Birth of Jesus Isa in the light of Quran, Bible, and History

All praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom the Sustainer of the Universe the Omnipresent and the Omniscient, from whom, all journeys start, and end.
We are starting this page with Sura Mary of Noble QuranCorruptTheologyNoble Quran SURAH 19 : MARYAM / MARY

1. Allah the Generous, Ever-guiding, Ever-living, All-knowing
All-seeing has said :

2. This is a narration of the bounties which your Rabb had bestowed on His devotee Zachariah.

3. It so happened that Zachariah addressed his Rabb in a low submissive tone (3:37);

4. And said, “O my Rabb. I am growing weak on account of my old age and my head glistens with grey hair. Until now it has never happened that I have asked for something from you, my Rabb, and it has not been granted. (Therefore I earnestly hope that this prayer in my old age will also be granted graciously.)

5-6. (As I am old and) My wife is barren (and there is no chance of my getting any offspring). (I am thus apprehensive that) There is no one amongst my kinsfolk who is capable of carrying on the (dignified and distinguished characteristics of the) house of Jacob. (I also fear that these may be lost and continuity may be disturbed.) So O my Rabb, out of your grace, grant me an heir who will be capable, worthy and deserving in all respects; so that I may entrust this heritage to his care.

7. (We heard his prayers and said) O Zachariah, We give you the good news of a son. When he is born he should be named Yahya (John). This boy will be very outstanding; and there has been none like him before (in your clan). (19:65)

8. Zachariah (was extremely happy on receiving the good news, but when he thought of the physical handicap, for his personal satisfaction he sought further clarification and) said, “O my Rabb. How can I have a child when my wife has always been barren and I have become utterly infirm through old age. (Will that child be born to my own family or will I adopt someone else’s son, like Mary who is being brought up by me ~ 3:39.) 9. (His Rabb answered) “(No) The child will be born as your own son; just as children are born (to other people). Reviving the potential of having children naturally, even in old age, is quite easy according to My Laws. I brought you into existence, although previously there was no trace of you.”

10. Zachariah said, “O my Rabb! Let me know if there is any particular directive in this regard.” Allah said that the only directive is that you will fast continuously for three (days and) nights (3:40). And (as is the custom) you will not converse with people (19:26).

11. Thereafter, he came out of the mehrab2 and signaled to his people (who had gathered in the temple awaiting his instructions) not to wait, but to continue performing their normal duties, day and night.

[1] This is just like Abraham, who despite his firm conviction, had raised such a question for his own satisfaction.

2 A place where animals were sacrificed.

12. (So according to the glad tidings) John was born and even when he was still a young boy, We graced him with wisdom so that he could very capably decide on matters.

13. And We also gifted him with a compassionate heart. (When he grew up) We told him to hold fast to the Divine Laws. He was always conscious of these Laws and lived a pure and promising life (and accordingly his human potentialities continued developing).

14. And his heart was magnanimous towards his (old) parents. He was never overbearing or rebellious.

15. (Such were the qualities of this child that) His birth was free from defects (despite being born to aged parents). And the day of his death will be as peaceful as the day he will be raised again to life. (Such was the child Zachariah had longed for.)JunkMullahs16. (O Rasool!) Now relate from this Book (Quran) the story of Mary, (starting from the time) when after abandoning her clerical life she moved towards the east (to her village.)

17. (The clerical life and the unpleasant events occurring there had such an adverse effect on her mind that) There also she lived in seclusion, apart from others. In order to obliterate these effects, We introduced positive thoughts in her mind and pleasant aspects of life appeared to her (in her dream) as a person.

18. (Mary was frightened at this sight and exclaimed) “I seek the protection of Ar-Rahman from you (if you have any regard and respect for His Laws).”

19. He answered, “(There is no cause to become alarmed because) I have only brought a message from your Rabb (3:44). He is going to bestow on you a well developed son.”

20. She said, “How can I have a son when no man has ever touched me.” (When I was in the temple, I lived a virtuous life; and since I came out, I have not got married as this is against the clerical laws ~ 3:46; 19:28.)  (Please read important note about this verse at the lower portion of this page)

21. He said, “Whatever I have told you, will happen according to Allah’s law of creation (3:46). This is easy for Him (to remove all the hindrances which are in your mind and which perturb you ~ 19:9). Allah has also said that this child will not be like other children. He will be from our side an embodiment of Rahmat for the people; and a testimonial for truth and falsehood. (Whoever brings Eiman on his Nabuwat will be on the right path, while the one who rejects it will be wrong.) And this is already decreed by Us (that the child will be Our Messenger ~ 3:47).

22. (And gradually all impediments were removed and the fear of clerical taboos vanished from Mary’s mind. At the same time, in spite of warnings and intimidation from the priests, one person agreed to marry Mary.) In time Mary conceived the child and consequently they (both of them) considered it appropriate to move to a far off place (so that the child would be born at a place where no one knew them; and where they would be safe from the wrath and accusations of the priests).

23. And when the time of delivery came, the throbs of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a date-palm tree. (An idle life in the temple; the pangs of first delivery; the unfamiliar surroundings; and the absence of appropriate provisions and shelter, caused Mary extreme bewilderment; and) She exclaimed, “O how I wish I had died before all this and had become quite forgotten.”

24. (While she was in acute anguish there came a voice from beneath) O Mary! Grieve not. There is a (pleasant) rivulet running below (and a bunch of ripe dates hanging over you).

25. Shake the branch of the date-palm towards you and fresh ripe dates will drop near you.

26. Eat (the fresh dates) and drink (the cold water from the rivulet) and then let your eyes rejoice (at the sight of your baby). (As for your concern about accusations or people’s queries, you should keep a fast and) If anyone asks, you should inform only by gesturing, that you have vowed to fast in the name of Ar-Rahman and will therefore not speak to any person for the day.

27. (This is how Jesus was born. The parents took the child to a far off place. He grew up there and was bestowed with Nabuwwah.) His mother then brought him back to her own people, on a mount. (Firstly, the very act of leaving the temple and living a married life was against all the discipline of the clergy. And now Mary returned with Jesus, who started to bitterly criticize the conduct, character and self-made laws of the clerical order.) So the people said, ‘O Mary! You have come here with something very strange. (Firstly your own conduct was against the norms of our society; and now you have brought a son with you.)

28. They said, ‘O sister of Aaron! Neither was your father a wicked man, nor had your mother revolted against the clerical discipline. (With such a noble, religious and law abiding ancestry, look at what you have done and the kind of education you have given to your son.).
Note-1 from team Factszz: In Quranic verse 19:20 and 19:28 word “baghiyya” is used. Most of Idiot translators wrongly translate this word as unchaste, harlot, whore and prostitute. These sectarian translators do so because they want to reconcile translation with their fiction of virgin birth on which they are inherited to believe from centuries. In same way they twist meaning of word Tawaffi of 3:55 and 5:117 in order to make translation fit-able to their unsound beliefs.  In fact, word ‘baghiyya” has roots in Bagha Baghawat Baaghi which mean rebellious person who rebels against law. Rabbis told Mary: neither your dad was wicked nor your mother broke ever our Rabbinic law. According to Rabbinic law, in those days, Nun could not marry but It was not GOD’s Law in Torah. Torah never forbade Nuns from Marriage. So they were shouting, why you married Joseph (An Essence) against our Rabbinic law? They were never talking about Zina (adultery/fornication) – NO WAY; otherwise they could have stoned her to death without any delay.

Assume an angel comes to your unmarried daughter and tells her, you will have son. Now what is the best answer that your daughter can offer to Angel? Clearly: She will ask: How can I have son, when no one has even touched me yet. This is not a strange answer but quite normal answer. Angel said: My Lord does what he wills. After this dream, much times passed away, and then Mary left Job of Nun and moved to a remote village where she married Joseph and Jesus was born. This marriage was against Rabbinic law but not against Law of Torah. Rabbi were asking, why you have rebelled against our Rabbinic law “baghiyya’
Note-2 O Sister of Aaron: Christians dispute about name Aaron (Haroon) mentioned in verse 19:28. But they must learn that in ancient Semitic usage, a person’s name was often linked with that of a renowned ancestor or founder of the tribal line. Thus, for instance, a man of the tribe of Banu Tamim was sometimes addressed as “son of Tamim” or “brother of Tamim”. Since Mary belonged to the priestly caste, and hence descended from Aaron, the brother of Moses, she was called a “sister of Aaron” (in the same way as her cousin Elisabeth, the wife of Zachariah, is spoken of in Luke i, 5, as one “of the daughters of Aaron”). (Quran Ref: 19:28 ) 29. In reply to all these questions she (would not say anything herself but) would direct them towards Jesus (to get their answers from him). (The elderly priests who were extremely proud of their priesthood arrogantly asked) Should they talk to one who till recently was a little boy in the cradle?

30. In reply Jesus said: (There is no justification in this argument that because you are older than me and I am young in age, that you should not consider it appropriate to talk to me. Now listen carefully to what I say) “I am a servant of Allah. He has given me the Book and bestowed Nubuwwah upon me.”

31. He has blessed me in every walk of life and has enjoined upon me to establish, as long as I live, the correct system of Salat and Zakat (in place of your self-made laws).

32. (You had been very critical about my mother’s conduct. However whatever she did was according to the true shariah of Allah. Therefore) I shall always be very dutiful and respectful to my mother; and He has not made me a cruel and callous person.

33. (According to your self-made laws, you regard my birth objectionable. However, according to God, whose message I have brought) My birth is for peace; my life will be for peace. Peace will be upon me till the day I die; and I will be in peace in the life after death.

34. This is the true story of Jesus about whom people disagree so deeply. (One group, namely the Jews, degrades him and regards his birth objectionable. On the other hand the Christians aggrandize him as the son of God.)

35. It is not necessary that Allah should have taken for himself a son (to help Him in running the affairs of the universe). He is far above such a requirement. Such is the might of His powers, that whenever He decrees a matter, He only has to order it to ‘be’, and it ‘becomes’ (according to His plan). (He does not need any outside help in carrying out His will and decree.)

36. (As regards the Christian belief that Jesus was God himself, there cannot be a better argument than Jesus’s own proclamation that) Verily Allah is my Sustainer and yours as well. All of us should obey Him, for this is most certainly the (only) straight and balanced path (3:50).

37. (This was exactly how he preached. However later on) Some of the factions (amongst his followers) started dissenting amongst themselves. Regretfully for all those who deny the truth, when that Day of Judgement comes it will be a difficult time for them.

38. (Today by calling a Rasool, ‘God’, or ‘son of God’) They are perpetrating zulm and are committing an error. But they will not be able to do this on the Day (of Judgment). On that day how clearly will their ears hear and their eyes see! (50:22)

39. Therefore O Rasool! You should warn them of the coming of the day of regrets, when all matters shall be settled. As yet they are heedless because they do not believe this.

40. (Today they are inebriated with their worldly power; but they are not aware that in actual fact) We alone shall remain masters over the earth and everything on it. Everything revolves around Our Law of Mukafat; nothing remains beyond it. (Even power and authority are bestowed and taken away according to this Law ~ 21:105.)

41. (O Rasool!) Now being narrated in this Book (Quran) is the story of Abraham, who was indeed a Nabi and an embodiment of truth.

42. (Start the story from the incident when) He spoke to his father, “O father ! Why do you worship something which can neither hear nor see; and can be of no use to you whatsoever?”

43. He had told him, “O my father ! Indeed a ray of knowledge has come to me, that which never came to you. Therefore you should follow me. (Do not think that it is only the son who should follow the father; and that the father never follows the son. Whether father or the son, one should follow the truth and as I am on the right path) I shall lead you to the passage which will take you directly to the destination.

44. “O my father! Why do you obey the satanic forces which are rebellious to Ar-Rahman?”

45. “O my father! I fear lest a chastisement from Ar-Rahman befalls you; and you also become a comrade of Shaitan (and be deprived of all Allah’s bounties).”

46. (Abraham’s father was listening to all this and becoming extremely angry. Finally) He answered, “O Abraham! Have you become averse to my gods? (Have you abandoned the religion of your ancestors?) If you do not desist from your views I shall reprove you (and deprive you of all the properties and status which otherwise you are likely to inherit). So if you want my grace, stay away from me (till you mend your ways).

47. Abraham (replied very politely to these harsh and brazen remarks and) said, “May Allah guide you to the correct path (and keeps you under His protection). I will continue praying that He (bestows Eiman on you and) protects you from (the destructive effects of) Kufr. He has always been very gracious in bestowing His endless blessings upon me. (9:114).

48. (As for your advice that I should stop preaching the truth and stay away from all of you, it is impossible to think like this. How can I leave this mission? Therefore) I withdraw from you all and from whomsoever you invoke other than Allah. I will only invoke my Rabb. I am sure that by invoking Him I will not be deprived of life’s bounties. (Thus I do not attach any importance to your threats that I will be deprived of the wealth and status which I am likely to inherit otherwise ~ 60:4.)

49. So he departed from them and from everything they were worshiping (and settled in Syria). There We bestowed on him (a son) Isaac and (thereafter a grandson) Jacob. We honored both of them with (the exalted stature of) Nubuwwah.

50. And We bestowed upon them manifold bounties and granted them the great power to convey the truth (by the virtue of which they became well-known and were highly respected throughout the world).

51. (Likewise) O Rasool! Narrated in this Book (Quran) is the story of Moses, who was a very sincere person; and he was Our Rasool and Nabi.

52. We called him from the right side of the Mount (of Sinai) and drew him closer to Us (so as to bestow Our Wahi on him).

53. And also out of Our grace, we made his brother Aaron a Nabi.

54. Similarly, narrated in this Book the story of Ishmael (who besides being from the line of Bani-Israel, was also the progenitor of the other branch of Abraham’s descendants). He was always true to his promise; and was indeed a Nabi sent by Us.

55. He always enjoined upon his people the enforcement of Salat and Zakat (as these are the most important pillars of the Divine Order). He was in complete harmony with the laws of his Sustainer.

56. Also (O Rasool!), mentioned in this Book is the story of Idrees. He too was a very truthful person; and a Nabi.

57. And We had exalted him to a high position (4:158).

58. All of them fall in the category of Anbia, upon whom Allah had bestowed His bounties. They were from the progeny of Adam (that is they were human); and from those whom We bore on the ark with Noah; and the off-spring of Abraham and Israel (Jacob). We had bestowed guidance on all of them; and they were specially chosen (for the high stature of Nubuwwah). Such was the state of their mind that whenever they encountered the Divine Laws, they would bow down before them in firm conviction and adoration (25:73).

59. (These people possessed admirable qualities but) Their successors were unworthy people who simply neglected the system of Salat and (instead of following the Divine Laws) pursued their own gains and desires. (Now they are being given another chance. If they lose this too then very soon) They will find themselves facing utter destruction;

60. Except those who leave the wrong path (because they have full conviction in the Divine System and undertake a positive, constructive program which would set right everything that has been spoiled). They shall then live a blissful life in this world as well as in the world hereafter. And they will be fully recomposed without any shortfall.

61. (In the initial stages of this program) The blissful life in this world remains obscure (2:3); and as far as life in the world hereafter is concerned, it cannot be perceived now. However the promise that Ar-Rahman has made (that the reward of Eiman and constructive deeds is certainly a blissful life in this world and in the world hereafter) will surely be fulfilled. (And there is absolutely no doubt about it.) 62. Such a society will be devoid of everything indecent; and there will be no purposeless noise or clamoring. (In fact everything will be for the completion of one’s ‘self’ and a source of peace for humanity. Everyone will continuously receive uninterrupted means of nourishment.)

63. This is the Jannah which is inherited by Our devotees who are conscious of Our Laws; and who are thereby saving themselves from the destructive aspects of life.

64. (As a result of their deeds, the Malaika descend upon such people and bring them glad tidings ~ 41:31 ~ and tell them that) We descend according to the command of your Rabb. Everything that is before us; all that is behind us; and everything that is between these two (the past, present and the future; and whatever you have done) is entirely preserved (in the Divine Record) and there is no possibility whatsoever of any omission or forgetfulness.

65. (O Rasool!) The Law of Mukafat is of your Rabb, Who is the sustainer of everything in the universe. (He alone deserves to be obeyed) So you also should obey Him and remain steadfast in this obedience. Is anyone besides him worthy of this stature? (No certainly not !)

66. (Just imagine) The person (who wants to escape the Law of Mukafat) says, “What? Once I am dead, I shall be raised to life again? How is it possible?”

67. But does he not remember that We had previously created him when he was nothing. (The God Who can create a human being out of nothingness, can also bring him back to life after death.)

68. (Refusing to believe in the life after death is in fact the rejection of the Law of Mukafat. By doing this these people develop a false notion that they can continue doing whatever they like and that there is no one to check on them. Therefore) O Rasool! Tell them that besides punishment in the life after death, in this very world too they will see how firm the grip of Allah’s Law of Mukafat is. We have decreed that We will round them up along with their rebellious leaders (in the battlefield) and then assemble them on their knees in (the deepest depths of degradation of) Jahannum (45:28). (And this will also prevail in the life hereafter.)

69. Thereafter, from every group We shall segregate the ones who have been very determined in their disdainful rebellion against the system ordained by Ar-Rahman.

70. For certainly We know best who amongst them are most deserving of the agony of Jahannum.

71. (This however does not mean that only their leaders will suffer in Jahannum. You can tell them that) None of you will escape the ignominious punishment in it. (All of them are guilty and will be driven to that site ~ 19:86; 21:99.) This decree has been ordained by your Rabb according to His Law of Mukafat.

72. We will however save the muttaqeen (who shall be so far away that they will not even hear its noise ~ 21:101). And those who rebel against Allah’s Laws will live a life of degradation (in this life as well as in the hereafter).

73. Whenever Our clear Laws are presented to them, those who are bent upon denying the truth say to the momineen, “Tell us, which of the two groups amongst us enjoys a better position; and who has more grandeur and prestige?”

74. (There is no doubt that in the early stages of the establishment of the Quranic social order, the status and position of momineen is somewhat weaker than their opponents, but they do not know that) Before them, we have destroyed many generations which had surpassed themselves in material assets and outward opulence.

75. Tell them that (at the moment they have more wealth and power, but according to the Law of Ar-Rahman, those who choose the wrong path are not apprehended immediately, instead) sometimes they are spared so that they see with their own eyes the destruction about which they were forewarned. In the beginning this is a light punishment (so that they can revert from their erroneous path; but even after that if they do not desist and make amends), but then comes the ultimate doom. So (according to this Divine Law) these people will soon understand who (of the two groups) is in the worse position and who is really weak.

76. (In contrast) For people who adopt the right way of life, the Divine Law of guidance opens up further avenues (for their success and nourishment). Keep in mind the absolute reality that only the ever-enduring and inexhaustible means of nurture are those through which human abilities are developed according to the Divine Law of Rabubiyyat. This is the best reward for whatever is spent in establishing and strengthening of this system; and this ultimately yields superior returns. Therefore, one must keep in view the ultimate gain and not the immediate short-term benefits.

77. He who denies the truth (when he receives immediate and temporary gains) will always be under the impression that he will continue to have sources of wealth and increased progeny, (that is material and human resources and that this position would never change).

78. (Just ask him) Has he perchance attained access to the realm of the unseen; or has he concluded a covenant with Ar-Rahman? 79. (Remember!) Whatever he says or thinks is incorrect. We are recording everything he says and (for the time being) are lengthening his period of respite.

80. (When this respite is over, he will see with his own eyes that all the wealth and progeny, about which he was so boastful, has been taken away from him. And only) We will inherit all that he talks about; and he will appear before Us all alone. (Upon his death the material and worldly things will abandon him and only what he has become on account of his deeds shall appear before Us. Everything that belongs to him will remain behind and only what he himself is will go to the next life ~ 6:95; 19:95.)

81. And they have acknowledged other authorities besides Allah; so that these would be a source of strength for them.

82. Tell them that they are living under a fallacy. When the time comes, these deities shall disown their obedience and (instead of being a source of strength) shall turn against them.

83. In actual fact their own selfish ambitions and their rebellious leaders have overpowered their rational faculties and are continuously instigating them to rise against the order of truth and justice.

84. The delay (in inflicting doom on them) occurs because We are counting down their days (according to Our Law of Respite); so do not be in haste.

85. (The Day is fast approaching when) We shall assemble the Muttaqeen before us with respect and dignity, in order to bestow Our bounties and honor upon them.

86. Likewise, We shall drive the guilty ones towards Jahannum, just like how thirsty cattle are driven down to water. (In fact the cattle are not ‘driven’, but their intense inner thirst pulls them to that place.)

87. (On that Day) No one will have (the benefit of) intercession by anyone else; except only those who have conformed with the Laws of Ar-Rahman (and have thus become friends giving a helping hand to each other).

88. Amongst them are also the people who say that Ar-Rahman has a son (Jesus, son of Mary) who will atone for their sins?

89. (Tell them that) Undeniably, by this assertion, you have concocted something very serious.

90. (This is such a terrible thing that) It will split apart the skies, tear asunder the earth and mountains will crumble in utter ruin (42:5).

91. (Just think about what they are actually saying.) They also say that Ar-Rahman has a son. 92. That He should take a son for Himself is certainly not worthy of the Almighty.

93. (He does not need a son to help him. His sovereignty is such that) There is nothing in the universe that does not bow before Ar-Rahman in complete obedience.

94. His sovereignty is all-encompassing. His Law of Mukafat has taken into account every one of them. (Nothing escapes His authority.)

95. (As has been narrated above in verse 19:80) On the Day of Judgment, everyone will appear before Him alone. (Individuality of self necessitates that no one will be able to seek any intercession by anyone else; everyone will be responsible for his own actions ~ 6:95.)

96. (O Rasool!) For all those who profess Eiman on the truthfulness of Allah’s Laws and accordingly do righteous deeds (although now the entire world opposes them), that day is not far when in the hearts of people, Ar-Rahman will instill love and affection towards them. (Then people will follow them in large numbers ~ 110:2.)

97. (All) This will happen by implementing (the injunctions of) the Quran which We have made easy to understand in your own language, so that you can convey to the Momineen the glad tidings of the pleasant results of their righteous deeds. And convey warnings to those who are obstinate and given to futile contentions.

98. (And tell them that) According to Our Law of Mukafat, We have destroyed many generations before their time. Can you see any trace of them now or hear any whisper about them ? (Thus if you also do not accept the Quranic system and persist in your erroneous behavior, then your outcome will be similar to theirs.)


Though Sectarian translators can change translation but thanks GOD, they cannot change Arabic text of Quran 15:192015-11-06_182555Also read at:

Further Comments by our Team, are as under

Birth of Jesus

We asked a fanatic who insisted on fiction of virgin birth of Jesus; Will you please quote specific verse of Noble Quran that says, Jesus was born with out human father, or a verse which says, that Mary became pregnant with out sleeping with his husband Joseph? He was unable but was repeating his same rants. Noble Quran Al-Furqan never says this. We know all verses of Sura Mariam very well. Ascension and Return of Eisa PBUH & his birth with out human father are ESSENTIALLY manufactured Doctrines of Church that they imported from Pagan-Cult Mithraism and later crusaders missionaries blended these 2 fictions in hadith books during Abbasid Period from 750-1258 AD. Mullahs and Imams (blank in history) are busy from 1200 years to twist many many verses of Quran in order to reconcile the Quranic verses with fabricated hadiths. Not all but Majority of Mullahs and imams from past 1200 years commit heinous crime by changing the meaning of many verses and adding their own words in brackets in verses of Quran and for this Crime, hell is waiting for these hypocrite criminals. No any Crime is bigger than to twist book of Allah. Verses of Quran are so CLEAR AS SUN ON SKY, yet these Mullahs and imams twist verses of Sura Mariam and 4:157-159, 43:61, 3:55, 5:116-117, 3:144, 5:75 to support by hook or Crook the two concocted doctrines of Pauline-Christians.MajorityAndTruthMirza Qadiani was undoubtedly an impostor but we cannot escape from the Truth of Quran and history just by blaming impostor Mirza Qadiani. Truth of Quran and history will not change if such truth is also supported by a false Prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. Two plus two is always equal to 4 even if it is calculated by a Jew or Muslim or Qadiani or a Hindu. So if you are a wise, then be logical and rational; We cannot reject truthful work of Albert Einstein in the field of physics, for the reason, that he was a Jew.

Case of birth of Eisa is exactly same as the case of Prophet Yahya & Prophet Is’haque [son of Prophet Ibrahim The Exalted].
Angel went to Parent of Yahya and told them that Allah want to give you a son and his name will be Yahya. He replied, how we can have son when we are very old and my wife is barren. Angels told, Allah does as Allah wills. Now in order to implement his plans, Allah Jalla Aala creates reasons of Cause and Effects. HU is the biggest scientist and Technologist too. For example to punish Nation of Noah, Allah ordered water to drown his evil opponents. Aad and Thamud were destroyed by disasters. Allah is Mossabbab-al-Asbaab. HU creates reasons. So what reasons were created for the birth of Yahya? His mother’s womb was made fertile and his father was made potent even in old age and her wife became pregnant & Prophet Yahya was born. Same case was with Prophet Ibrahim. He was old around 100 yrs age and her wife Saira at 90 years was a barren lady. When angel told Ibrahim that Allah will grant u a son from Saira. Saira listened and started to beat her face with both hands in surprise and said how can we have son in this age and in this condition (Quran). Angel said, Allah does as Allah wills. Again here  Allah Created Asbaab for birth of Is’haq as was in the case of birth of Yahya. Saira became pregnant from Ibrahim & Ishaq was born.

Now no one says that Yahya and Ishaque were born with out human father; despite their cases are EXACTLY Same as of Mary and Jesus.

Angel appeared in visionary dream and told Mary, Allah will give you a Son. She told, I am virgin, that mean, not married nor I am unchaste, So how will I have a son. Angel said same to Mary as he said to Dads of Is’haque and Yahya, that Allah does as Allah wills.
Later Allah created reasons for the birth of Jesus, and Joseph was told to marry Mary. They married and Jesus was born. He was well known as Son of Joseph among Jews.

When Mary came with Jesus to Jerusalem, Jesus was not a baby but was a young man and he as a Prophet riding on a donkey entered in Jerusalem. Jews priests Council usually never allowed to speak a person in their Council if that person was under 50 yrs age for their norms and standard of wisdom. Priests were very unhappy on the claim of Prophet-hood of Eisa & why Mary married against Customs, as Nuns usually do not marry though scripture does not forbids that kind of marriage; So in anger they addressed to Mary and said, O you Ukhat Harun, why did you do so [why do not you stopped ur son for such a claim]. Mary told them, that not me but Jesus will answer you. Then Jews priests asked Mary, How a baby will speak to us who was in Mahd just a time ago. See the verse, past sentence is used. Baby in Mahd is idiom that mean a person who does not fulfill  age limit of Jewish-Council which was above 50.

It is like this example, that if in a village, there is meeting of Old aged wise people on certain issue & a young Person of 12 year intrudes in that meeting and starts to advise Old People sitting in that Meeting. And as a reaction, an old Wise man from that meeting stands up and shout on young man, O you a child is advising us. That does not mean that he is really a child or baby.
If their blame on Mary was about adultery (as Mullahs preach), then why Mary was not stoned to death. Bcaz at that time, Jews used to stone to death a person who committed adultery. So for sure, no any one blamed for adultery. In three Bibles of Christians, Mathew, Luke and John; Jesus is written as Son of Joseph. In Bible of Mark, he is also written as Son of Mary. because Joseph passed away at early age, So most of time Jesus remained with his mother Mary. If Quran calls a Prophet with his Mother’s name or father’s name; this is not the criteria to prove that this and that Prophet was born with out father. For example, name of ,both, mother and father of Last Prophet are not mentioned in Quran & that does not mean that Last Prophet was born with out mother and father. 
And in following verses, Quran talks about the birth of Son of Prophet Abraham the Exalted “Is’haq PBUH”.

Noble Quran SURAH 51 : Az-Zâriyât

25.  When they (Angles) came to him (Abraham), they bade him ‘Salam‘ (peace); he too responded to their salam with salam (but he could not recognize them).  To him they appeared like strangers.

26. (Even if they appeared like strangers, they were guests and hospitality had to be extended to them.  So he quietly turned to his household and brought forth the meat of a fat (roasted) calf;

27. And placed it before them.  However he noticed that they were not touching the food.  So he asked, “Why aren’t you eating?”

28. (Even then they appeared unwilling.)  Abraham got somewhat concerned, whereupon they said, “Do not be afraid.  There is no cause of any concern.  (We are not enemies but friends and messengers of Allah and)  We bring you happy news of the birth of a son who will be endowed with deep wisdom and knowledge.”

29. And when Abraham’s wife heard this, she struck her forehead in utter surprise and expressed, “How strange! A barren old woman who could not give birth even in her youth will give birth to a son in this old age!”

30. They said, “We have not told you this on our own, but this is the message from your Rabb (GOD) that we have conveyed to you.”  When this is the decision of Allah the Almighty, it is bound to happen.  He also knows why you could not give birth earlier and how this capability can be restored in you.

31. (Now Abraham understood that they were Allah’s Messengers and had come for a special purpose.  Therefore he asked) “And what (else) is the mission that has been assigned to you?”

32. They said “We have been sent to a (wicked) nation that is guilty of crimes (Gays).  (They are so involved in their misdeeds that they are even unaware that the volcano next to them is ready to erupt.  Otherwise they could have made some protective arrangements.  If they remain transgressors like this then),

33/34  Divine chastisement from the Almighty will befall them in the form of brimstones, earmarked for their death.  Destruction is bound to come to any nation which crosses the limit of violating laws.

35/36.  (Thus after taking leave from Abraham, they went to the people of Prophet Lot/Lut.)  There they found that except for the house of Lot, no one else had submitted to the Divine Laws.  According to Our directives, the residents of that house (except Lot’s wife) came out and moved to a different place.  All the rest were perished.

Note: When we tell Pauline that Jesus was son of Joseph; then, in order to validate fiction of virgin birth, they present some fabricated nonsensical stories that they have also blended in their Gospels. And beyond any doubt, Gospels has been heavily corrupted. In fact, at the beginning; these Gospels were circulating even with out the names of authors. Names of Authors were attached to gospels much later. These Gospels are hadiths of Christians, Jesus said this and Jesus said that. No where GOD addresses you in Gospels as is in Quran. Actual BOOK of GOD Injeel sent to Jesus is extinct.

PAULINE admit that Joseph was husband of Mary but they CONCOCT a fable, and say, that Just before engagement, Mary informed Joseph, that she was already pregnant from so called “Holy Ghost”.

Now we invite reader: Just use your common sense and your very basic intelligence; and ask yourself, that will you marry a girl who is already pregnant?

Will you marry a already pregnant girl, when around you, punishment of, to have a child with out marriage, is “Stoning to Death”?

These all stories are mere fabrications. Truth is:

1- That Angel told Mary, GOD will grant you a blessed son. That news was given to her when she was yet unmarried.

2GOD is “MoSaBBaaB-Al-Asbaab”. When GOD wants to do some thing, GOD creates sources and reasons. Just like very old Zakria and Ibrahim were made sexually potent and their very old barren wives were made fertile for the birth of Yahya and Is’haq. Just like, to punish nation of Lut, they were bombarded with stones of clay, Nations of Haad and Thamood were destroyed by natural disasters, Nation of Noah was drowned by Flood, In order to save Prophet Yousaf (Joseph) son of Jacob from adultery; GOD sent him to Jail, as per request of Yousaf; In order to decompress locked area around dieing heart of Jesus; GOD sent Roman Soldier, who pierced chest-side of Jesus with spear; and locked area was decompressed. As a result, his heart regained heart-beat to normal, and he survived death on Cross, which mean he was> not died on Cross> NOT CRUCIFIED> WA MA Salabu 4:157. During travel with Prophet Moses, after crossing the river by boat, accompanying Wise-Man made hole in the side of boat which was owned by two orphans, in order to save boat from an oppressor king who was collecting boats for a war (Quran Sura Kahf). Many incidences appear to human mind very bad but in fact that incidences could be very good. We humans cannot understand reality of every event. At airport, passengers are angry; why have they missed the flight but when later they listen news that missed flight is crashed in Ocean; then they know, how it was planned, they should not die yet. In order to punish idol worshipers, GOD sent Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar around 582 B.C. Therefore; when Allah wants to do something, Lord of Universe makes plan and that plan works as per his created laws and rules, and through his final order of “Kun-fa-ya-Koon”. And no one is a better planner/schemer than Allah Jalla Aala. From the most beautiful names of Haq-Ta’ala, his two names are “Lateef-ul-Khabeer”. “Lateef” has attribute that is relevant to do the things with highest precision and subtlety. Two thousand years are passed but our beloved Christians are unable to understand plan/scheme of Allah that was carried out through Roman soldier who was sent to pierce chest of Jesus with spear. And historically documented eye-witness tells that Dr. Nicodemus who received body of Jesus from Cross along with Joseph of Arimathea, told other disciples of Jesus; congratulations: Jesus is not died but is still alive. Christians must trust Noble Quran which is truth of all truths. Death on Cross is binding condition of Crucifixion. If person is not died on Cross; then he is NOT CRUCIFIED, and that what Quran tells us in verse 4:157. Read detail of this event in our another page about Jesus in link 6 of our main page. Concerning failed Crucifixion attempt on Jesus, Quran says in 3:54Quran3_54In the same way, Allah created circumstances in which Joseph married Mary, and Jesus was born. Jesus was undoubtedly son of Joseph and Mary. Even on the Grave stone of Jesus, there used to be engraving of “Eisa/Jesus Son of Joesph”NonSenseOFmainStreamRSome say that Quranic verse 3:59 supports the virgin birth of Jesus. But in fact that verse has no any relation with fable of virgin birth of Jesus.Quran3_59Following verse 40:67 explains birth to death sequence of every human and Jesus is not exempted from this sequence. Please note that this sequence starts from DUST and Ends at DEATH.Quran40_67



Quran66_12_21_91BirthJesusQuran32_7_8_9Ruh2Quran explains every thing for Islam>>16:89. Then why no 5 Rituals & units in Quran

Just one fictitious Hadith of Miraaj turned the table of Deen Islam at 180 degree

Important_ArrowNoVirginBirthinMarkJesusVirginBirthAnHoaxJesusAndHoaxVirginBirthThe first two chapters of Mathew and Luke where we read fable of virgin birth, were evidently regarded as late additions to the original text which began, as Mark also did, with the baptism of the Messiah. Epiphanius (born 310 A.D.) records that the Matthew Gospel used by the Ebionites (Essene Hawaari the true Muslim followers of Jesus Quran 3:52) did not contain the first two chapters. He also wrote about Cerinthus (born 100 A.D.), a Christian author of the early second century, who had taught that “at the baptism God caused a real divine force which is named Christ to descend upon Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph and Mary.” Also when we read Hebrew bible, the meaning of Hebrew word “almah” is YOUNG LADY used for Mary as “Young Mary” but when Pagan priests from Greece translated Gospels in Greek, they translated YOUNG MARY as Virgin Mary, a concept from Pagan Cult Mithraism. Word “Virgin” for Mary was forged centuries later. At that time, “according  to “Salomon Reinach“, many experts of Hebrew language told Greek priests that your translation is incorrect but church listened no one. Church was busy to make fanciful fables to impress new converts. It neither exists in oldest Gospels nor in Quran which is BOOK of all books and TRUTH of all Truths. US President Thomas Jefferson who used to call Quran BOOK of the books and his Quran is still present in White House, said following:

“The day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus by the Supreme Being as his father, in the womb of a virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter”!

Based on Isaiah 7:14, Christians claim that the birth of Jesus was predicted long before the event. The verse reads, “Behold, the haalma or alama or Aaalmah shall conceive and bear a son and shall call him Immanuel [literally, ‘God is with us’].” Although the Hebrew word haalma literally means “young woman,” when the Gospel of Matthew (1:23) cites the verse from Isaiah, it translates Alma as “Virgin.” This translation is useful in supporting the contention that the miraculous birth of Jesus was predicted in the Old Testament. This is clear cut a fraud. Even many Christian scholars, have also noted that the word alma in Isaiah 7:14 cannot mean “virgin” because elsewhere when the Bible wants to specify “virgin,” it uses the Hebrew word betula. frgyhhfddPlease read our two special dedicated pages on the subjects forgery of Hadith of Miraaj and Five daily Namaz Rituals

When the Revised Standard Version of the Bible was issued in 1952, due to centuries long criticism, the words “young woman,” not the word “Virgin, were used for alma in its translation of Isaiah 7:14. That made the Fundamentalist Fanatic Christian community very upset, which insists that Hebrew word alma (young Woman) must be translated as Virgin in order to support ongoing fable of virgin birth. Their fanaticism is beyond all limits. Just, in order to validate a fable, they demanded to revert back to false translation of word alma again because they apply that forged translation to prophecy of Isaiah 7:14 to validate virgin birth of Jesus. These Fundamentalists expressed their vehement opposition to the new translation by holding burnings of the Revised Edition of the Bible. VirginCalloutIn same way they changed word “MOHAMMAD” from John 15:26 and made it comforter or holy spirit. Corruption in Bible is unlimited. If some one translates any verse of Quran wrongly, we can check the twist by going back to original Arabic text of Quran, just one step up but in the case of Bibles situation is horrendous. From Aramaic (original language of Jesus), bibles translated into Hebrew with some twists and tampering, then to Greek with tons of twists and tampering; then to Latin with big forgery and then to English. In order to check forgery in translation of Bibles we have to go up four to five steps to reach to Original Aramaic text but what? No any original Aramaic Bible of time of Jesus exists on Planet. This lead to declare that Bible has more contradictions than its total words. But why GOD allowed it to be corrupted? Because Quran superseded previous scriptures, so Quran abrogated bibles in 2:105-106. Verse 2:105-106 never abrogates any verse of Quran as Criminal Shafi forged lie of Abrogation. Verse  2:105-106 abrogates bibles. Read our special page on “Abrogation”.

The comforter foretold by Jesus Christ as reported by Gospel of John has been interpreted by Christians and Muslims differently Muslims are unanimous in their opinion that the comforter referred to in the Bible, is non other than Prophet Muhammad(s), which glad tiding, the Christ gave according to Qur’an 61:6. On the other hand, Christians disputing their claim, offer two different explanations of the ‘comforter; Let us analyses this ‘Key’ word.
The language spoken by Jesus Christ was Syriac (Aramaic). Unfortunately there are no ancient manuscripts available in the world today, to know the exact word spoken by the Jesus Christ. Whatever the original word, it was translated into Greek, which in turn has been translated as Comforter, Counselor, Consolator, Assistant, Advocate, Consoler, Deprecator or Teacher in different English translations. What was the Greek word in the earliest Greek translations, can also be not known, as the oldest available Greek translation, today is from the 4th Century A.D. The present Greek Canon records it as Paracletus, while the Muslims believe that it would have been Periclytos in the earlier Greek translations which are extinct today. Translating the names and then changing them with other words in different translations and versions is nothing new, they claim. Incidentally, ‘Periclytos’ may be translated as ‘Ahmed (Name of Mohammad)’, while Paracletus has been translated as Comforter or Teacher or other more than a dozen words. Muslims have a very strong case when they produce a historical witness from the 8th century A.D. which goes as under.
The language of Palestine, the homeland of Jesus, remained Syriac (Aramaic) up to well after 9th Century when Hebrew replaced it. The historian of 9th Century in his work ‘Seerah’ (the life of the Prophet (Pbuh)) has mentioned, quoting the 8th century historian Ibn-e-Ishaq, the Syriac word of the 8th century versions of the New Testament. The word, he writes, “is ‘Munhamanna’ which means Ahmed in Arabic and may be translated as Periclytos in Greek.” This record proves that the original word translated in earlier Greek translations would have been ‘Periclytos’ meaning ‘Ahmed’ in Arabic, instead of Paraclete.

Multilingual Bible expert Rev. Benjamin David Keldani, Bishop of Urmia, opines that paraclete does not grammatically fit the sentence; by consideration of various other factors, the word in question ought to be periqlytos: It means praised one which in Arabic is nothing but Ahmad, the other name of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)”

Apart from that all discussion, Team Factszz knows very well that being final edition of all scriptures, Quran is Truth of all Truths and GOD has taken responsibility to guard/proect it from any corruption 15:9. Truth is, that the Quran which we have in our hands today is same Quran that was assembled as BOOK under supervision of Prophet. Please read out special page about “Compilation of Quran”.  Let we read below, what Noble Quran says in 61:6:

Quran 61:6 And remember, Jesus, the son of Mary, said: “O Children of Israel! I am the apostle of Allah (sent) to you, confirming the Law (which came) before me, and giving Glad Tidings of an Messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad.” But when he came to them with Clear Signs, they said, “this is evident sorcery!” Quran_15_9_OvalBibleVsQuranBackwardCheckAgain we return to main subject being discussed in this page. Word appeared for Mary in Quran is CHASTE LADY, and “Chaste” never mean Virgin, but sectarian translators twist many verses of Quran during translation in order to reconcile verses with fables of Church and corrupted bibles and with millions forged hadiths of Zoroastrian Persian Imams. In following verses of Quran, no where word virgin is used:

Quran 19-19 (The angel) said: “I am only a Messenger from your Lord, (to announce) to you the gift of a righteous son.”

Quran 19-20 She said: “How can I have a son, when no man has touched me, nor am I unchaste (in Arabic walam aku baghiyyan > not slutty, not unchaste, who revolts against laws 19:28) .

In verse 19:20 words (walam yamsasnee basharun) “no man has touched me” mean, that so far, no any man has slept with me. That never mean, she remained untouched whole life even after marriage with Joseph. If Quran had to use word VIRGIN for Mary, then in Quran, Arabic word for VIRGIN is not untouched or Baghiyyan but is “abkaran” used in Quran 66:5 and 56:36. Aquarian Gospel never talks about birth of Jesus with out human father but tells that when Angel appeared to Mary for the news of Son, at that time Mary was already engaged to Joseph. Seems, this is the reason, Noble Quran has used word “Untouched” in 19:20″ instead of “abkaran” (Virgin).

It was not like, that when Angel appeared to Mary, she conceived son in a second and next second she delivered son. She was later married to Joseph and then she became pregnant. Plan of GOD works as per his own laws like the birth of John the Baptist (Prophet Yahya) and Isaac  (Ishaq son of Prophet Abraham).

If we take the Canonical Gospels as a guide to the time when the Virgin Birth story was first introduced into the history of the Messiah (and the evidence of the “Fathers of the Church,” who first mentioned them), we are justified in stating that the Virgin Birth doctrine was certainly unknown until the middle of the first half of the second century at the very earliest. Important_Callout2AquarianGospelAndJesusBirthTurkey_Tarsus

Following are some verses from Bibles:

Matthew 1:16-19 And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

Mathew 13:55 Is not this the carpenter’s son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas?(Joseph was carpenter)

John 1:45 Philip findeth Nathanael, and saith unto him, We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.

John 6:42 And they said, Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? how is it then that he saith, I came down from heaven?

Luke 4:22 And all bare him witness, and wondered at the gracious words which proceeded out of his mouth. And they said, Is not this Joseph’s son?

Luke 3:23 And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli.

Luke 2:16 And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger.

Many books and gospels that Church declared as Apocryphal material in order to hide truth, give different view about the birth of Jesus. In that so labeled as apocryphal material there are books that are in fact relatively more reliable than even Four circulating gospels of Mark Mathew Luke and John. But Church banned all those “books and priests” who did not follow their agenda.

The apocryphal Gospel – The Gospel according to the Hebrews, the Gospel of the Ebionites, and some other, with most of which are early Christian Fathers agreed, narrate the origin of Jesus as the result of a lawful marriage between Joseph and Mary.

When Book of Isaiah was translated from Hebrew to Greek, Greek Pagan Priests dishonestly translated Hebrew word Haalmah into Partheons mean virgin. The Rve. Professor Donaldson in his discussion of the meaning of Hebrew word “Haalmah” says: Every one who is acquainted with Hebrew word will be obliged to admit that designation in question cannot mean anything more than a young or newly married woman (Donaldson, The christian Orthodoxy, 476)

Same Hebrew word “Haalmah” was used for Rebeccah, and she was not a virgin at that time (Gen 24:43)

Genesis 24:43 New International Version (NIV) “I am standing beside this spring. If a (Haalmah הָֽעַלְמָה֙) young woman comes out to draw water and I say to her, “Please let me drink a little water from your jar,”
Ref: 2016-04-05_185306JamesTheJustBrother of Jesus, James the Just (died 62 A.D.), was the head of the Church at Jerusalem. He belonged to Ebionite Sect. He believed that “Jesus is Messiah, yet a mere man, born by natural generation to Joseph and Mary” (Hastings, History of the Apostolic Church, 318-32, See also Mosheim Ecclesiastical history Vol. 1, 214)

Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Gibson recovered an old Syriac manuscript of the Gospel in a monastery on Mount Sinai. In this was found an explicit statement: “Jesus’ father was Joseph and his mother Mary (Lewis, The old Syriac Gospel 2)

In one of the books of the Samaritan Chronicles there occurs the following passage: “In the time of Jehonathan, there was….Jesus, the son of Mari, son of Joseph, the Carpenter…at Jerusalem, in the reign of Tiberius….. Note:Tiberius was a Roman Emperor (Journale Asiatique, 1869; 2:430)

In the writing of an ancient Rabbi, who wrote just when fuss of virgin birth was first attributed to Jesus, we read: “Jesus was as legitimate as any other Jewish child in Galilee. His father was an artisan, a carpenter. The son learned the trade of his father and made goads and yokes…” (Ab Zar, 3b.)

Tales of virgin birth and the impregnation of mortal women by deities were well known in the 1st century Greco-Roman world

Reference: Lachs, Samuel T. (1987). A Rabbinic Commentary of the New Testament: the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. KTAV Publishing House. p. 6. ISBN 978-0881250893.

“Jesus was a carpenter, a son of a carpenter” (J.Yeban, 3:2.) 

Psilanthropists argue against the virgin birth and contend that Jesus was a “mere human

Reference: McGuckin, John Anthony, The Westminster handbook to patristic theology, 2004, ISBN 0-664-22396-6, p. 286.

Psilanthropism existed among early Jewish Christian groups such as Ebionites who considered Jesus the Messiah, but rejected the apostle Paul as an apostate.

Reference 01: Carr, A. Wesley, Angels and Principalities, 2005, ISBN 0-521-01875-7, p. 131.
Reference 02: Paget, James Carleton, Jews, Christians and Jewish Christians in Antiquity, 2010, ISBN 3-16-150312-0, p. 360.

However, in the 4th century the Nicene Creed rejected the teaching that Jesus was a mere human

Reference: Marthaler, Berard L., The creed: the apostolic faith in contemporary theology, 2007, ISBN 0-89622-537-2, p. 129.

“The Jews, who are represented as inimical to Jesus in the Canonical Gospels, took Jesus to be a legitimate and born in ordinary natural ways” (Jewish Ency. Vol. 7, 170.)

“It is quite clear that Jesus was popularly looked upon by his contemporaries as Joseph’s son by Natural generation” (Hastings, Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels, 808)

Gospels of Mathew and Luke are heavily corrupted. “Epiphanius who informs us that the early Christians, such as Corinthus and Carpocrates (first half of the 2nd century), used a Gospel of Mathew in which the genealogy was made the basis of the claim that Jesus was in reality the son of Joseph and Mary” (Haer. 30:14)

Justin Martyr (died 165 A.D.) and Irenaeus (died 202 A.D.), two of the most ancient ecclesiastical writers, agree that Ebionites, the early Jewish Christians, held belief that Jesus is natural son of Joseph and Mary (Justin, Dial cum Trypho, 48)

Simple verse of an older Copy of Gospel of Mathew 1:16 was “And Jacob begat Joseph and Joseph begat Jesus of Mary” was later changed to “And Jacob begat Joseph, the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus who is called Christ”. Later on even this forged translation was further converted into another translation “And Jacob begat Joseph, and Joseph, to whom was married the Virgin Mary, begat Jesus”. But later, as a result of this clear cut forgery and so its hard criticism, word Virgin of this verse was disowned by Church” (Justin, Dial cum Trypho, 48; Clement, Homil 18:13; Conybear, Dialogue of Timothy and Aquila 16, see also Peake’s Commentary on Bible, 701.)

In verse of Luke 3:23 “And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph” words in bracket were added to validate fiction of virgin story.

In corrupted version of Mathew that we have now in our hands, we read in Mathew 1:25: “But he did not consummate their marriage until she gave birth to a son and he gave him the name Jesus. NIV”. Clearly this verse was modified to validate fiction of Virgin birth, but we see same verse in “Syriac Sinaiticus” as: “And She bore to him a Son and he called his name Jesus” (See Ency. Biblica, Col 2961)

In Luke verses 1:34-35 was modified in order to validate fiction of Virgin birth. Weiss says that two verses are forged. Hastings says: “Removal of Luke 1:34-35, which contain the only reference to virgin birth, as interpolation, justified (Weiss, Die Predigt Jesu Von reiche Gottes, 342; Hasting’s Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels 806)

Realizing the position that the relevant verses regarding the virgin birth in both Mathew and Luke are forgeries, the compilers of Encyclopedia Biblica were compelled to come to the only possible conclusion that: “The Virgin birth disappears from the source altogether” (Ency. Biblica, Col. 2957)

As we mentioned above, the first two chapters of Matthew, the virgin birth and the genealogy, were not contained in the first versions of Matthew’s gospel, and were added at a later date by an unknown author. Bart D. Ehrman is an American New Testament scholar, currently the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. According to the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, he is one of North America’s leading scholars in his field,

It is clear from Writings of Bart D Ehrman that First two Chapters of Gospel of Mathew were added (forgery) much later in original Gospel, in order to validate fable of Virgin birth. Professor Bart D. Ehrman writes:

“Their own version of Matthew, however, may have been a translation of the text into Aramaic. Jesus himself spoke Aramaic in Palestine, as did his earliest followers. It would make sense that a group of Jewish followers of Jesus that originated in Palestine would continue to cite his words, and stories about him, in his native tongue. It appears likely that this Aramaic Matthew was somewhat different from the Matthew now in the canon. In particular, the Matthew used by Ebionite Christians would have lacked the first two chapters, which narrate Jesus’ birth to a virgin – a notion that the Ebionite Christians rejected. There were doubtless other differences from our own version of Matthew’s Gospel as well”. (Lost Christianities” by Bart Ehrman (2003) p99-102).

Concerning many Gospel that were rejected by Church, it seems that most of these ‘heretical’ gospels were unacceptable to the church because in one way or another they portrayed Jesus as a human being. For instance, the Gospel of James informs us about the marriage of Mary with Joseph. In the Gospel of the Ebionites, Jesus is believed to have been born in a normal way, as a son of Joseph and Mary. (Reference: A Search for the historical Jesus by Professor Fida Hassnain)

Genealogy of Jesus1Quran19_22ImportantNano 2015-11-06_180059In those days, to travel on a donkey was normal practice. In above-posted text, Mary is traveling on a beast along with his husband Joseph just before the birth of Jesus.

Quran19_272015-11-06_173247Jesus’ entry on a donkey has a parallel in Zechariah 9:9 which states that: thy king cometh unto thee; he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass.

For Jesus, “Traditionally, entering the city on a donkey symbolizes arrival in peace, rather than as a war-waging king arriving on a horse”
John 12-21 by John MacArthur 2008 ISBN 978-0-8024-0824-2 pages 17-18
Matthew 19-28 by William David Davies, Dale C. Allison 2004 ISBN 0-567-08375-6 page 120

Word Hamalat in Quran 19:27 shows also he was riding on a beast, and history and bibles also show repeatedly they took ride on donkey. However; subject being discussed in this page is his so advertised “Virgin birth”, and it is not main subject of this page, if he was carried on which beast or on beast or not. Quran has used same word of 19:27 “Hamalt also in 17:3 for Prophet Noah when he took ride on Ship but in Sure Asra 17:1, word “Asra” is used for Last Prophet’s migration from Mecca to Madina—The Night Journey Hijra. Read our full page on that Night Journey. Quran tells that, though Bibles has been corrupted but still remains some truth in bibles. Quran17_1_3PlusnoteJesusAndMahd2Quran62_5DonkeyLoadedwithBook

2015-11-06_165540Quran 3:46 Comments: Note 33 (Quran Ref: 3:46 )
“To speak in Mahd” is a metaphorical allusion to the prophetic wisdom which was to inspire Jesus from a very early age.
Allama Mohammad Asad Ph.D (A Muslim Translator – No any evil sect)

Quran 3:46 “Talking to people while very young and in ripe old age in good health.”
Note about verse 19:29: In the cradle, idiomatically means a young person. Mary and Joseph had stayed in Bethlehem for several years). By: Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D (once ranked Number 1 Translation by Al-Azhar University Egypt)

Quran 3:46 “He would preach to people from an early age to an advanced age and would be from amongst those who possess exalted qualities.”

19:29: (The elderly priests who were extremely proud of their priesthood arrogantly asked) “Should we talk to one who till recently was a little boy in the cradle?”

By Allama Ghulam Ahmed Perwez: One of the Greatest Thinkers of Quran in 1400 years history and a top expert in Arabic Literature/Language relevant to Arabic literature of 7th Century when Quran was landing


Another Viewpoint: Honest and good reader of Whole Quran knows well that in Quran, word Rafa is used for Humans either to raise them in honor, Darajaat or human Spiritual Exaltation after death. If we read verse 32:11 and 3:55, it becomes crystal clear that only after death, Soul is raised to spiritual Realm of GOD which is spiritual exaltation TO RAISE SPIRIT to GOD. In this context, 4:158 can also be understood in the light of verse 32:11 and 3:55 and then finally by 5:116-117 in which natural death of Jesus is Crystal clear . That all verses show, Spirit is raised to GOD only after death. It is climax of stupidity and utter ignorance to believe that a mortal Body of Flesh and Bones can be raised to spiritual Realm of GOD. It is like to place butter in the core of Sun. But Sun cannot destroy and burn the Immortal Soul (Real Person). Whatever is the viewpoint; ascension of body of flesh and bone to Spiritual Realm of GOD makes no any sense at all. Only Dumb and Ignorant can believe in such kind of fables, fictions and fairy funny tales. Parrot is in Cage. When Parrot fly out, it never fly with its cage (Body). Fanatics has paralyzed brains. If you go to any Arabic School in Arabia or in Pakistan or in India and ask a 5th grader the meaning of word WAFAT; all will answer you: DEATH. Word Wafat is used in Quran over 25 times and its meaning is as usual death (please refer to relevant tables given in this page) but many sectarian translators who by birth believe in the ascension and return fiction of Jesus, will badly twist translation of Quranic word WAFAT in order to validate fiction on which they believe in. When most of them translate 10:46 for the death of Prophet Mohammad, they translate word WAFAT as DEATH but when same word WAFAT appears in 3:55 and 5:116-117 for Jesus, they translate word WAFAT as “TO TAKE UP ALIVE”. That Translators has no any shame nor any conscience. They are Criminal to their Core. In order to validate their fictions, they even do not feel any shame in twisting Book of Allah. Hell is awaiting these Criminals.


GOD, in Noble Quran 8:22 and 7:179 declares those people Beast and Cattle who are blind followers and do not use their reason/intellect. Cattle_7_179Tischendorf_NCorruptioninMarkCorruptioninLuke

In order to understand any Quranic term, final and decisive dictionary/Exegesis is Quran’s own built-in dictionary. After presenting from Quran’s own built-in dictionary (as is shown in the middle of this page), no any other dictionary is needed. but because Mushrik Hadithers place Book of Allah aside and follow man-made stuff; therefore; for such kind of hadithers, we have posted below clipping from ~1000 years old Dictionary of Raghib which is considered among the top most Arabic dictionaries that has been made by men. This dictionary also shows: Meaning of Baghiyya in 19:20, 19:28 is  not harlot or prostitute but who rebels against law (in this case rebelled against Rabbinic law, and not against Law of GOD which was given in Torah). 

Isaiah’s original Hebrew, with the mistranslated words underscored, reads: “Hinneh ha-almah harah ve-yeldeth ben ve-karath shem-o immanuel”;-which, falsely translated by the false pen of the pious translators, runs thus in the English: “Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel” (Isa. vii, 14.) The Hebrew words ha-almah mean simply the young woman; and harah is the Hebrew past or perfect tense, “conceived,” which in Hebrew, as in English, represents past and completed action. Honestly translated, the verse reads: “Behold, the young woman has conceived-[is with child)-and beareth a son and calleth his name Immanuel. “As early as the second century B.C.,” says the distinguished Hebrew scholar and critic, Salomon Reinach, “the Jews perceived the error and pointed it out to the Greeks; but the Church knowingly persisted in the false reading, and for over fifteen centuries she has clung to her error.” (Orpheus, p, 197.) The truth of this accusation of conscious persistence in known error through the centuries is proved by confession of St. Jerome, who made the celebrated Vulgate translation from the Hebrew into Latin, and intentionally “clung to the error,” though Jerome well knew that it was an error and false; and thus he perpetuated through fifteen hundred years the myth of the “prophetic virgin birth” of Jesus called Christ.

Some videos relevant to this subject – Concentrate on what is being said, and not on, who said it 

Quran 39:18 (Asad) who listen [closely] to all that is said, and follow the best of it:[for] it is they whom God has graced with His guidance, and it is they who are [truly] endowed with insight!

There are another view point that prophecy given in  Isaiah 7:14 has nothing to do with Jesus or his birth, as when Isaiah chapter 7 and chapter 8 is read fully, it becomes clear that This child of 7:14 was born long before “Jesus” and his name was neither Yeshua nor Jesus but Immanuel. No where name Immanuel appears in any canonized Gospels 

After the death of Prophet Mohammad(s) in 632 A.D., Four Guided caliphs neither compiled any book of hadith, sunna, Tafsir (Exegesis) nor they ordered any of their subordinate to compile any such book. Therefore, up to year 722 A.D. Only Glorious Quran was in the hands of Muslims. Joseph Schacht was a British-German Professor of Arabic and Islam at Columbia University in Newyork. He was leading Western Scholar on Islamic law. He writes “There is no any evidence of legal traditions (hadith and Sunna) before year 722 A.D. in Islam, and we can conclude that the Sunna or Hadiths of the Prophet is not the words and deeds of the Prophet, but apocryphal material dating from later”.

So it becomes Crystal Clear that Role of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) was no more than a Divine Postman, as is said in Quran by God: O Mohammad: “your duty is no more than to deliver Quran clearly” 29:18, 5:99, 3:20, 42:48, and it is up to God to explain Quran to People 75:19. In fact Quran fully explains itself by its built-in Tafseer, Tafseel and Tasreef 75:19, 18:54, 25:33, 6:114. To Obey Allah and his Rasool mean nothing but follow only Quran 6:114, 25:30, 47:2. After the death of Prophet, Abu Bakar RA became First Caliph. Musannaf Abi Ibn Shaybah is one f the oldest Books, older than Six Sunni books they falsely call Sihae-sita. That books are full of concocted tales but are named by any Idiot as Sahih-books. It is like give a Muslim name to the Biggest Kaafir of a City. In Book of Ibn Shaybah, it is written: Someone asked Tafsir of any verse of Quran from Abu Bakar RA, and he answered that Person: “Which Sky will shade over me and who will give me refuge if I say something about Quran which I do not know”.

What is said in above-given Para is again fully confirmed when we see tons of disagreement among Sahaba (Companions of Prophet), Taba’een and Taba’taba’een and others who later wrote tons and tons of Tasir (Exegesis) books about Quran. In these books, we can see frequent disagreement on many points. For example, in Glorious Quran, one term is “Salat Wusta“. Now point is: If “Salat Wusta” was any kind of Matwatar Ritual, then every one could have known which one is Salat Wusta and there supposed to be no any dispute/disagreement about it at all. But when we read Muwata of Malik and other six books of Sunni Sect; we see, there is tons of dispute about the question “which one is Salat Wusta? One report of one hadith book says, it is Fajar Ritual, other say, it is Dhuar Ritual, another says, it is Prayer just after sunrise, yet another says: it is Asar. We have provided full references of that kind of all so called hadiths in our page of “Salat”. This all shows again: Prophet delivered Quran and left. He did not leave any Tafsir or explanation of any verse of Quran at all, because Quran explains itself. So it is Possible (and it appears so), after his death, many people did not understand Quran correctly as we can understand it today with the assistance of Great tools like Computers and super speedy search Engines. This is why, Quran forbids blind following of Ancestors/Salaf, and verse 2:170 makes clear this point further when it says: What if your ancestors were ignorant and devoid of Wisdom. We can judge that ignorance in our ancestors/Salafs by many many Kharafaats they invented, and in this way, they mislead generations for 1400 years (like Church has mislead people from 2000 years). One of such big Kharafaat is false doctrine of Abrogation.They invented this Greatest lie against Quran because they failed to reconcile verses of Quran to each other. So when they failed to understand any one verse, their easy way of escape was to say: Oh this verse has been abrogated; they reinforced such kind of lies through fabricated chains for fabricated Matan (text) they call Hadiths. Sunni sect considers Shafi’i as their one big demigod but in truth he was the biggest Jaahil of our 1400 history who placed Muslim Majority on wrong path. They our Salaf also failed to understand very comprehensive and simple dietary laws of Quran, therefore; to cover their this ignorance, they invented Laws of Haram and Halal from millions of forged hadith which contradict Quranic laws such as: you can eat dead locust, while Quran forbids meat of all that dies itself. Besides, Quran is only Authority on Halal (permissible) and Haram (forbidden) 6:114, 10:15, 5:44, 16:116. There were a very strong gang of hypocrites, who after the death of Prophet, twisted meanings of many terms of Quran and mislead whole Umma i.e our Ignorant ancestors advanced fable of Virgin Birth and fable of Ascension/Return of Jesus, and fable of Mahdi and Dajjal which all have no any relation with Islam. Fable of Virgin birth, and ascension and return of Jesus are essentially fables of Church; Mahdi is hoax of Persian Zoroastrians, and Dajjal (Anti-Christ) is the hoax concocted by Church, and later fables about Jesus, Mahdi and Dajjal infused in millions of concocted hadiths. Please read our pages on fable of Virgin Birth and fable of Ascension and return of Jesus. Instead of pondering Quran honestly, our Mullah and Imams and so called Salaf/Ancestors has been following fables of Church and Zoroastrians, and our vile Mullah of today blames False Prophet Mirza G A Qadiani for their own ignorance. Quran makes very Clear, Jesus did not die on Cross, but died at very old age naturally. Mullahs badly twist verses 4:157, 4:158, 4:159, 3:55, 3:144, 5:116-117. In same way, in whole Quran, there is not a single Arabic word which translates as Virgin. If God blew his spirit in the Womb of Mary then Quran also tells us: God blows his spirit in the womb of every woman. About Mary, Quran has used word Chaste (not Virgin), and even a married woman can be chaste if she protects her private part from illegal sex. We have discussed this subject in depth in our page “Birth of Jesus”. Please also read our page “Abrogation the Greatest Lie against Quarn”.In order to read the Best Scholarly page on the subject of “Jesus vs Crucifixion”, please do not miss to read our following magnum-opus page at:

The Best scholarly page on the life of Jesus. A Treasure for the Students of Comparative religion


Virgin Birth: It’s Pagan, Guys. Get Over It.

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Some Hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death. Guaranteed.

Two Paul: First-one sent all Christians astray, & 2nd-one sent majority of Muslims astray

How to Obey Prophet after his death?

Quran in BOOK form was arranged & assembled under supervision of Prophet

Following is the most Truthful Islamic; and Theological page of Present time


Birth of Jesus Isa in the light of Quran, Bible, and History


6 thoughts on “Birth of Jesus Isa in the light of Quran, Bible, and History

  1. Faridh says:

    Nice Article, Solid points. But the fact that you use harsh language makes me wonder you have forgotten chapter 25 verse 63. That’s my problem with you.

    • Thank you for your comments and again many thanks for reminding us 25:63. Our team will try to stick with 25:63 in all future posts.
      However; “harsh” is subjective term. What looks you harsh, could be near us just “strong or hard criticism”. It will be laborious to edit the text of pictures but concerning plain text, please spare time and suggest us, the harsh words that we should remove from the text. May Allah Al-Haadi bless you in abundance. We will not forget 25:63 in all our future posts.

  2. Abolade Tayo says:

    Peace ,your article was enlightening ,but you forgot to mention Sura 6:83-87,please note 85 and 87,all the Prophets including Jesus had fathers, Also Sura 6:101,Asks a question,how can Allah have a son when He has no mate?Also Sura 48:23 Allah does not change His Laws,so procreation is part of Allah’s Law a male and a female produces offspring(s),if I missed these verses please forgive me,as sometimes I have to leave the computer to attend to other things,then get back,as I spend hours on your site,keep up the good work,Bro.Tayo.

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