When our team posts comments under videos of these Fake Mullahs and Fake Scholars with fake Ph.D’s; they are so coward, that they block or mute immediately. Why? So that, other people could not know their ignorance and false teachings they preach. We posted following comments under this video and after 30 minutes our comments were muted. Now if you go to that video, you might not see our comments there. The comments we posted are as under:

Ya Sahykh: When your lecture is based on Hadiths, then you are trading in a desert.

Did Prophet leave any manuscript of his hadith and Sunna behind for we Muslims? No.

Does Quran tell us to follow Mohammad(S) or Sehaba or Fiqa Imam or Mohaddith or Mullahs like you or priesthood or Tafsir or Hadith or any Sunna of Prophet? No. They were not in need of, because Divine Book is designed in such a way by Allah that Book explains itself. Quran has its own built-in dictionary, and therefore; Quran is absolutely not in need of any external theological source. Quran is made easy and simpoimple (Sura Qamar) so Quran does not need any interpretation. Quran makes very clear in 6:19 and 6:114 and ESPECIALLY in 47:2 that to follow Quran is to follow Messenger and Allah.ObedienceOfProphejtQuran makes clear that Messengers were no more than Divine Postmen. Postmen delivered BOOKS and left. Did any postman leave behind any his hadith or Tafsir manuscript for the explanation of Divine Books? No.

Why hadith Book like of Bukhari was not complied by Abu Bakar, Omar , Uthman or Ali? Why 250 years after? Why after so long time? True answer is, that Hadiths were illegal in the time of Four Caliphs.

There is tons of evidence in Jamia Bayan al-ilm, Tabqaat ibne Saad and in other Books that Four Caliphs collected, burned and banned all hadiths. Caliph Omar wrote letters to all city Governors to burn all hadiths they find. Caliph Ali told in a Friday Sermon that erase all hadiths you find because previous generations were destroyed, as they followed Books of Hadith made by their scholars & forgot Divine Books.(Jamia al Bayaan)

Caliph Omar told, I will not allow Muslims to make hadith books like Jews made Mishnah, that corrupted teachings of Moses.

It were defeated Persian imams who fabricated hadith Books 250-400 years after Prophet to distort Islam, to create sects and to create Fitna among one Umma. They fabricated Matans and Chains of narrations from scratch. Their Books are full of blasphemy Jokes and comedy. Their evil Books insult Prophet and Allah, and attack Quran, like Quran is eaten by Goat. Abu Daud writes: Do ablution in a water in which dead-dogs and menstruation shreds are floating. Bukhari says: Prophet Solomon did sex with 100 women in one night, mean 5 minutes per woman. These are a few samples from crap that is stuffed in Hadith Books. Can Prophet say this kind of jokes? No way, because Allah witnesses in Quran that Prophet used to have the BEST CONDUCT. So How a Prophet with so high level of conduct can tell you such kind of reports that we have mentioned above?Quran68_4Where is in Quran that Last Prophet was Imam-al-Mursa-leen? Does not Quran say: Do not make difference among Prophets? Allah told Prophet in Quran “Say: I am like all other prophets and I am not different to other prophets”.Honest_PostmenLaNofarraKaBainaAhdinFQuran in 3:103 makes clear that we must unite and catch rope of Allah which is Quran.

As Per 5:44, 5:48, 2:213, 6:114, 6:19, 10:15, 4:105, 7:3, 10:109, 5:92, 64:12 any one who makes Sharia laws from any other Book except Quran is Kaafir. But you know that all hadith followers make Sharia laws from hadith Books and so violate above given verses.Quran25_56PlusNoteFTrueMuslimWhoisQuran28_56AndMullahsSects or any thing like school of thought or Madhab or Fiqa that has already created split in unity of Muslim Umma is Haraam. Sects are Haraam and not allowed in Quran. Quran makes clear, all who are split in sects, hell is waiting them.

What you will do with a Ph,D degree in theology that carried curricula based on fabricated hadith Books, sectarian twisted Tafseers and fiqa that contradicts Quranic codes.?

To Sum up

Hadith Books that were forged by Persian Imams se’hae Sitta 250-400 years and Mowaata and of Masnad of Ibne Hanbal are mere a crude raw history written by six defeated Persian imam and History can never be Part of Deen Islam. You can read history but you must not make Sharia Laws/Judgment/Yahkam from history books. If any one Judge(make laws) from other BOOK except Quran is 100 Percent kaafir as per 5:44. Malik & Shafi were deceitful liars and sodomites. Ibne Hanbal was a dangerous hypocrite. For proof, read our page “True History of Hadiths”.

Shafi was Paul of Islam. Paul sent all Christians astray and Shafi converted at least 70 Percent Muslims into Mohammedans and Mohammedans are never Muslims. Read below our page ‘Two Paul”.Quran_3_105Dear Muslim:

Learn, that Allah Jalla Aala has named us Muslim in his all previous Books & in his last Book Noble Quran too. Therefore; it is the greatest honor to be a Muslim. Precious Medal of Muslim is given to you by the owner of this Universe. So if one asks you 100 times, What is your Sect; Answer him, 101 times that I am Muslim and only a Muslim.

Quran has declared at more than four places, Sect-Followers, OUT OF ISLAM. So it is very clear that one of the biggest CRIMES in Islam is to make and follow sects. Because Sects-Making goes 180 degree opposite to the commandment of Noble Quran in which Quran ordains “TO HOLD FAST ALTOGETHER ROPE OF ALLAH (Quran) AND DO NOT SPLIT YOURSELF INTO SECTS”. All Prophets were just Muslims and they were never followers of any Mullah-Made evil sect such as Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, Salfi, Deobandi, Brailvi++. Stop this Crime and get out of evil sects and unite as MUSLIMS. Some fanatics, hypocrite Mullahs and number-two scholars now use terms of “Maktab-e-Fiqr” or “School of thought” in place of Firqa Sect to validate their non-Quranic evil Sects. But if one covers a Donkey with the skin of a Lion; that donkey does not become Lion and even after disguise, that donkey still remains donkey. Everyone on this planet knows that these Evil-Sects fight each other, they declare each other Kaafirs & so they produce Fitna, Fasaad & Tafarraka and Tafkir in one DEEN of Allah “Islam” & they clearly violate the commandment of Allah given in verse 3:103.

So our very Dear sister and our very dear Brother:

Introduce always yourself as a Muslim and only Muslim and just Muslim, & declare that you have no any relation with Non-Quranic Evil-Sects and I follow commandments of BOOK of Allah that forbids sects and finally I have to return to my creator Allah Jalla Aala.Sects_are_KffaarFraudMachineofShafi

Read tons of more truth at:

The Most Truthful Islamic Page of present time but only for who are honest and mature truth-seekers


Our other pages relevant to this page are as under:

Two Paul: First-one sent all Christians astray, & 2nd-one Shafi sent majority of Muslims astray

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FilthiestCrapFromParsiAbuDawudBannaANDAzamiFollowing picture is our gift for Mullah Yasar Qadhi 10FloweredHadithQudsiCrap



Following diagrams show, how evil sects were formed.

PieMMIslam_FlowChart1Sect formationWe have included Hanfi Malki Hanbli & Shafi cults because that is also one cause of Split in Umma and Quran forbids all kinds of Split>> Tafarraka

Jalaluddin Rumi narrated in his Mathnavi, These four (Abu Hanifa, Malik, Hanbal, and Shafii) have carved four religions out of one Islam. They have created irreconcilable divisions in the Deen of Nabi (S).

SatanWorksThe best scholarly page on the life of Isa Jesus from A to Z. A Treasure for the Students of Comparative religionQuran5_44PlusExtendedNoteFImportant_Callout2JuaaniaNHadithBukhariCraphaditherscallouthadithsamplesallcounterfeiteddogmaofmullahs


The Most Truthful Islamic Page of present time but only for who are honest and mature truth-seekers



Responding to Yasar Qadhi under his one video about 73 Sects


2 thoughts on “Responding to Yasar Qadhi under his one video about 73 Sects

  1. Ummaryam says:

    Had a doubt of your affiliation to tasawwuf, and finally got confirmed seeing ur quote from Jalaludheen Rumi!!! That’s how Allah guides to truth about people who go about slandering respectable people behind the screens…. ur references are sufficient enuf to identify which ‘sect’ u belong to. By the way, what r ur sources?! What a joke of ur own effort by quoting Ibn Saad, who himself is known as hadith narrator and compiler!! And how do you suppose we are able to study the seerah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)…when in the Qur’an, Allah says,
    “There is indeed a good model for you in the Messenger of Allah – for the one who has hope in Allah and the Last Day, and remembers Allah profusely.”
    – Chapter 33- Surah Al-Ahzab:21.
    U Sufis want to lead a life of ease and enjoyment of ur desires, so u wanto justify music, movies and stuffs of entertainment, saying ‘Nowhere in the Quran Allah has mentioned prohibition of these, which are natural inborn inclinations of human’! U want to do little to no exertion in life for Islam, saying Quran doesn’t give details of every fard and other important acts of worship. thereby claiming there is no need to pray a particular way n times or do other forms of discipline in performing our worship to Allah.
    Finally, u attack Yasir Qadhi and such, saying they delete the comments….i have no doubt this is actually what u r doing. It’s not possible u have no comments, having abled this option. U r flooded with responses against ur stance, so u chose to delete it, which is what u will do to this comment too. Enjoy ur life spreading lies and confusion and soon Allah will tell u about what u were doing! B4 leaving….which order of tasawwuf r u initiated in?

    • Thank you Ummaryam for your comments:

      Like Sunni Shia and other sects, Sufi never claim that they are sect. Quran at four places blasts sect followers and tells, that Hell is waiting for those who make Tafarka / Firqa /Division in one Umma. All Prophets were only Muslims and they all do not belonged to any sect. In Quran, Allah has named us only and only Muslim without any sect. So we assure you that we are only and only Muslim, and we do not belong to any sect. When we quoted Rumi, that does not mean, we are Sufi. Rumi’s quote was posted because what he said, sounds true. Four imams have indeed created division in one Umma and this is a crime. We pick truth, no matter who said it, Ummaryam said it or Rumi said it. 39:18

      Like Christians, majority of Muslims are gone astray from past ~1200 years because majority is of blind followers. Majority like you, idolize many Jaahil Mullahs and Imams of Past. When we read all works of Abu Hanifa Malik Shafi and Ibn Hanbal, it becomes very clear that either they all were more ignorant than even Lap-top Mullah of today, or they were hypocrites. At least one is true. Author can be judged from the contents of his BOOK. Their books at many places totally contradict commandment of Quran. Now this kind of work can be only from, either a Jaahil or a Monafak. Same criteria applies to all other hadith Imams. But people like you, love to follow oldies blindly.

      Does Quran tell us to follow, Sehaba, Tab’een, Taba’Tabe’een, Four so called fiqa Imams, hadith Imams, Mullahs, Theologians, Tafsirs, contexts, and Shan-e-Nazools? Did above-mentioned all Satanic innovations exist among Muslims before 722 A.D? NO and Never. These all are innovations that a Muslim is absolutely not in need of at all. Allah has made Quran easy (Sura Qamar). So Quran explains itself fully, and Quran is absolutely not in need of any external theological source.

      Whoever Ibn Saad or Khateeb Baghdaadi were; they are quoted at our pages as historians 39:18. So what is wrong with you?

      Where does Quran tell us to study Seera of Prophet? Where does Quran tell that Seera of Prophet is part of Islam? Learn, that Seera is history; and history cannot be part of Islam nor faith can be built on history. Stop to idolize dead Prophets. According to Noble Quran, the sole task given to Messengers was only and only to deliver books of Allah to people clearly, and leave. After their death, their chapters in this world were closed. After their death, a Muslim must have relation with Allah (who never dies) and his BOOK that was delivered by his last Prophet.

      Like all hadithers, you have also quoted verse 33:21 out of Quran’s internal context. If Sura Ahzab is read fully; it becomes clear; that verse 33:21 is confined only to battle of trench when prophet was alive. Because in battle of trench, almost all Muslim were very scared except Prophet, so Allah said to Muslims, that Look: how Prophet is patient, brave, and standing like a solid rock; So you all Muslims also be brave and patient like Prophet during battle of Trench. That verse 33:21 never declared Prophet as role model of hadithers. Besides; did prophet leave behind for you hadithers any written manual of his “role model-ship or Sunna”? No. Does verse 33:21 tell you to follow that hadith books which will be fabricated by Persian Pseudo Imams 250-400 years after the death of Prophet? No. Were that hadith and Sunna books written under supervision of Prophet? Why Prophet did not compile his hadith and Sunna Book (like book of Bukhari) for you? We know: You hadithers have fabricated answer of this Question. You Hadithers falsely claim, that Prophet forbade to write his hadith because there were risk of mix-up with Quranic verses. But were Scribes teenagers, so they could had mixed hadith with Quran? It is mere a lame, irrational & nonsensical excuse. For the sake of argument, even if we agree with you;

      then, Why Caliph Abu Bakakr did not compile hadith and Sunna Book (like book of Bukhari) for you?

      Then, Why Caliph Umar did not compile hadith and Sunna Book (like book of Bukhari) for you?

      Then, Why Caliph Uthman did not compile hadith and Sunna Book (like book of Bukhari) for you?

      Then, Why Caliph Ali did not compile hadith and Sunna Book (like book of Bukhari) for you?

      Indeed, You Hadithers have no any RATIONAL answer for these questions. Why Book of Bukhari was forged 250 years after Prophet? Why so late? Get all answers in our following three pages:

      True history of Hadith. A MUST reading for all Muslims; & Non-Muslims who are interested in Theology.


      Some Hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death. Guaranteed

      How to Obey Prophet after his death?


      Quran never forbids Music, and Criteria of Haraam and Halaal is only and only Quran 16:116 and not fabricated hadiths that were never said by beloved Prophet. Read verse 16:116 please.

      Quranic verses 5:44, 5:48, 2:213, 6:114, 6:19, 10:15, 4:105, 7:3, 10:109, 5:92, 64:12, 47:2, 50:45, 16:64, 6:155 especially 47:2 makes very clear that to follow Quran mean to follow Mohammad(S) too.

      Five Rituals are not in complete and fully detailed Quran; Why? Because it is not part of Islam but that rituals were imported from Zoroastrians in 8th century. Salat of Quran has to do nothing with 5 daily Zoroastrian Rituals that were blended in Islam in 8th century. If Salat was rituals, then Allah could have told us, about units of each Sunni and Shia rituals? And what to read in Qayyaam and Tash-had (atta-hiyaaat)? And by the way, who manufactured whole non-Quranic text of Atta-Hiyaat? Who concocted Drood also called Salat Ibrahimi that is read in Atta-Hiyaat?

      Allah says: My Quran is complete and fully detailed and it explains everything for Islam 16:89. So Ummaryam: Should you not trust in what Allah has said? Otherwise how can you be even a Muslim? Quran is complete; therefore all what is in Quran is Islam, and all what is not in Quran, is not part of Islam.

      In order to know, How Five daily Zoroastrian Rituals were blended in Islam by Zoroastrian Mother of Caliph Harun Rashid Abbasi; Read our following page.

      Allah says: Quran is Complete & fully detailed; Then why no units+Methods of 5 Daily Rituals?


      Nowhere Quran tells you for worship but tells you for “Ibada Ya’bo’doon. Ya’bo’doon has roots in Abeed, and Abeed in Arabic is SLAVE. Does Slave worship his owner, or he obeys orders of his owner? Of Course he obeys orders. So Ya’abo’doon is to obey all commandments and laws of Quran. And Verse 2:177 makes clear, that stop rituals and worship; and be a philanthropist. Deen Islam ordains philanthropy in 2:177 and forbids rituals. DEEN Islam is Divine System of life finalized in Quran, and Islam is not theocratic religion of Mullahs and Imams 2:213, 2:177.
      Our comments under that Video of Yasar appeared but later were muted. And this is the fact

      Allah Ma’ak

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