yaqe’loon and oolal’Albaab that mean wise-people or people who understand and follow BOOK of Allah very well. That never mean Mullahs.QuranMadeEasy54_17_How Quran explains itself? Please read at:

Our 1200 years history proves that Mullahs and Imams has played role of deceivers and liars, and they have no relation with the people who are addressed in Quran under terms of Ya’qe’loon and oolal’albaab. There is no place of Mullahs and Imams in Islam. Mullahism was copied from Priesthood of Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians. All theological degrees up to Ph.D. are fake because their curricula is based on fabricated hadiths, Sunna and twisted sectarian exegesis etc. All credentials of Mullahs must be confiscated and they must be forced to work in factories and Farms to increase production to serve humanity in a better way 2:177. As we have already discussed in detail in our other pages that by forging and then by spreading the forged hadith of Miraaj (night journey), Mullahs succeeded to transform Real Quranic Deen of Islam into Mullah-made religion 1200 years ago. Then in order to market their “Religion”, ; Mullahs as usual felt no any shame even in twisting the meaning of verses of Quran in order to misguide we majority of sheeple blindly-following Muslims, so that, we all fools should pay visit to Trade-Shops of Mullahs to consult them for the matters of their self-made Satanic religion. Islam is DEEN (Divine system), and not a religion. DEEN ordains: Please GOD by serving his creation – Philanthropy 2:177, but religion of Mullahs and Priests preaches us: Please GOD through their man-made rituals. Rituals are not given in scriptures.tafseesraPlease also read and understand 75:19, 41:3, 17:41, 17:89, 39:27, 18:54, 30:58, 6:65, 7:52, 6:114, 2:219, 3:103, 6:97, 6:98, 6:99

In many Videos and TV-Talk-shows; Mullahs claim (to market their made-up religion), that Quran says; consult Ulama if you do not know; and Mullahs claim, that they are Ulama. First of all; Quran, no where tells what liar and cheater Mullahs claim. Besides; Ulama in Arabic is never a Mullah or Priest or Clergy but scientists. There is no any concept of Mullahs (so called self-proclaimed Theocratic Scholars) in Quran at all. Quran places equal responsibility upon humans to understand and implement Quranic laws and learn Quran by Quran. Because Quran explains itself (verse 25:30 and 25:33), so one does not need to consult any theocratic Mullah or Priest or their made-up twisted, mutually conflicting, forged millions of pages of sects-induced Tafsirs and forged hadiths, that are neither certified by Allah nor by Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH. That all crap was invented by sectarian Mullahs centuries after the death of Last Prophet . In order to misguide public by their false claim, majority of evil Mullahs usually give references of three following verses of Quran: 16:43, 21:7 and 3:7 One of the most qualified, honest & unbiased translators of Noble Quran Dr. Allama Muhammad Asad (Friend & disciple of Allama Muhammad Iqbal) has translated verses 16:43, 21:7 & 3:7 as follow:Quran16_43Quran21_7In verse 3:7, again no where Quran is telling reader to consult majority of evil theocratic-Mullahs or Priests or Muftis. But is telling a truth that allegoric verses are understood by men of understanding who are firmly grounded in knowledge of Quran. But Most of Mullahs take training in millions of forged hadiths & sects-induced tafsirs that Persian Imams (disguised Zoroastrians) forged 250-400 years after the death of Prophet. Then how such a Mullah have right to claim that he is “Man of understanding and is firmly grounded in knowledge of Quran”? In fact, from past 1200 years, majority of our Mullahs and Imams were never Men of knowledge but Men of Ignorance and Jahalat. Any one could have knowledge of Quran who puts more effort to learn Quran only by Quran, as Quran explains itself (25:30-33);

Now an intelligent reader might have noticed; how Mullahs twist Quranic verses in order to CREATE their vacancy in Islam and to market their man-made shops of fabricated theocratic-religion that has no any relation with DEEN of Islam which has been finalized in Easy-Made Quran 54:40.Quran_Verse3_7_SAMDFollowing very important link discusses verse 3:7 in detail:

Symbolism and Allegory in Glorious Quran – A must info for Beginner-Reader of Quran

In verse 3:7; Quran again points toward people who are well-learned in Quran. How they are well learned? By reading, understanding & consulting Quran in its entirety. But majority of evil Mullahs & Priests in most cases has been misguiding Christians and Muslims from 2000/1200 years respectively. One must learn Quran only by Quran, as Quran is designed by Allah in such a way that it explains itself & Quran itself is the best Tafsir for Quran. About listening others, Quran sets criteria in verse 39:18, that who listens all but follows only truthful part of it is a wise. How one can judge which part of of speech/writing is truthful and which not? Come again to Quran & judge all what you listened/read in the light of Quran. Reject all what contradicts Quran even if it is said by the biggest Mullah/Saint/Mufti of the of time. Reader can download “How Quran explains itself” at:


Quran forbids to follow Salaf the ancestors blindly:Quran_9_31_NoPriesthoodGarbageListIslamIsTrurhMalik_Ishaq_dialogueQuran3_80One can win presidential election by majority but not the Truth: Quran6_116-117_MajorityVSTruthMajorityAndTruthNonSenseOFmainStreamRQuran blasts blind-followers: Quran8_22PlusNoteQuranHadithOfAllahAndProphetNNHadithBlasingPersians

Quran12_111And16_89FQuran is made easy 54:17, 54:40. Quran is simple plain book which explains itself; and you are not in need of, to follow oldies and ancestors to understand Quran. Quran2_170IslamIsSimpleDeenClergyMisleadPeopleFTenTruthsForMuslimFKazimzadaFTrueMuslimWhoisEvilMullahsCOHadith and Sunna books were never certified by beloved Prophet. That hadiths never explains Quran in any way. In fact that Hadith Books contains filthiest filth that insult Allah Prophet and Quran. For full proof, please visit our following page fully:

Some Hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death. Guaranteed

Hanfi, Malki, Hanbali, and Shafi cults are also one cause of Split in Umma (Muslim-Nation) and Quran forbids all kinds of Split>> Tafarraka. Jalaluddin Rumi narrated in his Book “Mathnavi”, These four (Abu Hanifa, Malik, Hanbal, and Shafii) have carved four religions out of one Islam. They have created irreconcilable divisions in the Deen of Nabi (Prophets).

Allah has designed Noble Quran in such a way that Quran explains itself fully. Quran has its own built-in dictionary. Each verse of Quran is further explained by other verses of other chapters of Quran. Therefore; standalone and fully detailed Quran 16:89 is absolutely not in any need of any external theological source like fabricated hadiths, forged Sunna, Mullahs, Imams, Pseudo Scholars, contexts, Shan-e-Nazools, Tafsirs (exegesis), and Mulahs-Made Fiqa (jurisprudence). Fact is, that no any human can explain BOOK of Allah except Allah himself. Because who explains a BOOK, must have higher intellect or at least his intellect equal to the intellect of Author, but no any mortal human being can meet this criteria. Quran is made simple and easy 54:17, 54:40. Quran is simple plain book, and does not need any interpretation like 1+1=2 does not. But Mullahs has invented term of “Quranic Interpretation” in order to convert very clear and unambiguous verses of Quran into a Wax-Nose; so that they could bend that nose in any direction as per their wish.

Abu Hanifa 699-767 A.D.

Malik ibn Anas 711-795 A.D. Al-Shafi’i 767-820 A.D. (Paul of Islam who converted DEEN Islam into religion of Mullahs and Imams). Deen = Divinely prescribed system of life) Ahmad bin bin Hanbal 780-855 A.D

These Mullahs (names mentioned above), interpreted Quran in their own way and divided One Muslim Umma (Nation). Their so called Fiqa (Jurisprudence) not only mutually conflict but also contradict laws of Quran. For example, according to one Mullah of above four; if Man gives three Talaqs (divorce) at same time with in a minute or even within less than a minute; three divorces will be applied; but this idiocy 100% contradicts very clear procedure of divorce that Quran ordains.  Quran says: Muslim are like one body, they must remain united like one body-mass 49:10, 3:103, 3:105. But these Mullahs has created divisions in one Muslim Umma by interpreting Quran in their own idiotic ways. Satan has sent ~two Billion Christians astray and same situation is with majority of ignorant Muslims, who, instead of following clear laws of Quran, follow Mullahs and  Imams. Truth is, that Mullahs mentioned above were even more ignorant in Islam than Lap-top Mullahs of today. Their books are full of lies that contradict Quranic laws. Same applies to all fabricated books of hadith and sunna. That Four Mullahs (names mentioned above) were always abusing each other. For example, we show you some quotes as follow: (Source: Criminals of Islam by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D).JafarSadiqAndTombReference: The Criminals of Islam by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D.

Imam Shafii called Abu Hanifa the worst of creation.(Tarikh Khateeb Baghdadi)

Abu Hanifa is no less than Iblees and Dajjal. (Imam Malik, Khateeb Baghdadi 13:396)

Abu Hanifa called Imam Jafar Sadiq and Imam Malik as the worst of creations. (Tareekh Khateeb Baghdadi)

Imam Yahya bin Moin said that Iman Hanbal was a hidden Sabai (a bitter, hateful Shia). (Tahqiq-il-Madahib)

Ibne Hanbal was apparently vanguard of Islam but in fact he was a dangerous hypocrite (Mullah Ali Qari in Mojahid-al-monafak)

Abu Hanifa said:, Be the curse of Allah on those who call themselves Imams, Imam Malik, and Jafar Saadiq are deceitful liars and sodomites. (Tahqiq-il-Madahib)

There were grave disputes between Imams Shafi’i, Abu Hanifa, Malik, Hanbal and Sufiyan Sauri. Whoever uttered much nonsense was called a Faqih (enlightened jurist). (Shah Waliullah, Hujjatullah Al Baligha pg 254).

Please note that Shia sect follows another Monafak Mullah “Jafar Al-Saqiq 700(702)-765 A.D.Sects_are_KffaarSunniShiaKhawarijThe Eclipse of Islam: What happened to Islam after Caliph Umar R.A.?

Dear Muslim: Learn, that Allah Jalla Aala has named us Muslim in his all previous Books & in his last Book Noble Quran too. Therefore; it is the greatest honor to be a Muslim. Precious Medal of Muslim is given to you by the owner of this Universe. So if one asks you 100 times, What is your Sect; Answer him, 101 times that I am Muslim and only a Muslim.

Quran has declared at more than four places, Sect-Followers, OUT OF ISLAM. So it is very clear that one of the biggest CRIMES in Islam is to make and follow sects. Because Sects-Making goes 180 degree opposite to the commandment of Noble Quran in which Quran ordains “TO HOLD FAST ALTOGETHER ROPE OF ALLAH (Quran) AND DO NOT SPLIT YOURSELF INTO SECTS”. All Prophets were just Muslims and they were never followers of any Mullah-Made evil sect such as Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, Salfi, Deobandi, Brailvi++. Stop this Crime and get out of evil sects and unite as MUSLIMS. Some fanatics, hypocrite Mullahs and number-two scholars now use terms of “Maktab-e-Fiqr” or “School of thought” in place of Firqa Sect to validate their non-Quranic evil Sects. But if one covers a Donkey with the skin of a Lion; that donkey does not become Lion and even after disguise, that donkey still remains donkey. Everyone on this planet knows that these Evil-Sects fight each other, they declare each other Kaafirs & so they produce Fitna, Fasaad & Tafarraka and Tafkir in one DEEN of Allah “Islam” & they clearly violate the commandment of Allah given in verse 3:103.

So our very Dear sister and our very dear Brother:

Introduce always yourself as a Muslim and only Muslim and just Muslim, & declare that you have no any relation with Non-Quranic Evil-Sects and I follow commandments of BOOK of Allah that forbids sects and finally I have to return to my creator Allah Jalla Aala.

When we read six fabricated hadiths books of Sunnis; Mowatta of Malik, Masnad of Ibn Hanbal, and Shia’s books; it becomes distinct, that all those pseudo Imams of that Satanic books were much more penis-centric, and woman and ass centric. You will find many many forged hadiths in that evil books where woman is not just frequently compared with ass but also with donkey, dog, magian, evil, Satan and pig. Crap book of Malik called Mowatta discusses on several pages the controversy of, if touching penis breaks ablution or not. Some reports say, it does not, other say, its does. During reading that unnecessary debate about touching penis, reader reaches nowhere. Please note, that though Mowatta of Malik and Book of Ibn Hanbal is not included in six books of Sunnis but when we read Mowatta of Malik, and Masnad of ibn Hambal; we realize, that both are also full of tons of fabricated crap. Forged hadith books of Shiites are the dirtiest books present on planet. So labeled as the most reliable fabricated book of Shia “Nahj Al Balagha declares woman “Scorpion”. Reader should note that Shiite’s book so labeled as Nahj Al-Balagha was fabricated by a Shia Mullah Ash-Sharif Ar-Radi who died in 1015 A.D., which mean 383 years after the death of Prophet Mohammad the exalted, and same evil Mullah Ash-Sharif Ar-Radi died 354 years after the death of 4th Caliph Ali RA. Like Sunnis forged hadith books, Nahj Al Balagha is also based on Chinese whisper so called forged chains of narrations spread over 354 years long time-span, on the basis of A told B told C told D told E told X told Y e.t.c. which is itself a big joke. Shia and Sunni try to validate that Chinese Whisper by so called Science of Hadiths. But even the best science cannot convert a fabricated lie into truth. Science of Hadiths is in fact that fraud machine which labels packets of pork with cow meat. Lies being sold in the bottle of Truth.

Now read preachings of  of one so called Top Most Mullah of past of South Asia. It will refresh your faith (Iman) and after reading following preachings of this Mullahs; you will be able to see real ugly face of these Ibleesian Mullahs those has ruined we Muslims in past 1200 years. Source/reference for following two pictures is “The Criminals of Islam” by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D.AsharfAliThanvi01Read another trick of that Mullah below: Reference: The Criminals of Islam by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D.AsharfAliThanvi02Now let we read a Fatwa (Religious Ruling) of Top Most Mullah of Saudi ArabiaFatwaByBinBaaz1970Now read below one of the greatest scientific discovery of a Top Most Mullah/Imam of Past. Reference: The Criminals of Islam by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D.IbneKathirScience Now read below about some top most Mullahs and Imams of past:IbnHanbalAnHypocriteMushrikMullahAndJunaidSatanShafiFraudMachineofShafihytfreddddQuran28_56AndMullahsFollowing text is taken from Book “Dual Islam” by Dr. Jeelani Barq, page 22-24.

Prophet said “The Ulama (Mullahs) of my Ummah will be the worst creation under the sky.” (Tazkarah 19-150)

But Mullahs retaliated above-given report instantly and forged many following hadiths to raise their status among we blindly following Muslims:

The Rasool (S) said, “Whoever visits an Aalim (Mullah), has visited me and whoever shook hands with him, shook hands with me.”

“Attending the assembly of a Mullah is better than 1,000 raka’at Namaz Rituals, visiting 1,000 sick and joining 1,000 funerals.”

The Ulama (Mullahs) of my Ummah are like the prophets of Bani Israel.” (Allah say: All Prophets has same status and do not make difference among Prophets. Quran say: All Prophets were prophets of Islam)

“An Aalim (Mullah) is as good as a prophet in his community.”

The Mullah saw that the lofty status of martyrdom was too hard for him to achieve. Therefore, they fabricated as follow:

“The ink of an Aalim(Mullah) is holier than the blood of a martyr.”

The Mullah is invariably incomplete without a beard, robe, Dastaar (turban or cap), miswak, halwa (dessert), rooster feasts, and receiving Sadaqah (charity). So they concocted hadiths as follow:

The Prophet (S) said, “Gauge the wisdom of a man by the length of his beard. The longer the beard, greater is the wisdom.” How unfortunate are the beardless races?

One who has no wisdom, has no Deen.” But, “The majority of the people of Paradise will be that of fools.” So, the shaven ones beat the bearded ones here.

“Zakat (the obligatory charity) should be given to the Ulama (Mullahs).”

“The Prophet (S) loved halwa and honey.” So, give it to the Mullahs.

“There is sweetness in the heart of a believer and so he loves halwa (dessert).

One who refuses halwa, will be counted as disobedient of Allah and Rasool.”

“One who feeds even one morsel of halwa to his brother, Allah will protect him from the heat of HASHR (the great Gathering).”

“The white rooster is my friend and also the friend of my friend, Gabriel.” [So, eat your friend. Does Gabriel eat roosters?]

“Whoever raises a white rooster, Allah will protect him from the mischief of Satan, the diviner and the magician.”

Now, let us see what ‘Aalim (plural ‘Ulama) means in the Qur’an. Ulama = Scientists, not Mullahs

Quran 35:27 Have you not seen that Allah causes water to fall from the height. And from the same water We produce fruit and flower of different color, just as in the mountains are streaks of varying colors; white, red, and varying shades of black.

Quran 35:28 And of human beings, and other creatures, and the cattle have diverse colors and properties. This is how it is: of all His servants only the ULAMA get some idea of the Glory of Allah (by examining the wonders in Nature.) Verily, Allah is Almighty, Absolver of imperfections.

[ULAMA = men and women of scientific knowledge. See who the Ulama are? Meteorology, Water Cycle, Hydroponics, Botany, Geology, Topography, Anthropology, Human soma and psyche, Biology, Zoology, Livestock, Nutrition; how many sciences are mentioned here! The term does not apply to Mullahs who can only tell you about petty rituals and du’as, things such as which side to sleep on and not to sleep on, du’as to recite when you wake up, step in and out of home or the rest room, rinse your mouth, do wudhu or wash the private parts] MessageForJahilMullahs2

Important_CalloutOur Brothers and Sisters:

If you want to see the ugly face of these hypocrite Mullahs and Imams fully; then never forget to read following book at following link:

Also read below:

The most truthful Islamic; and Theological page of Present time


Priesthood, Mullah’ism, Theocracy, and Pseudo Scholarship has no place in Islam


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