All praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom the Omnipotent the Omniscient the Omnipresent the Omnificent

Refuting all works of Mullah Muhammad Mustafa Al-A’zami about Hadith and Sunna

If a Mullah is from Iceland or from Argentina or from Pakistan or from India or from Turkey or from Saudi Arabia or from Egypt or from Indonesia or from USA or from Russia or from Malaysia or from Germany or from France or from Mars or from Jupiter; they all share one common trait, and that is their Ignorance (Jahalat) that they have been preaching to we sheeple (blindly following) Muslims at least from past 1200 years. From past 1200 years, these Mullahs and Imams are being trained in order plan, invent, produce, and then sell lies to majority of blind-followers (8:22, 7:179, 2:170). Truth is; that in our past 1400 years history, no one has harmed Islam and Muslims more than these Mullahs, Imams and Pseudo Scholars. They have totally deformed and distorted the true real shape of pristine Islam that has been finalized in Holy Quran and that existed before years 722 A.D. These Deceivers has disfigured face of pristine Islam by throwing tons of acid on the face of Islam in past 1200 years. Their all degrees in Theology including their Ph.D. degrees are fake, so the books they write are also fake because curricula they are taught during their Ph.D. classes is fake and is based mostly on millions of fabricated hadiths, contexts, nazools, sunna books, and Fiqa books that Prophet Mohammad the exalted never left behind. He neither verified any of that books nor ever he certified any such Book. After death of Prophet, only Complete Hard Book of Quran (Mojallad) was found in the room of Prophet; no hadith, no sunna. For Proof, please read our page about compilation of Quran. Therefore; if in a meat grinding machine, input is meat of swine; the output of that machine will never be cow-meat even if you recycle it a trillions times. Truth that many people do not know is: That in Islam=Quran there is no any place/vacancy of Mullahs and Imams like Azami because holy Quran is standalone, made-easy, simple-plain, fully detailed Book which is self-explanatory and contains its own built-in dictionary and its own best Exegesis (Tafsir). Allah says in 12:111, 16:89 and 17:12, my Quran explains every thing for Muslims. Therefore; all what is given in Quran, is part of Islam, and all what is not given in Quran has no any relation with Islam. All rites, rituals, their units and Islamic law (Sharia) that has no roots in fully detailed Quran, are absolutely not part of Islam. All extra-Quranic rites, rituals and laws that we find in Islam today, were forged in past 1200 years especially during Abbasid Period (750-1258 A.D.). Ulama of Quran are Scientists and not Theological Mullahs. All rebuttals of Azami against works of Ignác Goldziher, David Margoliouth, and Joseph Schacht are mere lame duck and carry no any rational and logical weight. We are a Team of dedicated Muslims but we salute to non-Muslim Orientalists Ignác Goldziher, David Margoliouth, and Joseph Schacht because as we have studied them, their work is million time more logical, rational and truthful than the works of our Idiotic stubborn ignorant Mullahs and Imams. Educated and honest Muslims are in debt of Ignác Goldziher, David Margoliouth, and Joseph Schacht for their unbiased and truthful contribution to Islam and Muslims.One can never understand Quran correctly in his whole life if he understands Quran through extra-Quranic theological sources such as fabricated Sunna and Hadiths. Quran can be understood correctly Only and Only by Quran itself. There is no any other way to understand Quran correctly. Quran makes very clear in many verses that sole one task given to Prophet Mohammad(s) was to deliver Quran clearly. It was not his duty to invent millions of Hadiths and Sunna or Tafseer (Exegesis) nor ever he invented. That all innovations were blended in Islam centuries after the death of Prophet in order to twist and distort even very clear law of Quarn. As we have said early, Mullahs and Imams like Azami are aliens to Islam. They just jumped in Islam from somewhere and created their vacancies in Islam in order to run their theological trade shops known as Madaaris and Theological faculties in colleges and universities. We Muslims copied priesthood from Zoroastrians, Judaism, and Church. Quran tells in 9:31, 72:18: Follow Allah alone (which mean his Divine Books), and do not take Monks Priests Clergy and Prophets as your Lord 3:80. Our following pages fully refute and debunk all works of all Mullahs (from 1200 years) including Indian Mullah Azami who is now teacher in Saudi Arabia. Our talk is not shallow but carries logical and rational weigh. We refute with substantial proofs, logic and rationality. Let we tell you a very bitter truth that many of you will be unable to digest and that is: The most Truthful Muslims were those whom Mushrik-Hadithers, branded as Khawarj 1300 years ago. They said “Habona Kitaab Allah”. “La Hakam illa Allah”, and that what is very Clearly Exactly mentioned in Quran in many verses like 5:44, 6:114. Other group of Purest Muslims was named by Gang of Criminal Shafi’i as Ahl-al-Kalam or Mu’tazila. Rest, majority, after Shafi are not Muslims but Mohammedans. Read in our pages: Who is Muslim and who is Mohammedan. Links are given below. Prophet left behind not a single page of written Hadith. All Hadiths are mere gossip and hearsay and all Hadiths that we see in hadith books against Kharjites were forged by Gangs of Hadithers who gave them name of Kharjites due to their conflict with them. Truth is that Truth has been buried, and falsehood of Satan Shafi’i is flourishing from 1200 years, Kuffar, Shirk, Zinka. In fact as per Quran 6:159, all Shia nd Sunni the followers of Shafi’i and Hadith Imams are Kharjites, as they took exit from Islam by making sects, tafaraka and division in one Umma/Islam; and Quran forbids sects in many verses and says in 6:159 that who make sects are out of Islam. They took exist by creating divisions in Islam. They are actual Kharjites. From Adam to Mohammad, GOD has names all True followers of all Original Scriptures in their relevant life-times as only Muslims in Quran 22:78. No sects. No Divisions. Holy Quran tells in 3:105: Hell is waiting for sect followers.A Good and honest reader of Quran knows about verses 28:56, 72:21. That two verses tell: Mohammad(s) cannot guide any one to RIGHT PATH but only Allah Al-Haadi can guide. Now it is matter of commonsense to realize that if Messenger cannot guide any one to right path, then what is utility of Hadith and Sunna books that he never left behind, neither verified nor certified? When Messenger cannot guide any one to Right Path, then how he could guide Shia and Sunni sects about their conflicting Azan and conflicting methods and units of Five daily Rituals? If GOD can send a Big book holy Quran to Prophet Mohammad(s) through Wahi (Revelations), then why Prophet was in need to take ride on a funny fictitious flying donkey Boraq in order to fly to some remote part of Universe in order to meet GOD. Does GOD live in any five star villa somewhere in heavens? We ask Azami, tell us postal code of that villa. where GOD of Hadith-followers lives? Quarn 50:16 tells: Allah is closer to person than his neck vein and is Omnipresent. Then why one meeds a flying horse to meet GOD in any remote part of universes? Know man: That all fabricated lies come from forged hadiths and Sunna. No any flying donkey Boraq of Zoro Bukhari is mentioned in Noble Quran. Zoro Bukhari simply copied that story from two Zoroastrian books Arda Viraf and Zerdashtnama in order to forge Hadith of Miraj (Night Journey) in order to blend five Zoroastrian Namaz rituals in Islam in 773 A.D. Salat of Quran has no any realtion with these five Zoroastrian Namaz. Please read our page: What is Quranic Salat. Link is given below. Does holy Quran tell us, that Prophet met with Adam, Moses and many other already died Messengers in Heavens during Miraaj night journey? No. Does fully detailed 16:89 Quran tell us: Prophet was given 50 Rituals and then after, again and again consulting Prophet Moses, he bargained with GOD like a Union leader, and finally succeeded to reduce numbers of rituals from 50 to 5.? Man: This is all Zoroastrian Conspiracy against Islam and that Mullahs like Azami, Zakir Naik, Nouman Ali are propounder and advancers of that Zoroastrians lies from past 1400 years. King of all this kind lies was Shafi’i. Read our pages given below about that the Greatest Satan of Islamic history. Links are given below.Some hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death. Never miss our this page.

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As we have already said above: Prophet left behind no any hadith and sunna manuscript, and all hadith and sunna books were fabricated after the death of prophet based on Chinese whisper spread-over 250+ years. A told B told C told D etc. For the sake of argument, for a minute, even if we believe, from over two millions spread over hadiths (Chinese Whisper), just Eight are Reliable, as said by early critics; then even though, as per Law of Quran, we cannot use those even Eight hadiths during formation of Islamic Law/Judgment/Yahkam because if one does so, he instantly becomes a Mushrik Kaafir as per Quran 5:44, 6:114. Because to place extra-Quranic man-made Books beside book of Allah is concomitant to make partners with Allah, and that is Shirk – unforgivable sin. Prophet Mohammad was ordained by Allah: Do not follow any book except Quran. We can see very clearly, without any ambiguity in verses 6:114, 10:15 and 6:19 that for Hukam/Yahkam/judgment/law, ONLY and ONLY fully detailed Book of Allah is is to be followed.  When hadithers are told this truth of Quran; they brain-locked Mushriks always come with their totally nonsensical arguments which is: This is not in Quran and that is not in Quarn, so they need millions of fabricated hadiths. Our answer to that all dumb cattle of 7:179 is: O you the brain-locked Mushriks: It is simple and very simple: What is not given in fully detailed Quran, is not part of Islam. If Quran does not dictate you, with what hand you should drink water; then that’s mean, Quran is not usurping very basic right of choice. It is up to you if you drink with left hand or right hand. Like this, there are hundreds of example. If Quarn says: All that dies itself is Haraam, then why you must beleive in that forged hadiths that allows  hadithers to eat dead locust? Quran repeats several time that on the day of judgment, no one bear burn of any other. But in Sahih-Muslims (a book of Authentic lies), it is written that on the day of Judgment, all sins of Muslims will be placed on the head of Jews and Muslims. Same book also tells that Prophet said: All black dogs are devil. Can you think Great Man (68:4) Mohammad(s) can tell this kind of comedy? Bukhari tells: that Evil is in Woman. Now all humans are born from women, all Prophet were born from woman and even that Zoroastrian Bukhari was born from that Evil woman. Just ponder: Can Prophet says so when his own mother was a woman? We have read all hadith books and we have no any doubt to says that all hadith books of Shia and sunni sects and all other sects are mere Himalaya of fabricated stories that has been scribed to Great Man (68:4) Mohammad(s).    

Sunnah or Sunna: Hadithers and worshipers of Prophet Mohammad has fabricated his countless sunna too, despite Prophet left behind no any manuscript of Sunna. Worshiper of Prophet Mohammad (we say them not Muslims but Mushrik-Mohammedans 3:80) used to follow millions of forged hadiths and so called Sunna. After centuries-long sound criticism on fabrications called Hadiths, now many Mohammedans are saying: Oh we do not follow hadiths but we follow Prophet’s Sunna. But extra-Quranic Sunna is same kind of lie as forged hadiths. There is only one way to please Allah and prophet Mohammad on the day of resurrection and that is to follow Divine Book he delivered 25:30. There is no any extra-Quranic Sunna and Hadith in Islam. For example Sunna followers say: To wear right shoe first is Sunna. But why you need this fabricated Sunna? If you wear left shoe first; will you go to hell? Where Book of Allah tells us to wear right shoe First? Then they say: To drink water with right hand is Sunna. No it is not sunna but a forged lie. It has no any relation with Pristine Islam that has been finalized in Quran. You will not commit a sin if you will drink water with left or right hand. If it was necessary, for sure,, Book of Allah could have told us to do so. Then they say: To fast 6 days in month of Shawal is Sunna. No, it is again a forged lie. Quran that Prophet Mohammad has delivered, tells us about fasting of Ramadan; and not of six days of Shawal. They say: To drink water while sitting is sunna. No it is not. If it was, then Book of GOD had told us so. Therefore, it is up to you to decide, if you have to drink water while sitting or standing. Then say say: Before entering in Toilet, to say this and that Dua is sunna, and before intercourse this dua is sunna. All fabricated lies of Mullahs that has been ascribed to Prophet. Then they say: Sewak/Miswak is Sunna. Sewak is a kind of Tooth-brush used to clean the teeth. Now, there are billions of non-Muslims who also clean their teeth and for sure teeth of we Muslims are not more bright or superior to that all of non-Muslims. Do that all non-Muslims follow this fabricated Sunna of Sewak invented by Sunnis? GOD has given you us a great gift and that is brain. It is matter of common sense, you should not be filthy but clean and you should clean your teeth too. You are absolutely not in need of to forge Sunna of Sewak in order to clean your teeth. Soon we will publish a special page on all fake Sunna of Sunni sect and we will list in that page all fake sunna they follow and will logically and rationally reject their all fake Sunna one by one that they have fabricated through forged hadiths, and have ascribed to Great Man (68:4) Mohammad(s) who followed none but Quran 5:44-48, 7:3, 6:114, 6:19, 10:15, 50:45, 16:116, 66:1, 28:56, 72:21, 3:80, 18:110, 29:18, 5:92, 5:99, 42:48, 3:20, 16:35, 24:54, 36:17, 13:40, 16:35, 16:82, 64:12, 12:111, 16:89, 17:12, 25:30, 25:33

His sunna is nothing but replica of Quranic ethics codes and law, for example: To not break promise is sunna of Prophet and this is given in Quran. To not usurp rights of other is Sunna of Prophet and this is also commanded in Quran, To not lie is Sunna of Prophet and Quran tells: Do not lie 2:42. To refrain from intercourse when wife is menstruating is Sunna of Prophet and that is given in Quran (Zoroastrian hypo Bukhari says: Prophet used to do intercourse even during menses, but hadithers replace word intercourse by fondling). Very Clearly, Quran (which is mother of Arabic Grammar) has used word YOBASIR for intercourse and not for fondling or touching. Therefore; when you are following Quran, you are following Commands of Allah and Sunna of Prophet too. There is no any extra-Quranic Sunna and Hadith in Islam at all.Like all Liar hadithers, Azami also writes in his books that Prophet Mohammad is role Model and his sunna must be followed for ever. No Mr Azami: U are telling the Greatest lie. Quran makes very clear in many verses that sole task given to Messenger by Allah, was only to deliver Quran clearly to People and return to his Lord. In whole Quran, no any word Sunna of Rasool is used but always word Sunna-t-Allah is used. If there is any sunna of Mohammad then that is only replica of Quranic ethics laws and codes. There is no any extra-Quranic Sunna. For the sake of argument, even if we admit that there is extra-Quranic Sunna of Mohammad, then where is manuscript of that Sunna which Prophet Mohammad and Four Caliphs left behind? Nowhere. You hadithers has forged sunna and hadiths innovations. Nowhere Quran says: Mohammad(s) is role Model for Muslims. Role-Model-ship of a Muslim is given in Quran. Quran says: Mohammad(s) cannot guide any one to right path (28:56, 72:21). then how could he be a role-model if he was unable to guide any one to right path? You hadithers twist some verses of Quran in order to validate role-model-ship of Mortal Man. Following pictures expose lies and twists of you hadithers: After studying almost all hadith books and all Tafsirs (exegesis) that Hadithers follow, Our Team have honestly and sincerely, concluded, that vast majority of Mullahs and Imams of today are Jaahil Ignorant, and vast majority of Mullahs, Imams and Mofassars 1300 years ago were also Jaahil Ignorant, and 1200 years ago were Ignorant, and 1000 years ago were Ignorant. Reason is: Exalted Last Prophet left behind only Noble Quran because his sole one duty was to deliver Quran and return to his Lord 29:18, 42:48, 3:20, 3:80, 5:99, 72:21, 28:56, 18:110. This is why; after completion of Quranic wahi, after a short period, he died because his great mission was now complete which was none but delivery of Quran clearly. He left behind no any manuscript of Hadith, Sunna, Contexts, Fiqa, Shane-Nazools, and Tafsirs (Exegesis). Know that: If the heart be pure, clean and sanctified, it will be able to discern between right and wrong, truth and lie, and guidance and misguidance.

But question is; why he did not leave behind any Extra-Quranic Book; despite he could setup another panel of honest mature writers to write down Tafsirs, Hadith and Sunna books? Answer is: He was absolutely not in need of to leave behind all that extra-Quranic books because Quran is made easy 54:17. Because Quran is fully detailed 6:114. Because Quran explains every thing for Muslims 12:111, 16:89, 17:12. Because Quran has its own best build-in dictionary, and its own best built-in Tafsir (exegesis) 25:30, 25:33. Mullahs, Imams and Mofassars (authors of books of Tafsirs) even 1300 years ago remained Jaahil Ignorant because most of them did not use Quran’s own built-in dictionary and Quran’s own built-in Tafsir but they added long tales/stories in their books which came from fables and fabricated hadiths (hearsay) that in most cases were concocted by hypocrites (pseudo converts of people of Book) like Wahb Ibn Munnabih, Hammam Munibbih, Rabbi K’ab al-Ahbar and by his many students like Abu Hurairah, Ibn Abbas, Ibn Umar and many others. All that hadiths and Tafsir are huge pile of lies or let say: that all books of hadiths and Tafsirs are Himalaya of Lies, Nonsense, Gossip, Hearsay, very Foolish-talk, and comic moronic Stupidities. It is sad to ascribe that all concocted tales to Prophet but that what is done by hypocrites. You will see many Mullahs and Pseudo Scholars who say: After Quran, Bukhari and Muslim are the most authentic books but truth is: Bukhari and Muslims are books of authentic lies. For solid Proof, read our page “some hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death”.

Among other oldest hadiths collection are of Malik’s Mowatta, Tabarani, Al-Hakim  (Mustadrak), Bayhaqi, Musnad Ibn Hanbal, Darimi, and Daraqutni. We have read all that works and we have concluded, that authors of that all works were not different from stupid ignorant Mullahs of today. Their collections are full of laughing stock. Regarding Tafsirs; majority considers and loves Tafsirs of Razi Jalalyn, Risala of Shafi, Fiqa-Hanfi, Ibn Kathir, Baghawi, Qartabi, Tabari, and Zamakhshari but truth is: in that all books though there is some truth too but billions of tons of lies and foolish-talk too. Ibn Hajar is one of the biggest demigods  (9:31, 2:170) of Sunni sect but truth is: this Egyptian Mullah was in way more educated than our stupid Mullahs of today. He was a Jaahil. His work is full of Kufar and Shirk. Though not all but almost all Mofassars and Hadiths-collectors belong to Shafi-School, and Shafi was the Greatest Satan/deceiver of our 1400 history; and an Ass never gives birth to elephant. If Teacher was a Satan, then how will be his followers! Read our special page on Shafi (an hidden Shia). And Books of Shia sect also stink more than dead dogs. That almost whole pile of garbage grew in Abbasid era 750-1258 A.D. DNA-wise, Abbasid were half Muslims and half Zoroastrians. Their Tutors, Ministers, Prime Minister, many wives and even mother were Persian Zoroastrians. O Wise Person: Know that: Whole Islam is finalized in Quran. Any rite, ritual or law that has no roots in Quran is absolutely not part of Islam. All extra-Quranic Laws (Sharia Laws), Rites and Rituals are innovations of Clergy. Islam is to have right faith 4:136; to follow Divine law; to be mindful about Allah in all awaken conditions; and to live your whole life as a righteous Philanthropist 2:177. If you follow all this, then day of death is the Best day of your life on this earth.

Again in his book “History of Quranic text“‘ all gossip of Mr. Azami is based om Hadither’s view point who want to debate by using their millions of Hadiths that Prophet never verified nor certified. When his research is based on millions of fabricated lies called hadiths, then what will be the status of his Research? Zero. Not reliable. It is like, when during debate, Christian missionary tries to prove from some verses of bible that Jesus is son of God. But truth is: Bible is the most tampered Book under sky, so how one can except reference from tampered books? When we read hand written manuscripts of Mark and Luke of 4th Century, in some verses, Jesus is written as Son of Man or is never written as son of GOD but Mark and Luke of today contains that tampered verses with new entry of Jesus as son of GOD. And fact is, Hadiths has even poor reliability than bibles. So whole argument of Mr. Mullah AZami which mostly is based on millions of fabricated hadiths can be not only summarily rejected but must be thrown in trash. Fact is and Truth is that Paper was invented 800 years before the landing of Quran; and Quran as complete Hard Book was present in the life-time of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). Prophet wrote all letters to other kings on Paper, then why the most Important Final edition of all Scriptures “Quran” was to be written down on pieces of stones and bones? That all are fabricated lies spread by defeated Persian Zoroastrian Hadith Imams in order to discredit Quran. Please read our special page on “Compilation of Quran”. Link is given in this page among the list of links.  In fact Hadith books that Hadither follows has many reports which also show that Quran was compiled during life of Prophet by four Companions. To say that Quran was compiled by Abu Bakkar or Utham is the greatest lies of Persian Zoroastrian hadith imams that they have forged against Quarn in order to discredit Quran in order to bring it below to the level of millions forged hadiths that are nothing but Chinese whisper. Allah Jalla Aala says: He is protector of Quran and no any evil can touch it from any side but Hungry Goat of “Azami and Ibn-Majah Co.Unlimited” say: Some verses of Quran are missing from Quran because according to “Azami and Ibn-Majah Co.Unlimited” that verses were eaten by an stupid hungry goat.  If Mr Azami is still alive then whole team “Factszz” pray for his good health and long life, but suggest him to repent and ask forgiveness from Allah Al-Ahad Al-Wahid As-Samad for the shirk kuffar and zindka he spread in his whole life; otherwise he could be in serious trouble when Allah Al-Adal will ask him, Azami: who gave you authority to make Prophet Mohammad(s) my Partner (3:80) by saying  in your books that Prophet Mohammad is Source of Islamic law?. Following small picture is taken from his book “Studies in Hadith methodology and literature” at the beginning of chapter “hadith criticism history and methodology”. We beg to remind Mr Azami and his blind followers, dialog of God with Jesus in Quran 5:116-117.    From above-posted pictures, reader can understand what GOD has said about his last testament “Holy Quran”. Now let we read in following picture, what those Persian hypo Zoro Pseudo Hadith Imams say about Quran: Please note: Our very dear Mullah Azami and our beloved Mullahs like Nouman Ali Khan, Tahir Padri, Yasir Qadhi, Zakir Naik etc. are not just followers of Ibn Majah but they do Ishaq with that kind of Zoroastrian Monafaks who have frequently attacked Quran, insulted Allah and his Rasools in their filthy forged books, and has ruined faith of we Muslims from past 1200 years. These Mullahs also do Ishaq with Zoro Bikhari who has told whole world that Great Man (68:4) Prophet Mohammad committed pedophilia by marrying a 6 pr 8 years girl. And that brain-dead Mullahs says: So at the age of 52 , to marry a 6 years baby is Sunna of Prophet. They have no brain to understand that Quran allows marriage only at adult age, and it is impossible that if Prophet Mohammad had violated  Law of his Lord. GOD witnessed in 68:4 that Mohammad(s) was a Man with Great Character. So how could he violate Law of GOD given in Quran? These empty headed headed Mullahs must learn that report of Zoro Bukhari of 9 years Marriage of Aisha RA was fabricated by 11 Narrators of Bukhari and from that 11 narrators, 11 were from the city of Koofa Iraq and two were from Iraqi city Basra. All that 11 were Shia. And we all know, how Shia Insult Abu Bakar RA and Aisha RA. Bukhari also got education from some ardent Shia teachers. 

This our page is also rebuttal for all works/books of Mullahs, Imams and Pseudo Scholars who were and are followers, preachers and lovers  of Extra-Quranic, Satanic Innovations of Hadith and Sunna from years 722 A.D. Onward because that Ibleesian innovations used to have no any legality in Islam before 722 A.D. After landing of Glorious Quran, there is Only and Only one way to please Allah Al-Hayi and his Last Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), and that is to follow Divine Book that Last Prophet delivered, and he delivered none but Noble Quran and Only Quran

And We end this page with following beautiful Dua 

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Refuting all works of Mullah Muhammad Mustafa Al-A’zami about Hadith and Sunna


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