Complete Quran was compiled in Book form by Prophet Mohammad PBUH

under Divine Guidance; and all other compilation stories are concocted by

Persian Pseudo Imams


All Praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom who never dies and is closer to person than his neck vein and knows even what soul of person whispers secretly & silently 50:16.

imffffagesFollowing two books are prerequisite for this page.

Conspiracies against Noble Quarn

Impact of Persian’s Ajami Religions on Islam

Due to extraordinary importance of this subject; first of all it is important to concentrate on some historical back ground. This will help reader to understand whole scenario that is very relevant to this subject.

1– When Noble Quran landed, there were two main superpowers on planet, Roman Empire,  and Persians Zoroastrian Sassanian Empire. People of both empires were militarily, materially and literately much more advance than Arab Muslims.

2– But under the leadership of Prophet Mohammad (S) and under the banner of Noble Quran, all tribes of Arab Muslims emerged as the strongest Army of world. Prophet Mohammad the exalted passed away in year 632 A.D. after completing his Divine Mission. Abu Bakkar RA was chosen as first Caliph, and after him Omar Kahattab RA became 2nd Caliph. In same one year 636 A.D.; Muslims defeated both Empires with the gap of only six months. Legendary Muslim Army General Khaild bin Walid annihilated almost whole army of Zoroastrian Persians in the battlefield of Walaja. Finally Persians were totally defeated and their millennia empire ended. Watch following video that depicts Battle Of Walaja Year 633 AD between Forces of Persian Zoroastrian Empire and Islam

3– Though Persian Zoroastrians were subjugated by Muslims but Persian felt deep humiliation and insult due that crushing defeat. Because now, they were unable to fight Muslims in battle field; they started to hatch conspiracies against Muslims to take revenge, on the basis; if you cannot fight them; then join them. On the other side; Arabs were simple brave fighters but like Persians, they were not experienced in conspiracies.

4– After defeat, many Persian became pseudo Muslims keeping hate in their hearts against Arabs. They requested Arab Governors of Iraq  Basra and Koofa that they want to settle there for learning. Permission was granted. Persians planned to murder second Muslim Caliph Omar Khattaab, and for this purpose they deployed a Zoroastrian Faroz Lulu. Feroz Lulu further made union with one of the biggest hypocrite of that time Rabbi Ka’ab Al-Ahbar who was converted apparently to Islam  but was a monafak. Feroz Lulu finally succeeded to murder 2nd Caliph Omar RA.Feroz_Lulu_Grave5– Near Muslims, that Faroz Lulu is the wost criminal in universe but near Persians not just he was but still he is their hero even after 1400 years. From here; an intelligent and honest reader can judge, that Persians were from the first day only pseudo Muslims, and even today they are Pseudo. Even after 1400 years; the most hated people on planet near them are Arabs? Why? Because they say; it were Arabs who dismantled their millennia Zoroastrian empire. So the political conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran is not new but it has roots in 1400 history. Even today Persians give gifts of ring to others in which purposely they insert Gemstone called Faroza in order to celebrate their Criminal Killer. In the Iranian city of Keyshan, there is a street by the name of Firouzi. By the side of this road lies the ground of Firouzi which holds the tomb of Abu Lu’lu al-Majusi the killer of 2nd Islamic Caliph Umar Bin Khattaab RA. The Shiite Iranians call him “Baba Shujahudeen” or the “brave of religion” and they present their respect and condolences to him on the day he died. By giving the attribute of “Baba Shujahudeen” to Abu lu’lu leaves two impressions: Firstly it makes it clear the Abu Lu’Lu is the spiritual father of the Shiites in particular of Persian[Irani] Shiites. Secondly the attribution of “Shujahudeen” shows that the Zoroastrian religion is the real religion for them. Thus the religion of the Rawafid [Shiites] is a mere Magian sect. Please note that all  the six pseudo imams of six hadith books called Sihae Sitta were also Persians. They were not less harmful than Faroz Lulu. Vast majority of we Muslims kiss their evil books even with out reading them fully. In that books, Persian criminal imams has nakedly insulted Last Prophet. All movies, videos, slanders and insult, that enemies of Islam launch at all forums against Prophet, are based on crap which is stuffed in the six evil Books of Persian hadith Imams. Enemies never use Quran against Prophet because Quran says that Last Prophet used to have the highest level of conduct. These are the same criminals who also fabricated many stories for compilation of Quran in order to discredit it. Lulu6- Now Persian made plan to throw away GOV of Omayyad. They prepared a Zoroastrian fighter Abu Muslim Kharasani from Kharasan, & on the other side they started to support Abbasid who were opponents of Omayyad Caliphs. Due to continuous multiple conspiracies, finally they succeeded to topple Omayyad in year 750 A.D.

7- The first move of Abbasid was to call Abu Muslim Kharasani (who brought them to power) in office apparently for some consultation but ordered their guards to kill Kharasani; as according to them; if that Devil had toppled Omayyad, he could do the same with Abbasid too.

8- Because Abbasid were obliged by Persians; so they went near to Persian Zoroastrians so close that they start to marry Zoroastrian women. And later Abbasid’s  DNA became blend of Zoroastrianism and Islam. In fact Abbasid were apostate, and were more Zoroastrians than Muslims. Their Tutors were Zoroastrian, wives of many were Zoroastrians, even mother of the most powerful Abbasid Caliph Harun Rashid was a Zoroastrian. Almost all Ministers of Caliph Mamun Rashid and Caliph Harun Rashid were Zoroastrians. We have no any bias against Persians and Zoroastrians but this is the truth that we are telling you. AnsweringHadithersF9- Apostate Abbasid ruled for 508 years from 750-1258 A.D. In fact Muslim empire during that 508 years was under full control of Persian Zoroastrians. It was golden chance for them now to take revenge from Muslims for their defeat. During that 508 years, they broke each bone of Islamic ideology, and diverted majority of Muslims from path of Rahman to path of Satan. But How?

10- They attempted to change Quranic Arabic text but badly failed because Allah has protected Quran through Huffaaaz (who memorize whole Quran) 15:9. Even one Hafiz could expose their any kind of forgery. When they failed in this plan, they hired Chief of all Criminals Imam Shafi (an hidden Sabaite Shia) who invented Satanic innovations of Hadiths and Sunna to disable Quran. But they faced another dilemma that their fabricated hadiths and Sunna, in most cases, contradicted Quran. In order to overcome this hurdle of their way; Shafi invented another Satanic theory called “Abrogation”. He simply misinterpreted verse 2:106 and declared that Quran abrogates its own verses. That mean, mother is eating his own babies. Despite verse 2:105 makes very clear that verse 2:106 abrogates bibles and not verses of Quran. Besides, Criminal Shafi committed another heinous crime, which was, that he declared, that Divine Revelations to Prophet are of two types, one in Quran, and other outside the Quran. Now he could fabricate any lie, label it as hadith, and then claim, that, that lie is another kind of Wahi. In this way, Shafi allowed all kinds of attack on Noble Quran. If any forged hadith contradicted a verse of Quran; his proxy-sect Mushrik-Sunni will declare, that Quranic verse is abrogated.

11- Persian later prepared pseudo hypocrite Imams like Bukhari, Imam-Muslim, Abu Daud, Tirmidhi, Nisaee and Ibne Maja and Yaqoob Kileeni of Al-Kafi Shia; and gave them task to forge million of hadiths with fake Matans and with fake chains of narrations in order to disable Quran, to insult Prophet Mohammad and to split Muslims into countless sects, and to ridicule Quran, like Quran is eaten by Goat etc. KazimzadaF12- Persian did not stop just here. They thought, though they are unable to change Quranic text; but they can change translations and meanings of Quranic terms to send Muslims astray. As we said already that from 750-1258 A.d, Islamic Empire was totally under Zoroastrian control; they made first dictionary that translated Quranic terms into Persian. They changed meanings of over 9000 terms in that dictionary. Later Persian terms were translated into other languages too such as Urdu etc. So now in whole Muslim world, Muslims were being educated in the light of Persian’s forged dictionary and translation. This is why, from year 750 onward, the most ignorant Muslims in Quran are Arabs. Because they learn Quran by wearing Persian Glasses. In addition to this forgery, Persian Zoroastrians, first time compiled curricula for Islamic Schools which even today after 1200 years is called Darse-Nizami. That curricula was prepared by a Zoroastrian Nizam-ul-Mulk. So it was named on his name Darse-Nizami. For example; even toady, if you go to any Islamic school of South Asian Muslim Countries (that produce Terrorists of TTP Talban & ISIS), and ask them, what is name of your curricula; they will answer “Darse-Nizami”. As a result, bigger the degree one has in Islamic theology, the bigger ignorant Jaahil he is, because even Ph.D curricula is based on fabricated hadiths and sectarian twisted tafseers. Ninety-nine percent hadithers who kiss hadith books, never read all the six hadith books fully in their life. So they are not aware of, how that evil books nakedly insult Prophet and Quran.

After reading our page “True History of Hadiths”; one Persian sent us following message. We are posting this message with out any edit. Please note, that what this person is telling in message, same was in hearts of that six Zoroastrian Hadith Imams 1100 years ago who forged millions of hadith to defame prophet, to attack Quran, to create sects and to misguide Muslims. Forged Matans and forged chains of narrations. They forged false compilation stories to discredit Quran.ZoroastrianMessage13- In Quran, Allah ordered Prophet to compile Quran under Divine guidance (reference is at the end of page). Do you think; Prophet would had refused to obey order of Allah? No way. Quran has double preservation. First of all, whole Quran was written down by Scribes on paper as Quran tells us 80:13-16, and Prophet used to inspect each revelation through recitation if it is written down correctly or not. In addition to writing it down, whole Quran was memorized by countless Huffaaz, So there was no any way of error in compilation of Quran. Complete Quran was present in BOOK form in the life of Prophet. So from very beginning, Quran was preserved in way that in no way be tampered. If written is tampered, Hafiz will Challenge it and vice Versa.

14– But defeated Persian Imams wrote false and mutually conflicting stories about the compilation of Quran 250-400 years after the landing of Quran in order to discredit Quran. All the false stories they wrote are mutually conflicting. One report say, Quran was compiled by Abu Bakkar, other say by Omar Khattab, other say, it was with Hafsa, another report says by Uthman and Ali. That grossly contradictory reports expose their forged lies. On the other-side, we see report of in history books that Prophet left behind nothing except bound Quran. We blast all sects, as sects are forbidden but even many shia hadiths and reports show that Quran was compiled under supervision of Prophet.Quran41_41_42The Quran that we have possession of today with all its structure and compilation, the numbering of its verses, and the structure of its chapters and sections is the very same Quran that the Prophet Muhammad gathered, collated, compiled and structured for Muslims during his life at the instigation of Allah. (Sayyid Abdul Wahhab Taliqani, The Sciences of the Quran, pg.83.).

Quran was compiled at the time of the Holy Prophet himself and under his supervision. (Sayyid Abdul Wahhab Taliqani, The Sciences of the Quran, pg83; Sayyid Ali Milani, Al-Tahqiq fi Nafi al-Tahrif).

Al-Mustadrak, vol.2, pg. 229, Kitab al-Tafsir>>Suyuti and Hakim quotes Zaid bin Thabit in Mustadrak that he said: “We were with the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him compiling copies of the Quran.”Quran_47_24Even from the book of Parsi Bukhari that insults Prophet and Allah countless time, we can find in his raw history book called sahih Bukhari, the following: This historical report shows too that full Quran in bound book was present in the life of Exalted Prophet. Note: So he did not leave any manuscript of his personal sayings [also Mushrik hadithers say them hadiths].

Narrated ‘Abdul ‘Aziz bin Rufai’: Shaddad bin Ma’qil and I entered upon Ibn ‘Abbas. Shaddad bin Ma’qil asked him, “Did the Prophet leave anything (besides the Qur’an)?” He replied. “He did not leave anything except what is Between the two bindings (of the Qur’an).” Then we visited Muhammad bin Al-Hanafiyya and asked him (the same question). He replied, “The Prophet did not leave except what is between the bindings (of the Qur’an).” (History-Book of Bukhari Volume 6, Book 61, Number 537).

Another historical report shows, Quran was in assembled Book-form in the time of Prophet: From Ibn ‘Umar: … ‘The messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: “Do not take the Qur’an on a journey with you, for I am afraid lest it should fall into the hands of the enemy”. [Muslim, III, No. 4609,also 4607, 4608; Bukhari, IV, No. 233.].

History Book of Malik “Mowatta (462) also shows, Quran was present in BOOK form in the life time of Prophet.

As we have already mentioned at the top of this page; how millennia Zoroastrian empire was dismantled by Muslims in 7th century, and how Persians took revenge from Islam by forging millions of fake hadiths in the time of Abbasid, in which they have nakedly insulted Prophet, prophets, Allah; and have badly attacked Quran. But regarding Noble Quran; Son of Zoroastrian Criminal Hadith Imam “Abu Daud” was the biggest Criminal. His name was Abi Bakar Abdullah bin Solaman bin Ash’ath Sigistani. He forged his book called “Kitab Al-Masahif” about 300 years after the landing of Quran. He died about 296 years after the death of Last Prophet. In his evil Book, he collected all the rumors, hearsay and lies fabricated by enemies of Islam. He designed his book especially to attack Quran and to discredit Quran by spreading countless mutually conflicting reports. Sometime this criminal writes that Quran was compiled by Abu Bakar, sometime writes by Ali and sometime by Uthman, Ibne Masood, Hafsa etc; and even his Book also have reports which show that whole Quran was written down by scribes and Quran was continuously arranged and updated in Book form though out the time of Revelations (Wahi). His one report shows: when Prophet used to receive Wahi; Prophet used to advise Scribe that this verse number is this and that and this verse must be placed in order in this and that Sura. But Enemies of Islam always use his fabricated gossip that discredits Quran.QuranAsBook

QuranAndMuwatta_MalikHadithsLies01ProphetLeftBehindOnlyQuranLike Six books labeled as Sihae-Sitta of Six Persian Zoroastrian Pseudo Imams; Evil Book of Ibne Abu Daud “Kitab Al-Masahif” that he forged 300 years after the landing of Noble Quran, is similar to that huge pile of garbage, in which sometime one can find a small Gold-ring too, thrown by a lady by mistake during cleanliness of her house. The Professional forgers like Jewish biographer Ibne Is’haq, Majoosi Ibne Hisham, hypocrite Wakidi, Magian Tabari, Zoroastrians Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Ibne Maja, Abu Daud, Ibne-Abu Doud, Tirmidhi, Nisaae, Yaqoob-Kileeni of Shia Book Al-Kafi, Sodomite Imam Malik and Sodomite Imam Shafi, and Mujahid-ul-Monafik Ibne Hanbal in fact sold poison in the shape of sugar-coated candies. For example, after spreading tons of rumors, hearsay and lies against Noble Quran in his Evil Book “Kitab Al-Masahif”, Ibne Abu Daud writes:

“Uthman said, that in later days, the Prophet ‘used to, when something was revealed to him, call someone from among those who used to write for him and said: Place these ayat in the sura, in which this and this is mentioned, and when (only) one aya was revealed to him, he said: Place this aya in the sura in which this and this is mentioned’. [Jeffery, A.: Materials for the history of the text of the qura’n, (incl. Kitab al-Masahif by Ibn Abi Dawud (abbr. as Ibn Abi Dawud, Masahif) Leiden, 1937, p. 31.]

This indicates that not only was the revelation written down during the lifetime of the Prophet, but that he himself gave instructions for the arrangement of the material. According to some other reports, it is also clear, that this proper arrangement and order of the ayat was well known to the Companions of the Prophet, and they were not prepared to tamper with it.Quran_6_112HypocrieCandiesThe Qur’an was not only written down by those Companions who did so on their own initiative. Indeed, the Prophet, when a revelation came, called for the scribe and dictated to him. The Prophet while in Madina had several such scribes, [Saudi Professor M. M. Azami Ph.D, in his book Kuttab al-Nabi (Beirut, 1393/1974) mentions 48 persons who used to write for the Prophet.] among whom Zaid bin Thabit was very prominent.During his last pilgrimage, at the sermon which he gave to the large gathering of Muslims, according to Five reports, numbers 2803, 2977, 3585, 4528, 4532 of History Book labeled as Sahih-Muslim, Prophet said: ‘I have left with you something which if you will hold fast to it you will never fall into error, and that is only Book of God. This advice from the Prophet to the Muslims implies that the revelation was available as kitaab (writing) before his death, for otherwise he would have referred to it in some other term. Reader can view full text of above-given Five reports at the bottom of our page “True history of Hadith and Sunna..” which is linked at our main page. Please note, that regarding last Sermon, later Sunni and Shia forged their own version of hadiths in which Sunni added with Quran as “Quran and Sunna’; and Shiites as “Quran and Ahle-Baith. But Five reports mentioned about contains only QURAN, and no any words of Sunna or Ahle-Bait. Also note that as per Quran 5:44, 10:15 and 6:114, Sharia law is valid only from Quran. Verse 5:44 says: Who make Sharia laws from any other Book except Quran, are Kaafirs. 

Another report informs us that when people came to Madina to learn about Islam, they were provided with ‘copies of the chapters of the Qur’an, to read and learn them by heart’. (Dr. Professor Hamidullah).QuranPreservedQuranCompilationBukhariFFirst of all, check that relevant word in Noble Quran and collect all similar words from Quran and make a list. Then in this way, know the actual meanings of relevant word in question. This is the Final judgment, and no any man-made dictionary, fabricated hadith and fake Sunna can change the meaning of that relevant word. If you consult any Good Arabic Lexicon, in most cases that lexicons will endorse what Quran says: However; whenever you see, lexicon is differing from Quran, then reject lexicons and take meaning of Quran as final criteria because Quran is the mother of Arabic Grammar and mother of all Arabic lexicons. Also know that one of the main purposes of, to forge millions pages of Tafsirs/Exegesis, millions forged Hadiths, and fake books of Sunna was to twist meanings of Quranic laws and terms as per wish of Sectarian Mullahs and Imams. For example: Sectarian translators translate word “Baghiya” of 19:20 and 19:28 as unchaste or whore or harlot or prostitute but when we see Quran’s own built-in dictionary, meaning of word “Baghiya” is never unchaste or whole or harlot or prostitute but “rebellious”. Now point is, why hadithers twisted this word? They deliberately twisted it in order to reinforce their one unsound belief. Another example is: Quran’s own built-in dictionary and even all Major Arabic Lexicons translate word “Jam’a” as “To Gather together” or “Collect” which for a Book, mean Assemble/Compile but in order to validate their false beliefs about compilation of Quran, all hadithers deliberately twist this very clear word and translate it as “Only to write or only to memorize”, despite in Arabic, for memorization and for writing there are different words. In order to deny what Quran says: Hadithers will tell you: Ibn Batoota narrated this, Ibn Khaldoon narrated this, Harry Potter narrated that, Abu-Tomato said this, Abu-Potato said this, Ibn Abbass said this, Ibn Obama narrated that, Ibn-Stalin told this and Ibn-Lenin told this. These brain-bent hadithers will run after millions forged reports but will turn blind eye toward what Quran says. Hadithers are certified disciples of Satan Iblis. That hadithers are most ignorant and shameful Cattle living under sky. They are the 2nd the greatest twister (Ta’reef) and forgers after Church.Important_Callout2Please note that above-given historical report is mentioned in Bukhari and Muslim, twice in each, by different narrators. So it is narrated over five times in Bukhari, Muslim and Tirmidi. If Hadithers believe in above given historical reports of Mowatta, Mustadrak, Tirmidi, Muslim and Bukhari; then, they must admit, that Quran was compiled under supervision of Prophet but hadiths books (which are not more than raw history books) were made-up 250-400 years after the death of Prophet. Book of Bukhari was written down 250 yrs after the compilation of Quran and prophet never certified that books. This why, historical books, except a few true reports, contain tons of fabricated crap. You cannot build faith on books that are blend of tiny truth and tons of falsehood. However, one can read history but cannot make Islamic Sharia law from history. Islamic Sharia laws is valid only from Quran 6:114, 10:15, 6:19 and who make sharia law from any other book, have been declared as Kaafir in Quran 5:44. Concerning compilation of Quran, please note that there are also many other reports in these hadith books (Books of Raw history) that are 180 degree opposite to the reports that we have mentioned in this page. BigLiesofPseudoImamsPersian Zoroastrian imams wrote many other lies too that can be exposed fully with historical evidence. For example, there are many fabricated hadiths that we see in Persian Imams’ books which tell us, that Quran was written on Stones, bone, Leather and wood etc. This also clearly looks INCORRECT. Because in the same time, Prophet sent all his letters to other kings for the invitation to Islam, & that all letter were written down on Paper. Then why not Quran on Paper too? How so important scripture was not written on paper? Let us read about Paper history:

AD 105 is often cited as the year in which paper-making was invented. In that year, historical records show that the invention of paper was reported to the Chinese Emperor by Ts’ai Lun, an official of the Imperial Court. Recent archaeological investigations, however, place the actual invention of paper making some 200 years earlier. Ancient paper pieces from the Xuanquanzhi ruins of Dunhuang in China’s northwest Gansu province apparently were made during the period of Emperor Wu who reigned between 140 BC and 86 BC.


So paper was invented in 146 B.C. which is ~ almost 800 years before the time of Last Prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon him]. Now reader can use common sense to analyze, that is this correct that even after 800 years, there was no paper in Arabia?. In fact Chinese started to export paper to all world after they invented it. And Arabs have very old commerce ties with Chinese. Prophet used paper [not stones or leather] when he wrote letter on papers to Roman King and others. It were Arabs who introduced Paper manufacturing technology to Europe [First in Spain] first time in mankind history. Through out Quran it appears that Quran was in BOOK form. Regardless, how paper was manufactured and what kind of material was used for the production of paper; for sure, in those days, papers was present.QuranCompilationOxfordUniAllah has taken full responsibility of compilation, explanation, & protection of Quran. Full Quran was present in Paper Book form in the life time of Prophet. One Master copy of Quran remained always locked n a Box in Nabwi Mosque and that Box was tied always with a chain with a Istawana {Pillar] of Mosque. People from other towns and cities used to come to copy some parts of this master copy in order to get educated about it. In the time of 4 guided Caliphs, when Islamic empire started to expand exponentially, Guided Caliphs felt that they wanted to publish many many copies more to send those remote religions. The matter was discussed and it was realized that in past the people who was coming to Nabwi Mosque to copy some parts of Quran could have made mistakes during copying Master Copy. So it will be better to collect that all copied-copies and to burn them in order to keep the Master Copy PURE. Then they published hundreds of thousands copies from Master original copy and distributed them to remote parts of Islamic Empire. (Islam: the True History and  false beliefs by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D).

Some other Names of Holy Quran mentioned in Quran. al-nur the light (7:157); al-hukm the judgment (13:37); al-dhikr the reminder (15:9); al-kitab the Divine Book (21:10); al-furqan the criterion (25:1); al-tanzil the revelation (26:192) As we have shown in this page, Quranic verses itself prove that Quran as Physical Book was present with Prophet Mohammad; and many reports from the books of hadithers (that we have reproduced in this page) also show that Quran as Physical Book was present in the hands of Prophet Mohammad(S). Therefore; those hadithers who say: that Quran and their hadith Books were complied in same way, are the Greatest liars under sky. They are being trained from centuries in their Madaaris/Schools, how to speak that kind of lies. As this page has proved, Quran as Physical book was present with Prophet Mohammad but on the contrary, prophet told not to write any of his hadith and Four Caliphs collected all scattered Hadiths from People and Companions, and burned and banned those all in front of Public (bonfire). Reader is suggested to reader our page “True history of hadiths”. There are Six Canonized hadith books of Sunni sect and probably Four of Shia sect. Relating to birth and death dates of Bukhari, most people consider, that Book of Bukhari as Physical book was concocted 250 years after the death of Prophet which mean, 250 years after the Compilation of Quran. That what people normally believe but Truth is; book of Bukhari as Physical book appeared in market 800 years after the death of prophet when it was first time compiled as Physical Book by an Egyptian fanatic Mullah Ibn Hajar. Isolated report that show: After battle of Yamama, Abu Bakar compiled Quran, seems a fabricated lie, some one concocted to discredit Quran and to confuse Muslims. Caliph Uthman never compiled Quran but just published many many copies as per main Standard copy of Quran which was compiled under supervision of Prophet. There were people, who used to copy from main Standard Book of Quran that was placed in Nabwi Mosques. So Uthman just told them to waste that all copied material and follow copies of Standard Quarn. AbrogationTheGreatestLie2Following verses of Noble Quran makes clear that Quran is protected and preserved scripture and was written down, arranged and compiled in Book form by Scribes under the supervision of Prophet Mohammad the exalted under Divine Guidance. Quran_10_37Quran30_58_59Important_CalloutThere are some Important key terms in 25:32 that highlight the core message and context of verse: The phrase ‘Ratalnahu tartila’ clearly denotes the well constructed action of putting together of component parts into one integral whole endowing the complete scripture with an ‘airtight’ inner consistency devoid of errors. Further usage of this term is discussed in the next section. This response must be understood in the pretext of the charge being made against the Prophet in the same verse.Quran41_3Quran 80:13-16 “(It is) in sheets / pages held (greatly) in honour (Arabic: fi suhufin mukarrama), Exalted (in dignity), kept pure and holy (Arabic: marfu’atin mutahhara), (Written) by the hands of scribes. (Arabic: bi’aydi safara), honorable and pious and just (Arabic: kiramin barara)”.NotSameSourceImportantNanoUmmiF1Quranic verse 25:5, and 2:282 following report show clearly that to write down the things were normal in those days: Quran also emphasized to write down agreements for record. Prophet wrote letter to kings on paper. So the stories of Persian Hadith Imams that Quran was written down on wood, stone and bones is the Greatest lie that these Zoroastrian Imams has spread in their books. Besides; it is matter of very basic common sense to realize that paper was invented 800 years before the landing of Quran. So how that paper did not reach to Arabs even after 800 years, despite Arabs used to have good trading relation with Chinese? Besides; how one person can be illiterate his whole life ?Quran was landed over two decades step by step. We request reader, just think with unbiased and honest mind that are 23 years not enough to learn, read and write?

Following video depicts, how Muslims defeated another Superpower of year 636 A.D., “Romans”

To Sum Up:

A True Muslim always trust Hundred Percent authenticity of Quran, as Allah is Guardian of Quran 15:9. Besides, we have quoted in this page many verses of Quran that clearly indicate that Quarn that we have in our hands today is same Quran that was written by Scribes on same common paper and was arranged in order, and compiled in a BOOK form under the supervision of Prophet. That Compilation was continuously updated and as soon as any new verse was revealed, Prophet used to advise Scribes to place that verse in relevant Sura with pertinent sequence and number. So as a Muslim, You should TRUST what Book of Allah says about compilation of Quran; and not Zoroastrians liars like Ibne Abu Daud who forged crap in his BOOK “Kitab Al-Masahif” 300 years after the landing of Quran.

What Allah says about the Quran in the Quran

There is no doubt in this Book (2:2).

Allah has taken the responsibility to explain it (75:19).

Allah says He has revealed the Quran and He will protect it (15:9).

Allah’s revelation to the Prophet (PBUH) is written in the Quran (6:19). There is no verse in the Quran which says that Allah’s revelation to the Prophet (PBUH) is outside the Quran.

Momineen are asked to obey the revelation from Allah (7:3).

The Prophet (PBUH) was asked to obey the revelation sent down on him (10:109).

He was asked to follow the Quran (75:18).

Allah required the Prophet (PBUH) to follow the blessed Book sent down on him (6:155).

The Prophet (PBUH) used to judge matters according to the revelation sent down on him (5:48).

Those who do not judge matters according to what Allah has revealed are Kaafirs (5:44).

In the Quran, Allah has completed His message and no one can change anything in it (6:34, 6:115).

The Quran encompasses the message of earlier revelations (5:48). So, the truth of earlier revelations is now contained in the Quran.

In it there are no contradictions (4:82).

Allah has called the Quran “Tibyaanan li Kulli Shaiyin (16:89)”. This means it explains everything.

Allah gives many verses on a particular topic over and over again (6:105, 17:41). This means that we have to collect all the verses on a topic in order to understand it fully. This is the Divine method of understanding the Quran.

The Prophet (PBUH) was required to solve all human differences through the Quran (16:64).

The Prophet (PBUH) was required to admonish and remind people through the Quran (50:45).

The Quran itself is light (5:15). So, it is not dependent on another source of light.

This light (i.e., the Quran) has been given so that human beings, using this light, can travel safely on the path of life (6:122). quranicdictionaryAllah undertook the responsibility to collect the Quran (75:17). [The logical conclusion from this verse is that the Quran was collected and put together by the Prophet (PBUH). Allah decided the sequence of surahs and verses and no one else besides the Prophet (PBUH) could have received the direction from Allah on how to put them together. There is no verse in the Quran asking the Prophet (PBUH) to delegate this extremely important responsibility to anyone else.]

Whatever difference human beings have, the decision is with Allah (42:10). [Since Allah’s decision is contained only in the Quran, it is logical to believe that it has the power to serve as the constitution for the entire world, creating a universal brotherhood. The model implemented by the Prophet (PBUH) is a proof of this.]

Did Prophet leave behind any manuscript of Hadith, Sunna, Tafsir, Fiqa. NO

Can a human explain BOOK of GOD? NO. Only GOD can explain his own Book.

Allah has made Quran easy to understand (Sura Qamar) and has designed Quran in such a way that all relevant verses on certain topic explain each other throughout the Quran. Therefore, Quran is not in need of any external theological source. Quran has its own built-in dictionary and Quran fully explains itself . This is why, Prophet never explained Quran, nor he left behind any of his Hdith, Sunna or Tafsir to explain Quran. fabricated hadith, Sunna & Tafsirs only and only misguide you. Quran makes clear many times that Prophets were no more than Divine Postmen (Russal). Task given to them was only and only to deliver BOOK of Allah to people clearly.SummaryDbleCallOutquran_compilation_note2BibleVsQuranBackwardCheck

Quran16_68_69HoneyFQuran_16_89.png“For, one Day, We shall raise from every community a leading witness against them from among themselves. And We shall call you (O Prophet) to testify regarding those whom your Message has reached. The Book We have revealed to you explains everything; a Guide and Grace and the glad tiding for Muslims. Quran 16:89.





Last testament of God Quran makes crystal clear in 3:19, 3:85 that one God has only one True Path and that is Islam. These verses also tell: People who will follow any other Deen except Islam will be losers on the day of Resurrection and their deeds will not be accepted. Therefore; all Prophets and Messengers of God preached none but Islam 42:13, 3:67, 2:130-133, 3:52; and all true followers of all Scriptures (given to Prophets), were Muslims. Quran 22:78 tells us: From Adam to Prophet Mohammad(s), God has named all True believers only “Muslims”. Not Hindu, Sikh, Yahoodi, Christian, Sunni or Shia etc. All scriptures are scriptures of Islam. Every new Prophet came with new scripture which contained updated version of Divine law. So it was mandatory for Muslims of all times to stick to the latest Scripture of their life-span. Moses was given Book of God “Torah”. Jesus/Isa was given Enjeel. Because all previous scriptures were to be implemented for a limited time, so after their time expired, those got corrupted. Old and New testament has been badly corrupted, this is why Quran abrogated Torah and Bible 1400 years ago in verse 2:105-106, 5:48. Quran updated Divine law and also carried forward still-valid remnant law of previous scriptures. For example: Quran carries forward 9 commandments from 10 commandments of Torah. 10th, Sabbath is dropped. Some Ignorant Islamophobes spread lies that Mohammad(s) has plagiarized some passages from new and old testament. These fools know not that author of Original Torah, Original Enjeel and Quran are not Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad (Peace be upon all of them) but Author of all scriptures is One GOD. When author plans to bring forward his new edition, usually he uses some still-valid material from previous editions in his new edition. So slander of Plagiarism is mere moronic nonsense. We must also note, that after Jesus, Original Aramaic Gospel of Jesus (Enjeel) became extinct. Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John are never scripture Enjeel but are unreliable hadiths of Jesus. In that books, truth and falsehood is melted down together. Any verse of today’s old and new testament which still runs along with Quran, can be considered still uncorrupted but all verses of old and new testament which contradict Quran, are corrupted. Even that four books of hadiths of Jesus Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John are being tampered from 1800 years. Many top bible Scholars like Dr. Bart D. Ehrman PhD and Dr. Robert Beckford PhD admit that Old and New testament have been badly corrupted. Top most Christian German bible scholar of all times Dr. Tischendorf also wrote that bible has been corrupted. For example when we read Book of Mark of 4th Century, its verse 1:1 is: “This is Gospel of Jesus Christ” but when we read Book of Mark of today, verse 1:1 has been badly tampered and now it is: “This is Gospel of Jesus Christ son of God”. You can see, by adding in verse “son of God” they turned table at 180 degree, as they made a mortal human Prophet, Son of God. In same way, in Gospel of John of today we see many verses which we do not find in the Gospel of John of 4th Century. Over 10 news manufactured verses has been blended in last chapter of Book of Mark that we read today because that over 10 verses never exist in Mark’s edition of 4th century. In fact there are thousands of contradictions in corrupted old and new testament. For example: following verses has been deleted from The NIV (New International Version); Matthew 17:21, 18:11, 23:14, Mark 7:16, 9:44, 9:46, 11:26, 15:28,16:9-20; Luke 17:36, 23:17; John 5:4, 5:7; Acts 8:37, 15:34, 24:7, 28:29; Romans 16:24. Nothings happened like this in Quran in past 1400 years. No any verse was blended or removed from Quran nor any verse was changed from one form to other.

Now there are two main groups, who from centuries, want to prove that Quran has also same problem as their Hadith books and 4 Gospels have. So it is to think like this “If am am sick, why my neighbor is not Sick too”. That two groups are: Christian Missionaries, and Sunni Hadithers. In order to defame and degrade Quran, and in order to bring Quran down to the level of fabricated Hadith Books and badly tamped Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John; hadithers and Christian Missionaries has invented many lies against Quran. Hadithers follow a false fabricated doctrine called abrogation but in fact Quran never abrogates its own verses but abrogates corrupted Bible and Torah in 2:105-106, 5:48. Hadithers also spread big lies from centuries that Quran, like hadiths, also came through narrations (Chinese whisper A told B told C told D told E….told X, told Z). But Truth is: Quran was instantly written down after Divine Revelations, and full Quran as hard book was present in the life of Prophet. You can read its full proof at: Quran is protected by God through memorization, and in all times thousands and thousands Hufaaz (people who memorize whole Quran) existed. At present time, over 50 millions Huffaaz exist. So even if Islamophobes publish Quran with twisted deformed words and verses; their trick will be useless because in Chest of 50 million Huffaaz is the same Quran which was in the hands of Prophet Mohammad(s). Hadithers and Christians missionaries has also invented together another lie against Quran. They call it Hafs and Warsh. Hafs and warsh is same one Quran with different style of Arabic graphic text. Because many Arabic regions, though write Quran in different style and some time they pronounce even same word differently but meaning of word remains same. Like in USA, Canada, and Britain, many English words are spelled/written differently and also some time pronounced differently. Like Color, Clour. Word “Schedule” is pronounced differently in USA and Canada from Britain. In same way: In Saudi Arabia, Friday is called Jum’a but in Egypt Friday is pronounced as Gum’a. But meaning is same which is Friday. In Saudia word Quran starts from “Qaaf with 2 dots at top” but in Morocco, they place just one dot on Qaaf instead of 2 dots but both Pronounce it as “Quran”. Usually “how are you” in Arabic is “kai’ful haal” but in some areas it is pronounced as “chai’ful haal”, here ch sounds like ch of chair. Please also note: 1400 years ago, in Arabic text, no any diacritical marks were used on Arabic words because being the mother tongue, Arabs knew how to read and pronounce the words without diacritical marks. Diacritical marks were added later in order to make the reading of Quran, easy for non-Arabs, so diacritical marks are not part of text but are mere facilitators. In Quran, God has addressed many time as “I did so” and also “We did so”. We, here is majestic Plural. Conclusively, that all minor differences in different Graphic Arabic texts makes no any difference in the meaning of any verse, any ethics, law, and codes of Quran, It is not like corrupted bible where many verses are deleted, made-up, and blended in Bible and many verses has been badly tampered. We have talked already above about that tampering. So try of Hadithers, Submitter-Cult, and Christian Missionaries to defame Quran is totally failed, and that has no any base at all. Last Prophet of God,  Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) died in year 6:32 A.D. and after his death, only Book of Quran was found in his Room. He left behind no any other written manuscript. He left no any hadith and Sunna manuscript. He did not certify any hadith. He did not verify any hadith. Six hadith Books of Sunni Sect labeled as Shihae Sitta and four of Shia books were fabricated 250+ years after the death of Prophet. 250 years is big time gap. Besides, contents of that books itself prove forgery of these books. All extra-Quranic books attached to Islam has no any relation with Islam. Quran makes clear in many verses that to Obey Allah and Messengers is same thing, and that is nothing else but to follow Quarn 6:114

Following is also a Great Page on Compilation of Quran. Following page analyze all relevant reports and concludes logically and rationally that Quran as Book was compiled during life time of Prophet and all copies of Quran that we have today, are in fact exact copies of that Quran which was compiled in the life time of Prophet Mohammad the exalted.. Following page is in Arabic. Readers who are not well versed in Arabic, are suggested to use Google Translation or any other translating service. (All members of our Team are Muslims and Only Muslims. We reject all sects as sects are forbidden in Quran. So when you listen or Read, concentrate on what is being said, and not , who said it.)

At following page we have answered over 70 Questions raised by different Readers. Do not miss to read.

Following is our main page:

The Most Truthful Islamic Page of present time but only for who are honest and mature truth-seekers



Complete Quran was compiled in Book form by Prophet Mohammad PBUH under Divine Guidance; and all other compilation stories are concocted by Persian Pseudo Imams


6 thoughts on “Complete Quran was compiled in Book form by Prophet Mohammad PBUH under Divine Guidance; and all other compilation stories are concocted by Persian Pseudo Imams

  1. That is right and has additional evidences in its support:
    An extensive investigation on Muslim historical records relating to transmission of the Quran has been completed entitled: “The Collection of The Quran”, 1979, John Burton, Cambridge University Press. John Burton concluded: “What we have today in our hands is the Mushaf of Muhammad.” pp. 239-240] . In other words, Burton concludes from the evidence that: the Quran is exactly as the Prophet left it. Just as we now see Tashkeel in it, so too was it with Tashkeel during Prophet’s time. It means that reports of conflicting nuqaat, tashkeel, Qiraat etc. is an invention of Muslim reporters interested in stretching the meanings of the Quran to help support their sectorial beliefs, deviating from the widely used common version of the Prophet’s written complete compilation in book form.

  2. Ismail Abdulkafid says:

    Jazakallahu khair. I completely appreciate your effort. Islam has changed to something else. I just pray Allah guides us all to the right path.

    Hadith has never been Islamic!

    • Thank you brother Ismail for your encouraging feedback. Jazak Allah.
      We Muslims will continue to drift toward abyss until we stop to seek Divine Guidance from man-made Books; and confine Divine Guidance only to Last and Final Guarded Book of Allah Quran in which Haqq-Ta’ala has finalized Islam. 5:44, 6:114, 10:15, 6:19, 3:80, 3:20, 18:110, 16:116, 5:99, 29:18, 50:45, 47:2

  3. Roberto Marquez says:

    Really extensive but really informative. It’s this material in a book or ebook? Asalamu Aleykum baratunlaji abarakatu .I’m a new convert that the reason why I’m asking..Barakallah Peace Shalom Paz

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