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We are not in need of any detailed discussion on this subject because just one Quranic verse 16:116 makes crystal clear that criteria of Haraam and Halaal is only and only BOOK of Allah “Quran”. Prophet in no way could have violated verses of Quran; and so all hadiths that declare many things Haraam and Halaal are fabricated lies, and were never ever said by Prophet. To Judge Haraam and Halaal, follow only Book of Allah as is commanded in 16:116.verse16_116When Prophet Mohammad returned to his Lord in year 632 A.D.; only Hard BOOK of Quran and a register in which name of his 1500 disciples were written was found in his room. No any other man-made book like of Hadiths, Sunna, Seera, Fiqa, Tafsirs, exegesis, Contexts, and Nazool was found in his room. That all stuff was fabricated and forged by Idiotic Mullahs and vile Imams centuries later in order to twist Quranic laws and to run their theological trade shops. GOD tells repeatedly in his last testament “Quran” that his Book explains every thing for a Muslim 12:111, 16:89, 17:12 and his Book is Guidance for those who are GOD Conscious 2:2 but Ignorant Hadithers always deny what GOD has said in Quran. They always claim: This is not in Quran and that is not in Quran and this is why, they consult fabricated hadith books which Prophet Mohammad neither verified nor certified because that all kind of hadith books were fabricated 250-800 years after the death of Prophet Mohammad thru centuries spread rumors and gossip with false and fabricated chains (Chinese Whisper). Hadithers also ask: Where Quran says: Dog is Haraam and Horse is Haram and Donkey is haraam etc. They ask this kind of questions because they are evildoers and ignorant to their Core. They never understand whole Quran in their whole life because they follow their Jaahil fasaadi Mullahs and freak Imams who are deceiving them from centuries. We ask the reader to ask hadithers: Where their forged Hadith Books tell if Reindeer of Siberia is Halal or Haraam and if Jaguar of Latin America is Halaal or Haraam and if Tapir is halal or Haraam? They will not find in their fabricated books any answer. But Noble Quran sets very simple principles for Halaal & Haraam Animals, and that simple Principles applies to all animals, birds and sea creature; but Hadithers are brain-dead Mushriks. They have no time to understand Quran. There is an other cult called Submitter who follows Impostor Rashaad Khaleefa. According to them, except pig, every thing is Halaal. They are Ignorant in Quran like their False Rasool Rashaad Khaleefa was. Now we come to actual topic. Noble Quran chooses from grass-eating animals (Al-An’aam) only a special group of grass-eating Animals which are Halaal. Quran call that group “Baheemat A-An’aam” which, according to Quran, mean the cattle which pasture and also ruminate. Please note: Not all pasturing animals also ruminate. For example: donkey and horse pasture but do not ruminate. This Quranic law can be applied to all cattle of the planet. Also note that all Cattle that ruminate has more than one stomach or say: have more than one compartments in stomach. Because horse, and donkey are monogastric and do not ruminate, so that are not halaal. Camel pastures and ruminates, so is halaal. Pasturing Ruminants also do not have their upper teeth. In addition to terms of A-An’aam (Grass eating or Pasturing animals), and “Baheemat An’aam” (Pasturing and Ruminating Animals), Quran also uses another term “Jawareh” (animals that are used for hunting like dog, Attackers). All Jawareh are Haraam. Besides Jawareh do not Pasture and Ruminate. Same principle is applicable to birds. Any bird with more than one pot/stomach/crop is Halal (like hen) and with only one, like Crow, are haraam. About sea food, Quran has used word “Laham Tari” that has soft meat without blood veins in eating-flesh like fish. Whale with blood vein in body is not Halal. All that dies itself is Haraam 5:3. Blood is haraam. All animals that are slaughtered with other names except name of GOD are Haraam even if that is Lamb or Goat 5:3.

Ruminants in Wikipedia

Ruminating system of cow

Let we discuss this matter now in detail with Quranic references: Animals are taken in three categories.

1- That lives on Ground earth.
2- That lives on earth but also fly in air.
3- That lives in Sea.

Animals that lives on earth are further divided into three categories:

1- That walk on their belly like snake.
2- That walk on their two feet.
3- That walk on 4 feet. (Quran 24:45)

The animals which walk on 4 feet are divided into two categories:

1- Jawareh (used for Hunting like dog, Eagle, Cheeta, Lion etc) 5:4
2- Al-Ina’aam (that pasture, mean eat grass) 20:53-54

Noble Quran divides Category of “al-An’aam” further into two Categories:

1- Baheemat al-An’aam 5:1, 22:28
2- Non-Baheemat An’aam 6:142, 6:136

Noble Quran tells in 5:1 that Only those cattle are Halaal (Meat can be eaten) which fall in category of “Baheemat al-An’aam”

Quran 5:1 ohillat lakum baheematu alanAAami – 5:1 which mean: For you meat of “Baheemat al-An’aam” is made Halaal. So let we see now, how Quran further gives Tafseer of term “Baheemat Al-An’aam” This is Morakkab Azafi but some people grossly mislead by showing it as Morakkab Seefi and falsely show that all grass eating animals like donkey and horse are Baheemat. No; this is not correct at all. If that was true, then there was no need to use two terms for same category “Al-An’aam”; and “Bahaamat al-An’aam”. Besides; verse 16:8 tells also that horses and mules and asses for you to ride (not for eating).

Actual meaning of word “Al-An’aam”

Noble Quran has divined four-Feet animal clearly into branches; Jawareh (hunting animals who are offenders eat flesh & tear other animals during attack like Lion Cheeta and dog) 5:4; and Al-An’aam (that eat Grass) 20:53-54. One Group eats flesh and other never eats flesh but Grass.Verses 20:53-54 and 32:27 also clarify that Al-An’aam eats only Nabataat (Grass). Meaning of Al-An’aam is not mere animal/beast but its meaning is “Grass Eating animal/beast”. Eight Halaal animals given in 6:142-144 differ to other grass-eaters like donkey and horse, that Eight Halaal animals pasture and ruminate but on the contrary, though rabbit, horse and donkey pasture but they do not ruminate. So rabbit, donkey and horse never resemble in characteristics to those 8 Halaal Animals of 6:142-144 which are “Baheemat al-An’aam”. To be Halaal mean to be in group of “Baheemat; and to be in group of Baheemat mean to be in group of Halaal animals”. Eight Baheemat of 6:142-144, not only pasture but also ruminate. Please also note that in another Book of GOD “Torah” which has been superseded by Quran (5:48, 2:105-106), also permitted in past those animals as Halaal which pasture, ruminate and their hooves are cloven. But Noble Quran which is updated final version of Divine Law, has dropped the condition of “cloven Hoof”; as though camel does not have cloven hooves, yet it is Halaal in Quran 6:142-144. Another example: Quran has also carried forward 9 out of 10 commandment of Torah, but 10th commandment “Sabbath” has been dropped by Quran. Yahood do not eat camel but Quran has made it Halaal. Haters who say: Quran has copied/plagiarized some verses from Torah and Bible, are vile brain-dead-cattle because Author of all Original Scriptures is same one GOD, and when Author brings its new edition forward, for sure, Author always carries forward some material from its previous editions into new edition. It is quite normal, so question of copying or plagiarism in no way arises.  So, Cheeta, Lion etc never fall in the category of Al-An’aam. Al-An’aam are only those 4 feet animals that eats Grass but no flesh. A group from Al-An’aam called “Baheemat-Al-An’aam is only Halaal 5:1; and not all Al-An’aam (grass eating animals) are Halaal. We can say here that though Behamat-al-An’aam is a sub-category of Al-An’aam but not all Al-An’aam are “Baheemat-Al-An’aam”. So to translate word Al-An’aam as “CHOUPAA’AY” (four feet animal/cattle) is illogical, irrational and totally incorrect; but correct is: Four feet Animal/cattle that eat Grass and eat no flesh. Recognition of “Baheemat Al-In’aam

Now we see verses 6:142-144. In these verses Quran ordained to eat 8 kinds of Bhameet-al-In’aam [Sheep male+Sheep Female+Goat Male+Goat Female+Camel Male+Camel Female+Cow+its male Ox] and all that cattle which have similar Characteristics to that 8 Baheemat-al-In’aam. In above given verses, Alaf-Laam Ehdi Mithli of words alddan, almaAAzi, alibili, albaqari explains that all cattle that have similar characteristics like above-given 8 Baheemat-Al-In’aam are also Halaal. Now we see what are common characteristics in these 8 Bahamat-al-In’aam that do not exist in other cattle “Ina’aam”. Clearly the common thing among that 8 is, that all the 8 are pasturing Ruminant. Donkey and horse are not similar, as those are though pasturing animals but are not ruminant. Verse 40:79 also tells that from “In’aam” (grass eating Cattle), some are for riding and some are for eating”. And that eating category is told as Baheemat-al-In’aam and those that resemble in characteristics like above give 8 Bahamat-Cattle. And as already mentioned above; verse 16:8 tells that horses and mules and asses for you are to ride (not for eating). Throughout the planet, you can judge in a minute which cattle is Halaal by checking its upper teeth because all Halaal ruminant-cattle will have no upper teeth.
To sum up: Now there is no any doubt that Bahmat-Al-In’aam are those cattle that are Pasturing Ruminant and further investigation also shows that all Ruminants has more than one stomach. Same Principle is applicable to birds that all birds are Halaal that has more than one stomach/CROP, some time called more than one compartment in their stomach. Eagle comes under Jawareh. Same is further reinforced by verse 2:57 in which quails (Batair) were sent to eat and Batair has two POTS (Stomach). In Verse 2:57, again for word “al-salwa” (Batair/Quail) Alaf-Laam is Ehdi Mithli which mean eat Quail and all birds that are like Quail and Quail has two stomach/Crop. Therefore; all birds that has one stomach are Haraam and all those have more than one are Halaal. Can Jaahil Hadithers show us list of all birds of Universe that are Haraam and Halaal? No they cannot. Quran fixes all matters with a simple principle. Besides, as mentioned, as per Quran, category of all Jawareh (who hunt) are not Halaal. Eagle also comes under Jawareh. Now what is distinct feature of Eagle? That are his hunting Claws/Talons. So Look at any bird that has Hunting Talons. If has hunting talons, then is not Halaal. That lives in Sea/water. Quran 16:14 ordains to eat “lahman tariyya” which mean soft fresh meat without blood veins; and criteria is met by only fishes. Due to naturally opened torn Gill Covers of Fish and no blood like Goat and Lamb, You do not need to make its Zibha. Zibha is made to drain blood, as blood is not Halaal. Catch alive fish. Cut its head from already opened naturally torn GILLS and prepare for Food. If Fish has been died itself before catching it, then that is Haraam 5:3. In Sura Kahf of Quran, Prophet Moses planned to eat fish in breakfast. As per Quran, it appear, Fish meat is the beast meat. Also see distinctive feature of Halal Fish. It has essentially fins and scales. 

A Thought Provoking very important Note: In Arabic Ghudda and in Urdu Ghudood and in English Gland. One disease of glanduloid which is disease of neck Ghudood/glands is also called in Arabic Khanzir and its plural is Khanazir which mean Ghudoods/Glands. Laham of Khanzir, could be Laham of Ghadoods/Glands within Halal Meat which must be removed after Zibah. Meat of Ghudoods causes diseases in human body. In this way flowing Blood and Ghudoods (Khanazeer) from within the Halaal meat are Haraam. Because Pig is monogastric and never ruminates, so pig is not among Baheemat-al-An’aam of 5:1, Therefore; pig becomes already Haraam for not meeting the condition set in under 5:1. Logic and Rationality: Once Animal-Pig becomes Haraam under verse 5:1 already, then apparently, there was no need to mention word Khanzir 4 times again specifically, in verses 16:115, 2:173, 5:3, 6:145. This shows: word Khanzir that is used in verses 16:115, 2:173, 5:3, 6:145 most probably (based on logic and rationality) points toward Meat of Glands/Ghudoods (Khanazir) and not to Animal-Pig. In all the four verses, word Khanzir is preceded by word “Dam” (blood) which is part of Living Halaal-animal, and Ghudoods are also Part of Living Halaal animal. Besides, If in already mentioned 4 verses, word Kahnzir was pointed to animal-Khanzir (Instead of Gland/Ghudood/Khanazir); then in the light of 6:142-144,instead of words “Harrama Laham Al-Khanzir”; words “Harrama Khanzir” could be used, like word Harrama is used for whole 8 animals in 6:142-144. In verses 6:142-144, word Laham is not used. For the sake of Argument, if we consider that in previously mentioned 4 verses (instead of Laham of Ghudoods), animal-Pig is pointed; then that verses point ONLY to Laham of Pig, and not to the Fat of Pig. Brain-bent people like Submitter-cult then argue under 6:146, that Only Flesh (Laham) of animal-Khanzir is made Haraam but its FAT is not made Haraam. Does, point of Submitter-cult make any sense? We say: No. Not at all. Because example given in 6:146 is mentioned only for those people of past who denied commandments of GOD and murdered Prophets 2:61, 4:160, 16:118. That example does not necessary fit on the Umma of Last Prophet. Besides, as, as-per 5:1, whole animal-Pig is Haraam; therefore; argument of submitter-cult that Flesh of Pig is Haraam but its fat is Halaal” carries no any weight at all. Besides, Quran has nowhere mentioned that Fat of Pig is Halaal.

Please also note that Verse 5:2 and 5:3 in which 11 things of “Halaal Animals” are declared Haraam, are continuity of verse 5:1 in which term Baheemat-Al-An’aam is used. Therefore; without any doubt, word Laham-Khanzir that is used among 11 forbidden items of 5:3 is also a forbidden-part of Halal meat of Bheemat-al-An’aam. So in verse 5:3, meaning of laham Khanzir given among 11 forbidden-items, in no way points to animal-pig but it certainly points to Glands/Ghudoods/Khanazir of flesh of Halaal animal “Baheemat-al-An’aam”.

Therefore; this whole complex discussion leads us to conclude with certainty that word “Laham Khanzir” given in verses 16:115, 2:173, 5:3, 6:145 points only to Laham of Glands/Ghudoods/Khanazir that exists in Halal Animals because under 5:1, whole Animal-Pig is already made Haraam. This realistic approach also shuts the mouth of Submitter Cult forever who makes Fat of Pig Halaal. In Arabic Lexicon history, first of all, word “Khanazir” was used for Neck Gland disease “Khanazir”; and much later for Animal-Pig. Read following link please. If we consider word Khanzir of above-mentioned 4 verses as Animal-Pig, then there appears conflict among verse 6:145, 6:146 and 5:1; and we all know that such conflicts do not exist in Quran, as Quran is free of any contradiction.

Let we explain this point further by following example:

If a Mechanic advises you, change following parts of your very old car; will you surprise or not?
1- Tires
2- Fuel Pump
3- Landing Gear
4- Brake Pads
5- Brake disks
6- Rear Brake Drums
7- EGR valve
8- Cat. converter
9- Air Filter
10- Oxygen Sensor Up-side
11- Oxygen Sensor lower-Side.

From above-mentioned 11 parts, You must not surprise for suggested 10 parts but you will surprise about Part No.3 (Landing Gear) which is not part of Car at all but is part of aircraft.

In same way, VERY CLEARLY verse 5:3 is talking about 11 items/points of Halaal meat, assume of COW (Baheemat-al-An’aam 5:1). Now if meaning of Laham-Khanzir is taken as “Animal-Pig” then, how item no.3 of verse 5:3 “Laham Khanzir” became forbidden-part of Cow-Meat? Animal-Pig is not part of Cow-Meat anyway but Glands (Khanazir) are, for sure, part of COW Meat, which is forbidden, and so must be removed from meat after slaughter as it is shown in following two videos. Also note Khanazir is plural of Khanzir/Khinzir.

As we have already mentioned above that verse no 5:3 is continuity of term “Baheemat-al-An’aam” (Halaal Cattle) mentioned in 5:1 and verse 5:3 is telling us that from all Halaal Cattle, their:
1- Carrion is Haraam [here mentioned is Carrion of Halaal-Animal (Baheemat-An’aam of 5:1) because for Haraam Animals (like Pig Horse Donkey) even their “fresh meat”(antonym of carrion) is already haraam].
2- Blood is Haraam (even blood of Halaal Animal is Haraam).
3- Glandular meat (Khanazir/Ghudoods) of even all Halaal Animals is made Haraam. Please watch two videos given below.
4- If Zibah (slaughter) is done with any name other than GOD, then animal becomes Haraam (Is Quran talking about Zibah of a dog here? No. Quran is talking about Halaal Animal)
5- Animal that dies by Strangulation is Haraam (Is Quran talking about Zibah of a dog here? No. Quran is talking about Halaal Animal)
6- Halaal animal (Baheemat-al-An’aam) becomes haraam if that animal is beaten to death (Is Quran talking about Zibah of a dog here? No. Quran is talking about Halaal Animal)
7- Halaal animal (Baheemat-al-An’aam) becomes haraam if that animal dies from fall (Is Quran talking about Zibah of a dog here? No. Quran is talking about Halaal Animal)
8- Halaal animal (Baheemat-al-An’aam) becomes haraam if that animal is gored to death (Is Quran talking about Zibah of a dog here? No. Quran is talking about Halaal Animal)
9- Halaal animal (Baheemat-al-An’aam) becomes haraam if that animal is savaged by a beast of prey (Is Quran talking about Zibah of a dog here? No. Quran is talking about Halaal Animal)
10- But animal remains Halaal if you have slaughtered the animal when it was still alive in the paws of Hunting animal (Jawareh) Note: Is Quran talking about Zibah of a dog here? No. Quran is talking about Halaal Animal.
11- Halaal animal (Baheemat-al-An’aam) becomes haraam if that has been slaughtered on idolatrous altars.
Now how we can fit ANIMAL-PIG in point number 3 of above 11 points? No way. When Pig-Animal already comes under list of Haraam beasts under verse 5:1, then there was no need to mention Pig-Animal in verse 5:3 again; and what is mentioned in 5:3 is not Pig-Animal but Glands (Khanazir) of Halaal Animal

However: Whatever the view point one might have; his  viewpoint cannot make Pig Halaal. Pig is certainly Haraam in Quran through 5:1, as it does not fall in the category of Baheemat-Al-An’aam of 5:1.

Before buying a Lamb sheep or goat, how to estimate its age from its teeth?

Do deer ruminate? Yes. Do deer have upper teeth?

Ruminant Digestive System – Great Read

Almost all Researchers of Islam/Quran consider Raghib; and Zamakhshari among the top most experts of Arabic Language especially of Quran. Both concluded that “Baheemat-Al-Anaam” of Quran 5:1 are in fact Ruminants (Pasturing Ruminants) which mean cattle which “eat grass and also ruminate” . Arabic text given in following picture shows it.


“The primary difference between a ruminant and nonruminant is that ruminants have a four-compartment stomach. The four parts are the rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum. In the first two chambers, the rumen and the reticulum, the food is mixed with saliva and separates into layers of solid and liquid material.[7] Solids clump together to form the cud or bolus.
The cud is then regurgitated and chewed to completely mix it with saliva and to break down the particle size. Fiber, especially cellulose and hemicellulose, is primarily broken down in these chambers by microbes (mostly bacteria, as well as some protozoa, fungi and yeast) into the three volatile fatty acids (VFAs): acetic acid, propionic acid, and butyric acid. Protein and nonstructural carbohydrate (pectin, sugars, and starches) are also fermented.
Though the rumen and reticulum have different names, they represent the same functional space as digesta can move back and forth between them. Together, these chambers are called the reticulorumen. The degraded digesta, which is now in the lower liquid part of the reticulorumen, then passes into the next chamber, the omasum, where water and many of the inorganic mineral elements are absorbed into the blood stream.
After this, the digesta is moved to the true stomach, the abomasum. The abomasum is the direct equivalent of the monogastric stomach, and digesta is digested here in much the same way. Digesta is finally moved into the small intestine, where the digestion and absorption of nutrients occurs. Microbes produced in the reticulorumen are also digested in the small intestine. Fermentation continues in the large intestine in the same way as in the reticulorumen.
Only small amounts of glucose are absorbed from dietary carbohydrates. Most dietary carbohydrates are fermented into VFAs in the rumen. The glucose needed as energy for the brain and for lactose and milk fat in milk production, as well as other uses, comes from nonsugar sources, such as the VFA propionate, glycerol, lactate, and protein. The VFA propionate is used for around 70% of the glucose and glycogen produced and protein for another 20% (50% under starvation conditions).[8][9]”
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Quran10_59_60HalalHaramAnd Quranic verse 7:32 debunks all fabricated laws of Halaal and Haraam that Mullahs has made from million of fabricated hadiths. That their concocted laws forbid Gold, Silver, Silk and many things that GOD has made Halal for Humans.

Besides; by declaring that all good and beautiful things of life, i.e., those which are not expressly prohibited,-are lawful to the believers, the Quran condemns, by implication, all forms of life-denying asceticism, world-renunciation and self-mortification. While, in the life of this world, those good things are shared by believers and unbelievers alike, they will be denied to the latter in the hereafter (Refer to verse 7:51 too) . 

AbuBakkar_3_144_2After the death of Prophet Mohammad(s) in 632 A.D., Four Guided caliphs neither compiled any book of hadith, sunna, Tafsir (Exegesis) nor they ordered any of their subordinate to compile any such book. Therefore, up to year 722 A.D. Only Glorious Quran was in the hands of Muslims. Joseph Schacht was a British-German Professor of Arabic and Islam at Columbia University in Newyork. He was leading Western Scholar on Islamic law. He writes “There is no any evidence of legal traditions (hadith and Sunna) before year 722 A.D. in Islam, and we can conclude that the Sunna or Hadiths of the Prophet is not the words and deeds of the Prophet, but apocryphal material dating from later”.

So it becomes Crystal Clear that Role of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) was no more than a Divine Postman, as is said in Quran by God: O Mohammad: “your duty is no more than to deliver Quran clearly” 29:18, 5:99, 3:20, 42:48, and it is up to God to explain Quran to People 75:19. In fact Quran fully explains itself by its built-in Tafseer, Tafseel and Tasreef 75:19, 18:54, 25:33, 6:114. To Obey Allah and his Rasool mean nothing but follow only Quran 6:114, 25:30, 47:2. After the death of Prophet, Abu Bakar RA became First Caliph. Musannaf Abi Ibn Shaybah is one f the oldest Books, older than Six Sunni books they falsely call Sihae-sita. That books are full of concocted tales but are named by any Idiot as Sahih-books. It is like give a Muslim name to the Biggest Kaafir of a City. In Book of Ibn Shaybah, it is written: Someone asked Tafsir of any verse of Quran from Abu Bakar RA, and he answered that Person: “Which Sky will shade over me and who will give me refuge if I say something about Quran which I do not know”.

What is said in above-given Para is again fully confirmed when we see tons of disagreement among Sahaba (Companions of Prophet), Taba’een and Taba’taba’een and others who later wrote tons and tons of Tasir (Exegesis) books about Quran. In these books, we can see frequent disagreement on many points. For example, in Glorious Quran, one term is “Salat Wusta“. Now point is: If “Salat Wusta” was any kind of Matwatar Ritual, then every one could have known which one is Salat Wusta and there supposed to be no any dispute/disagreement about it at all. But when we read Muwata of Malik and other six books of Sunni Sect; we see, there is tons of dispute about the question “which one is Salat Wusta? One report of one hadith book says, it is Fajar Ritual, other say, it is Dhuar Ritual, another says, it is Prayer just after sunrise, yet another says: it is Asar. We have provided full references of that kind of all so called hadiths in our page of “Salat”. This all shows again: Prophet delivered Quran and left. He did not leave any Tafsir or explanation of any verse of Quran at all, because Quran explains itself. So it is Possible (and it appears so), after his death, many people did not understand Quran correctly as we can understand it today with the assistance of Great tools like Computers and super speedy search Engines. This is why, Quran forbids blind following of Ancestors/Salaf, and verse 2:170 makes clear this point further when it says: What if your ancestors were ignorant and devoid of Wisdom. We can judge that ignorance in our ancestors/Salafs by many many Kharafaats they invented, and in this way, they mislead generations for 1400 years (like Church has mislead people from 2000 years). One of such big Kharafaat is false doctrine of Abrogation.They invented this Greatest lie against Quran because they failed to reconcile verses of Quran to each other. So when they failed to understand any one verse, their easy way of escape was to say: Oh this verse has been abrogated; they reinforced such kind of lies through fabricated chains for fabricated Matan (text) they call Hadiths. Sunni sect considers Shafi’i as their one big demigod but in truth he was the biggest Jaahil of our 1400 history who placed Muslim Majority on wrong path. They our Salaf also failed to understand very comprehensive and simple dietary laws of Quran, therefore; to cover their this ignorance, they invented Laws of Haram and Halal from millions of forged hadith which contradict Quranic laws such as: you can eat dead locust, while Quran forbids meat of all that dies itself. Besides, Quran is only Authority on Halal (permissible) and Haram (forbidden) 6:114, 10:15, 5:44, 16:116. There were a very strong gang of hypocrites, who after the death of Prophet, twisted meanings of many terms of Quran and mislead whole Umma i.e our Ignorant ancestors advanced fable of Virgin Birth and fable of Ascension/Return of Jesus, and fable of Mahdi and Dajjal which all have no any relation with Islam. Fable of Virgin birth, and ascension and return of Jesus are essentially fables of Church; Mahdi is hoax of Persian Zoroastrians, and Dajjal (Anti-Christ) is the hoax concocted by Church, and later fables about Jesus, Mahdi and Dajjal infused in millions of concocted hadiths. Please read our pages on fable of Virgin Birth and fable of Ascension and return of Jesus. Instead of pondering Quran honestly, our Mullah and Imams and so called Salaf/Ancestors has been following fables of Church and Zoroastrians, and our vile Mullah of today blames False Prophet Mirza G A Qadiani for their own ignorance. Quran makes very Clear, Jesus did not die on Cross, but died at very old age naturally. Mullahs badly twist verses 4:157, 4:158, 4:159, 3:55, 3:144, 5:116-117. In same way, in whole Quran, there is not a single Arabic word which translates as Virgin. If God blew his spirit in the Womb of Mary then Quran also tells us: God blows his spirit in the womb of every woman. About Mary, Quran has used word Chaste (not Virgin), and even a married woman can be chaste if she protects her private part from illegal sex. We have discussed this subject in depth in our page “Birth of Jesus”. Please also read our page “Abrogation the Greatest Lie against Quarn”.Abu_BakkarQuran10_15Noble Quran 10:15 “When Our Messages are conveyed to them in all clarity, those who hope not that they are destined to meet with Us, (want to strike a deal with the Messenger). They say, “Bring us a Qur’an other than this or make some changes in it.” Say (O Prophet), “It is not conceivable that I would alter it myself. I only follow what is revealed to me. I cannot disobey my Lord, for I fear the retribution of a Mighty Day.”Honest_PostmenJoseph_Schacht_FBonfireHadithAndAliImportantPointFDeadFish_is_Haraam_5_3MessengerCannotGuideFF

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What is Halaal and what is Haraam in Islam – What is Permissible and what is forbidden in Islam?


3 thoughts on “What is Halaal and what is Haraam in Islam – What is Permissible and what is forbidden in Islam?

  1. Aakhil says:

    I wonder why almost 90% of the translators have not understood the meaning of Baheemat al Anaam. They translate laham Khanzeer as flesh of pig. You say it is laham Khanazir as flesh of glands. Great research indeed.

    And by the way could you explain the method of slaughter of animals ? Can the
    head of animal be cut with a very sharp blow and this does not make the animal to suffer (jhatka meat as according to sikhs) as opposed to halal / kosher method of slaughter where the the throat of animal is slit with sharp blade and the animal is made to suffer badly (halal meat) ?
    Which one is right ?
    Please do Quranic research on this and inform the public the truth.


  2. Thank you. concerning your point “why almost 90% of the translators have not understood the meaning of Baheemat al Anaam”. You have to ask this question to that majority of blindly following sectarian translators too. You were supposed to concentrate not on what translators say but on our approach, through which, we have proved in this page logically and rationally from within Quran that meaning of “Baheemat al Anaam” is Pasturing Ruminants. Fact is: By nature, we almost all humans are sheeple; Which mean blind-followers. These translators are deliberately twisting translations of many many verses in order to make that translation fit-able in their some unsound sectarian beliefs. If you read our pages about Jesus/Isa, you will realize, how these translators has played with translation. From ~1700 years, Christians believe in Trinity despite you know and we know: Trinity is a blasphemy. They also say: Isa is son of God and this is another blasphemy. Majority of blindly following sunni-sect believes from 1200 years that many verses of Quran has been abrogated because they were taught so by the Greatest Satan of Islamic history Shafi. Despite the fact is: If 2:106 is read along with 2:105 and 5:48 and with some other verses of Quran, it clearly appears, that Quran has never abrogated its own verses but has abrogated corrupted Bible. Sunni sect was told also by their Zoroastrian Hadith Imams ~1150 years ago that verses of Stoning for Zina and suckling are MISSING from Quran (15:9, 41:42) because there was a kind of stupid goat who ate that verses. And we can read same kind of many Kharafaats in Shia sect too. Their one imam is hidden from centuries some where, and can appear any time. So bother: This list of blind-followers is long. For all wise people, it is important to know: that Majority is never a benchmark of being right and Truth can be standing alone. Your second point about way of Slaughter; words “thakkaytum wama thubiha” are used in verse 5:3 right after 5:1 which contains words “Baheemat al Anaam” and word Zhubiha is used also in some other verses, and this word is self-explanatory, and method of Zhubiha is being used by we Muslims already from centuries. Word “thakkaytum” mean “the legitimate animal slaughter of cutting throat and esophagus on name of God”. Blood is Haraam, so it will also drain out all blood.


    Therefore; we must avoid to make a mountain from one particle of sand. This is habit of many to write over 100 pages on some thing which is already clear just in one line. Besides; Leave Sikhs and non-Muslims alone. We Muslims have to follow last and final edition of all scriptures “Quran” which updates Divine Law, also carries forward remnant-still-valid-Laws of all previous scriptures (i.e. commandment of 5:32) and due to, for being final edition of all Scriptures, Noble Quran supersedes all previous scriptures. Here by valid-law, we mean: “Not an outdated or obsolete law” like law of Sabbath in Torah which is dropped by Quran.

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