We sometime post this kind of real unedited debates at our site because this is one of the best ways to convey readers the Truth of Islam.

Factzss (We) posted following Comments under a Video of Mullah Dr. Israr Ahmed (late) who was telling that Beard is mandatory for Muslim Man.
“Beard is culture and not part of DEEN Islam otherwise Quran could had made it Fard. If Prophets used to have beard then Abu Jaahil used to have also beard. So if beard is Sunna of Prophets then it is also sunna of Abu Jaahil. Dr. Israr was king of Jahileen. These Satanic Mullahs has made a Simple DEEN Islam, a complex dogma”

zaka0001 answers to Factszz
A muslim beard is completely different from non muslim beard my friend. Muslims have moustache trimmed unlike non muslims. And whats so wrong about keeping a beard? I am sure your woman/wife wouldnt want u to look like a woman with clean shave lol?

Factszz answers to +zaka0001
U missed the point. We are not saying that U should have beard or not. Our point in the light of Noble Quran is: that To have Beard is not part of Islam but is a culture. If U love beard, grow it, no problem but do not claim that Quran ordains U beard. Not a matter of thin or thick beard but any type of beard is not part of Islam. Just like if a lady wants to cover her head, fine, but this is again per-islamic culture that was infused in Muslims from Christian Nuns. U love Culture, that’s fine but do not mix up Culture with Deen Islam. in 24:31 Quran says to lady to cover ur chest & wear modest longer garments & but not head cover as Satanic Mullahs tell blindly following Muslims. But if a Lady wishes to cover head, Quran does not forbid. In same way, Quran neither tells u to keep beard nor forbids. So this is ur option. But never make options a Mandatory Part of Islam. If One does so, then it is called innovation in DEEN.? What Quran says about Hijab? A great reading.


Irfanullah Khan answer to Factszz
+Factszz Brother from your point of view can you tell me where in Quran is given the faraiz of Hajj? And the way of performing Salat? Infact it is not there, but been told/teached by Prophet Mohammad (S.A). My point is, Islam without Sunah (Hadith) is incomplete. (By the way, just to confess,I am also struggling my self and studying about  Beard from the last 9 years, May Allah guide us on the right path as He is the only one who know the right path, Amin)?

Factszz (We) answers to Irafanullah Khan
Thank U Khan:
This is very common question that is asked by countless gentlemen like U but why this question?, the reason is lack of true knowledge especially of Noble Quran. In many parts of our Muslim world especially in South Asia, only recitation of Quran is taught to people and in their whole life they do not understand Book of Allah correctly, thu they remember many baseless stories and fables that their ignorant deceiver Mullahs tell them. This is why, After passing from this world, last Prophet Mohammad The Exalted told Allah Jalla Aala:

“O My Lord: these are my people who have discarded Quran” (Quran 25:30).

A Person who understood Quran only by Quran with out using any man-made other resources and books; he knows:

1- Allah says: His Book is complete and fully detailed.

2- His BOOK explains every thing needed in Islam 16:89 and Standalone Quran explains itself, as it has its own built-in dictionary.

3- Prophet was bound to follow only and only Quran and nothing else. So Sunna of Prophet is nothing but replica of Quranic commands.

4- Quran is best hadith of Allah 39:23, and same Quran is also ONLY authentic hadith of Prophet. Read verse 69:40; as Quranic wahi was uttered by the lips of Prophet.

5- Verses 10:15, 6:114 & especially 5:44 makes clear that Islamic law is VALID ONLY from Quran and who do not do so are Kaafirs (5:44). So it is very clear who follow other hadith and sunna books except Quran are Kaafirs (5:44). This is not our verdict but verdict of Allah in Quran. Precisely, from 2 billion Muslims, not less than 70 percent are Mushrik Kuffaar (being beaten and humiliated every where) who place those man-made books of hadiths beside BOOK of Allah, that were fabricated 250-400 years after the death of Prophet by Defeated Persian Imams (disguised Zoroastrian hypocrites).

We give U below just one example that will refresh ur died up Imaan: Money back Guarantee.

Quran clearly respects Lady nore than Man.
Prophet Isa said: After GOD, the most esteemed near U is ur mother. Remember Mother is woman.

Now we read what these Criminal Zoroastrian imams tell you:

Zoroastrian Bukhari in Vol-7, Book 62, Number 32, and Imam-Muslim in his fabricated Sahih-Muslim in Book-004, number 1034 equated woman to Ass, Horse & Dog. Do u accept this crap? Should a Muslim follow these Satan forgers? Just ask ur conscience if it is not fully dead yet, And do not forget that Moms of all, Moms of all Prophets and Saints and mom of us and yours were also women that are cursed by above-mentioned 2 Zoroastrian liars Pseudo Imams.
Obeying the messenger is in upholding Quran, the whole Quran, and nothing but Quran

Also ask ur conscience that if books of hadith and sunna were part of Islam; then why all hadiths were collected, burned and banned in the time of Prophet, AbuBakr Omar Uthman & Ali? There is tons of multiple historical evidence for this truth. This all is given in a link of our main page (mentioned at bottom) under heading “True history of Hadith and Sunna”. Do not forget to read it.

True history of Hadith. A MUST reading for all Muslims; & Non-Muslims who R interested in Theology.

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/08/06/true-history-of-hadiths-and-sunna-a-must-reading-for-all-muslims-and-non-muslims-who-are-interested-in-theology/Dawa3Now if one says, O Allah: U said ur Quran is complete, fully detailed & explains all what is needed in Islam; then why your BOOK does not contain Map of India, how to cook beef, how many units in each prayer, & how many rites in Hajj?

Meaning of above-given dialogue will be; that person is throwing lies on Allah & in fact he is saying: O Allah: What U have said about your book is untrue (Ma’aazAllah) bcaz we do not find Indian map there, 5 Namaz & its units there etc. To throw lie on Allah is the biggest crime & our majority of Muslim do so.

But point, that must be understood, by a wise person is: That Quran is not a book of Geography or history or rituals or theocracy. Whole Islam is finalized in Quran; & Quran is a book of Divine Sociology & core message of Quran embedded in verse 2:177 is Philanthropy . A perfect Muslim is in fact a Philanthropist. Rituals are designed by clergy in all religions & no any religion is Divine but all religions are concocted by Clergy in ages. Islam is not religion but is DEEN the sole one true path of one GOD preached by all Prophets from Adam(S) to Mohammad(S).WomanInsultDo not forget to read our page Some Hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death. Ur enlightenment is guaranteed


DEEN ISLAM: Divinely prescribed  way of life. It is a complete system.

It was never Moses but Talmudic Rabbis who converted name of a Tribe “Juda” into dogma of Judaism about 1500 years after the death of Muslim Prophet Moses.

Never Muslim Jesus; but he was Mithraic pagan Roman Policeman Saul later called Paul who manufactured the biggest dogmatic fiction of mankind history and named it Christianity which is loaded with blasphemies of Son-ship and Trinity

Islam is very easy and simple but our Ibleesian Mullahs & freak Imams has made Islam a complex difficult dogma (especially for New Muslim Converts) by adding many many fables Kharafaats & innovations in Islam in past 1200 years. A list of some innovations that were blended in Islam during Abbasid Period from year 750-1258 A.D.

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/07/10/a-list-of-some-innovations-that-were-added-in-islam-during-abbasid-period-from-750-1258-a-d/Quran66_1_Halal_HaramO Wise Muslim! REMEMBER: No any person, even Prophets were allowed to make some thing Haraam which Quran has not made Haraam and vice Versa. Any thing that Quran has not made Haraam is not Haraam. Fabricated hadiths make many things Haraam and Halaal which Quran does not. Prophets followed only Books of Allah and they never made their own laws. Quran in 16:116 warns those impostors for Hell who make the things Haraam and Halaal that Quran does not. So never forget, that sole criteria of Haraam and Halaal is BOOK of Allah, and that point has been made VERY CLEAR in following verse 16:116verse16_116What is Islam?

AWhat Book of Allah ordains to do, Do it.

BWhat Book of Allah forbids, Do not do it.

CAbout what Quran is silent is not part of Islam. but is ur own option.

For example, Quran does not talk about beard, So is an option. Quran does not tell U, which shoe, right or left, U should wear first. So it is ur option. Quran does not want to usurp ur even very basic rights. Stoning to Satan in Hajj is not in Quran bacz it is not Islamic rite but a pre-Islamic Pagan practice. 5 Namaz & its units are not in Quran bacause these are 5 Namaz of Persian Zoroastrians that Zoroastrian Mother of Caliph Harun Rashid “Queen Khaizran” blended in Islam in 773 A.D & validated them in Islam by forgery of Hadith of Miraaj in which Prophet is shown to fly on Non-Quranic flying donkey called Boraq. Bukhari copied that story of boraq from 2 Zoroastrian Books Zerdashtnama & Arda Viraf Namak. But still some Mullahs resisted this innovation of 5 Namaz but Khaizran used American method Carrot and Stick, 1200 years ago. She shut the mouth of Mullahs with the bribery of millions of Gold and Silver Coins; and who still resisted were hanged after fatwa of her appointed Fatwa-Qazi. U are suggested to read whole discussion on 5 Namaz with proofs of Zoroastrian’s forgery in our main page that is given at the end of these comments. Also know that Namaz is not Arabic but a Persian Word; and Salaat of Quran has no relation with these 5 Zoroastrians Namaz Rituals. Now U must realize, why we do not see 5 Namaz in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89.

Why no any detail of 5 Namaz Prayers in Complete & Fully detailed Quran? GREAT READING


DMillions of new Islamic laws can be made just from Quran if we use its direct and indirect laws, ethics & moral codes with mutual derivations. To beat 100 stripes to a fornicator (married or unmarried) is a direct Law. But for Gays, there is no direct but an indirect law thru which Nation of Prophet Lut was destroyed. Do not forget to read “Some Nonsensical Questions raised by Mushrik Hadithers in order to ridicule Book of Allah” at:

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/06/02/some-nonsensical-questions-raised-by-mushrik-hadithers-in-order-to-ridicule-book-of-allah/Islam_Deen_Not_ReligionReligionOfMullahSects_are_KffaarFraudMachineofShafiPieMMIslam_FlowChart1Sect formationBukhariWomanDogDonkeyFSatanWorksDeenANDReligion1Namaz_Forgery3We have full discussion at our main page about the points u have raised in ur comments. So If U are a real truth finder, then spare time and visit our following page, that page will provide U answers of your all questions about Islam and theology, even if U have 50000+ Questions.



A debate about Status of Beard, non-Quranic 5 daily Rituals, and some non-Quranic Hajj rites


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    I am going to read all the posts on this website, and after reading it all, I will definately have questions, I would like to have your email please.



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