tumblr_static_bismillah-thuluth[1]All praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom the Sustainer of the Universe the Omnipresent and the Omniscient, from whom, all journeys start, and endThis page addresses Mullahs and their blindly following disciples, Church Priests, Rabbis, Theologians, and students of comparative religions who want to know the truth about this subject. 

At the beginning, humans on this planet were not many, but when population started to increase; disputes among people also started to increase. In order to rescue humans from that situation, GOD sent this prophets/messengers to humans with Divine Books; so that humans can solve their disputes as per codes of Books of Allah. That Divine Books provided humans with laws, and moral & ethical codes. So it is clear, that Divine Books were never Books of Theocracy but Books of Divine Sociology. Last Preserved and protected Book of GOD “Noble Quran” makes this point very clear in verse 2:213 Noble Quran 2:213: Mankind were one community. (Nature’s provision was abundant and open for all (2:36). Then Satan, their selfish desire, divided them (10:19)) Allah sent Prophets as heralds of good news and as Warners. He sent down with them the Scripture with the Truth to judge among people in their differences. After the Prophet passed on, people started differing in the Scripture that was given to them with clear verses. And they did so in stubborn rivalry. Allah by His Will keeps the sincere believers guided in Truth concerning whatever differences arise among them. Allah guides people according to His Laws. (Using your faculties of listening, observing and reasoning will help you achieve guidance, while selfishness, arrogance and blind following will lead people astray (2:170), (6:56), (40:35), (41:17)).

Now verse 2:213 make the matter so clear as SUN in the sky that that Judgment given were only from Books of Allah. Message in verse 2:213 is further reconfirmed from many other verses of Quran. For example; verse 5:44 makes again clear that Sharia Law is valid only from Book of Allah. Verse does not just stop here but goes ahead and says: who do not do so are Kaafirs/Infidels. So there must be no any doubt in the mind of a sincere and honest truth seekers that if any one makes sharia law from any other Book except BOOK of Allah, is a Kaafir. Verse 6:114 further strengthens verses 2:213 and 5:44 as under.Quran_6_114NLast testament of GOD, Noble Quran also makes clear that Prophet and Messenger were not more than Divine Postmen of Allah. The only task that was given to them was to deliver BOOK of Allah to people clearly. All Prophets/Messenger were bound to follow commands of Divine Books. To deliver Message of GOD to ignorant people was not an easy JOB, So Allah granted all Messengers/Prophets, wisdom (Hikma) to deal with such a difficult situation.
Last testament of GOD “Quran also makes clear that all Prophets/Messengers of GOD preached only one path of One GOD and that was Islam. Prophet Isa/Jesus also preached none But Islam which has Five essentials; to believe in:

  1. One GOD (La iLaha iLL’Allah) – The Core of Islam/Touheed
  2. All Scriptures of GOD, (in Original form).
  3. Angels
  4. All Prophets/Messengers
  5. Day of resurrection / Day of Judgment /Qayaama

But also know that being the last testament and final edition of all scriptures, Quran has superseded all scriptures, as it also contains remnant truth of all previous scriptures 5:48.GOD sent Isa/Jesus with Divine Book “Injeel or Anajeel” which was in Aramaic/Syriac language. Like true followers of all Prophets, followers of Jesus were also Muslims and used to wear white Garments. (Hawariyoon). But after failed attempt of Crucifixion of Jesus; he was Roman Policeman Saul later called Paul who totally hijacked the path that Jesus preached. Paul told people different fables such as that on the road of Damascus, he saw Jesus in vision and so and so. Description of his fables changed many time. In fact, After failed Crucifixion, Jesus secretly moved to Damascus Syria with his family and stayed with his one loyal disciple “Ananias”. After a period, Jewish Rabbis and Romans came to know that Jesus was in Damascus. So they sent their one policeman Paul to arrest Jesus. Before Paul reached Damascus; Jesus with Divine guidance came to know ahead that Paul is coming to arrest him. So Jesus with family moved to a Turkish City Nisibian. This page will discuss fully with historical evidence, that after Nisibian, in which direction, Jesus moved further. Reader must know that Romans were followers of a Pagan-Cult Mithraism. Paul and Emperor Constantine, both, were ardent followers of Mithra Cult. In fact Roman-Catholicism which is Pauline-Christianity, is a true duplicated copy of Mithraism. Paul and Constantine hijacked path of Jesus, and blended in it blasphemies of Son-Ship and Trinity which has roots in Mithraism. Even 25 December birth date is birth date of Mithraism. Sacred day Sunday is in fact SUN-Day which was sacred day of Mithraism. Virgin Birth story has roots in Mithraism, as Mithra was also declared born with out human father. Please note; Quran never says, that Isa was born without Human father. We have dedicated special page on this subject. ImportantNanoPlease read that our page at: https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/eisa-jesus-was-never-born-with-out-human-father-read-sura-marry-with-exposition/ .

NoVirginBirthinMarkJesusVirginBirthAnHoaxEven they changed original name Isa to Jesus which sounds like the name  of one Pagan-God “Dionysus”. So It was Paul who diverted followers of Jesus from Path of Rehaman(GOD) to Path of Satan, & named his new concocted cult “Christianity”. Christians are  in fact those Ex-Muslims the follower of Jesus whom Paul and Constantine sent astray.Quran_6_112The Foundation of Pagan Cult Christianity is based on a lie; that Jesus died on Cross and then he was resurrected. That what Paul taught them. And if this their claim is proved false; then their Mithra-Cult of Christianity burns from its roots. This page will prove with tons of evidence that Jesus was in fact never died on Cross nor was he resurrected. In this way, this page blasts the Foundation of Pagan-Christianity; and proves that the dogma invented by Paul was in fact the biggest dogmatic fraud in the mankind history. Because majority of our Jaahil Ignorant Mullahs, Imams and their blindly-following pets also support some fictions that Paul invented; so in this page, before presenting proofs from experts, history and bibles against Paulism; first of all we will answer/deal with our idiotic Mullahs. Imams, and their dumb pets.

Translation of verses 4:157-158-159 and 43:61, 3:55 and 5:116-117 by one of the most educated scholars and translators of Quran, Allama Dr. Mohammad Asad.:

Dr. Allama Mohammad Asad Ph.D was an internationally recognized Scholar through out the world in all continents. Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Ph.D a founding father of Pakistan was one of the greatest genius of Islam of 1400 years Islamic History, and Dr. Allama Mohammad Asad was his student and colleague. Asad was also right hand of Founding Father of Pakistan “Mohammad Ali Jinah” for to implement “reconstruction of thoughts” in Islam. Asad’s “Message of Quran”  with commentary is considered the best unbiased un-twisted English translation of Quran. Reader can download that $60 “Message of Quran” free at:


Quran 4:157 and their boast, “Behold, we have slain the Christ Jesus, son of Mary, [who claimed to be] an apostle of God!” However, they did not slay him, and neither did they crucify him, but it only seemed to them [as if it had been] so; and, verily, those who hold conflicting views thereon are indeed confused, having no [real] knowledge thereof, and following mere conjecture. For, of a certainty, they did not slay him:

Dr. Asad further comments on verse 4:157 as under: Note 171 (Quran Ref: 4:157 )

Thus, the Qur’an categorically denies the death of Jesus on Cross. There exist, among Muslims, many fanciful legends telling us that at the last moment God substituted for Jesus a person closely resembling him (according to some accounts, that person was Judas), who was subsequently crucified in his place. However, none of these legends finds the slightest support in the Qur’an or in authentic Traditions, and the stories produced in this connection by the classical commentators must be summarily rejected. They represent no more than confused attempts at “harmonizing” the Qur’anic statement that Jesus was not crucified with the graphic description, in the Gospels, of his crucifixion. The story of the crucifixion as such has been succinctly explained in the Qur’anic phrase wa-lakin shubbiha lahum, which I render as “but it only appeared to them as if it had been so” – implying that in the course of time, long after the time of Jesus, a legend had somehow grown up (possibly under the then-powerful influence of Mithraistic beliefs) to the effect that he had died on the cross in order to atone for the “original sin” with which mankind is allegedly burdened; and this legend became so firmly established among the latter-day followers of Jesus that even his enemies, the Jews, began to believe it – albeit in a derogatory sense (for crucifixion was, in those times, a heinous form of death-penalty reserved for the lowest of criminals). This, to my mind, is the only satisfactory explanation of the phrase wa-lakin shubbiha lahum, the more so as the expression shubbiha li is idiomatically synonymous with khuyyila 1i, “[a thing] became a fancied image to me”, i.e., “in my mind” – in other words, “[it] seemed to me” (see Qamus, art. khayala, as well as Lane II, 833, and IV, 1500).(Quran Ref: 4:157 ).JunkMullahsCrucifixion_diagramFFirst of all, check that relevant word in Noble Quran and collect all similar words from Quran and make a list. Then in this way, know the actual meanings of relevant word in question. This is the Final judgment, and no any man-made dictionary, fabricated hadith and fake Sunna can change the meaning of that relevant word. If you consult any Good Arabic Lexicon, in most cases that lexicons will endorse what Quran says: However; whenever you see, lexicon is differing from Quran, then reject lexicons and take meaning of Quran as final criteria because Quran is the mother of Arabic Grammar and mother of all Arabic lexicons. Also know that one of the main purposes of, to forge millions pages of Tafsirs/Exegesis, millions forged Hadiths, and fake books of Sunna was to twist meanings of Quranic laws and terms as per wish of Sectarian Mullahs and Imams. For example: Sectarian translators translate word “Baghiya” of 19:20 and 19:28 as unchaste or whore or harlot or prostitute but when we see Quran’s own built-in dictionary, meaning of word “Baghiya” is never unchaste or whole or harlot or prostitute but “rebellious”. Now point is, why hadithers twisted this word? They deliberately twisted it in order to reinforce their one unsound belief. Another example is: Quran’s own built-in dictionary and even all Major Arabic Lexicons translate word “Jam’a” as “To Gather together” or “Collect” which for a Book, mean Assemble/Compile but in order to validate their false beliefs about compilation of Quran, all hadithers deliberately twist this very clear word and translate it as “Only to write or only to memorize”, despite in Arabic, for memorization and for writing there are different words. In order to deny what Quran says: Hadithers will tell you: Ibn Batoota narrated this, Ibn Khaldoon narrated this, Harry Potter narrated that, Abu-Tomato said this, Abu-Potato said this, Ibn Abbass said this, Ibn Obama narrated that, Ibn-Stalin told this and Ibn-Lenin told this. These brain-bent hadithers will run after millions forged reports but will turn blind eye toward what Quran says. Hadithers are certified disciples of Satan Iblis. That hadithers are most ignorant and shameful Cattle living under sky. They are the 2nd the greatest twister (Ta’reef) and forgers after Church. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani was undoubtedly an Impostor but That Sect followers like Sunni Shia Hadithers are bigger Criminals than Mirza Qadiani because Criminal hadithers are like those Yahood who did Tahreef in Torah. In same way, Hadithers do Tareeef in the translation of Quranic verses in order to support their false beliefs that they are following blindly from centuries. They are those Cattle which are mentioned in Quran 7:179 and Hell is waiting for that Mushrik Hadithers for twisting and bending verses of Quran thru Non-Quranic man-made sources/references. Wa Ma Salabu = Not Crucified = Not died on Cross. You can read a very important Fatwa of Past Mufti Egypt Professor Imam Shaltut at following link:

Fatwa in Arabic  and EngF . pdf

 Some important points and examples about verse 4:157 of Quran, especially for Ignorant Mullahs and their blindly following brainless pets.

 In verse 4:157 of Noble Quran we read two very important words that are: “Shubbe-la-hum” which mean it seemed to them as he was crucified. Other word is “Salabu” or “wa Ma Salabu”. Meaning of Quranic word “Salabu” is Crucifixion. Now let we see the definition of Crucifixion in Oxford Dictionary which is “TO KILL A PERSON after binding or nailing him on Cross”. Now we can generate following questions for clear understanding. In following example, we has assumed names of two men “Teenio” and “Jeenio.

Example 01 (WaMa Salabu): Teenio was tied on Cross & then was nailed in feet & hands, and finally after three days, he died on Cross. His dead body was removed from Cross, handed over to his relatives and they buried Teenio. Can we say, that Teenio has been crucified? YES, he has been 100% crucified because he has been died on Cross.

On the contrary, Jeenio was tied on Cross & then was nailed in feet & hands but finally after just ~6 hour he appeared (not in fact) to soldiers as dead. Therefore he was removed from Cross when was in deep coma. It seemed to people “Shubbe-la-Hum” that Jeenio has been died but in fact he was not died. Now, Can we say, that Jeenio has been crucified? NO; he has not been crucified because he is not died on Cross. BECAUSE “TO BE KILLED ON CROSS” IS A BINDING CONDITION OF THE PUNISHMENT CALLED “CRUCIFIXION”. It is clear here that Jeenio was attempted to be killed on Cross but GOD saved him from dying on Cross. Therefore; we will say, though Jeenio was tried for Crucifixion but was “Not crucified”. Now if we translate the words “NOT CRUCIFIED” into Arabic, its will be direct “Wa Ma Salabu” > “Not Crucified” exactly same words that are used in verse 4:157 of Noble Quran.ImportantNoteCrucifixionF

Example 02 (WaMa Salabu): Mr. X says, David is failed in Math’ EXAM. but Mr. Y says No, he is passed in EXAM. So is conflict about the matter PASS or FAIL, but there is no doubt in the existence of the PIVOT of this conflict which is EXAMINATION, & in the case of Eisa S/O Mary, PIVOT of the matter is CROSS. So there is no doubt that he was on Cross but conflict is, he was killed on CROSS (SALABU) or not killed on Cross WA MA SALABU. So he was not killed on CROSS.Therefore; Noble Quran never denies the nailing of Eisa/Jesus on Cross but strongly denies his death on Cross. Please note that Pauline Christians believe that Jesus was died on Cross but Glorious Quran rejects their claim. The word “Rafa” that is used in verse 4:158 is also used in many other verses of Quran and meaning of this word “Rafa” in Quran is always “to Raise someone in ranks “Spiritual exaltation”, and never ever to raise someone to Heaven with his mortal physical body of flesh and bones. Please refer to in-depth discussion about the Quranic word “Rafa” of verse 4:158 at: https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/11/29/what-is-meaning-of-word-rafa-in-verse-4158-of-noble-quran/

Example 03 (Shube’lahum): People saw a person riding and running a horse. From very far, it seemed to them (Shube’lahum) that he has been fallen from horse, but in fact he was not. In this example it is clear that the person being discussed was for sure on the horse. But there is only doubt if he was fallen down from horse or not. – in fact he wasn’t

Example 04 (Shube’lahum): Many people saw that Mr X fired a bullet on other person after a minor dispute. It seemed to them (Shube’lahum) that Mr. X has been died but in fact he was not. In this example it is clear that gun has been shot on other person but there was doubt that he is died, but in fact he did not die.

Nowhere in Quran nor in & in authentic history it is mentioned that Jesus was replaced by someone Judas on Cross. This is stupidity ignorance & a crude lie being fabricated by many blindly following foolish Muslim scholars from centuries. This fuss was first of all spread by an hypocrite Monabba.

Some fanatics take stand that Allah can never allow Jews to nail his great Prophet Isa PBUH. This stand is very childish. This life is a test & many Prophets had gone through these tests. Prophet Yahya [John the Baptist] was beheaded, Prophet Zakria [Zechariah] PBUH was cut down at Altar and his blood was sprinkled there around Altar. Ayub PBUH [Job] went thru very high pains for long time, Prophet Joseph [Yousaf] went through many hardships in Egypt, Younas Pbuh (Jonah) was usurped by a big fish, Ibrahim PBUH was even tossed in fire by Nimroud but Allah saved him, Moses PBUH was threatened by Pharaoh, Jesus was tried on Cross but Allah saved him from dieing on Cross (WA MA SALABU) and even Muhammad (S) was stoned by the people of Taif and and he was injured in Ahud battle field. One of the greatest lovers of Allah Jalla Aala “Mansur Hallaj” was even hanged and cut into pieces by opponents, Neck of Sarmad was cut of. Sarmad was a great lover of Allah, and this list goes longer. Even some Alive, true lovers of Allah were thrown into boiling oil tanks & FRIED ALIVE by Inquisitions of Christian (Roman Pagans) Church. Now question is: That why Allah did not rescue his great Prophets when they were brutally beheaded? Answer is that if Allah had willed so, he could rescue them. HU has power of “Kun Fa Ya Koon” but this life is test & real life is after. We cannot grasp this truth that when someone loses his arm or neck here. In fact in reality he did not lose it. At TV screen Actors die but in fact they do not. We all understand the reality of this drama through third eye or only after death when all hidden events becomes visible. “People are asleep, they awake when die”. Near you and me, death is the biggest tragedy but when a true mystic sees death with his rarely granted 3rd spiritual eye, he realizes 100% that in fact no one dies and you are in fact more alive after your death. It is just to move from one room to next where you have to answer; “Show us what the good deeds you have done during your earthy life?” It is burden on you to prove; otherwise you will be in so bad condition that me and you even cannot imagine it.
So our dear sister and brother! Know that, this life on this earth is a trial and that trial is even tougher for who claim that they love Allah. Who passes though more strict trials, he also gets higher rewards and exaltation in ranks. This is the way of Lord of the universe, O our friend. So do not surprise just for the case of son of Mary.

In fact if we read Bible & authentic history carefully, we know that God had already informed Jesus in detail in advance that what will happen. He even told to his disciples before the incident of Cross that son of man will remain in earth for 3 days like Jonna (Younas PBUH) remained in the belly of fish for three days and then will come out.Later after removing from Cross he was taken into a tomb made by Joseph Armithia and was treated their for three days with Aloe Verahttps://factszz.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/how-paul-deceived-true-followers-of-prophet-isa-jesus/ (a potent healing herb) and his wounds were healed. Also a medicine/Vinegar was already prepared before the incident of Cross by Jesus friends that was designed to take him into so deep coma that Jew Priests and Roman will understand that he is dead now, so they will remove him now from Cross. Wife of Roman Governor was also in favor of Jesus. She told his husband clearly that this pious person must not be crucified (To kill on Cross). But Roman Governor was under strong pressure of Jew Priests. History tells us that When Jesus was nailed at Cross, he asked for water. Immediately sponge dipped in vinegar was forwarded to his mouth with long stick that could reach his lips. As soon as he sucked that sponge, was gone into deep coma. So deep that they understood (Shube lah hum- It seemed to them that he was died but in fact it was not as it was seemed to them. He was not died on Cross.

This is all the truth but stupid ignorant Mullahs have fabricated many false stories in order to justify their fable such as, that someone else was crucified on Cross in place of Jesus & Jesus flew to heavens with his mortal body of flesh and bones in a stealth jet fighter and he will soon land on this terrible earth again to kill swines after searching them in rugged forests and sugarcane fields of whole world and he will break Crosses after searching Crosses in the houses of over one billion Roman pagans —–> sounds pretty boring and tough job for son of Mary (this hadith was fabricated by a Jew Yamni Rabi Ka’ab al-Ahbar and was spread by his Jew student Abu Huraira in Persian hadith books). Fanatics have fabricated many many fancy stories that he was replaced by some one at Cross whom face became like Jesus > A childish myth and gross stupidity. Even intelligent scholars like Harun Yahya, Naik and Javaid Ghamidi also believe in this childish fabricated myth. Very strange!.Quran7_143_MosesWe can understand this case more clearly by understanding the irreversible life birth cycle. Under the command of Allah, Human Spirit [The Real Person] enters in the womb of mother & spirit is materialized as mortal human body. Now body is your horse on which u are riding during test. When the test is over, your mortal horse dies & the Real Person returns to Source. If we read Quran, we read many times reminder of Allah that “O man finally u have to return to me”. That return is ALWAYS in Real Form & never along with you horse. Horse was from clay & at the end of test it returns to clay. So to say that someone went up with his physical-body is probably the most childish approach. Quran tells us that Allah is near to u than your neck-vein. So one does not need to go far to meet Allah. Hu is right there with you. U cannot see him before death as it is different dimension. If you want to see a glimpse then follow what Prophet said “Die before your death”, and BY ALLAH, u will see the glimpse.

Besides; Concerning this subject, majority of fanatics look more in Ahadith books than looking in Quran. But one must be very careful and should analyze that if that relevant Ahadiths are authentic or fabricated. Quran is only the book which is protected by Allah. We thanks to Imams of hadith books for their invaluable work, yet they were not infallible and not all the hadiths in their books are authentic.”Jamal al-Banna, a younger brother of Hassan al-Banna (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt) has just published a book in which he argues that 653 of the hadiths as written in al-Bukhari and Muslim are incorrect and should not be accepted. The Arabic book is titled The Cleansing of Bukhari and Muslim from useless Hadiths (2008).” & u all know that. Book of Shia “Kaafi is 99.999999% unauthentic.

Listen what TOP MOST Scholar Living Legend says about this incident.

Quran 4:158 (Asad) nay, God exalted him unto Himself [172] – and God is indeed almighty, wise.

Asad further comments on 4:158 as under: Note 172 (Quran Ref: 4:158 ).

Cf. 3:55, where God says to Jesus, “Verily, I shall cause thee to die, and shall exalt thee unto Me.” The verb rafa ahu (lit., “he raised him” or “elevated him”) has always, whenever the act of raf’ (“elevating”) of a human being is attributed to God, the meaning of “honoring” or “exalting”. Nowhere in the Qur’an is there any warrant for the popular belief that God has “taken up” Jesus bodily, in his lifetime, into heaven. The expression “God exalted him unto Himself” in the above verse denotes the elevation of Jesus to the realm of God’s special grace – a blessing in which all prophets partake, as is evident from 19:57, where the verb rafa nahu (“We exalted him”) is used with regard to the Prophet Idris. (See also Muhammad ‘Abduh in Manar III, 316 f., and VI, 20f.) The “nay” (bal) at the beginning of the sentence is meant to stress the contrast between the belief of the Jews that they had put Jesus to a shameful death on the cross and the fact of God’s having “exalted him unto Himself”.(Quran Ref: 4:158 ). — Following is our full dedicated page word “Rafa” that appears in verse 4:158 at:

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/11/29/what-is-meaning-of-word-rafa-in-verse-4158-of-noble-quran/Quran4_158TwistTableAnother Viewpoint: Honest and good reader of Whole Quran knows well that in Quran, word Rafa is used for Humans either to raise them in honor, Darajaat or human Spiritual Exaltation after death. If we read verse 32:11 and 3:55, it becomes crystal clear that only after death, Soul is raised to spiritual Realm of GOD which is spiritual exaltation TO RAISE SPIRIT to GOD. In this context, 4:158 can also be understood in the light of verse 32:11 and 3:55 and then finally by 5:116-117 in which natural death of Jesus is Crystal clear . That all verses show, Spirit is raised to GOD only after death. It is climax of stupidity and utter ignorance to believe that a mortal Body of Flesh and Bones can be raised to spiritual Realm of GOD. It is like to place butter in the core of Sun. But Sun cannot destroy and burn the Immortal Soul (Real Person). Whatever is the viewpoint; ascension of body of flesh and bone to Spiritual Realm of GOD makes no any sense at all. Only Dumb and Ignorant can believe in such kind of fables, fictions and fairy funny tales. Parrot is in Cage. When Parrot fly out, it never fly with its cage (Body). Fanatics has paralyzed brains. If you go to any Arabic School in Arabia or in Pakistan or in India and ask a 5th grader the meaning of word WAFAT; all will answer you: DEATH. Word Wafat is used in Quran over 25 times and its meaning is as usual death (please refer to relevant tables given in this page) but many sectarian translators who by birth believe in the ascension and return fiction of Jesus, will badly twist translation of Quranic word WAFAT in order to validate fiction on which they believe in. When most of them translate 10:46 for the death of Prophet Mohammad, they translate word WAFAT as DEATH but when same word WAFAT appears in 3:55 and 5:116-117 for Jesus, they translate word WAFAT as “TO TAKE UP ALIVE”. That Translators has no any shame nor any conscience. They are Criminal to their Core. In order to validate their fictions, they even do not feel any shame in twisting Book of Allah. Hell is awaiting these Criminals.

CorruptioninLukeQuran 4:159
4:159 (Asad) Yet there is not one of the followers of earlier revelation who does not, at the moment of his death, grasp the truth about Jesus; [173] and on the Day of Resurrection he [himself] shall bear witness to the truth against them.

These Crooked mind fanatics are become so much mad to prove a fiction that they feel no any shame in twisting even the very clear verse of Quran. For example, in verse 4:159, Quran says, that all Jews and Christians, every Jews and Christian at the time his own death (Moutay-Hi} will for sure know the actual status of Jesus. Mean, they will be made known that Jesus was not died on Cross, he was not an impostor, and he was not son of GOD or GOD but was a mortal Prophet. But These Criminal fanatic Mullah, Imams and their brainless Pets twist meaning and say, that all Christians and Jews will know the truth before the death of Jesus. So they twist this verse at 180 degree to prove fiction of ascension and return of Jesus. Word Moute-Hi points toward death of every dying Christian and Jew; and never points to Jesus who has already been died 5:116-117. One of the most qualified and educated Scholars and translators of Noble Quran, Dr. Allama Mohammad Asad translated verse 4:159 as under with additional comments on this verse:Quran4_159Quran verse 43:61

43:61 (Asad) AND, BEHOLD, this [divine writ] is indeed a means to know [that] the Last Hour [is bound to come]; [48] hence, have no doubt whatever about it, but follow Me: this [alone] is a straight way. Asad further comments on verse 43:61 –Note 48 (Quran Ref: 43:61 ).

Whereas most of the commentators regard the pronoun hu in innahu as relating to Jesus and, consequently, interpret the above phrase as “he is indeed a means to know [i.e., an indication of the coming of] the Last Hour”, some authorities – e.g., Qatadah, Al-Hasan al-Basri and Sa’id ibn Jubayr (all of them quoted by Tabari, Baghawi and Ibn Kathir) – relate the pronoun to the Qur’an, and understand the phrase in the sense adopted in my rendering. The specific mention of the Last Hour in the above context is meant to stress man’s ultimate responsibility before the Creator and, therefore, the fact that worship is due to Him alone: and so this parenthetic passage follows logically upon the mention of the false deification of Jesus.(Quran Ref: 43:61).Important_CalloutCriminalMullahs01Quran43_61PlusTableFOystersAndPodsFIt is very clear here that verse 43:61 has no any relation with Eisa/Jesus but Sectarian fanatics always find one or other way to support their fictions. During an online debate, when a member of our team asked a fanatic that, who added in bracket “[Jesus]” in verse 43:61?; now this brainwahed sick-mind fanatic found another excuse which was: “if you read verses before and after verse 43:61; then you can see a complete verses talking about Jesus. start from Al-Quran 43;57 until 43;63. thanks”

Please note that these fanatics have always ready-made totally nonsensical answers that their Criminal Mullahs teachers have told these brainless idiots to memorize by heart. These fanatics do not use their own brains for investigation to know what is truth and what is not [as Quran tells us to do] but they follow their Mullahs blindly who have defaced whole Islam during past 1250 years by adding countless fables and fabricated Sharia laws that have no roots in Quran [but in forged hadiths]. Our answer to that fanatic was as under:
Quranic verses 43:57-63 have NO ANY relation with return of Jesus.
Verses 43:57-59 talk about Jesus but CLEARLY not about his return. Verses 43:60-61-62 do not talk about Jesus/Eisa AT ALL & these three verses has no any relation with Jesus.
In verse 43:57-58, Quran tells that Jesus and Angels are not god But La Ilaha Ill-Allah.
In verse 43:59, Quran tells: Jesus was nothing but [a mortal human being] a servant Allah whom Allah had graced [with prophethood], and whom Allah made an example for the children of Israel. So There is no any trace of his return in this verse at all.
Verse 43:60 is implying not only that Jesus was not a supernatural being, but that the angels, too, are mere created beings finite in their existence – as indicated by the phrase “succeeding one another” – and, therefore, utterly removed from the status of divinity. So again there is no any trace of return of Jesus in this verse too.
In verse 43:61, there no any name of Jesus nor that verse has any relation with Jesus, nor this verse tells in any sense that [Already dead] Jesus will drop again on this earth.
Verse 43:62 gives warning to take care about Satan that is enemy of human beings, and this verse has no any trace of Jesus or his so called return (The most deluding fiction in mankind history).
Verse 43:63 tells that Jesus told his people; listen me what I tell you and be conscious of God
Quran does not tell the matters like a continuous chapter of your school book of history. DIVINE BOOK has its own style. In many cases, one verse talks about one subject & the next one about another. If you see name of Prophet Solomon in one Sura/chapter of Quran, that does not necessarily mean, that whole chapter is talking only about Prophet Solomon. Therefore you cannot place name of Prophet Solomon in bracket [Solomon] in those verses of same page that has no any relation with Prophet Solomon. In same way, the translator, the beast who first time placed name of Jesus in bracket [Jesus] in verse 43:61 was one of the filthiest criminals on the face of planet and Hell is waiting for that evildoer who did offense on the book of Allah and misguided majority of blindly following Muslims.

Summary: Quranic verses 43:57-63

The subject matter in these verses is very clear which is that “Do not commit idle worshiping, Do not believe that Jesus is god. Believe: Only there is one deity that is Allah. No where is any trace of return of Jesus in these verses but there is no any shame or honor for these criminal Mullahs and their blindly following pets who openly shamelessly twist verses of Noble Quran in order to support a fiction “Return of Jesus” that was invented by Pauline Christians.

We have studied the oldest bibles of 3rd century ourselves & there is no any trace of Ascend/Descend of Jesus in these hand written old manuscripts [Proof is ahead]. They added this fiction in the bible of Mark centuries later. Other bibles’ writers then copied this fiction from Mark’s bible; & Persian Criminal Hadith Imams generously added this fable in hadith book 100rds of years after Prophet. These Mullahs and their brainwashed blindly following pets have no fear from Allah that they twist BOOK of Allah in order to justify their fables. Is there a bigger crime than the crime of twisting verses of Quran? Be curse of Allah on those who twist Book of Allah in order to justify their fables and fictions.
No any evildoer Mullah or his brainless pet is allowed to add their own words in verses of Quran. In verse 43:61, there is no any name of Jesus, So leave it as it is. Do not add name of Jesus in that verse in order to justify a fiction. If we start to add names like this; every one will try to add in verses many other names to justify their own fictions, and it will be total mess & distortion of translations of Book of Allah.


Quran confirms that Jesus has been died.

Quran 3:55 (Asad) Lo! God said: “O Jesus! Verily, I shall cause thee to die, and shall exalt thee unto Me, and cleanse thee of [the presence of] those who are bent on denying the truth; and I shall place those who follow thee [far] above those who are bent on denying the truth, unto the Day of Resurrection. In the end, unto Me you all must return, and I shall judge between you with regard to all on which you were wont to differ.WordWafatTwistedForJesusQuran3_55NoteDialogue of Jesus with GOD, after his death. In verse 5:116, words “Wa Iz-Qala” makes very clear that, mentioned dialogue, has been in the past, right after the death of Jesus.Quran 5:116-117 (Asad) “AND LO! God said: [139] O Jesus, son of Mary! Didst thou say unto men, `Worship me and my mother as deities beside God’?” [Jesus] answered: “Limitless art Thou in Thy glory! It would not have been possible for me to say what I had no right to [say]! Had I said this, Thou wouldst indeed have known it! Thou knowest all that is within myself, whereas I know not what is in Thy Self. Verily, it is Thou alone who fully knowest all the things that are beyond the reach of a created being’s perception.

Nothing did I tell them beyond what Thou didst bid me [to say]: `Worship God, [who is] my Sustainer as well as your Sustainer.’ And I bore witness to what they did as long as I dwelt in their midst; but since Thou hast caused me to die, Thou alone hast been their keeper: [140] for Thou art witness unto everything.”. These verses prove 100 percent that Jesus has been died.Wafat_Jesus_DeathFFollowing example will also show to an honest and unbiased reader; how these Evil Mullahs and majority of Criminal Sectarian Translators deliberately twist verses of Quran in order to validate and support fiction of Ascension and Return of Prophet Isa Jesus.

Following is true translation of verse 5:117 by Dr. Allama Mohammad Asad Ph.D. Please see the Arabic and English words that are highlighted in yellow color. For the death of Prophet Isa, in 5:117, Arabic word “tawaffaytanee” is used which is derivation of word Wafaat, which mean natural death.Quran5_117AsadNow see below, how another Sectarian translator called “Sahih International” has translated verse 5:117. Reader should again see highlighted words. This Criminal Translator has twisted translation of word “tawaffaytanee” as “Took me up” instead of “cause me to die”, in order to support fiction.Quran5_117But now see below, verse 2:234 in which, for death, Arabic word “yutawaffawna” is used which is also derivation of word “Wafaat” which is also used in verse 5:117 for Prophet Isa. So the word “yutawaffawna” of 2:234, and “tawaffaytanee” of 5:117 are same words derivation of word “Wafaat“. But, have you noticed, that, “Sahih International” has now translated word “Wafaat” as “Death” in verse 2:234, but when same word of Wafaat is appeared in 5:117 for Prophet Isa, same translator “Sahih International” has now deliberately changed translation of word “Wafaat” from “death” to “Take up”. This is a despicable crime, that, these criminal sectarian Translators commit with Book of Allah. Hell is waiting these conscienceless, shameless and honor-less twisters of Book of Allah.Quran2_234Important_Callout2Quran makes clear, that though Jesus did not die on Cross 4:157 but as per 5:116-117 he, later, died naturally at very old age (Kahlan 3:46). When fanatics lose debate, they start to speak nonsense, such as, O this is present tense and that is past tense or future tense etc. For example, when we sent verse 5:116-117 to a fiction-lover fanatic; he answered, that verses 5:116-117 are talking about future which is not arrived yet. He was claiming, that dialogue between Jesus and Allah given in 5:116-117 will happen on the day of judgment. Such type of idiots believe that Jesus is relaxing in some remote part of heaven from past 2000 years and he will drop on this earth in order to make intensive search of all sugarcane fields of World (especially Cuba) in order to kill all swine. Abu Hurairah has not told, which brand of rifle he will use. Then he will visit home of every Christian, and will break all the CROSS they possess. This tough duty was assigned to Son of Mary in a fabricated hadith concocted by Abu Hurairah, whom Aisha RA and Caliph Omar RA declared a beggar, a thief, and hadith forger. Please read our page “Biography of Abu Hurairah” to see proof provided by reputed scholars of Sunni Sect. Shia are also a deviated sect. Quran forbids all sects 6:159, 3:105.
Please note that verses 5:116-117 never use any word of “Qayama” day of judgment. Dialogue given in 5:116-117 has already been done in past, right after death of Jesus. Because Quran says in 32:11 that after death, Humans will be brought back to Allah (in Spiritual Realm). Besides; Arabic words “Qaala” and “Qult” used in verses 5:116-117 are forms of PAST TENSE which confirms, that dialogue mentioned in 5:116-117 has already been completed between Allah and Jesus, right after the death of Jesus. Whole text of that verses is in past tense. Please refer to following table to see, that words “Qalaa” and “Qult” used in 5:116-117 are in forms of past tense, when Quran was landing and so now too: QalaQuran32_11_malak_moutQadianisAnd4thPillarOfFaithJesusMullahsAndQadianiAnd there is tons of historical evidence that confirms truth of Quran that Jesus is died. Read this page fully, mean each line with all internal links.Jesus-Summary0Throughout mankind history, it remained habit / custom of immigrants that whenever they moved to another country, they named their villages, towns and cities similar to names of their previous original towns and cities. For example: when immigrants moved from Cambridge Britain to Canada, they named new city Cambridge in Ontario Canada. When people around London Britain moved to Canada, they named a new city “London Ontario Canada”. In same way, you will find many names of city and towns that are same of some Indian and European cities. Name of Residential town area of Prime Minister of Pakistan (2015) in city Lahore is Jati-Umra which is same name of village where ancestors of Prime Minister lived in India before partition 1947. Following is Para from Wikipedia:
“Jati Umra (Amritsar), a village in Punjab, India. It is notable as the ancestral village of the Sharif Family of Pakistan. Jati Umra (Lahore), burial place of Nawaz Sharif’s father and location of Nawaz Sharif’s grand palace.”
In same way, when Lost 10 tribes of Israelite were deported to Kashmir and Afghanistan in 722 B.C. by Syrian king Sargon-II and around 586 B.C. again by Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar (Bakht Nasar), deportees named their almost all villages and towns with same names as were in Palestine. Following table shows you again irrefutable proof that Kashmiri are in fact deported Israelite, and after failed crucifixion, Jesus moved to these lost tribes, lived a long life among them, and is buried in Rozabal Srinagar Kashmir with tons of multiple historical evidence. These are historical facts and that facts were not manufactured by False Prophet Impostor Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. In following table, in front of name of place, in brackets, names of town or cities are given where that places exist.
Prof Mohidin Hajini (1917-1993) was among the greatest Scholars of Kashmir. Late Professor Hajini in his Maqalaat has emphasized that in the Kashmiri language there are dozen of Hebrew words used in daily conversation even up to the present times. Late Abdul Ahad Azad 1903-1948 was a top Kashmiri poet who said that the Kashmiri language had sprouted from the Hebrew language. The same opinion is held by other scholars such as Nazim the author of Nigaristan-i-Kashmir, and late Khwaja Hassan Nizami.


HISTORICAL EVIDENCE that confirms the Truth of Noble Quran

1- We have spent over 3 decades to study life of Jesus as per history, Quran & Bibles. We neglect 2.1 Million Hadiths that Persian Imams [disguised Zoroastrians] forged 250-400 years after the death of Last Prophet Mohammad PBUH. These Hadiths has no relation with Prophet. These hadiths are mere Persian’s gossip & hearsay. Prophet left behind ONLY manuscript of Quran & no any hadith AT ALL. Quran very clearly says that thu Jesus survived death on Cross but he was later died naturally. True history always witness truth of Quran. Let we analyze in depth, what history says about Jesus. Let we analyze, if history witness truth of Quran or not. But our following analysis proves that History fully confirms truth of Quran. Quran says, Jesus was finally died naturally and history also proves this truth with tons of evidence. Many Christians falsely claim that no one can survive death on Cross but one of the Greatest Historians of First century tells us that a person can survive death on Cross. Please read below:

Historian Flavius Josephus wrote: On my return I saw many prisoners who had been crucified, and recognised three of them as my former companions. I was inwardly very sad about this and went with tears in my eyes to Titus and told him about them. He at once gave the orders that they should be taken down and given the best treatment so they could get better. However two of them died while being attended by the doctor; the third recovered.”

2- Let first of all declare Mirza Gulam Ahmed Qadiani a big liar, an impostor, a mad Satan who claimed false prophet hood. His claims, that he is prophet, Mahdi and returning Masih is nothing but a shameful lie that he fabricated to misguide his followers. Truth is, that Non-Quranic Mahdi is a fiction that was fabricated by Persians & they concocted many hadiths during Abbasid Period about Mahdi & blended these hadiths in books of Sunnis too. in order to read proof, please search in Google following line “Some so called Hadiths that every educated Muslim on this planet must read”. But glue this truth in your brain firmly that two plus two is always equal to four even if this is calculated by a Hindu, Muslim, Jew or a Kafir Qadiani. Truth of Quran will not change if such truth is supported by a Jew or a Muslim or by a follower of Impostor Mirza Qadiani. We are taking here in the light of Quran and history.

3- Historical multiple evidence shows: Governor  & Wife of Roman Governor were admirers of Eisa PBUH but were under pressure of revolt by Jews. They also offered Eisa that we can send you to other Country safely secretly but Prophet Eisa refused & told; let destiny of my Lord to be fulfilled. I will be like Prophet Younas who remained 3 days in belly of fish. I will be in belly of Earth for 3 days.

4- Jesus was nailed on Cross & at Cross he was given already planned drink in sponge so that to sent him into deep coma. As planned, he was declared dead too early. Target was to save him. Jews Planned & Allah also planned & Allah is the best planner. His Friend Joseph of Armithya & Dr. Nicodemus took body of Jesus to a already built tomb. Where Jesus was treated with Aloe Vera and herbs & after 3 days he was brought out of Tomb. Jesus was NEVER EVER resurrected but was resuscitated like millions of N.D.E’s even today in Hospitals. Russian Ph.D Physician George Rodannia remained 3 days in freezer after dieing & was resuscitated after 3 days during autopsy.  Jesus healed and then migrated to Damascus with family secretly

5- In Dead Sea Scrolls, Jesus said after surviving death on Cross:(Reference 5th Gospel by Dr. Fida Hussnain and Dahn Levi)
“God, I thank Thee, For again giving me, A new lease of life. For saving me from death & surrounding me with a defensive wall. The cruel wanted to take my life But I stood firm on your commandments. They r supporter of the wicked & Do not understand Thee. Your grace is my guardian: Thou hast saved me & Thou willed that, They could not catch my soul. Thou came to the rescue of this humble servant; It is Thee, Who saved my life from the clutches of the powerful”

6- After moving to Damascus, Jesus stayed with his loyal disciple Ananias for several years. Jews came to know now that Jesus is in Damascus & demanded Romans to arrest Jesus. Romans sent Policeman Saul later called Saint Paul to Damascus to arrest Jesus. GOD informed Prophet Jesus & he quickly migrated to Nisibian Turkey & changed name from Jesus to Yuz Asaf to hide his identity to prevent further chasing by Paul & Romans. Then he moved to Iran then Heraat Afghanistan & then Taxila Pakistan; remained Guest of Raja Taxila

7- War broke out between Raja of Taxila & other Raja of that region. Jesus with family moved to Hill near Islamabad where his mother Mary died after sickness & her grave is still at the top of hill of Murree Pakistan. That Hill was named as “Mary” 2000 years ago & around 1870; British changed its name from Mary to Murree. Then Jesus moved to Sri Nagar Kashmir. Jesus was already in this area between age 12 to 30 (18 years) for Preaching lost 10 Tribes of Israel bcaz Kashmiri & Afghani are lost ten Tribes of Israel. Tribes names & DNA has Proved it

8- In Israel were 12 Tribes from 12 sons of Jacob. In year 722 B.C., Sargon-II of Syria ruined much of Israel & enslaved & deported many tribes to Afghanistan & Kashmir. In year 586 B.C. Nebuchadnezzar from Iraq [Bakhat Nasar] again badly ruined Israel & deported all 10 tribes to Afghanistan & Kashmir. Only 2 tribes were left in Palestine, Tribe of Juda & Tribe of Benjamin. In Bible of Mathew. Jesus said “I have been sent by GOD only to preach lost 10 tribes of Israel”. Even after 2700 yrs; names of tribes of Kashmiri & Afghani are Biblical & can be matched with Tribes given in Old & New Testament. DNA matched. Most common name among Kashmiri is not Mohammad but Moses. Eating habits & customs in marriages are same as of Israelis. Girls wear David Star. There R many Places in Kashmir that are named with Eisa. Prophet Eisa had wife & Son too. Sura Ra’ad also says, that all prophets were given wives & children. In order to read the best scholarly page on world wide web about the complete life of Jesus, search in Google this line: “Flow diagram about the life of Jesus from A to Z”

9- Jesus spent his age from 12 to 30 in Indian continent & again moved backed to Kashmir after failed Crucifixion. He died at age of 120 years & is buried in tomb of RozaBal. His grave is Eastern-Western like Jews graves & nearby his grave is a stone with his foot prints that clearly show mark of nails. Hindus old book Purnas has full interview of Eisa son of Mary with Raja of Kashmir in which Eisa tells Raja, my name is EISA. I have come from nation of wicked people Israel who wanted to kill me.

10- Jesus spent his 80 percent life in India Pakistan & Kashmir. He was well versed in Punjabi, Kashmiri & Hindi languages. He gave great respect to Buddha whom actual teachings are same as of Quran. There is subtle point in 4:157 that our Mullahs do not understand. If someone is nailed on Cross but is not died on Cross; we will say he was tried to crucify but is NOT CRUCIFIED. Bcaz death on CROSS is condition of Crucifixion. NOT CRUCIFIED in Arabic is Ma-Salabu; same words used in 4:157.

11- Our many many Jahil Mullahs and Imams who are preaching this fiction of Pauline Christians of ascension and return of Jesus from 1200 years; also say: Look, Ascension and Return of Jesus is also mentioned in Bibles; despite they know well that Bibles has been badly corrupted by Nun-Keeper Priests. Truth is, that when we read the oldest hand written bibles of 4th century, we do not find any trace of ascension and return of Jesus in any bible. But when we read bibles of today, they have this fiction. So it is 100 percent proof that this fiction of ascension of Jesus and his return was made-up centuries later and was blended in Bibles. When we dig deep, we find, that after landing of Quran, many people started to convert to Islam. So church was very upset. Then, Church manufactured fable of Ascension and Return of Jesus and blended in Gospel of Mark in order to impress new converts that Christianity is superior to Islam because Prophet Mohammad is on Earth and Jesus is gone up. Later Other Gospel writers copied same fiction from Gospel of Mark. We have 1000 percent Proof for this forgery.

12- TO SUM UP:
Jesus survived death on Cross and lived a long age and died naturally and is buried in RozaBal with tons of historical evidence. Mirza Qadiani was a bigg liar but bigger Liars than Mirza Qadiani are majority of our evil Mullahs and Imams from past 1200 years who are twisting verses of Quran in order to support a fiction that was manufactured by Church.

Note: No doubt that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani was an impostor and liar but a.m page will prove that bigger liars and impostors than Kaafir. 
NOTE – A clarification: The purpose of to print the word of Sufi in this diagram is not to point to any sect of Islam. Quran in fact declares a sect-maker-follower similar to Mushrik and out of Islam. It is great just to be a Muslim The term Sufi is used in a.m diagram in the meaning of “Spiritually enlightened one”. All “Spiritually enlightened ones” can not be all prophets but there is no any prophet which was not “Spiritually enlightened one”. That is is base to receive Wahi from GOD. But not all “Spiritually enlightened ones” necessarily receive Wahi.

Reader can access above-given table directly from following links. Table in these links provides  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Kashmiri are 10 lost tribes of Israelis. To deny this truth is like to deny that 2+2 is not equal to Four.

Mathew Bible 15:24: Jesus (son of Mary) said, I am sent only and only to preach lost tribes of Israel.

Please note that many tribes of Kashmiri people given in following linked tables feel proud to claim from Bani-Israel. They get angry if you address them originally a Jew. Jesus did not say in a.m verse 15:24 of Mathew Bible that he was sent to Jews but he said He was sent ONLY TO LOST TRIBES of Israel. Jew is not a religion but a Jew mean a person from the tribe of Judah (from 12 sons, Judah was one son of Jacob PBUH). The tables given in following three links prove that Kashmiri are Lost tribes of Israel. Please click on under-given links and get irrefutable proof.

Chart 3 – Kashmir and nearby places

Tables/links shown above make CRYSTAL CLEAR that:

  1. Human beings originated from South-Asia [India Kashmir-Pakistan & Sri Lanka].
  2. Reader can see from a diagram given in this page that Graves of Prophet Noah, Joseph, Mary mother of Eisa/Jesus, Moses, Aron, Eisa/Jesus are in this area. Many research-works show, that Prophet Ibrahim moved to Arab Land from this area too.
  3. Moses after fight with Pharaoh, crossed Red sea and moved to Kashmir with his followers. Moses was in fact forbidden by GOD to enter in Palestine, nor ever he entered there. He lived in Kashmir and buried also there.
  4. Kashmir is in fact Origin of Israelis, then later some of them moved to Palestine and made their another state there.
  5. In 722 B.C. Syrian Sargon-II attacked Palestine and deported them back to their actual home-land Kashmir+Afghanistan.
  6. Again in 586 B.C., Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar [Bakhat Nasar] destroyed them in Palestine and forced them the remainders to flee back to their actual home-land Kashmir. The traveling Arab historian El Bironi in the 12th century wrote, “In the past, permission to enter Kashmir was given only to Israeli Jews.”
  7. All names of Israeli tribes and all names of sites, cities, towns, temples, lakes, mountains & other locations that we read in ancient bibles are even today present in Kashmir. This is an IRREFUTABLE proof that actual original home of Israelis is Kashmir. For example in Book of Deuteronomy [Book of Moses] It is given that Moses will be buried near valley opposite Beth-Peor, in Moab, near Mount Nebo and pisga. These all sites names exist around the grave of Moses in Kashmir.
  8. We can see even today that temple of Solomon is in Kashmir. There is no any solid authentic historical evidence that wailing wall in Jerusalem is a part of destroyed temple of Solomon. DNA of Kashmiri and Palestinian Israelis is same.
  9. Therefore we know that actual true history has been very much distorted from thousands years. So Israeli are in fact Kashmiri, and not Palestinian as they claim.
  10. Reader can now understand easily why Eisa/Jesus PBUH [by origin an Israeli] spent his ~85% life in Kashmir, and just ~15% in Palestine. After attack of Nebuchadnezzar in 586 B.C.; from 12 Israeli tribes, 10 tribes were forced to flee/return to Kashmir & Afghanistan, and the remainder 2 tribes were tribe of Juda, and tribe of Benjamin that still lived in Palestine, Israelis of these two tribes labeled 10 fled/deported tribes to Kashmir as “10 lost tribes of Israel”. We see in Bible of Mathew: Jesus said, that he has been sent to preach only Lost tribes of Israel
“Not only was Solomon in Kashmir, but there is significant history and evidence that Moses was also here. In fact, Kashmir is considered to have the burial site of Moses. There is a grave-site that has  been maintained for over 2700 years near the plains of Mowu, once called Moab, above Pishnag, once known as Pisga. This is on Mount Nebo and about 15 kilometers across from Bandipur, which was  once known as Behat-poor and Beth-peor. This is considered to be the burial place of Moses. The logic behind this is that the book of Deuteronomy (34.4-6) explains that Moses died in the land of Moab  and was buried near Beth-peor. “And the Lord said unto him, ‘This is the land which I sware unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, saying, I will give it unto thy seed; I have caused thee to see it  with thine own eyes, but thou shalt not go over thither.’ So Moses the servant of the Lord died there in the land of Moab, according to the word of the Lord.”

It is also explained elsewhere in the chapter that Mount Nebo in the Abarim Mountains, Mount Pisga, and Heshbon are in the vicinity. The biblical land of Moab is now called the plains of Mowu. Biblical  Pisga is now called Pishnag. Beth-peor was later called Behat-pur near the Jhelum River, which is called the “Behat” River in Persian. Now Behat-pur is called Bandipur, and the village with the biblical  name of Heshbon {Deuteronomy 4.46) is now called Hasba or Hasbal. This area is about 80 kilometers north of Srinagar. If we travel to this area today, Bandipur (Beth-peor, meaning “the place that  opens”) is near where the Jhelum (Behat) River opens into the plains of Lake Wular. Another 18 kilometers north we find the village of Hasbal, both towns mentioned in the Bible. Mount Nebo, in the  Abarim Mountain range, is across from Bandipur and above the village of Pishga. Mount Nebo offers a great view of the heavenly land of Kashmir.

Twelve kilometers north of Bandipur we come to the town of Aham-Sharif. From here we go by foot to reach the village of Booth at the base of Mount Nebo. We head west for an hour, taking a vague  path up a steady slope. Several fields away is the tiny town of Booth with Mount Nebo rising behind it. Here we’ll need to get the attendant of the grave, called the “Wali Rishi,” to guide us the rest of the way. He leads us up to an open garden where there is a small mausoleum. This is the burial site of Sang Bibi, an Islamic female saint, and two of her followers. Nearby is a stone column in the grass that  stands about a meter tall which is accepted as marking the grave of Moses. Other places in Kashmir are also related to Moses. Near Shadipur north of Srinagar, the cliffs near the confluence of the  Jhelum and Sindh rivers are called Kohna-i-Musa, “the cornerstone of Moses,” where Moses is said to have rested. Three kilometers north of Bandipur is another of Moses’s resting spots at Ayat-i-Maula. About 46 kilometers south of Srinagar is a place called Bijbihara. This is a spot on the river bank referred to as Moses’ Bath. The stone lion there is said to be about 5000 years old. At Bijbihara’s  cemetery there is an inscription in Hebrew on an old grave. Further evidence is found a few kilometers away where you can see the Temple of Martand that resembles the steps, vestibule, pillared hall,  and interior of a traditional Jewish temple, in spite of the Hindu demigods carved on the outside. Read more at:


In his History of the Jews,Flavius Josephus (37 – 100 A.D.), wrote that the Greek philosopher Aristotle had said: “…These Jews are derived from the Indian philosophers; they are named by the Indians Calani.” (Book I:22.)

Clearchus of Soli wrote, “The Jews descend from the philosophers of India. The philosophers are called in India Calanians and in Syria Jews. The name of their capital is very difficult to pronounce. It is called ‘Jerusalem.'”

Megasthenes, who was sent to India by Seleucus Nicator, about three hundred years before Christ, and whose accounts from new inquiries are every day acquiring additional credit, says that the Jews ‘were an Indian tribe or sect called Kalani…'” (Anacalypsis, by Godfrey Higgins, Vol. I; p. 400.)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani was a false Prophet and false messenger & his claims are nothing but a white crude lie & a shameful dogmatic forgery. We have 100% proof which is also being discussed in this page that Ascension of Prophet Eisa/Jesus PBUH with his mortal physical body to heavens and his return in later days is a fiction that was fabricated by Pauline Christians. Later this fable made its way to enter in hadith books that were fabricated by Persian Imams & hypocrites  200-250 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. And our majority of impostor Mullahs started to preach this fable to majority of blindly following Muslims. Fable of Mahdi is undoubtedly an invention of Persian Sabaite Shias. Mahdi is 12th fictitious Imam of Shia but this is a great pity that majority of Sunni and Wahabi also believe in this fiction. There is no any trace or concept of Masih Mauood [Returning Masih] or fictitious Mahdi in Quran/Islam. Therefore, claim of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani that he was Masih Mauood and Mahdi is nothing but a white crude lie and a shameful dogmatic forgery. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani was neither any brand of Prophet or Messenger nor Mahdi and Masih Mauood. These are all false claims. So called Qadianis, Ahmadis and Lahori Ahmadis or any other brand of followers of Mirza Qadiani are FOR SURE gone astray & they are NOT MUSLIMS. We know that Mirza Qadiani was an impostor but truth is, that the Mullahs who have been preaching “blindly following Muslims” from at least 13 centuries that Eisa PBUH took flight in a stealth jet fighter & flew alive to heavens and will drop again on this terrible earth in later days, are bigger impostor than Mirza Qadiani and are the biggest criminals of Islam. Please visit our following page on “Qadianism” at:

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/11/30/are-qadiani-muslims-or-non-muslims/TwoConcoctedDoctrinesPersian Zoroastrian Hadith Imams and Mr. Abu Huraira have already also assigned a very tough job to Son of Mary upon his return, which is, that Son of Mary will search all the forests/jungles and sugarcane fields [especially in Cuba] in order to search swines to kill them. We do not know if Son of Mary will use licensed or unlicensed rifle or if he will accomplish this tough job alone or he will recruit a huge army of Impostor Mullahs. Not just this, but according to impostor Mullahs, Son of Mary will have to do another much more tedious & funny job, which is, that he will search “CROSS” from each house of Pauline Christians in order to break them. — Really he may need a huge army of impostor Mullahs in order to accomplish this task !!!. Please note that this funny fable is based on one hadith of Abu Huraira which was IN FACT invented by two notorious hypocrites “Wahab bin Munabba & a Jewish Yamni Rabi “Ka’ab Al-Ahbar”. Reader is highly recommended to read following pdf files that contain very truthful info. These are very good files for truth seekers: Reality of Mahdi & Returning MasihFlowDia2ndHistTimeline02A fanatic (a blind follower who just follow the things blindly) and do not use his own brain in the search of truth) remains his whole life an ignorant even he/she lives in this world for 1000 yrs and even if she/he have achieved 100 doctoral degrees in theology /religions. This is why we see many Mullahs/Clerics carrying doctoral degrees but they still remain flat ignorant in their whole lives. One can learn & realize truth only when he/she is an open-mind honest researcher, and is afraid from just Allah Subhano Hu (some say GOD) & not from people,  and also who have ability to think out of box.

Let us assume that a Christian priest and Muslim a Scholar achieved their doctoral in theology. But question here is that during their studies, if the Christian priest have studied forged bibles and crap unauthentic history then in fact we can say that he has done a Ph.D in Crap and Forgery. In the same way when a Muslim a scholar does his Ph.D in forged books of Persians, his Ph.D is also in forgery. This type of Priests and Mullahs have been misguiding people at least from 2000 & 1230 years respectively and this is the greatest pity that vast majority of Christians & Muslims are following many fables and fictions blindly from centuries.

Also reader should realize the difference between the so called scholars who have done Ph.D’s [Ph.D’s in Persian-Zoroastrians-brand of Number2 Islam that most of we Muslims are blindly following since the time of Abbasid Caliph Harun Rashid], and a farmer who never read any theological book. The false & forged books of knowledge has made these Ph.D’s the Brain-Washed-Stubborn-Fanatics. So these fanatics will disagree with your truth even if you show them 2+2 is equal to 4. On the other hand a simple farmer who has never studied forged theology have blank and pure mind and he/she will only accept what is truth. These criminals Mullahs has totally twisted the English translations of Noble Quran in order to justify their false believes of fictitious Mahdi, Dajjal & return of Eisa/Jesus PBUH. They have frequently twisted the English translations of Quran in order to reconcile the Quranic verses with forged hadiths that support fables & fictions invented by Jews, Pauline Christians, hypocrites and Sabaite Shiites. How fanatics has twisted the meaning of verses of Quran is also discussed in detail in this page at some other place.

Kulthum ibne Amral Attabi once collected a crowd round himself in a mosque & related to them – with full Isnad (chain of narrations) a hadith saying that he who touched the tip of his nose with his tongue might rest assured that he would never go to Hell. The audience showed their readiness to accept this forgery as a genuine (shaih) hadith – by trying to ascertain their fate in this way” Ref: (Hadith Literature by: Dr. Professor Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi).”

Answer is very simple. One should follow truth and not majority. For example, the biggest religious group on earth is of Christians around 2 Billion. But they believe that Eisa is son of GOD and also is GOD himself.  Now should all Muslims follow the doctrine of Pauline Christians because they are in majority? Of course not because One should not follow majority but follow truth. Apart from this question posed by a fanatic; according to our studies, over 50% Muslims and Christians believe today that ascension of Jesus to heaven and his later return is nothing but a ridiculous fable. And over 70% Muslims believe that base of Real Islam is BOOK of Allah Quran and not the forged books of Persian (disguised shia) imams.
Pls note that Quran declares sect makers & sect followers similar to Mushriks and declares them out of Islam. So if some one asks you, what is your sect (or in hypocrisy way, what is your school of thought), tell him: “I am a Muslim and ONLY Muslim”
Jalaluddin Rumi narrated in his Mathnavi, “These four (Abu Hanifa, Malik, Hanbal, and Shafi’i) have carved four religions out of one Islam. They have created irreconcilable divisions in the Deen of (Prophet) Nabi (S).”

A very useful TIP:
When you read any thing; before reading, keep aside temporarily from your brain all the already pre-conceived believes about a certain subject that you have been listening from other people. When you have read the page fully, starting with a totally blank & unbiased neutral mind; then at the end, ask yourself, ask your common sense; what is truth and what is not. We are sure you will get the right answer.


After failed crucifixion (Wa Ma Salabu), Jesus hided himself as a Gardener (Read Bible) & later with his close family members permanently secretly immigrated to East where Lost 10 tribes of Israelis were living. This map shows u the route of his immigration. If u click on following link, a map will appear in another page. Now if u click on each RED-DOT of that map, it will display authentic historical reference/Proof of TRUTH. You all MUST visit following link:

Route Map Jesus journey to india – Pls click on each red dot to read detail

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ – A MUST READING for all truth seekers. If u want to read full detail about what Son of Mary was doing in India during his many years stay in India, then this Gospel has full full info for you – very interesting – read it at:

What was found in Dead Sea Scrolls?
Please read below what Eisa (Jesus) PBUH said in his prayers after GOD saved him from dying on the Cross [“Wa Ma Salabu”–Not died on CROSS – as is in Noble Quran] that is found in Dead Sea scrolls:


“God, I thank Thee, For again giving me, A new lease of life. For saving me from death: And, Surrounding me, With a defensive wall. The cruel wanted to take my life, But, I stood firm on Your commandments. They are the supporters of the wicked, And, Do not understand Thee. Your grace is my guardian: Thou hast saved me; And, Thou willed that, They could not catch my soul. God, Thou came to the rescue of this humble servant, It is Thee, Who saved my life from the clutches of the powerful.”(Reference: Fifth Gospel by Professor Dr. Fida Hassnain).(Now just use your common sense that How Jesus can be GOD when he is grading himself as an humble servant to GOD in his prayer), as “humble servant of GOD who saved him from dieing on Cross.

What world’s Most Qualified Expert, Living Legend (with about 10 Ph.D’s + 50 years research experience) says about the matter of crucifixion of Jesus son of Mary? Watch following video that will move ground under your feet. What the top most expert scholar a living legend says about the last days of Eisa-Jesus?

MImortantVidWhat the world’s TOP MOST Christians Scholars, Professors (In Christian Theology), Researchers and Historians say about the matter of Crucifixion of JESUS son of Mary. Watch following Video that will take you from false-land to TRUTHLAND: What world’s Top scholars, Historians & Experts say About the incident of Cross:
Was Jesus/Eisa PBUH born with human father or without human father? Reader MUST visit following great Islamic page:

An historical Interview of Son of Mary (Jesus) with king of Kashmir:
When Son of Mary (Jesus) arrived in Kashmir after failed crucifixion, he met with king Shalewan of Kashmir and had a interview with King (Raja). That interview is recorded in one of the most authentic Book of Hindus “Bhavishya Maha Purana” ~ 2000 yrs ago. Please read that Interview of Son of Mary at following link.
This interview also CONFIRMS the original name of Jesus which is “Eisa or Isa” exactly same name that GOD has described in his last protected & preserved testament “Glorious Quran”


Who was Siddhartha Buddha?  (Real name: Siddhartha Gautama)

وَلِكُلِّ أُمَّةٍ رَّسُولٌ فَإِذَا جَاء رَسُولُهُمْ قُضِيَ بَيْنَهُم بِالْقِسْطِ وَهُمْ لاَ يُظْلَمُونَ (Quran verse 10:47)

In Glorious Quran in verse 10:47 GOD Almighty has said: “To every people (was sent) an apostle: when their apostle comes (before them), the matter will be judged between them with justice, and they will not be wronged”

“To understand every thing is to forgive every thing” (Siddhartha Buddha)

“Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds”Siddhartha Buddha – He was a Wise Man of GOD sent as a Warner to Indian people to guide them just like Socrates was sent to Greece. Just like in Noble Quran, He also preached against Idol worshiping, drinking wine, lies, Zina, fraud and all that Quran Forbids or approves. Now we can see that many even well educated scholars say! Oh Jesus was Buddhist as many sayings of Buddha (2500 years ago) are same as of Jesus 2000 years ago). These type of scholars are still ignorant and do not realize that Buddha was a wise man of GOD and what is wrong if Jesus have learned from the teachings of a true person!

Now a wise mature scholar understands the TRUTH that Author of all scriptures like Quran and real original Gospels/Bibles and what ever was sent to Buddha and other prophets is only and only ONE Allah (Some say GOD). Therefore if a verse or parable appeared in original Geeta (sent to Krishna – a prophet sent to Hindus idle worshipers who taught just La Ilaha IllAllah), or Gospel of Buddha or Gospel (Injeel)  sent to Jesus son of Mary, or in final testament of GOD Quran that corrects the forgery of old scriptures and has superseded all previous editions of GOD’s books; then it should not be taken as a strange matter. As once a stupid stubborn priest (follower of Paul) started to debate with me by saying that some verses from Bible are in Quran and so according to that ignorant, as he said that Muhammad has copied the verses from Bible (AstaghfirAllah). I gave him a.m answer but he was not satisfied. Then I told him, look! Buddha came 500 years before Christ. So if I show you some verses and parables from GOSPEL of Buddha that also, with same words, exist in 4 circulating Gospels/Bible of followers of Paul; So then, will you accept / believe that Jesus has copied those verses from Gospel of Buddha? Then this stubborn has no any answer at all but was still denying truth. There is no any way to convince such type of fool stubborn. They are like the stupid about whom Quran says that due to their deep ignorance they have become like a deaf dumb and blind, so are unable to see right path. For example (very interesting . Do not miss to read it): In Gospel of Buddha (written after 500 years of Buddha’s death), Buddha said to his disciples: “For it is easier for a camel to enter in through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God”.

Now we see same verse in Bible:

For it is easier for a camel to enter in through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God”.
But many people has argued that these a.m two verses in Gospel of Buddha and Bible are far from logic and could have been changed/edited by deceived priests because if a rich man is pious and he spends his wealth in Good things; he/she must have full right to enter in the kingdom of GOD!!!
Now we see same but corrected and the most correct form of this verse in Glorious Quran (As in Glorious Quran Allah Almighty has corrected the forged/edited verses of old scriptures). Now we see here what BOOK of the books, BOOK of Wisdom, The Greatest BOOK Noble Quran says about a.m verse that appeared in Gospel of Buddha and Gospel of Jesus:
 Noble Quran (Surat Al-A’raf) verse 40:
“Verily, those who belie Our verses and treat them with arrogance, for them the gates of heaven will not be opened, and they will not enter Paradise until the camel goes through the eye of the needle”
 We see ONE AUTHOR (Allah) of these scriptures has used same parable again and again which is: “until the camel goes through the eye of the needle”. Please also watch following very interesting video.
Buddhism and Christianity – Similar Teachings
But true command is in Quran which is quite easy to understand and logical. On the contrary the same proverb is used in Gospel of Buddha and Bibles but priests had edited it but Quran has corrected them what the truth is. There are many many parables or verses that are common among all scriptures because author of these all scriptures is ONE. Only a lunatic mentally retarded stupid will say that Jesus has copied the things from Buddha and Muhammad has copied from Jesus. Many who has not read about Buddha (mean internally spiritually enlightened one) in depth say that he was an Atheist etc. We have spent years to study Gospel of Buddha and other books relevant to Buddha teachings and It is very clear to us that he preached ISLAM, all commandments given in Quran and old scriptures, for example he said: (After reading his Quotes, you please decide yourself that if he was Atheist or Theist).
Do not steal, do not worship stones/idles/statues, do not lie, do not have bad speech, do not drink alcohol/wine, be kind with others, do not fornicate, there is ONLY ONE REALITY, who lived wisely should not fear death. The way is not in the sky but in your heart (same said by Jesus and Muslim SUFIS). Conquer a liar with truth, when u live together live peacefully and many many other his teachings that should be written in golden words. You will never see any atheist in human history that had such kind of great character and piety. Through out his life, he used to go at the doors of people to ask for food, though he was not in shortage of food, as he was son of a king/Raja and had many faithful disciples. Surely this was done by him in his whole life to keep ego suppressed, as ego is biggest obstacle between man and GOD.He said: Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds. Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy other (same as in a verse in Quran). He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind. If a man lives a pure life nothing can destroy him. Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. To understand everything is to forgive everything. Buddha said: When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.

Buddha said
: Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. (Do not follow that of which you knoweth not; remember, your sense of sight, hearing and cognitive capabilities will be questioned. Noble Quran 17:36). Buddha said: Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely. Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity. Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. There has to be evil so that good can prove its purity above it. Hatred does not cease through hatred at any time. Hatred ceases through love. This is an unalterable law. On life’s journey faith is nourishment.
One of his students asked Buddha, “Are you the messiah?”
“No”, answered Buddha.
“Then are you a healer?”
“No”, Buddha replied.
“Then are you a teacher?” the student persisted.
“No, I am not a teacher.”
“Then what are you?” asked the student, exasperated.
“I am awake”, Buddha replied.
Buddha said: Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds:  Now from his this quote It is very clear but implicitly that he is saying that deeds does not die with death. So there is next life and surely day of judgment.
In order to read “What Buddha said at his DEATH-BED to his famous disciple Ananda”, please read a very interesting small pdf file at following link. (and then you please decide yourself, if Buddha was an Atheist (who deny GOD and deny Spiritual existence and deny if deeds still survive after death), or a man of GOD?

Some sayings of Buddha

But his followers started to write his teaching after over 500 years after those were already badly edited and corrupted as are corrupted 4 copies of Gospels now. Buddha was a warner from GOD like his contemporary Mahavira. Both taught to Indian people “LA ILA HA ILL ALLAH”. True followers of Buddha were just Muslims. Even Son of Marry in his teen age (from 12th to 30th yr) for many years remained in Kapal wasto, Tibet China/India to learn from true followers of Buddha who were Muslims (read great books authored by a great scholar Dr. Holger Kersten & Professor Fida Hassnain). A prophet of God (who spoke in cradle that I am slave & prophet of Allah) like Eisa son of Mary will never go to “Kapal Wasto”, if God has not told Eisa that Buddha was a man of GOD. Buddha his whole life preached Islam and told people always “There is just one reality” or Brahma — U can write it as “Just one GOD or also u can write it “No god but JUST ONE GOD” —-> “La Ilaha ILL-Allah”. But later Buddhist priests corrupted his original teachings in the same way, as Roman pagans and Jews has corrupted the teachings of Jesus and Moses. There is no any doubt at all that Son of Mary had spent many his teenage years in Tibet and India for spiritual learning before the incident of CROSS, in which he survived from death (Wa Ma Salabu) as per Noble Quran, bible & Authentic history too but Roman pagan twist bible and do not accept Noble Quran & authentic history.
Another Proof that Siddhartha Buddha was a man of GOD
An ignorant who claims falsely that Buddha was an Atheist, for him, we present exact copy of following text that is taken from the most reliable and oldest Buddhist literature/Scriptures. Here Buddha has very interesting debate with two young Indian priests about GOD & Buddha tells them the actual way to reach to ONE GOD. He tells them that you cannot reach to GOD thru ignorant Mullahs/Priests. Please read below with full concentration:

“At one time when the Blessed One was journeying through Kosala he came to the Brahman village which is called Manasakrita. There he stayed in a mango grove.  And two young Brahmans came to him who were of different schools. One was named Vasishtha and the other Bharadvaja. And Vasishtha said to the Blessed One(Buddah): We have a dispute as to the true path. I say the Straight path which leads unto a union with Brahma(GOD) is that which has been announced by the Brahman Paushkarasadi, while my friend says the straight path which leads unto a union with Brahma is that which has been announced by the Brahman Tarukshya. Now, regarding your high reputation, O shramana, and knowing that you are called the Enlightened One, the teacher of men and gods, the Blessed Buddha, we have come to ask you, Are all these paths saving paths? There are many roads all around our village and all lead to Manasakrita (a village in Kosala). Is it just so with the paths of the Brahmans? Are all paths saving paths?” * And the Blessed One (Buddha) proposed these questions to the two Brahmans:Do you think that all paths are right?  Both answered and said: **Yes, Gautama Buddha, we think so.” ** But tell me,” continued Buddha, **has anyone of the Brahmans (Indian Priests), versed in the Vedas (Indian scripture), seen Brahma(GOD) face to face?” ‘ ** No, Sir ! ” was the reply.* ‘*But, then,” said the Blessed One, “has any teacher of the Brahmans, versed in the Vedas, seen Brahma face to face? ” ‘ The two Brahmans said : “No, Sir.” ^ “But, then,” said the Blessed One, “has any one of the authors of the Vedas seen Brahma face to face?” ” Again the two Brahmans denied the question,and the Blessed One(Buddah) proposed an illustration ; he said : ^ “It is as if a man should make a staircase in the place where four roads cross, to mount up into a mansion. And people should ask him, * Where, good friend, is this mansion, to mount up into which you are making this staircase; do you know whether it is in the east, or in the south, or in the west, or in the north? Whether it is high, or low, or of medium size?’ And when so asked he should answer, * I know it not. ‘ And people should say to him, * But, then, good friend, you are making a staircase to mount up into something taking it for a mansion which all the while you know not, neither have you seen it. ‘ And when so asked he should answer, *That is exactly what I do.* What would you think of him ? Would you not say that the talk of that man was foolish talk? ” ^ ‘*In sooth, Gautama Buddha,” said the two Brahmans, *’it would be foolish talk !” ” The Blessed One continued : *<Then the Brahmans should say, * We show you the way unto a union of what we know not and what we have seen not. ‘ This being the substance of Brahman lore, does it not follow that their task is vain? ” ^ * It does follow,” replied Bharadvaja. i Said the Blessed One (Buddha) : **Thus it is impossible that Brahmans versed in the three Vedas should be able to show the way to a state of union with that which they neither know nor have seen. Just as when a string of blind men are clinging one to the other. Neither can the foremost see, nor can those in the middle see, nor can the hindmost see. Even so, methinks, the talk of the Brahmans versed in the three Vedas is but blind talk ; it is ridiculous, consists of mere words, and is a vain and empty thing. ” ” **,Now suppose,” added the Blessed One Buddha, **that a man should come hither to the bank of the river, and, having some business on the other side, should want to cross. Do you suppose that if he were to invoke the Other bank of the river to come over to him on this side, the bank would come on account of his praying? ” M ** Certainly not, Gautama Buddha.” ^’ ** Yet this is the way of the Brahmans(priests). They omit the practice of those qualities which really make a man a Brahman, and say, ‘ Indra, we call upon you ; Soma, we call upon you ; Varuna, we call upon you ; Brahma, we call upon you. ‘ Verily, it is not possible that these Brahmans[Priests], on account of their invocations, prayers, and praises, should after death be united with Brahma(God).” 20″Now tell me,” continued Buddha, *’what do the Brahmans say of Brahma(God)? Is his mind full of lust?”^! And when the Brahmans denied the question, Buddha asked : ‘* Is Brahma’s mind full of malice, sloth, or pride?” ” ‘No, sir! ” was the reply. And Buddha went on : *’ But are the Brahmans free of these vices? ” ^ “No, sir ! ” said Vasishtha. ‘ The Holy One said : “The Brahmans cling to the five things leading to worldliness and yield to the temptations of the senses ; they are entangled in the five hindrances, lust, malice, sloth, pride, and doubt. How can they be united to that which is most unlike their nature? Therefore the threefold wisdom of the Brahmans is a waterless desert, a pathless jungle, and a hopeless desolation.” ^When Buddha had thus spoken, one of the Brahmans said : “We are told, Gautama, that the Shakyamuni (You Buddha) knows the path to a union with Brahma(GOD).” ^ And the Blessed One said : “What do you think, O Brahmans, of a man born and brought up in Manasakrita? Would he be in doubt about the directest way from this spot to Manasakrita? ” ^ “Certainly not, Gautama.” ^ “Thus,” replied Buddha, “the Tathagata (Me or a righteous person) knows the straight path (in Arabic Siraat Mustaqeem) that leads to a union with Brahma(GOD).He knows it as one who has entered the world of Brahma(GOD) and has been bom in it. There can be no doubt in him.’* > And the two young Brahmans (Young priests) said : “If you know the way show it to us.” ^^ And Buddha said : * “The Tathagata(a righteous or an enlightened one – a person on straight path) sees the universe face to face and understands its nature. He proclaims the truth both in its letter and in its spirit, and his doctrine is lovely in its origin, lovely in its progress, lovely in its consummation. The Tathagata reveals the higher life in its purity and perfection. **” The Tathagata lets his mind pervade the four quarters of the world with thoughts of love. And thus the whole wide world, above, below, around, and everywhere will continue to be filled with love, far-reaching, grown great, and beyond measure. ^”Just as a mighty trumpeter makes himself heard and that without difficulty in all the four quarters of the earth; even so is the coming of the Tathagata: there is not one living creature that the Tathagata passes by or leaves aside, but regards them all with mind set free, and deep-felt love. ^ “And this is the sign that a man follows the right path: Uprightness is his delight, and he sees danger in the least of those things which he should avoid. He trains himself in the commands of morality, he encompasseth himself with holiness in word and deed ; he sustains life by means that are quite pure ; good is his conduct, guarded is the door of his senses; mindful and self-possessed, he is altogether happy. ** “He who walks in the eightfold noble path with unswerving determination is sure to reach Nirvana. The Tathagata anxiously watches over his children and with loving care helps them to see the light. ^** When a hen has eight or ten or twelve eggs, over which she has properly brooded, the wish arises in her heart, * O would that my little chickens should break open the egg-shell with their claws, or with their beaks, and come forth into the light in safety!* yet all the while those little chickens are sure to break the eggshell and will come forth into the light in safety. Even so, a brother who with firm determination walks in the noble path is sure to come forth into the light (That is GOD), sure to reach up to the higher wisdom, sure to attain to the highest bliss of enlightenment.” (that is to be with GOD)”.we will present much more from Buddhist scriptures in a separate page soon, that will prove again that Buddha was a warner from GOD. He was one of the greatest Muslim Sufis of mankind history. His ways was EXACTLY SAME as the way of great Muslim Sufis. In fact he was Founder of Sufi Path. Also know that Prophets were essentially sufis but not every sufi was a Prophet. we are here talking not about any sect. Sects are forbidden in Quran. We use {sufi=enlightened one]
We have seen 8 Noble Paths advised by Buddha. As being The Final Authority Scripture from Allah, Quran gives much more detail of Noble paths. Please click at: Glorious Quran on Good MannersWise Man of GOD Socrates said: “It is not living that matters, but living rightly” (Socrates 469 BC to 399 BC)”I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing” (Socrates 469 BC to 399 BC)Upon questioning from a disciple; Wise Man of GOD “Siddhartha Buddha replied: “I am not messiah, I am not a healer, I am not a teacher, but I am “AWAKE”. There is Islamic tradition: “People are asleep and they awake after death”. There is another Islamic tradition: “That If u want to AWAKE, then “Die before your death”. Search in Google what is explanation of “To die before death’. As we know that scriptures sent to all past prophets EXCEPT Quran has been partially corrupted. However what a little bit truth is still left behind in Buddhism can be read in more detail about A.M Eight noble paths at: EghtFold Noble PathsQuran also contains truth of all past scripture and Quran is like a Central Lab for TESTING STANDARDS. If any matter that we read in past scriptures today contradict Quran, Know, for sure, that, that saying has been corrupted.We have many very authentic sources from history that are already discussed in this page especially from Tibetan sources that in no way can be refuted. These all sources confirm 100% that most of learning of Jesus Eisa son Mary [when he was between [12 to 30 yr age] came from the teachings of Buddha [In General talk we can say Jesus even a Buddhist –> that in fact in true sense mean a Muslim follower of a man of GOD]. Jesus/Eisa PBUH stayed many years in Kapil Wastu [birth place of Siddhartha Buddha] to enhance his learnings & at the end to teach the people of KapilaVastu as a learned man.

Allah would had never advised Jesus to learn
from Buddha’s teachings for 18 yrs in KapilaVastu, if Buddha was a Mulhid Atheist as some propagandist usually deplore. Another proof, that he was a man of GOD, is his teachings; just read his teachings. Before the landing of Noble Quran, we find no-where any-where so high class ethically and morally enriched teachings that we find from Siddharths Buddha. His all [uncorrupted] teachings are same as were preached by all past Prophets; same as Prophet Muhammad preached, same that also are fully contained in final testament of Allah “Noble Quran”

“Maulana Manazir Ahsan Gilani, a famous Deobandi Islamic scholar, agreed with the proposed argument that Buddha was a prophet (or at least messenger or Warner) of Allah, and many of his teachings were similar to Islamic principles. In fact, there were already others who were proposing the idea that Jesus was a “buddha”, and he actually taught many of his teachings to the Indian Buddhists, especially concerning peace, harmony, piety, and poverty. These same ideas were proposed by Naziri and  a famous scholar Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

One of the great scholars of his time,Allama Shibli Nomani, on page 27 of his Seeratun Nabi has given a startling quote of Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal (780-855 CE, d. 241 AH), “Three kinds of books are absolutely unfounded, Maghazi, Malahem and Tafseer.” (The exalted Prophet’s Battles, Dreams and Prophecies, and Expositions/Tafsirs of the Qur’an)

Our very dear Fanatic Pauline Priest and very dear Fanatic Mullah:

The time of fictions and fables is over. People are being awakened by truthful scholars including elite team of our Group. No More Fictions O Fanatic Mullah, O Pauline Priest. No more Fables O Fanatic. You have been telling lies to people from centuries but now is the time to say and preach TRUTH and only Truth. O Mullah O Fanatic! Our elite team will not allow you to dig the grave of Prophet Eisa in RozaBal and make him alive by some magic Jadoo-Toona so that he can kill all swines of the world with licensed or unlicensed rifle and can complete a tough job of Cross-breaking from the homes of Pauline Christians. We will not allow this to happen in order to fulfill your fabricated hadiths of ABu Hurayra – A bona-fide student of a notorious Monafik Jewish Yamni Rabbi Ka’ab Al-Ahbar. Know that like all Human Prophets; Son of Mary is also died. Though he survived death on Cross as Noble Quran says but was died later naturally at very old age. Know that dead never return to this world, just like, a baby does not return to the womb of his mother. Neither an Impostor Nabi Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani will return to this world, nor the Truthful Prophet of Allah Azza wa Jal “Nabi Eisa” is going to come out of his grave of Rozabal in order to break Crosses of Pauline Christians and killing swines of whole world – a pretty tough task.

2000 years are passed,

Prophet Eisa / Jesus son of Mary did not return. Even if trillions/zillions years will pass, he will never return becaz already died people never ever return to this world as baby does not to the womb of her mother. He will never come back as he is died. It is CRYSTAL CLEAR in authentic Hadiths, authentic history & even in so called Gospels &, Noble Quran that thu he survived death on Cross (Ma Salabu) but later he naturally died at very old age. Only ignorant priests & stupid Mullahs are spreading fictions from centuries. Munafiks have launched many many false hadiths of JESUS RETURN in order to strengthen their unsound believes which are in fact fables of Jews and Christians (followers of Paul).
Note: Please read Fatwa of Professor Shatut in English and Arabic at: http://goo.gl/P90xB
Professor Mahmud Shaltut, Grand Mufti-Egypt & Past Rector of Azhar University has said in Fatwa: (read his full Fatwa in Arabic and English text at this link: FatwaArabicEngF.pdf ) That according to Quran, Jesus survived death on CROSS but in later life he was died naturally & the Hadiths about Ascend/Descend were narrated by two hypocrites “Wahab bin Munnabba” & “Ka’ab Al-Ahbar (A Yamni Jew Rabai – a Hypo)”. Please also note that Abu Hurayra was also from Yaman & was a student of Ka’ab. Also note that Wahab bin Munnabba was first impostor in Islamic history who invented the theory that Jesus was replaced by some one else on Cross. Apparently he copied this fiction from some forged books of Pauline Christians and then spread this false theory in hadith books. Majority of our impostor Mullahs even with doctoral degrees are following this false groundless theory from centuries blindly and also preaching this falsehood to millions of Muslims who are also unfortunately BLIND FOLLOWERS.
These liar Munafik Mullahs have attached this Quranic truth to silly Qadianis or Lahori Ahmadis in order to escape from truth & to support Christians’ & Jewish fable Mirza Ghulam Ahmed and his followers are liar, But Stupid Muslim Mullahs who support fictions of Roman Pagans that Son of Mary flew to paradise with his mortal body of flesh and bones are empty-headed nasty fanatics who have defaced Islam from centuries. If you follow these stupid Mullahs, u are not following True Islam at all.
The Holy Prophet Muhammad said: – “Had Moses or Jesus been alive, they would have had to follow me” Reference:(Al-Yawaqit wal-Jawahir, p. 24; Fath al-Bayan, vol. 2, p. 246; Tafsir Ibn Kathir, under verse 81 of Al-i Imran). This is so clear from this AUTHENTIC HADITH as is sun on sky that Prophet said, Jesus is already died. But stupid fanatics do not believe in AUTHENTIC Hadiths that blast their unsound believes but accept forged reports that support their false believes. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!
When a delegation of 60 men from Christian people of Najran came to the Prophet (S), their chief priest discussed with him the status of Jesus & asked him as to who Jesus’ father was. Prophet said: ‘Do you not know tht a son resembles his father?’ They replied: ‘Yes’. He said:  A lastum ta’lamuna anna rabbana la yamutu wa anna Isa ata ‘alaihi-l-fana’, i.e., Do you not know that our Lord lives for ever while Jesus perished.” (Asbab an-nuzul, by Imam Abu-l-Hasan Neshapur, published in Egypt,p.53 

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT Irrefutable Proof of Fraud & Forgery of “Gospel of Mark” concerning Ascension Fiction of Jesus.
(Please read it – It is very very interesting and is 100% Irrefutable).

We were watching a video of Dr. Zakir Naik at Youtube in which he was claiming like majority of other Muslim Impostor scholars that Jesus has gone to heavens alive (In fact a fable of Pauline Christians) & he was supporting his false claim not by just countless forged hadiths; or by twisting the meaning of some verse of Noble Quran, but also he was claiming that the ascension of Jesus is also mentioned in Bibles/Gospels. Now we will prove below that the claim of Dr. Zakir Naik that ascension of Jesus is also mentioned in bible is nothing but a white lie and a well known fabrication — Please read below: Now after reading following two links, reader can VERY Easily notice/catch the Crude forgery in the Bible – Gospel of Mark.

1- CODEX SINAITICUS – The oldest Bible: The New Testament translated from the Sinaitic Manuscript discovered by Top most Bible Scholar Dr. Constantine Tischendorf at Mt. Sinai by H. T. Anderson, begun in 1861 Copyright ©2004 Jackson H.Snyder II. http://www.codexsinaiticus.org/en/ . This rare original translation of the earliest complete New Testament is in Greek.

Following link of “CODEX SINAITICUS” will show you the manuscript of oldest available copy of Bible – New testament (Around 500 A.D). When link is opened, please go to “According to Mark” and then read the end part of Gospel of Mark. You will find no where any ascension fiction of Jesus. We are giving you reference of Gospel of Mark, because Mathew Luke & John have heavily copied from Gospel of Mark. http://www.codexsinaiticus.org/en/. Dr. Constantine Tischendorf (A top German Bible Scholar of previous century) clearly said that the last 12 verses that we see today in Gospel of Mark was added by some one much later. (A 100 % proof of Forgery).
Reader can see the missing part of that page of Gospel of Mark, on which they have later added fiction of ascension of Jesus. at following link of Vaticanus Codex: http://www.bible-researcher.com/vaticanus2.html . After opening this link, reader can see on the lower-right corner, the writing is missing in original manuscript. In this area they had added fiction of ascension of Jesus later. In Gospel of Mark that we read from CODEX SINAITICUS, ascension fable does not exist at all.

2- However, following linked Gospel of Mark
(A forged version) is being taught to Pauline Christians in schools and churches from many centuries. When you open following link (it is from University of Toronto Canada), please read end-part of Gospel of Mark. You will read there, that some one has added now the fiction of ascension of Jesus to heaven with physical body, that we do not find in CODEX SINAITICUS. Please open following link for proof: http://www.utoronto.ca/religion/synopsis/gmk.htm
Grand MUFTI Egypt SHEIKH MUHAMMAD ABDUH (1849 to 1906)
The celebrated scholar of Islam, Mohammad Sheikh Abduh of Egypt maintains that the stories of a living Jesus in the heavens and his second coming were inserted into our Ahadith centuries ago by Christian scholars so that Christianity may seem to be superior to Islam. Centuries later, Church forged last 12 verses of Gospel of Mark in order to validate fiction of ascension and return of Jesus.CorruptioninMark
To sum up:
So you have already read in first link in Sinaitic Manuscript that in the oldest manuscript of Gospel of Mark (around 500 A.D), the fiction of Ascension of Jesus did not exist at all, but it exists only in the forged version of Gospel of Mark that presently is being taught in schools and churches.
Important Note:
Purpose of above-given comparison between old version of Bible and relatively new version was to show reader that we do not find fiction of ascension of Jesus in oldest gospels but this does not mean that oldest gospel like CODEX SINAITICUS & Codex Vaticanus are free of forgery and corruption. For example CODEX SINAITICUS and Vaticanus codex’s were created in 4th century and Paul and Pagan Constantine existed much before that era who introduced blasphemous son-ship and trinity. Therefore even these oldest gospel written 370 yrs after Jesus, are full of forgery, blasphemy and heresy. The corruption in bible started right after the incident of CROSS & remained continued through out 2000 yrs even up to today. When we read CODEX SINAITICUS fully, we found it full of heresy & forgery that shows echo of already passed era of Paul & Roman Pagan Constantine. Please watch following very informative video fully in full screen:
Following video is presented by TOP Bible Scholar Dr. Robert Beckford Ph.D.; Who Wrote The Bible?
“lt is a historical fact That the Gospels have been revised and recast by various compilers from time to time. The net result has been that some very important material which informed us about matters not to the liking of the bishops has been deleted. One such example is the last page of the Gospel of Mark, which was salvaged by the famous Bible scholar, C.R Gregory, who wrote The Canon and the Text of the New Testament. The salvaged verses are as follows: And all the things announced, To those about Peter briefly: They spread about, And after that, Jesus himself appeared from the east, And out to the west he sent out, By them the sacred, And uncorrupted preaching, Of the eternal Salvation. Amen.

The above verses, which were deleted from the gospel of Mark, clearly inform us that Jesus appeared from the east and directed his disciples to spread his teachings in the west. This also proves his second life, which has altogether been suppressed by the Church.” (Ref: 5th Gospel by Professor Fida Hassnain & Dahan levi)

Following are excerpts from the Book of Nicolas Notovitch

8- The divine child, to whom was given the name of Issa (same name as is in Quran), began from his earliest years to speak of the one and indivisible God, exhorting the souls of those gone astray to repentance and the purification of the sins of which they were culpable.

10– When Issa had attained the age of thirteen years, the epoch when an Israelite should take a wife,

Then it was that Issa left the parental house in secret, departed from Jerusalem, and with the merchants set out towards Sind ( A Big river in Punjab Pakistan starting from Kashmir – Sind in those days were in India),

– In the course of his fourteenth year, the young Issa, blessed of God, came on this side of Sind and established himself among the Aryas in the land beloved of God.

– Indians taught Issa(Jesus) to read and understand the Vedas, to cure by aid of prayer, to teach, to explain the holy scriptures to the people, and to drive out evil spirits from the bodies of men, restoring unto them their sanity.

– Issa denied the divine origin of the Vedas* and the Puranas (Hindu Books).

– Issa denied the Trimurti and the incarnation of Para-Brahma in Vishnu, Siva, and other gods.

– “Worship not the idols, for they hear you not. Listen not to the Vedas, for their truth is counterfeit. Never put yourself in the first place and never humiliate your neighbor.
During stay in India, Jesus went to Benaras and other Cities of Hindus and told Brahmans that their books Vedas & Purnas are not from GOD & are made-up by humans and he lectured them to stop caste racial behaviour with people as all are same people of GOD. But These Brahmans got annoyed and planned Murder of Jesus

Following is excerpt from the BOOK, 5th Gospel by Professor Hasnain & Dahan Levi (from 5th chapter).
“His words and works caused unrest through all the land. The poor followed him in throngs but the priests resolved to drive him out of India. All the Brahmana priests met in a council, and employed a murderer with the mission to kill Jesus. In Communion with Buddha Having been informed about the plot, and advised by friends to depart, Jesus left the place by night. With haste, he journeyed to the north, and reached Kapilavastu, the birthplace of Sakyamuni Buddha. The Buddhists opened wide the doors of a monastery for him, and he started living among the monks. He witnessed their religious rites, and participated in their prayers. A time came when he fully understood the words of the Master and began to teach on the same lines. The head lama declared in a congregation:”
“We stand today upon a crest of time,
Six times ago a master soul was born,
Who gave a glory light to man,
And now a master sage stands here.
This Hebrew prophet is the rising star of wisdom,
He brings to us a knowledge of God;
And all the world will hear his words,
Will heed his words,
And glorify his name.”

Important note:
Above-given reference provides us IRREFUTABLE proof that 2000 years ago All Buddhist Lamas [mean top scholars of that time] were strong believers of ONE GOD. Buddha always said “There is only one Reality” which in Arabic is La Ilaha Ill-Allah” The Shahada of Islam. But Buddhists later corrupted message of Buddha. In the same way Hindu did with the message of Krishna & Pauline-Constantine Christians did with the actual teachings of Son of Mary (Jesus) & Jews did with the original message of Moses.
When Son of Mary lived many years in Tibet with Lamas of Buddhism, we can find many pictures of Jesus in their record at following link. See the person with long hairs:
The pictures of Eisa/Jesus  son of Mary [PBUH] given in above-given link are exact pictures of him taken by Buddhist artists when he was living with them for many years, as in those days there were no any camera and therefore high skilled artists used to draw picture of a person almost 100% identical. Please do not forget to see the scars [Nails-driven injuries marks on Cross] in hands of Jesus in one picture. Reader can see beautiful long hairs of Prophet Eisa/Jesus [PBUH] in these pictures but Paul has cursed in his 1 Corinthians 11:14 on a person who keeps long hairs. Was Paul faithful to Jesus and Christians? Tischendorf_NWe have many very authentic sources from history that are already discussed in this page especially from Tibetan sources that in no way can be refuted. These all sources confirm 100% that most of learnings of Jesus Eisa son Mary [when he was between [12 to 30 yr age] came from the teachings of Buddha [In General talk we can say Jesus even a Buddhist –> that in fact in true sense mean a Muslim follower of a Man of GOD Siddhartha Buddha. Jesus/Eisa PBUH stayed many years in Kapilavastu to enhance his learnings & at the end to teach the people of Kapilavastu as a learned man.Allah would had never advised Jesus to learn from Buddha’s teachings for 18 yrs in Kapilavastu, if Buddha was a Mulhid Atheist as some propagandist usually deplore. Another proof, that he was a man of GOD, is his teachings; just read his teachings. Before the landing of Noble Quran, we find no-where any-where so high class ethically and morally enriched teachings that we find from Siddharths Buddha. His all [uncorrupted] teachings are same as were preached by all past Prophets; same as Prophet Muhammad preached, same that also are fully contained in final testament of Allah “Noble Quran”.

Question: Was Eisa/Jesus Son of Mary a Buddhist?

Our answer:

If Jesus/Eisa son of Mary had studied and implemented on the teachings of a wise man of GOD Siddhartha Buddha; then what is wrong in it? Now this truth should be clear to those who always ask “Was Jesus a Buddhist? This is a stupid’s question.

Almost all teachings of Buddha and Eisa/Jesus, also, we find in Final preserved & protected Testament of GOD “Glorious Quran”. Quran has superseded teachings of all past scriptures because Quran also contains truth of all past scriptures. Quran also corrects the corruption of past scriptures. Quran is The Ultimate Reference to correct all kind of forgery in all past scriptures.
Keep in mind O wise person and grasp this truth firmly that No any Prophet including, but not limited to, Noah, Enoch, Abraham, Ismael, Ishaq, Jacob, Moses, Eisa/Jesus & Muhammad [Peace be upon all of them] was a Hindu, a Zoroastrian, a Buddhist, a Jew, or a Christian etc. Quran the final testament of GOD makes it clear again and again at many places that ONE GOD has just ONE-Path which is “Islam” and followers of Islam used to call themselves MUSLIMS in all times. All prophets were Muslims and their true followers used to say themselves “MUSLIMS”. The terms of Hindu, Buddhist, Jew & Christian are invented dogmatic terms by deceived priests in ages.
(Quran 3:85) If anyone desires a DEEN (Some say religion) other than Islam , never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (All spiritual good).

Abraham was neither a “Jew” nor a “Christian”, but was a pious Muslim; and he was not of those who ascribe divinity to aught beside Him. (Glorious Quran 3:67). (From this verse it is so clear as SUN on SKY that Yahudi (Judaism) and NASRANI (Christian Dogma) are not the paths of GOD).
Does it make any sense that ONE GOD will send his hundreds of Prophets to preach hundreds of different conflicting religions? NO Never. It simply does not make any sense. We suggest honorable reader to visit our another page on this subject “What was the DEEN [Some say religion] of all Prophets and their TRUE followers?” at: Deen of all Prophet.

From where the hoax of Ascension of alive Eisa/Jesus to heavens was spread?

After surviving death on Cross and healing, Son of Mary changed his name, masked his physical identity (As a Gardner) & made secret program to immigrate to East. Why Secret? So that Jews should not be able to arrest him again. Jesus Christ told his disciples that he would not tell them about his destination because he wished to keep it as secret.

He rose and hastily went away through the gathering mist thru olive trees. It was rumored that he had been taken up by the clouds. This was simply a mythological tale. At first stop he stayed with his disciple “Ananias” in Damascus Syria. then moved to Nisibis Turkey, then Iran, then Herat Afghanistan, then Taxila Pakistan, then Murree Pakistan (Where Mary Died) and finally to Srinagar Kashmir; where he lived to the age of 120 yr and is buried in Roza Bal.  (5th Gospel by Professor Fida Hassnain & Dhan Levi). You are suggested to read full detail of this hoax at: The Crucifixion by an Eye-witness:
Eisa / Jesus son of Mary PBUH had a wife and children like all other Messengers of Allah Azza Wa Jal
Quran 13:38: “And indeed We sent Messengers before you, and made wives and children for them; and it is not the task of any Messenger to bring a sign except by Allah’s permission; and for everything there is a time prescribed”
We can read from above given verse of Noble Quran in which Allah Almighty says that we had appointed wives and children for all prophets who lived before you O Prophet Muhammad (S):
Following video provides you 100% Proof that Jesus PBUH had a wife and children too. In following video, The top most expert authority scholar of present time on this subject will tell you the name of wife of Jesus PBUH and name of his son too.
Though it so clear as sun on sky in verse 13:38 that all prophets before Prophet Muhammad PBUH had wives and children and there is no any exception for son of Mary in this verse 13:38; but brainless fanatics yet claim that Eisa/Jesus is excepted from verse 13:38. If Jesus(pbuh) was an exception and did not marry [AS FANATICS CLAIM], then Allah surely would have mentioned it. It is not a small exception by any means. Where ever exception was there; Allah has mentioned it clearly in Quran. See following one example in verse 7:83 about the incidence of Nation of Prophet Loot/Lut:
فَأَنجَيْنَاهُ وَأَهْلَهُ إِلاَّ امْرَأَتَهُ كَانَتْ مِنَ الْغَابِرِينَ
Quran 7:83 (Asad) “Thereupon We saved him [Lut] and his household except his wife, who was among those that stayed behind”. [Also refer to verses 11:81, 15:60, 34:14, 37:135, 60:4]
Bibles, and authentic history clearly tell us, that after his survival from death on Cross as is in Noble Quran Wa Ma Salabu (Not Killed on Cross); Jesus was taken by friends and they treated him well with ~ 80 pound Aloe Vera (Kawaar Gandal). He recovered but there was a risk that Roman and Jew will arrest him again. So he permanently immigrated to Kashmir via Damascus Syria, Nisibian Turkey, Iran, Haraat Afghanistan, Taxila Pakistan and finally to Siri Nagar Kashmir where 10 lost tribes of Israel were living as were deported in 722 BC by Syrians and again by Bakhat Nasar (Nebuchandnezzar) in 586 BC. He immigrated with his close family members. This area was not a new for him as he already had lived in Kashmir, India, Tibet from the age of 12 to age 30 before he returned to Palestine.
When they were in Taxila, as guests of Buddhist King of Taxila; a war broke out between Raja of Taxila and an other one. Jesus with family moved toward his final destination Kashmir taking the route of a small very beautiful city called now Murree. 2000 yrs ago that town has no such name. When they reached that area, Mother Mary (Maryam) became seriously sick and she died. Israeli usually feel honor to bury at high peaks. So Mother marry was buried at the hill top of that town. From that day that town used to be called “Mary”. Its name was “Mary” up to year ~1850 when English rulers if India changed its name from “Mary” to “Murree”. This tomb of Mary is still there in Murree and Local people know it well from 2000 years.
To read and to see the tomb of Mary, please visit following links:
In Quran in Sura Momenoon Allah Jalla Aala has also implicitly pointed toward the cities of Srinagar and Murree which are high, full of Gardens and springs and were very secure 2000 years ago. What Quran says does not fit to Jerusalem (Al-Qudas) at all.
Quran 23:50: “And We made the son of Mary and his mother as a Sign: We gave them both shelter (refuge) on high ground, affording rest and security and furnished with springs”. (as a Sign:  Grave of Jesus is in SiriNagar Kashmir and Grave of Mary is in Murree. Both are near to each other full of gardens, at very high ground full of rivers, lakes and springs). Quran also confirms that Son of Mary lived up to very old age. Quran also confirms that Jesus reached to very old age, when a normal person usually lose the ability to speak clearly (But Jesus did not lose it with the grace of Allah even at very old age).
Quran 3:46: And he shall speak unto men in his cradle (at young age) and as a very old man (advanced age) , and shall be of the righteous.”.
Quran 5:110: ……… so that thou (Jesus) couldst speak unto men in thy cradle (at young age), and as an very old man (Advanced age)..
Now in a.m both verses of Quran these words are common
“تُكَلِّمُ النَّاسَ فِي الْمَهْدِ وَكَهْلاً “

“To speak in cradle” is also an idiom that doest not mean that baby really spoke in cradle but it is, that this or that person spoke at young age. This is like this example: As a result of a dispute, Mr. X got angry upon Mr. “Y” [his sister-in-law] and warns him, that “I could teach you a lesson if my hands were not bound”. [as his sister is wife of Mr. “Y”]. In this example it does not literally mean that physically hands of Mr. “X” are really bound with ropes. Quran says is allegorial verses in verse: 3:7:
(Quran Verse: 3:7) “HU (Allah) it is Who has sent down to thee (O Prophet Muhammad) the Book Divine Writ (Quran): In it are verses basic or fundamental (of established meaning); they are the foundation of the Book: others are allegorical. But those in whose hearts is perversity follow the part thereof that is allegorical, seeking discord, and searching for its hidden meanings, but no one knows its hidden meanings except Allah. And those who are firmly grounded in knowledge say: “We believe in the Book; the whole of it is from our Lord:” and none will grasp the Message except men of understanding”.In these words, Allah has told us two extremes of human life when in general a person cannot talk, or cannot talk clearly. What are these two extremes “Mahde  wa Kahlan”? It is just a matter of common sense to understand that these two extremes are baby-hood when a baby cannot talk, and at very old age (not old age but very old age) when a person cannot talk clearly. Quran3_46_KahlanBut with the grace of Allah, Jesus was able to talk clearly at these both extremes, in baby-hood & also in very old age. But our almost all translators of Quran have twisted the meanings of “Kahlan” in order to make it fit-able in their fictitious believe that Jesus went to heaven at the age of ~ 30 yrs and will descend again. So in order to make their way smooth, they have translated the Arabic Word “Kahlan” as “Grownup man”.
But now every one knows well that as a Grown man (at the age of 30 or 32), not just Jesus but every one can talk clearly. So nothing is special to talk as a grown man, but it is special/miracle when some one talks clearly in cradle and also at very old age. To talk in cradle is distinction over other general people. To talk even at very old age clearly is also a distinction over other general people. But, is it distinction over other people to talk clearly at the age of 30 yrs (grown man)??? No No No. Because every one can talk clearly at this age.
Therefore our this discussion and very very sound logic FULLY debunks the misleading idea of sectarian bloody liar translators who translate that the meanings of “Kahlan” is “Grown man. “Kahlan” mean in fact is “At very old age”. The translation as Grow-man, in no way, fits in this verse – In no way.
There is another very interesting point about word “Kahaln
which is also spoken as Kahl when the same word is not at the end of sentence. Many words in Arabic are pronounced without last sound of the word if word is not at the end of sentence. What we mean is that meaning of Kahaln or Kahal is same.
Now experts of languages knows very well that the a language known as “URDU” very much resembles with Arabic in writing and sound. Some time it is called that URDU is daughter of Arabic. Many many words has same meanings & are written in same way, for example, Arab, Islam, Ism (Name), Zaieef (weak), Badan (Body), Shukar (Thanks), Habeeb (Friend), Mutaqeem (straight), Madrisa (School), Arad (Earth), and many many…..others.
Now if a person is at age of 30 (a strong young-man); Will in general be he weak or idle or sluggish due to age factor? NO NO NO. On the contrary, when a person becomes very old, he becomes sluggish/Idle/Lazy/slow the words opposite to energetic. Now if you go to following link that have one of the best online English-Urdu dictionary & and if you type in search box: the word “idle” with out quotations and then press the search button. You will see the meanings of idle or sluggish in URDU as a “Kahal”.
It is the same word which is used in Quran verse 3:46 & 5:110 about Eisa/Jesus PBUH. And we have already discussed that like many many words, the word “Kahal” in Urdu also is originally from Arabic.  Also see the meaning of word “Idle” in Encarta Thesaurus at:
This point again gives us a strong evidence that Kahal or Kahaln mean ” a weak person due to very old age – Not Energetic”. A friend of mine from Pakistan told me that In Pakistan, if you ask a person of old Urdu speaking family, how is your great grand father now. Person some time answers, O he is now very Old and so is “Kahal”—> mean now cannot move here there easily, is not energetic due to very old age. Now we present another proof below: An Authentic historical report with a very sound narration chain:
Hazrat Fatima, Allah be pleased with her, relates from the Holy Prophet: “Jesus, son of Mary, lived to the age of 120 years. (Kanz al-‘Ummal, vol. vi, p. 120) Please Note that Kanz al-‘Ummal – a hadith book was compiled by Islamic Imam/Scholar Ali ibn Abd-al-Malik al-Hindi (died 1590 CE/975 AH) & Qadianis were not existing in 1590 C.E). Now many people can say that Arabs know arabic well and how can not they translate properly / correctly? Our answer will surprise you; which is that the one of the most ignorant people in understanding the Quran after year 770 A.D are Arabs. Because in the time of Haroon Rashid all his ministers were Irani Parsi, even mother of Haroon Rashid Queen “Al-Khaizroon” was stunch ally of Persian Parsi/Zoroastrian Bramekka family”.
In those days, first dictionary of Arabic language was created by a Persian & canonized by Gov. in those days. So Arabs follow the meanings of Quran that Persians told them. This is why that a very bold and famous and TRUTHFUL Egyptian Imam Muhammad Abdu (Read his tafseer of Quran called Minaar”) said that the Islam we follow today is “Islam-ul-Ajam” — Persian brand of Islam — which mean not the islam that was brought by Prophet Muhammad (S). Reader can judge the aptitude of Arab scholars of today toward understanding the Arabic language and Quran, by following example:

The best Fatwa ever given by a TOP Saudi Scholar
– –SubhanAllah Chief Saudi Cleric, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baaz, issued following Fatwa in 1970:
“Whoever believes that the Earth moves around the Sun, or that man has landed on the moon is an ardent Kaafir. Furthermore, anyone doubting his infidelity would be a greater Kaafir and his wife would be automatically divorced from him. It would be haram to marry into his family, drink water in his house, pray behind him, or to attend his funeral prayer”.
(So according to fatwa of shaykh Baaz, all humans on this planet including ~ 2 billion muslims are Kaafir except Shaykh Baaz & who believe in this Fatwa!!! LOL.
The above-given ridiculous Fatwa is itself a proof that this TOP MOST ARAB scholar of Saudi Arabia even does not understand Quran correctly. We will talk more about this Fatwa again before the end of this page.Even today you will see Arab scholars in Saudi Arabia usually consult the Tafseer & translation of Persians or a Pakistani (Non-arabic) so called scholar Hilali Khan who was in fact one of the biggest impostors who deliberately twisted the meanings of many verses of Quran in order to reconcile them with forged hadiths & with some fables of Jews & Pauline Christians.
Now many stupid blindly following fanatics say that this old age will be applicable when Son of Mary will come again here and then will die at old age. This is just another fabricated story in the series of fabricated fables & fictions about this subject that have been created by empty-headed blindly following stupid. In fact dead people never return to this word and this is core subject of this page and Jesus was no more than a human prophet (Refer to Quran 5:75 & 3:59). Muhammad is a human prophet and all Prophets before Muhammad (S) has been died (Refer to Quran 3:144), so there is no any exception to son of Mary.
إِذْ قَالَ اللّهُ يَا عِيسى ابْنَ مَرْيَمَ اذْكُرْ نِعْمَتِي عَلَيْكَ وَعَلَى وَالِدَتِكَ
إِذْ أَيَّدتُّكَ بِرُوحِ الْقُدُسِ تُكَلِّمُ النَّاسَ فِي الْمَهْدِ وَكَهْلاً وَإِذْ عَلَّمْتُكَ الْكِتَابَ
وَالْحِكْمَةَ وَالتَّوْرَاةَ وَالإِنجِيلَ وَإِذْ تَخْلُقُ مِنَ الطِّينِ كَهَيْئَةِ الطَّيْرِ بِإِذْنِي فَتَنفُخُ فِيهَا فَتَكُونُ
طَيْرًا بِإِذْنِي وَتُبْرِىءُ الأَكْمَهَ وَالأَبْرَصَ بِإِذْنِي وَإِذْ تُخْرِجُ الْمَوتَى بِإِذْنِي وَإِذْ كَفَفْتُ بَنِي
 إِسْرَائِيلَ عَنكَ إِذْ جِئْتَهُمْ بِالْبَيِّنَاتِ فَقَالَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُواْ مِنْهُمْ إِنْ هَـذَا إِلاَّ سِحْرٌ مُّبِينٌ
“When Allah will say: O Isa  (alaihi salaam) son of Marium! Remember My favor on you and on your mother, when I strengthened you I with the holy Spirit, you spoke to the people in the cradle and I when of very old age, and when I taught you the Book and the wisdom and the Taurat and the Injeel; and when you determined out of clay a thing like the form of a bird by My permission, then you breathed into it and it became a bird by My permission, and you healed the blind and the leprous by My permission; and when you brought forth the dead by My permission; and when I withheld the children of Israel from you when you came to them with clear arguments, but those who disbelieved among them said: This is nothing but clear enchantment.” (Glorious Quran verse 5:110)
إِذْ قَالَتِ الْمَلآئِكَةُ يَا مَرْيَمُ إِنَّ اللّهَ يُبَشِّرُكِ بِكَلِمَةٍ مِّنْهُ اسْمُهُ الْمَسِيحُ عِيسَى
ابْنُ مَرْيَمَ وَجِيهًا فِي الدُّنْيَا وَالآخِرَةِ وَمِنَ الْمُقَرَّبِينَ (3:45)
وَيُكَلِّمُ النَّاسَ فِي الْمَهْدِ وَكَهْلاً وَمِنَ الصَّالِحِينَ (3:46)
Quran 3:45: Lo! The angels said: “O Mary! Behold, God sends thee the glad tiding, through a word from Him, [of a son] who shall become known as the Christ Jesus, son of Mary, of great honour in this world and in the life to come, and [shall be] of those who are drawn near unto God.
Quran 3:46: And he shall speak unto men in his cradle, and when of very old age, and shall be of the righteous.”
For more detail about this point, please refer to two GREAT WORKS at:
Imam Mahmud Shaltut who was Grand Mufti of Egypt and also was a Professor & Rector of Al-Azhar University Qairo Egypt. Read his fatwa (in English & Arabic) about the Ascend & Descend of Eisa/Jesus at following link:
Route Map of permanent immigration of Jesus & his family after he survived death on Cross as is in Quran “Wa Ma Salabu” ==> NOT KILLED ON CROSS
Read about all the 7 red spots given in the map from left to right
For further detail read this very informative 4th chapter of “Fifth Gospel” by Dr. Professor Fida Hasnain, at:
For further detail, pls read 5th chapter of “Fifth Gospel” of Dr. Professor Fida Hasnain at: (Very informative – MUST READ)
History gives us full fledged proof that during the stay of Eisa/Jesus PBUH & his close family members Mary Magdalene & Thomas and Mother Mary as a Guest in the Palace of Raja (king) of Taxila (now in Pakistan); war beteen King and other Raja broke out & Family of Eisa PBUH was suggested to move from Taxila for safety. Eisa PBUH moved From Taxila (where one of the biggest Buddhist University was) to a very beautiful hilly village near Islamabad (now in Pakistan). During their stay in that village, Mother Mary became sick and died. She was burred at HILL-TOP nearby & people of Area named that Hill-Top village in the name of Mary as “Mary” to offer her tribute for her holiness. So from 2000 yrs that one of the most beautiful hilly towns in Pakistan “Mary” existed. But in the mid of 18th Centuries, English Rulers of India/Pakistan, changed name of that town from ‘Mary’ to “Murree”. Today this beautiful healthy town called “Murree” and that town is more famous in Pakistan than even capital of Pakistan Islamabad. That Grave of Mother Mary is still at Hill-top  of “MURREE” from 2000 years and grave is Eastern-Western on Jewish design. Please note, that Muslims bury dead in Northern-Southern direction. Only Jew bury Eastern-Western. After death of Mother Mary, Jesus with remainder family moved to Sirinagar Kashmir where he stayed rest of his life. Sirinagar is not far from the Town of MURREE. For more info, please visit following links:
Reader can watch the actual stone of foot print in following very interesting video:

YouTube Video

This is real (but very rare) picture of Grave of Jesus/Isa PBUH apparently hidden under sarcophagus. This 2000 years old Grave is in ROZABAL Kashmir EASTERN-WESTERN like Jews traditions. Muslim and Muslims in Kashmir do not bury Eastern-Western but in Northern-Southern.
Attached to the grave are foot print that clearly show nail driven in his feet; that show the buried person was tried on Cross. He is Son of Mary who survived death on Cross (as is mentioned in Glorious Quran – WA MA SALABU – NOT KILLED ON CROSS) and secretly fled to lost 10 tribes of Israelis in Kashmir. Lived there 120 years and died there. Syrian King Sargon II deported lost 10 tribes of Jews 722 BC and again Babylon King Nebuchadnezzar (Bakhat Nasar) in 586 BC.
Watch this video of grave of Eisa son of mary at:
For further detail, refer to links given at the end of this page.

This is all the truth but Roman Pagan’s Priests and their followers ignorant stupid Mullahs have been deceiving Roman Pagans and Muslims from centuries and people are following their myth from generation to generation blindly. Any one who tries to tell them truth they place on him label of Qadiani or Ahmadi.
We know that Qadianis/Ahmadis/Lahori Ahmadis are liar. And Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was a false prophet/Nabi/messenger but much more liars than these Qadianis are our stupid Mullahs who are escaping from the truth of Quran, authentic Hadith and Authentic history and are misguiding general Muslim public from centuries.
Jesus immigrated secretly because if he had not kept it secret, Romans instigated by Jews priest could arrest him again, and it is duty of every person to protect him self. Besides, we see in Bible of Mathew that Jesus said that he has been sent to preach only Lost tribes of Israel. We have already proved in this page 100% that these lost 10 tribes are Kashmiri people.
When Jesus did not tell people about his secret immigration; Christians started to spread fiction that he has gone alive to heavens and will return in later days. Now some new Muslim converts brought with them these fake story that was later happily added by stupid Persian imams of hadith books in their fake books. Next step what? Now foolish ignorant Muslim Mullahs started to preach the fake story of hadith books to Muslims and Muslim had now made it their very important believe that already died Eisa son of Mary will return and so and so. This is one of the most deluding fiction of mankind history. LastDayOfGr8Man
 “Then Yuz Asaf (Yusu), after roaming about in many cities, reached that country which is called Kashmir. He traveled in it far and wide and stayed there and spent his (remaining) life there, until death overtook him, and he left the earthly body and was elevated towards the Light. But before his death, he sent for a disciple of his, Ba’bad (Twin-Thomas) by name, who used to serve him and was well versed in all matters. He expressed his last will to him and said: ‘My time for departing from this world has come. Carry on your duties properly and turn not back from truth, and say your prayers regularly. He then directed Ba’bad to prepare a tomb over him (at the very place that he died). He then stretched his legs towards the West and head towards the East and died. May God bless him.”
Reference: “Ikmal-ud-Din” authored by Al-Shaikh Al-Said-us-Sadiq Abi Jaffar Muhammad Ibn-i-Ali Ibn-i-Hussain Ibn-i-Musa Ibn-i-Baibuyah al-Qummi, Ikmal-ud-Din (Kamal-ud Din wa Tmam-un Nimat fi Asbat-ul-Ghaibat wa Kashf-ul-Hairet (Publish in Iran: Syed-us-Sanad Press, 1782 A.D, p. 357).
The author of Ikmal-ud-Din (the original title is, Kamal-ud Din wa Tmam-un Nimat fi Asbat-ul-Ghaibat wa Kashf-ul-Hairet), is Al-Shaikh Al-Said-us-Sadiq Abi Jaffar Muhammad Ibn-i-Ali Ibn-i-Hussain Ibn-i-Musa Ibn-i-Baibuyah al-Qummi, who died in Khorasan in 962 AD. He was a scholar who had traveled to many countries in order to research material for his book. Yuz_Asaph_5th_Gospel_FConcerning the year 54 given in above picture, Professor Fida Hassnain notes the following:
“Note that since Islam did not exist during the reign of Gopadatta (79-109 AD), connecting the year 54 with the Muslim Hijra Era is absurd. During that period, the Laukika Era was exclusively used in Kashmir. As this era started in 3076 BC, the 54th year mentioned in the inscription would come to either 22 BC or 78 AD (since Laukika Year 1 is 3076 BC, 3054 would be 22 BC, and 3154 would be 78 AD.) As it was not possible for Jesus Christ to have traveled to Kashmir in 22 BC, I take the year 78 AD to be the correct date of his arrival.
The author of the Ain-ul-Hayat was Ibn-i-Muhammad Hadi Muhammad Ismail. In Volume 2, Chapter 2, pages 177 to 178, he states the following regarding Yuz Asaf: (Printed at Bombay) A.H. 1232. Author writes: “He  went to many cities and preached to those cities. At last he reached the city of Kashmir. He invited its inhabitants to righteousness and resided there till death approached him, and his holy spirit departed from his earthly body and went to rest with God. But before his death he called his companion Ba’bad and made a will…and directed him to construct a tomb for him. He laid himself with his head towards the East and stretched his legs towards the West, and went to the place of Eternity.”

Historian Mullah Nadri (1420 A.D.) writes in his Book “Tarikh-i-Kashmir (history of Kashmir) “I have seen in a book of Hindus that this prophet was really Hazrat Isa [Jesus], the Spirit of God, on whom be peace [and salutations] and had also assumed the name of Yuz Asaf. The real knowledge is with God. He spent his life in this [valley]. After his departure [his death] he was laid to rest in Mohalla Anzmarah. It is also said that lights of prophethood used to emanate from the tomb of this Prophet. Raja Gopadatta having ruled for sixty years and two months, [then] died…”

“Jesus (on whom be peace) was named the “Messiah” because he was a great traveler. He wore a woolen scarf on his head and a woolen cloak on his body. He had a stick in his hand; he used to wander from country to country and from city to city. At nightfall he would stay where he was. He ate jungle vegetables, drank jungle water, and went on his travels on foot. His companions, in one of his travels, once bought a horse for him; he rode the horse one day, but as he could not make any provision for the feeding of the horse, he returned it.
Reference: Rauzat-us-Safa, written by Mir Muhammad Bin Khawand in 1417 A.D. The complete title of that book is, Rauza-tus-Safa fi Sirat-ul-Ambia wal Muluk wal Khulafa (Gardens of Purity concerning the biography of the Prophets and Kings and Caliphs). It was published later, in the year 1852 AD, in Bombay India.

Some Quotes of Top Most  Scholars of their times
Also Visit our dedicated page ” What scholars said about Jesus at:

No one in these scholars was a silly Qadiani or follower of Liar prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. Many of them were born hundreds of years before Mirza Qadiani. So brain-wise blind fanatics cannot not label them Qadianis as they were born hundreds of years before Qadianis.

When In early times, Jews/Christians accepted Islam, Some of them brought with them fictions of their false dogmas & this all infused in Hadith books. Then Ignoble Muslims Mullahs started to twist the meaning of verses of Quran to reconcile them with these false hadith reports.

To believe if Jesus is died or alive

is not among fundamental believes of Islam. To believe that Jesus is died and died people never return to this world will in no way makes you a Kaafir Qadiani. Because it is not Mirza Qadiani who was first to declare that Jesus is dead. From 1400 yrs there are many many top most Muslim scholars and Muhadiths who said that Jesus is died. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said in his many authentic Hadiths that Jesus is died, Quran says thu Jesus survived death on Cross but later Jesus was died at very old age, Imam Malik said Jesus is died. Hafiz Ibne Qayam, Ibne Kathir, Jamal udeen Afghani, Abu-ul-Kalam Azad, Abaid-Allah Sindi, Moulna Zafar Ali Khan, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, Dr. Muhammad Asad, Professor Imam Shaltut of Azhar university and many many other scholars said, Jesus is died. Were these all scholars Qadiani hundreds of years before the birth of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani? NO Never.

Grand MUFTI Egypt SHEIKH MUHAMMAD ABDUH (1849 to 1906)

The celebrated scholar of Islam, Mohammad Sheikh Abduh of Egypt maintains that the stories of a living Jesus in the heavens and his second coming were inserted into our Ahadith centuries ago by Christian scholars so that Christianity may seem to be superior to Islam. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan said: (A Strong opponent of “gone astray” Qadianis) “Belief in Jesus being still alive is not an Islamic belief. Many Muslims have rejected it.” (Newspaper Mujahid, 12 September 1935)

What DR. ALLAMA IQBAL – ONE OF THE BEST SUNNI BRAINS OF HIS TIME IN MUSLIM WORLD (also Ph.D in metaphysics in Iran) had said about ascend/descend of Jesus & coming of Mahdi? “I can only tell you what I believe. I consider the Hadith reports about the Mahdi, the coming Messiah, and mujaddidiyya are derived from Persian & non-Arab conceptions. They have no connection with Arab concepts or the true spirit of the Quran. (Iqbal Nama, Part II, p. 231, Letter no. 87)

So, when returning stories of already died Eisa/Jesus (Peace be upon him) and Mehdi are fabrications created by Roman Pagans & Persians then how Mirza Ghulam Ahmed can be a returning Masih (Masih Maud) and Mehdi???  This is just a crude stupidity

Dear! No prophet after Muhammad (S).

Prof Mustafa Al-Maraghi who was also the Rector of Al-Azhar University (Egypt), has written in his Commentary on verse (Quran 3:55) The Jews who wanted, most maliciously, to inflict harm on Jesus, could not succeed in their plan. The meaning of the term tawaffa is death as usual; & the significance of raf’ is his spiritual exaltation aft death. The verse, therefore, means: I will cause you to die; & after your death, I will exalt you in My presence; just as the Most High God has said of Idris (Enoch)

Dr Ahmed Zaki Abu Shadi, a well-known scholar of Egypt, wrote in the Arabic magazine AlMuwahab of Argentine:
“When Jesus was placed in the tomb, his disciples took him away from there in the dark of the night, and lavished all care and treatment upon him in secret until he recovered. Then he fled away to the Eastern countries for the purpose of propagating his sublime teaching in safety, until God caused him to die”


“As the Ulama of Islam had followed the Christians, in accepting that Jesus had gone up to heaven alive, before looking at the Quran, so they have tried to interpret some of the words in these verses to accord with their unsound belief.”


That great wizard of a genius was a commentator of the Qur’an par excellence. Follow his pen,
“Our (Muslim) commentators of the Qur’an have blindly followed the Christian traditions to concoct such Ahadith. These so-called experts have assigned totally erroneous meaning to “Rafaa” or the raising of the prophets Jesus (3:55) and Enoch (19:56). The Qur’an absolutely does not portray the raising of these prophets bodily up into the heavens. It describes raising them in honor. The prophecies of the coming of Mehdi and Messiah have been introduced into our history by non-Muslims. The Qur’an is absolutely free of these ridiculous statements.

Example from Noble Quran:

أَهُمْ يَقْسِمُونَ رَحْمَةَ رَبِّكَ نَحْنُ قَسَمْنَا بَيْنَهُم مَّعِيشَتَهُمْ فِي الْحَيَاةِ الدُّنْيَا
وَرَفَعْنَا بَعْضَهُمْ فَوْقَ بَعْضٍ دَرَجَاتٍ لِيَتَّخِذَ بَعْضُهُم بَعْضًا
سُخْرِيًّا وَرَحْمَتُ رَبِّكَ خَيْرٌ مِّمَّا يَجْمَعُونَ

Noble Quran: 43:32 “Is it they who would portion out the Mercy of thy Lord? It is We Who portion out between them their livelihood in the life of this world: and We raise some of them above others in ranks, so that some may command work from others. But the Mercy of thy Lord is better than the (wealth) which they amass”.

What a great scholar of his time Shaykh Hafiz Ibn Qayyim (1312 C.E.) had said: “In the book Zad al-Ma‘ad by Hafiz Ibn Qayyim, may the mercy of Allah be upon him, it is written that what is said about Jesus being raised at the age of thirty three years is not supported by any authentic report which would make it binding to accept it. Shami said that it is as Ibn Qayyim has said, and that these are the traditions of the Christians.” (Fath_ al-Bayan, vol. 2, p. 49)

What 2nd Fiqa Imam, Imam Malik (only the Arabic Fiqa Imam from Madina Monawwara believed: Regarding Imam Malik, one of the four imams of jurisprudence (fiqh), it is written:
“While most people believe that Jesus did not die, Malik said that he died.” (Majma‘ Bihar al-Anwar, vol. i, p. 286)

Pls also note, that Christian’s fiction of Ascend/Descend of Eisa & false report of Bukhari that says age of Aisha R.A was 9 yr at marriage is not mentioned in Mowatta-Imam-Malik

IMAM MALIK, Knowledgeable Scholar of Madina predicted by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, author of al-Muwatta’ “The Approved”. According to Imam Shafi, Muwatta is the soundest book on earth after the Quran, nearest book on earth to the Quran, most correct book on earth after the Quran, & most beneficial book on earth after the Quran DOES NOT HAVE ANY HADITH ABT ASCEND/DESCEND OF JESUS.  Imam Malik never believed on Ascend/Descend of Jesus. Note that there was no any Qadiani in the time of Imam Malik

What a top most Egyptian sunni scholar Allama Al-Sayyid Rashid Raza said abt the ascend/Descend of Son of Mary:

What this famous disciple of Imam Mufti Muhammad Abduh (Egypt) writes about JESUS after survival from death on Cross (Wa Ma Salabu):

“Hence Jesus’ escape to India and his death in that country is not against reason and sense.”

Quranic Commentary by Al-Sayyid Rashid Raza, part vi, pp. 42, 43)

The former Mufti of Egypt and ex-Rector of the world famous al-Azhar University, Cairo, writes:

“There is no authority in the Quran or the Sunna which can satisfy the heart upon the belief that Jesus was taken up to heaven with his body and that he is still alive there and that he shall descend therefrom to earth in the last days.”

(Al-Fatawa, published by Al-Idara al-‘Ama lil-Saqafat al-Islamiyya bil-Azhar, pp. 52-58)

What Ahmed Al-‘Ajuz has said abt the ascend/descend of Jesus:

This famous Lebanese scholar writes:

“Jesus certainly died on earth according to Allah’s words inni mutawaffi-ka which mean ‘I will cause you to die’ (mumitu-ka). Death (maut) is something that is bound to happen, as Allah said through Jesus’ tongue: ‘Peace be upon me the day I was born and the day I die’.” (Signed: Ahmed al- ‘Ajuz)

Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi, a famous religious scholar & nationalist leader wrote:

“Mutawaffi-ka means mumitu-ka [I will cause you to die] and what generally prevails amongst the public abt Jesus’ life is a JEWISH & SABEAN FABLE. The source of Islam is the Quran, & in it there is not even one verse proving explicitly that Jesus did not die, & that he is alive & shall come down. How, then, can it be taken to be a fundamental Islamic belief ?”

(Ilham al-Rah_man fi-tafsir al-Qur’an, vol. ii, p. 49)

What a famous well known suni Islamic Scholar of IndoPak Maulana Abul Kalam Azad has said abt the ascend and descend believe of Son of Mary: This one of the greatest scholars of his time writes in “Naqsh Azad, page 102”:

“The belief [in Jesus being alive] by its nature is in EVERY WAY A CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE which has appeared in an Islamic guise.” (Naqsh Azad, p. 102,

Pls do not tell me that your Mullah teacher or u are a bigger scholar than Abul Kalam Azad.What the greatest Muslim brains of their time believe abt Ascend anddescend of son of Mary:

Jamal-ud-Din Afghani, Allama Iqbal, and MANY OTHER thinkers believe that no Mahdi or Messiah will now descend from heaven.” (Zamindar, Lahore, 27 July 1952)
Pls do not tell me that your Mullah teacher or u have greater brains than Iqbal and Jamal Udin Afghani. If u do so, I will suggest u to get an immediate appointment in a good mental hospital. By the way, do not forget to take your Mullah teacher with u too

ONE OF THE GREATEST SCHOLARS of Bibles Dr. Constantine von Tischendorf, who aft having personally examined the original hand written copies of the oldest available Four Gospels have quoted:

“that the texts for the physical ascension of Jesus to heaven or Jesus being carried by the angels to heaven, are lacking in these ancient documents. The texts that are found within the published copies of the circulating gospels on the subject of the physical ascension of Jesus have been added centuries later”

Saint Irenaeus (120 C.E) Old church father, writes in his book “Against heresies” age of Jesus ~100 year.

Shaikh al-Islam Hafiz Ibn Qayyim Shams-ud-Din Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr, known as Hafiz Ibn Qayyim, wrote:

“As for what is related about the Messiah that he was raised up to heaven at the age of 33 years, there is no sound authority for this which one could turn to.” (Zad al-Ma‘ad, vol. i, p. 20)

Professor Mahmud Shaltut, Grand Mufti-Egypt & Past Rector of Azhar University has said in Fatwa at: FatwaArabicEngF.pdf  (Reference for this Fatwa: (Al-Fatawa, published by Al-Idara al-‘Ama lil-Saqafat al-Islamiyya bil-Azhar, pp. 52-58)

That according to Quran, Jesus survived death on CROSS but in later life he was died naturally & the Hadiths abt Ascend/Descend were narrated by two hypocrites “Wahab bin Munnabba” & “Ka’ab Al-Ahbar”.

These liar Munafik Mullahs have attached this Quranic truth to Stupid Qadianis in order to escape from truth & to support Christians’ & Jewish fable.

Please note that Wahab bin Munnabba was first impostor in Islamic history who invented the theory that Jesus was replaced by some one else on Cross. Apparently he copied this fiction from some forged books of Pauline Christians and then spread this false theory in hadith books. Majority of our impostor Mullahs even with doctoral degrees are following this false groundless theory from centuries blindly and also preaching this falsehood to millions of Muslims who are also unfortunately BLIND FOLLOWERS.

SIR SYED AHMED KHAN(1817 to 1898).

JESUS WAS NEVER RAISED TO HEAVEN. That great wizard of a genius was a commentator of the Qur’an par excellence. Follow his pen,

“Our (Muslim) commentators of the Qur’an have blindly followed the Christian traditions to concoct such Ahadith. These so-called experts have assigned totally erroneous meaning to “Rafaa” or the raising of the prophets Jesus (3:55) and Enoch (19:56). The Qur’an absolutely does not portray the raising of these prophets bodily up into the heavens. It describes raising them in honor. The prophecies of the coming of Mehdi and Messiah have been introduced into our history by non-Muslims. The Qur’an is absolutely free of these ridiculous statements. Ref. Tafseer vol.I part 7 pg 123 and vol 2 several pages).Jamaluddin Afghani, Mufti Muhammad Abduh, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Allama Iqbal, Allama Muhammad Asad, Maurice Buccaille, Allama Inayatullah Mashriqi, the brilliant sons of the Ummah and countless others narrate that bodily ascension of Jesus confines God to a certain heaven while the Quran makes it very clear that God is present every where.
Some Authentic sayings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH
When a delegation of 60 men from Christian people of Najran came to the Prophet (S), their chief priest discussed with him the status of Jesus & asked him as to who Jesus’ father was.
Prophet said: ‘Do you not know that a son resembles his father?’ They replied: ‘Yes’. He said: A lastum ta’lamuna anna rabbana la yamutu wa anna Isa ata ‘alaihi-l-fana’, i.e., Do you not know that our Lord lives for ever while Jesus perished.” (Asbab an-nuzul, by Imam Abu-l-Hasan Neshapur, published in Egypt,p.53
The Holy Prophet Muhammad said: “Had Moses or Jesus been alive, they would have had to follow me.” (Al-Yawaqit wal-Jawahir, p. 24; Fath al-Bayan, vol. 2, p. 246; Tafsir Ibn Kathir, under verse 81 of Al-i Imran)
This is so clear from this AUTHENTIC Historical report as is sun on sky that Prophet said, Jesus is already died. But stupid fanatics do not believe in AUTHENTIC reports that blast their unsound believes but accept forged reports that support their false believes. SHAME!.
In his last illness, during which he died, the Holy Prophet Muhammad entered the mosque with the support of two men to give the following address:
“O people! I have heard that you fear the death of your Prophet. Did any prophet before me live on so that I should be expected to live on amongst you? Listen! I am about to meet my Lord, and so will you. So I bid you to treat well the early muhajirs. ”(Al-anwar-ul-Muhammadiyya min al-Muwahib al-Ladinya, Egypt, p. 317)
 An Authentic Hadith with a very sound narration chain: Hazrat Fatima, Allah be pleased with her, relates from the Holy Prophet: “Jesus, son of Mary, lived to the age of 120 years.” (Kanz al-‘Ummal, vol. vi, p. 120)
Please Note that Kanz al-‘Ummal – a hadith book was compiled by Islamic Imam/Scholar Ali ibn Abd-al-Malik al- Hindi (died 1590 CE/975 AH) & Silly Qadianis were not existing in 1590 C.E – Mirza G. Ahmed was not born yet)

: Authentic History also fully support his age of 120 yrs. Hindu’s over 2000 years old religious book “Bhavishya Maha Purana” also says that Jesus lived over 110 year and met with King of Kashmir too when he was residing in Kashmir – Reference at:
Even after 2000 years even today there are hundreds of places in Kashmir that are attributed to the name of Eisa PBUH. For additional a sea of info, visit this site:
Prophet neither verified nor certified any hadith or sunna book. That all books were written centuries after the death of Prophet by defeated enemies of Islam. This is why, we grade that books only crude historical crap. Islamic law is valid only from Book of Allah 5:44, 6:114, 10:15, 6:19, 16:116. Islamic law cannot be made from historical crap. But Hadithers commit kuffar by making laws from that historical crap 5:44. Besides; hadithers have double standard. If any report of that history books supports their unsound beliefs, they grade that history report as an Authentic-Hadith (Sahih-Hadith) but if any report from that history books goes against their unsound beliefs; they start to prove, that report, as Weak report (Da’eef) by saying, that in chain, this and that person is not reliable. For example: Reader can see at all forums, that Sunni present forgrd report of Sahih-Muslim that says: Prophet said: After me follow Quran and my Sunna. Shia pick another forged report from Sahih-Muslim that says: After me follow Quran and Ahle-Bait but both Sunni and Shia will never show you Five reports of Sahih-Muslim in which: Prophet said: after me, follow only Quran. Now, another book of so called hadiths “Kanz-ul-Aamaal” was written centuries before the birth of Impostor Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. Reports in that book show, Jesus lived about 120 years and then died. Therefore; logically and rationally, Hadithers cannot say, that reports of Kanz-ul-Aamaal were fabricated by Liar Mirza Qadiani. However, because hadithers will not accept any report which bulldozes their unsound believes; so, as usual they say: O that report of Kanz-ul-Aamaal is Weak. Sahih-Muslims also says: that, all black dogs are Devil. But, whenever hadihers cannot defend this kind of filthy and nonsensical reports of their forged hadith books, they will label, that lies, as either a metaphor or a miracle or it is out context. Truth is, that Jesus was a mortal human Prophet like all other Prophets. He lived like humans and has been died like humans. Quran 3:144 makes crystal clear that all Messengers before Mohammad has been died and Jesus was never an exemption 3:55, 5:116-117. As, this page proves; Jesus died at very old age and is buried in Gave of Rozabal with tons of irrefutable evidence.
What Imam Hasan RA s/o Caliph Ali RA said abt natural death of Son of Mary: Imam Hasan RA, recounting the events relating to the death of Hadhrat Ali RA, stated, “he (Ali) died during the 27th night of the month of Ramadan, the same night that the spirit of Jesus s/o Mary was raised to heaven.”(Tabaqat Ibn Sa’ad, vol III Page 26).
Note: Aft death, spirit of every prophet & pious person is raised to heaven/paradise & body of flesh and bones is buried on earth. SO JESUS WAS DIED ON EARTH

Some of our Muslim brothers & sisters wrote to us that there are over 70 sahih hadiths that show that Eisa PBUH was ascended and will return again. We tell those brothers and sisters that the hadith that you say are sahih are in fact forged hadiths. Bukhari and other hadith imams collected these hadiths 200 years after prophet with long chain of narrators. Their hundreds of thousands narrators was also Shia Sabaites and Jews hypocrites. These Hadith Imams were neither Angels nor Prophets or infallible supermen. They were human beings like us and any book written by a human can have truth and also forgery. Dr Zakir Naik and Harun Yahya are our great and valuable Muslim brothers; we highly admire them & love them indeed but both are flatly stupid & ignorant about this subject that is being discussed in this page. Unlike our team, they both are not good historians at all. Their all videos and work is based on assumptions and forged hadiths that were in fact never said by Prophet but were fabricated by hypocrites/Monafiks.

“Jamal al-Banna, a younger brother of Hassan al-Banna (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt) has just published a book in which he argues that 653 of the hadiths as written in al-Bukhari and Muslim are incorrect and should not be accepted. The Arabic book is titled “The Cleansing of Bukhari and Muslim from useless Hadiths (2008).” & you all know already that the Book of Shia known as “Kaafi’ is 99.999999% unauthentic/totally forged.According to deep analysis by our team, we learned that in fact there are hundred of thousands narrations which are fabricated but we find them in so called sahee books. It is pity that we majority of blindly following Muslim brothers & sisters do not like to accept one bold truth that Allah has taken responsibility only to preserve and protect from corruption only one book in this universe which is “Al-Furqan-ul-Haq The Noble & Glorious Quran.Why Allah Jalla Aala has said in Quran clearly that Do not follow any one (in past or present) blindly w/o understanding the TRUTH? We would like to give you a few examples below:

We all respect Arabs and in particular Arabs belong to Mecca and Madina Monawwara? Why? Because Prophet Muhammad (S) was born in that sacred land. No doubt, that if we find today the dust on which our Prophet walked on, we will kiss it with our both eyelashes for respect But does its mean that we should believe all Fatwa’s (religious rulings) of the TOP MOST Saudi wahabi Shaykh, in fact Shaykh of Shaykhs (scholar) of Saudi Arabia? Yes or No? Our answer is NO; unless you investigate the truth with your own common sense, sincere efforts & analysis and in depth unbiased research. Will you accept following Fatwa [religious ruling] of TOP-MOST SAUDI Shaykh (Scholar) that he gave in 1970; which is below?

The best Fatwa ever given by a TOP Most Saudi Scholar – That will refresh your Iman. Chief Saudi Cleric, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baaz, issued following Fatwa in 1970:
“Whoever believes that the Earth moves around the Sun, or that man has landed on the moon is an ardent Kaafir. Furthermore, anyone doubting his infidelity would be a greater Kaafir and his wife would be automatically divorced from him. It would be haram to marry into his family, drink water in his house, pray behind him, or to attend his funeral prayer” (So according to fatwa of shaykh Baaz, all humans on this planet including ~ 2 billion Muslims are Kaafir except Shaykh Baaz & who believe in this Fatwa!!! LOL.)
Now from A.m Fatwa, It is very clear that, That TOP MOST Saudi Cleric was in fact a Big Jahil and even was ignorant about Quran; other wise he would had not announced that bull. But It is habit of majority of people to idolize such kind of an ignorant Mullah as a BIG SAINT and then follow that believe centuries and centuries from generation to generations blindly. When suddenly a truth seeker [like our team] intercepts them & tells them truth about that Idolized Saint; a fanatic will not only not accept the truth but also will be ready to declare such an intercepter a Kaafir, will abuse and even will wish to kill that Truth-Exposer. In fact when we told about this Fatwa of Sahykh Baaz to a Saudi Cleric that was/is spreading falsehood at Youtube; instead of feeling any shame; he declared us Kaafir. But an honest Truth Seeker knows well who is real kaafir & who are they who will not attain to a happy state (La Yafle-hoon).
(Allah says in Quran verse 16:116) Hence, do not utter falsehoods by letting your tongues determine [at your own discretion], “This is  lawful and that is forbidden”, thus attributing your own lying inventions to God: for, behold, they who attribute their own lying inventions to God will never attain to a happy state!
We would like to give you another example here below that will enlighten your whole body and spirit together AT ONCE just in one shot:

, by our Great Imam Ibne Kathir – Author of the most popular Tafseer (exposition) of “BOOK of Allah” – Quran:

The earth is resting on the horns of a great bull. When he shakes his head he brings earthquakes. (Ibne Kathir 2:29, 50:1).Then Ibne Kathir changes his mind: The earth is resting on a fish. The fish is resting on water, water on the Mount Safa in Makkah, Safa on an angel, the angel on a rock, the rock on air. When the fish moves, it causes earthquakes. (Imam Ibne Kathir, Tafseer part I pg 76)Our Note & Advice to Nobel Prize Committee: Nobel Prize committee MUST search Grave of this great Scientist Imam and hang Nobel Prize of Physics over his grave for honour & his greatest discovery in the mankind history & another Nobel Prize should be hanged over the grave of Shaykh Baaz of Saudi Arabia for his THE BEST & THE GREATEST FATWA.We have quoted this invaluable scientific research of Imam Ibne Kathir for those impostor Mullahs who tell Muslims that the best Tafseer of Quran is of Imam Ibne Kathir! & every one should follow what has been said in his Tafseer How can we trust the tafseer of an imam who is so ignorant that he writes in his book that “The earth is resting on a fish or on the horns of a great bull”?.

So should we also idolize the Persian Imams who wrote hadith books 200 ~ 300 years after Prophet? Were they infallible like 12 fictitious Imams of Shiite? Were they bigger saints than Skaykh Baaz & Imam Ibne Kathir Nobel Prize Winners??? We leave this answer to you.
Now we want to show you another example of a GREAT GREAT GREAT Persian Hadith Imam who is near one sect higher height even than Mount-Everest of Himalaya, Let we examine his one the Greatest research about the Throne of Allah Jalla Aala. This research will again enlighten your body and soul just in one shot – Should we say SubhanAllah or AstaghfirAllah?

“There is an ocean above the seventh heaven. On that ocean are standing seven mountain goats. On the back of those huge goats rests the throne of Allah!” (Tirmizi – One of the biggest so called Hadith Imams)
Dear! Quran explains itself & is complete & fully detailed final testament of Allah. We in fact are not in need of any hadith books fabricated by these funny imams or so called Tafseers. If Arabic is not your mother tongue, you need only an honest English Translation of Quran, which is available for free download at: Message of Quran  .Quran is very very easy to understand and Allah has made it easy so people should be able to understand it. Quran explains itself
Now if we show you some example from the Blasphemous Hadith books of Shia hypocrites such as “Kaafi”; you may fall unconscious and will be unable to read next part of this page. We do not want this to happen; as we wish you read this page fully.
Dear! One can never learn truth until he/she stops following others blindly!!!
Allah says, his Book is easy to understand, is complete, and it explains itself. So DEAR! You do not need any twisted Tafseer, as it will misguide you. If Arabic is not your mother tongue, you just need a honest translation, which is available for free download at our page:

Allama Shibli Nomani, on page 27 of his Seeratun Nabi has given a startling quote of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (780-855 CE, d. 241 AH), “Three kinds of books are absolutely unfounded, Maghazi, Malahem and Tafseer.” (The exalted Prophet’s Battles, Dreams and Prophecies, and Tafseers/Expositions of the Qur’an).

Let now, You and we all learn & benefit from the Golden Teachings of a Greatest Scholar / Mullah of his time who belonged to South Asian Region,
How to benefit from Glorious Quran according this Great Mullah:
It will refresh your dried up faith & you will sense that you are swimming in a river of milk & honey: MaShaAllah – Subhan Allah – We love to follow blindly these types of Great scholars – LOL. And who insult our these this kind of great scholars, we will declare him a Kaafar, an agent of Zionists, An agent of Jews, mad dog, a hypocrite, the worst criminal on planet, A Wajab-ul-Qatal (who deserve to be killed) & might plan to terminate his life. Did you notice How strong faith we have!!!

“Take the front leg of a goat after Friday prayers. Be completely naked. Write Surah Yasin and the name of the person you desire. Then place the meat in a cooking pot. That person will surely fall in love with you”. Mullah Ashraf Ali Thanwi, known as Hakeem-ul-Ummat (The Wise of the Nation), Monthly Journal “Khalid”, Deoband.

Dear Sisters and Dear Brothers!

It is good time and place now to quote again the famous verse of Kitaab-ul-Huda, Al-Furqan-ul-Haq, The BOOK of the books Glorious and Noble Quran, as follow:

وَلاَ تَقْفُ مَا لَيْسَ لَكَ بِهِ عِلْمٌ إِنَّ السَّمْعَ وَالْبَصَرَ وَالْفُؤَادَ كُلُّ أُولـئِكَ كَانَ عَنْهُ مَسْؤُولاً
Do not follow that of which you knoweth not; remember, your sense of sight, hearing and cognitive capabilities will be questioned. Noble Quran 17:36
Here below we have tried to show you some excerpts from one of the most famous books of Professor Dr. Zubayer Siddiqi that depicts forgery in the area of Hadiths. So dear sisters and brothers; Be very careful about any hadith before you accept it as a TRUE HADITH of Our Great Master Prophet Muhammad (Millions & Billions times be blessing of Allah upon him).
“During the first century of Islam & also thereafter the various political parties, the heretics, THE PROFESSIONAL PREACHERS (Mullahs/scholars), and even a number of sincere Muslims, all made their contributions to the growing rubbish-heap of false traditions (Hadiths)”.
“They made deliberate changes to the text or the Isnad of certain Hadiths & fabricated others from scratch for the sake of sectarian gain”
Ref: (Hadith Literature by: Dr. Professor Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi)
The Zanadika (Heretics) Hammad ibne Zayed, Abdul Karim ibn Abil-Awaja, Bauyyan ibn Saman & Muhammad ibne Said have invented over 19000 hadiths in the name of Prophet. Some even pious Muslims, Shia & Khawaraj produced fake hadith many times more than even Heretics. Abbasids & Ummayads concocted countless hadiths to support their politics & sects. Ghiyath Ibne ibrahim made intentional changes in hadith to please Caliph Al-Mahdi.
Ref: (Hadith Literature by: Dr. Professor Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi)
“Kulthum ibne Amral Attabi once collected a crowd round himself in a mosque & related to them – with full Isnad (chain of narrations) a hadith saying that he who touched the tip of his nose with his tongue might rest assured that he would never go to Hell. The audience showed their readiness to accept this forgery as a genuine (shaih) hadith – by trying to ascertain their fate in this way”
Ref: (Hadith Literature by: Dr. Professor Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi)
“Sometimes in order to do mischief to people & gain their own ends, two storytellers would work together to forge hadiths. In this ways one of them once stood up at the end of a street narrating hadiths in praise of Ali RA, while the other stood up at the other end extolling the virtues of Abu Bakar RA. Thus did they make money from both the Shia and Nasibis & at the end of the day divided the proceeds equally among themselves”
Ref: (Hadith Literature by: Dr. Professor Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi)
Professor also writes in his book that even the most pious Muslims, Judges, Qazis also have forged hundreds of thousands hadith to support their some points.
Reader is suggest to viist our following very important two pages:
True history of #Hadith. A MUST reading for all Muslims; & Non-Muslims who R interested in Theology.
Some Hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death – Your enlightenment is guaranteed

Islam is very simple and natural divine system
: Do not do what Quran forbids; Do it what Quran commands to do; and what Allah has not intentionally mentioned in Quran (Allah does not forget) is not mandatory So is optional to you. The best way to frame your option is to frame it in the light of explicit & Implicit laws of Quran (Quranic Fiq). Quran is complete, easy to understand & memorize and is fully detailed Standalone BOOK of Allah. Quran explains itself’. Quran is THE BEST AUTHENTIC (Sahih) Hadith of Allah and Quran very well also depicts authentic Sunna of Our beloved Prophet. It is out of question if Prophet had done some thing that did not conform to the commandments of Quran.
After reading above-given explanation; We hope that the brothers and sisters who wrote to us that there are 70 hadiths sahih that say, that Jesus took flight to heaven alive and is waiting there and will drop here again, will understand the truth and will refrain to believe in such kind of fabrications, – Thanks.

What (even crudely forged) Bibles say about this subject?

As a Muslim it is our stand that though Gospels/Bibles are being forged crudely from past 2000 yrs but still they contain some truth. And this is the stand of Noble Quran too. Quran correct their forgery.

Now we quote from chapter 12 of one of the oldest Bible of Mathew written in 4th century, as follow:

36: But I say to you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give an account of it in the day of judgment.

37: For by thy words thou shalt be justified and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

38: Then answered him some of the scribes and Pharisees, saying: Teacher, we wish to see a sign from thee.

39: But he answered and said t to them: A wicked and adulterous generation seeks for a sign and no sign shall be given it but the sign of Jonah the prophet.

40: For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

Now from verse 12:40 of Bible of Mathew, It is very Clear and the test trial of Son of mary will be exactly like Jonah. Now we ask a christian reader: Was Jonah dead in the belly of whale before he came out? NO NO NO. So How you say that Jesus was dead before he came out of earth? So Christian lose whole argument from your crudely forged bibles. Your claim that Jesus died and then resurrected is even fully falsified by your own Bibles. Grow up and use your brain to understand the facts.
History tells us that Jesus and his disciples who moved stone away from his grave and treated his injuries in Grave with 80 kg Aloe Vera, used to wear always White Garments (As Quran say them Haware-Yoon which mean white-garbed ones) were his disciples but Christian say, they were angels. LOL. They are fond of fictions. In fact there were two groups, Secret Brotherhood called Essenes who used to wear white garments.

Quran says them Haware-yoon, which mean white-garbed ones. Haware-yoon is from Hawar which is plural of Haar which mean a person who wears simply a white dress. Other group comprised 12 disciples of Jesus who knew not about Essenes. For security reason 12 disciples were not told about secret brother-hood of Essenes, Essenes were follower of John the Baptist (Yahaya PBUH). After his death they followed Son of Mary. This brother-hood had vast secret underground network. Jesus was a member of this brother-hood. During the incident of Cross when you read white angels in some Bibles, in fact they were all Essenes brother-hood members. Read below the eye-witness given by a Essene (White garbed-one – Hawari). But the first the oldest canonical gospel of Mark write that person “Man dressed in white”; which mean hawari (white garbed one, who dressed in white robe,  as is mentioned in Quran 3:52 . So that was an Hawari (Essene) disciple of  Jesus; and never an Angel.
And in Gospel of Mark 16:5 (of 4th century) it is written: “And they entered the sepulcher and saw a young man, sitting at the right side, clothed in a white robe; and they were amazed. 
When Jesus found Unbelief on their part (of his disciples) He said: “Who will be My helpers to (the work of) Allah.” Said the white-garbed disciples: “We are Allah’s helpers: We believe in Allah, and do thou bear witness that we are Muslims. (Glorious Quran 3:52). Note: In order to know, how Essene (Hawaari-yoon) of verse 3:52 used to live, read in mid of our main page at:

The Crucifixion by an Eye-witness
 As we have proved above from oldest copy of Mathew that Jesus never died on cross. He lived in grave for three days and like Jonah came out after three days.

Now we Quote from chapter 24 of Bible of Luke of 4th Century that He was Jesus and not a risen spirit from Grave & he was showing them even his hands and feet to recognize the nail-driven-marks.

36: But while they were talking of these things, Jesus came & himself stood in the midst of them.

37: And being terrified and becoming fearful, they thought that they saw a spirit.

38: And he said to them: Why are you troubled, and why do thoughts arise in your hearts?

39: See my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me and see; for a spirit has not flesh and bones as you see me have. (ensuring that he was not died)

40: And when he had said this, he showed them his hands and his feet. (showed them the nail-driven hands and feet that he is same physical body as was and not a spirit)

41: But while they believed not for joy, and wondered, he said to them: Have you anything here to eat? (But even after that when they still did not believe that he is not spirit)

42: And they gave him a piece of broiled fish;

43: and he took it and ate in their presence. (It is clear from here that Jesus was trying to prove in either one or other ways to his disciples that he is not died So is not a spirit but the original physical body. He ate with them to show that a spirit did not eat fish or bread)

Now we Quote from chapter 20 of Bible of John of 4th century that prove that when searching Jesus, Mary Magdalen did not find Jesus in Grave (in the garden of Joseph Armithia) then what Mary Magdalen did:

11: But Mary stood without at the sepulcher weeping. Then as she wept, she stooped down and looked into the sepulcher, ( this is a proof that there were no any Roman Soldiers Guards as the stories are fabricated by priests in bibles)

12: and saw two persons in white garments  {(All Essenes disciples of Jesus used to wear White Garments), sitting, one sat at the head side and one at the feet side, where the body of Jesus had lain.}

WHITE GARMENTS: Below is Reference from 5th chapter of Book “5th Gospel” by Professor Fida Hassnain & Dahan Levi is as under:

In the light of our new knowledge of the Dead Sea Scrolls, it can scarcely be doubted that John the Baptist belonged to the Essenes. Jesus was baptized by him and his followers became attached to Jesus Christ. Members belonging to this Order were termed as pious. They would hold their meetings very secretly away from habitations. Every member of this brotherhood had to take an oath that he would always take the side of justice; even at the cost of his life. They would use white garments and lead pious lives. Their conduct was orderly and neither bribe not torture could make them false to their brotherhood. Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus and Mary Magdalene belonged to the same brotherhood.

13: They say to her: Woman, why weepest thou? She says to them: They have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they have laid him. Having said these things, she turned back, and saw Jesus standing, and knew not that it was Jesus.

15: Jesus says to her: Woman, why weepest thou? Whom seekest thou? She, supposing that he was the gardener, says to him: Sir, if thou hast borne him away, tell me where thou hast laid him, and I will take him away. (So this verse proves 100% that after he healed, Jesus hided himself as a Gardener)

16: Jesus said to her: Mary. She (stunned) turned and said to him in Hebrew: Rabboni, which is called, Teacher (Its mean she then recognized him that he is his teacher Jesus).

17: Jesus says to her: Touch me not; I have not yet died & ascended to GOD – (Because people used to touch a body with hand to know if it is spirit or a man with physical body. A spirit can not be touched with hand. Always, a person dies, and then ascends to GOD as is clearly mentioned in Quranic verse 3:55 regarding final demise of Son of Mary at very old age).

18: Mary Magdalene comes and tells the disciples: I have seen the Lord; and that he had said these things to her.

19: When therefore evening had come on that day, the first of the week, and the doors had been closed where the disciples were for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in the midst, and said to them: Peace to you. (which is Islamic Greeting – Asslamo Alaikum — Peace be upon You – as we also know he was one prophet from prophets of Islam).

20: And having said this, he (Eisa/Jesus) showed them his hands and his side (for Nail-driven injuries so they should recognize him). Thereupon the disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord.

Now it is again very clear from Bible of John that Jesus healed from injuries and was working out side the grave in Garden hiding himself as a Gardener so that Jews should not arrest him to kill him, again. Later he secretly immigrated to East with his close family members. Which is already being discussed in this page.

These bibles clearly show that all family members of Jesus and his disciples were frequently visiting his temporary grave in the Garden of his loyal disciple Joseh Armithia. That indicate there was no any restriction on these visits; so there was no one guarding that grave as is fabricated by bible writers that there were Roman soldiers & there was strict custody on Grave. This is a big lie. This is why, Disciples of Jesus faced no difficulty to take Jesus out of grave when he was able to walk. Disciples of John the Baptists later became the disciples of Jesus and they used to wear white Garments (Bible writers tell lies that they were angels in whites just to impress public).

From Dead Sea Scrolls, when we read The Gospel of Philip, we find in it following: Reference:
“Those who say that the Lord died first and (then) rose up are in error, for he rose up first and (then) died. If one does not first attain the resurrection, he will not die. As God lives, he would”.
This a.m line in Gospel of Phillips clearly confirm again that Jesus did not die at cross.
Summary from Bibles (Gospels) about the incident of CROSS

After reading bibles fully with full concentration, it becomes clear that Pilate used to highly respect Eisa Son of Mary PBUH (Jesus) and It was his firm believe along with his wife that Eisa Son of Mary PBUH (Jesus) is a pious innocent person of GOD and he tried to his best many times to save Jesus. Many time he told his soldier to bring water and washed his hands and said, blood of this pious man will not be on my head. Even he offered secretly Jesus to give him soldiers at night who may take him to other bordering country in order to save him. But Jesus did not agree, as destiny ordered by God was to be fulfilled. Joseph of Armithia was another, a rich and very respected chief of that area and was very loyal disciple of Jesus. BUT BUT BUT Pilate was under strong pressure from Jews and Jews priest that Jesus should be crucified. If Pilate had refused their demand, there were high risk of rebellion in state.So it clearly seems that there was a close coordination among Pilate, some soldiers and Joseph of Armithia to use some strategy through which Jews will understand that Jesus is died but in fact he will be saved (Behind this master plan was for sure GOD Almighty. GOD moves the pawns as he wishes – They (Jews) planned and GOD also Planned (Noble Quran). In this way Jews will be satisfied and also Jesus will not die. First of all they chose deliberately Crucifixion time very near to Sabbath time. So when Sabbath time started, Jesus was removed from Cross just after a few hours at very early stage and his leg were not broken. It looks that some soldiers were also performing as per secret advice of Pilate. Even the drink absorbed in sponge that was given to Jesus at Cross seems to be ahead prepared to take him to coma immediately & that what happened.One soldier went near to Cross and declared he is already died so no need to break his legs. Death on Cross may not happen for some people for a week if legs are not broken. Now soldier also scratched his skin lightly from a side and said he was dead. The gospel writers has badly forged a story that Soldiers penetrated deep into the body of Jesus; this is not correct at all. They have changed the translations from Aramaic/Syraic to Hebrew and then again have changed from Hebrew to Greek and again have changed translation badly when they translated Gospels from Greek to Latin and English. A skilled soldier will push the blade into heart & not on the side to test a person if alive or dead. At the end of this well  planned drama of Pilate; Joseph of Armithia came to Pilate to take the body of Jesus. Body was given to him with out any hesitation & with out receiving any law-fixed money. He took Jesus (in fact was in coma) to a already made tomb that was located in his garden. He with another brotherhood member Nicodemus managed to treat Jesus wounds with herbal medicines including up to 80 kg Aloe Vera that is potent healing herb. Nicodemus was an expert physician.

Here again we would like to quote from the chapter 12 of Bible of Mathew as under:

38: Then answered him some of the scribes and Pharisees, saying: Teacher, we wish to see a sign from thee.

39: But he answered and said t to them: A wicked and adulterous generation seeks for a sign and no sign shall be given it but the sign of Jonah the prophet.

40: For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. (Please note that Prophet Jonah did not die in the belly of whale – So Jesus must had not died in the belly of the Earth & so also not on Cross).

After three days (like sign of Prophet Jonah who was not died in the belly of Whale) Jesus was brought out and he hided himself as a Gardner until he with his close family members permanently immigrated to Kashmir where lost ten tribes of Israel was living & where he already had spent many years when he was from 12 to 28 yrs age. It is in Bible of Mathew that Jesus said “That I have been sent by GOD here ONLY to preach Lost tribes of Israel. Rest of his life time is already discussed in this page. This is honest opinion of our TEAM that we have given here in this summary after reading the Bibles fully several times. The case of Jesus was EXACTLY a NDE (near to death experiences) case. In NDE cases, person never dies permanently but goes in deep coma some time hours and Some time even for three days and then is resuscitated (So No Resurrection but Resuscitation). Here again we would like to refer to Final Preserved, Protected & fully Guarded Testament of GOD, Quran that corrects forgery of all past scriptures. Quran says “Wa Ma Salabu” which mean Eisa (Jesus) PBUH did not die on Cross or not killed on Cross. Please note again that “Crucifixion” does not mean just to tie & nail some one on Cross but its mean “To kill some one on cross after nailing or tying him on Cross – Consult Oxford dictionary please. So if a person is nailed on Cross but if he was removed from Cross before his death, in Arabic we will say “Wa Ma Salabu” which mean – NOT KILLED ON CROSS. If person dies on Cross; in Arabic we will say “Salabu” which mean he is crucified.

From the The Fifth Gospel: New Evidence from the Tibetan, Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian and Urdu Sources About the Historical Life of Jesus Christ After the Crucifixion; by Dr. Fida Hassnain and Dahan Levi; in Book page 140-142; On pdf file Toolbar 169 to 171; we read:

First Aid: They took Jesus down from the Cross and wrapped his body with a clean linen cloth. This Linen was pasted with spices. They laid him a new sepulcher, which existed in the garden, near the site of Crucifixion,
The women also accompanied them to the sepulcher. Nicodemus had brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes with him. The other devotees prepared spices and ointments for Jesus. Nicodemus spread strong spices and healing salves on long pieces of byssus, which he had brought. He also spread balsam in both the nail-pierced hands of Jesus. The myrrh and aloe was reduced to powder and inserted between the bandages, which were wound, fold upon fold.
In these medical operations, they were helped by the Essene (Quran calls Essene as Muslim Hawaari-yoon in 3:52). This pious group was fully instructed in the healing virtues of medicinal plants, roots and stones, At midnight, Nicodemus and other devotees found that Jesus was breathing. As the place was not safe, he was taken out of the sepulcher to some other safer place. After coming out of coma, Jesus recognized his friends and he asked where Am I? Joseph of Arimathea embraced him with tears in his eyes. They gave him some bread dipped in honey and he felt greatly refreshed. He became conscious of the wounds but the balsam, which Nicodemus had spread upon them had a soothing effect. After the byssus wrappings had been taken off and the muckender was removed from his head, Jesus was removed to a house belong to another Essene (Please note: Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus were also members of Essene brotherhood). Before departure, they annihilated every trace of the byssus wrapping, the medicines and the drugs used. Jesus was kept in concealment for his safety’s sake. After his recovery, he was clothed in white robes of gardener. Nicodemus again tied up his wounds, gave him a medical drought and advised him to rest himself in quite but Jesus replied:

I fear not death,
For I have fulfilled it;
And the enemies shall acknowledge,
That God has saved me;
And wills not that I die eternally.

After that Jesus went forth upon his Journey (as is being discussed in this page). As it was cold, the Essene gave him a warm mantle in which he wrapped himself.

Ointment of Jesus:
The famous Marham-i-Issa or the ointment of Jesus, which cured his wounds has been mentioned in many medical treatises such as, Canon of Avicenna (Bu Ali Sina), Sharh-i-Qanun, Hawi-Kabir by Rhazes, Liber Regius by Haly Abbas, Hessagps of Jarjani. According to Avicenna, this balm has miraculous powers of healing wounds. It can eliminate puss and replace worn-out flesh, It is effective to cure wounds and provides fresh flesh to fill up cavities. It is helpful in circulating blood and removal of numbness. The Ointment of Jesus contains:

1- White Wax.
2- Gum Gungal also knows as Balsamo Dendron Mukul.
3- Plumbi Oxidum.
4- Myrrh.
5- Galbanum
6- Aristoelchia Longa.
7- Subacetate of Copper.
8- Gum Amonicum.
9- Rasin Pinuslongifolia.
10- Olibanum
11- Rasin.
12- Olive Oil

Please note, in all Arabic and Persian works, the ointment has been mentioned under caption of Sheliakh, Salieka, Zaliekha, which might mean the Ointment of the Prophets or the Ointment of Twelve.

Case of Jesus was simply a classical N.D.E case, through which, millions of people go through in hospitals. Dr. George Rodonaia Ph.D scientist died, and his body was put in Freezer for three days. After three days, when his body was brought to autopsy table, he opened his eyes. We suggest all readers to watch following video fully and links aboutDr. George Rodonaia”.


Also read about him at:



These above-shown links and video fully debunk the Fiction of Resurrection of Jesus.JesusSoldierSpear In order to escape from the truth that Jesus did not die on Cross; Pauline Christians quote verse 19:33 of Gospel of John in which it is witten that when Roman Soldier pierced side of Jesus; blood and water came out. So Pauline Christians claim, that this was indication that Jesus was already died. Let we investigate their claim below in the light of medical science & by a strong reference.MosesinKahf“Nicodemus, a very learned physician who knew the secrets of ‘Therapents’ – a term for therapeutics, saw the wound with blood and water flowing, which is not seen in the dead, and spoke in a low tone: ‘Dear friends, be of good cheer, and let us to work. Jesus is not dead. He seems so only because his strength is gone”
Having carefully laid the body of Jesus Christ(as) on the ground, Nicodemus spread strong spices and healing salves, making out that he was doing so to keep the body from decaying. These spices and salves had great healing power and were used at that time. Both Joseph and Nicodemus ‘blew into him their own breath as if providing mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration. Nicodemus also ‘believed that it was not best to close up the wound in Jesus’ side, because he considered the flow of blood and water was helpful to respiration and beneficial in the renewing of life”

Reference Book: The Crucifixion by personal friend of Jesus in to an Esseer Brother in Alexandria, Supplemental Harmonic Series vol II, 2nd ED, Chicago, Indo-American Book Co. 1907, pp.62, 64, 65

This is a well-known practice in patients with cardiac tamponade (bleeding within the pericardial cavity) where after aspiration with a wide bore needle the blood is allowed to drain to avoid recollection. At the suggestion of Pilate, Jesus Christ(as) was then placed in a nearby inconspicuous house, built like a tomb.


Thus, with knowledge of both anatomy and ancient crucifixion practices, it is not difficult to reconstruct the probable medical aspects of crucifixion from a cardiologist’s perspective. It is extremely likely that Jesus Christ(as) sustained an injury to the pericardium during the process of scourging. The sharp pieces of sheep bones in the whip caused deep cuts in the pericardium. This resulted in accumulation of blood in the pericardial cavity. While on the cross, the process of blood accumulation continued. This resulted in cardiac tamponade with hemodynamic disturbance, a condition that caused the heart to struggle, as it was unable to pump blood against free blood in the coverings of the heart, leading to low blood pressure and pulse. In such a predicament, the cardiac output dropped and the brain was deprived of oxygen. It was most likely at this critical stage of hemodynamic disturbance, i.e. low blood pressure and heart rate that Jesus Christ(as) cried out in a loud voice, bowed his head and became unconscious. The piercing of the spear in the chest aimed at the heart created a rent in the outer layer of the pericardium. This resulted in decompression of the heart ‘as blood and water gushed out.’ The increase in cardiac output as the heart was decompressed resulted in improvement of oxygen to the brain. The arrival of Joseph of Arimethia and Nicodemus, an experienced physician, further lend support that Jesus(as) survived the ordeal of crucifixion. The application of strong spices and salves at this stage was essential to prevent the wounds from infection and relief of pain. They probably employed artificial respiration when they ‘blew into him their own breath’ after Jesus(as) was brought down from the cross. Also, the wound of the spear was left open to drain, as ‘Nicodemus believed that it was best not to close up the wound in Jesus’(as) side because he considered that flow of blood and water from there was helpful to respiration in the renewing of life.’ This practice is well known amongst cardiologists to prevent re-accumulation of blood in the pericardial cavity. Clearly, the weight of historical and medical evidence indicates that Jesus Christ(as) did not die on the Cross but was delivered alive and then treated.Quran3_54To Sum up

Who says that Christ is GOD, will never enter in paradise but for sure in Hell:In Quran verse 5:72 Allah says: “Indeed, the truth deny they who say, “Behold, God is the Christ, son of Mary” – seeing that the Christ [himself] said, “O children of Israel! Worship God [alone], who is my Sustainer as well as your Sustainer.” Behold, whoever ascribes divinity to any being beside God, unto him will God deny paradise, & his goal shall be the fire: & such evildoers will have none to succour them!”.

Dear! what we have told you in this page is truth
and all other stories are fables. There is no doubt that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani was a false prophet. But it was not Mirza who first time said that Jesus is buried in Srinagar. He stole this research from Sir Syed Besides, there were many many scholars before the birth of Mirza Qadiani who said that Jesus has already been died but our Mullahs and their fanatic brain blind pets will declare any one Qadiani or Ahmadi who tells them truth that Jesus the GOD of Christians is already died and Christians are GODLESS from 2000 years.  Now if a Jew comes to you and say that there is only ONE GOD. Will you reject what he has said because he is a Jew? No. You cannot reject this truth. Because if that Jew if say this truth or not; truth still exists that there is ONE GOD. No matter what Mirza has said but this truth even exists before the birth of Mirza Qadiani that Jesus though survived death on Cross as is in  Noble Quran “Wa Ma Salabu” NOT KILLED ON CROSS but later lived a long life and was died like all other prophets. 2+2 is always 4 even if said  by a Buddhist or a jew or a hindu or a Qadiani or a Muslim or a sikh or a bhahi or by a  Roman pagan, or even if said by a notorious criminal.

According to our honest/sincere opinion
, the most ignorant Jahil Muslims in this world live in subcontinent & other parts of world. Majority is not able to understand real teachings of Quran, so they just follow their Mullah Teachers blindly from generations even if their Mullah Teacher is himself a stupid Jahil. For example if some one tells them that as per Quran, Authentic Hadiths, History & Bibles, thu Nabi Eisa survived death on CROSS (Wa Ma Salabu) but later died at old age: they will immediately declare u Qadiani. [Mullah~Cleric).

Majority of these Jahils do not know
that it was not Liar Mirza Qadiani & his silly followers who first time said that Eisa is already died but First of all Allah says in Quran he is died, then Prophet said in many hadiths he is dead, 1300 yrs ago Imam Malik Fiqa Imam said he is dead, Allama Iqbal, Jaml Afghani Mlna Zafar Ali Khan, Sir Syed, Abaid-Allah Sindi, Grand Mufti Egypt Shaltut, Mohd Abduh, Hafiz Ibne Qayyam, & many many other suni scholar believed Eisa is died. Are they all Qadiani? In the early days of Islam, many Jew and Christian converts brought with them fabricated stories of their false dogmas. Later these false stories were generously and HAPPILY added in hadith books by Persian Imams who were in fact Parsis (Zoroastrians) disguised under Muslim names. In the time of Haroon Rashid. Government was fully in the hands of Irani Zoroastrians Parsis. They canonized these stupid things in Islam and our fool Mullahs have been preaching these fables to Muslims from centuries. Any one like me if says truth, they immediately declare him Qadiani or Ahmadi. In fact, these ignorant Mullahs are the real kafirs and enemies of Real Islam because they have defaced Islam. If our great Master Prophet Muhammad (S) comes today here, he will not recognize the Islam we are practicing from centuries.Prophet Muhammad (S) will complain Allah Almighty against those transgressors who has disabled Quran and are seeking guidance in other books instead of seeking it from Quran:
Quran 25:30: AND [on that Day] the Apostle will say: “O my Sustainer! Behold, my people have come to regard this Qur’an as something [that ought to be] discarded!” Our Creator knows well even what is hidden in hearts and what soul whisper in its innermost. we have given you these truthful information in good will after our over 27 years research  in history and comparative religions and in order to bring those out from ignorance who believe in Jews and Roman pagans fictions and fables. We, in no way can misguide you because we know very well as you know too that we have to die one day and have to answer Allah Jalla Aala.

Now below, we show you one example;
how majority of our evil Mullahs, freak Imams and majority of Shameless, and conscienceless sectarian translators play with Quran, and twist verses in order to support their fictions such as fiction of alive ascension and return of Jesus. If we delete this whole page and post here just one verse 3:144 of Quran; that verse is more than enough to prove hundred percent that Jesus has been died. If you are an honest reader and have knowledge of Arabic language, you can see that in verse 3:144, plural of Messenger is used. Messenger is Rasool (Apostle) and plural of Rasool is Russal. Verse 3:144 VERY CLEARLY with out any ambiguity tells that Messengers before Prophet Mohammad have been passed died. There is no any Arabic word in verse 3:144 that translates into “Many”. But majority of these Khabeeth Sectarian translators add in verse 3:144 “Many” as “Many Messengers” in order to make a room for fiction of alive ascension and return of Jesus. Because “many” mean “not all” but Quran has not used any word “Many” in verse 3:144. Following is translation of verse 3:144 by Dr.Mohammad Asad Ph.D who was one of the greatest Quranic translators and scholars of Quran in 1400 years Islamic history. Because he was Muslim and only Muslim with out any evil sect; this is why, he did not follow any agenda when he translated verse 3:144. Read below his translation of 3:144.

Quran 3:144
(Asad) “AND MUHAMMAD is only an apostle; all the [other] apostles have passed away before him: if, then, he dies or is slain, will you turn about on your heels? But he that turns about on his heels can in no wise harm God – whereas God will requite all who are grateful [to Him]”.Quran3_144ArabicDr. Mohammad Asad Ph.D further comments on verse 3:144: “This stress on the mortality of the Prophet – and that of all the other prophets who preceded him in time”.
Fiction-Mongers also try to twist meaning of that words of 3:144 which are highlighted in yellow color; despite it is beauty of Quran that its explains itself. For example just see the area of Arabic text of 3:144 that we have highlighted in green color. That area of green-color fully tells that meaning of words in yellow area “Qad-Khalat” is nothing except death. Moreover, words used in yellow area “Qad-Khalat” are also used in many other verses of Quran, and meaning of that words becomes clear which is death. Please scroll down this page to see a diagram that enlists many verses of Quran in which words “Qad Khalat” are also used. Now read below translation of other sectarian criminal translators such as Yousaf Ali, who has added in verse 3:144 “Many” in order to keep room for the fiction of alive ascension of Jesus.

“Muhammad is no more than an Apostle: many were (red words “MANY WERE” is not present in verse 3:144 at all) the Apostles that passed away before him. If he died or were slain will ye then turn back on your heels? If any did turn back on his heels not the least harm will he do to Allah; but Allah (on the other hand) will swiftly reward those who (serve him) with gratitude”.

They are not just our
Criminal Mullahs, Imams and so labeled as Scholars who are badly twisting verses of Quran from past 1200 years in order to validate their fictions, but also many stubborn Christian missionaries are doing the same. A week ago, a missionary debated with one member of our team at twitter for over one hour about Quranic verse 19:33. That verse tells us statement of Prophet Isa/Jesus, in which Jesus said:

Quran 19:33
(Asad) “Hence, peace was upon me on the day when I was born, and [will be upon me] on the day of my death, and on the day when I shall be raised to life [again]!”Quran_19_33That verse is simple and is describing general law of GOD about birth, life, death and then resurrection of all died people on the day of judgment. (Please also refer to 19:15 for Prophet Yahya John the Baptist) but that missionary was insisting that verse 19:33 is talking about that version of resurrection, in which, Christians believe for the matter of Jesus. Christians believe that Jesus died on Cross (which is untrue 4:157) and was in a grave for three days as a dead man; and according to their fable, Jesus was resurrected after three days. But this page proves, Jesus was never resurrected but resuscitated.
Now it so clear as SUN ON SKY in Quranic verse 3:144 that all prophets of Allah before Prophet Muhammad PBUH has been died. In fact, just only this one verse of Quran makes the matter of Jesus/Eisa son of Mary so clear that one is not in need of further investigation about the dispute, if Son of Mary has been died, or is still alive?
The Arabic world used in verse 3:144 is “Qad-Khalat”; The meaning of this word is “already died” or already passed away. But because brainless stubborn fanatics always try to twist the meaning of all those words of Quran that blast their fictions, therefore, they always translate that relevant words in their own way, the way that can support their unsound believes and the way that can reconcile with forged & fabricated some hadiths. Here matter is like this, that if you buy a pant from market and brought it to home. When you wore the pant, you observed that pant is short in length. Now their are two ways around:
1- Either you return that short pant and bring the proper one.
2- You cut your legs [we mean here Noble Quran] in order to make that short pant [we mean here forged hadiths] fit-able to your legs.Of Course, the proper solution is the first one but brainless stubborn fanatics always chose the 2nd method. This is going on from past 12 centuries. Where any Quranic verse blast their unsound believes, instead of correcting their believes, they always do assault on Book of Allah [Quran] and they will change the meanings of that verse of Quran so that their fictions and unsound believes can be justified. You can never win debate from these brainless idiots. Do not waste your time.But we have Central Lab “The Book of Allah” to test the false claims of these Fanatics. We always test all matters in this the greatest Lab and it always gives us the best answers. Quran explains itself. So let we see below how Noble Quran further explains the Arabic word “Qad-Khalat” through many other verses of Quran: Reader is suggested to study following many verses of Quran in which this word “Qad-Khalat” is used by Allah Jalla Aala in Quran, and meanings of this word, in all other verses, is ALWAYS “Passed away —> already died”.Please also find the same root-word in Quranic verses 2:134, 2:141, 2:214, 3:137, 3:144, 5:75, 10:102, 24:34, 33:38, 33:62, 35:24, 46:17, 46:18.Following diagram blasts one of the most deluding dogmatic fiction of mankind history & blocks all the ways, from where, these stubborn fanatics can escape away [from truth].

وَمَا مُحَمَّدٌ إِلاَّ رَسُولٌ قَدْ خَلَتْ مِن قَبْلِهِ الرُّسُلُ أَفَإِن مَّاتَ

 أَوْ قُتِلَ انقَلَبْتُمْ عَلَى أَعْقَابِكُمْ وَمَن يَنقَلِبْ عَلَىَ عَقِبَيْهِ

 فَلَن يَضُرَّ اللّهَ شَيْئًا وَسَيَجْزِي اللّهُ الشَّاكِرِينَ

Quran 3:144 “AND MUHAMMAD is only an apostle; all the [other] apostles have passed away before him: if, then, he dies or is slain, will you turn about on your heels? But he that turns about on his heels can in no wise harm God – whereas God will requite all who are grateful [to Him]”

مَّا الْمَسِيحُ ابْنُ مَرْيَمَ إِلاَّ رَسُولٌ قَدْ خَلَتْ مِن قَبْلِهِ الرُّسُلُ

 وَأُمُّهُ صِدِّيقَةٌ كَانَا يَأْكُلاَنِ الطَّعَامَ انظُرْ كَيْفَ نُبَيِّنُ

 لَهُمُ الآيَاتِ ثُمَّ انظُرْ أَنَّى يُؤْفَكُونَ

Quran 5:75: “The Christ, son of Mary, was but an apostle: all [other] apostles had passed away before him; and his mother was one who never deviated from the truth; and they both ate food [like other mortals]. Behold how clear We make these messages unto them: and then behold how perverted are their minds!”

Though it so clear as sun on sky in verse 3:144 that all prophets before Prophet Muhammad PBUH are already died and there is no any exception for son of Mary in this verse 3:144; but brainless fanatics yet claim that Eisa/Jesus is excepted from verse 3:144. If Jesus(pbuh) was an exception and did not pass away [AS FANATICS CLAIM], then Allah surely would have mentioned it. It is not a small exception by any means. Where ever exception was there; Allah has mentioned it clearly in Quran. See following one example in verse 7:83 about the incidence of Nation of Prophet Loot/Lut:

فَأَنجَيْنَاهُ وَأَهْلَهُ إِلاَّ امْرَأَتَهُ كَانَتْ مِنَ الْغَابِرِينَ

Quran 7:83 (Asad) “Thereupon We saved him [Lut] and his household except his wife, who was among those that stayed behind”. [Also refer to verses 11:81, 15:60, 34:14, 37:135, 60:4]

Let we analyze this matter now in the light of metaphysics and Spiritual reality vs real life cycle of humans confirmed in Quran:
Human Life Cycle is depicted in this short video

 We say, that a wise will grasp the truth immediately by realizing the true actual cycle of life which is, that; Actual person is a “Spirit” [which is immortal] that is materialized in the womb of mother as a child, under command of Allah [Read Quran]. This spirit is now covered with flesh & bones. Baby takes birth. Person completes the test of life and at the end of test, original person “spirit”, which is immortal, goes back to Allah who is Eternal [Read in Quran repeated word “Raje-oun”]. Physical body of flesh & bone is a temporary abode and that never goes back to Allah. It decays on earth and finishes. Doom of grave is a forgery of Persian Parsi Hadith Imams. We do not find any doom of Grave story in Noble Quran except in some hadiths that are forged. Therefore, there is NO ANY ANY ANY possibility that Eisa/Jesus PBUH was lifted by angels with his mortal physical body and he then travelled long to meet GOD & he is still alive in heavens with physical body and will drop on this earth again. Truth is, that though Prophet Eisa Son of Mary PBUH survived death on Cross as Quran says “Wa Ma salabu —> Not Crucified —-> Not Killed On Cross” but like all human Prophets this human Prophet was also died 2000 yr ago at very old age & dead never return to this world just like a baby after birth never returns to the womb of her mother. The precise point to understand here is, that Noble Quran never denies his nailing on Cross but clearly denies his death on Cross. To die on Cross is a condition of “Crucifixion”. If some one is nailed on Cross but was removed before his death and later that person healed and lived long; then we cannot say him crucified but we will say, that though they tried to crucify [to kill him on Cross] but he was NOT-KILLED ON CROSS —> NOT CRUCIFIED —-> Wa ma Salabu.Then Fanatics say; look verse 4:158 in which Allah says, He has raised Jesus with his mortal physical Body above in heaven. This claim and interpretation of verse 4:158 by dumb fanatics is also totally based on their ignorance and stupidity because they are just blind followers of criminal Mullahs and they have never tried to read and understand the language of BOOK OF ALLAH The Noble Quran. The Arabic word “Rafa” that is used in verse 4:158 mean to “Raise Son of Mary in Ranks and to raise his Soul to GOD after his death (3:55, 32:11)” and never to raise his alive physical body above in heavens. WindowSpiritualNow there are many many empty-headed fanatics who raise question; how from centuries scholars failed to realize this truth that now you have realized? Our answer, is, that [excuse us] unfortunately majority of we humans are sheeples. We love blind following from one generation to next because for a person, it is much more easy to follow others blindly than if he/she makes his own years long research & truthful analysis. The best example of blind following is from Pauline Christians. From 1675 years they believe that mortal human Prophet EISA son of Mary was son of GOD and also himself GOD. This is their believe but WE KNOW WELL that this is a false believe and in fact is the biggest blasphemy. Apart from this point, this is also a fact, that we find many authentic historical reports that confirm that Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, Son of Mary is died. But fanatics love to believe in only those forged reports that fictionalize, that son of Mary has gone alive up in heavens and he will drop again on earth in later days. Also through out in past 1400 years, there were many many top ranked scholars who said, Son of Mary is died. References of these scholars are already given in the middle of this page.
هُوَ الْأَوَّلُ وَالْآخِرُ وَالظَّاهِرُ وَالْبَاطِنُ وَهُوَ بِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ عَلِيمٌ
Quran 57:3:  “He is the First and the Last, and the Outward as well as the Inward: and He has full knowledge of everything”
وَهُوَ مَعَكُمْ أَيْنَ مَا كُنتُمْ وَاللَّهُ بِمَا تَعْمَلُونَ بَصِيرٌ

Quran 57:4: “And HU [Allah] is with you wherever you may be; and Allah sees all that you do”Allah is present right there where you are & is in fact near to you than your neck-vein; so one does not need to travel long on the wings of angels or to ride on a so called Boraq [a beautiful flying horse] in order to have a meeting with Allah. Allah is not confined in one house but Allah Jalla Aala is present right there where you are but there is a barrier between this physical world and Spiritual realm. This is why, we cannot see Allah despite Allah is near to Neck-Vein. So this truth also debunks the fiction that Jesus was lifted by angels in order to travel toward Allah and in order to sit on the right side of GOD. Therefore, the popular story of ascend of descend [in physical body] of Prophet Eisa/Jesus is one of the most deluding myth in mankind history that majority of Christians & Muslims have been following blindly from centuries.

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Another Great work by Akbarally Meherally (Allah Kabir-ul-Muta’aal keep shower of his blessing upon this very TRUTHFUL Researcher) ‘Rediscovering the Realities of Jesus” , read at: RealitiesAboutJesus.pdf      –  A very scholarly reading – A must reading for all researchers and honest Muslim Scholars
Fatwa (Verbatim Religious Ruling in Arabic & English – (Shaltut, Sheikh Mahmud: Al Rislah, Cairo: Vol. 10., No. 465) from the most prestigious, the most authentic and the oldest Sunni school “Al-Azhar University Egypt about “Is Jesus Alive or Dead? Every Muslim on this planet Must read this Fatwa in order to realize truth. Click on following link to read the Fatwa: FatwaArabicEngF.pdf

Can you or your Mullahs or your Pauline-Priests challenge following Living Legend??? Are you or your Mullahs or your Pauline-Priests more educated & experienced than following Living Legend??? Are you or your Mullahs or your Pauline-Priests more truthful and honest than following living Legend???

Presently the most Qualified and the most experienced Authority on this subject, a Living Legend is Dr. Professor Fida Hassnain. Who says that Jesus is buried in Roza Bal Sirinagar Kashmir. If u are a fanatic, then we will request u to compare the following achievements of Fida Hassnain with your impostor Mullahs who have been teaching you fictions of Pauline Roman pagans that Jesus flew to heavens and will drop again on this earth to kill all swines and to break the crosses of Roman Pagans. Pls compare it and then beat your empty head with your own dirty shoes, the head that believes in fictions instead of believing in reality:
 Listen this the TOP MOST LIVING LEGEND Professor Dr. Fida Hasnain on this subject in following Video:

Listen the TOP MOST SCHOLAR on this subject

Professor Fida Hassnain is the recipient of several degrees and awards from various institutions in India and abroad.

  • 2009: Lifetime Achievement Award from Jammu and Kashmir Government.
  • 2007: Outstanding contribution in the field of history. Gulshan Book Award 2007.
  • 2006: Robe of Honour from J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages.
  • 2003: Secular India Harmony Award. Bestowed by Mrs. Shila Dikshit, Chief Minister, Delhi.
  • *2002: Included in the Eminent Personalities of India I.B.R.F., India.
  • 2000: Ph.D(AM) Indian Institute of Alternative Medicines, The Open University of Alternative Medicines, Kolkatta, India.
  • 1999: Gem of Alternative Medicines, I.B.A.M, Kolkotta, India
  • 1998: Chairman, 3rd Session, International Seminar on Central Asia, Delhi, India.
  • 1997: Bhaskar Award, Bharat Nirman, New Delhi, India.
  • 1997: R.M.P. Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkotta, India.
  • 1996: Doctor of Self Realization, New Delhi, India.
  • 1995: Maha-Vishwa Vikas Ratna, Occult Foundation, Bharat Nirman, New Delhi, India.
  • 1993: Bharat Nirman Pracharya Award 1993, New Delhi, India.
  • 1993: Vishwadhyamik Jagat Guru, New Delhi, India.
  • 1990: D.Litt (Hon. Causa) Vishwa Unnyayan Samsad, New Delhi, India.
  • 1989: Special Citation, International Yoga Convention, Pondichery, India.
  • 1988: Doctor of Sufism, (Hon. Causa) New Delhi, India.
  • 1987: Rashtra Sanskrit Samat, Vishwa Unayayan Samsad, New Delhi, India.
  • 1983: D.Metaphysics, School of Pararational Studies, Zurich, Switzerland.
  • 1979: Master of Divinity, Ordem Do Limao, Rio De Janeiro, Mexico.
  • 1974: Doctor of Indology, Sharda Peetha, Srinagar, Kashmir, India.
  • 1953: Dip. Arch. National Archives of India, New Delhi, India.
  • 1947: L.L.B. Muslim University, Aligarh, India.
  • 1946: M.A. Muslim University, Aligarh, India.
  • 1944: B.A. Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • 1942: Medal for Social Service.


Professor Hassnain has authored the following works on history, culture and mysticism:

  • 2009: Shri Amarnath Tirtha – Under print.
  • 2009: The Mystique of Gemstones – Under print.
  • 2009: Arts and Crafts of Kashmir – Under print.
  • 2008: Roza Bal, The Tomb of Jesus. ISBN 1-4196-9758-7, Booksurge, USA.
  • 2007: Historia De Jesus. ISBN 978-84-96746-05-3, Swing, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2007: Mystical Ecstasy.
  • 2007: Muslim Kashnmir.
  • 2007: Kashmir – Focus of Asiatic Civilization.
  • 2006: Hhycyca.
  • 2006: The Fifth Gospel.
  • 2004: The Rozabal, Beyond the Da Vinci Code.
  • 2003: The Book of my life.
  • 2002: Historic Kashmir.
  • 2002: Kashmir Valley
  • 1998: Shah Hamadan of Kashmir.
  • 1997: Gesu ‘I’ Esseno.
  • 1996: Jezusa.
  • 1995: La Otra Historia De Jesus.
  • 1995: Kashgar – Central Asia.
  • 1995: Bhaisajya-Guru-Sutra (Sanskrit).
  • 1994: Search for Historical Jesus.
  • 1992: Encyclopedia of Kashmir.
  • 1992: Cultural History of Kishtwar.
  • 1992: Beautiful valley of Kashmir.
  • 1989: Islamic Revolution in Iran.
  • 1988: The Fifth Gospel.
  • 1988: History of Freedom struggle.
  • 1987: Shri Amarnath Cave.
  • 1980: Heritage of Kashmir.
  • 1980: Kashmir Misgovernment.
  • 1978: Gilgit – The Northern gate of India.
  • 1977: History of Ladakh.
  • 1975: Ladakh Moonland.
  • 1974: British Policy towards Kashmir.
  • 1973: Buddhist Kashmir.
Is your Mullah or any Pauline Christian Priest or your Church able to challenge this the most truthful, an exemplary honest & the greatest scholar of this time??? – No; NOT AT ALL
(Glorious Quran, Authentic Hadith of Prophet, Bibles, and Authentic history, ALL are in agreement and all say and prove that Eisa/Jesus son of Mary is died & is buried in Roza Bal Srinagar Kashmir)
Watch a great video of Dr. Professor Fida Hassnain at: (listen him carefully)
Also watch following video of TOP HISTORIANS & Scholars of this world at present time. Listen what they say about the death of Jesus

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We always advise our readers that Understand Quran “only by Quran” because Quran has its own built-in dictionary and its own built-in the best Tasfir (Exegesis) of Quran. We have already given some examples in the shape of tables in this page. That tabular-examples show: How to understand Quran only by Quran. What internal dictionary of Quran and Quran’s own built-in Tasir tells you, take it as “Qoul-e-Faisal” the final criteria. Know, that most of Tafsirs do more harm than benefit, as that man-made Tafsirs being written from past 1200 years are blend of truth and falsehood. We reviewed those all. However if still you wish to read man made-tafsirs, then read following but do not replace those with internal built-in tafsir of Quran. We suggest you to read (just for info, not for to make those final criteria) Mufti Shaltut, Mufti Mohammad Abdu “Manar” Egypt, Rashid Rida, thirty volumes of Mustafa al-Maraghi.

To know, up to what degree, Mushrik Hadith Followers Sunnites and Shiites are cheap, cheaters, forgers, Tahreef-doers (who tamper books or documents), twisters, and mentally retarded; Reader can judge from this following point. Report of Ibn Abbas which says meaning of word wafat “mutawaffeeka” is Death appears everywhere in all almost all Tafsir Books including Book of Bukhari but when we read Book of Bukhari (Arabic and English) published by DararSalam Saudi Arabia, they have posted just Arabic of report of Ibn Abbass and have deliberately ignored translation of that report in Book, so that Non-Arab readers should not read that “Jesus has been died”. Now we started to search that report in a website which keeps largest data of all hadith reports. But when we opened in their website Chapter of “Book of Tafseer” in the book of Bukhari, and tried to located that report of Ibn Abbas by “Ctrl+F”, result was zero. Very strange. Then we started to scroll that whole chapter down, and finally found, that Criminal owners of that Site has in fact deleted fully whole report of Ibn Abbas from their hadith-database because that report incinerates their false belief that Jesus is still alive in any remote part of sky even after 2000 years and will drop any day again on this earth. An hoax and a moronic fiction invented by church and being followed by hadithers.

Standalone, self-explanatory, fully detailed Quran that explains every thing for Muslims is enough for us 25:33, 6:114, 10:15, 12:111, 16:89, 17:12, and in order to prove our point that as per Quran, though Jesus survived death on Cross but later he was died at old age, Quran is enough. But following sub-section of this page is for Mushrik Hadithers of Sunnite and Shiites sects who place Book of Allah aside and follow Clergy and their made-up books. In this sub-section, we will prove, even Clergy and man-made books that hadithers follow, say: That Jesus has been died. So to prove from hadither’s own books that they are liars, is like to beat their empty irrational and illogical heads with their own shoes.

As said already, our criteria to separate falsehood from Truth is only Book of Allah. However, correct History always endorses what is in Quarn. Though all hadiths are not reliable because Prophet certified no any hadith but it is strange that in many books like magnum opus of Ibn S’ad “Tabaqat al-kubra”, and in many other hadith books, it is mentioned that Jesus died at 120 years age, and apart from that hadith, there is tons of historical evidence (given in this page) which proves that Jesus died at age of 120. In other words, if we do not even touch Quran or any hadith or tafsir Book; history itself has full track of life of Jesus, and that whole track contains tons of multiple evidence that Jesus died between at 120. One report from Ibn Sa’ad narrated from son of Caliph Ali RA “Hasan” clearly tells, Jesus was died on 27 Ramadan (Islamic months), on the same date when Caliph Ali RA was died. Now you all know that neither Hasan bin Ali nor Ibn S’ad nor Hafiz Ibn Barr were followers of False Prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. Hafiz Ibn Abdul Barr is one of those Imams whom Sunni Hadithers trust the most. He is author of famous book “Jama al-Bayan al-ilm wal Fada’il”. He has also authored another Book in 26 volumes. Its name in Arabic is: “Al-Tamheed lama fi al-Mowata min al-Ma’aani wal asaanid”. In this book he has quoted an hadith with full chains that Jesus died at age of 120 years. Original Arabic text from Book of Ibn Barr is given below:

He said: Ibn Abi Maryam, on the authority of Nafi ‘ibn Yazeed, on the authority of Amara bin Ghazia, on the authority of Muhammad bin Abd-Allah bin Amr bin Othman, on his mother Fatima bint Hussein, on Aisha, the mother of the believers, on Fatima, on the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) .And he told me that Jesus lived for twenty and one hundred years. 

Conscience of Fanatic and hadithers who love fictions is fully died. They are worse than cattle which is mentioned in Quran 7:179. One fanatic wrote us that these reports say: Jesus lived 120 years. But report does not say Jesus died at 120 years. Despite, even a fifth grader school boy knows when it is said Flan lived for 72 years, its meaning is: he died at 72. But hadithers and fanatics even seek discord in such matter which are clear like 1+1=2. Rashid lived 70 years=Rashid died at 70.

Noble Quran makes very Clear repeatedly in 29:18, 42:48, 3:20, 5:99 and in other verses that Task given to Messenger is no more than to deliver Book of Allah. This is why, Prophet told all people, Do not write down from me any thing except Quarn. When he returned to his Lord in 632 A.D. Only Book Mojallad Quran was found in his room. He left behind no any manuscript of Hadith and Sunna or any exegesis Tafsir of Quran because Quran has its own built in dictionary. It further Proof is: That all Tafsir and Hadith Books tells us that even during the life of Prophet, Companions has different views about several terms of Quran. For example we see in all Dozen of Hadith and Tafsir book: Ibn Abbas said said: in 3:55, Jesus died and after death, his spirit was raised. Other Companions has another view and there is yet another groups that has another view. This all shows: Prophet just delivered Book of Allah and he never did its Tafseer, otherwise, Companions would have not tons of differences about many Quranic terms. Either this is True or all Hadiths are fabrications.

Our team “Factszz” has read almost all Tafsirs (exegesis) like of Ibn Kathir, Qartabi, Tabarni, Tabari, Razi, Baghawi, Sayooti and many more. It clearly appears to us that they all were never precise mature researchers and investigators in the field of Information and Deen Islam but they all appear to us mere story collectors and story tellers. They have written up to 40 volumes of their books but most are mere hearsay irrational, illogical and nonsensical stories.  Say those, the books of folklore. Truth and falsehood is blended badly. Read those if you like, but never make Divine Law that is based on info of that books. Divine law is valid only from Book of Allah

Conscienceless twister Hadither will oppose even reports of their own hadith books if any report of there books blasts their unsound beleives, they usually escape from truth under following pretexts:
1- This hadith is without Narrations (but they follow thousands Aahad hadiths of Abu Huraira and others which is narrated by one one person, No witness – They are hypocrites)
2- Sayooti told, Harry Potter told, Ibn Lenin told, Ibn Stalin told, this hadith is weak.
3- Then they will always escape under Grammar excuses, That word is not present or past but of future tense. So all hadiths and Quranic verses which tell that Jesus has been died; these hadither will tell you that verses are telling he will die and is not died yet. They are shameless and conscienceless liars. They have so crooked minds that if you tell them that this Follower of False Prophet Mirza Qadiani is saying that 2+2 makes four. They will tell you, it never makes four because Sayyooti told, Harry Potter told, Ibn Lenin told, Ibn Stalin told, Tabarani told, Razi told, Ibn Qayyim told, and Qartabi told (all their demigods 9:31) that 2+2 makes 5. They are dumb, they never use reason. We can see in almost every hadith and tafsir Book that Ibn Abbas said: Meaning of mutawaffeeka mean to die 3:55 but Hadithers will tell you, that hadith is weak. Even if some of them accept, its meaning is death, then they will say: That is death in future when Jesus will come back from an remote part of Universe and will hire Mullahs to kill all swines on this planet and will enter in each house and will break Crosses. These dumb hadithers readily believe in such kind of Comic forged hadiths but will not believe in Ibn Abbas who said, in 3:55, Jesus is died and then his Ruh (Soul) was raised. There is one report with full long chains in many hadith books that Jesus died at age of 120 years; and this report exactly matches with historical evidence that is fully given in this page but Hadithers says: That hadith is weak.Here in this page and in above-posted pictures of those hadiths that tell age of Jesus 120, years; we have cast doubt on one part of hadith that says: Prophet said, I will have half life than previous Prophet. But he could mean not previous Prophet but “Life-Span” of a Generation of previous Prophets. Following table shows this point in detail. So If we look at that hadith in the light of following tabulated range of Ages; then it seems, all contents of that hadith matches with historical evidence; and we can consider this whole hadith of 120 years age of Jesus, as one Reliable Historical evidence. But remember, history is not Dogma. From following table, it is apparent that man’s age has fallen from between 777 and 969 before the flood of Noah, to around 339 – 565 just after the flood to around 120-208 from Nahor to Moses and then to a maximum of 120 years after Moses. This may all seem rather fanciful today to many readers. Although it will not appear fanciful if following pictures are analyzed seriously. It appears from old scriptures that GOD decreed to set Haman life span not more than 120 years after the era of Prophet Moses the exalted:

“Not he will contend, spirit of me, in the man, until time indefinite, because he has erred/because he is mortal. And they will be, days of him, 120 years (Genesis 6 – NIVHEOT)”. Please note: Quran also tells: That GOD blows (NafakhNa) his Ruh in womb of every mother which gives life to baby in womb. There are other verses in Genesis when God cut down max life time from 480 to max 240 years and 240 is half of 480. Exodus 34 NWT describes four Generations of humans (See table). We Muslims usually think that Prophet died at 63 years age but following Historical reports show: he died at 60 years ago ( which is half of 120).

Bukhari Volume 7, Book 72, Number 787 : Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet was neither conspicuously tall, nor short; neither, very white, nor tawny.His hair was neither much curled, nor very straight. Allah sent him (as an Messenger)at the age of forty (and after that) he stayed for ten years in Makkah, and for ten more years in Medina. Allah took him unto Him at the age of sixty, and he scarcely had ten white hairs on his head and in his beard.

Bukhari Volume 4, Book 56, Number 747: Narrated Rabia bin Abi Abdur-Rahman: I heard Anas bin Malik describing the Prophet saying, “He was of medium height amongst the people, neither tall nor short; he had a rosy color, neither absolutely white nor deep brown; his hair was neither completely curly nor quite lank. Divine Inspiration was revealed to him when he was forty years old. He stayed ten years in Makkah receiving the Divine Inspiration, and stayed in Medina for ten more years. When he expired, he had scarcely twenty white hairs in his head and beard.” Rabi’a said, “I saw some of his hairs and it was red. When I asked about that, I was told that it turned red because of scent.”

Bukhari Volume 4, Book 56, Number 748: Narrated Anas: Allah’s Messenger was neither very tall nor short, neither absolutely white nor deep brown. His hair was neither curly nor lank. Allah sent him (as an Messenger) when he was forty years old. Afterwards he resided in Makkah for ten years and in Medina for ten more years. When Allah took him unto Him, there was scarcely twenty white hairs in his head and beard.

Muslim Book 030, Number 5794: Anas b. Malik reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) was neither very conspicuously tall nor short-statured, and his color was neither glaringly white nor brown; his hair was neither very curly nor very straight; Allah commissioned him (as a Prophet) when he had reached the age of forty years, and he stayed in Makkah for ten years and for ten years in Medina; Allah took him away when he had just reached the age of sixty, and there had not been twenty white hair in his head and beard.

Muatta Book 49, Number 49.1.1: Yahya related to me from Malik that Rabia ibn Abi Abd ar-Rahman heard Anas ibn Malik say, “The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, was not excessively tall or short. He was not very pallid nor dark. He did not have curly hair or lank hair. Allah commissioned him at the age of forty. He stayed in Makka ten years and at Madina for ten years and Allah the Mighty, the Majestic made him die when he was sixty. There were not twenty white hairs in his hair or beard, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.”

In same way there was well known dialog/discussion of a Christian delegation of 60 men from Najran with Prophet Mohammad(s): Head of their delegation asked Prophet: If not GOD then who is father of Jesus? Prophet replied: Do you not know that son resembles his father? He answered: Yes: Then Prophet told him: Do you know that Allah is everliving and will never die but Jesus was perished / is perished? Word used here is “Fana” mean who dies. It is very clear from this dialog that Prophet is telling them: That Jesus is died but Allah never dies, So Allah cannot be pathological father of Jesus. But Shameless hadithers who follow fiction of ascension and return also find a way how to escape from report of Najran by saying, actual word in that Report was not A’ta but Y’ati but in following report (from a well-known book) word “a’ta’ is used which mean “Jesus was died. Even if we use word “y’ati”, this word also can be used as “is dead” (Present perfect) instead of “had been been died” (Past Perfect). Because a Wise reader Reader concentrate on the Subject matter of this dialog and can easily understand what Prophet told Delegation of Najran. If Prophet had told delegation of Najran instead: Do you know that Allah never dies but Jesus will die in future; Delegation could had immediately asked Prophet: how you know he is not dead and how you know he will die and how you know when will he die? This matter of Future dying of Jesus, in no way, fits in this dialog at all and an mature honest person can understand it well. Subject matter of dialog is simple and clear: GOD never dies but Jesus died. So, Jesus does not resemble GOD nor is his son. One hadither was denying this report because according to that hadither: his demigod Ibn Hajar has said that because Jesus has no grave, so report of Wahidi in about Najran Christians is incorrect. Their demigod (9:31) Ibn Hajar was mere another Jaahil Egyptian Mullah who collected gossip of Bukhari in 13th century.. He was a big Jaahil like Sayyooti another Egyptian Mullah. Truth is that People of present era/near past era like Mufti Mohammad Abdu, Rashid Rida and Al-Maraghi are 100 time more educated that than Jaahil oldies like Sayyooti, Ibn Hajar, Bukhari and all other Imams and hadith Imams etc. Below is given link for a long table-picture that can take time in loading. This picture shows conjugation of Arabic word “A’ta” that Prophet used in dialog with Christians of Najran. copy following link, and place at the end of link extension “.jpg” without quotation marks, and then open it your browser preferably in new tab.
Mustafa al-Maraghi writes in 30 Volume Exegesis under verses 3:55, 4:158-4:159 in volumes 3, 4, 5, 6 that meaning of word “mutawaffeeka” is death. Discussing on 4:158 and 3:55, Maraghi writes: Actual person is not mortal body but Ruh/Spirit. The real Person Spirit uses mortal body just a borrowed dress. After death, Spirit he real Person is raised (32:11, 4:158) and never Mortal Body. The Insan (person) is the Ruh/Spirit and only Spirit. So meaning of “” is to die and after only after death, spirit is raised as Quran says about Prophet Idris. Indeed he died and then Ruh was raised. Maraghi futher writes: that hadiths that advocate ascension and return of Jesus are not authentic but are in fact fabricated and contradict Quran. Faith/Sharia cannot be built on fabrications but on Reliable Quran. After quoting one report from Ibn Abbas in favor of his argument, under verse 4:159, Maraghi writes: When death approaches to each Jew or Christian, Dying Jew is told that Jesus was not Impostor but Rasool-Allah, and dying Christain is told that Jesus was sevant of Allah and was his Rasool and was never Son of Allah. But at the time of death, even if a Disbeliever repents, his repentance is not accepted. Maraghi used words “Adm al-Jadvi wal Fa’ida”


This famous book “Kitab al-yawaqit wa al-jawahir fi bayan ‘aqa’id al-akabir” (Book of Rubies and Diamonds) authored by a great Egyptian Sufi “Abd al-Wahhab al-Sha’rani (died 1565 A.D.) has given hadith in which Prophet Mohammad said: “If Moses and Jesus had been alive, they would have no choice but to follow me”. We believe, Quran is enough for a Muslim, and in Islam, a Muslim is not in need of any extra-Quranic source or Book. But we post in our pages some hadiths to show Sunnite and Shia hadithers, even what their own made-up books of Hadiths say. Like many other hadiths that we have already posted in this page, this hadith also makes 100% clear that Moses and Jesus has been died but as usual, Hadithers reject all those hadiths and even Quranic verses that dismantle their unsound beliefs. Concerning Quran, hadithers cannot tamper Arabic text of Noble Quran but they do Tahreef (tampering) of translations of Quranic verses from 1200 years. For hadiths, they are sanitizing their millions of hadiths from centuries by taking out those hadiths which go against their some fabricated false beliefs. We have seen our-self, some such reports are present in old hadith books but are absent in books that are being published today. Sunnite and Shia Hadithers belong exactly to those class of cursed people who did Tahreef in Torah and broke law of Sabbath. Any hadith that goes against false beliefs of Shia and Sunnite Hadithers, they will reject it under various pretexts such as, there is no chain of this hadith, and if chain is present, then hadithers will say: that chain is weak. They will tell you, that this Imam has graded it weak and that Mullah has graded it this and this pseudo scholar has graded it unreliable etc.

On the contrary, these shame-less Sunnite Hadithers will accept even Aahaad hadiths made-up in the name of Abu Hurairah by just one person without any other witness, such as, Jesus will drop on earth again and his first task will be to hire millions of brain-dead Freak Mullahs, and then he will issue them millions of unlicensed rifles, and their job will be to search Swine everywhere especially in all sugarcane fields in particular from Cuba in order to kill those all swine, and then same Gang of hired Hadithers will enter in homes of billions of people to find Crosses in order to break those. Jaahil Sunnites happily accept this kind of fairy comic tales but will not accept this hadith of Moses and Jesus which actually does not contradict Noble Quran at all. Truth is: All extra-Quranic (39:23) hadiths are mere Crude Raw historical stock, and no any hadith is fully reliable even if it contains chain of narrations or does not contain any chain (Isnaad) because Prophet certified no any hadith; and a forger who can forge Matan (Text) of Hadith, can also forge Chains (Narrations) of Hadiths easily. In his one Book, Dr. Jonathan AC Brown (A Great Muslim Researcher of present time) has proved by multiple evidence, how Chains used to be forged especially during Abbasid era. So only criteria to judge reliability of a report of crude and raw history (hadithers say it hadiths) is to filter it through last testament of God “Noble Quran”.

If a report runs along with Quran, then that report is “not bad” even if such report is true, or forged to support the truth. This report of “Moses and Jesus” fully runs along with Quran because Quran makes very clear in 3:55, 4:157, 4:158, 32:11, 3:144, 5:116-117 that though Jesus survived death on Cross but he died naturally, not at old age, but at very old age (Kahlan). Any historical report (hadithers say it hadith) that runs counter to reason “like sun rises from two horns of Satan or all black dogs are Devil (Sahih-Muslim) or woman is Evil (Bukhari)”, consider it blatant forgery. Besides, each Prophet came with Divine BOOK of updated Divine Law. For example, if Abraham was present in era of Moses, he had to follow Torah, and if Moses and Jesus were living in era of Prophet Mohammad, they had to follow, not Torah and Gospel (Aramaic Injeel) but finally updated Divine law of Quran. Because to follow Quran mean to follow Allah and Mohammad(s) 47:2, 6:114, 10:15, 6:19, 50:45, 7:3; so if Moses and Jesus were living in era of Prophet Mohammad, then they had to follow Mohammad(s) by following only Quran. This is methodology of Divine System/Divine Law, and this makes no any Prophet superior to any other Prophet because Allah tells us in Quran over three times “La No’farra’ko baina Ahdin” which mean “do not make distinction among prophets” because all Prophets and Messengers of GOD preached same one Message “Islam” 3:19, 3:85, 3:67, 42:13, 3:52.

So know: No any Prophet is superior to any other Prophet. Do not heed Mushriik Shiite and Mushrik Sunnite hadithers. Without any doubt, Mirza G A Qadiani was a false prophet and in fact he was even not a Muslim but our Mullahs Imams and Sunnite and Shia Hadithers who are deceiving their-selves from centuries are also Impostors ,and their Professor is Satan Iblis. Please note, this hadith of Moses and Jesus is recorded in all books of those Imams whom Shia and Sunni consider their demigods (Quran 9:31, 2:170) like Ibn Kathir and Ibn Qayyim. If this report was incorrect, then why their demigods have recorded in their Books!. There are many historical reports (hadithers say those Hadiths) that show: Prophet forbade Muslims “to Read and Follow” Torah and Bible apparently due to three reasons. First: Previous Divine books has been corrupted (no protection, as previous books were for limited time) and there is no any logic, and rationality to follow a corrupted Book. Second: Due to corruption, Quran has superseded (5:48) and abrogated previous Books such as Torah and Bible in verses 2:105-2:106. These two verses never abrogate verses of Quran as Jaahil Sunnite and their dumb ignorant Imams are preaching from past 1200 years. Quran in 2:105-106 has abrogated previous corrupted books and it becomes clear when verse 2:106 is not read in isolation but along with 2:105 and 5:48.

Meaning of word Aya here in 2:106 is not as mere a “verse” but a Message/Book because each Message/Book is collection of verses. Verse 2:105 makes clear, what verse 2:106 is talking about. Quran must be understood as a whole one Book but like Islamophobes, Shiites and Sunnite hadithers always take one or a few verses out of internal context of whole Quran, and then they translate verses in order to support their unsound beliefs. Arabic is very big language and just for Camel there are over 5000 words. So word Aya has also numerous meaning. Its meaning is not confined to just word “verse”. Third: In a Classroom, your professor orders you to bring latest edition, say it, Book of Chemistry, because latest edition contains all remnant valid laws of previous editions, and new edition drops obsolete material, and also it updates law/material. Author of all Divine Books is One GOD, so question of plagiarism cannot arise. For example, from 10 commandment of Torah, Quran has carried forward nine commandments, and 10th one “Sabbath” is dropped in updated law.

For example; from centuries these Sunnite Cheater-hadithers are telling others just a portion of verse 59:7 “wama atakumu alrrasoolu fakhuthoohu”. And they deliberately cheat by saying; verse 59:7 ordains: “take from prophet what he gives you”. They further extend their this lie by falsely claiming, that millions of fabricated reports of hadiths and sunna belong to Prophet so (according to hadithers) all people should take that all hadiths because GOD says in 59:7 “take what Prophet gives you”. But when we read full verse 59:7 and its surrounding verses, it becomes 100% clear that 59:7 telling Muslims: do not dispute but what portion of Spoils of War Prophet gives you during distribution of spoils of war 1400 years ago, take it. Verse 59:7 in no way tells Muslims to take from Prophet Millions of Hadiths and fabricated Sunna that Prophet never Certified. Name of Ibn Qayyim is among the Biggest demigods of Mushrik-Hadithers. He is author of tons of books. Let we read, what their this big Imam says about Moses and Jesus in his Book “Madaarij Saalikeen”. So it is Crystal Clear from this hadith that Moses and Jesus are dead and that what tons of historical evidence also shows, and Noble Quran also shows in 3:55, 4:158, 32:11, 3:114, 5:116-117 that Moses and Jesus are died but because Hadithers are fond of fictions from centuries so even if Prophet comes back today and tells these brain-dead blindly following Shia and Sunni hadithers that Jesus was a mortal human like all human Prophets 5:75, 18:110, 3:144 and he is died like all humans; believe us: these Cattle-Hadithers will not accept surety even from Prophet because Mullahs and Imams are brain-washing these cattle of 7:179 from 1200 years and their brains has been not just brainwashed but in fact are hypnotized, partially paralyzed, and badly distorted. Hadithers are the most dangerous sycophants living under sky. These Jaahil Hadithers will place all load on False prophet Mirza G A Qadiani and under this plea, they always escape from Quranic Truth. Now if false Prophet Mirza G A Qadiani will say 2+2=4, should we reject this mathematical truth only because we have animosity with Liar Mirza Qadiani? Hadithers have narrow-minds and have tunnel vision. Death of Jesus in no way endorses false-Prophethood of Liar Mirza Qadiani. What is wrong with hadithers! Same hadith is mentioned by their another big demigod (9:31) Ibn Kathir but when some hadiths go against their unsound beliefs, they start to say: This and that hadith is weak and it has no proper chains etc. These Joha’la never realize that if one can forge matan (text) of hadith, why he also cannot forge Chains? For example just for demonstration, let we forge one chain right now: Obama narrated from Bush and he listened from his mother, and she narrated from Ibn Stalin narrated from Ibn Lenin narrated from Abu Hurairah narrated from Ibn Dabbas that Jesus will drop on one Minaret of Mosque in Damascus on 24 December 2017. Now we have this awesome chain (Isnad) here. But does this mean, this statement is now reliable? Now hadithers will answer: O you the bloody hadith rejecter: we have ICBM called “Science of Hadith” but their science of hadiths is only that machine which places label of cow-meat on the packets of pork, mean it tends to convert their favorite lies into authentic lies, and then to Sahih reports. Therefore; not even one hadith is 100% reliable because Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) certified no hadith. Our friends: Read hadiths mere as Crude Raw Historical Stock of gossip rumors and hearsay. In that stock, truth and falsehood are blended together. Any report from that stock which runs along with Quran can be considered as relatively reliable historical report but remember, still history is not dogma; and Formation of Divine law is valid Only and Only from BOOK of Allah 5:44, 6:114, 10:15, 6:19, 7:3, 47:2. Any one who makes Divine law from extra-Quranic Books and Sources has been declared by Haq Ta’ala as Kafir in Quran 5:44. If this historical report (hadithers say it hadith) recorded by Ibn Qayyim, Ibn Kathir and by many more, was not relatively reliable, then how these big demigods of Hadithers could include it in their very famous books!! But let we make one point clear here that despite Ibn Qayyam wrote tons of Books but as per our unbiased honest research, he was just one among those millions of Mullahs and Imams who from past 1200 years, mix truth and falsehood always, and so they violate Quran 2:42 “And do not overlay the truth with falsehood, and do not knowingly suppress the truth”.

BiggestTextPicDoubleStandard1Prophet neither verified nor certified any hadith or sunna book. That all books were written centuries after the death of Prophet by defeated enemies of Islam. This is why, we grade that books only crude historical crap. Islamic law is valid only from Book of Allah 5:44, 6:114, 10:15, 6:19, 16:116. Islamic law cannot be made from historical crap. But Hadithers commit kuffar by making laws from that historical crap 5:44. Besides; hadithers have double standard. If any report of that history books supports their unsound beliefs, they grade that history report as an Authentic-Hadith (Sahih-Hadith) but if any report from that history books goes against their unsound beliefs; they start to prove, that report, as Weak report (Da’eef) by saying, that in chain, this and that person is not reliable. For example: Reader can see at all forums, that Sunni present forged report of Sahih-Muslim that says: Prophet said: After me follow Quran and my Sunna. Shia pick another forged report from Sahih-Muslim that says: After me follow Quran and Ahle-Bait but both Sunni and Shia will never show you Five reports of Sahih-Muslim in which: Prophet said: after me, follow only Quran. Now, another book of so called hadiths “Kanz-ul-Aamaal” was written centuries before the birth of Impostor Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. Reports in that book show, Jesus lived about 120 years and then died. Therefore; logically and rationally, Hadithers cannot say, that reports of Kanz-ul-Aamaal were fabricated by Liar Mirza Qadiani. However, because hadithers will not accept any report which bulldozes their unsound believes; so, as usual they say: O that report of Kanz-ul-Aamaal is Weak. Sahih-Muslim also says: that, all black dogs are Devil. But, whenever hadihers cannot defend this kind of filthy and nonsensical reports of their forged hadith books, they will label, that lies, as either a metaphor or a miracle or it is out context. Truth is, that Jesus was a mortal human Prophet like all other Prophets. He lived like humans and has been died like humans. Quran 3:144 makes crystal clear that all Messengers before Mohammad has been died and Jesus was never an exemption 3:55, 5:116-117. As, this page proves; Jesus died at very old age and is buried in Gave of Rozabal with tons of irrefutable evidence.


How Paul deceived True Followers of Prophet Isa Jesus?


3 thoughts on “How Paul deceived True Followers of Prophet Isa Jesus?

  1. Reed says:

    I spent Hours Reading This Post, Feels Like a whole BOOk, To be honest am Afriad, FalseHood is everywhere, If i accept that jesus is dead and isnt coming back is like converting into a new islam, But i have to be honest with myself most of what i read in this post i agree with. Am afriad.. I have to think about this before i jump into conclusion.

    • Thank you Reed that you spared time to read this page. We have discussed every point in this page with logic, rationality, with historical, biblical, and Quranic evidence. This page also contains opinions of world’s top scholars and historians. Our team has over 3 decades Research on this subject.

      Truth is that Jesus was a mortal human Prophet of GOD and like all humans he died naturally at old age, thu he, for sure, survived death on Cross as is given in Quran 4:157.

      You might have noticed that this fable of Ascension and return of Jesus is absent in all bibles of 4th Century. This fiction was added in bibles centuries later. All Prophets preached only one path of one GOD “Islam”. Moses preached Islam but Talmudic Rabbis made dogma of Judaism centuries after Moses. Jesus preached Islam but Paul manufactured dogma of Christianity. If You really love Jesus, then you are suggested to follow the path of Jesus which was none but Islam. Thousands years ago, Prophet Noah told his opponents that I am bidden to be a Muslim.

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