A List of some innovations that were added in

Islam during Abbasid Period from 750-1258 A.D.

“Shall I seek other than GOD as a source of law, when He has revealed to you this book [Quran] fully detailed? Those who received the scripture recognize that it has been revealed from your Lord, truthfully. You shall not harbor any doubt’. Noble Quran verse 6:114.

Remember the Truth that Whole Islam is contained in Quran and what is not in Quran is not part of Islam 16:89.

Also remember another Truth that Obeying the messenger is in upholding Quran, the whole Quran, and nothing but Quran 47:2, 6:19, 6:114, 2:213, 10:15, 4:105

Following are some main 25+ innovations, lies and fictions that were blended in Pure Islam after year 672 A.D thru forged hadith and sunna:Joseph_Schacht_F1Fiction of Mahdi, A fiction invented by Persian Zoroastrians & later followed by Persian Shia infidels. Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran.

Read at http://bit.ly/T3wgeh2 Fiction of Dajjal – Forged by Pauline Christians. Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran. Read at:

http://bit.ly/T3wgeh3 Innovations of Hadith and sunna Books — Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran.
Prophet never left behind any book of hadith and sunna except written Noble Quran by Scribes. These hadith & Sunna books were forged by Persians 250-400 years after the death of last Prophet. Quran is the best Hadith of Allah 39:23 and Quran is also only the Authentic hadith of Prophet 69:40-48 ; as Quranic Wahi reached to us through his lips. Read True History of Hadiths at:

https://factszz.wordpress.com 4Innovation of 5 Zoroastrian daily Namaz rituals blended in Islam in 773 A.D. by Zoroastrian Mother of Caliph Haroon Rasheed Abbasi. Her name was Queen Khaizrun —– Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran. Read basics of this point about Salat of Quran at http://justpaste.it/mfpr

Read in detail proof at top of  https://factszz.wordpress.comNamaz_Forgery3Pinned_TWT5Innovation of funeral Rituals. Quran only points toward Dua-Prayer for Person who goes to Allah after his death.  No funeral Rituals was carried out for Last Prophet. Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran. This is an innovations of later days. When Person dies, Actual person (Ruh/Spirit) goes back to Almighty & your body is left on ground. Original Person is like a parrot in a Cage. After death, parrot flies back to source from where he was sent to womb of his mother & now after death, empty cage is buried in earth or Hindu burn it. Does it make any sense that you should offer funeral prayer to an empty cage? No. Funeral Ritual was copied (like Aameen after Fatiha) from Church. What happens in #Grave #after #death? Must be read by all humans.

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/06/02/reality-of-alive-and-dead-person-in-grave/IslamISeasyQuran is made easy by Allah 54:40. Quran has its own built-in dictionary; and complete, fully detailed, and Standalone Quran is absolutely not in need of any external theological source 16:89. Read, How Quran fully explains itself? at:


6 Innovation of Eid Prayers —– Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran – Copied from Persians Nou-roz festivals in Abbasid Period. To validate it, Persians has forged many many hadiths.

7Lie of Persian’s manufactured Non-Quranic Droods & Naats for dead Prophet — A big Shirk — Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran

8Innovations of Non-Quranic Drood Ibrahimi which is read in Atta-Hiyaat of 5 Parsi Persian Namaz rituals. It was forged by Dehlmi Shia Persian “Moiz Doula” & blended in Atta-Hiyaat of 5 Parsi Namaz. That Drood is big shirk as it violates verse 72:18 of Noble Quran. —-“La Tadou Ma Allah”—- Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran – More Droods you enchant, more Curse of Shirk drops on you. In Sura Azaab is a verse and that verse does not start from Allah-Humma. That is verse and not Drood. Drood is a Persian word that mean to cut Touheed from its roots by Shirk. Verse of Sura Ahzab addressed Alive Prophet and not dead Prophet. That verse simply says, O Momins, Allah and his angels SUPPORT mission of Prophet, so you also support his mission. Support is extended to alive people and not dead people bcaz Quran says: Dead do not listen you. Especially in South Asia, not Muslims, but Mushrik Mohammadans live. They are not Muslims at all. They are the mushriks who read most the fabricated Drood, and they are the mushriks on whom all kinds of curse is dropping, poverty, diseases, killing by toxic medicines, fraud, lies, bribery, floods, civil war killed 60K people & all evil of this world exists in the society of these Jaahil Droodi  & Qaboori Mushriks.MajorityAndTruthNow for the refreshment of our very dear readers, we have posted in following picture some pure Diamonds and Rubies from so called hadith Books. Your refreshment is 101 percent guaranteed. Besides, after reading this picture, if you are a man, then, you will indeed love to be shifted to paradise of Ibn Maja right now, in order to dive in hell-hot 72 wives that will be gifted to you from Hell. (Only mentally retarded fanatics follow forged carp of that so called Hadith Books).IbneMajahBiggestCrapNonSenseOFmainStreamR10FloweredHadithQudsiCrap9Full of Lies, the Books of Sign of Qayama. Quran says, No one knows about the time of Qayama except Allah —– Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran

10Lie of Abrogation – Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran. Quran only abrogates biblical dispensation. Imam Shafi the chief disciple of Iblees was Paul of Islam. Read more at: https://factszz.wordpress.com


FraudMachineofShafiVERY Important Page: How Paul of Islam > Criminal Imam Shafi sent majority of Muslims astray?
https://factszz.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/how-paul-of-islam-imam-shafii-deceived-true-followers-of-prophet-muhammad/11Persian lies of Compilations of Noble Quran —– Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran. In Quran Allah ordered Prophet to assemble Quran & he did. Complete Quran was written down, arranged and assembled  by Scribes in BOOK form under supervision of Prophet according to Divine Guidance. Paper was invented 800 years before the landing of Quran. The letters that Prophet wrote to Roman and Persian Kings were written on Paper. Hypocrites Persian Zoroastrian hadith Imams manufactured mutually conflicting stories of compilation of Quran 300 years after the landing of Quran, in order to discredit Quran and to harm Islam. Persians were taking revenge from Muslims, as Muslims destroyed their millennia Zoroastrian Empire. Please read below: “Quran was arranged and compiled in BOOK form under supervision of Prophet.

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/12/24/complete-quran-was-compiled-in-book-form-by-prophet-mohammad-pbuh-under-divine-guidance-and-all-other-compilation-stories-are-concocted-by-persian-pseudo-imams/12Fiction of Return of Dead Prophet Eisa Jesus to this planet again. Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran. Truth is, that Mirza Qadiani was the biggest Liar but Majority of our Mullahs and Imams have also DNA of pigs. Both are deceivers. Following is the best scholarly page on the life of Jesus. Do not miss and read it at:

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/11/30/the-best-scholarly-page-on-the-life-of-isa-jesus-from-a-to-z-a-treasure-for-the-students-of-comparative-religion/TwoConcoctedDoctrinesAs per Noble Quran:

4:157> Jesus was though nailed on Cross but did not die on Cross> not crucified> Wa Ma Salabu 4:157=Not killed by Crucifixion. Please note that as per definition of Crucifixion, death on Cross is binding condition of Crucifixion. If Person is removed from Cross before his death, then he is not Crucified (Quran, history and even bibles confirm it). Therefore; there is very subtle point in 4:157, which is, that verse never denies nailing of Jesus on Cross but forcefully denies his Crucifixion. Allah saved him from dieing on Cross. When he was removed from Cross, he was in deep Coma but it SEEMED TO Romans/Rabbis as  (Shubba-La-Hum) he was died. Later in an already built tomb of Joseph of Arimathea (A rich man -disciple of Jesus), Jesus was treated by Dr. Nicodemus (expert physician) with over 70 pound Aloe Vera &  Jesus recovered from injuries & lived a very long life. Just before removing him from Cross, to make sure that Jesus is dead, a Roman soldier pierced side of Chest of Jesus with a spear. But this piercing by Soldier was a blessing in disguise. That piecing in his chest prevented heart failure of Jesus, as that piercing, decompressed locked area around the heart of Jesus; & his heart that was fighting very hard to survive started to palpitate normally. This is why,  Nicodemus deliberately did not plug that injury in chest for hours. What we have talked here, Heart Surgeons know it very well. We have done research on the life of Jesus for about 50 years. What we have told you is the ultimate truth about Jesus. Please read our full research about the life of Jesus at:

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/how-paul-deceived-true-followers-of-prophet-isa-jesus/Verse 4:158. As a result of very hard trial, he was raised in Honor by Almighty- Read full discussion about 4:158 at:

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/11/29/what-is-meaning-of-word-rafa-in-verse-4158-of-noble-quran/Quran7_143_MosesVerses 3:55, 5:116-117 and 3:144 make so clear as SUN ON SKY that Jesus died naturally but Ibleesian Mullahs & Imams play with the verses of Quran to support a fiction. They change meanings of even very clear and  unambiguous verses of Quran.  There is tons of irrefutable historical evidence that Jesus was died naturally at VERY OLD age.

13Lie of 6 year 9 year age marriage of Aisha RA with Prophet of 52 years. All 11 Narrators of Evil Parsi Bukhari were infidel shia from Koofa and Basra Iraq. Ask us for Proof. Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran. Read at:


MiraajForgeryNoteLTempledestruction70ADWith references to following picture, please note, Last Prophet Mohammad the exalted passed away in year 632 A.D., about 40 years before the completion of Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. So to say that Prophet headed prayers in Aqsa Misque in Jerusalem is a big forged lie of Miraj fiction. In Sura Asra the word that is appeared, is Masjid aqsa which mean remote mosque, Aqsa mean remote. In those days, the remotest Mosques from Mecca were no where except in Madina. So Quranic Sura Asra points to night Journey of Prophet from Mecca to Madina. Because no any Masjid existed in Jerusalem in the life time of Prophet. Above-given picture also shows that even no any Jewish temple existed in Jerusalem in life-time of Last Prophet. Temple of Solomon was erased to ground by Romans in 70 A.D., that mean roughly 500 years before the birth of Last Prophet. AqsaMosquebuiltYear14The Biggest Persian’s forged lie of Miraaj that converted DEEN of Islam into religion of Mullahs and Imams. Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran – Sura Asra and Najam point to Hijra from Mecca to Madina. Masjad Aqsa was built by Ommayad Caliphs many years after the death of Prophet. In order to know, why hadith of Miraaj was forged and how 5 Persian daily Namaz Prayers were blended in Islam in 8th Century, please read.

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/06/01/only-one-ficticious-hadith-of-miraaj-turned-the-table-of-deen-islam-at-180-degree-converted-deen-into-satanic-religion-of-mullahs-and-imams/15A Lie, that Last Prophet is Head of all Prophets and is superior to other Prophets. [Quran says, Who makes difference among prophets are Kaafirs]. Near a true Muslim Esteem and respect of Noah or Moses or Jesus or Ibrahim etc is same as of Last Prophet Mohammad. All were Prophets of Islam. LaNofarraKaBainaAhdinFAlso read our very important page: How to obey Prophet after his death? at:


16Innovation of: to slaughter millions of lambs and cows and camels in whole world on the day of Hajj. [Valid is only in Mecca on Hajj]. All rites that are not in Quran are not part of Hajj like to throw stones at Satan which was a pagan practice. Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran. Please read Rite of Hajj according to Quran http://justpaste.it/mui9Quran38_82and38_83New17Innovation of Head cover for woman. [Quran orders to cover chest and not head]. Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran. No where Quran has used word hijjab for head Cover. Mullahs and Imams are liars. Read:

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/06/01/does-noble-quran-ordain-a-lady-to-cover-her-head-or-her-face-read-the-truth/verse16_116Verse 16:116 makes clear that in Islam, Criteria of Halaal (Legal) and Haraam (Illegal) is Only and Only Book of Allah. And who makes those things Haraam that Quran has not made Haraam; will “La Yafle’hoon” as is warned in verse 16:116. Therefore; fabricated Hadith and Sunna Books that were never written under the supervision of Prophet, has no any authority to declare some thing Haraam that Quran has not made Haraam, and vice versa. Hadith Books were fabricated 250-400 years after the death of Prophet in order to distort Islam and to split one Umma into countless evil sects.

Shameless and conscienceless Criminal Mullahs and their honor-less pets do not feel any shame in order to propagate their unsound beliefs even if they have to twist verses of Quran. For example: No where Quran forbids Good Valid Music but Mullahs twist deliberately verses of Quran and try to misguide others. Following picture was posted (In Urdu) by a filthy Pet of Mullahs on twitter, and he tried to attach that verse given in following picture with Music, but the verse he has quoted in picture has no any relation with Music.HaditherAreLiarsWe answered this impostor: “This verse is not about Music. Fear Allah and do not play with Book of Allah. See verse in Pic.” You have quoted verse 24:19 which talks against the Slanders of infidels that they used to spread against Muslims, and Music has no any relation with verse 24:19.Quran24_19 18Lie, that even good Music is Haraam. Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran. This is normal criminal way of Mullahs and fanatics that they twist translation of many verses of Quran in order to validate their many unsound beliefs. In order to forbid even good music, Mullahs twist Arabic words “lahwa al’hadeeth” in verse 31:6; despite the fact, verse 31:6 is blasting fabricated hadiths by words “lahwa al’ hadeeth”.

Quran 31:6 “But among people, there are those who invest their time in HADITH which is unfounded, so as to lead those without knowledge away from the Path of Allah, making mockery of it (the Qur’an). For such there is shameful punishment in store.”

Prophet David PBUH was expert musician and the best singer. He used to compose different music tones to sing praise of Allah Ta,aala. Because Quran has neither canceled music nor forbids it for the praise of Lord, then it is very clear that if you do what prophet David used to do; to sing in the praise of Lord with musical instruments; then it is neither forbidden nor Haraam in Islam. However, if someone uses a kitchen knife to kill a person, that is misuse of kitchen knife, and so is Haraam; whether, when same knife is used to cut vegetables and fruits; that is halaal. In same way, when music is used for girls and sex exploitation, it is clearly haraam. Allah knows even what your soul whispers, so never cheat yourself. Even for the fanatics who place fabricated hadith books over Quran, we can quote following report from raw history book of Bukhari: “That, Prophet said to him ‘O Abu Musa! You have been given one of the musical wind-instruments of the family of David.’ (Bukhari, Virtues of the Qur’an, Volume 6, Book 61, Number 568)”. Besides, Fanatics, say that only an instrument called “Daff” is permissible. But Daff is an instrument and so is guitar and harmonium too. All that depends upon your intention, and be careful! Allah knows your attentions even more than you.

For example, following Music is staged to Praise Allah Hayy-ul-Qayyoom. So far, It has been watched by over 3.9 million people. In it is so much serenity that If Prophet Daud (David) was present today; he could had participated in this orchestra. Poetry in video is sung in Punjabi language. So Reader might not understand it. Some members of our team are multilingual, and can speak up to Seven languages. We can give you central idea of this music as under:

“Bas Kar’ein O Yaar, Ilmu’n Bas Kar’ein O Yaar. Ik Alaf tairay Darkaar”. Its mean that O Mullah: Stop to read tons of Books of theology because you are not in need of that all stuff. You need to know only one word and that is “Alaf” (A), that mean word “Allah“. You must be mindful about this word all the time sincerely and follow his commandments, and that’s all.
O Mullah: After reading so many theological books, you have become now a Scholar, but you never tried to read yourself. You always run and run toward worship temples but you never ran toward your own self. You fight every day with Satan, but you never fought with your own ego. O Bullah Shah: (Name of Mystic poet): Do not try to catch some thing flying in sky, but catch him, who is sitting right in your own house.
“Bas Kar’ein O Yaar, Ilmu’n Bas Kar’ein O Yaar. Ik Alaf tairay Darakaar”. “Allah, Saa’i’an”
Let me go with mystic. We are plunged in river of self, so What are you talking about boat and cyclone then! “Bas Kar’ein O Yaar, Ilmu’n Bas Kar’ein O Yaar.”Allah, Saa’i’an” (Saa’i’an another name of Allah. HU has countless names).

BookOfMuslim419Lie that Angels do not enter in a house where wall has hanging pictures.-– Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran

20Lie and innovation of 5 pillars of Islam. [Complete and fully detailed Quran does not tell us about such pillars]. Truth is, that the pillar and ROPE of Islam is only ONE and that is Quran that must be followed fully and sincerely. Non-existent in Complete and fully detailed Quran.

21Lie and fiction of Karbala. Karbala battle never happened in history. Whole story was forged by Shia infidels. Shia are the worst hypocrites under sky. Read Proof at:

http://is.gd/hW6uBxIbrahimWasMuslim22Lie of three Adyaan-Samawi (three Abrahamic religions) Christianity, Judaism, and Islam:

Quran makes clear that one God has only one path which is Islam & even Moses and Jesus were Prophets of Islam. So not three but only One DEEN is TRUTH of GOD which is Islam. Paul forged Christianity & Jewish clergy invented Judaism. Quran makes clear that Ibrahim was neither a Jew nor Christian but he was a Pious Muslim. Our freak hypocrite Mullahs and pseudo scholars display hypocrisy when, in order to please Christians and Jews “under label of interfaith dialog”, they speak of Three Adyaan Samawi (Three Abrahamic religions). O you Monafak Mullahs: Ibrahim was a great Muslim, then how you split Ibrahim into three religions? No doubt that Jews and Christians are brothers and sisters in humanity but tell them truth, that Guys: your dogmas are manufactured. IslamOnlyPathofGODBonfire23: All Books of Hadith, Sunna, Tafseer, Contexts and Shan-e-Nazool are Books of Iblees. These evil books were manufactured centuries after the death of our beloved Prophet to make each verse of Quran like a Wax-Nose. So any evil Mullah or Imam could be able to twist meaning of verses as per his sectarian unsound beliefs. For example Rajam (stoning to death) Punishment is not in Quran but are 100 lashes regardless fornicator is married or unmarried. But in order to blend this Jewish punishment of Stoning in Islam, Persians manufactured many stories and fake hadiths to validate Rajam, such as, Rajam verse were eaten by Goat (What a Shame).  Allah says, he is protector of his book 15:9. All Hadith books including Book of Bukhari are mere heap of lies.  We spent ~ 50 years to read these Tafseer Books. We have read the most popular Tafseer Books that are loved by Jaahil Fanatics. We found these Tafseer Books not more than a crap which is based on hearsay, fabrications and guesswork. There is no any other way to understand Quran correctly except to understand Quran by Quran only. Quran explains itself. Quran is the best Tafsir for Quran but one have to read it fully more than once. Allah says in Sura Qamar four times that we have made Quran easy to understand and memorize. Therefore never use any external source such as Hadith, Sunna, contexts,  Shan-e-Nazools & Tafseers to understand Quran, or you will never ever understand it correctly even if you live here for 1000 years. Read at https://factszz.wordpress.com . Also read/download, How Quran explains itself? at:

http://is.gd/ZBElOUAbu_BakkarHadithAndAli24Lie of virgin birth of Jesus. Non-Existent in Quran. Ascension & return and birth with out human father are false doctrines of Pauline Christians that were infused in Persian-made hadith books during Abbasid Period 750-1258 A.D. We know each word of Quran. No where Quran says, Jesus was born with out human father. Jesus was son of Mary and Joseph. Quran never says, He was born with out father. U MUST read this link to grasp the truth:

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/eisa-jesus-was-never-born-with-out-human-father-read-sura-marry-with-exposition/25- The lie that there are torments in Grave & when you pass by graves, say: Aslamo alaikum Ya Ahlal Qaboor. These are manufactured lies thru fabricated hadiths. Quran makes it clear that dead do not listen in Graves.  Quran no where says that there is any activity in Graves. Read an EXCELLENT Paper on this subject by Dr. Hafiz Abdu Samad Ph.D,  that must be read not just by Muslims but also by all humans of this planet; at

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/06/02/reality-of-alive-and-dead-person-in-grave/ ImmortalPerson26- Evil Sects sometimes disguised under label of Madhab or School of Thought. Quran blasts sects more than four times & says, who follow sects and make Tafarraka in Umma are out of Islam & or like Mushriks. But in order to validate their Ibleesian Sects, Evil Khabeeth Hadithers has fabricated hadith of 73 sects. In Quran, Alllah has named you only Muslim. So be just a good Muslim and only Muslim. If U are a Shia or Sunni or Salafi or Deobandi or Wahabi or Brailvi or Ahle-Hadith etc, then know that U are a Mushrik-Kaafir, as you are violating commandment given in Quranic verse 3:103. All sect makers and sect followers are Filthy Kuffaars, thu they label themselves as Muslims but they are absolutely not. Read

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/12/05/what-is-difference-among-a-muslim-and-a-mohammedan-and-people-of-book/Sects_are_Kffaar27- Zakat: If Allah can mention 100 lashes for fornicator and 80 lashes for who place a slander on a Chaste Lady; and if Allah can mention complex fractional math in inheritance verses  like 1/2, 1/6, 1/8; then what was difficult for Allah Aleem-ul-Khabeer to mention 2.50% Zakat in Quran? Zakaat is in fact Complete Economic System of Islam & Islamic tax is a part of that System. It could be 1%. 2.5%, 10% or 13% or any other percentage as per requirement of Islamic Government. It depends upon nature of State and its internal and external circumstances. This is why, Allah Aleem-ul-Khabeer has intentionally not fixed Percentage of Zakat in Quran. Aqimu-Salaat Wa-t-Zakat> Establish Administrative System as per Divine Laws and setup just economic Order. No rituals in Quran at all. This is why you do not find any unit of any ritual of Shia and Sunni Sects. In Quran, the biggest prayer is to follow Divine Laws of Quran, to serve creation of Allah 2:177 and meditate upon Alllah in all awaken conditions. and that meditation is just a part of System of Slaat, Masjad was Muslim Community center in which all problems of Muslims were discussed as per Divine Laws of Quran especially on Friday. This is why you donot find any unit of Friday Ritual in Quran. But after forging 5 Parsi Rituals thru forgery of Miraaj, Mullahs has converted Mosques into non-Quranic Rituals centers from past 1200 years. Quran has set method of Ablution  (Wadu) before entering in Mosque. Masjad is from Sajda & the word Sajda has many many meanings in Arabic. One meaning of Sajda is to follow/Obey Divine Laws. So Angels were told to obey Adam  & not to prostrate to Adam. Arabic is so big language, that just for camel, there are about 5000 different words.

28- Lie of intercession: Persian Mullahs has fabricated many hadiths that show that Last Prophet will be intercessor for sinners. This s a big lie. Quran, says, only Allah will be the intercessor as per his judgment rules:Quran_39_44IntercessionQuranVerse6_94F

Quran4_150_151PlusNoteFMuslim_Name_TranslationIslam_FlowChart1PieMMSect formationBukhariWomanDogDonkeyF



DivineSystemVersesFollowing diagram shows the Components of DEEN (Divine System) of Islam.Islam_Deen_Not_Religion

Following diagram shows “Counterfeited Religion of Mullahs and Imams that was invented by Paul of Islam >> Criminal Imam Shafi’i


Following is an unedited message of a Persian that he sent us after reading our web pages: We assure you, that what this Persian is feeling today; all the six Persian hadith imams were feeling same in 8th century when they were stuffing garbage in their evil books of hadiths to distort Islam and to send blindly following Muslims astray. This is historical fact that vast majority of Persians never accepted Islam from their hearts from first day. They were pseudo Muslims 1300 years ago, and also today they are pseudo Muslims. They still have pain in the center of their hearts from years 636 A.D onward. They believe that they are Muslims who dismantled their Millennia Zoroastrian empire in 636 A.D. in the battle fields of Qadsia and later in Walaja, where Muslim Legend General Khalid bin Waleed annihilated almost their whole Army in battle field of Walaja; One of the the most shameful defeats of history. Even after 1300 years, Zoroastrian Faroz Lulu, the Killer of 2nd Islamic Caliph “Umar the Great”, is top hero of Persians.ZoroastrianMessageFollowing diagram shows a true picture of “Sole Superpower” Islam that existed before year 672 A.D.HowToReviveIslam2Following is further explanation of words Sajdah and Rakoo – Source QXP of Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D.

Sajdah = Prostration = Complete submission = Willful obedience = Utter humility = Adoration
= Utmost commitment to Divine cause = Humbling one’s own self.

Rukoo (Bowing) and Sajdah (Prostration) are not confined to the ritualistic physical motions.
They convey a more sublime message of being humble and submitting to God’s commands

And many many other lies and Bidaa that Evil Millahs and freak imams blended in Islam in past 1200 years and they made a very simple natural and easy DEEN of Allah, a complex theocratic dogma which is main discouragement for new converts.

A wise true Muslim should understand just a simple truth, which is: “What is not in Glorious Quran is absolutely not part of Islam”

“Shall I seek other than GOD as a source of law, when He has revealed to you this book [Quran] fully detailed? Those who received the scripture recognize that it has been revealed from your Lord, truthfully. You shall not harbor any doubt’. Noble Quran verse 6:114.

In verse 10:15, Allah says “When Our Messages are conveyed to them in all clarity, those who hope not that they are destined to meet with Us, (want to strike a deal with the Messenger). They say, “Bring us a Qur’an other than this or make some changes in it.” Say (O Prophet), “It is not conceivable that I would alter it myself. I only follow what is revealed to me. I cannot disobey my Lord, for I fear the retribution of a Mighty Day.”

Umar Khattaab 2nd Caliph said: “Burn all the collections of hadith as these are like the Mishnah of the Jewish people. Umar drew a parallel between the Mishnah that had contributed to the corruption of Judaism and the hadiths.[Reference: Tabqaat Ibn Sa’d}

Umar Khattaab RA wrote letters to the Prophet’s companions, who lived in other cities, asking them to destroy all the copies of hadiths in their hands” [kamil Al-Bayanil Ilm wal Fazai’l. by Hafiz Ibn Abdil Berr].

Please double-click on following picture to make it larger for easy reading.Verse2_177_PhilanthropyNoStoningInQiranPlease read our following page in order to know, how Punishment of Stoning (Rajam) was blended in Islam through fabricated hadiths:





ProphetSolomonAbuHurairahFBut later Liar Abu Huraira changes his mind and resuces from 100 to 60 Women. Read belowSolomon60WivesF













DeadDogsOfAbuDawudFWhen we show the garbage that is stuffed in fabricated hadith books to conscienceless ignorant hadithers; in stead of admitting that these hadith books are heap of lies; they reply: these are Metaphors or Miracles. Remember: Mothers of all Prophets were also women. But If Bukhari declares all women of universe an Evil; Shameless Hadithers say: It is metaphor. If we show them forged hadith in which Prophet Solomon drilled 100 woman (other report says 60 women) in one night, Hadithers say it is miracle, If Carp of Sahih-Muslim says: that all black dogs are Devil; honorless Hadithers say: It is metaphor. If we show insane hadithers that forged hadiths which say: To do ablution (Wadhu) from Water Well in which orgasm fluid of man and woman, and dead dogs and menstruation shreds of women are floating; ignoble, hypnotized, despicable hadithers say: it is a metaphor. Therefore; all brainwashed mad Hadithers and their Satanic Mullah teachers want to cover tons of garbage of forged hadith books under just three words. It is a metaphor or it is a miracle or it is a wrong interpretation. They are mentally sick but who has made them sick? They are Evil Satanic Mullahs and Imams who has distorted their brains within past 1200 years. They all are psychopaths like fanatics of ISIS and Boko-Haraam. They deliberately fail to grasp the truth, that all hadith books were fabricated 250-400 years after the death of Mohammad(s) the exalted, and Prophet has no any relation with these forged hadith Books. Bukhari and Muslim were either mad ignorant Parsi Mullahs or hypocrites. Our research shows that they were Zoroastrian hypocrites under Taqiya with fake Muslim names. Contents of their Satanic books are the biggest proof of their hypocrisy.HadithsBooksAreLies




Following are the most truthful pages of Present time. Be ready to face bitter and shocking TRUTH.

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4- True history of #Hadith. A MUST reading for all Muslims; & Non-Muslims who R interested in Theology.


5- Persian #Hadith Imams were Zoroastrian hypocrites & worst adversaries of Quran, Messenger & Allah. #Proof:


6- A list of some innovations that were blended in Islam during Abbasid Period from year 750-1258 A.D.


7- Rajam (stoning) is not punishment of Quran/Islam but of Jews.


8- Hadith Books forged by Defeated Persian Zoroastrian 250-400 years after the death of Prophet is the biggest conspiracy against Quran. Watch this great video fully. http://vimeo.com/26921926

9- Quran in BOOK form was arranged & assembled under supervision of Prophet

10- What is mening of word “Rafa” used in verse 4:158 of Quran. Great explanation; as Quran explains itself. http://justpaste.it/gfym

11- What Quran says about Hijab? A great reading. https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/06/01/does-noble-quran-ordain-a-lady-to-cover-her-head-or-her-face-read-the-truth/

12- True History of Hadiths – A Must Reading for all. https://sites.google.com/site/reviversoftruth/_/rsrc/1381459209893/some-so-called-hadiths-that-every-educated-muslim-on-this-planet-must-read/

13- Abrogation, the greatest lie against Quran. https://sites.google.com/site/reviversoftruth/_/rsrc/1381459209893/some-so-called-hadiths-that-every-educated-muslim-on-this-planet-must-read/TheLieOfAbrogation.png

14- Core Message of Noble Quran is not rituals but phillanthropy. https://factszz.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/verse2_177_philanthropy.png

15- #Jesus #Isa is dead as per Quran & history & dead never return. Qadiani R Liars & Mullahs R Pigs. factszz.wordpress.com/2014/07/26/some-quranic-verses-relevent-to-jesus-eisa-pbuh/

16- Jesus had a human father. Read exposition of Sura Maryam at https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/eisa-jesus-was-never-born-with-out-human-father-read-sura-marry-with-exposition/

17- A Fantastic Biography of Abu Hurairah R.A – A Must for all educated Muslims. Will refresh ur Imaan. https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/07/31/biograpgy-of-abu-hurairah-ra-the-biggest-contributer-of-hadith-books/

18- What happens in #Grave #after #death? MUST BE READ BY ALL Humans. https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/06/02/reality-of-alive-and-dead-person-in-grave/

19- Whole Truth of True-Real-Islam just in one picture: pic.twitter.com/w3uKJ3lZ7L

20- Best page on the life of Jesus that tells U ultimate Truth about his life with tons of evidence> https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/11/30/the-best-scholarly-page-on-the-life-of-isa-jesus-from-a-to-z-a-treasure-for-the-students-of-comparative-religion/

21- Quotes of TOP Muslim scholars in past 1400 years about Ascension and Return of Eisa PBUH. Very informative page – Must be read by all http://bit.ly/RYLB1p

22- How to Obey Prophet after his death? https://factszz.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/obeying-the-messenger-is-in-upholding-quran-the-whole-quran-and-nothing-but-quran/

23- How & who fabricated hadiths against Woman, despite Quran gives Lady more respect than man? https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/collection-of-some-highly-authentic-hadiths-from-sahih-bukhari-and-other-sahih-books/

24- There is ONLY AND ONLY one way to understand Quran correctly, and that is to understand Quran only by quran. If you will try to understand Quran through Persian’s forged hadith Books, Mullahs made Shan-e-Nazools, contexts, fake Fiqa & Tafseers; you will never understand Quran properly even if you try it for 100 years. Quran explains itself, as it has its own built-in dictionary. Read or download one of the greatest works of all times in pdf format: How Quran explains itself? http://is.gd/ZBElOU

25- A source of great info. http://www.youtube.com/user/Factszz/about

26- The most truthful Islamic page of present time – A Gold-Mine but only for honest Truth-Seekers. https://factszz.wordpress.com

27- A Video that must be watched by all Muslims Jews and Christians. http://youtu.be/19THPXeHoug

28- Last Sermon of The Last Prophet of ONE GOD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCzN3Pr9EOw

29- Some Hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death. Guaranteed

30- #Shia & #Sunni R cults of Zoroastrianism; They R Never Muslims

31- Never forget to visit our main page: The Most Truthful Islamic Page of present time but only for who are honest and mature truth-seekers https://factszz.wordpress.com

Biggest religious grp Christians hv millions scholars called Priests & scholars tht carry Ph.D’s in theology. But why all Christians with all their Priests & Ph.D Scholars R gone astray from 2000 years? Why? Why? There is only one MAIN REASON, that is blind-following of their oldies & old misguided generations. Exactly same reason applies to not less than 97 percent Muslims who R also gone astray frm 1200 years. Despite Quran declares those WORST BEASTS on planet who follow others blindly.

Iblees hs sent majority of people on earth astray, incl Christians Muslims Jews, Hindus ++. Reason is blind following oldies. Quran repeatedly warns; Do not believe blindly unless u inquire and investigate it fully. Muslims R following Criminal evil Mullahs blindly frm 1200 yrs & so are gone astray.

Quran 38:82: [Whereupon Iblis] said: “Then [I swear] by Thy very might: I shall most certainly beguile them all into grievous error
Quran 38:83: [all] except such of them as are truly Thy servants”

Know that: Verse 5:44 forbids to follow any other Book except Quran for to make any Sharia Law. All Hadithers Who make Sharia laws from Hadith and sunna books are Kaafirs as per 5:44

The Most Truthful Islamic Page of present time but only for who are honest and mature truth-seekers: https://factszz.wordpress.com


A List of some innovations that were added in Islam during Abbasid Period from 750-1258 A.D


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