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Actual Muslim Population in the World

COCMPCPopCompPersonally, we know that during population censuses, in some countries, deliberately, sometimes numbers are exaggerated (up/down) in order to create more votes in a certain area, and also for the allocations of more or less funds that in many cases are proportional to number of people in city/province.

In same way, total world population of Muslims is deliberately understated by almost all relevant Non-Islamic websites and Institutions. They show less than real, in order to hide truth from world: that Muslims are growing on this planet at exponential rate. Muslim populations in India, China, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia and in some other countries are displayed less than the actual population they have. 2016-04-09_142104Joseph_Schacht_FThey use many other tactics such as to create false-flags in order to tell world that Terrorists belong only to Islam etc. But that ignorant are not aware that your false-flags do millions times more preaching of Islam than even all vile Mullahs of planet. Because, after false-flags, people, who even never listened the name of Islam, rush to libraries/online sources and start to read Quran in order to find discord. But Quran has power to convert his all honest and mature readers to Islam whom conscience is not fully died yet. If a non-Muslim commits a Crime, he is declared mentally sick but if same crime is committed by an ignorant Muslim, he/she is declared a Terrorist. Clear-cut double standard. Truth is, that a Terrorist has no any Deen (some say religion). We are reading Quran from decades. This the most beautiful BOOK ordains Peace, Justice and Philanthropy 2:190, 4:75, 60:8, 2:177. All Hadith, Sunna and Sira books were forged centuries after the death of Prophet Mohammad, and that all books which Evil ISIS,  Talbaan, and Boko-haram use, are nothing but books of rumors, gossip and lies. That books has no any relation with Islam but vile Mullahs preach that Books of Satan to Muslim youth and misguide them. Despite this all, following Pie chart shows you whole Truth. StatOf20thCentury2QuranMakesUhumanIf you go to Mr. Google and Mrs. Wikipedia, they have a fixed figure of 1.6 Billion Muslims, and we hope that their figure will not change even in year 2050. But let we read truth below:

The study establishes that the Muslim population is increasing steadily due to higher birth rate as well as conversion, while adherence towards other faiths are either dropping or remained static due to leaving the faiths or lesser growth rate. For example, the Christian population in the west & America(North & South) is dropping due to lesser growth rate through conversion or birth rate as compared to Muslim population and at the same time renouncing the faith system altogether. Christian population is in increase in many of Asian and African countries by both birth rate and conversion. Current data displays that in 2014 Christian population are about 2.01  billion and while Muslims are 2.08 billion”

In 2014 Christian population is 2.01 billion and Muslims are 2.08 billion. We calculated on population data sheet of 2011 multiplying the growth rate such as Muslim 1.84% and Christianity 1.32% as found correctly from Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.”

We can see at many sites this sentence: “World’s Muslim Population will Surpass Christians this Century” but fact is, that already in 2015, Muslims has more Population on this planet than any other Religion. Christianity has now 2nd Position. Conversion rate (in fact reversion rate) especially in Educated Societies is sky rocketing because vast majority of honest educated People will embrace Islam after reading Quran fully. Quran is guarded protected final edition of all scriptures and Quran is Book of books and Truth of all truths. Quran cannot be understood by picking a few verses, but as a whole Books in its entirety. Following picture shows Statistics of year 2014.WorldMP2014

Further Continental Population breakdown is as under: Note: In following pictures, reader can see “Reference buttons” under column of references. In order to go to reference page, please visit mother sites of these pictures. Links for that sites are posted at the end of this page.









OceaniaMWPStatIslamSurpassedChristianityBEP=Breakeven point has already passed – Schematic. In fact Christianity is on decline2016-04-09_192032christianity-future-trendFssstghy

Christianity is fading like free fall, yet Mr. Google and Mrs. Wikipedia will show for next 100 years, that Christianity is the biggest religion. Now even a fifth grader is thinking, that how a mortal human who used to eat and go to toilet like all mortal humans can be GOD and at the same time son of God.  Kids are asking Gynecologists now, Sir: how that might happen? Do you know what President Thomas Jefferson said about Christian dogma? Quran5_75Jesus frigfdwaebutlerslossjudgeUKCRFCQuran2_177CoreMessageQuran2_190AndHatersIslamIsSimpleDeenIslamDEENnotReligionQuranPreservedIslamOnlyPathofGODQuran_42_13_IslamSoleDeenFNoahAgreatMuslimQuran3_67PlusNoteMosesAndJacobMuslimsJesusWasMuslimF2fdfdgghghThe best scholarly page on the life of Jesus. A Treasure for Students of Comparative religion

Jesus in Quran

Birth of Jesus Isa in the light of Quran, Bible, and HistoryVery Important Page


For above-posted Population Statistical-pictures, all credit is due to following two sites.



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Actual Muslim Population in the World


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