To idolize dead Prophets is a biggg shirk and these Satanic Mullahs has converted majority of Muslims into Mushriks. All praise is due to Allah who never dies.
fubu khan answers Factszz:
+Factszz You really are an ignorant who does not know the difference between Ta’azeem and Iba’adat. What do you think the Sajdah that Angels did to Aadam (AS) was Sajdah e Tahiyaa or Sajdah e Ta’azeemi? I am sure according to you those angels might be mushrik by now (Na’oozbillah). With your statement of Dead Prophets (Ma’azAllah), I am also pretty sure that you read your Kalima as Prophet Mohammed SAWS “was Allah’s prophet” and not “is Allah’s prophet”.
Dude, before posting these stupid comments and naming fellow muslims into Mushriks, beware that if any of them you are trying to call is not mushrik in the eyes of Allah and his Prophet, then you would become one in Allah and his Rasool’s sight. May Allah SWT bind us all into one Ummah. Aamin.
Khan: You have declared us ignorant but TRUTH is, that the most ignorant Muslims like U & their Mullahs live on this planet in South Asia especially in Pakistan. U guys has made-up your own brand of Number-2 Islam which has no any relation with the Islam that was perfected upon Last Prophet Mohammad the exalted and which has been finalized in Quran. U guys read Quran in Madaaris but never understand meaning of Arabic that is used in Quran to its roots. What ur Jaahil Mullahs tell you, you blindly follow. In your comments, you have shamelessly tried to validate all kinds and brands of Shirk under the cover of “Story of Adam and Iblees”, & under the cover of so labeled as Ta’zeem due to your ignorance, stupidity and crooked brain.

Allah Jalla Aala will say to Mushriks who idolized others, after their death; Quran: 6:94 “Now you have come to Us alone just as We created you individuals the first time. You have left behind all your belongings. We do not see with you the intercessors you idolized. Now all ties among you have been cut off and your assumptions have failed you.”

1– Arabic is very big language and one word of Arabic could have many many meanings. The person who have read whole Quran from start to end and knows Arabic to its roots, knows well that what version of meaning is to be used in Certain Sentence. For example: in Arabic meaning of “Daraba” can be TO BEAT, to harm or strike but in Arabic if someone tells other Person to dial for me this phone number, he will say “Udrab (Root is Daraba) haaza raqam ili”. That mean, dial a phone number for me. So here its does not mean that he is telling U to take a stick and start to beat telephone. Just for camel, in Arabic there are about 5000 words. In same way Sajda has many many meaning in Arabic.
ArabicBigLanguageSome are as under: Some Meaning of Sajdah in Arabic:
Prostration; Complete submission; Willful obedience; Utter humility; Adoration; Utmost commitment to Divine cause; Humbling one’s own self. Now let read Quranic verse 55:6 in which word Sajada is used:
Our Mullahs translate it as: “The stars and trees prostrate (Do Sajda) before Him”. Now we ask reader, have you ever seen any Tree and star prostrating on their foreheads on ground? Have they any forehead? If reader is not a brain-bent idiotic fanatic, for sure, he/she will say – NO. Here again in verse 55:6, clearly, meaning of Sajada is “To obey Divine laws” & not to put forehead on ground because neither Trees nor Stars has foreheads nor they have to come in Masjid of Ibleesian Mufti Popal-Zai to prostrate. Therefore, the true translation of verse 55:6 will be: “The Stars and the Trees submit to His designs;, or And the stemless plants and the trees humbly submit (to His will); or The stars and the trees all adore Him (and follow His Laws).” So ,same was told by Allah to Iblees/Satan in the case of Adam because when we read whole Quran about Shirk, this points becomes clear. MajorityAndTruthFollowing is verse of Noble Quran 22:18 which uses word Yasjodo which is another derivation of word Sajada.

“Don’t you see that all things and beings in the heavens and in the earth, the sun and the moon, and the stars and the mountains, and the trees, and the animals, and a great many human beings pay adoration (Yasjodo) to Allah? And there are a great many human beings who make themselves worthy of Requital. And those whom the Divine Law shall disgrace, none can raise them to honor. For, Allah carries out all actions according to His Laws.”

Also you idiotic ignorant beast must learn that the word Iba’daat is from Ibada and Ibada has roots in Abeed. In Arabic, Abeed mean a Slave. Does a Slave worship his owner, or a slave obeys all orders of his owner? Of Course, a slave never worship but obey orders. So Ibada never mean worship rituals but to obey the orders of his real owner Malik Allah Jalla Aala. Ibada is to obey all Divine Laws of Allah finalized in his last Book Quran. This is why Complete and fully detailed Quran is empty of all kinds of rituals such as daily 5 Zoroastrian Namaz Rituals, funeral rituals and Eid rituals etc are all fabrications forged during Pro-Zoroastrian Abbasid Period 750-1258 A.D. Rituals and other modes of worship are of Hindus and Majoosi Zoroastrians. To please Allah, serve his creation [Quran 2:177]. Verse 2:177 blasts rituals when it says Laisa Birra. IT IS NEVER A GOOD DEED THAT YOU TURN YOUR FACE TO EAST OR WEST but Good deed is to help poor needy disabled………..U can respect and insult an alive Person. Dead person do not listen ur insult or respect, neither your manufactured droods nor naats; as Quran says: Dead do not listen. Should U listen what Quran says; or what Satanic Jaahil Mullahs and Imams say? Honest_Postmen2– When we read whole Quran especially about Shirk; It becomes clear, that Allah told Iblees to OBEY Adam and not to prostrate, as one meaning of Sajada is willful obedience. But Majority of Muslims has been sent astray by Persian Zoroastrian imams from past 1200 years. Zoroastrians tried to change Quranic text but failed bcaz there were thousands Hafiz of Quran and such kind of their evil move could be exposed by even just one Hafiz. When they failed to change Quranic text; then they followed another strategy to revenge Muslims as they were Muslims who finished their Millennia Zoroastrian Sassanian empire. They invented abrogation theory & they planned to forge millions of fake hadiths with fake matans and fake chains of narrations 250-400 years after the death of last Prophet in order to disable Quranic verses/laws. That hadiths were never written under supervision of Prophet, as was written down Quran. In their hadith books, that Persian imams has nakedly insulted Prophet, Prophets, Allah & have badly attacked Quran. Allah says, he is protector of his BOOK 15:9 but Persian Hadith Imams bark, that verses of Rajam and Suckling has been eaten by hungry goat of Aisha RA (Ibne Maja). But our Evil idiotic Mullahs and Imams and their shameless pets like you do not follow what Allah says in 15:9 but they follow these Persian Zoroastrian liars. Allah says, Prophet used to have the best conduct but that Satanic Hadith Books depicts Prophet as the worst person on planet. Mushrik Hadithers follow their books even with out reading them fully but we have read each line of that Books of Satan. As Per verse 5:44 of Quran, all Hadith followers are Kaafirs. ObedienceOfProphejt3Besides, it were not Arabs but Persian Zoroastrians who first time made dictionary to translate Arabic Quranic terms into Persian. During that translation, they changed meaning of thousands of Quranic Terms during Abbasid Period 750-1258 A.D. Later Persian terms were translated into Urdu and other languages. So from 1200 years, all curricula being taught in Islamic universities is based on Persian’s translated terms. This is why, our even Ph.D Mullahs are gone astray because they follow in curricula, fake translations of terms of Quran injected by Persian Zoroastrians, such as Salaat, Zakat, Sajada, Masjid, Ibada etc. From 1200 years, another big Jaahils in Quran are Arabs too. They always depended upon Persian’s forged translation of terms. Even today Saudi Arabia follow translation of Quran which is from two big jaahil Ph.D doctors of Pakistani origin Halali Khan and Mohson Khan. When our team of top most scholars of world of present time compared all translations of Quran that exist presently; Translation of Halali khan and Moshsan Khan was rated as the worst and the most twisted. Their translation will totally misguide you. One of the best (comparatively) is of Allama Dr. Mohammad Asad Ph.D “the message of Quran”. 72_18and9_174– Quran makes VERY CLEAR repeatedly that Only Task that a Messenger has, is to deliver Message of Allah (BOOKS of Allah) clearly to people. It was not duty of any Prophet to invent their own hadith and sunna (2:213, 5:44. 10:15, 6:114) nor any of prophet invented them but by evil clergy centuries after deaths of Prophet. Quran makes so clear as SUN ON SKY that all Prophets were NO MORE THAN HONEST POSTMEN OF ALLAH. In fact root meaning of Rasool is Divine POSTMAN. Rasool who carry Risaala. In Arabic Risaala mean a letter or message. So a Rasool is who brings Divine letter book message which is a job of Divine Postman. Postman only delivers letter or message and goes. Postman never explains you a letter. Divine letter is written in such a perfect way that it explains itself fully. Being a Divine postman does not degrade Prophets and Messengers. To be a Divine Postman is a great honor but to start to worship dead Prophets mean to make them angry against you on the day of judgment. To invoke dead Prophets in Masjid (violation of verse 72:18) with fabricated non-Quranic Droods and Naats is a despicable Shirk. Never try to hide ur shirk under Ta’zeem as it violates 72:18.
DivinePostmanAll Prophets used to have great mission and that was to deliver books of Allah clearly to people. After they completed their mission; they died and their chapter on this planet was closed. U can give respect Ta’zeem” to a Alive Person but how can U give Ta’zeem to a dead Prophet when Quran makes clear that dead do not listen. After death, Prophet is gone to Allah after barrier of Barzakh and his dead body in grave never listens ur non-Quranic Shia Manufactured Droods and Naats nor ur Droods and naats reach to Prophet after barrier of Barzakh nor the EXALTED Prophet is in need of your concocted Droods. Qarza5Christians idolized Isa/Jesus and Ignorant Muslims copied Christians, and start to idolize Last dead Prophet.  After death of Prophet, Ur all relations must be with only Allah & his BOOK, as dead do not listen U. If you wish that on the day of Judgment, Prophet and Allah should be happy from U, then follow that BOOK which Allah gave to Last Prophet. U must read verse 25:30 in which Prophet will say: O My Lord, these are my people who has discarded Quran. In verse 25:30, Prophet will mention only Quran and not Satanic innovations of Sunna and Hadith that were fabricated by Persian Pseudo Zoroastrian imams 250 years after death of exalted Prophet in order to distort Islam, to create sects, to disable Quran, and to by-pass Quranic laws by fake hadiths fake Matans Fake Isnad (Chains of narrations).

For example, Quran says, If U do not want to burn in Hell, then be away from sins but Evil Zoroastrian Bukhari and other forged Books of Persian Hadith imams say: GOD does not love those who do not commit sins. So they criminals are preaching U 180 degree opposite to Quranic laws & it is out of question if Prophet had told us to follow some thing that is 180 degree opposite to Quranic laws. Quran says, Ur paradise or Hell depends upon ur bad and good deeds. If weight of Good deeds is more than bad deeds, U will be in Paradise. So Pass marks of Quran are over 50 Percent. But Satan Bukhari tells U in many forged hadiths many shortcuts for to reach paradise. I,e Bukari says: that if any one commits Zina, Murder and all evils of this universe; yet he will go to Paradise by reciting just a one line “La ilaha iLL-Allah”. This is clear cut violation of whole Quranic teachings and and Prophet never had violated any Quranic teaching.

Abu_BakkarTo Sum up:

From 1200 years, Persians Parsi Imams has sent majority of Muslims astray. So today not less than 50 percent Muslims are in fact NEVER MUSLIMS but are Mushrik-Mohammadens. In South Asia, over 80 percent Muslims are in fact Mushrik Kuffaars. This is why, always Azab-e-Elahi drops on them, Civil war killed 60000 Mushrik-Mohammadens in Pakistan, Dengui, Killing by Toxic Medicines, Floods, Zilzaals, theft, fraud, Murder, Extortion, Target killing, mutual fighting. More Shia Manufactured non-Quranic Droods Pakistani enchant in Mosques, More Curse of Allah drops on them because in verse 72:18, Quran says “La Tadou Ma Allah..”. Mosques are ONLY FOR ALLAH and DO NOT INVOKE any ONE in Masjid except Name of Allah. But Mushrik Mohammedans sing non-Quranic Naats and manufactured Droods for dead Prophet in Mosques and crudely violate command  of Quran given in verse 72:18 of Quran “La Tadou Ma Allah” in mosque do not invoke any other name beside name of Allah Jalla Aala who is sole source of all life in universe and who is Kabeer-ul-Muta’aal and Hayy-ul-Qayyoom who never dies & will never die but Prophets are dead. Due to that shirk for idolizing dead Prophets in Mosques, Muslims are being humiliated every where despite we have 60 Muslim states. On the contrary, when up to year 672 A.D. Muslims were following only Book of Allah; they defeated both superpowers of that time, Romans and Persians; and became sole superpower of that world. At that time no any Tafseer book, hadith book, sunna books, contexts books or Shan-e-nazools books existed. That all satanic innovations came after year 672 A.D. There is multiple historical evidence that up to year 722 A.D, Hadith and Sunna used to have NO ANY LEGAL STATUS IN ISLAM.

To read tons of more truth, do not forget to read GOLD-MINE at following link:











To read tons of more truth, do not forget to read GOLD-MINE at following link:



A debate about Shirk, Ta’azeem, Iba’daat and Sajada of Iblees to Adam


3 thoughts on “A debate about Shirk, Ta’azeem, Iba’daat and Sajada of Iblees to Adam

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    • Arabic is very big language. Arabic language has 80 different words for honey, 200 for snake, 500 for lion, 1,000 for sword, and 5,744 for camel. A person who does not cherry pick just a few verses but takes Quran as whole Book and understands roots of Arabic, can know, which is the proper meaning of a term in a verse. Quran blasts Shirk in many many verses, then how Quran can say: that Angels prostrated Adam? No way. in relevant verse, word Sajadah is used and meaning of Word Sajadah is not mere prostrate physically by placing forehead on ground but it has many other meanings too such as Obey to, humble to, Adore to, Submit to, Follow to, Bow to etc. One example is in Quran 55:6 “Waalnnajmu waalshshajaru yasjudani” Stars and Trees perform Yasjodaan (Sujood Sajadah). Now does any star come in Mosque and places its forehead on ground to make Sajadah? No. Do stars have their foreheads? No. So very clearly in 55:6, meaning of Sajada is never to prostrate but they Submit to his laws. So to translate Sajdah of Angels as to place forehead on ground is total nonsense and it also never reconciles with those many verses that blasts shirk. We suggest to read link number 01 at our main page. Some say it allegory; Story of Adam and Iblis appears, for, to setup a stage to test man on earth and to know if Person follows path of Rehman or Satan. Such a stage was necessary to test man on earth. This is why; when Iblis begged Lord for respite up to the day of Judgment, respite was granted to Waqt-Ma’loom > Time known only to God.
      Quran 38:82..85 [Whereupon Iblis] said: “Then [I swear] by Thy very might: I shall most certainly beguile them all into grievous error;[all] save such of them as are truly Thy servants!.[And God] said: “This, then, is the truth! And this truth do I state: Most certainly will I fill hell with thee and such of them as shall follow thee, all together!”

  2. Habib Ullah says:

    Can you put light on the story of Adam, Angels and Iblis?
    1. Who were the Angels and why were they ordered by Allah to prostrate (submit) to Adam?
    2. Who was Iblis (from Jinn according to Quran), included to obey the command of Allah given to Angels?
    3. There are lots of more questions about this story, about Adam i.e living in paradise, Iblis given life till qayamat, angels objections on Adam but I will summarize it that what is the real story and how this story is related to creation of Humans on earth?

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