Responding to our highly honorable Sister Yasmin Mogahed
under her video “Salah, a forgotten purpose”

All praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom

What our very beloved Egyptian Sister Yasmin has told in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt-pkKoPM38) is one of the greatest lies of Universe. That big lie of Miraaj is that conspiracy which turned the table of Islam at 180 degree 1200 years ago and converted DEEN (Divine System) of Islam into Religion of evil Mullahs and freak Imams.*

She said that Salaat came thru Hadith of Miraaj. If So, then what was meaning of word Salaat that appeared in Noble Quran about 25 time before the fictitious incidence of Miraaj?

Allah says in Quran that all past prophets were also told to Establish Salaat (To Establish a System as per Divine Laws) but Yasmin is saying that Salaat came thru Fake Hadith Of Miraaj. So How Prophets who passed thousands years before Last Prophet, were following Salaat?

Quran says, that even Stars and birds Establish Salaat (Follow Divine Laws). So do stars and Birds come in Mosque in order to pray Slaat that Yasmin received in Miraaj. How Stars and birds used to establish their Salaat before forgery of Hadith of Miraaj?

An honest educated person who has brain in his head at right place will immediately grasp the truth from above-discussion that Salaat of Quran is IN NO WAY the 5 Persian Parsi Rituals that were blended in Islam after the forgery of Hadith of Miraaj in year 773 A.D.

Allah Jalla Aala Says, his Book Quran is Complete and Fully detailed, so if Salaat is 5 Persian’s rituals then where are units of these rituals in Quran? Does Quran tell U what to read in 5 Rituals? No.

Truth is this:

Word Salaat has root in Mosalli. And in Arabic roots, Mosalli is that 2nd fastest Horse in race whom ears touch/brush with the back of leading Horse. Meaning of Salaat is then, to follow Divine Laws closely in all walks of life and establish(Aqimu) Divine System in Society as per Divine Laws. In some places, word Salaat is also used for Meditation upon Allah, this is why, we do not find any method, any unit of Salaat in COMPLETE AND FULLY detailed Quran.

Prophet left behind only Written Quran & No any hadith and Sunna. Hadith and Sunna are Satanic Innovations forged by defeated Persian Imams 300 years after the death of Prophet in order to misguide Muslims and distort Islam. See proof at:

True history of #Hadith. A MUST reading for all Muslims; & Non-Muslims who are interested in Theology.

So if Quranic Salaat is not 5 daily rituals, then from where 5 Rituals entered in Islam? – Read below carefully and fully.

“Khaizran” the Mother of Caliph Haroon Rasheed Abbasi was an Irani Zoroastrian. Zoroastrians has 5 daily rituals called in Persian Namaz or Bandgi or Gah.
Queen Khaizran was actual Ruler of Muslim Empire at that time. She called Zoroastrian Bukhari and other Persian Imams and told them that she wants to change Salaat of Quran into 5 Zoroastrian daily rituals. But she was told, that Muslims will resist this innovation. Then she ordered Bukhari and others to forge hadith of Miraaj to validate blending of 5 Persian daily prayer in Islam in year 773 A.D.

Queen Khaizran bribed Mullahs and Imams with millions of Gold and Silver coins to shut their mouth. Who resisted lost their necks thru Fatwaaz of Government employed Mufteez. In same way Pagan Roman emperor Constantine in Year 325 A.D in Council of Nicea blended blasphemy of Trinity in Christianity, and who resisted it were brutally murdered. And Christians are following that blasphemy of Trinity from past 1700 years. In same way, Muslims are following innovations of  5 Daily Rituals, Hadith and Sunna from past 1200 years blindly. All the time that Muslims were supposed to dedicate for the betterment of Humanity, they are wasting in useless Zoroastrian rituals from 1200 years. Zoroastrians has taken very bad revenge from Muslims for their defeat. It were Muslims who dismantled millennia Irani Zoroastrian Empire in year 636 A.D in the battle field of Qadsia.

Persian imams forged hadith of Miraaj and showed 50 prayers and then showed that Prophet bargained with GOD like union leader to reduce from 50 to 5 rituals.MiraajForgeryNoteLBukhari copied story of Flying Donkey BORAQ from two Zoroastrian Books, Zerdashtnama and Arda Viraf Namak & added more juicy details in this fabricated Story.*

But a thief always leaves some trace behind that gives lead to Police to catch the thief. Same thing happened with Liar Forger Persian Hadiths Imams. Seems, they were very ignorant in History. Because when they forged that Hadith of Miraaj in year 773 A.D, they wrote that Prophet was taken to Masjid Aqsa in Jerusalem to lead prayers of all Prophets.

But Jaahil Criminal Zoroastrian Bukhari and other Persian imams forgot, that in the life time of SyedeNa Mohammad PBUH, neither any Mosque existed in Palestine Jerusalem nor even any Jewish temple.
Masjad Aqsa was built by Omayyad Caliphs many years after the death of Prophet and Jewish temple was erased to ground by Romans about 550 years before the birth of Last Prophet Mohammad PBUH. Also note that hadiths tell that Last prophet lead prayers of all Prophets in Aqsa mosque before ascending to heavens. So how he could lead Prayers for other Prophet in Masjid Aqsa before ascending to heavens because according to fabricated hadiths; prophet received 5 rituals from GOD after ascending to heavens and after so called a meeting with GOD? When Moses PBUH said, O Allah: I want to see you; Allah told him, you cannot see me and whole mountain Sinai crumbled into dust and Moses fell in swoon; so how Prophet Mohammad PBUH was able to make meeting with Allah Jalla Aala by taking flight on a Donkey BORAQ to heavens? Did he take that donkey with him during meeting? Where he tied that donkey Boraaq? Do you think, Allah lives in a Villa? Reader is suggested to use just very basic common sense to catch very crude forgery of hadith of Miraaj. When validity of 5 Rituals is designed on hadith of Miraaj, and Miraaj hadith is nothing but a moronic forgery; then it becomes clear that 5 Rituals are also a forgery and not part of Islam; this is why complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89 never talks about any unit of any ritual, or what to read in rituals. Who was the criminal who forged whole non-Quranic text of Atta-Hiyaat and non-Quranic Drood/Sallat Ibrahimi? To read that Atta-hiyaat in Masjad is SHIRK because that text violates verse 72:18

Quran and history say: Jesus is dead. Qadiani are Liars & Mullahs are Ignorant. Read at:


In Sura Asra & Najam, Quran points to Journey of Prophet from Mecca to Madina. In Sura Asra words are used “Masjid Aqsa”. In Arabic, Aqsa mean REMOTE. Masjid Aqsa=Remote Mosque. and at that time no any mosque was remoter from Mecca than the Mosque in Madina.

To Sum Up:

Ya’boDoon never mean worship or Rituals but to obey Divine laws.
Ya’boDoon=Ibada=Abeed=Slave=Who follow orders.

Islam is DEEN and Not religion. All Religions are forged by men.

DEEN=Divine System
Please Allah by serving his creation and following his Divine Laws and remembering Allah in all awaken conditions (Verse 2:177)

But Mullah-priests-Made religions tell U to perform manufactured rituals 5 times or less or more times and after Ritual perform all evils of this universe.Namaz_Forgery2+



Responding to our highly honorable Sister Yasmin Mogahed under her video “Salah, a forgotten purpose”


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