quran2_177ncolWhy we do not find units, methods and other detail of Five

daily rituals in complete and fully detailed Quran 12:111, 16:89, 17:12?

All Praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom who never dies and is closer to person than his neck vein and knows even what soul of person whispers secretly and silently, who is focal point of all true love obedience and remembrance near a sincere devotee [Ibaad-ul-Mukhle-seen], who must be praised and thanked in each breath in all awaken conditions when person is lying down, standing, walking, and working, who solely deserves his house in each heart. All journeys start and end at Allah Hayy-ul-Qayyoom. HU is the First and HU is the Last. HU does not live in any House but there is no any house where HU does not live. Nothing is like him. His throne[Arsh] is extended to all spaces “Waasay-aa-Kursiyyo-HuSamaawatay Wal-Ard”. So Omniscient and Omnipresent HU is directionless as HU covers all directions everywhere and anywhere. When anyone confines him in one building of bricks and mortar, he/she denies his attributes and denies verses of Quran; and so such a person commits an heinous crime and shirk through non-Quranic intentionally planned Directional-Rituals. All East and West belong to him. HU is closer to you than your neck-vein 50:16 and is present in every meeting 58:7 but you are searching him thousands kilometer far from your neck-vein. Is it rational, is it logical; will you not use your reason 8:22, 7:179? (Please allow five to ten minutes to load this page fully if your internet speed is low).MajorityAndMainStreamFuss

We have discussed following  mutually interconnected and interrelated topics in this page:

1- What is Salat of Quran and what are daily five Namaz rituals.

2- Miraaj (Night Journey) of Prophet Mohammad THE EXALTED

3- Role of Masjid in Islam

4- Masjid QiblaTain

5- Quran says, Salaat keeps you away from evil doing but why majority of Muslims who pray Five Namaz rituals, still commit all evils of this universe? (example South Asia)?

6- And following two VERY IMPORTANT pages (must be read by all Muslims) are prerequisite material for this page. It will be better; if reader studies following two pages fully before reading this page. With out reading following two pages FULLY, if you read this page; it will be like, one is attempting to read English literature even before learning the English alphabet. However it is up to you what you decide. 

True History of Hadiths:


Some Hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death – Your enlightenment is guaranteed

https://factszz.wordpress.com/2014/12/23/some-hadiths-that-will-drag-you-to-paradise-even-before-your-death-your-enlightenment-is-guaranteed Namaz_Forgery3Quran6_116-117_MajorityVSTruthQuran_2_213_2Noble Quran 2:213: Mankind were one community. (Nature’s provision was abundant and open for all (2:36). Then Satan, their selfish desire, divided them (10:19)) Allah sent Prophets as heralds of good news and as Warners. He sent down with them the Scripture with the Truth to judge among people in their differences. After the Prophet passed on, people started differing in the Scripture that was given to them with clear verses. And they did so in stubborn rivalry. Allah by His Will keeps the sincere believers guided in Truth concerning whatever differences arise among them. Allah guides people according to His Laws. (Using your faculties of listening, observing and reasoning will help you achieve guidance, while selfishness, arrogance and blind following will lead people astray (2:170), (6:56), (40:35), (41:17)).

Above-given verse 2:213 makes as clear as sun in the sky that books of Allah, contained system of Divine Sociology. Therefore; Divine System that has been finalized in preserved last testament of GOD “Noble Quran” has no any relation with Theocracy, Priesthood, Mullahism, pooja-pot and worship. Meaning of Ya’bo-doon are discussed later in this page. Besides, verses 5:44 and 6:114 again confirm what Allah has said in verse 2:213. Verses 6:114 and 5:44 also make crystal clear that Sharia laws are valid only from Quran. Quran_6_114NQuranic verse 5:44 does not stop just here, but goes ahead, and gives clear verdict that who Judge (Make Sharia Laws) from any other book except Book of Allah are Kaafirs. Therefore; there must be NO ANY DOUBT that all who make Sharia laws from fabricated Hadith and Sunna books are indeed Kaafirs.Sharia_LawsAqimu-Salaat>> To Establish Salaat is to establish system in an Islamic society as per Divine Laws of Quran; to follow and obey closely all moral & ethical codes; and laws of Quran; and in order to please GOD, a Muslim serves creation of GOD in the light of Divine Laws; and remains mindful about GOD in all awaken conditions, and does Meditation upon GOD. Sole one true path of one GOD, Islam is not clergy-made religion but is DEEN (Divinely prescribed way of life). EastWestQuranFZulQuranain_Optical_IllusionNorthSouthDiagramQuran clearly blasts all kinds of rituals in 2:177 and ordains Philanthropy. Therefore; a True Muslim is in fact also a Philanthropist. Quran is not book of Theocracy (of Mullah-ism) but of Divine Sociology. Duty of Prophets was to follow only laws of Books of Allah & it was not their duty to invent their own laws by inventing their own hadith and Sunna; nor any of prophet ever invented them in their lives but it is evil clergy who fabricated that crap centuries after Prophets. If Quran does not tell you about Five Namaz rituals, neither units of each Shia Sunni rituals nor what to read in Qayaam & Atta-hiyaat; then prophet had never followed that kind of non-Quranic Rituals, as he was bound to follow only what is given in Quran. Zakaat is “Just Economic order of Islam” this is why we do not find any 2.5% figure in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89. All hadiths are nothing but Persian’s gossip, hearsay, like Chinese whisper, and fabricated lies that defeated Persian Zoroastrian hypocrite imams forged 250-400 years after the death of last Prophet with fake Matans, fake Chains of narrations and with the fraud so labeled as Science of Hadith. Truth is; that even the best scientific method cannot convert a fabricated lie into a truth. Quran2_177CoreMessageQuranic Verse 2:177 clearly tells that Allah never ordained to make any place on earth as Qibla for directional Rituals, as pre-Islamic Pagans used to do. Reader can judge dishonestly of almost all Sectarian & other Translators of Quran that they have totally DELIBERATELY ignored word qibla that appears in first line of verse 2:177. They have ignored it because by not ignoring that word; their whole building of non-Quranic Rituals collapses in a second. Word QBL is root-word of Qibla which we can see in verse 2:177 and that comes from hypothetical ancestor root to read it as Qibla. Clearly, verse is telling that the rituals you pray taking direction of Qibla to East or west is NEVER a GOOD DEED but Good deed is Philanthropy “To serve Creation of Allah”. In same verse, later, word “Salat” is used. And it again Proves that Salat mean never Rituals.; otherwise, how Allah could tell us at the beginning of verse that Rituals are not Good deed, and at the end of same verse, how GOD could say: Pray Rituals! So meaning of word Salat used in last part of verse 2:177 is nothing else but “To follow Divine Law and to establish Divine System”


HadithersResponseThe terms Worship & Pooja-pot are only relevant to Idol worship. Word “Ya-bo-doon” in Quran is derivation of word Abeed which mean Slave. A Slave does not do pooja-pot or worship of his Malik/Owner but obeys his orders. So in order to implement on “Ya-bo-doon”; be slave of Allah and obey his all orders given in Quran. Word Sajada has many meanings such as obey, humble to, prostrate, adore, follow, bow to laws. Iblis was told to obey Adam & not to prostrate him as Jaahil Mullahs preach. Read terminology of Quran at the end of this page. Masjad is where Muslims used to gather after Wadhu (5:6) to discuss and solve problems of Muslim community as per Divine laws especially on Friday & that is called Salaat Juma > in order to discuss, how to establish Salaat>Divine System > its laws. This is why; you will not see any Mullah-made Juma-Rituals, nor their units in Quran.Quran72_18Please read at following link, how ~50 translators has translated above-shown verse 72:18
https://factszz.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/quran-72_18-and-translators/AttaHiyaat_ForgeryQuran_62_9PlusNoteFQuran25_30NIf Allah Jalla Aala can mention complex fractional math in inheritance verses like 1/2, 1/6 etc; then what was difficult for Allah to tell the units of each Sunni and Shia Namaz rituals & what to read in Qayaam and Atta-Hiyaat and who is freak Mahdi & evil Dajjal? Do you know, who manufactured non-Quranic text of Atta-hiyaat and non-Quranic Drood Ibrahimi; which is Shirk to read in any Masjad 72:18? From 1200 years, more Shirkia Atta-Hiyyaat & Drood Ibrahimi we recite in Masjid; more curse drops on us. Very clearly, commandment in verse 72:18 ordains: La Tadou Ma Allah”. Mosques are only for Allah, and do not invoke any other name side-by-side with name of Allah. Atta-Hiyyaat was concocted by Shia during Abbasid Period. Sunni are big fools and do not know that many many heresies they follow, were in fact invented by Shia during Abbasid Period 750-1258 A.D. Even Shirkia Drood Ibrahimi of Atta-Hiyaat was concocted by Moiz-Doula of Persian Caspian area who later captured Baghdad and became ruler. In order to cover up forgery of whole Shirkia text of Atta-Hiyaat (Tash’had) and Drood Ibrahimi, they picked up two verses of Sura Ibrahim 14:40-41 and attached them at the end of Atta-hiyaat. Quran blasts all sects. It is great just to be a Muslim and only Muslim, and no any evil sect.DivineSystemVersesBasically there are two groups who support Zoroastrian’s Five daily Namaz rituals in different ways.

First group comprise blindly-following hadithers of all sects (Shia Sunni Salafi Wahabi etc) who has been waging war against Allah and his last Book from ~1200 years. They always degrade Quran and try to prove that Quran is incomplete Book, and (according to them) this is why they need hadith Books that Persian Zoroastrian hypocrite Imams forged 250-400 years after the death of last Prophet in order to take revenge from Muslims for their defeat because they are Muslims who dismantled their millennia Zoroastrian empire in 7th Century. Despite; Allah Jalla Aala says repeatedly in Quran that his Book is complete and fully detailed; Evil Sects-following Hadithers say: Five Namaz Rituals are not in Quran, this is not in Quran and that is not in Quran & this verse is abrogated and that verse is abrogated. During any debate; usually first question of these infidel-hadithers is:” Show us where are Five Namaz rituals in Quran?”. Their this question clearly indicates that they believe that five daily Namaz rituals are missing from complete and fully detailed Quran. According to our view point; they are the biggest Kaafirs on this planet because they throw lie on Allah and his Book. Their claim/stand about Five daily Namaz rituals is highly fragile and can be debunked easily because from our following discussion; it can be proved 100% that Salaat of Quran has NO ANY relation with Five Namaz Rituals.WarAgainstAllah2Second group comprise non-Sectarian Muslims; and Submitter > Follower of Impostor Rashaad Khalifa. Positive thing in them is, that they reject all hadiths-crap, and they also believe that Quran is complete and fully detailed Book of Allah and nothing is missing from it 16:89; but at the same time they contradict their own previously mentioned sound beliefs, by their assertion that Five Daily Namaz rituals exists in Quran. And they try to prove that daily Five Zoroastrian’s Namaz, from various verses of Noble Quran. But when you ask them, where are all units of all Shia Sunni Namaz rituals in Quran? Where Quran says that you should read Fatiha in Qayyam, where Quran says you should recite non-Quranic Atta-Hiayaat and Drood Ibarhmi in Five Parsi Namaz rituals; they have no any logical and rational answer. So their attempt to validate Five Zoroastrian Namaz Rituals in Islam becomes also fully absurd, nonsensical and irrational. Followers of Rashaad Khailfa also use another back-door for escape and excuse, which is, that (according to them) Five Daily Namaz Rituals are coming to us from time of Prophet Ibrahim. Then we ask them, if this is correct; show us proof from any previous scripture. And why these rituals and their units are not present in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89quran-20_52Being the final edition of all scriptures; Quran also carries forward remnant truth of all previous scriptures 5:48. If Allah can carry forward out of ten, nine commandment of Original Torah to Noble Quran; then why not so called Five Namaz Rituals and their units of Prophet Abraham too? Did Allah forget? Did Allah erred? No. My Lord neither errs nor forgets (Quran 20:52). Tenth Commandment of Torah “Sabbath” was dropped. Therefore; Sabbath is not part of finalized updated version of Islam which now exists in Noble Quran. Hence; the claim, that Five Rituals are coming from Prophet Abraham is shallow and cannot be substantiated by any member of Submitter-Cult. Let any Submitter find book of Abraham and show us where Five Namaz rituals are mentioned. Can any follower of Impostor Rashaad Khalifa show us that book? They will not find. For the sake of argument; even if they find; those will be invalid because that are not carried forward to Quran. Another example: We do not know if Stoning Rajam punishment existed in Original Torah or not but in corrupted Torah that we read now; we find punishment of Stoning. For the sake of argument; even if we believe that Rajam existed in Original Torah; then that punishment is not carried forward in Quran, so is dropped by Allah Jalla Aala (like Sabbath is dropped) and has been replaced by 100 lashes for adultery, regardless person is married or unmarried. But defeated Persian Pseudo hypo Imams copied stoning from corrupted Torah, and manufactured a fake hadith of stoning that our brain-dead Satanic Mullahs and Imam preach to their ignorant pets from centuries. Their ignorance is beyond limits. Truth is: that no any stoning punishment exists in Noble Quran for adultery regardless culprits are married or unmarried. If Allah can mention complex fractional math in inheritance verses 1/2, 1/6 etc, then what was difficult for Allah to mention method and units of each ritual?

Members of Submitter-cult are stuck to wrong track because, like hadithers, they are unable to grasp the truth that Islam is not religion but DEEN.  Even a well educated member of submitter-cult Edip has failed to grasp very important point that Islam is not Religion but Deen. No any religion is Divine but all religions are concocted by Clergy in ages. Non-Divine all Religious theocracies tell you for countless brands of manufactured rituals but sole one true path of one God “Islam” tells you in Quran 2:177 “NO RITUALS BUT PHILANTHROPY”. Due to this reason; Submitter-cult always look for some tactics to validate Five Rituals; and some Pseudo Scholars like Gavaid Jamidi also follow irrational and unsound stand of Submitter-cult. Therefore; their all such groundless claims can also be easily debunked from our following discussion. Do not forget to view two diagrams given at the bottom of this page. That two pictures will help reader to know; what is DEEN Islam, and what is Religion of Mullahs and Imams. DivineSocilogyBookQuran_24_55But what is Truth and from where whole paradigm shifted? Root-cause of all ignorance among we Muslims is, that our Mullahs and Imams have been telling us from over 1200 years that Islam is a religion. This is the root-cause of all evils. Because the sole one true path of one GOD “Islam” is NEVER EVER a religion but is DEEN which mean “Divinely Prescribed Way of Life”. The major difference between the practices of Clergy-Made Religions, and DEEN is:Quran16_89AndNoteInheritanceLawAndRitualsDEEN tells you; Please GOD by serving his creation as per Divine laws 2:177 & be mindful about GOD in all awaken conditions (Quran). So there is no any emphasis on rituals. This is why all scriptures including Quran are though not empty of rites but are empty of rituals. But “Clergy-Made-religions” which are very much influenced by two oldest religions Hinduism and Zoroastrianism, teach people countless brands of rituals. The meaning of Sajada is not only to place forehead on ground but in Arabic Sajada has many other meanings. Masjid is not place of worship but is place of Ibada which mean an Islamic community center, where, in order to establish system of Salaat, Muslims gather especially for Salaat-Juma. Salaat-Juma is not Ritual otherwise Quran could have told us what to recite in rituals and how many units are in rituals. Reader must understand, that Meditation is not a Ritual nor it has any units.  So far; in reader’s brain many questions would have been popped up. Please be patient, we will discuss all that points below: Deen_Not_ReligionPersian Conspiracy against Quran (Important)

Undoubtedly, Islam, the sole one true path of one GOD is TRUTH but vast majority of Mullahs and Imams has acted as certified disciples of Iblees from past 1200 years. That disciples of Iblees have misled Muslims more than their teacher did. Here we say in the light of commandment given in Quran 2:117, that if you have a Million Dollar surplus; and you want to spend it; then its best use is not to build a new temple but to help your poor relatives; and  others disabled, poor and needyMaeyBoyceAndFiveRitualsFNamaz_MaryBoyce1We have given numerous references in this page, like this one from Mary Boyce, just for the kind information of analytical reader; but Apart from Mary Boyce and others; we know and we believe, and every True Muslim must believe that no one is more truthful than Allah Jalla Aala; and Allah says in 10:15, 6:19, 6:114 that Prophet was bound to follow only what is given in Quran. Besides; Allah says in 12:111, 16:89 and 17:11 clearly VERY Clearly that Quran explains every thing in detail for a Muslim. If Five Rituals were part of Islam, then how Allah could forget to mention two different versions of Shia and Sunni Rituals. Where are units, what to read in Qayyaam, what to read in Atta-Hiyaat, Fard and Sunna units in Quran? If Salat of Friday was ritual, then where are units of that Ritual? If Allah can tell us complex fractional math in inheritance verses, then what was the issue to tell units of each Shia and Sunni ritual? It is very clear  in many verses of Quran that sole job of Messengers was to deliver books of Allah to people clearly 29:18. Mortal humans the Messengers were NO MORE THAN Divine Postmen. For example, a Postman comes to your door, delivers you book and takes your signature for witness that he delivered you the Book; and in case of being Divine-Postman, after delivery, he raises his index finger and say” O Allah, be witness, I have completed my Mission and have delivered your Book to people. After that, Postman goes back to his LORD. It is not duty of a True Muslim to idolize and worship Postman but to follow the Divine Book that postman delivered, Christians started to worship Eisa PBUH and we Muslims copied Christians and started to idolize Last Prophet. Read verse 25:30 and learn that last Prophet will be very pleased on that day, if you have followed Quran fully. Allah ordains us in 72:18 not to read Persian’s manufactured Atta-Hiyaat and Shia’s concocted Drood Ibrahimi in Atta-Hiyaat in Masjad, but do we care what verse 72:18 ordains? It was not duty of any Messenger of GOD to invent his own law parallel to law of Divine BOOK by inventing his own Hadith and Sunna nor any Messenger left behind any book except Book of GOD. Did Messenger leave any hadith, Sunna, Tafsir, Contexts, and Shan-e-Nazool manuscript behind? No. Did Prophet certify and verify any such manuscript? No. Allah tells Prophet Mohammad PBUH in 28:56 that “O Mohammad” You cannot guide any one but it is Allah who guides. So how Messengers could guide Shia and Sunni sects about Five Rituals? What is utility of fabricated books of hadith and Sunna in the light of verse 28:56, and 5:44, 10:15, 6:114? Quran makes clear in many verses that to obey Messenger mean to follow the Book that Messenger delivered, and in this way, you also obey Allah because Messengers were mere AGENCY of Allah. Did Messenger deliver Vedas, Purnas, Gita, Avesta, Torah, Bible (Injeel); or books of Hadiths and Sunna that Persians concocted 250-400 years after Prophet? No, No and big No. Only Quran was given to Prophet Mohammad PBUH 6:19, 10:15, 6:114, 17:12, 16:89, 12:111. Callout_3ColorMusalliFollowsSabiq

Referring to terms Musalli and Sabiq used in Arabic literature 1400 years ago, we have captured a quotation below from a Book “Man versus Society in Medieval Islam” authored by Franz Rosenthal, Page 384 MusalliInLiterature

Musalli_3MusalleenFFFReferring to above-given verse 74:43, we invite all honest, intelligent and analytical brains who follow logic and rationality, that if we translate word “Musalleen (Who follow Salat) as those people who pray Five Rituals daily; then Criteria of, to get Paradise or Hell appears only and only Five Rituals. But this 100% contradicts 21:47 and all codes, ethics, and laws of Quran that tell; Good deed is not rituals but is Philanthropy 2:177. If word Musalleen of verse 74:43 is translated as “Who pray Five Rituals daily”, then that’s mean, a Criminal who killed 100 people, have raped countless women and has committed all kind of evils will go to paradise just by praying Five Rituals daily. Therefore; in NO WAY, in verse 74:43, word “daily Five Rituals” fits” but fits 100% “Who followed Divine Law”, as we have shown in a picture of two horses in this page above. Please also note that in verse 70:23 above, word “Daa’i’moon” is used which mean ALWAYS, who follow Salat (Divine Law) always; not just 5 time by non-Quranic rituals. In verse 9:103 (in 33:56 too) word “Salataka and Salle” is used as “Your Support” or your “backing to them”, as back of horse is called also Salle”; however in verse 11:87  for Prophet Shuaib, word “aSalatuka” is used as “Your system”. “Qaloo ya shuAAaybu asalatuka tamuruka”. In 17:110 it is advised not to speak too loud or too low in Gatherings of Salat, during adoring Allah, during Dua, during meditation upon God (no Rituals because no units no methods in fully detailed Quran 16:89) which is a component of System of Salat.  Quran 31:19 (Sura Luqman) “Hence, be modest in thy bearing, and lower thy voice: for, behold, the ugliest of all voices is the [loud] voice of asses”. Also see 49:2. Quran 14:40 “My Lord! Enable me and my children to establish the Divine System (in order to follow Divine Law). Our Lord! Accept my Dua. In 2:58 word “Sujjadan” is used for humble to. Callout_3Color


Five daily Namaz Rituals have no any relation with Salat of Quran Quran says, that even birds establish Salat 24:41; and the sun and the moon, and the stars and the mountains, and the trees, and the animals do Sajood to him 22:18. Do you think, birds, the sun and the moon, and the stars and the mountains, and the trees, and the animals, come in Mosque to pray Five Zoroastrian Namaz Rituals? No. They all closely follow Divine System & its laws. They obey their Creator. Quran_24_41Noble Quran 24:41 “Do you not realize that Allah, He it is Whom all beings in the heavens and the earth glorify, and the birds, with their wings outspread, as they fly in columns. All of them know their SALAT and TASBEEH (mission and strife). Allah is Aware of what they do to fulfill His Plan.”. Note: Tasbih = Strife. Tasbih also galloping of horse during race.
Galloping = Race With rhythm or rapidity, developing or progressing at an accelerated rate, progressing rapidly toward a conclusion. Our Mullahs call a “String of pearls” Tasbih. Birds fly hundreds of Kilometers but come to their nest without Google Map. Honey Bee travels ~37K miles to produce one drop of honey and knows where to return without any Google Map. Migratory birds fly from Australia / Philippine and fly thousands KM over Sea to South America without Google Map. If They lay eggs in Australia, new birds from eggs even know how to reach their parents in South America without Google Map or GPS. All praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom who has educated these birds in their mission and strife.Arabic is very big language and one word of Arabic could have many many meanings. The person who have read whole Quran from start to end and knows Arabic to its roots, knows well that what version of meaning is to be used in Certain Sentence. For example: in Arabic meaning of “Daraba” can be TO BEAT, to harm or strike but in Arabic if someone tells other Person to dial for me this phone number, he will say “Udrab (Root is Daraba) haaza raqam ili”. That mean, dial a phone number for me. So here its does not mean that he is telling U to take a stick and start to beat telephone. Just for camel, in Arabic there are about 5000 words. In same way Sajda has many many meaning in Arabic. Some are as under: Some Meaning of Sajdah in Arabic:

Prostration; Complete submission; Willful obedience; Utter humility; Adoration; Utmost commitment to Divine cause; Humbling one’s own self. Now let read Quranic verse 55:6 in which word Sajada is used: Quran55_OnlyVerseOur Mullahs translate it as: “The stars and trees prostrate (Do Sajda) before Him”. Now we ask reader, have you ever seen any Tree and star prostrating on their foreheads on ground? Have they any forehead? If reader is not a brain-bent idiotic fanatic, for sure, he/she will say – NO. Here again in verse 55:6, clearly, meaning of Sajada is “To obey Divine laws” & not to put forehead on ground because neither Trees nor Stars has foreheads nor they have to come in Masjid of Ibleesian Mufti Popal-Zai to prostrate. Therefore, the true translation of verse 55:6 will be: “The Stars and the Trees submit to His designs;, or And the stemless plants and the trees humbly submit (to His will); or The stars and the trees all adore Him (and follow His Laws).” So ,same was told by Allah to Iblees/Satan in the case of Adam because when we read whole Quran about Shirk, this points becomes clear. Following is verse of Noble Quran 22:18 which uses word Yasjodo which is another derivation of word Sajada. Quran22_18_OnlyVerseQuran 22:18 “Don’t you see that all things and beings in the heavens and in the earth, the sun and the moon, and the stars and the mountains, and the trees, and the animals, and a great many human beings pay adoration (Yasjodo) to Allah? And there are a great many human beings who make themselves worthy of Requital. And those whom the Divine Law shall disgrace, none can raise them to honor. For, Allah carries out all actions according to His Laws.”ImportantNanoAzanInnovationNarrated Abu Huraira (King of Hadith Forgers): Allah’s Messenger said, “When the Adhan (Call of prayer) is pronounced, Satan takes to his heels and passes wind (farts) with noise during his flight in order not to hear the Adhan. (Zoro Bukhari) – Reference: (http://sunnah.com/bukhari/10/6) . Note: At one time, there are thousands of Calls for prayers all over the globe. That mean, Satan of Joker Bukhari is farting in front of each mosque at same time. We think, that Ozone layer is not being damaged by CFC gases but from non-stop Farting of Satan of Bukhari. But Mentally paralyzed hadithers believe every thing that is stuffed in that all fabricated hadith books which Prophet never certified.

How Non-Quranic Adhan /Azan / Call of Prayer evolved?
Zoro Persians with Millennia experience in forgeries, were professional forgers. After blending Zoroastrian Rituals in Islam in 8th century, they planned to inject in, now the call for Rituals. So they backed up that forgery by many concocted hadiths. Please read below what that hadiths tell us:

1– Muslim were not aware what to do, so some suggested, in order to call Muslims for Salat, they should lit Fire like Zoroastrians.
2– But Prophet suggested, we should use a big horn (Like Jews) but later he changed mind and said: Bell will be fine, so bell (Like Church) was made and used for Call of Salat.
3– Some Other Dreams-Mongers also Suggested to use Bell like Christians.
4– Prophet thought that some people should shout from the top of forts to call people for Salat
5– One man said, in dream, he has seen a Person in green clothes and he told him this and that type of Call for Salat. Other people also came with their dreams and Prophet said to one person: your dream seems fit for call of Salat (Could he depend on dreams and suggestions, instead of Wahi 10:15?)
6– When Muslims came to Madina, they were not aware, how to call people for Salat. Some suggested bell, like Church, other suggested a horn like Jews but Umar said this and that will be ok
A point of commonsense, logic, and rationality:
Note: In such a big confusion and controversy about call of prayer (as appears above); If Adhan was part of Islam, then: was it difficult for Allah Aala to send text of Adhan/Azhan to Prophet Mohammad through Wahi? If Allah can send a big book like Noble Quran; then what was difficulty in sending one line of Adhan/Azan, Mahdi, Dajjal and Units of Shia and Sunni rituals through Wahi? Answer is: Islam is neither Theocracy nor a Clergy-manufactured Ritualistic Theocratic Religion but Islam is DEEN the sole one True Path of One God. Deen = Divinely prescribed way of life and its core message is not rituals but to have Right faith, mindfulness of God, to follow Divine Law, and Philanthropy >> Quran 2:177.
Reader can read a.m Hadiths (we say it gossip) at following links:
http://sunnah.com/search/?q=adhan WustaRitualFAlso know that the word Iba’daat is from Ibada and Ibada has roots in Abeed. In Arabic, Abeed mean a Slave. Does a Slave worship his owner, or a slave obeys all orders of his owner? Of Course, a slave never worship but obey orders. So Ibada never mean worship rituals but to obey the orders of his real owner Malik Allah Jalla Aala. Ibada is to obey all Divine Laws of Allah finalized in his last Book Quran. This is why Complete and fully detailed Quran is empty of all kinds of rituals such as daily Five Zoroastrian Namaz Rituals, funeral rituals and Eid rituals etc are all fabrications forged during Pro-Zoroastrian Abbasid Period 750-1258 A.D. Rituals and other modes of worship are of Hindus and Majoosi Zoroastrians. To please Allah, serve his creation [Quran 2:177]. Verse 2:177 blasts rituals when it says Laisa Birra. IT IS NEVER A GOOD DEED THAT YOU TURN YOUR FACE TO EAST OR WEST but Good deed is to help poor needy disabled.

Quran says, that Salaat was established by all Prophets. But you know and we know that Five Daily Namaz were received thru forged hadith of Miraaj. But all previous Prophets who also established Salaat passed away thousands years before our last beloved Prophet Mohammad The Exalted. In Quranic verse 2:83 and 5:12 Bani-Israel were ordained to establish-Salaat. In 14:37 and 14:40 Prophet Ibrahim talked for the establishment of Salaat. In 19:31 Prophet Isa/Jesus talked about Salaat, and Harun & Moses established Salaat. This all confirms that Salaat of Quran is NEVER EVER Five Namaz rituals that we received through forgery of hadith of Miraaj. This is the reason Complete Quran does not tell you units of any rituals because Salaat is not Five rituals at all. We will discuss below, why and how Hadith of Miraaj was forged? So far, we have given you irrefutable proof that Salaat of Quran has no any relation with Five Namaz Rituals, as Salaat existed even thousands years before the incidence of Miraaj, and Stars & birds also establish Salaat; but Five Naamz rituals were made-up through forgery of hadith of Miraaj.Quran31_17AndSalatSphereQuran tells that Allah is closer to person than his neck-vein and wherever you turn your face, is presence of Allah. That clearly shows that Allah is Omniscient and Omnipresent. Take, as concept/parable of a Sphere that has no circumferential limits. In sphere are 360 degrees. So Sphere is direction-less. Therefore; if you want to prostrate him by placing forehead on ground, which direction will you take? Your physical prostration cannot be confined to a certain degree of circular Sphere because sphere is directionless. Allah is everywhere and his throne is extended to all spaces (Ayt-ul-Kursi). You have rationality and logic to place your forehead at ground to a specific direction, only and only, if Allah Jalla Aala lives in a confined place such as any Five Star Villa in heavens (AstaghFirAllah). But Quran tells, Allah is Omnipresent, HU is everywhere and anywhere. Try to digest this point if you can. If you digest it; you might realize the truth.

Noble Quran neither contains Five Zoroastrian Namaz Rituals nor it tells to perform five rituals by taking direction of Qibla. Mullahs and sectarian translators twist meanings of relevant verses by placing their own comments in brackets inside translations. Relevant verse says: to take Qibla as Center of Islam. An Head Quarter, Focal point/UNO for whole world. Truth is, that verse 2:177 makes as clear as Sun in the Sky that to perform Rituals by taking directions of East and West is useless, but fruitful good deed is Philanthropy after having right faith , 2177, 4:136.  About word Sajada, someone has discussed it in depth at:

Another great page that every Muslim; and non-Muslim Theologians must reading before the study of Noble Quran. It is Symbolism and Allegory in Glorious Quran – A must info for Beginner-Reader of Quran

In above-mentioned parable, Sphere itself is directionless, but it covers all directions. There is no any direction which is not covered by it. One of the greatest learned mystics, explained this reality as under:MMB_No_Dwelling

We can read following verses that reconfirm again the point being discussed.

Quran 2:115 “To Allah belong the east and the West: Whither-soever ye turn, there is the presence of Allah. For Allah is all-Pervading, all-Knowing.”

Quran 6:103 “No human vision can encompass Him, whereas He encompasses all human vision: for He alone is unfathomable, all-aware.”

Quran 42:11 “…… there is nothing like unto Him, and He alone is all-hearing, all-seeing”

Quran 24:35 GOD is the Light of the heavens and the earth, Parable of his light is…..(please read full verse).

Quran 2:255 … HU is encompassing every thing and …His thrown is extended to all spaces (please read full verse)

Quran 67:13 “GOD knows about your all secrets…”

Quran 50:16 “NOW, VERILY, it is We who have created man, and We know what his innermost self whispers within him: for We are closer to him than his neck-vein

Quran 56:83-84-85 We are closer to person than you, but you see us not

Quran 58:7 God is present in every meeting when one or more than one person are confabulating…..

This our ongoing rational discussion fully debunks non-Quranic Rituals; and 2:177 confirms it again.
Fareed said: When I reached to a position (spiritual), I saw down and saw fire(noor) in every home; HU was everywhere. Kabir says: musk is in Deer but Deer does not see it and wanders for grass, Bullah Shah says: Do not try to catch things flying in sky but catch him who is sitting right in your own home. Rumi says: Never think, you are alone because whole universe is within you, this is why Darwaish of Rumi encircle around their own body, and light is one but are many lamps. Same point when Mansoor Hallaaj told, he was cut into pieces, hanged and then burned into ashes by Government Clergy. Isa son of Mary said: Kingdom of GOD is within You, History tells, Prophet Mohammad said, paradise and hell is closer to you than the laces of your shoes. Three wise Men of GOD in same time era ~2500 B.C, Confucius, Siddhartha Buddha and Socrates said almost same. People who say: Buddha, Socrates and Confucius did not believe in God, are idiotic ignorant. We have studied them in depth, and there is no any doubt that they were men of God addressing GOD by TRUTH (Al-Haque), One Reality, and Tao. Their followers corrupted their teachings like Christians corrupted teachings of Son of Mary, burned Original Aramaic/Syriac Gospel, and invented Mark Mathew Luke and John. GodisOmnipresent


However we want to make one thing very clear especially to our Hindu readers, that Pitcher full of Ocean-water is floating in Ocean. Pitcher is full of water and is surrounded by water; yet Pitcher is not Ocean and Ocean is not Pitcher. Therefore; never say, Man is God, but Man is Creation of GOD. ONE GOD Omnipresent Omniscient is Creator and Sustainer of all Creations. In Masjid, in Ijtama of Salat, study Quran, teach Quran, lecture Quran, bow to (yasjodo) laws and Commands of Almighty, adore him (Yasjodo), and solve all community problems in the light of Quranic laws. Take care of poor, your seniors, parents, needy, disabled, unemployed, who is under crushing debt, who needs assistance, find out your poor relatives and help them and that all actions are defined as GOOD DEED in 2:177. In this way, make your State like a welfare Islamic State that existed before 722 A.D. In fact, thank your Lord in your each breath in all awaken conditions, not necessarily by tongue but by mind, be mindful of him. By tons of different brands of Non-Quranic rituals of countless sects, we are failed to make our society a welfare Society. We are split into countless sects. We are praying many brands of Non-Quranic rituals, yet always fighting each other all over the Globe, despite Quran says, who makes sects is out of Islam 6:159 and for sect followers, hell is waiting 3:103-105. Allah named all True believers from Adam to Mohammad only Muslim and just Muslim 22:78. No any sect. Callout_3ColorunitsoffivenamazWe ask but only a reader who has healthy brain and who is not blindly-following fanatic; In following Picture, if clay-made (18:110) Pitcher wants to reach to Ocean, will that Pitcher need a flying donkey Boraaq to reach to Ocean? No. Because Ocean is nearer to Pitcher than its Neck-vein. If that Pitcher survives death on Cross 4:157, and ~ 90 years later, he want to reach to Ocean by natural death (5:116-117); will he need any stealth Jet fighter to reach to Ocean, and want to sit at the right hand of Ocean (As Church tells us and depicts that GOD has right-hand like we humans)? No. “Nothing is like him 42:11”. Clergy has fabricated countless fables, and we humans follow that fables from centuries but why? Because, by nature, we humans are sheeple. Because water flows to easy path. To follow others blindly is much easier way than to do own investigation about any disputed matter as it needs tons of labor, inquiry, investigation, and research. We humans can spend hours and days on video games on smartphones but we have no time for that kind of research and inquiry.PitcherInOceanWill Impostor Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani jump back into his already broken pitcher, as a fake Mahdi and Masih Ma’uood? No. Never. Quran tells, Pitcher-Dwellers never return to their pitchers once their pitchers are broken until the day of resurrection. O Friend: Before death and after death, you are with GOD. Before death, you exist before invisible immaterial barrier (Barzakh) but after death, you cross the barrier and live on other side of barrier. On one side of barrier is our temporarily transient Material world, a lab to test how we behave. That Material world is only the world of brain-bent Atheists. On the other side of barrier is immortal Spiritual Realm which is your actual home from where you were sent to earth via womb of your mother. Do not think about test-tube. In that case, Test tube is also another kind of womb. Basic process is same. To cross that barrier, one does not need any flying donkey Boraaq or a train or horse or flying jet. It is just like your home-light toggle switch. Either it is off (when on earth) or it is ON (when across the barrier). When switch is in on position, you will be able to see even those things that were hidden in darkness.TrinityDualityTouheed3When living on earth, you can have glimpse of after Barrier immortal world of Spiritual Realm, provided, you die before death. “To die before death” is another big subject. You can know it by your own research or You can have some classes with Rumi, Bullah Shah, Kabir, Baba Farid, Mian Mohammad Bakhsh but take care; follow only best part 39:18 and best part is that part, which passes through filters of Noble Quran. An example: When Ghazali talks sense, we accept it but when Ghazali says: 2nd Caliph Omar Khattaab used to break his fast by having sex with two slave girls, we throw it in garbage basket, as it is an evident lie based on Arab and Persian races tussle. Ghazali a Persian and Omar an Arab. Just like we reject the lie of Persian Parsi Bukhari when he says: Prophet (68:4) married a six years girl when he was 53 years, as It contradicts 68:4 and laws of Quran, and has been proved that all 11 narrators of that report were Shia, nine from Koofa and two from Basra Iraq. Shia sect abuses Abu Bakar, Omar, Uthman and Aisha RA. Read our special page on this subject. Another example; Ibn Arabi has written great books but when he validates Hindu’s Idol-Worship; we throw that his crap on his face. As translators of Quran, we rate high Allama Mohammad Asad, yet he has some oversight in his work. We rate high translation of Dr Shabbir Ahmed M.D. and Allama Ghulam Ahmed Perwaiz but even that both men has grossly exaggerated in topics of miracles, Jinn, Angels and destiny. We all humans are fallible and we make mistakes. We also advise you; never accept what we write unless it satisfies your reason and common sense, and passes successfully through filters, set by last Book of Allah “Glorious Quran”. We blast blind following and we talk with reason, logic and rationality, as Book of Allah commands us to do so.

We all know that When someone is extra-ordinary angry, probability for abuse becomes higher. In same way, after finding a treasure suddenly, a mystic becomes extra-ordinary joyful (whole Ocean in a cup), he could also speak some rare silly things, and that what happens with most of mystics. In this situation, a Wise, need Al-Furqan that separates Baatil from Haqq,


Read verse 41:37 carefully. In this verse after Sajada to Allah, word “Ta’bo’doon” is also used at end. It is beauty of Noble Quran that it explains itself. In this verse, word “Ta’bo’doom” confirms the meaning of “Sajada to Allah” which is Ibada>Ibadat>Ma’bood>Ya’bo’doon>Ta’bo’doon>Abad>Abeed=Slave. And a Slave OBEYS ORDERS of his Lord. Therefore verse 41:37 is:

Quran 41:37 “And of His signs are the night and day and the sun and moon. Do not adore/bow to the sun or to the moon, but obey (Ta’bo’doon) Allah , who created them, if it should be Him that you obey (Ta’bo’doon).” — To obey Allah and Rasool means to obey and follow Divine Laws given in BOOK of Allah 10:15, 6;114, 39:23, 69:40, 47:2, 28:56, 3:80, 3:20.

Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D translated verse 41:37 as:

“(Divine Laws help you journey through life in great balance as you see in the Nature). Now among His Signs are the night and the day as well as the sun and the moon. Adore neither the sun nor the moon, but adore Allah Who created them, if it is Him you wish to serve.”

Allama Ghulam Perwaiz translated verse 41:37 as under:

“(Quran 41:37) If you want to understand the way life is blessed and balanced by obeying the divine laws, just take a look at the cosmic bodies. Ponder how night and day appear one after the other according to an unalterable law; and how the sun and the moon revolve according to a fixed law. (You will observe that there is no disorder in the universal system. This is the result of obeying the divine law.)

This example also makes it clear that the moon and the sun do not have any intrinsic power. There is no basis for human beings to start considering them to be deities and start bowing to them. (This will simply be superstition.) Both the sun and the moon have been created by the Almighty and they obey only His laws. You also should obey only God’s laws. (Adore/Bow to his laws 55:6, 84:21, 3:113, 7:206, 13:15, 16:49, 22:18, 27:25)

BiggestTextPicAvestaWordSalatIf some sincere and mature readers want to study in depth anatomy of Quranic word Salat/Sol-lat; then please visit following link:


ImportantPointFQuran20_14PlusNoteFMajority of Muslims and non-Muslims are not aware of some following historical facts; that during 750-1258 A.D for 508 years; in fact Islamic empires was hijacked by Persian Zoroastrians. Almost all innovations in Islam were blended during that 508 years. Never forget that 508 years is not a short period. Also know the fact; that practically, Abbasid Caliph were more Zoroastrians than they were Muslims, because their tutors, their almost all ministers, their many wives and even mothers were Zoroastrians. So by DNA, they were also Zoroastrians. For example, mother of one of the most powerful Abbasid Caliph Harun Rashid Queen Khaizran was a Zoroastrian. She is the woman who blended Five Zoroastrian Namaz rituals in Islam. During that five centuries, Zoroastrians tried to their best to break each bone of Islam, ideologically. They manged to fabricate countless blasphemous exegesis, contexts and Shan-e-Nazools of Quran, and millions of fake hadith with fake Matans and fake chains of narrations to insult Allah, Prophet and Quran. The hadith Books which we have read fully, nakedly insult Prophet and attack Quran. Not less than 99% Hadithers never read all hadiths in their whole life but if you tell such an ignorant fanatic, that hadiths are lies; he will be ready even to shoot you. So they defend the books that they never study fully in their whole life



How we passed our one day? An Example

We slept around 10 P.M. and got up at about 6.00 AM (8 hour Sleep was Enough).

We took bath and then recited and understood a part of Noble Quran. After that we sat at silent corner in house or some time in nearby Masjid in any direction as Allah Omniscient is Omnipresent and is everywhere. Prisons of directions do not apply to his Majesty. Glorified Allah with his beautiful names, Thanked Allah in all conditions, made genuine requests to Allah even for small things for success and blessing.

Then we took Kids to schools (2:177). Then we went to duty. Worked honestly and kept good relations with colleagues. We (not mere Five Times) remained mindful about Allah in all awaken conditions regardless if we are lying down, walking, or working. Not necessarily by tongue always but by mind. Came back from duty and bought some items from grocery store that family was in need of. Bought a Good Quality of Scent bottle for wife. Always started meal with Bismilla (with the name of Allah) and after meal, always made Dua: O My Lord: I thank thee. You have granted me this Rizk (provision). Promised an appointment with a friend at fixed time, Fulfilled that Promise. A friend of mine started to speak against one person who was not present there. So we reminded our Friend politely: Book of Allah forbids about such gossip. A Christian who lives near to our house met an accident and was in hospital. Went to see him in hospital with fruits and pack of flowers. Our two friends had mutual conflict and due that conflict, they stopped to meet each other. We manged a small party at home and invited both friend and made reconciliation between both. Online, paid some Charity for earthquake victims.

Our Hindu Neighbor is very old. She knocked at door and requested help while we were taking dinner. She wanted to unload a bag of clay from car for her garden. We left dinner and unloaded that bag for her with full smile (2:177). Received call from a Poor relative. He was badly in need of some money. We helped him. Helped a disabled person on roadside. Went to parent home at night and served old parents with fruits and massage. It is now time for sleep again. Before sleep, sat at silent corner of house and thanked Allah for all grants HU has bestowed upon us. Glorified him and then went to sleeping bed. That was a typical day. Not every day is same. All praise is due to Hayi.

To Sum up: GOOD DEED is to please Allah by serving his Creation (Quran 2:177). DeenANDReligionsalatmicroscopicapproachcohttps://www.linkedin.com/pulse/salaah-%D8%B5%D9%84%D8%A7%DB%83-contact-prayer-namaz-dr-kashif-khan

Quran7_179Zoroastrians also tried to change Quranic text but failed because there were thousands Hafiz of Quran and such kind of their evil move could be exposed by even just one Hafiz. Hafiz is a Muslim who memorize whole Quran. When they failed to change Quranic text; then they followed another strategy to revenge Muslims as they were Muslims who finished their Millennia Zoroastrian Sassanian empire. They invented abrogation theory & they planned to forge millions of fake hadiths with fake matans and fake chains of narrations 250-400 years after the death of last Prophet in order to disable Quranic verses/laws. Their manufactured hadiths were never written under supervision of Prophet, as was written down Quran. In their hadith books, Persian imams has nakedly insulted Prophet, Prophets, Allah & have badly attacked Quran. Allah says, he is protector of his BOOK 15:9 but Persian Hadith Imams bark, that verses of Rajam and Suckling has been eaten by hungry goat of Aisha RA (Ibne Maja). But our Evil idiotic Mullahs and Imams and their shameless Sectarian pets do not follow what Allah says in 15:9 but they follow Persian Zoroastrian liar Hadith Imams. Allah says, Prophet used to have the best conduct but that Satanic Hadith Books depicts Prophet as the worst person on planet. Mushrik Hadithers follow their books even with out reading them fully but we have read each line of that Books of Satan. As Per verse 5:44 of Quran, all Hadith-followers are Kaafirs.ProphetsDivineRobotsBesides, it were not Arabs but Persian Zoroastrians who first time made dictionary to translate Arabic Quranic terms into Persian. During that translation, they changed meaning of thousands of Quranic Terms during Abbasid Period 750-1258 A.D. Later Persian terms were translated into Urdu and other languages. So from 1200 years, all curricula being taught in Islamic universities is based on Persian’s translated terms. This is why, our even Ph.D. Mullahs are gone astray because they follow in curricula, fake translations of terms of Quran injected by Persian Zoroastrians, such as Salaat, Zakat, Sajada, Masjid, Ibada etc. From 1200 years, another big ignorant in Quran are Arabs too. They always depended upon Persian’s forged translation of terms. Even today Saudi Arabia follow translation of Quran which is from two big ignorant Ph.D doctors of Pakistani origin Halali Khan and Mohson Khan. When our team compared all translations of Quran that exist presently; Translation of Halali khan and Moshsan Khan was rated as the worst and the most twisted. Their translation will totally misguide you. One of the best (comparatively) is of Allama Dr. Mohammad Asad Ph.D. “the message of Quran”. Translation by Moudoodi has also many twists.Callout_3ColorMiraajAndNamaz2

callout5_6Washing is mentioned in Quran 5:6 and also in 4:43. In both verses, word Washing is used, and word Wudu/ablution is not used.

It is commonsense that when people gather in a meeting especially in Masjid, they are supposed not to be stinky, smelly, and dirty. Every one should be clean, This is why: Quran ordains cleanliness before such kind of Sacred Meetings in which Name of GOD is adored and problems of Muslims are discussed and their solutions are proposed as per Divine Law. That, in no way makes meaning of Salat, a Ritual because if Salat was Ritual, then Allah could have told us all detail of Rituals, different methods and units of Shia and Sunni rituals and their badly mutually conflicting Azan/call of prayers that Quran never contains. This again and again proves that Salat is not Ritual. They were hadith-monger Zoroastrian Pseudo Imams who converted DEEN Islam into Religion by forging hadith of Miraaj (night Journey) in which they placed Great Man (68:4) Prophet Mohammad flying on a fictitious funny phony flying horse labeled as Boraaq in order to make meeting with GOD to get Five Namaz Rituals – A total 100% blatant forged tale; because in order to convert DEEN Islam into religion; that pseudo imams were badly in need of any brand of rituals. Clergy-made religions introduce countless brands of non-scriptural rituals but DEEN Islam tells in Quran 2:177 VERY CLEARLY: O Man: Rituals are never a good deed but good deed is Philanthropy. Please GOD by serving his creation. Allah is closer to person than his neck-vein (Quran 50:16); then why Prophet Mohammad was in need of to fly on that ridiculous flying horse Boraaq in order to meet GOD in any remote part of universe? Does God live in any villa? Can brain-dead ritualistic Hadithers tell us postal code of that villa so we can fly to that villa too by utilizing Google Map? Simply: their brains do not work. They are brain-dead hypnotized beasts. They do not use their reason 8:22, 7:179,

If person does not find water for washing; then DIVINE Book could ordain:

1- Skip Washing
2- Do Tayammam with dust or sand.

If Allah had opened the door skipping, then many people could have used that back door wrongfully. This is why: Quran ordains Tayammam. So no one will skip cleansing with water. For the sake of argument, If in your room, there is sand and also water. Which one, will you prefer? Of Course, you will prefer water. Tayammam is also ceremonial to prepare person, mentally that he has fulfilled duty assigned by Lord. in order to cross a main road, if you make a tunnel underneath the road for pedestrians, and also make a bridge over road with same dimensions (height/depth of Tunnel); you will see; all people will take tunnel and no one will use bridge despite both use same distance and energy of person, In tunnel, you have to go upstairs at the end, and on bridge you have to go upstairs at the beginning. That is human Psychology.

Quran 4:43 In order to establish the Quranic order, congregational meetings of salat are necessary. O Jamat-ul-Momineen! Do not come to such an assembly: With a befogged mind when you do not understand what you say Until you have washed yourselves if you have had sexual intercourse, except when you do not participate in the meeting but simply pass by it. If you cannot wash yourself due to sickness when water is harmful to you When you are on a journey; or you have returned from the call of nature and water is not available or you have touched a woman; In these cases, you can cleanse yourselves by using soil and wiping your hands and face. Such a relaxation is given by Allah Who is lenient and protective.

Quran 5:6 O Jamat-ul-Momineen, at the time of salat, wash your faces and your hands and arms up to the elbows and pass your (wet) hands lightly over your head and on feet up to the ankles. If you have cohabited with your wives, then take a full bath. If you cannot wash yourself due to sickness when water is harmful to you or when you are on a journey or have returned from the call of nature or have touched a woman, and water is not available, you can cleanse yourselves by using soil and wiping your hands and face (4:43). calloutmiraajforgerymiraajnamazhoax

Five Zoroastrian Namaz Prayers were blended in Islam through forgery of Hadith of Miraaj (Night Journey):

We know, now a fanatic reader will be thinking, that how this bloody kaafir is denying Miraaj that is also in Quran. No. The Miraaj of Bukhari is not in Quran. Sura Asra and Najam point to journey of Prophet from Mecca to Madina. All historian know, that Masjid Aqsa was built by Omayyad Caliphs many years after the death of Prophet. Then why Masjad Aqsa is mentioned in Sura Asra even before the Mosque of Aqsa was built? Because Aqsa in Sura Asra is not Noun but adjective, *and meaning of Aqsa in Arabic is “Remote”. Masjad Aqsa mean remote-mosque and that remotest mosque from Mecca at that time was no where but in Madina. Mosque were already in Madina before the Hijra of our beloved Prophet. So, no where is any description of Boraq [riding donkey that has head of a pretty woman] and other fake story of Miraaj in sura Najam or Sura Asra but Criminals twist meanings of verses & add their own words in brackets in verses in order to reconcile it with forged story of MiraaJ. Following picture shows you fictitious Boraq (flying Donkey). And Mosque shown under this donkey never existed in life of Prophet but was built by Omayyad Caliphs.FiveRitualsPersiansFraudDoes Quran tell us story of flying donkey Boraq?

In order to export/infuse/blend/validate Five daily Persian Zoroastrian Namaz/Gah/Bandagi prayers/rituals into Islam, a staunch ally of Persian Zoroastrians, mother of Caliph Harun Rashid Abbasi “Khaizran” [Al-Khayzuran] ordered Zoroastrians hadith Imams to fabricate story of “Miraaj” [Night Journey] that was parallel to a Zoroastrian’s story which is found in an old Zoroastrian Pahlavi book known as “The Book of Arda Viraf”. The Zoroastrian story describes the journey of a saintly priest (Arda Viraf), who went into a trance and his spirit went up to the heavens under the guidance of an angel named Sarosh. He passed from one utopia (7 heavens) to another until he reached the presence of Ormazd, the great deity of the whole universe. When Arda saw everything in heaven and that the inhabitants were very happy, Ormazd commanded him to return to earth as his ‘messenger’ and to tell the people all that he saw and heard. Historian say that mother of Caliph Harun Rashid “Al-Khayzuran” or Khaizran was a Yamni slave girl but name Al- Khayzuran is a Persian. She was not just strong ally of Zoroastrians Bramka but in fact was also a Parsi. During manufacture of Miraaj hadith, also Persian Parsi [Parsi = Zoroastrian] Hadith Imams borrowed the concept from another Zoroastrian work the ‘Zerdashtnama’, which has a story of how Zoroaster himself ascended into the heavens and obtained permission to visit hell, where he found Ahriman, the Devil. http://www.avesta.org/mp/viraf.htmlDeenAndReligionPicA bitter race between fanatic Christians & fanatic Mullahs started after Noble Quran landed. If you read oldest manuscripts of Bibles of 4th century, we do not find any trace of ascension & later return fiction of Jesus [irrefutable full proof is given in middle of a great page at: http://is.gd/eM7fvB]. When Quran landed; Islam started to spread very fast; So Christian fanatics added fiction of ascension of Jesus to heaven in Gospel of Mark to show new converts that Christianity is superior to Islam. Mathew Luke & John later copied this fiction from Gospel of Mark. Now it was turn of freak Mullahs to counter Christians; So they fabricated hadith of Miraaj under patronage of Zoroastrian Mother of Caliph Haroon Rasheed Abbasi.QuranexplainsItself2One of the greatest scholars of Bibles Dr. Constantine Von Tischendorf, who after having personally examined the original hand written copies of the oldest available Four Gospels have quoted:

“that the texts for the physical ascension of Jesus to heaven or Jesus being carried by the angels to heaven, are lacking in these ancient documents. The texts that are found within the published copies of the circulating gospels on the subject of the physical ascension of Jesus have been added centuries later”MiraajForgeryNoteLAqsaMosquebuiltYear(7) -Nicolle, David (1994). Yarmuk AD 636: The Muslim Conquest of Syria. Osprey Publishing.

(8) -Rizwi Faizer (1998). “The Shape of the Holy: Early Islamic Jerusalem”. Rizwi’s Bibliography for Medieval Islam. Archived from the original on 2002-02-10.Templedestruction70AD“The Romans Destroy the Temple at Jerusalem, 70 AD,” Eyewitness to History. Josephus’ account appears in: Cornfield, Gaalya ed., Josephus, The Jewish War (1982); Duruy, Victor, History of Rome vol. V (1883).AnAuthenticLieBukhariFBesides, there is another very important point, which is, that Abu Hurairah who is talking in above-given forged hadith died in 681 C.E but Mosque Aqsa in Jerusalem was completed in 692 C.E. That mean, Abu Huraira died 11 years before that completion of Aqsa mosque. This shows; Persians forged above-given hadith and connected to the name of Abu Huraira. So all hadiths narrated by Abu Huraira becomes totally suspicious; and in fact are mere fabricated lies.Important_Callout2ProfessionalForgersAfter reading our the most read page “True History of Hadiths”; one Persian sent us following message. We are posting this message with out any edit. Please note, that what this person is telling in message, same was in hearts of that six Zoroastrian Hadith Imams 1100 years ago who forged millions of hadith to defame prophet, to attack Quran, to create sects and to misguide Muslims. Forged Matans and forged chains of narrations. They forged false compilation stories to discredit Quran. Following message from one Persian shows his pain even after 1400 years since the destruction of Persian millennia empire in the hands of Muslims., Just imagine the degree of their pain 1100 years ago when they blended Five Zoroastrian Rituals in Islam and forged millions of lies with fake chains of narrations and fake Matans. Later, they labeled that lies as Hadiths, and connected to the name of Last Prophet of GOD Mohammad the exalted. We assure all our beloved Muslim sisters and brothers with full confidence that 1400 years ago, Persians became pseudo Muslims after their defeat; as there was no other option. Even today, after 1400 years, still Persians are pseudo Muslims. One of the major causes of all sectarian split and Fasaad in Muslim Umma is Persian Rulers. There is only one way to unite all Muslim Umma again; if Turkey and Pakistan (Twin brothers – Militarily the strongest among all Muslim countries) take Persia 50/50. They both can accomplish this most beneficial task for Muslim Umma within a year. Otherwise, that sectarian split and Fasaad will remain forever. All sects must be banned, Quran blasts all sects over four times. Allah has named us only Muslims in 22:78 with out any sect.NonSenseOFmainStreamRShiaAndSunniRitualsCarRacingChurchVsMullahsFQuran17_1_3Plusnote

Grand Mufti Egypt Shaykh Mohammad Abduh (1849 to 1906)

“The celebrated scholar of Islam, Mohammad Sheikh Abduh of Egypt maintains that the stories of a living Jesus in the heavens and his second coming were inserted into our Ahadith centuries ago by Christian scholars so that Christianity may seem to be superior to Islam”. This is the truth that Shaykh has told but our foolish Mullahs escapes from this truth just by cursing impostor Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani.

Because the duty to fabricate Hadith of Mairaj was given to Bukhari & other Persian hadith imams [all disguised Zoroastrians]; so they hunt two birds with one arrow. Countered the Christian’s fiction of ascension of Jesus to heaven [if your Eisa/Jesus is gone up, then our Prophet is also gone up too by Miraaj]. Secondly, they added 5 Persian [Fire-shippers] Five Namaz prayers also in Miraj Hadith in order to export these Five daily Irani rituals [Not in Quran] in Islam around 770AD. Parsi mother of Caliph Harun Rasheed “Khaizran” ws patron of this project. Reader should note, that the word Salaat already was appeared in Quran 25 time before the fictitious incidence of Miraaj. So If salaat mean Five Namaz Payers after Miraaj then what was meaning of Salaat that appeared 25 times in Quran before the incidence of Miraaj.WindowSpiritualFollowing is excerpt from Book: The Fifth Gospel: New Evidence from the Tibetan, Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian and Urdu Sources About the Historical Life of Jesus Christ After the Crucifixion, by Professor Dr. Fida Hassnain, and Dahan Levi, in book page 177-179, and in adobe reader toolbar 206-208. 2016-07-02_232450Islamic Prophet Isa/Jesus “Jesus paused a while in many a hamlet, town and cities in Persia. He preached and healed among the common people who followed him in throngs. He also attended a feast in Persepolis. He spoke to the Priests in these words:

There is Silence where soul meet its God and there the fount of wisdom is and all who enter are immersed in Light and filled with wisdom love and power. The Silence is not circumscribed; Is not a place closed in with wall, or a rocky steeps, nor guarded by the swords of men!. Men carry with them all the time the secret place, where they may meet their God. It matters not where men abide, on mountain top, in deepest vale or in a quite home; They may at once, at any time, flung wide the door, and find the Silence, find the house of God: It is within the soul.

During his short Sojourin in Persia, Jesus sat in silence in the prayer hall of the Magi Priests (mean Zoroastrian Priests) for seven days. Then he spoke on the origin of evil and good.
He told them not to worship the Sun, for it was but a part of the cosmos, which God has created for humanity. It is to God and to God alone, that we owe all that we possess in this world. On hearing him, the priests asked as to how could a people live according to the rules of justice if it had no preceptor? Jesus replied that so long as the people had no priests, the natural law governed them, and they preserved the candour of their souls. He further explained that when their souls were with God, they could commune with the Father, without the medium of any idol or animal or the sun or the fire. He said:

You contend, that one must worship the Sun, The spirit of good and of evil: Well: I say unto You; Your doctrine is a false one: The Sun acting not spontaneously but according to the will of The Invisible Creator, who gave it birth. That is animate. You commit a great sin in-dividing it, into a spirit of evil and a spirit of god: For there is no God outside the Good. Who, Like unto the father of a family, Does but good to his children, forgiving their all faults: If they repent.Wherefore I say unto you, Beware of the day of judgment, For God will inflict a terrible chastisement, Upon all those, who shall have led His Children astray, from the right path.” —  Our Note: Divine Temple is within You. You carry it with you everywhere anywhere you go. So; how will you Physically bend and physically Prostrate to that Temple! Which direction will you take in this case for Five Zoro Rituals! Have you seen whirling darwishes of Rumi? Have you ever thought, why they whirl around Y-Axis of their own body!. If still you have not understood the point, then read above-given para repeatedly until you understand the point. This is why Noble Quran ordains you Salat but not directional rituals. jesuslifedecription

Isa/Jesus was one Prophet of Islam, as all Prophets preached only Islam (Quran 22:78, 42:13, 3:19, 3:85, 3:67, 3:52).  In same Book Reference that is mentioned above, at Book Page 184, in adobe toolbar page 213: we read: “One day, in silent meditation, Jesus set besides a spring among the poor people. He saw the hard drawn lines of toil on every brow and his heat was stirred with pity for these poor toilers. And he said:

Cease to seek for heaven in The Sky; (same was said by Buddha, Bullah Shah and Rumi, Kabir, Fareed, Nanak) Just open up the windows of your hearts, And like a flood of light, H heaven will come, And being a boundless joy; Then toil will be no cruel task. Jesus continued his sermon as follow: Even as father would act. Toward his Children, After their deaths: According to the laws of his mercy. Never would he so humiliate his child, As to transmigrate his soul, As in a purgatory, Into the body of an animal.” (here Jesus rejecting those who say that a bad man after death will take rebirth as a dog or snake etc). NoteAboutSalatFOneLight

Forged Hadith of Miraaj is ONE OF THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS Persian conspiracy tht converted DEEN of Islam into “religion of Mullahs”.

DEEN=Do betterment of people
Religion of Mullah= just be busy in rituals day night [not in Quran]
First proof of forgery of Hadith of Miraaj is, tht Al-Qudas Mosque never existed in time of Prophet. It was built much later.
ONE PRINCIPLE all wise people must stick with is tht no any Human+Human Prophet can visit paradise/Hell unless he dies first & his soul returns.

DEEN of ISLAM = core message is to help each other, do the betterment of people. verse 2:177 blasts rituals, when it say “it is not good deed tht u turn ur face to East or west”

Religion of Mullah = Keep people busy in Five Namaz [Irani] prayers always + they have designed many other rituals too.

Quranic dictionary

Deen = The System of Life = The Divinely Prescribed way of Life.

Please note that Islam is not a religion [Madhab] but is sole DEEN (Divine system Islam). All religions are not Divine but are man-made by Clergy. DEEN emphasizes on betterment of People [As is in Europe and North America, This is why they are at top] but religions just keep you busy in man-made rituals. What Quran commands, actually most of that is being implemented by those nations who are not Muslims just like America and Europe & Reader can see there Barka – peace & prosperity. i.e Canada & most of Europe [un-intentionally] implement commands of verse 2:177 of Noble Quran but no any Muslim country does. We are Muslims but we do not follow what Quran ordains us to follow and as a result of this hypocrisy no any Barka [peace and prosperity] in by-name Muslim countries. One of our friends once told us that in USA & Canada, if you buy an item from Market but after a few days if you are not satisfied from the item, you can return it with full refund. They accept return with smile. In our so called Muslim countries, if you return such as item, shop keeper will throw the item on your face. We have witnessed such an incidence with our own eyes once in a Market of so called a Muslim Country. If North America and Europe recite Shahada today, they will be considered more practical Muslims than the so called Muslims of any other so called Muslim country. In year 2014, a research by a group of universities was aired by B.B.C. That research show a list of countries; which are nearest, in following, ethical and moral codes of Quran (intentionally or unintentionally). Reader will be flabbergasted that Number-One in that list was Ireland, then Denmark and then many other countries where, both, peace and prosperity exist at same time. Saudi Arabia was on Number-92. Here Reader can check, up to what degree, we Muslim countries are hypocrites; Muslims just in passport but actions are worse than Yahood and Hanood.   

Salaat = To follow closely, like a runners-up (Musalli) follows the winning horse (Saabiq) = To follow Divine Commands closely.

Aqimussallat = Establish the System that facilitates the following of Divine Commands

Ibadah = Obeying God by serving His creation

Amal Saaleh = An act of social welfare = Helping others = Increasing the societal potential = Fulfilling needs = ‘Good work’.

So to say that during miraaj 50 prayers were given first then prophet went back & forth to Allah Subhano HU many times again and again until 50 were reduced to 5 prayers, is a shear falsehood and a fabrication which is attributed to our beloved Prophet & it was launched by enemy of Islam & story tellers that was later added in Hadith books by irresponsible Persian Mullahs. Target of Persian Parsi Mullah was to keep busy in rituals that are not ordained in Quran; so that their attention can be drawn away from two main pillar of Islam “Akimu Salaat, and Zakat, that mean “Sallat: To establish system in society as per laws of Quran” and “Zakat: to establish just economic order”; so that every one should live in prosperity and live a life of a righteous person. Will you not wonder that there is not even one Muslim country where where these two main pillars are active. Do not tells us that it is Saudia. No; it is not system of Quran; it is monarchy. We spent centuries and still spending the time in rituals that were not ordained in Quran. So what is result? Result is, that we are under subjugation of others and we are being humiliated every where.

Quran 29:45: Recite what is sent of the Book by inspiration to thee, and establish the Divine system as per Divine laws: for following Divine laws restrains from shameful and unjust deeds; and remembrance of Allah is the greatest (thing in life) without doubt. And Allah knows the (deeds) that ye doIslamisDeenNotReligionSome very important points that vast majority of Muslims do not understand from centuries (due to blindly following the Mullah-Mafia) but are clear in Glorious Quran

1- Islam is NOT A RELIGION but Islam is DEEN. DEEN mean “Divine System”. Click on following links & read.

Is Islam a DEEN or a religion?

2- All religions are man-made such as Hinduism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, & Pauline Christianity ++++…. Quran tells us repeatedly that One Allah has only ONE DEEN and that is Islam. Quran tells us that all Prophets were Prophets of Islam & all past actual-unforged scriptures were scriptures of Islam that are now superseded by preserved final edition of all scriptures Noble Quran. This is why, Quran ordains a Muslim to believe in all its predecessor actual un-forged scriptures & all predecessors Prophets of Last Prophet SyedeNa Muhammad [peace be upon all of them]. Quran clearly says “Ibrahim was neither a Jew nor Christian but was a pious Muslim & this verse makes 100% clear that Judaism and Christianity are not DEEN of Allah but were manufactured by priests. Quran also tells us VERY CLEARLY that all the true followers of all Prophets were Muslims & they used to call themselves only Muslims. http://goo.gl/McCG1. For example, True followers of of Eisa PBUH used to call themselves Muslims Hawariyoon. Hawariyoon is plural of Haar which mean “White Grabbed one” that mean who wears always white clothes. In addition to Noble Quran, history also confirms these facts. It was not Eisa Son of Mary [pbuh] but was Paul who invented the RELIGION/CULT called ‘Christainity” which is in fact true-copy of a pagan’s cult known as “Mithraism. Searh in Google: “Christianity and Mithraism” and read it please. Nasaraa of Quran are not Pauline Christians though they were also derailed people. http://goo.gl/aaoig

3- All Religions emphasize on man-made rituals that we find neither in Noble Quran nor in any past un-forged scripture. Allah is not in need of your rituals. The word Ya’bodoon is derived from Ibada–Abid mean to obey/follow, and not Rituals. Allah says, even planets & trees make Sajda to him but how a round planet & tree will put his forehead on ground to make Sajda or Raku? If Quran is understood from A to Z, its becomes clear that Sajda & Raku mean to follow/obey the laws of Allah. All planets and tree follow the ordered laws of Allah. Masjad is from Sajda and Sajda mean to obey the laws of Allah. So Masjad is the place where it is discussed how to obey/establish in practice the laws of Allah given in Quran for humans’ betterment. We can please Allah by serving humanity as per laws of Quran.QuranOrdainsPhilanthropyM

4- DEEN of Islam which is finalized in Noble Quran emphasizes on “the betterment of humans, human society” by putting in practice all Divine laws that Allah Jalla Aala has given in Noble Quran.Quran_5_89

5- Quranic prayer is, to follow the laws of Allah given in Quran and be mindful about Allah and to think deeply about his splendid works all the times in all awaken states (in fact meditation). Masjad is local parliament where Muslims before 670AD used to gather & essential on Friday (before the invention of terms of hadith and Sunna by Persian imams); and then used to stand just in Qayaam (like the so called funeral prayer) at the beginning of meeting, & Imam used to recite some verses of Quran & then meeting used to start to discuss the problems of Muslim community & to find its solutions. http://goo.gl/lbcIU. Before going to meeting in Masjad, for keeping good manners and cleanliness, they used to follow the commandment given in Quranic verse 5:6; which is 1-wash hands up to arms elbows, 2-wash face, & 3 & 4- do Masa [wipe with wet hands] of head and feet. Mullahs say it Wadoo or Ablution. Also if some one was in need of, he/she used to have full bath [Ghusal]. Hadithers say that Ablution method is not given in Quran so they seek it in fabricated hadiths books. They are liars due to their ignorance because they usually do not read and understand Quran but instead, they just follow blindly their Mullah-Mafia from past ~1150 years. In fact, complete, compact & very solid, just one version of Ablution and Ghusal is fully given in Quranic verse 5:6. Whether in fabricated hadith books, three mutually conflicting versions of Ablution are given and that all the three versions contradict mutually and also contradict with the method given in verse 5:6. Now should one follow the ablution method that is given in Book of Allah, or what is given in fabricated hadiths books of Persian Mullahs/Imams (disguised Pro-shia Persian Zoroastrians under taqiya)? Read full discussion on Ablution in point# 100 of this page.ReligionAndDeen6- Quran verse 2:177 [given below] blasts rituals and emphasize on the betterment of humans.

(One obvious result of sectarianism is their pre- occupation with rituals. This is because each sect leaves the Book aside and makes its own set of dogmas they call religion). No wonder, they forget that)

“Quran 2:177 “Righteousness and exponential development of personality is not in that you turn your faces to the East and the West. But righteous is he who has conviction in Allah and the Last Day and the Angels and the Book and the Prophets. And he gives his wealth that he loves in reverence of Him, to: Family and relatives, Orphans, Widows, Those left helpless in the society, Those whose hard-earned income fails to meet their basic needs, Those whose running businesses have stalled, The ones who have lost their jobs, Whose life has stalled for any reason, The disabled, The needy wayfarer, son of the street, the homeless, the one who travels to you for assistance, Those who ask for help, and Those whose necks are burdened with any kind of bondage, oppression, crushing debts and extreme hardship of labor. They (the truly righteous) strive to establish the Divine System, and set up the Just Economic Order. They are true to their promises whenever they make a promise. They remain steadfast in physical or emotional distress and in times of peril. It is they that have proved to be practically true, and it is they, they that indeed journey through life in Blissful honor and security” (also refer to verses 2:3 & 3:92)”QuranisonlySunnaofProphetActualShahadaNow we invite you to use your common sense and ask yourself and your conscience following Questions:

 If Allah can mention very complex fractional mathematics in Noble Quran for the division of heritage of a dead person among his family members & relatives, then what was difficult for Allah Jalla Aala to mention also Five Namaz daily ritual Prayers & units of each prayer & what to read in each prayer in Qayaam and in Tashehad etc? Did Allah forget? Does Allah Forget? Have Allah shortage of words? NO NO NO. Then why we do not see 5 daily Rituals in Noble Quran? In Quran we do not see the  words “Iqra Salat”(read Salat) but “Aqimo-Salat’ (establish the system of Salat).

Again; did Allah forget to add Five Namaz Prayers in Quran? Does Allah forget? Has Allah shortage of words? NO – NEVER.

Allah never forgets any thing [Quran 19:64].

Allah has no shortage of words [31:27].

Allah is the Best law-Maker [5:50].

Allah has detailed Quran [11:1,16:89].

Who looks for other sources of law than Quran, disobeys the Messenger & Allah [6:114].

Never follow any hadith except the BEST Hadith of Allah-Quran. [45:6, 39:23, 5:44; 69:40-46]

Some try to impose their Zoroastrianism-Oriented Five Persian Namaz Rituals on Quran by twisting and bending following verses: They do so because Mullahs has welded a false concept in their brain by telling them that Islam is a religion and religion needs Rituals but Islam is NEVER a religion but DEEN (Divinely prescribed way of life) the sole 1 True Path of One God preached by all Prophets. Quran is never a Book of Mullahs and Theocracy but of Divine-Sociology. Below; their Points are in black and our answers are in blue-font.

The details of ablution (4:43; 5:6)

Quran nowhere uses word ablution in 4:43 and 5:6 but Cleansing. It is washing, and washing could be necessary before entering in a Meeting/Ijtamah of Salat & not in your Zoro Rituals. Quran has used word Salat in these verses and not five Rituals. Where are Fard units of each rituals of Shia and Sunni sects, and tons of other rituals like Sunna units etc. Did God send you two brands of Rituals and Call of Payers for Shia and Sunni sects? Mohammad cannot guide 28:56, 72:21, 10:15; Then who guided Shia and Sunni sects about the Fard and sunna units of their rituals? Who told you to read Shia-Manufactured text of Atta-hiyaat and Drood Ibrahimi in Tashahd? Atta-hiyaat and Drood Ibrahimi (some say salat Ibrahimi) both are not present in fully detailed Quran 16:89.

A need for a direction – Qiblah, specific for the ‘believers’ (Mu’mins) (2.143-44)

Verse 2:143-44 never tell you to pray 5 Namaz rituals by facing a Building of Bricks and Mortar. That tell, to take it only as Focal point as a central place. Nowhere your Parsi rituals are mentioned in these verses nor is mentioned that Muslim used to pray rituals toward Masjid Aqsa in Palestine which never existed in the life time of Prophet. It was built 60 years after the death of Prophet. Even no any Jewish temple existed in the time of Prophet, as that temple was erased to ground by Roman in 70 A.D. about 500 years before the birth of Prophet Mohammad. Two Qibla theory for Rituals is a preposterous forgery of any evil mind. One Hadith from Sahih-Muslim (full text is given in this page) tells: Prophet used to face his Camel during prayers instead of Qibla. So?

Garments (7:31)

Verse 7:31 never tells you about the Garments of 5 Rituals. That verse has no any relation with your rituals.

Allusion of times: (4:103; 11:114; 17:78; 24:58; 30:18; 2:238: 20:58)

Above-Given verses never show that Salat mean Ritual.

Those prayers must be observed on time (4:103)

Verse 4:103 tells about Salat on fixed times and how can you assume that Salat is 5 Ritual? Does Quran show you 4 Fard of Duhar, 4 Fard of Asar, 3 Fard of Maghrab, 4 Fard of Isha and other tons of Sunna and Nafal of Shia and Sunni Rituals? If God can give full detail in inheritance verses with fractional math like /2, 1/6, 1/6; then why God could not give the units of each rituals too. Why God has blasted your Rituals in 2:177 and has said that Rituals are NEVER a Good deed but is Philanthropy after having right faith 4:136.

Followers of the previous scripture to observe their Qiblah and the ‘Believers (Mu’mins) their own Q’iblah (2:145)

Verse 2:145 never tells you about 5 Rituals. That verse talks about the Main-Centers of each nations. No clue about Rituals

Prayer involves prostration (Sujood – 4:102; 48:29)

How you assumed that meaning of Sujood is to place forehead on Ground? Quran says: Even Mountain and Stars do Sujood. Do Mountain and Star come in Mosque to place forehead on Ground? No. Very Clear here that meaning of Sujood is to submit to Divine Laws

There is more than one prayer (Prayer in plural used – Salawat) (2:238)

If it is more than one; then how you assumed, that is apples or oranges or your Rituals? More than one mean, could be Meetings, Training of Divine laws, or meditation sittings too.

There is a general form to prayer (2:238-39).

Verse talks about Salat and not about your rituals. Salat wusta, Central duty/Command. Your hadith imams were not aware which one is Wusta-Ritual, one hadith says: It is of Fajar, other says it is of Duhar and another says it comes after just sunrise. And your forged hadiths also tells that when a man illegally kissed a Woman, God sent down two Rituals of Fajar and Magharb in 11:114 to forgive that Rascal-Kisser and also Prophet was given 50 Rituals and then it became 5 Rituals. All fairy and phony moronic tales.

Standing position (3:39; 4:102)

Only Standing does not conform to your Zoro Namaz Rituals. Word Yusalli is used in 3:39. How you assumed, that are your 5 Rituals? That could be Dua or Meditation or Salat meeting.

Bowing down and prostrating (4:102; 22:26; 38:24; 48:29)

Again you are doing false translation of Raku and Sajud. That means to submit to Divine laws. Where is written that Ibrahim prayed 4 Fard for Dhuar or 3 Wattar for Isha etc? Verse 48:29 is talking: Why Kaafir do not do Sujood. Should Kaafirs pray Rituals and do Sujood in Rituals then? Here it is clear that when Kaafir used to listen Quranic preaching, they did not submit to that teachings.

Form is not required during times of emergencies, fear, and unusual circumstances (2:239)

If form is not required, then its means, that is not Rituals

A mention of a call to prayer and congregation prayer (62:9)

Show us text of Call Prayers in Quran, Call-prayers of Shia and who invoke Ali and of Sunni who invoke Mohammad in Mosque and violate Quran 72:18. How you can say” Call for Salat is call for Rituals. Quran describes call of Salat Juma in Sura Juma. That is call for Salat meeting/Ijtama. If that was for Rituals, then show us in that verse, where Quran tells you to pray Rituals on Friday and show us units and forms, and what to read in Rituals.

A warning not to abandon prayer as was done by people before (19:58-59) but to establish prayer (Numerous references)

You are again assuming that 4+4 make 8 Bread. That could be 8 apples too. Verse never says: Read Prayers Ritual but says about Salat: Divine Law. Word used in 19:59 “khalfun adaAAoo alssalata” clearly mean that stopped to follow Divine Law”. If we assume ritual here; then its mean contents of Deen Islam is ONLY ritual and nothing else; and that is not correct.

The purpose of prayer – To remember God alone (6:162; 20:14)

To remember and obey GOD mean to follow his Laws and be mindful about GOD always. It never means Rituals that are blasted in 2:177. And Omniscient Omnipresent GOD is everywhere anywhere and closer to you than your neck vein 50:16. That all makes clear that God is not confined to any place. Throne of GOD covers all places (Aytul-Kursi) so God is directionless as God covers all directions and spaces. Then how can you take a direction during rituals by confining GOD at one place?  Verse 20:14 never proves that Salat is Ritual.

Prayer involves utterance (4:43)

Not only Ritual involves utterance, but a meeting too, a lecture too, Quranic reading and learning too. How you can say: it is for your Zoro Rituals.

The purpose to protect from sins (29:45)

Purpose of Salat (Commitment to Divine laws) is to be protected from Sins. If that was only Rituals, then why Muslim who pray Rituals are not protected from Sins? There are people who pray Rituals in Mosques and then do all kind of evils. Mullahs even molest children in Schools, Madaaris, seminaries but that all Mullahs pray Rituals Five times. What you say now? That clearly proves, that Salat is never your rituals. If Salat was Rituals; for sure it had protected you from Sins but we have seen, it does not. Many time Mullahs who pray 5 Rituals were caught red-handed with their student-kids committing evil of people of Lot/Lut/Loot.

What to do in danger and the shortening of prayer (4:101)

How you can assume, that are prayers and not the Ijtama for periodical meetings at fixed time or Meditation times and meetings for the commitment of Divine laws? Certainly that are not rituals otherwise GOD had told us detail of Rituals in fully detailed Quran. 

Garments and mention of a Masjid, or a place of prayer 7:31

Your translation of Sajud and Masjid is incorrect, as we have mentioned above. Frequently Sujud (Masjid a derivation) in Quran mean to submit to Divine Laws such as “Trees and Stars YasjoDaan (sura Rahman). Have you seen any star coming in Mosque for placing its forehead on ground? Have Stars, Mountains, and trees any foreheads? They all do Sujood and that mean nothing else except that they all Submit to Divine Laws. And Quran also describes Salat of birds. No any bird come in Masjid to place its forehead on ground. They all submit to Laws of Allah Jalla Aala.

The tone of prayer (17:110)

Here again, you are assuming that 4+4 makes always 8 bread, But that could be 8 apple or 8 Oranges. Proper tone is also required in meetings/Ijtamah/during lecturing on Quran/During meditation. In Sura Luqman (Luqman passed thousands years before Landing of Quran), Luqman also advised his son about tone of his vice. Clearly, Luqman is not telling his son about tone of 5 Zoro Namaz Rituals that Persian Zoroastrian Imams blended in Islam through forgery of Hadith of Miraaj.

There is a leader of prayer (4:102)

Again that verse never talks about your Rituals (preconditioned in your brain) but Salat; and Salat is never Rituals. Do you see in that verse any word like “Imam for Rituals”? No. — END

1-Do we find in fully detailed Noble Quran (12:111, 16:89, 17:12) texts of two mutually conflicting Azhan/Adhan of Shia Sunni Sects? No.

2- Do we find in fully detailed Noble Quran (12:111, 16:89, 17:12) what to read during bending in Rituals and how long we should remain bent, 3 seconds or 3 hours etc, what? No. Where Quran tells to sit in Atta-Hiyaat and to sit how long; 3 seconds or 3 centuries? Who was the Mushrik who manufactured non-Quranic text of Atta-hiyaat (Tash’had) and Drood Ibrahimi which violates Quran 72:18? Who manufactured units and methods of Funeral and Eid Ritual? Who told to start Eid Rituals with 1 million Takbirs? Do we find it in Quran? Truth is: All rituals are concocted by clergy in order to run their theocratic trade-shops; and Islam is never a Theocracy but Deen

3- Does fully detailed Noble Quran (12:111, 16:89, 17:12) tell that after placing forehead on ground during rituals; what to read; what is length of that event, 3 seconds 3 hours, what? If you will try to answer us through hadiths, we will throw that all forged crap on your face because Prophet Mohammad left behind not a single hadith. Prophet cannot guide 28:56, 72:21 but only Allah Guides 28:56 and guidance of Allah is in Quran; and not in books that defeated Persian Imams (Zoro Hypo disguised under Muslim names) forged 250-800 years after the death of Prophet in order to send we Muslims astray.

4- Do we find in fully detailed Noble Quran (12:111, 16:89, 17:12) any thing about Fard and Sunna units of Shia and Sunni Rituals? No.

5- Can God (or even Prophet) sent us two mutually conflicting methods of Rituals and Azans of Shia Sunni sects? No

6- Do we find in fully detailed Noble Quran (12:111, 16:89, 17:12) about any command that tells to read Sura-Fatiha in each unit of Rituals and should Ritualists read Bism-Allah before Fatiha or Not? No. Please note, Many Mullahs says: Read bismillah and many say: No. Many Mullahs say: After Imam recite Fatiha, Followers must remain silent and other says, they should read too. Do we find that all controversy in detailed Quran? No. Where Quran tells to shout or to say word “Amin” (aaaaaaMeeeeeeen) at the end of Fatiha? Nowhere.

7- Do we find in fully detailed Noble Quran (12:111, 16:89, 17:12) that if you miss a ritual, you can read it as Qada/Qaza later on? No.

8- Do we find in fully detailed Noble Quran (12:111, 16:89, 17:12) that trees, birds, mountains come to mosques in order to pray Rituals and sujood? No.

9- Do we find in fully detailed Noble Quran (12:111, 16:89, 17:12) text of Atta-Hiyaat and Drood Ibrahimi (some say: Salat Ibrahimi)? No. TashahhudHow to raise forefinger during Tashahhud of Zoro-brand Namaz Rituals?

Please note that it is forbidden to chant any other name bedside name of Allah Jalla Aala in Masjid 72:18. But Persians Zoroastrian hadith imams forged non-Quranic texts of Tashahhud (Atta-Hiyaat) and also Drood Ibrahimi(some say Salat Ibrahimi) and that both texts are read in Zoroastrian-Brand Namaz Rituals in Masajid (Mosques). Because that texts are not from One GOD but from sectarian hypocrites; this is the reason, neither Pseudo Hadith Imams nor Pseudo Fiqa Imams agree on any one point, like they never agreed on, which one is Middle Ritual in their concocted books.

During Rituals in Tashahhud, they raise forefinger but they are not agreed, how to raise that finger: Please read below:

1- The Hanafi cult says that the finger should be raised when saying “Laa (no)” in the phrase “Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha ill-Allaah (I bear witness that there is no god except Allaah)” and it should be lowered when saying, “ill-Allaah (except Allaah).”

2- The Satanic Shafi cult says that it should be raised when saying “ill-Allaah.”

3- The Maaliki cult says that it should be moved right and left until one finishes the prayer.

4- The Hanbali cult says that one should point with the finger when saying the name of Allaah, without moving it. Besides; Quran again and gain ordains not to create Tafarraka firqa sects split and Division in One Deen Islam (42:13, 3:105, 6:159) but that 4 imams including fifth Shia Imam Jafar Sadiq divided one Deen Islam into 5 Deens and invited curse of Allah that is dropping on that sects from centuries. That sects are always fighting each other from Centuries. Allah named believers only Muslim in Quran 22:78 and it is great to be only a Muslim w/o any sects Tafarraka Firka. buyidshiaruleDroodIbrahimiPlusNotedroodinventionEnglish Translation of Above-Given Urdu Text: “THis Dua (Drood Ibrahimi) in fact was invented by Dehlmi Bani Boya (A Shia Ruler of Baghdad) and under his order this Dua was added in our Islamic Books. In those days, Books were written by hand, Moiz-Doula and Azz-Doula when managed to translate other religious books, at the same time he ordered to translate Islamic books of early Islamic era too. During that translations, he found an oppertunity to blend many things in Islamic books that he loved personally”.

Also read in detail about that Shia Daynasty of Boya called in English “Buyid” at follwing links:


Please also note: First time, celebration of 10 Moharram was started (Bida”a) by same Shia Ruler of Baghdad “Mu’izz al-Dawla” in year Hijri 352. Same man fabricated fable of Karbala from scratch and built a fake tomb of Ali in Najaf where body of Caliph Ali never exists. Karbala battle never happened. It is a totally fabricated tale. Oldest Islamic history Book “Dalaa’l min Nobuwat-e-Sydna Mohammad” and Diary of Spanish Muslim Ruler tells: Hussein bin Ali was a successful Governor of Iraq. One day, during sleep, Sabaite Shia of Yahoodi hypocrite Abdulla bin Saba entered in his house and murdered Hussein bin Ali. Shia cult is a total fraud. We suggest reader to download a free book “Karbla: fact or fiction” authored by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D. If you do not find it, ask us, we can send you its pdf copy. Many many Kharafaats that has been blended in Islam were invented during the Rule of Boya (Buyid) Shia-Rule. Buyid by roots were Persian Zoroastrians


“True History and False Belief” Read Page 151 & 144 (read who manufactured Five Namaz Rituals].

Then who blended 5 daily Rituals in Islam? Click on following link:  Who contrived 5 daily Namaz Prayer in Islam? 

A profile writer and researcher of Noble Quran, Akhtar Sherazi has asked 49 questions to a debating Mullah about Five Namaz prayers, at: [very informative]. Please download a.m page in pdf format from following link:Important_Callout49 Questions about Salat

Following are very important links that will teach you actual meaning of Salat and Zakat

Is Islam a DEEN or a religion?
Important_Callout2A well known History and Quran researcher Akhtar Sherazi writes in his famous book

“The Qur’anic concept of Nikah vs. Religious prostitution”, that:

Noble Mohammad, the last Messenger, received the same Salaat [Constitution] and Zakah [Compatible Economic System] that Allah revealed to all of His previous Apostles. He worked very hard, along with his honorable companions to make the people of Hijaz understand the new system of government, which introduced Central Administration, as opposed to the independent City States, existing at that time.

It was a monumental assignment, which he successfully completed in almost two decades and established the government, first in Medina, and then in Mecca, after he conquered that city, without any bloodshed. The system worked very well, and the weak desert squatters, disdainfully called by the neighboring Iranians, were unified and turned into the first rate power of the time. History testifies to that reality.

The Iranians were devastated by the crumbling of their millennia old magnificent empire on the onslaught of a rag-tag volunteer Arab force. They decided, as a nation, to avenge that insult, and following the age-old English adage, ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’, they became pseudo-Muslims, learned Arabic and started the biggest national conspiracy against the united Arab power.
In the mean time, the people friendly administration, without the distinction of rulers and the ruled, established by Mohammad and his associates ended with the death of his last pal, when the people having lust for power and hunger for riches changed it into autocracy. Omayyad caliphs, in fact atrocious ruling kings, completely altered the administration and the compatible economic system established by Mohammad to suit their personal needs. Nevertheless, they were no good for the Iranians, who started conspiring to topple them. Finally, they succeeded in installing Abbasid clan on the throne, and got their chance to take revenge. counterfeiteddogmaofmullahsAbout 250 or 300 years after the death of Mohammad, they started an all out campaign to collect his aphorisms or statements. It was just a cover for their heinous plot to ridicule Mohammad and his bosom buddies. Actually, they did not collect even a single saying, but fabricated millions of Ahadith in his name. That was the beginning of the Muslim Ummah coming apart, and is still going strong. Similarly, they created his fictitious Sunnah, fake Fiqah, and baseless Traditions.

They also tried to change the text of the Qur’an, but could not do anything in that area, as Arabic is a language of roots, which is impossible to change. Moreover, hundreds of thousand of Muslim Huffaz [plural of Hafiz, the one committing the entire Qur’an to memory] were there, who could thwart any such move. However, the Iranian Aimmah followed the second best option; they changed the connotations of almost eighty-thousand, terms, phrases, and expressions of the Qur’an. For example Sallat meaning government turned into Nimaz [an Iranian word], and Zakah, which means economic system of the Qur’an changed to 2.5 % tax on one’s annual savings”.

The word Sallat has appeared 67 times in the Qur’an and at most spots, it is followed by the term Zakkat. This in simple term means, administration and fiscal management of an Islamic state. The Islamic priesthood has made a blatant violation of the Arabic lexicon and syntax, by translating Sallat into an Iranian word Nimaz. The five prayers per day is a figment of some demented mind’s imagination or, had been a deliberate attempt to derail the dynamic program of government formation under the charter of the Qur’an. This twisted introduction into the divine social order has destroyed the effectiveness of Allah’s constitution, given to the human beings for having a successful, prosperous, and secure way of living, in this world.Important_Callout2Akhtar Sherazi further writes: about historical Perspective of Prayers:

According to Mu’awiyah, five daily supplications, funeral prayers, incantation of Dua, and celebration of Eid were alien rituals for the Muslim Ummah, until 672 AD. However, during the reign of Ziyad -Ibn- Zanad [in the time of Umayyad Caliph], governor of Iraq in 672 AD,  it surfaced that a sect known as Sabaean, the flowers of Prophet Idress, were carrying on  the five  or seven daily prayers, Drood and Salam, Eid celebration, and many others rituals.

During the reign of Abbasid Dynasty [strict autocracy in the garb of caliphate] extended over five centuries [750-1258 A.D.], the Iranian influence was at its zenith, both in the court and the harems of the royals. The caliphs gave them a free hand to do whatever they liked, on the proviso to make their lives easier in return.

Under the circumstances, the administrative and the economic system of Sallat and Zakah were stamped out completely, paving the way for the autocratic rule. The Muslim priesthood, especially, the Sunni and Shi’ah Aimmah (Imams-Mullahs) did the dirty work for the caliphs [Muslim kings] by introducing the most outrageous religious ritual, 5 daily Namaz . They transmuted the governmental  concept of Salat into five daily supplications, a mode of worship that was very popular among the Zoroastrians, who regularly practiced it to make their god Yasdah happy. Strangely enough, the Muslim Ummah is doing the same for the last millennium.

The ritual of prayer proved to be very divisive (destructive) for the once united Ummah, and played a pivotal role in the cult formation among the Muslims. In fact, the acceptance of prayers by the followers of Mohammad, opened the Pandora’s Box of secondary rites and customs like Darood-o-Salam, Zikar parties, private distribution of Zakah [at the rate of 2.5% on yearly savings], besides many more. whoguidednamazThe moment monarchy in the form of Banu Omayyad dynasty took over power; it was the end of the people friendly government based on the constitution of the Qur’an, which Mohammad and his associates established after long and arduous struggle, spread over couple of decades. Hereditary autocracy got a foothold, which is diametrically opposed to the basic tenets of the last revelation Quran.

The power hungry autocrats, in the garb of caliphs, kept the Aimmah (Imams-Mullahs) along with the Muslim priesthood on the leash, which were ready to do every service to please their masters. They deliberately divided the Qur’an illiterate, or just in name Muslims into countless sects and factions. Of course, according to the code of the Qur’an, it is an unpardonable offense, but the caliphs, their cohorts, and the conniving clergy did not attach much importance to it, as the charter of the Qur’an was the biggest obstacle in their way, which had to go, anyways.

The Aimmah [imams] created sects in Islam, and their descendants strengthened and widened the influence of all such divisions for personal benefits, and for the pleasure of the royalty. It is erroneous to believe; ‘the policy of divide and rule’ was the brainchild of the British hegemony in India, whereas the fact remains, it originated over a millennium ago, as the biggest conspiracy against Allah, Mohammad and the Qur’an, in the corridors of power, within the Muslim caliphate.

The Aimmah (Imams), exclusively originating from Iran, were the real adversaries of Allah, the Qur’an, and Mohammad, the Arab. They deliberately authored the junk of Ahadith, Sunnah, Traditions and Fiqah, in the name of the last Messenger of Allah, to belittle him and his magnificent companions, besides creating contradictions among the clear-cut verses of the Qur’an.

The Muslim priesthood insulted Allah by limiting Him to a single spot, heaven. In fact, this is nothing more than a myth, which all religions of the world accept in one form or another. In order to validate forgery of 5 daily Namaz rituals, they fabricated the hadith of Miraaj (night Journey).

Actually, this event (story of Miraaj) was taken right out of the Zoroastrian religious book, entitled, Arta Viraf Namak, which was in existence around four centuries, before the birth of Mohammad. The Muslim clergy rewrote the same story, with added attractions, like Gabriel and winged horse along with, surreptitiously, changing the main character; replacing the Iranian hero with Mohammad. For reading further juicy details of this fictitious event, please read the pertinent chapter of the book.

Another important point worth mentioning is, if Mohammad started praying after the event of Ascension or the revelation of chapter 17, Bani Israel, then in what context did he understand the word Sallah, which appeared in 25 verses of the Qur’an before all that happened?

Zakat is: Just Economic Order of Islam. This is why we do not see 2.5 in Quran. 2.5 etc Islamic tax is a small part of System of Zakaat. In war, when GOV need more Arms, that tax can be increased from 2.5 to 13 etc. or if State is rich, that can make 1.5 percent instead of 2.5. Allah has left it open as per circumstance, otherwise what was difficult for Allah to mention in a so big book names of fake Dajjal & freak Mahdi and 2.5 Percent of Zakat?

When Allah has called the Quran “Tibyaanan li Kulli Shaiyin” (16:89)”. This means it explains everything; then.

Why the Qur’an is completely silent about the number of the component rakats [modules] of various prayers such as Sunnat, Fard, Nafal, Vitar, and Traveh? Where did these come from, and who were the perpetrators of such blasphemy? Do you have any answer? Why does the Qur’an not identify the verses suitable for recitation in each rakat of every prayer? What do you say about that?

In the case of inheritance, Allah went into the details of shares for each family member, and used fractions like 1/2 and 1/6th to guide the people. Why then, there is not number of units of Fard and Sunna of Five Namaz Rituals, what to read in Qayyam & Tash’had etc? Did Allah forget to mention  units of 5 Irani Five Namaz rituals? Does Allah forget? Has Allah shortage of words?

Atta-Hyatt, an essential component to be recited before the completion of each module of prayer, consisting of two Rakats, is not available in the Qur’an. Who wrote and introduced this Arabic passage for the Nimaz, [prayer] and how did they dare to equate this human insertion with the text of Allah? Come out with your response!

Where does the Qur’an mention that recitation of Surah Al-Fatiah is compulsory in every Rakat of each Nimaz? How do you look at that aspect of Iranian Nimaz?

The term Allah-o-Akhabar is a repetitive and essential constituent of all prayers, but why it does not appear anywhere in the Qur’an? Have you ever thought about that?

The Shi’ah begin their Wadu or ablution from the feet, in contrast to the Sunni, who begin with the face first. Can Allah issue such stupid and inconsistent commands? Do you agree or go the other way?

Is it possible to identify even a single verse of the Qur’an, which issues specific command on the subject of funeral prayers?

Which verse or, verses of the Qur’an provide details abt Eid-ul- Fitar prayer?

Does the Qur’an mention Eid-ul-Dahha prayer in any verse, and where is it written for the Muslims to follow the Sunnah of Abraham, pertaining to the sacrificial lamb?

Does the Qur’an instruct the Sunni Muslims to celebrate the festival of Eid-e-Meellaad-un-Nabi, through any verse?

Shi’ah has different Aazan as compared to their Sunni counterparts. Can you identify, which one is in line with Allah’s commandments?

The verse 2:115 pinpoints the fact, there is no need to face a particular direction or towards Ka’bah to please Allah, because he is anywhere and everywhere simultaneously.

Certainly, mosques are built to house the administrative staff of the Islamic state for meeting day to day challenges, head on. It also acts as an assembly hall for the government officials, and the community leaders to come together, for finding solutions to any problems impeding the smooth operation of the divine social order. In the houses of Allah, the sovereignty of His rules and regulations reigns supreme. In view of that fact, nothing else carries any significance at all.’ * [72:18].Important_Callout2Download 49 questions about Namaz at this link:49 Questions about Salat

A file that every wise Muslim MUST read, is at: Click on following link to download. Persian Conspiracies Against Islam /Quran.pdf

Let we make one point clear that we are not advocates of any Sufi but we are telling here the facts. And any Sufi who violates any law of Noble Quran, has been gone astray. Like Sunni, Shia and other sects; Sufi never claimed, they are a sect. Throughout this page when we use word Sufi; take it as enlightened-one or a Muslim who remains mindful about Allah much more than conventional Mullahs and their blindly-following brain-bent pets. Because about six interconnected topics are discussed in this page; so reader can see repetition of some material; as sometimes, same material is relevant to different topics. Even book of Allah repeats many verses; that have relevancy to different subjects given in Quran. In order to understand what is truth; reader must not seek short-cuts but is expected to be patient and read each line and all internal links given in this page. Remember: You will never find the TRUTH by short-cuts. You have to devote days, months and even years in intensive studies to realize truth. Some readers want to know whole truth of such a complex subject with in a few lines. That kind of readers are indeed not Truth-Seekers but immature morons.; and this page is not published for such kind of fools. Let they watch some cartoon-movies at their TV instead.

Meditation a small Part of System of Salaat: Prophet used to do meditation in Cave Hira when Jibrael came with first verse of Quran. Moses’ 40 days are well known for Meditation. Siddhartha Buddha, for Sure a Muslim Warner to Indian people, was a King of Meditators. But like Judaism and Christianity; teachings of Buddha were also corrupted after his death. So what Buddhist and their lamas preach today, might differ very much from actual teachings of Buddha. In Buddhism of today, many Hindu beliefs has been welded.

In addition to well known 40 days of Jesus’ meditation; Five hundred years after Buddha, Isa/Jesus Christ walked on the foot steps of Buddha, and Jesus stayed for many years in the City of KapilaVastu of Nepal to learn meditation of Buddha. That town is birth-place of Buddha. All teachings of Buddha coincides with teachings of Quran. We have read oldest Buddhist Literature in Pali and we have no doubt that he was a Muslim warner from GOD. Also note that many parables taught by Jesus are exactly word-by-word same as of Siddhartha Buddha. In order to see that similarities, it is better to watch following video:

As a result of tons of written historical evidence; meditation of Jesus with Buddhists Priests 2000 years ago in Tibet, Ladakh Valley of Kashmir, and KapilaVastu Nepal, cannot be denied. Here very important question pops up; which is; that If Siddhartha Buddha was not a Man of GOD, and if Meditation was forbidden by GOD; then how GOD could ordain Prophet Jesus to go to KapilaVastu and learn meditation, or to take part in their meditations?Callout_3Color JesusandBuddhaIn order to read in depth, what Jesus was doing in Nepal & and India; please visit our best scholarly page on Jesus at:


Whenever we tell truth about life of Jesus in the light of Quran, Bible and history; majority of ignorant fanatics start to place slanders; O that people are Qadiani or followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. We are NOT followers of Mirza Qadiani or Rashaad Kahalifa in any shape. We believe that Last Prophet of GOD was Mohammad(S), and Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani and Rashaad Khalifa were impostors. At our main page, please visit our page about Qadianism. That page proves rationally and logically, that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani was an impostor. Our appoach is not fragile and unwise like moronic approach of ignorant Mullahs but our approach is so strong, logical and rational, that Qadiani find no way to escape from any back door.

Allah accepts
Dua of True Sufis who are great meditators. Allah never accepts Dua of Mullahs who pray 5 Persian Zoroastrians Namaz rituals that Irani Zoroastrians blended in Islam around 773 A.D under patronage of Zoroastrian Mother of caliph Haroon Rasheed Queen Khaizran. Some Mullahs resisted on this innovation of Five Namaz rituals but Khaizran shut their mouth by the bribery of millions of Gold and silver coins, Who resisted lost their necks thru Fatwa-Qazi appointed by Khaizran. This is the the reason, we do not see in Quran Five Namaz Rituals and its units and its atta-hiyaat etc. Bcaz it is NOT PART of Islam.Allah Jalla Aala says in Glorious Quran verse 50:16:

“NOW, VERILY, it is We who have created man, and We know what his innermost self whispers within him: for We are closer to him than his neck-vein”

Allah Jalla Aala says in Glorious Quran verse 56:85:

“and while We are closer to it than you, although you see [Us] not”

“To Allah belong the east and the West: Whithersoever ye turn, there is the presence of Allah. For Allah is all-Pervading, all-Knowing” (Quran 2:115)  Or other translation of this verse by its exact words is:

(Quran 2:115) “Both East and West belong to Allah, so wherever you turn, the Face of Allah is there. Allah is All-Encompassing, All- Knowing.”  [Translation by Aisha Bewley]
“O listener! Did you not see that Allah knows all whatever is in the heavens and all whatever is in the earth? Wherever there is any discussion among three He is the fourth present with them, and among five He is the sixth, and there is no discussion among fewer or more except that He is with them wherever they may be; and then on the Day of Resurrection He will inform them of all what they did; indeed Allah knows all things” [Noble Quran 58:7]
Quran 8:28: Restrain thyself along with those who cry unto their Lord at morning and evening, seeking His countenance; and let not thine eyes overlook them ………..

Quran 13:28: “Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the meditation of Allah. for without doubt in the meditation of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.

Quran 2:152: Therefore, bear Me in mind with reverence so that I bear you in mind and impel yourselves with gratitude. And do not be callous with hearts barren of faith.

(note: To bear me in mind is to be mindful & to be mindful is a meditation.)

Quran 24:37: “By men whom neither traffic nor merchandise can divert from the Remembrance of Allah, nor from closely following established Divine commandments, nor from Zakat (to give in Charity what is surplus): Their (only) fear is for the Day when hearts and eyes will be transformed (in a world wholly new),-

Quran 63:9: “O YOU who have attained to faith! Let not your worldly goods or your children make you forget the remembrance of Allah: for If any behave thus – it is they, they who are the losers”,

إِنَّنِي أَنَا اللَّهُ لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا أَنَا فَاعْبُدْنِي وَأَقِمِ الصَّلَاةَ لِذِكْرِي

In Quran verse 20:14, Allah says: “Verily, I, I alone am Allah, there is no god but Me. Therefore, serve Me alone, and from this very moment strive to establish the Divine Order in the land to practically remember Me”.

هُوَ الْأَوَّلُ وَالْآخِرُ وَالظَّاهِرُ وَالْبَاطِنُ وَهُوَ بِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ عَلِيمٌ

HU [Allah] is the First (Awal) and (He is) the Last (Aakir), and the All Present, [Omnipresent, the All Evident (Za’hir)]: And (He is) the Hidden (Ba’tin), and He is the All Knower (Aleem) of all the (minutest) things [Quran 57:3]

وَأَسِرُّوا قَوْلَكُمْ أَوِ اجْهَرُوا بِهِ إِنَّهُ عَلِيمٌ بِذَاتِ الصُّدُورِ

“Whether you hide your word and thought or make it known, behold, HU is the Knower of what is in the hearts”. [Noble Quran 67:13]

[Qaul’ = Word = Saying = Utterance. It also signifies thought, opinion, belief and idea].

An interesting ducussion about this subject is at: http://www.mysticsaint.info/2007/10/prophet-muhammads-meditation.html

Our team has studied, analysed and understood meditation in depth for over 30 years, done by some true Muslim saints and we have concluded that even very big names and very big scholars like Allama Ghulam Ahmed Pervez, Dr. Shabbir Ahmad M.D, the whole Wahabi Sect and many others are totally failed to realize the truth that Quran does not deny Meditation. In fact again and again Quran emphasizes on mediatation to Allah in all awaken conditions. And Quran says it “THE BIGGEST PRAYER. That in no way mean to leave your family and sit in a forest alone to seek Allah. One can be a busy king sitting on thrown and still he can be a Man of GOD. One can be a Professor in a school and still can be a man of GOD. One can be a sweeper in a local city but still can be a man of GOD. Allah is nearer to you than your neck-vein (Quran). So one does not need to search Allah only in Mosque, temple, Church or forest. A thing is searched which is far from you but Allah is not far from you. Only is the barrier between your physical body and the Real Spiritual Realm of One Allah. Meditation gives you a chance to look into that spiritual Realm: We quote here a few lines from the Spiritual Poetry of One of the greatest Muslim fully internally enlightened saints for the understanding of reader: Following video and a few poetry lines of Saint Bulleh Shah explain every thing that we have concluded after our over 30 years in depth research in this field. Bulleh Shah does not say, do not learn knowledge, as he himself was a highly learned scholar but he says, that to meet ur Lord. it is not essential to read heap of theological literature when inner side of person is dark. He says, that a truthful approach even w/o reading the heap of human’s authored books can be fruitful.

مَثَلُ الَّذِينَ حُمِّلُوا التَّوْرَاةَ ثُمَّ لَمْ يَحْمِلُوهَا كَمَثَلِ الْحِمَارِ يَحْمِلُ أَسْفَارًا بِئْسَ

مَثَلُ الْقَوْمِ الَّذِينَ كَذَّبُوا بِآيَاتِ اللَّهِ وَاللَّهُ لَا يَهْدِي الْقَوْمَ الظَّالِمِينَ

Noble Quran, Sura Juma, verse 62:5: (The Book of Allah is to be read and understood, and not placed in high niches.) The example of those who were entrusted with Torah, and did not apply it in their daily lives, is that of the donkey that carries a load of books. Tough indeed is the example of people who deny Allah’s Verses by their actions. Allah does not show the Way to people who displace the Revelation from its rightful station. (‘Kizb’ = Belie = Give lie = Deny in practice. ‘Kufr’ = Reject openly = Darkness = Denial = Ingratitude. ‘Zulm’ = Dislodge from the rightful place = Relegate the Truth = Give preference to other sources = Oppression = Wrongdoing = Violation of human rights).

In fact Saint Bullah Shah is explaining Quranic verse that says, a Jahil Scholar is like a donkey who is loaded with a heap of books but does not understand the true spirit of that books: We have translated into English with the help of a Punjabi friend. what Saint Bulleh Shah (1680 – 1757 A.D.) has Said:

[ILmoon bas karin O Yar] O Scholar, O Theologian, O my friend, enough is enough, Stop to read heaps of Books now:

“You have read many many books and you have become a big scholar but you have never read yourself (you are dark from inside).”

“You always run & run in order to enter into worship temples but you have never tried to enter in yourself.”

“You fight daily with Satan (Devil) but you never fought with your own ego.”

“O Buleh Shah! people has always tried to catch some thing that fly in sky but have never tried to catch who is sitting right in their home”.

“O man, In order to meet Lord, it is not essential to earn Ph.D Degrees in theology, in order to meet him just to learn & understand / meditate “1” “Alaf” is enough and enough.

{ILmoon bas karin O Yar = O my friend stop now to read many many theological human’s authored books, [After right faith that is in Quran] just is enough to understand/meditate just one word “Alaf” “1” to meet your Lord}

“O Theologian O scholar! you have read so many books that now there are heaps of books around you. So many books that now you are sorounded with the light of those books, but still you have darkness in your inner-self. In this condition, if some ask asks you, tell me the road that goes to Lord? You do not know the answer truly”.

Please double cilck in the center of videos in order to display them in youtube in bigger screen.

Listen poetry of Saint Bullah Shah (1680 – 1757) in following video.

O my friend! stop to read the heaps of books now!. You are in need of just one word “Alaf”

Core message given in following video is what is given in Quranic verse 2:177 [verse is given below]

Which is, serve humanity, serve humans. To serve humans is much much more important than to build/repair worship temples.

Listen poerty of Saint Mian Muhammad Bukhsh [1830-1907 AD] also known as [Rumi of Kashmir] in following video.

Listen also utterance of one of the Greatest Muslim Saints of Islamic History – Mian Muhammad Bakhsh

Following is Utterance / Dua / Prayer of one of the greatest Muslim Saints of Islamic history “Mian Muhammad Bakhsh [1830-1907 AD] from his magnum opus – “Saiful Malūk”

When Saints talk about Friend or beloved or love, that they address only and only to Allah and not to any human being, as some ignorant can take it like this.

Again listen the Utterance of one of the greatest Muslim saints of Islamic history “Saint Bullah Shah (1680 – 1757 AD)” in following video. Please read English translation on the video screen.

Saint Bullah Shah has told the bold truth in his poetry that debunks Mullahhood and priesthood fully. Pls note, saints when use word “Friend or Beloved; it is for Allah, and not for any human.

[Quran 2:115] “Both East and West belong to Allah, so wherever you turn, the Face of Allah is there. Allah is All-Encompassing, All-Knowing.”  [Translation by Aisha Bewley].

هُوَ الْأَوَّلُ وَالْآخِرُ وَالظَّاهِرُ وَالْبَاطِنُ وَهُوَ بِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ عَلِيمٌ

HU [Allah] is the First (Awal) and (He is) the Last (Aakir), and the All Present, [Omnipresent, the All Evident (Za’hir)]: And (He is) the Hidden (Ba’tin), and He is the All Knower (Aleem) of all the (minutest) things. {Quran 57:3}

وَإِذَا سَأَلَكَ عِبَادِي عَنِّي فَإِنِّي قَرِيبٌ أُجِيبُ دَعْوَةَ الدَّاعِ

إِذَا دَعَانِ فَلْيَسْتَجِيبُواْ لِي وَلْيُؤْمِنُواْ بِي لَعَلَّهُمْ يَرْشُدُونَ

Quran 2:186: “AND IF My servants ask thee about Me – behold, I am near; I respond to the call of him who calls, whenever he calls unto Me: let them, then, respond unto Me, and believe in Me, so that they might follow the right way”.

Again listen the Utterance of Great Muslim Saint – Bullah Shah

“Munh aayi baat na rehndi ae” – Saint Bullah Shah

There was English translation [subtitles] coming on screen of above-given video but we do not know why “CokeStudio” has removed that translation?

We have translated Poety of Bulla shah that is sung in above-given video. This translation is provided to us by a scholar of Punjabi Language.

In Punjabi, the native language of Saint Bullah Shah =  [“Munh aayi baat na rehndi ae”] mean:

“A truth that have reached to my mouth, now I cannot stop it, so I have to say it now”

“If I tell a lie, then I will be safe [from the Fatwas of Mullahs; Mean, no one will attack me].

But If I say Truth, there will be ignited, a big blazing fire [As Truth may hurt fanatics, Mullahs, Clergy. Clerics, Priests].

So I am afraid of telling both, either a lie or even a truth.

However, though my tongue is very afraid, but yet I am determined to say the truth.

A truth that have reached to my mouth, now I cannot stop it, so I have to say it now.

He who has dicovered the secret/mystry of Sainthood [Wisdom of true path].

He/she is who, who has deeply investigated the path that leads to his own inner-self.

And who finally finds the path that leads to his own inner-self; he/she is who , who is dweller of “Temple of Peace”.

And in that Temple of Peace, nothing goes up or down, there is no any East and West. It is free of these things. (Pause here & read in verse 2:177 East and West please)

A truth that have reached to my mouth, now I cannot stop it, so I have to say it now.

One very important point that we want to disclose with all due respects.

That is , that we know mystry/secret of all of you.

In every one there is face of Allah/creater/ONE GOD. [Refer to Quranic verse 57:3 & 2:115]

 Ref: وَلِلّهِ الْمَشْرِقُ وَالْمَغْرِبُ فَأَيْنَمَا تُوَلُّواْ فَثَمَّ وَجْهُ اللّهِ إِنَّ اللّهَ وَاسِعٌ عَلِيمٌ

But that face is sometime hidden and sometime it exposes himself.  [Refer to Mansur Hallaj, Ba Yazid Bastami, Sarmad, Socrates]

 Ref: هُوَ الْأَوَّلُ وَالْآخِرُ وَالظَّاهِرُ وَالْبَاطِنُ وَهُوَ بِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ عَلِيمٌ

A truth that have reached to my mouth, now I cannot stop it, so I have to say it now.

This front-yard of your House is slippery, therefore walk slowly & very carefully as there is darkness

But let you use insight, enter in your own House and see/ponder, who is sitting there in your own house [Body].

We do not know, why people search Allah/GOD outside from their own house [inner-self? [such as worship in temples], when HU is right there in your own house.. [Refer to Quranic verse 57:3, 2:115, 50:16, 2:186, 58:7 & 56:85]

A truth that have reached to my mouth, now I cannot stop it, so I have to say it now.

O Bullah Shah! Allah/GOD is not seperate from us. [Refer to Quranic verse 57:3, 2:115, 50:16, 2:186, 58:7 & 56:85]

In fact, nothing exists in this universe except ONE Allah. [Refer to Quranic verse 57:3 & 2:115]

[Note: Mean Allah is source of all existence. Hu has no house to live but there is no any house where Hu does not live. Refer to Quranic Verses 2:255 & 24:35, also see a picture below with lights]

But not every physical eye, can grasp/observe this truth.

This is the reason, we suffer from the pains due to separation [for being separate] from him.

A truth that have reached to my mouth, now I cannot stop it, so I have to say it now.

O scholar! After reading, so many, so many, theological books, you have become a Qazi [Judge] in Islamic Sharia Court. [Refer to Quranic verse 62:6].

After fighting many battles against enemy with sword & defeating them, you have achieved the title of Ghazi [a victorious warrior]

Also you went to Mekka and Madina [In Saudi Arabia] to perform the pilgrimage  & came back, and after that you have achieved the title of Haaji

[Haaji mean a Muslim who has completed Hajj-Pilgrimage of Makka & Madina in Saudi Arabia – Two the most sacred places among Muslims]

But O Bullah Shah! Behold! You have in fact achieved nothing, if you are failed to please your friend [Allah/One GOD]” – [See verse 2:177 & 29:45 too]

وَلَذِكْرُ اللَّهِ أَكْبَرُ [Meditation to Allah is the Greatest Prayer]

Note: Saints say Allah as Lord, Beloved & also the best friend. Please also note that last words that

Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH spoke just before his last breath were: “Allahumma Rafeeqil A’laa” (Allah is our the Glorious Companion)

Quran_25_35Saint Kabir said: I have seen moon, so have seen Sun too; as Moon is reflecting Sun.

Saint Baba Farid said: When I reached to heights (ecstasy in spiritual realm) and saw down; I saw fire in every house. Here he mean Divine light emerging from each human

Rumi Said: Light is ONE but lamps are different.

Last Prophet Said: Paradise is nearer to you than ur shoe laces

Second Last Prophet of Islam Isa/Jesus said: Kingdom of GOD is with in you

A Wise Man of GOD, Siddhartha Buddha Said: Way is in your heart and not in Sky

Though all sects are forbidden by Quran and it is great to be a Muslim and only Muslim but we see, that one of the most deviated and ignorant sect is called Salafi originated from Saudi Arabia. We can say: A Salafi is a blind follower, Quran has declared blind-followers as the worst beasts. Problem of Salafi is; that they fail to understand that there are verses that are Foundation of BOOK; but there are verses of symbolism and allegory. Salafi ignore main verses and follow allegorical verses in their own way. For example: Quran says: That nothing is like Allah Jalla Aala. This verse is among Fundamentals but allegorically; Quran also says: That boat of Noah was floating under EYES of Allah. So we can judge here that this verse about Noah’s boat is allegorical because nothing is like Allah. Also Jaahil Salafi and all Kuffaar Hadithers superimpose millions of forged hadiths on Quran that Persian Zoroastrian Imams fabricated 250-400 years after the death of Prophet with fabricated Matans and fabricated chains of narrations. One fabricated Hadith of Bukhari says: Allah has five fingers, on one finger Allah puts sky and on other four fingers different things.  So they take it as, that Allah is a Human being’ which is a kuffar. We are fan of Dr. Bilal Phillips and we love him more than any one. He is one of the greatest speakers we have ever seen. We believe; he is an honest and dedicated Muslim. But What is problem? He did Ph.D; and curricula of all theological degrees in Christianity and Islam are based on corrupted bibles; fabricated Tafseers, forged hadiths and funny contexts. As a result; bigger the degree one have, bigger the Jaahil he is. They are trained to sell lies. Like Salafi sect, Dr. Bilal also thinks that GOD is like a Man; so he cannot be omnipresent. In one lecture Dr. Bilal Phillips was saying: How GOD can be present every where? Because according to him; will GOD be present in washroom too?. This is proof that up to what extent he is a Jahil. He is saying so, because he thinks; GOD is like Humans. But nothing is like GOD & the point of washroom that Bilal has raised, can be applied only to human beings. Can we ask Bilal that when you pray in House of Allah Masjid, like all humans, your intestine are also full of Stool which is more dirty than even washrooms. So should you go to a doctor who will clean your intestines before your entry into Mosque? All these problems in their brain arise because they think Allah is like a Human. No one in our team is advocate of any Sufi.Quran says: Listen all what is being said and take from it the best part. Same is our way. We take only best part and throw away the other one, regardless who said it. Symbolism and Allegory in Glorious Quran – A must info for Beginner-Reader of QuranDeerKabir

O Mentally paralyzed Atheist: That beam of Divine light in you is keeping you alive, otherwise you are a dummy of flesh and bones. When that beam is cut-off; you will be presented in HU’s court to see, how you performed during test/trial on this earth; and your relatives and friends will carry your lifeless dummy of flesh and bone and will rush to any cemetery or cremating center before decay starts. This is the whole truth that you atheist fails to grasp during your life; and during your life on earth, you spend your whole time in running after tangibility and material proofs of Divine Truth; whether in fact Real eternal world is “Spiritual Realm” and this material world is made temp and transient for test. Just like a villager installs tents in a play ground before a marriage party and after when that party is over; you do not see any tent there. Even when your brain is looking at a crow; that crow does not appear in your brain like camera works but appears through signals that brain generates and in fact you do not know that the crow you are looking, if really exists or not but is being shown to you as it is. Same happens when you touch and see any thing. Try to know mystery of brain; how it works. This is reality of your material and tangibility to whom you stick whole life & destine yourself to Fire. So be Wise and believe in Creator who is source of all lives, and thank him in each breath in all awaken conditions. Your all journeys start from HU and Ends at HU.ImmortalPersonQuran_23_99_100An important Information:

According to our in depth research that exceeds three decades in the fields of theology, history, Sufi Saints writings, comparative religions, science, spiritualiy, N.D.E, metaphysics, and Parapsychology;  we conclude that after the Prophets and scriptures of Allah, we have found, that our some Muslim Saints were highly informed about Divine Truth and they were diamonds of Truth include, but not limited to, Saints, Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, Baba Fareed, Rumi, Bullah Shah, Sultan Bahu, Shah Hossein, Baba Nanak & some others. (Note: Our in depth research leads us to believe that Nanak was a Muslim Saint, He never created Sikhism. Sikh-ism was created hundreds of year later and was connected to his name.). Majority of Conventional Mullahs are ignorant in  the field we have mentioned above; so they even declare these saints as Kaafirs. But fact is; that not that Saints but majority of Evil ignorant Mullahs and Freak Imams were and are kaafirs and their role during past 1200 years was no more than role of a deceiver. What they have been preaching to majority of ignorant blindly-folloiwng Muslims has no any relation with the Islam that was perfected upon Last Prophet Mohammad(S) and has been finalized in Noble Quran. We never accept any thing from any Mullahs or imam or Sufi that contradict verses of Quran. This is why we have explained mystic poetry of some saints on this page in the lights of verses of Book of Allah.

KabirReader may ask why we have excluded personal sayings of Prophets & Sihaba [companions of Prophets] from this grading? Answer is that in fact personal sayings of Prophets and their sihaba have been not reached to us in their original form. It has been forged & twisted by Zoroastrian Hadith imams of Persian origin, fanatics & criminals. Besides, It was goal of all Prophets including last Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him to establish the laws that were given in the BOOKS of Allah and they all forbade strictly to write their personal sayings [called hadiths].

Truck_Foreign_MaterialkWhen you are in aeroplane, how will you pray 5 Persian Namaz Rituals facing Kaaba? Allah is present every where [Quran]. in order to talk to Allah Jalla Aala, you are not in need of any direction as HU covers all directions and Allah Jalla Aala is nearer to you than even your neck vein [Quran]. When Allah is nearer to you than even your neck vein then why Prophet was in need of to take ride on a donkey BORAAQ and to fly to any remote parts where Allah lives? Why Eisa son Mary then need to fly alive to meet Allah in any remote part of this universe where Allah Lives? Why you need to take any direction during Quranic Prayers [not rituals] when Allah is present in all directions? If you are a wise, then just these two lines are enough to teach you truth and to shun falsehood. But no any treatment for a subborn brainwashed idiot fanatic.

Hell, Paradise, Allah, spirits[original person] of died people are not far from you but are in fact near to you than your shirt but that all are in another REALM called spiritual Realm. One can only enter in that REALM permanently if he/she dies or temporarily/momentarily with the permission of Allah during sleep or deep coma or during Wajad when a pure Muslim enter in. Otherwise there is Barzakh [a barrier] between you and that Spiritual Realm. And your Naats and droods do not reach to dead person/human Prophet after Barzakh. But Allah does not dies & is Live and listens & see all things. Prophets of Allah used to say Quranic Duas when they were in troubles. we suggest all Muslims to always follow following code of Quran given in verse 2:177:


Three Historical Tragedies:  when civilization of a Conqueror Nation was finally swallowed by the civilization of Conquered Nation

1- When Paul tried to convert Roman Pagans into Christianity he succeeded But Christianity was swallowed by Pagan Roman civilization and what we see today is not Christanity but in fact is Pauline Roman Paganism. Two, the biggest blasphemous evils Son-ship and Trinity 3inone came from Pagan culture. This blasphemy was never ever taught by son of Mary.

2- Arabs Invaded Persian Empire but Pure Arab Islamic civilization was swallowed by Persian Zoroastrian civilization and Now todays Islam is No.2 Persian-brand of Islam; Not that real Islam at all that was perfected upon our Great Master Last Prophet & Messenger SyedeNa Muhammad (PBUH). These Persian Parsi Zoroastrians fabricated 2.3 million hadiths 250-400 years after the death of Prophet against his consent to deface Islam & they successfully diverted almost whole Muslim Umma away from Real Law Source of Islam Noble Quran. They took revenge from Arabs/Islam for their defeat in the hands of Arab military Generals. This well planned revenge is very clearly mentioned in Persian’s history books. Today majority of misguided Muslims seek guidance in this forged Persian crap instead of seeking guidance from Book of Allah Quran which is THE BEST hadith of Allah, Fully detailed, Standalone, Complete, Protected and Preserved. So simple is Islam, what is not in Quran is not mandatory. Prophet said always “Do not take from me any thing except Quran & who has written my personal sayings must erase it”.

3- Muslim Mughals Babar & others  {Successors of Amir Tamoor / Temur} invaded India but their Islamic culture was swallowed by Pagan Hindu civilization. So today we see that Muslim in India are half Hindu and half Muslim. They have adapted many Pagan Hindus practices. Many Muslim Indian Movie stars have married Hindu Pagan women. which in the sight of Quranic law is nothing but a Zina. Even Mughal Indian Muslim emperor Akbar married a Hindu Pagan woman. TenPointts5Rituals2Be careful! about so called wahabees and salafi who preach that Allah is sitting some where on a thrown in Skies like worldly kings. This is a blasphemy and their utter ignorance. As per Quran, Allah does not live in a confined House but no any house/place is without the presence of Allah. Allah is right there where you are. If you can enter in a spiritual Realm, Allah is right there even if you are sleeping at bed [Miraaj Sharif] or if you are sitting under a fig tree [Enlightenment of Siddhartha Buddha] or if you are at mountain Toor [Moses]. You do not need to travel to Allah as Allah is not far from you. We have described the truth but only a wise will understand it.

“To Allah belong the east and the West: Whithersoever ye turn, there is the presence of Allah. For Allah is all-Pervading, all-Knowing” (Quran 2:115)

“O listener! Did you not see that Allah knows all whatever is in the heavens and all whatever is in the earth? Wherever there is any discussion among three He is the fourth present with them, and among five He is the sixth, and there is no discussion among fewer or more except that He is with them wherever they may be; and then on the Day of Resurrection He will inform them of all what they did; indeed Allah knows all things” [Noble Quran 58:7]

“NOW, VERILY, it is We who have created man, and We know what his innermost self whispers within him: for We are closer to him than his neck-vein” (Quran 50:16)

“And while We are closer to him than you, although you see [Us] not” (Quran 56:85)

Quran 2:186: “AND IF My servants ask thee about Me – behold, I am near; I respond to the call of him who calls, whenever he calls unto Me: let them, then, respond unto Me, and believe in Me, so that they might follow the right way”


Masjid Qiblatain and Two Qiblaaz conspiracy: 

This is another fabrication and falsehood that is spread and added by Munaafiks in hadith books that Muslim used to pray toward Masjad Aqsa (in fact neither any Jewish temple of Suleman nor any Mosque existed in the time of our bleoved prophet in Jerusalem. Masad-ul-Haram in Mecca is the oldest house of Allah Subhano Hu on this planet and From the time of Ibrahim PBUH, all Muslims were/are only and only concentrated on Mecca Ka’aaba Masjad-Haraam as their focal point for the DIVINE System of Islam. No where in Quran this is mentioned that Muslim used to pray Five Namaz Rituals toward Jerusalm but fanatics are twisting the truth from centuries by using some false hadiths and blind followers are believing these falsehoods blindly. A truthful Muslim can judge easily here that up to what extent the Fitna of Hadith books has harmed Islam. This was the reason that Prophet himself and 4 guided Caliphs strictly forbid to write any hadith. Even who wrote some books in this regard were collected  and burned in front of people many times. But later Persian Mullahs such as Bukhari muslim ibne maja etc did what was strictly forbidden by Prophet and four caliphs. Mecca is in fact the “United Nations” designated by Allah Jalalla Aala where all disputes among all nations should be resolved.

(Noble Quran 3:96) The FIRST HOUSE appointed for humans/people was that at Bakka: Full of blessing and of guidance for all kinds of beings:

 Note: No where in this verse Five Namaz rituals are mentioned.

 إِنَّ أَوَّلَ بَيْتٍ وُضِعَ لِلنَّاسِ لَلَّذِي بِبَكَّةَ مُبَارَكًاوَهُدًى لِّلْعَالَمِينَ

One person asked other, do you know how to ride a horse. He told YES YES I am high skilled in riding the horse. Then he asked him, Do you know the number of legs of Horse. He answered TWO.
Pupose of this example is, when you have never taken a ride on a horse, then how can you be a skilled rider? When an human with 10 legs does not exist then how can you write a books on that 10 legged man?
As we have discussed in point # 10 & 58 in this page, that Five Namaz Rituals does not exist in Noble Quran, then to face Kaaba or Jerusalem [Al-Qudas] during Five Namaz rituals is out of Question.
Quran in 2:177 blasts rituals by saying “It is not Good deed that you turn your face to East or West; then how Quran then can say “before you were praying Rituals toward Jerusalem and Now pray rituals toward Kaaba?
Quran in no any verse says that you pray Five Namaz rituals facing to Kaaba. Do not read what fanatics always place with in brackets in the translation of Quran. All texts that are placed in brackets in the translation of Quran by bloody criminal sectarian translators, in most cases misguide you. They place these texts in brackets to justify/impose their own unsound believes on reader. It is so simple to realize that Allah has used THE BEST ARABIC in Quran. When Allah have not used brackets, why should one blend his own text in brackets? Leave it as it is. These brackets are one of the main reason to spread false believes of fanatics. One day a friend of mine was listening Quran at TV and during translation, we read “O Prophet Knower of the Ghaib”. I interrupted and told, that this is forgery in translation because Allah says in Quran “O Prophet, QUL say that I do not know any Ilm of Ghaaib & if I have known it, I could have used it for many of my own benefits”. When we checked Arabic text of verse, it was confirmed that That Mullah has forged translation when he was saying “O Prophet knower of Ghaaib” because that evil sect that Mullah belonged to, falsely believes that Prophet was knower of Ghaaib [to know events of future].
Jeusalem was Jewish focal point of their Jewish dogma. Quran says that Muslims should make Majad Al Haraam their focal center for their all activities regarding the implementation of Divine System of Islam [Salaat & Zakat = Islamic administrative & fiscal Management] & Hajj is relevant to that focal center of whole world but they have invented false hadiths to throw stones on Shatan and many other non-believer Meccan’s customs that they used to practice before Islam. The detail of Hajj that Quran gives is enough and not more than that. All customs of Hajj that are not given in Quran are un-islamic & are not mandatory and are from pre-islamic old Pagan Arabs’s customs.

We have already discussed in our pages many kinds of historical forgery such as:

1- Eisa Son of Mary, never told Christians that he was GOD or son of GOD but Christian Priests forged this blasphemy and over 2 billion Christians are following this fable blindly not from 1200 years but from 2000 yrs. Why? Because by nature, we humans are sheeple. Humans love blind following as it is easy path than to investigate every thing himself as Quran ordains us. Water flows to easy path. Mullah tells a story to a fanatic in Mosque and that fanatic believes it as it is told, w/o investigating that what Mullah has told is true or false.

2- In 325 AD, Pagan King Constantine blended blasphemy of TRINITY, and from 1775 yrs, Christians are believing it blindly. why? Because we humans are by nature sheeple.

3- Around 770 AD, Persian Zoroastrian Imams, blended Persian Five Namaz into Islam in the time of Haroon Rasheed Abbasi whom mother was a Zoroastrian Irani & was actual ruler. As a result of that, Muslim are praying 5 Irani Namaz from 1200 years blindly. Why? Because we humans are by nature Sheeple.

4- The incidence of Karbala of Hosain bin Ali R.A never happened but Shia has fabricated whole history of Karbala & even blindly following wahabi and suni believe in this fiction [for proof: Search in Google a free Book: Karbala: Facts or Fiction?

5- Persian Zoroastrian Imams forged hadith of Miraaj in order to blend 5 Irani Namaz into Islam and that fake hadith tells that Prophet took a ride on a donkey Boraaq [that donkey has face of a very pretty woman] and went to Masjad Aqsa [Al-Qudas Jerusalem] to lead Namaz prayer of all Prophets. But all historians know that neither Masjad-Aqsa nor any Jewish temple ever existed in Jerusalem in the time of Prophet. Romans made Jerusalem around Year first AD ground Zero. Al-Aqsa building was built many years after the death of Prophet Muhammad PBUH by Omayyad Caliphs. But majority of blindly following Muslims are believing in this fake story from 1200 years. why? Because we humans are by nature sheeple. One generation follows next generation blindly despite Quran tells us “Never believe in any matter unless you make its full inquiry to realize if it is true or false.”

6- When Namaz itself is forged then how can be there Masjad Qiblatain to pray Five Namaz Rituals? That building was/is far out side the city and was a Jewish Pakooda that was modified by Irani Zoroastrians in the time of Abbasid to support their fake hadiths of Miraaj and to support fake hadith of Zoroastrian Bukhari that Muslims used to pray towards Jerusalem and then Allah ordered them to pray toward Kaaba. These evil Zoroastrian was so clever pro criminals that they not just blended 5 Irani Namaz in Islam but also to show, that it is Islamic, they forged countless hadiths about rituals such as flan Sihabi was praying so and so, prophet said so and so about namaz. Even they physically made that Jewish Pakooda a Mosque to show that Muslims were praying rituals Namaz to Jerusalem & then to Kaaba. But even a very clever thief sometime by mistake could leave at least one sign of his personal print at the location of theft which is later used to catch that thief by police and forensic experts. These Zoroastrian Persian Imams forged Hadith of Miraaj very skillfully as they were pro criminals [read detail of point in this page] but they forgot that during time of Prophet, Masjad Aqsa was not existing. It was bulit from scratch many years after the death of Prophet. This is another conspiracy of Persian Zoroastrians. The city of Jerusalem and its all temples were completely destroyed by Roman Emperor Titus in year 70 A.D. That mean It was destroyed about 500 years before the birth of Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Now reader can use his sense that when in the time of Prophet, no any temple existed in Jerusalem then the story that Jews & also Muslims used to take direction of Their Temple in Jerusalem during Ritual-prayers is nothing but an historic forgery. Masjad Aqsa was built after many years after the death of Prophet. This also confirms that hadith of Miraaj was forged only in order to blend  Five Namaz rituals of Persian Zoroastrians into Islam by Persian Imams. Read full detail “How Hadith of Miraaj was forged” in point# 10 of this page. Search in Google this text and read: “Siege of Jerusalem (70) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”

Good readers of Quran know well that Quran provides witness that even in the time of Prophet there were tons of Monafiks/Hypocrites in Madina and Mecca and these Monafiks used to have built even their own mosques too from where they used to spread evil. Allah had informed Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] from his knowledge not to go in such kind of mosques of Monaafiks. That so called Masjid Qiblatain comes under that category for sure – a conspiracy of monafiks.Any Masjad [mosque] is local parliament of Muslims where Muslims used to gather to discuss problems of Muslim society especially on Friday and used to discuss, how to solve them. Masjad was not place to pray Five Zoroastrian Namaz Ritual until 770 AD when Persians blended their 5 rituals in Islam through forged hadith of Miraaj & invented terms of Drood, Namaz, Hadith and sunna. WhatIsSalatOfQuranFWhen you are flying in plane, how will you pray 5 Persian Namaz Rituals facing Kaaba? Allah is present every where [Quran]. In order to talk to Allah Jalla Aala, you are not in need of any direction as HU covers all directions and Allah Jalla Aala is near to you than even your neck vein [Quran]. All Easts [Mashray-qaan] and wests [Maghray-bain] are of Allah. When Allah is nearer to you than even your neck vein then why Prophet was in need of to take ride on a funny donkey BORAAQ and to fly to any remote part where Allah lives? Why Eisa son Mary then need to fly alive to meet Allah in any remote part of this universe where Allah Lives? Why you need to take any direction during Quranic Prayers [not rituals] when Allah is present in all directions every where? If you are a wise, then just these two lines are enough to teach you truth and to shun falsehood. But no any treatment for a stubborn brainwashed idiot fanatic.

Hell, Paradise, Allah, spirits[original person] of died people are not far from you but are in fact near to you than your shirt but that all are in another REALM called spiritual Realm. One can only enter in that REALM permanently if one dies or temporarily with the permission of Allah during sleep or during deep coma or during Wajad when a pure Muslim enter in. Otherwise there is Barzakh [a barrier] between you and that Spiritual Realm. And your Naats and droods do not reach to dead person/human Prophet after Barzakh. But Allah does not dies & is Live and listens & see all things.

Note that from 750-1258 AD, Persian Zoroastrians were practical Rulers of Islamic Empire in the time of Pro-Irani Abbasid Caliphs. Mother, Bramakka Tutor, Prime Minister Imams wives all of Abbasi Caliph Haroon Rasheed and Mamoon Rasheed were Zoroastrian [Fire-shippers] Iranis. They defaced Islam deliberately during 750-1258 AD to take revenge from Islam, because it was Islam that crushed their Zoroastrian Irani Super power in year 636 AD in the battle field of Qadsia.

Following is magnum opus of Zoroastrian hypocrite Bukhari and Yahoodi Minafak Abu Hurairah (A joint venture)ProphetSolomonAbuHurairahFPlease note that for same story, once Abu Hurairah told 100 wives and in following report 60 wives. He was king of fabricators.Solomon60WivesF

What was/is actual role of Masjid or Masajid (wrongly said in English Mosque) in Islam?

The word Masjid comes from word Sajda or sajood. Majority of Muslims being told from 1250 years that its Sajda mean to prosterate that is further explained as “to place forehead on ground”.

But our majority does not know that in the time of Abbasid Rule all their ministers, consultants & even their Prime Minsters were Zoroastrians or Sabaite Shia from Iran. At that time they waged all out ideological war against Pure Islam (As militarily they were already defeated by Arabs). In first step, they killed all Important Muslim personality like Umar & Uthman, Ali , Hassan & Hussain one by one from hideouts +++. In the 2nd stage of their conspiracy, they removed Omayyad GOV with the evil support of Zoroastrian Abu Muslim Kharasani and brought Abbasid on thrown. In 3rd stage, they fabricated 2.3 millions hadiths so that Muslims should not consult Quran but their fabricated Hadiths. Next step was to do changes in Quran but they failed as they realized, millions Muslim has memorized Quran and this fraud will not work. But they thought, let do some thing that will force next generations of Arabs and Muslim to understand Quran in way they like. Therefore, the first Arabic Dictionary was made up by a team of Persian/Iranis in the time of Abbasid Caliphs. They changed the meanings of over 85000 terms of Quran, though The Arabic text of Quran remained safe as it was. For example they told people the meaning of “Aqimu-Salaat” is to pray 5 Irani-Parsi prayers called Namaz. In same way they translated the word “Sajda” as to prostrate with forehead on ground. People are following the meanings of Persian dictionary from 1250 years blindly. When our scholars do Ph.D in Islam. In fact they do their Ph.D’s in “Persian Brand of Number 02 Islam.

Now we go to Quranic verse 55:6:

وَالنَّجْمُ وَالشَّجَرُ يَسْجُدَانِ

Our Mullahs translate it as: “The plants and trees prostrate (Do Sajda) before Him (Allah)”

Now we ask reader, have you ever seen any Tree and star prostrating on their foreheads on ground to Allah? For sure, you will say – NO.

Our dears: The meaning of Sajda is “to obey divine laws”. The meaning of Masjid is “the place where implementations of Divine laws are discussed”.

So the true translation of verse 55:6 will be: the plants and the trees submit to His designs;, orAnd the stemless plants and the trees humbly submit (to His will); or”The stars and the trees all adore Him (and follow His Laws)”.

Please refer to this site to read comparative translation of Noble Quran at:


Also some useful discussion on this subject is at: Islamicity

Therefore. Masjad does not mean a Place where people place their foreheads on Ground. In fact Masjid in the time of Prophet and 4 Guided Caliphs was a Parliamnent house of Muslims where all  the matters of Umma were discussed, implemented and followed up as per commandments of Quran, For example just like what is in following verse of Quran:

(Noble Quran 2:177) (One obvious result of sectarianism is their pre-occupation with rituals. This is because each sect leaves the Book aside and makes its own set of dogmas they call religion). No wonder, they forget that)

“Righteousness and exponential development of personality is not in that you turn your faces to the East and the West. But righteous is he who has conviction in Allah and the Last Day and the Angels and the Book and the Prophets. And he gives his wealth that he loves in reverence of Him, to: Family and relatives, Orphans, Widows, Those left helpless in the society, Those whose hard-earned income fails to meet their basic needs, Those whose running businesses have stalled, The ones who have lost their jobs, Whose life has stalled for any reason, The disabled, The needy wayfarer, son of the street, the homeless, the one who travels to you for assistance, Those who ask for help, and Those whose necks are burdened with any kind of bondage, oppression, crushing debts and extreme hardship of labor. They (the truly righteous) strive to establish the Divine System, and set up the Just Economic Order. They are true to their promises whenever they make a promise. They remain steadfast in physical or emotional distress and in times of peril. It is they that have proved to be practically true, and it is they, they that indeed journey through life in Blissful honor and security” (also refer to verses 2:3 & 3:92) thank_hayiAllah Jalla Aala says in Quranic verse 29:45, that “behold Slaat restrains [humans] from loathsome deeds and from all that runs counter to reason”; but why still Muslims commit evils?

اتْلُ مَا أُوحِيَ إِلَيْكَ مِنَ الْكِتَابِ وَأَقِمِ الصَّلَاةَ إِنَّ الصَّلَاةَ تَنْهَى عَنِ

الْفَحْشَاء وَالْمُنكَرِ وَلَذِكْرُ اللَّهِ أَكْبَرُ وَاللَّهُ يَعْلَمُ مَا تَصْنَعُونَ

Quran verse 29:45: (O Prophet) convey to people all that is revealed to you of the Book, and establish the Divine System. For, verily, establishment of the Divine System will shut off lewdness, stinginess and behavior contrary to the Divine Values. This is so, because Allah’s Law is the Greatest Law that can give you eminence. And (O People) Allah knows whatever you contrive on your own.

Also ref to verses (21:10), (21:24), (23:70), (43:43-44), (70:21-27) – ‘Fahasha’ includes miserliness and ‘Munkar’ is all behavior that goes against Divine Values given in the Qur’an).

Because meanings of “Akimo Salaat” does not mean to perform 5 daily rituals prayers called Namaz but its meaning is to Establish Divine Law in Society. Therefore, the Divine System will shut off lewdness, stinginess and behavior contrary to the Divine Values.


Glossary – Some Terminology of Noble Quran

As we mentioned above that in 7th Century, Arabs bulldozed two superpowers of that time Romans and Persian Zoroastrian Empire. Persian felt deep humiliation after Muslims finished their Millennia Empire. Arabs were simple great soldiers and were not experienced in conspiracies but Persians had millennia experience of such kind of plays and evils from Centuries. After their humiliating defeat in the hands of Muslim Generals, they planned to take revenge from Muslims. They realized, they were unable to defeat Muslims in battle field, so they planned conspiracies to harm Islam in ideological field. They knew well that whole Power that Muslim draw is from Quran. So they tried to change and corrupt text of Quran but were badly failed, as Allah has protected Quran 15:9 through Huffaaz (A Hafiz=Who memorizes whole Quran). If all the records and books of whole world are thrown in Oceans; It is Book of Quran that will be right back within an hour. Just bring One Hafiz and Print whole Quran. Hafiz though apparently seems a human but in fact is a mobile Quran. Allah has protected his Last Book in such a way that there is NO ANY WAY to change the Quranic text or that any kind of change will be immediately caught by Huffaz. islamdeennotculture

So when Persian failed to change Quranic text, During Abbasid Period from 750-1258 A.D they prepared Pseudo Imams like Bukhari, ImamMuslim, Abu Daud, Niasaee, Tirmzi, Ibne Maja & Shiite’s Yaqoob Kileeni. Note they all were Persians, no one from Arab Land.  Bukhara at that time was under jurisdiction of Persian Empire and Bukhari was also a Persian Zoroastrian disguised under Taqiya. Quran says, Prophet was with best Conduct but Book of Bukhari depicts him the worst person on planet But majority of brainless Mushrik Hadithers kiss ass of Bukhari even without reading his all forged hadiths. A Great Thinker  & Scholar of Islam “Shaykh Abaid-Allah Sindhi writes “I feel shame to teach Book of Bukhari to neo-Muslims”. Duty of that all Persian liar Pseudo-Imams was to fabricate Matans of Hadiths and to forge Chains of Narrations. The reputed Iranian historians has also admitted that our Imams collected nothing but forged all hadiths and their Chains of Narrations from scratch. Target was to disable Quran; so that Ignorant Muslims will place Quran aside and will start to follow their fabricated Books.

Reader must learn that practically, Islamic empire was totally hijacked by Persian Zoroastrians and Shiites during Abbasid Period 750-1258 A.D for 508 years. Five Centuries is not a short Period. In that 508 years, Zoroastrians and Shiites distorted completely faith of majority of Muslims. As a Result, from past 1200 years, majority of Muslims are following fake Persian-Brand of Islam. Due to that, Allah is dropping  curse upon Muslims everywhere. Just see at whole planet, everywhere Muslims are being beaten, killed and crushed. Because they left the Pure Deen of Allah which has been finalized in Quran and started to follow fabricated Hadith Books of Persians that they forged 250-400 years after the death of our beloved Prophet Mohammad The Exalted.

Persians did not stop just at forgery of Millions of Hadiths but During Abbasid Period when Irani Zoroastrian was actual rulers, they were not Arabs but Persian Zoroastrians who made first dictionary of Quranic / Arabic Terms & in that dictionary, they changed the meaning of thousands of Quranic Terms. Same dictionary was being taught in whole Empire. Even Arab students were learning from that dictionary. This is the reason, that after 750 A.D, the most ignorant people for the understanding of Quran are Arabs. Because the Glasses they used over their eyes were/are made of Irani Zoroastrians. Later our Ibleesian Mullahs and Imams has been following that Persian made Terminology from 1200 years, even today. What is result then? Today in 2014 we are about 2.09 Billion Muslims. Not less than 1.5 Billion from them follow fake-Islam that was made-up by Persian Zoroastrians during Abbasid Period.

We have posted below some original Terminology of some Terms of Noble Quran that are taken from roots of Arabic language, and so has no influence of Persian-brand Counterfeited Islam & counterfeited Terminology. At the time of landing of Quran, there was tons of Pure Arabic literature. If you read Arabic literature/poetry of that time, it will provide you with a great help to understand terms of Quran in their real true sense.

We hope, following will help the reader to become familiar with some important actual terminology frequently used in the Qur’an,

Deen = The System of Life = The Divinely Prescribed Way of Life = In a loose sense, ‘religion’,
a ritualistic Way of Life = Any system of life = ‘Religion’ even with a capital R may scarcely come
close in meaning to the term Deen.

Salaat = To follow closely, like a runners-up (Musalli) follows the winning horse (Saabiq) = To
follow Divine Commands closely. trueislamisthis Aqimussallat = Establish the System that facilitates the following of Divine Commands.

Zakaat = The Just Economic Order where everyone works according to one’s capacity and is
compensated according to the needs. People spend on others or give to the Central Authority
(Islamic government) whatever is surplus (2:219). And they do so whenever they earn any income
(6:141). The System of Zakaat is managed by the Central Authority that ensures the development
of the individuals and the society. The 2.5 percent annual mandatory charity is a non-Qur’anic
concept that trivializes the comprehensive Qur’anic System of Zakaat.

Sadaqaat = Charity or alms is meant only for the interim period whenever and wherever the
Divinely Prescribed System of Life is not yet in place.

• Allah wa Rasool = For Central Authority, the Qur’an uses the terms Allah and Rasool (3:32,
4:59). After the exalted Messenger, it is obligatory upon the believers to elect their leadership
through a consultative process in a manner suitable for the times.

• Tilawah = Reciting and studying with reflection.

Awliya = Protecting friends = Allies = Masters.

• Maula = The True Master = Lord Supreme. The extremely common practice of calling a religious
leader as Maulana (Our Master) is a frank, deplorable form of Shirk (associating others with God).
But the clergy take pride in it! Many verses in the Qur’an tell us that there is no Maulana but God
(2:286, 9:51, 10:30, 34:31). It is amazing to note that the Muslim clergy write Maulana with their
names, and with their own hands.

• ‘Ibadah = Obeying God by serving His creation = Worship? – Applies in the sense of ‘worship’ to
idols only. wordsalatinsomeverseifIsraaf = Wasting resources or one’s own ‘self’ = Crossing limits = Moving away from moderation
= Committing excesses in any aspect of life including Religion = Defying Moral Values given in
the Qur’an = Using intoxicants that waste the human ‘self’.

• Ma’siah = Rebelling against God and the rightly guided Central Authority = Disobeying the
law = Disruptive behavior = Disobeying the Word of God and the Messenger as embodied in the

Ifk = Backbiting = Evil scheming = Defaming = Undue criticism = Fault finding = Slander =
Presenting the ’heard’ as ’seen’ = Alarmist behavior.

• Zann = False assumptions about people = Condemnation without investigation = Slander =
Falling for superstitions = Belittling the truth = Following conjecture = Staying out of touch with
• Jurm = Stealing the fruit of others’ labor = Violating human rights = Being guilty of living
subhuman life = Witnessing for falsehood = Depriving others from their rights = Devouring others’
possessions = Not giving share where it is due.

• Takabbur = False pride = Arrogance = Self-glorification = Holding others in contempt = Refusing
to learn and unlearn = Insisting on blind following = Refusing to admit fault = Being forward before
the Divine message = Mocking the truth = Deeming to ‘know it all’ = Considering material goods
higher than moral virtue.

Ghill = Harboring malice in the heart = Failing to forgive people = Looking forward to take
revenge = Plotting to hurt physically, financially or emotionally = Being hateful = Opposition for
the sake of opposition = Incriminating others for personal grudge.

• Ghadhab = Anger. Letting loose virulent emotions = Succumbing to desires = Yelling at people
= Intimidating the weak = Losing self-control = Impulsive attitude.

• Bukhl = Stinginess = Hoarding = Withholding own wealth and person from serving humanity =
Apathy toward the needy = Being greedy.

Laghw = Wasting precious time = Idle talk = Meaningless assemblies = Conspiring = Senseless
play and pastime.

• Sadd = Barring oneself or others from the path of God = Putting forward human thoughts above
the Divine revelation = Hindering immigration from the domain of evil = Antagonizing the Word
of God = Presenting falsehood as truth = Misleading people with conjecture = Hindering the way
to the Divinely ordained System of Life.

• Jadal = Disputation = Argument for the sake of argument = Opposing Divine revelation =
Confusing human thought = Confounding the truth with rhetoric.

• Jinn = Something hidden, rarely seen. So, after using Tasreef, Al-Jinn = The nomads. Jannah
from the same root means a garden hidden in foliage. When the Jinns or nomads move to dwell in
towns and become civilized, they are referred to as Ins.

Ins = Urbanites = Humans including the nomads.

• Faasiqoon (singular, Faasiq) = Those who drift away = Who slip out of discipline = Those who
cross the bounds of what is right = Fruit whose seed slips out = One who transgresses Divine laws
and thus becomes vulnerable to desire and extrinsic challenge.

Fisq = Drifting away from the commands or from discipline = ‘Sin’ = Disregarding moral values.

• Zanb = Tail = Trailing behind = ‘Sin’.

• Sharr = Harming others or one’s own self. Hurting the good potential in others. Injuring people
by any means. Harming the society. Bad conduct = ‘Evil’ = ‘Sin’.

• Sayyeh = Harming others = Disrupting people’s lives = Treating them unfairly = Destabilizing
the lives of others = Failing to fulfill their rights = Injustice = Iniquity = Deceiving in business or
other dealings = Falling short in discharging duties = Favoritism = ‘Sin’.

‘Amal Su = Any action that disrupts the lives of others = ‘Sin’

• ‘Amal Saaleh = An act of social welfare = Helping others = Increasing the societal potential =
Fulfilling needs = ‘Good work’.

Saalehaat = Actions that increase the capabilities of a person or the society = Setting things right
= Helping others.

• Saaliheen = The righteous ones = Those who actualize their own ‘self’ = Who increase human
potential = Who set things right = They help others = Create balance in the society = Fulfill
others’ needs = The capable = Those of admirable faculties = Healthy.

• Birr = Works that lead to exponential growth of the ‘self’ = Creating room for advancement of
all = ‘Good’.

• Abraar = Those who create room for others = Those who create opportunities for others to make

• Khair = A deed or act that endows a person and others with true inner happiness = ‘Good’.

• Hasanah = Creating balance = Any benevolent action = ‘Good’.

• Muhsineen = Doers of good = Benefactors of humanity = Those who create balance in the society.

Tasbeeh from Sabah = Swim with long strides = Strive hard = Apply oneself to a mission =
The non-Qur’anic ‘Rosary beads’.

• Nafs = ‘Self’ = ’I’, ‘Ego’, ‘Personality’, ‘I-amness’, ‘Me’.

• Imaan = Belief = Conviction = Acceptance = Acknowledgement = Embracing the truth.

• Haraj = Difficulty = Burden = Doubt = Hardship = Blame = Tightness in chest.

Kufr = Denial or rejection of the truth = Concealing the truth = Ingratitude = Choosing to live
in the darkness of ignorance = Hiding or covering something = Closing eyes to the light of truth =
Stubborn denial of the truth = Concealing the truth = knowingly oppose the truth = Uncritical
adherence to ancestral views = Trying to be with the majority without discernment.

• Kafir = One given to Kufr = One who adamantly denies or opposes the truth = commonly
translated as ‘infidel’ = Derivatively and positively, a farmer who hides the seed under the soil
(57:20). Therefore, Kufr or Kafir does not apply to the unaware, anyone to whom the message has
not been conveyed or reached.

• Mushrik = Idolater = Pagan = Anyone who ascribes divinity to other than the One True God =
Who associates partners with Him = Who prefers man made tenets = Who worships idols in any
form such as statues, own desire, forces in Nature, any of God’s creation = One who uncritically
follows what others do = A blind follower = One who considers men as authorities instead of the
Divine revelation = Anyone who makes lists of Halaal (permissible) and Haraam (forbidden) from
outside the Qur’an = One who believes in clergy against the Divine revelation = Who adores saints,
political or religious leaders in lieu of God = Who bows or prostrates physically or mentally before
any creation = Who promotes themes, dogmas and tenets contrary to the Qur’an.

• Shirk = The act of being a Mushrik = Associating others with God = Accepting human authorities
parallel to Divine revelation = Sectarianism = Idol worship in any form = Being content with
manmade systems = Worshiping graves, saints, ancestors or one’s own desire = Blind following
or accepting religious information without discernment = Failing to use the Divine Word as the

• Taqwa = Seeking to journey through life in security = Protect oneself from disintegration of the
personality = Journeying in security = Being careful = Getting empowered against evil = Avoid
overstepping the laws = Exercising caution = Preserving the ‘self’ against deterioration = Good
conduct = Building character = Live a life upright = Fear the consequences of violating Divine
Commands = Observing = Being mindful of the Creator = Remaining conscious of the Divinely
ordained Values = Taking precaution = Being watchful against error.

• Muttaqeen = Those who walk on a secure path = Those who seek to journey through life in
security = Those who live a life upright = Those watchful against error = The observant.

• Mukazzibeen = Rejecters of the truth = Those who verbally accept but practically deny the truth
= Those who deny the truth = Who live by conjecture instead of the unalterable Divine laws.

• Zulm = Replace good with evil = Relegating the truth = Transgression = Oppression = Violation
of human rights = Injustice = Wrongdoing = Displacing something from its rightful place = Oppression
= Hurting others or one’s own ‘self’ = Doing wrong to God’s creatures and environment
= Enslaving bodies and minds.

Zaalimeen, Zaalimoon = Oppressors = Those who hurt themselves or others = Who displace
something from its rightful place = Who relegate the truth = Violators of human rights = Those
who prefer to live in the darkness of ignorance = Unjust = Commonly translated as wrongdoers.

Aadam = Adam = Man. His wife = Woman. Udma = Ability to live together as a community.
Aadam from Udma thus, indicates humankind. The word ‘Eve’ or Hawwa is not mentioned in the
Qur’an. She is described with dignity as Mer‘a-til-Aadam = Adam’s Zaujah = Wife, Consort, Mate
of Adam = Mrs. Adam.

• Sajdah = Prostration = Complete submission = Willful obedience = Utter humility = Adoration
= Utmost commitment to Divine cause = Humbling one’s own self.

• Rukoo’ (Bowing) and Sajdah (Prostration) are not confined to the ritualistic physical motions.
They convey a more sublime message of being humble and submitting to God’s commands.

• Khauf = Fear from without. Huzn = Intrinsic depression or grief = Unhappiness = Regret.

• Khushoo’ = Being humbly compliant = Sincerely committed = Being devoted to a noble cause.

• Sabr = Patience = Facing adversity with courage = Steadfastness = Resolve = Perseverance in
hardship as well as ease.

• A’raaf = The Heights = Heights of intellect = Stature of those endowed with faculty of discernment
= The high degrees of those who are better able to distinguish between right and wrong. Singular,
‘Urf = The most elevated part of anything = Easily discernible.

• Shi’ra = Sha’oor = Intellect. Shi’ra is also the Arabic name of the brightest star Sirius in the
constellation Canis Major. It was widely worshiped in ancient Middle East. (53:49)

• Shafa’ah = Stand up as witness to the truth = Intercession = Clearing a falsehood assigned to
someone = Defending the truthful.

• Shukr = Thankfulness = Gratitude in word and action = Bring Divine bounties to the most
fruitful use = Efforts becoming fruitful = Sharing one’s wealth and resources with fellow humans
= Opposite of Kufr (ingratitude) when the context demands it.

• Hudan = Hidayah = Guidance = Right guidance = A lighted road = Journey with prominent
landmarks = A sincere gift = A high rock of identification in the sea = Lighthouse = A fixed sign
in the desert.

• Zall = Shade.

• Ghamam = Clouds. Shade of grace = Being shaded with clouds in the desert is a blessing,
therefore, grace.

• Manna-wus-Salwa = God’s sustenance that reaches all members of the community equitably.
Literally, it also means delicious fruit (Manna) and fowl or quail meat (Salwa).

• Tayyab = Decent and clean = Of one’s liking = Not forbidden in the Qur’an = Good for mind
and body = Pleasant.

• Rijz = Weak, shaky legs = Loss of determination and resolve = Losing individual and collective
strength = Becoming lazy = Replacing action with word.

• Rijs = Unclean = Disapproved = Contaminated = Foul = A barrier to moral development.

• ‘Asa = Staff = Force = Conviction = Support = A united community holding on to a mission as
the five fingers hold on to a cane.

Ihsan = An act of balance = Restoring symmetry and beauty = Social and individual equity =
Selfless service = An act of equity.

• Yateem = Orphan = Who is left alone in the society = Lonely = Without immediate family =
Helpless = Derivatively, a widow.

• Miskeen = The needy poor = One with no means to earn livelihood = The disabled = One whose
life has stalled for any reason = Jobless = Bankrupt of finances = One whose running business has

• Ibn-is-Sabeel = The needy wayfarer, son of the street, the homeless, the one who travels for
assistance, one who seeks asylum against persecution.

• La’nah = Curse = Deprivation of God’s grace = God’s rejection = Condemnation = Losing
citizenship of the Islamic State = To be downgraded = Abasement = Lasting humiliation

• Qat’a yadd = Cutting off the ability. For the so-called cutting of hand, please see 12:31. Yadd =
Hand = Ability = Power.

• Ithm = Any action that depletes individual or communal energy = Actions that deplete individual
and collective potential = Harming human lives = Lewd behavior = Discouraging productive work
= Causing fear or grief by any means = Indulgence in pursuit of pleasure.

• ‘Udwaan and its derivatives = Wedge = Creating distance between hearts = Discord = Crossing
the bounds of law = Committing excesses = Deeds beyond decency = Transgressing moral values.
Creating wedges of discord between people = Causing dissension = Spreading disorder and
corruption = Promoting racial, sectarian and nationalistic hatred.

‘Adu and its derivatives = Enemy = Wedge = Opponent = Causing remoteness = Divider =
Bearer of grudge.

• Duniya = This world = Immediate gains = Short term benefits = Short-sightedness = Disregarding
the Law of Cause and Effect = Forsaking the Future.

• Aakhirah = Hereafter = Life to come = Eternity = Long term = Far-sightedness = Future =
Logical outcome = Tomorrow as built on today.

• ‘Uqba = The Life to come = Ultimate destination = The End = Hereafter.

• Maseer = Destination = Journey’s end = Homecoming.

• Ghadhab = Opposite of blessing = Bitter consequences of misdeeds = Logical results of defying
Divine laws = Physical and mental destitution for defying God = Suffering loss = Incorrectly
translated as anger or wrath in relation to God.

• Ya ayyuhallazeena aamanu is generally, but inaccurately, translated as “O You who believe!”,
“O Believers!”, “O You of faith! O faithfuls!” etc. Firstly, aamanu is a verb. Secondly, attaining
belief must be an act consciously undertaken after due reflection and with free will. ‘Passive’ faith
such as claiming to be a ‘believer by birth’ has no merit in the Sight of God. See 4:136, 12:108.
Also, choosing to believe in truth is a great blessing of God. So, my rendition: O You who have
chosen to be graced with belief!

• Qadeer or Qaadir = The Law-Giver = Supreme Controller = Able to do all things = Powerful
= Almighty = One Who sets due measure for all things and events.

• Shayi = Thing = Derived meaning, event.

• Qaul = Utterance = Thought = Assertion = Tenet = Attitude = Expression.

• Hubb = Love = Full support = Having a common mission. Loving the Almighty = Following His
commands = Loving His creation = Benefiting others. God’s love = His blessings in both lives.

• Ghafarah = Helmet and armor = Protection = Preservation against deterioration = Forgiveness.

Wakeel = Advocate, guardian, warder, warden, defender, custodian, responsible for the outcome.

• ‘Ilm = Knowledge = Science.

• Yasha in reference to God = Through His laws = Common mistranslation, ‘as He pleases’.

• Bahl = To leave alone = Let someone hold on to his views = Let others do as they will = Erroneous,
but common non-Qur’anic term from Bahl, Mubahila = A contest of mutual cursing!

• Taair = Omen = Destiny = Registration of deeds = Fleet-footed horse = Bird.

• ’Azaab = Torment = Chastisement = Punishment = Suffering, as a natural consequence of transgressions
according to the Law of Cause and Effect.

• Ma’roof = Virtue = Kindness = All that is good = Declared Ma’roof by the Qur’an.

• Munkar = Vice = Evil = All that is wrong = Declared Munkar by the Qur’an.

• Shuhada = Witnesses = Those who uphold the truth even with their lives and those
slain in the cause of God = Commonly translated as martyrs.

• Azwaaj = Spouses, Zaujah is wife and Zauj means husband.

• Hoor = Houri = Modest, intelligent companions, male or female. Unfortunately, this word has
been almost invariably translated as ‘gorgeous women with big eyes’. Hoor applies to men and
women both. The male gender is Ahwar and the female is Hawra. Again, Hoor = Men and women
of vision who are modest and delightful companions.

Khiyaam = Blessed shady environment, instead of the literal ’tents or pavilions’.

• Shaqq and derivatives = To split = Fall apart = Schism = Fall into disputes = Opposition =
Oppose one another = Splitting of personality = Break apart the unity = Enmity.

• Haml = Pregnancy = Accept = Bear = Interestingly also the opposite meaning: Betraying the
trust (33:72).

• Haraam = The above can compare well with Haraam = Forbidden = And the opposite, Sacred.
A good example in English is the word CLIP meaning cutting as well as joining.

• Halaal = Permissible.

• Jibt = Baseless mysteries, magic, future-telling, astrology, clairvoyance, evil eye, good and bad
omens, ‘occult’ sciences, amulets, interpretation of dreams and prophecies (except by a Prophet),
palm-reading, soothsaying, superstitions of all kind, demon or jinn-possession of people, exorcism,
blowing verses and senseless words on people or in food and drink, counting names on rosaries.

• Taaghoot = Those who, in rebellion to the One True God, claim to have Divine powers or try to
portray themselves as His representatives, Sufis, mystics, deceptive priesthood, clergy, tyrants =
Those who try to play god.

• Tagha = Rebellion. Idols of stones cannot rebel, therefore, they cannot be Taaghoot.

• Bayyinaat = Clear evidences.

• Lillah = For God = For the sake of God = In the cause of God = Belonging to God = Being
subservient to Him = Working to fulfill the Divine Plan.

• Saabir = Steadfast = Persevering = Determined = Patient in ease and adversity.

• Qisaas = The duty of tracing an offender for just recompense.

• Baheema-tul-An’aam = The herbivorous cattle = Plant-eating quadrupeds = Livestock.

• Azlaam = Divining arrows = The conjecture of foretelling the future = Raffle = Lottery = Clairvoyance
= Dividing things or time for one another through randomly picking up slips of paper.

• Fasaad = Bloody crimes = Spreading corruption in the land = Creating disorder.

• Waseelah = Seeking earnestly = Applying the mind and heart to reach a noble goal. Zikr =
Reflection = Remembrance = Observation = Reminder = Commemoration = Raise in degrees =
Celebrate = Magnify = Give eminence = Taking to heart = Keeping in mind.

Source: http://is.gd/ZBElOU ToFollowQuranIStoFollowProphetQuran_6_114NTaqleedisCurse24c9XjjjHow you can establish-Salat?

Allah says: his Quran is complete and fully detailed, and it explains EVERY THING that is needed in Islam 16:89. . So If Map of India or map of Saudi Arabia is not given in Quran, then that mean, Maps of India and Saudi Arabia are not part of Divine System of Islam (DEEN) (but of Geography). If Quran does not tell you, with which hand you should drink water; that’s mean, Quran has left this option to you. Aqimu-Salat is to Establish-System of Salat in a Muslim Society; and Components of a System are laws, rules regulation, ethics and moral codes. When you follow all laws codes ethics morality, and regulations of Divine system that has been finalized in Quran, that mean, you are supporting System of Salat. Meditation upon Allah in all awaken conditions when one is working lying-down walking standing is just a small part of System of Salat and meditation(be mindful about Allah) is not rituals. This is why, we do not find any unit of any Shia Sunni ritual in Complete and fully detailed Quran. For example, When you promise and do not break promise, you are following system of Salat, when GOV beats 100 stripes to a Zani, that mean, GOV is establishing system of Salat. When GOV beat 80 stripes to that evildoer who placed a slander on a chaste lady, that’s mean, GOV is establishing system of Salat. If Islamic Authority (GOV) provides you with justice as per Divine laws of Quran, then that’s mean, GOV is following system of Salat. If you are teaching your kids Arabic with intention that they will understand book of Allah, then you have taken a forward step toward success of system of Salat. If GOV follows law of requital (Qisas), that’s mean, GOV is following System of Salat. If GOV is arresting terrorists, robbers and dacoits and crucifying them as per 5:33, then GOV is establishing system of Salat. If Islamic Courts follow divorces laws exactly as per rules of Quran, (not from fabricated Sunna and hadiths and Mullahs and Imams) then that courts are following system of Salat. In case of attack, if your GOV is defending Muslim State, then GOV is following system Salat. For complete establishment of System of Salat, please read Noble Quran. For example, it verse 22:41, if you match “POWER” with Rituals, it never matches at all. 99% Translations of Quran are twisted. Quran22_41When you provide help and services to your parents, family, relatives, and other needy and poor HUMANS, that’s mean you are establishing System of Salat 2:177. Also note, that verse 2:177 forbids rituals and ordains a Muslim “Philanthropy”. A True Muslim is in fact a “Philanthropist” 2:177. When on Friday, Muslims gather in Mosque after doing Wadu (Quran 5:6) and discuss problems and solutions of Muslim community in the light of Divine Laws of Quran, that’s mean, they all are following System of Salat and they are OBEYING Allah. Meaning of Ya’bo.doon is not to worship, as Mullahs are deceiving we blindly following Muslims from 1200 years. Ya’bo’doon has roots in Ibada>>Abeed and Abeed mean “Slave”. Does a slave worship his owner(Malik) or he obeys his orders? Of course, Slave obeys his orders. We all are (ABAD-Abeed) Slaves of Allah & Prophets were too Abeed of Allah. So duty of Prophets was and our duty is to obey orders of Allah. Word “worship” is relevant only to Pagan’s idol-worship or Zoroastrian worship for Fire. When you are implementing on the laws of BOOK of Allah, You are establishing system of Salat. Salat>>Mosalli is that horse who is in second position in Horse-race, and runs so closely to Number-1 horse (Sabiq) that its ears, brush with Sala (Back) of Sabiq(leading Horse). So a Muslim A Mosalli must follow closely all commandments of Quran and that is Salaat. If you like, You can meditate upon Allah at morning, at night, in day, any time: Remember, Quran is not book of theocracy and rituals but of Divine Sociology 2:213, 2:177, 6:114. TrueMuslimWhois



Quran24_55_56BswuI1r-4IcrrAIOOazAfter blending Five Zoroastrian rituals in Islam through forged hadith of Miraaj, these Professional forgers such as Bukhari and others, forged many many nonsensical hadiths like following one in order to further reinforce their Rituals-forgery.HadithAndAli



Quran2_177CoreMessageCallOutEssenesFollowing is record from one the most recognized historians of First Century. Though in historical records, not every thing is 100% authentic but even if not all, but most of following text appears sound and credible to us. After reading following text, reader is requested to compare character of Essene (Hawaari’yoon of Quarn 3:52) with the character of followers of Paul that we call Christians. In following text (relevant to Essence) Important lines are highlighted with Red font and blue font color shows comments of Team Factszz:

The Essene; although Judeans by ancestry, they are even more mutually affectionate than the others. Whereas these men shun the pleasures as vice, they consider self-control and not succumbing to the passions virtue. And although there is among them a disdain for marriage, adopting the children of outsiders while they are still malleable enough for the lessons they regard them as family and instill in them their principles of character: without doing away with marriage or the succession resulting from it, they nevertheless protect themselves from the wanton ways of women, having been persuaded that none of them preserves her faithfulness to one man. There is also a different order of Essene. Though agreeing with the others about regimen and customs and legal matters, it has separated in its opinion about marriage. For they hold that those who do not marry cut off the greatest part of life, the succession, and more: if all were to think the same way, the line would very quickly die out.

Since [they are] despisers of wealth—their communal stock is astonishing—, one cannot find a person among them who has more in terms of possessions. For by a law, those coming into the school must yield up their funds to the order, with the result that in all [their ranks] neither the humiliation of poverty nor the superiority of wealth is detectable, but the assets of each one have been mixed in together, as if they were brothers, to create one fund for all. They consider olive oil a stain, and should anyone be accidentally smeared with it he scrubs his body, for they make it a point of honor to remain hard and dry, and to wear white always. Hand-elected are the curators of the communal affairs, and indivisible are they, each and every one, [in pursuing] their functions to the advantage of all.

No one city is theirs, but they settle amply in each. And for those school-members who arrive from elsewhere, all that the community has is laid out for them in the same way as if they were their own things, and they go in and stay with those they have never even seen before as if they were the most intimate friends. For this reason they make trips without carrying any baggage at all—though armed on account of the bandits. In each city a steward of the order appointed specially for the visitors is designated quartermaster for clothing and the other amenities. Dress and also deportment of body: like children being educated with fear. They replace neither clothes nor footwear until the old set is ripped all over or worn through with age. Among themselves, they neither shop for nor sell anything; but each one, after giving the things that he has to the one in need, takes in exchange anything useful that the other has. And even without this reciprocal giving, the transfer to them [of goods] from whomever they wish is unimpeded.

Toward the Deity (God), at least: pious observances uniquely [expressed]. Before the sun rises, they utter nothing of the mundane things, but only certain ancestral prayers (seems Dua/Adore God) to him, as if begging him (Clearly it seems Dua) to come up. After these things, they are dismissed by the curators to the various crafts that they have each come to know, and after they have worked strenuously until the fifth hour they are again assembled in one area, where they belt on linen covers and wash their bodies in frigid water (mean normal cold water refer to Quran 5:6). After this purification they gather in a private hall, into which none of those who hold different views may enter: now pure themselves, they approach the dining room as if it were some [kind of] sanctuary. After they have seated themselves in silence, the baker serves the loaves in order, whereas the cook serves each person one dish of one food. The priest (seems Dua) offers a prayer before the food, and it is forbidden to taste anything before the prayer; when he has had his breakfast he offers another concluding prayer (Dua like thanking GOD, you have granted us Rizk). While starting and also while finishing, then, they honor God as the sponsor of life (Sustainer). At that, laying aside their clothes as if they were holy, they apply themselves to their labors again until evening. They dine in a similar way: when they have returned, they sit down with the visitors, if any happen to be present with them, and neither yelling nor disorder pollutes the house at any time, but they yield conversation to one another in order. And to those from outside, the silence of those inside appears as a kind of shiver-inducing mystery. The reason for this is their continuous sobriety and the rationing of food and drink among them—to the point of fullness.

As for other areas: although there is nothing that they do without the curators’ having ordered it, these two things are matters of personal prerogative among them: [rendering] assistance and mercy. For helping those who are worthy, whenever they might need it, and also extending food to those who are in want are indeed left up to the individual (Please refer to Quran 2:177); but in the case of the relatives, such distribution is not allowed to be done without [permission from] the managers. Conc anger, just controllers; as for temper, able to contain it; of fidelity, masters; of peace, servants. And whereas everything spoken by them is more forceful than an oath, swearing itself they avoid, considering it worse than the false oath; for they declare to be already degraded one who is unworthy of belief without God. They are extraordinarily keen about the compositions of the ancients, selecting especially those [oriented] toward the benefit of soul and body. On the basis of these and for the treatment of diseases, roots, apotropaic materials, and the special properties of stones are investigated.

To those who are eager for their school, the entry-way is not a direct one, but they prescribe a regimen for the person who remains outside for a year, giving him a little hatchet as well as the aforementioned waist-covering and white clothing (Hawari’yoon f Quran 3:52). Whenever he should give proof of his self-control during this period, he approaches nearer to the regimen and indeed shares in the purer waters for purification, though he is not yet received into the functions of communal life. For after this demonstration of endurance, the character is tested for two further years, and after he has thus been shown worthy he is reckoned into the group. Before he may touch the communal food, however, he swears dreadful oaths to them: first, that he will observe piety toward the deity; then, that he will maintain just actions toward humanity; that he will harm no one, whether by his own deliberation or under order;StatOf20thCentury2that he will hate the unjust and contend together with the just; that he will always maintain faithfulness to all, especially to those in control, for without God it does not fall to anyone to hold office, and that, should he hold office, he will never abuse his authority—outshining his subordinates, whether by dress or by some form of extravagant appearance; always to love the truth and expose the liars (Refer to Quran 2:42); that he will keep his hands pure from theft and his soul from unholy gain; that he will neither conceal anything from the school-members nor disclose anything of theirs to others, even if one should apply force to the point of death. In addition to these, he swears that he will impart the precepts to no one otherwise than as he received them, that he will keep away from banditry, and that he will preserve intact their school’s books and the names of the angels. With such oaths as these they completely secure those who join them.

Those they have convicted of sufficiently serious errors they expel from the order. And the one who has been reckoned out often perishes by a most pitiable fate. For, constrained by the oaths and customs, he is unable to partake of food from others. Eating grass and in hunger, his body wastes away and perishes. That is why they have actually shown mercy and taken back many in their final gasps, regarding as sufficient for their errors this ordeal to the point of death.

Now with respect to trials, [they are] just and extremely precise: they render judgment after having assembled no fewer than a hundred, and something that has been determined by them is non-negotiable. There is a great reverence among them for—next to God—the name of the lawgiver, and if anyone insults him he is punished by death. They make it point of honor to submit to the elders and to a majority. So if ten were seated together, one person would not speak if the nine were unwilling. They guard against spitting into [their] middles or to the right side and against applying themselves to labors on the seventh days, even more than all other Judeans (Zoroastrian Hadith Imams allow Hadithers to spit even during Non-Quranic Five Zoro-Rituals): for not only do they prepare their own food one day before, so that they might not kindle a fire on that day, but they do not even dare to transport a container—or go to relieve themselves. On the other days they dig a hole of a foot’s depth with a trowel—this is what that small hatchet given by them to the neophytes is for—and wrapping their cloak around them completely, so as not to outrage the rays of God, they relieve themselves into it [the hole]. After that, they haul back the excavated earth into the hole. (When they do this, they pick out for themselves the more deserted spots.) Even though the secretion of excrement is certainly a natural function, it is customary to wash themselves off after it as if they have become polluted. (As no modern toilets existed in those days and no any method could be better, clean and hygienic than the method they adopted)

They are divided into four classes, according to their duration in the training, and the later-joiners are so inferior to the earlier-joiners that if they should touch them, the latter wash themselves off as if they have mingled with a foreigner. [They are] long-lived, most of them passing 100 years—as a result, it seems to me at least, of the simplicity of their regimen and their orderliness. Despisers of terrors, triumphing over agonies by their wills, considering death—if it arrives with glory—better than deathlessness. The war against the Romans proved their souls in every way: during it, while being twisted and also bent, burned and also broken, and passing through all the torture-chamber instruments, with the aim that they might insult the lawgiver or eat something not customary, they did not put up with suffering either one: not once gratifying those who were tormenting [them], or crying. But smiling in their agonies and making fun of those who were inflicting the tortures, they would cheerfully dismiss their souls, [knowing] that they would get them back again.

For the view has become tenaciously held among them that whereas our bodies are perishable and their matter impermanent, our souls endure forever, deathless: they get entangled, having emanated from the most refined ether, as if drawn down by a certain charm into the prisons that are bodies. 155 But when they are released from the restraints of the flesh, as if freed from a long period of slavery, then they rejoice and are carried upwards in suspension. pulses of the bad are impeded by anxiety, as they expect that even if they escape detection while living, after their demise they will be subject to deathless retribution. Team Factszz thanks to author of following page which is source of above-given text :



Please Click here in order to read Laws of of  Noble Quran relevant to above-posted diagram

frjufsIslam a Challenge to ReligionReligionOfMullahquran2_177pluspicritualSalat_VersesMany brothers and sisters who visited this page, have asked us to explain the verses of Noble Quran that contain word of “Salat”. Following first-two links show translation of Quran that is done under the light of that Arabic literature which existed during the landing of Quran 1400 years ago. Please open that two links and read the translation of any verse that contains word “Salat. In other links, word “Salat is further explained. Therefore; we suggest reader, spare time, and go through all links that are given below in order to have full concept and understanding of word “Salat”. All links are safe, so trust us and do not worry at all. Thank you.

1-How Quran explains itself? What mean Salat Fajr , Wusta and Isha- Read relevant Quranic verses etc. Tolueislam site is under complete update. So be patient


2- Exposition of Quran


When Quran tells us about “Aqimu-Salat (to Establish Divine System); Our translators translate it as “5 Daily Zoroastrian Rituals” that has no any unit or detail in Quran. And Quran is complete, fully detailed and it explains every thing that is needed in Islam 16:89

Islamic empire was hijacked by Persian Zoroastrians for 508 years under Abbasid Rule from 750-1258 A.D. Almost all Ministers, tutors and consultants of Abbasid were Zoroastrians. Even their wives and mothers were Zoroastrians. For example, mother of Caliph Harun Rashid “Khaizroon” was a Zoroastrian who blended Five Zoroastrian rituals in Islam in 8th century. Abbasid (by DNA) were half-Muslim and half Zoroastrians. All distortion in Islam came in their Period.

1200 years ago, first dictionary of Quran from Arabic to Persian then from Persian to Urdu and English was made up, not by Arabs, but by Zoroastrians during Abbasid Period. They tried but failed to change text of Quran, because just one Hafiz could challenge any change 15:9. So now they changed meaning of thousands of Terms of Quran in the Satanic dictionary they introduced. Our all Schools and Universities are following that terms which were translated by Zoroastrian Persians from past 1200 years. This is why, higher the degree in Islamic theology one has, the bigger ignorant he is. Why? Because, their curricula in Ph.D is based on fake Persian dictionary invented 1200 years ago and is based on millions of fabricated Hadiths. So a farmer who never went to school will have much less distorted brain about Islam than our Ph.D Mullahs who read lies, preach lies, and stuck to lies their whole life. In order to understand real meanings of Quranic terms, one must study Arabic literature in depth that existed at the time, when Quran was landing through wahi.

Besides, in order to disable Quran, Zoroastrians hired a Government Employee a Mullah known as Imam Shafi who invented Satanic innovations of Hadith and Sunna, so that, Persians now could forge million of fabricated hadiths in the name of Prophet. But they faced another dilemma, that many forged hadiths contradicted Quran. So to overcome this hurdle, Zoroastrians told Imam Shafi to invent evil of ABROGATION. Now any forged hadith that contradicted Quran, they declared, that relevant verse of Quran, has been abrogated. Please note that all the authors of six canonized hadith books labeled as Sihe Sitta were from Zoroastrian Persia the employees of Zoroastrians ministers. They all the six were hypocrites. Read our page on this subject linked at our Main Page.

Please Read English translation of all verses of Quran in which word Salat is used at:


This above-given translation is done in the light of Querashi-Dialect and the Arabic literature that existed when Quran was landing.

Also read our full page on Five Rituals at:


Also read: Abrogation The greatest lie against Noble Quran. Please click on following picture to enlarge it.AbrogationTheGreatestLie2ShiaorSunniNoPriesthoodInIslamhttps://factszz.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/priesthood-mullahism-theocracy-and-pseudo-scholarship-has-no-place-in-islam/

















Important_Callout2SheraziAndMullahDebateMullah’s email to Akhtar Sherazi:

You (Sherazi) insist on the Quran and reject the Sunnah (Practice) of the holy prophet of Islam. You have cited many verses signifying the Quran as the only source of the Islamic laws and teachings. No body denies this truth. But I am trying to say that The Quranic verses need interpretation and practice. Suppose the Quran says “offer prayers”. How can we pray? Should we invent some exercise of standing and sitting? We have to pray as the holy prophet prayed. As I earlier mentioned that the Quran is an ideology and the prophet is its’ picture by practice. We can not change the basics of the Quran but we can interpret them in the light of modern sciences and needs of time. Hence, we can say that the basic source of law is the Quran and the prophet practiced it. There are basic laws in the Quran and we can make new laws and regulations in the light of Ijtehad. The Quran and the Sunnah are complementary to each other.

Akhtar Sherazi answers Mullah as under:

Firstly, I would like to clarify that the Quran does not instruct Muslims to ‘offer prayers’. I do not know how Mohammad was praying because I was not over there but I do know one thing with confidence from the Quran that Mohammad was completely unaware of present kind of Zoroastrians five Namaz and Jews prayers. How Mohammad could give his nation the present form of prayers which is the main cause of the bloodshed in the mosques and disintegration in the Muslim society? This worship has destroyed the unity of the Muslims. Do you think Mohammad could give his nation dissimilar rituals of worshiping which is the main cause of hatred and disintegration among the Muslims on account of following reasons?

a- Efferent Nimaz or prayers for Shiah and Sunni.

b- Different Aazan [call for pray] for Sunni and Shiah.

c- Different kind of wadoo for Sunni and Shiah

The below are some logical questions, about Nimaz. Would you please ask your learned Shiah and Sunni Imams to provide me answers of my apprehensions? [Condensed from my book titled “Administrative and the Economic system of the Quran.]”

Allah authoritatively declares through various verses; the Qur’an presents the code dealing with the practical life of humans, making it easy for them to manage their normal, daily routines. However, if a person asks the Islamic priests, the command for practicing five daily prayers does not exist in the last revelation, they, immediately, come out with their typical response, “One cannot find everything in the Qur’an. For this particular subject, one has to consult Ahadith and Sunnah”. Don’t you think, this weird and bizarre statement coming from you, the priesthood, is not a deceptive answer, a derogatory declaration, and defiance against Allah’s proclamation, when Allah proclaims, “We have revealed the complete code of life for the entire humanity 16:89?2015-04-30_1837371. If one further argues that, in the case of inheritance, Allah went into the details of shares for each family member, and used fractions like 1/2 and 1/6th to guide the people. Why then, there is not even a single passing reference about the prayers and supplications or for that matter Dua in the last revelation of Allah? If these are so important and provide the only ladder to the coveted Junnah [paradise], then why Allah does not mention even minor details of daily prayers in the Qur’an. Would you please like to answer that query?

2. Allah has provided clear information about the month of fasting in the Qur’an; then why, the same Allah, ignores the important topic, pertaining to the ritual of Sallat? Do you have a rejoinder for that one?

3. Why the Qur’an does not specify timings for prayers? Who created these and why? Would you like to comment on that?

4. If the Iranian Nimaz or supplication is an essential element of Al-Deen Islam, then why the names of five daily prayers: Fajar, Zohar, Asar, Mugrab and Isha are non-existent in Allah’s final Book? If these are non-existent in the Qur’an, then where from did these originate, and who was the originator? How do you view that important topic?

5. Why the Qur’an is completely silent about the number of the component rakats [modules] of various prayers such as Sunnat, Fard, Nafal, Vitar, and Traveh? Where did these come from, and who were the perpetrators of such blasphemy? Do you have any answer?

6. Why does the Quran not identify the verses suitable for recitation in each rakat of every prayer? What do you say about that?

7. Atta-Hyatt, an essential component to be recited before the completion of each module of prayer, consisting of two Rakats, is not available in the Qur’an. Who wrote and introduced this Arabic passage for the Nimaz, [prayer] and how did they dare to equate this human insertion with the text of Allah? Come out with your response!

8. Where does the Qur’an mention that recitation of Surah Al-Fatiah is compulsory in every Rakat of each Nimaz? How do you look at that aspect of Iranian Nimaz?

9. If one points out, ‘well the Farad modules of all prayers are for Allah, and the Sunnat component is for Mohammad,’ the Muslim priests would gladly agree. Now, here a question pops up; the companions of Mohammad, during his lifetime, used to perform Farad for Allah, but what did they used to do during Sunnat? It seems ridiculous for the last Messenger to declare his personal prayer. Did he use to sit in front of his praying companions, while they performed the ritual in his name? Conversely, it means during Farad they bowed down to Allah, but during the performance of Sunnat, they doubled over in front of Mohammad. It is evident that along with worshiping Allah, they offered adulation to Mohammad by executing his Sunnat, but it could have never happened, as it would tantamount to challenging Allah’s unique and exclusive position within the universe. Therefore, the Sunnat prayer constitutes an antithesis of Allah’s declaration of solitary existence [Towheed]. Would you like to contradict the above statement?

10. The term Allah-o-Akhabar is a repetitive and essential constituent of all prayers, but why it does not appear anywhere in the Qur’an? Have you ever thought about that?

11. All Muslim sects claim that Sallat or prayers, without Qayyam, Rakooh and Sajood, are incomplete, but all of them execute funeral prayers [supplication not recommended by the Qur’an] without those essential elements, Rakooh and Sajood. Is it possible, Allah could come up with such contradictory commands? How do you explain that paradox?

12. The Shi’ah begin their Wadu or ablution from the feet, in contrast to the Sunni, who begin with the face first. Can Allah issue such stupid and inconsistent commands? Do you agree or go the other way?

13. The followers of Khalifa Arashad confirm [Moslem. Org. edited by Edip Yuksel], one can pray naked, in one’s own privacy. It may be all right to do so in a nudist club, where all members are naked in an exclusively secluded spot. Would it be all right to visit such a sexy environment for supplication? Would you condemn the command of Khalifa Arashad or go there for the fun?

14. Is it possible to identify even a single verse of the Qur’an, which issues specific command on the subject of funeral prayers? Come out with your rejoinder, if you have any!

15. Which verse or, verses of the Qur’an provide details about Eid-ul- Fitar prayer? Please tell the Ummah if you know!

16. Does the Qur’an mention Eid-ul-Dahha prayer in any verse, and where is it written for the Muslims to follow the Sunnah of Abraham, pertaining to the sacrificial lamb?

17. Does the Qur’an instruct the Sunni Muslims to celebrate the festival of Eid-e-Meellaad-un- Nabi, through any verse? What do you say about that?

18. Sahih Bukhari presents separate Darood-o-Salam, for the Sunni sect! The question arises; from where did he get anecdotal eulogies for the last Messenger of Allah, and who authorized such extreme variations among various Muslim sects? Do you have any information about that topic?

19.Aazan and Ata-Hayyat, two fundamental ingredients of Sallat lack authentication of the Qur’an. Undoubtedly, all these practices are time wasting rituals, which can never be an integral part of the dynamic charter of rights and obligations the Qur’an presents to the entire humanity. In addition, every sect, including Shi’ah, Sunni, Isamali, Wahabi, and the followers of Khalifa Arshad of the USA, have basic differences in their way of praying, contradicting the Qur’an’s claim; this book is free of conflicts. How would you react to that factual statement?

20. Shi’ah has different Aazan (prayer call) as compared to their Sunni counterparts. Can you identify, which one is in line with Allah’s commandments?

21. The word Sallat has appeared 67 times in the Qur’an and at most spots; it is followed by the term Zakkat. This in simple term means, administration and fiscal management of an Islamic state.The Islamic priesthood has made a blatant violation of the Arabic lexicon and syntax, by translating Sallat into an Iranian word Nimaz. The five prayers per day is a figment of some demented mind’s imagination or, had been a deliberate attempt to derail the dynamic program of government formation, under the charter of the Qur’an. This twisted introduction into the divine social order has destroyed the effectiveness of Allah’s constitution, given to the human beings for having a successful, prosperous, and secure way of life, in this world. Sunni, Wahabi and Shi’ah pray five times a day, while the followers of Agha Khan and those of Ballagh-ul-Quran establishment in Pakistan opt for three prayers a day. Both of the latter sects claim; three times supplication is better than five times, as it saves valuable time, and constitutes a straight passage to heaven. Would you please comment on this terminal issue from the viewpoint of the Qur’an?

22. Iqam, Ruku, and Sajjdah are integral constituents of all prayers except the funeral. The following Duas are recited in all prayers on daily basis:

* Before starting the prayer, the worshipper has to say in the mute mode, ‘Auzu billahi- minash-shayta nirrajeem’ [I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytian (devil), the evicted one].

* In the starting Rakat, the following Dua is recited:

Subbhanak Allahumma wa bihamdika wa tabarakasmuka wa taala jadduka wa la ilaha ghayruk [Glory to you, O Allah! And praised be the blessed name of our forefathers.

* Saying Ameen loud during the prayers of Fajar and Isha is considered essential.

Note: Jews and Christians also do the same drill with Ameen in their prayers.

* The following bunched up Addyyah [plural of Dua] are conspicuously absent from the Qur’an:

Subhana Rabbi Al-Azeem [during Kneeling]; Subhan Kallah huma wa Bihamdika [during Iqaam]; Sami Allah Huleman Hamdah [reverting to Iqam] and Rabbana wa alakal hamd [a rejoinder at Iqam]; Subhana rabbi yallala [recital during Sajjdah]

Do you happen to know, who invented these fake expressions, resembling the text of the Qur’an, and why? Do you acknowledge, writing any material resembling that of the last revelation is an unpardonable criminal offense?

23. According to the Muslim faith, the five daily prayers were awarded to Mohammad, because of the incident of his Ascension, Allah knows where. As per the Ahadith on the subject, Mohammad became a kind of yo-yo between Allah and Moses, because Moses was calling the shots in opposition to Allah, and he sent Mohammad back to Him about ten times to get the final tally of the fasting days and number of prayers. Here the question arises; the earlier Messengers of Allah used the same term Sallat, but did not get the command of Nimaz; how do you explain that discrepancy? Furthermore, they never received any invitation to visit Allah’s abode, wherever it is. Why did Allah maintain such an enormous discrimination, between Mohammad, and the previous Messengers? This is not fair because their nations were saved from the stipulation of Sallat ritual, which, indeed, is nothing but Iranian Nimaz. What logical answer you can come up with for that ridiculous account?

24. According to the crap Iranian ‘literature’ based upon Ahadith and Sunnah, Mohammad, before soaring towards Allah’s abode through deep space, without even a space suit, led the prayer attended by all previous Messengers of Allah, except Jesus, who was resting at the fourth level of heaven. Isn’t a glaring discrepancy existing here? How could Mohammad lead any prayer before having tête-à-tête with Allah? The command of prayers had yet to be given to him. If it was not the regular, run of the mill, prayer, what kind of supplication was it? Don’t you think all this silliness about prayers is simply mind-blowing?

25. All nouns in the verses of Surah Al-Fatihah are in the plural form. Recitation of this Surah in a group supplication [Ba Jamat] makes sense, as more than one person are doing the recitation But when an individual supplicant recites the same seven verses, he is not praying at all, but performing a mockery of the Arabic syntax. What would you say about that?

26. According to the Quran, all previous Messengers of Allah including Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Ishmael, Lot, Isaac, Zachariah and Shuaib had used the term Sallat in the verses, 10: 87; 14:40; 19:31; 19:55; 21:73; 3:39; 11:87. Do you think they should also have got involved with this ridiculous business of praying? Why did Allah let them go scot-free and did not order them to do some supplication?

27. The Muslims are performing the rituals of prayers and Hajj, besides scores of others for the last twelve centuries, but as an Ummah, they are facing worsening situation day by day. At the biggest Muslim congregation of Hajj, they do all kinds of supplications, and offer Dua, but what is the result? ‘Nothing at all, besides a big fat zilch.’ Allah does not listen to them, because they are violating the code of the Qur’an by performing ceremonials, which the last revelation strictly forbids. Can you propound any theory, about the failure and ineffectivess of Sallat, over the centuries?

28. Do the following terms not constitute Shirk, in the opinion of Muslim clergy [offense against Allah’s code]?

* The Quran from Allah and Ahadith from Mohammad

* Farz Rakats for Allah and Sunnat for Mohammad

* Allah’s Qur’an requires terribly twisted Iranian fabrications in the form of Ahadith and other ‘junk literature’ for understanding its verses.

29. Following are the major differences between the Muslims of 21st century and those existing in the time of Mohammad and his companions:

* They were winners in all lifestyles, whereas, we are the loser in every field of human endeavor.

* They neither believed in any Dua nor performed any supplications, whereas we are very ritualistic, performing worthless actions in the name of Muslim religion.’

*They were one nation and had one form of government, based upon the charter of the Quran; whereas, we are torn apart into numerous nations, sects and factions, suffering from continuous infighting. What do you say about that?

However, in the opinion of the authors, they were wonderful people, had the real knowledge of the book, and possessed the following attributes:

* Allah pronounces in the Quran; all Muslims are one family. [49:10]

The buddies, who are making collective effort for the establishment of a peaceful society, in accordance with the constitution of the Quran, are like brothers to one another.’

* The Quran commands all Muslims to be the members of only one party, which Allah calls Hiz-ba-llah. [58:22]2015-04-30_184755* All Muslims Muslimah are one Ummah working for the world peace, known as Ummat-tum-Muslimah 2:1282015-04-30_185223* Muslims are One Millat and the Qur’an identifies it as Millat-a-Abraham, the follower of Abraham’s chosen way of life. [16:123]2015-04-30_185627* Muslims are one people, and the Qur’an identifies this nation as Qoumim-Mo’mineen [an establishment of unified nations working for international peace and justice]. 9:142015-04-30_190444* There is only one charter for the entire humanity and Allah distinguishes it as Al-Deen-ul-Islam. [3:19]2015-04-30_190846The Muslim Ummah stands geographically divided into 57 independent nations, because of a large variety of supplications and Addiyah. Then in each country, there exist substantial number of religious sects and factions like Shi’h, Sunni, Ahamdi,whabai, Hanfi, shaafai, Maalki, Qaadri, Chishti, Naqshbandi, Suharwardi, and Agha Khani, besides many others. To top it all off, there are all kinds of political parties. Do you have any clue, how all Muslims of the world can join hands to become one nation, live in one country, and have one party, Hizbullah?

30. The Quran says that ‘Allah has no collaborators, associates, or assistants attached to the formulation of his command, controls, and set of laws; However, the Muslims defy that divine ordinance and are repeatedly committing the following Shirks:

* Holding on fast to some of Allah’s rules, but simultaneously, adopting and obeying artificial and legislated regulations.

* Abiding by the charter of the Qur’an to a certain extent, but at the same time following the Ahadith and Sunnah, which did not exist in the time of Mohammad and his brilliant associates.

* This is the decree of the Qur’an, and this is the diktat of Islamic Fiqah [artificial jurisdiction]; Muslim Ummah has to obey both, and commit Shirk.

* This is the code of the Qur’an, and these are the orders of saints or dictum of the Aimmah. Muslim Ummah has to adopt both and commit Shirk. All sects have different kinds of Sallat, and divers Addiyah. Does it not constitute an ugly sacrilege or, Shirk?

31. According to the verse 18:26, there are no shareholders of Allah in His exclusive sovereign hold.2015-04-30_191417‘There no partners or associates in His infinite realm, and in the creation of His absolute code.’

According to the above Jurisdiction of Allah, and His unbounded authority of creating commandments, is it not forbidden to change any of those, or to add on fabricated Addiyah and supplications to His charter? The supplication modules identified with terms like, Farz, Nafal, Wittar, Sunnat, Tarvee and many more, are non-existent in the Quran, and there are neither general, nor specific directives for their practice. Similarly, worlds apart Sunnah, Ahadith, Traditions, and Fiqa believed by different sects, created by the alleged Iranian Aimmah, and maintained by the Islamic priesthood is an act of outright rebellion against the charter of the Qur’an. The Muslim clergy, as a whole, is the pole bearer of Muhsrikeen! Have you any doubt about that?

32. If you take the literal meaning of the term2015-04-30_191839 ‘bow down in prayer with those who bow down, then according to Islamic priesthood your supplication without Iqam and Sajjdah is incomplete. In addition, if you take the meaning of the term2015-04-30_191901to recite or to offer prayer then according to the decree of the Qur’an, your supplication must be without Iqam and Sajjdah. However, this verse does not carry any command for Iqam and Sajjdah, and if you do not perform Iqam and Sajjdah, then your supplication is in direct clash with the Iranian Nimaz. Moreover, where is it mentioned in the entire Quran to recite during Ruku[bowing], phrases

like ‘Allah-ho-Akabar’, ‘Subhana Rabbi-al-Azheem,’‘Subhanak-Allahuma –wa- bihamdik Allahummaghfir-lee,’ etc.?

Taking the term Iqam-ut-Sallat, and using it as a ritual to pray fives times a day, is like ridiculing Allah, the Quran, and Mohammed. It is shear injustice to Arabic language and literature. Do you seem to have any answer for that?

33.Actually, Allah wants you to learn and discuss the laws of the Qur’an during these meetings (of Sallat), enabling you to establish the system accordingly. The verse 62:2 provides the details of the activities that Mohammad carried out during the assemblies of Sallat.2015-04-30_192006We have sent Our Messenger to you for this purpose. He talks at length and explains the details of this Divine Order to you in his meetings. He teaches you various articles and sections of this Charter, and educates you about the Justice system of the Qur’an, along with management of Islamic government, based on reasoning and wisdom, provided by the Quraan. The purpose of his speeches is to provide you the detailed information about of the development program for the nourishment and benefit of you all, along with that of entire humanity. Certainly, you did not have any knowledge about this program before, as you did not receive any revelation prior to this one.’

The above verse clearly exhibits; leading prayers, five times a day, was not the purpose of sending Mohammad to this world. His assignment was much more imperative, as compare to conducting that mundane ritual. He was here to teach his people the constitution of the Qur’an, and establish a government with their help. To achieve that objective, he regularly conducted meetings of Sallat, almost on daily basis, to train them as quickly as possible. Does it all make any sense to you? Alternatively, are you still stuck up with the Iranian Nimaz?

34. The verse 2:115 pinpoints the fact, there is no need to face a particular direction or towards Ka’bah to please Allah, because he is anywhere and everywhere simultaneously.2015-04-30_192219‘The code of Allah is neither restricted to a particular direction nor confined to a specific place. You will find His laws working simultaneously both in the east and the west, and these originate with the One, Who transcends the limitations of time and space. Therefore, you the companions of Mohammad, who are striving hard for the establishment of a peaceful society, whenever or wherever you will start your struggle, you shall find all paths ultimately lead to Him. Certainly, this statement comes from Allah, who is vastness personified, coupled with infinite knowledge, and wisdom.’

Since facing the Ka’bah during the five sessions of Zoroastrian supplications [a ritual lacking Qur’an’s endorsement] is not mandatory; why the Muslims keep on worshiping with their faces turned towards the Ka’bah?

35. The phony literature comprising Ahadith and Sunnah states, the only way of remembering God is to do five sessions of prayers everyday. In addition, every new supplication deletes the sins committed during the time lapse of last and the current prayer.

Whereas, the Quran declares, properly enforcing laws of Allah gives you a break from all sorts of rituals and keeps you away from the commission of sins. [7:205]2015-04-30_192248‘Always enforce laws of Allah; obey those with humility, of your own free will, and with all your heart

36. Shah Walli Ullah writes in his book entitled, ‘Hujja-tullah- Albalagha,’ in the beginning there were only three praying sessions per day, but latter on these were extended to five. Who was responsible for this increment, when, where, and why?

37. The literature comprising Ahadith and Sunnah emphatically claims, ‘If one does the supplication only once at the time of Hajj or during the month of fasting, one shall get blessings or reward equivalent to millions of prayers.’

The Quran, however, presents an entirely different viewpoint, which is as under: [99:7-8]2015-04-30_192316‘If one works equivalent to a speck of dust for the freedom, prosperity, and wellbeing of humanity, one shall observe the effect of one’s efforts.’

The Quran again challenges that kind of mythical faith in the verse 99:82015-04-30_192829‘If one acts in an evil, unjust and wicked manner against the society, equivalent to a speck of dust, one ways.one shall face physical and mental distress, as a result of one’s corrupt ways.

According to the literature comprising of Ahadith and Sunnah, doing five sessions of praying per day, bestows reward equal to millions of time upon the practitioner, without making any other effort. This kind of utopian philosophy inculcates indolence among nations, drastically conflicting with the tenets of the Quran, which declares time and again; every one would be rewarded according to the efforts one puts in. [53:39]2015-04-30_192857‘In that society, one works to the best of one’s ability [giving one’s best shot, as per American slang] and is rewarded in accordance with the efforts made.’

38. Where does the Qur’an insist upon the need of an Imam [male or female] leading collective supplications?

39. During each collective prayer, for who does an Imam recite verses of the Quran? If it is for the listening pleasure of the bunch he leads, it is all right, but in fact, he is making a worthless effort, as there is a 99.99% chance that the people standing behind him do not understand even a single word of the text, he utters at the top of his voice.

However, if the recital is meant for Allah, then again it tantamount to a futile effort, because Allah revealed the constitution of the Quran [Surah Al-Fatiha] for the humans to implement in the form of a government, and not read out loud during the ritual created by the wicked Iranian Aimmah. All democratic nations of the world form governments based on their written or even presidential [English] constitutions. However, Muslims constitute the only obtuse nation of the world, which recites its charter quadrillions [or may be more] of times, the world over, every day, during a synthetic ritual, not even authorized by the Qur’an. Is it not the height of irrationality?

40. The Quran issues clear directives to humans, ‘Every Sallat program should always be commenced on the appointed time, and wound up within the period allotted for that activty. [4:103]2015-04-30_194335The routine translation of the above verse, attempted by the alleged exponents of the Qur’an, is as follows:

‘The prayer should be performed at the appointed time!’
The above translation raises the following question, even in the mind of a person of average intelligence:

Where is it mentioned in the Qur’an; if a Muslim misses one prayer then same can be performed later on in the form of a Qaza or late supplication. However, the concept of delayed action, with reference to praying, directly clashes with the principle enunciated above. No relaxation appears in the form of a conditional clause.

Furthermore, if Aazan [call for prayer] is an integral part of each prayer, then why Allah did not provide its final text composition to Mohammad, when he went visiting Allah on his first and final space voyage?

41. Islamic priesthood keeps on issuing edicts off and on against vocal and even instrumental musical performances, because as per their viewpoint it is prohibited by Allah. However, the Shi’ah Azan in the morning uses typical notes of Raga Bhairoun that is why its melancholy tone touches the hearts of listeners. The rest of Shi’ah Sunni Aazans are musically very close to Ragni Bhiraveen. How can the Muslim clergy totally isolate music, when it is interwoven with every recital of the Qur’an, and follows a particular rhythm?

42. The Sunnis pray with right forearm folded over the left, with the right hand holding on to left wrist, just over the the abdomen, slightly below the ribcage. However, Shi’ah prefer to leave their arms straight down by their sides, while in the state if Iqama.

Are you of the view that Mohammad left two ways of praying, as his legacy? Was he responsible for dividing Ummah into two distinct sects during his lifetime? Do you think he arrived in the world to leave a heritage of weak and strong Ahaidth so that Muslims should always be at odd with each other?

43. The Shia’hs during Sajjadh [when brow hits the ground] place their foreheads over a small clay tablet, known as Turba [made in Najaf, Iraq], whereas Sunnis rub theirs against the mat. The question pops up, did Allah or Mohammad direct any one to indulge in such actions? In case, the answer is no, then who did introduce such ritualistic actions in the first place and why?

44. In the Shi’ah Aazan, the name of Ali, the alleged son-in-law of Mohammad, is also called out. What was the need of that infusion, and who ordered that? In fact, this is an act of hero-worshiping, which the jealous Shi’ahs introduced to weaken the hold of Mohammad on Aazan. However, both names do not make much of a difference in the status of Aazan, because it is redundant to begin with. In accordance with mathematical expression that proves 0+0=0.

45. Sunni mosques have domes, whereas Shi’ah Imam Barghs are often decorated with the fictitious portraits of Ali and at times that of Hussain. A question pop s up here, is this order coming down from Allah, or is the command of Mohammad, and if it is none of the two, then why are they keep on constructing the mosques or Imam Bargahs for venerating humans along with Allah?

However, Allah warns Sunni and Shi’ah sects; personality cult is forbidden in the mosques. [72:18]2015-04-30_194419‘Mosque belong to Allah and no person should ever be associated with Him [Ali or Hussein] in those places.’

46. Shi’ah’s Aazan or Aadan [call for prayer] differs from that of Sunni’s with respect to the following minor details:
* Shi’ahs include the following additional information about Ali, who is dead since fourteen centuries, and constitute the worst personality cult which the Sunnis omit: 2015-04-30_194444* Only Shi’ahs, adds the phrase2015-04-30_194504 in their prayer call, where as Sunnis leave it out of their Aazan.

* Sunnis put forth the testimonial2015-04-30_194519 once only, in their Aazan, whereas the Shi’ahs calls it out twice.

47.The Sunnis have an outstanding edict for centuries, whoever shall add the name of Ali in Aazan, shall turn into an infidel.

Here a simple question pops up, was this the purpose of appointing Mohammad as a Messenger in the world? Did he ever testify to the effect, both Sunni and Shi’ah are right in this regards? Luckily, the sectarian curse had not surfaced in his time, and he enjoyed a relatively tranquil period. Mohammad accomplished his assignment of showing humans the kind of government that could be built by applying the constitution of the Qur’an, along with establishing a compatible fiscal system. He did his job in the best possible manner and passed on to the next abode. The sect mongering profiteers came on to the scene much later. How could Mohammad deliver such an ambiguous and conflicting message in the presence of the Qur’an about which Allah has claimed that the commandments of this document are free of all kinds of paradoxes and conflicting views. [4:82]2015-04-30_194543‘Don’t they contemplate about the Qur’an? If it had been from another source, besides Allah, they would have pinpointed many inconsistencies therein.’

48. No one out of the entire Muslims Ummah knows, whom do they offer greetings with Assalam-u-Alaikum wa Rehmatullah, during the final act of their prayers. First they address the air with Assalam-u-Alaikum wa Rehmatullah by turning their faces on the right side and then repeat the same salutation on the left. This is a real absurd end part of the Iranian ritual Nimaz. Some are of the opinion that this salutation is just for Allah. In that case, what is the need of turning the entire head first to right and and then to left, because Allah is not a vector quantity, or suffers from directional limitation. He is everywhere; greetings could be expressed easily by keeping the face forward. There is another view also; this social activity is meant for the angels occupying right
and left smoulders of every individual. The question arises, what they have got to do with the Nimaz ritual a person performs. Moreover, this greeting must be responded, but that never happens, as no Muslim has ever heard them saying Wa Alaikum Assalam. Like the entire Nimaz, the closing of this ritual is just absurd.

49. Islamic priesthood raises a serious objection. If Sallat is merely the establishment of an administration, based on the system, devised by the Qur’an, then, why Zakat is mentioned separately? Does Zakat not fall under Sallat, as part of the system? What is the need to identify it separately, in the same sentence?

The answer is very simple. Under the establishment of the Qur’an, there are no taxes; people work hard utilizing their education, training, skill, and experience to earn a living. However, every one of them voluntarily hands over that part of the earnings to the system, which is over and above one’s personal and family needs. The government utilizes funds generated this way to work in accordance with its policy. That is why along wit administration, economic system is given equal importance.

However, the Qur’an also endorses this viewpoint. A couple of verses given below shall further clarify the concept of zakah:

* In the modern terms, Aatuz-Zakah”2015-04-30_194613 means; the Islamic government does not take Zakah, from the people but gives out Zakah in the form of necessary amenities of life like, housing, health care, education, and security to its citizens, in order to let them move forward in all possible fields of human activity.

The term Aatuz-Zakah2015-04-30_194613is a complementary part of the term Sallat. Th Qur’an has frequently repeated the complete expression ‘Wa-Aqeemus-Salata-wa-Atuz-Zakah’2015-04-30_194640 to instill the fiscal concept of the economic system of the Qur’an, which is equally important, in hearts and minds of the people.

* However, the expression ‘Atu-Zakata’2015-04-30_194613 does not mean distribution of 2.5% Zakah, calculated on yearly savings of the people, among the have-nots of the society, as charity. There is also no truth in the common myth; the people should calculate 2.5% Zakah on their total yearly income.

This is end of 49 questions that are raised by Akhtar Sherazi.DivinePostmanAndTrueMuslimMessengersOnlyDivinePostmenF2GreatestSatanicInnovations2

ForgedHadithsAboutRitualsMirajForgedHadithImportant_Callout2Please note that above-posted forged hadith tells that five daily rituals were given to Prophet during Miraaj (night Journey) but following forged hadith tells you that another two rituals came after a man kissed a woman illegally. What a shame! How shameless and conscienceless dumb hadithers follow this crap that Persian pseudo Imams forged 250-400 years after the death of Prophet, and attached that all lies with the name of prophet by adding in front of each lie “Qaala Rasool-Allah”.KissingBroughtRitualsF

UrinatingTowardQiblaFDuring Miraaj, Prophet received 50 Rituals per day but later reduced to 5 rituals per day

Narrated Ibn Mas’ud: that a man unlawfully kissed a woman. So he came to the Prophet to ask him about its atonement. So (the following) Ayah was revealed: And perform the Salat, at the two ends of the day and in some hours of the night (11:114). The man said: “Is this for me O Messenger of Allah?” He said: “For you and for whoever does that among my Ummah.” (Tirmidhi).
Read similar more crap at:


Rituals are forbidden at sunrise and sunset (Same as Zoroastrians).

Hasten to perform prayer on a cloudy day, for whoever misses the ‘Asr prayer, all his good deeds will be in vain.
http://sunnah.com/ibnmajah/2/28WustaRitualFWe used to speak to each other during the prayer, saying whatever was necessary, at the time of the Messenger of Allah, until this verse was revealed: Guard strictly As-Salawat especially the middle Prayer (i.e. the best prayer- ‘Asr).

Yahya related to me from Malik from Da’ud ibn al-Husayn that Ibn Yarbu al-Makhzumi said, “I heard Zayd ibn Thabit say, ‘The middle prayer is the prayer of dhuhr.(other Hadiths say: Middle prayer (Wusta is of Asar).

“The middle prayer is the prayer of subh (morning).” (Muwatta Malik)

Allah’s Messenger said: “Salatul-Wusta (Middle Prayer) is the Asr prayer.”

Prophet prayed just after sun arise and that was Salat Wusta Middle Prayer (Nasai)
http://sunnah.com/urn/10062904c9XjjjPrayingTowardCamelThe Prophet performed Salat towards his she-camel (instead of Qibla).

The Apostle of Allah used to say prayer towards his camel. Ibn Numair said: The Apostle of Allah said prayer towards the camel. (But Hadithers pray toward Qibla. After reading this hadith, all dumb hadithers must buy camels and pray toward camel.)

Anas said, (now-a-days) Rituals are not same as they were (practiced) at the time of the Prophet.

Satan steals your Rituals if you look on sides

For non-obligatory prayers, Prophet used not to face Qibla. Used to pary any side

The prayer of a person in congregation is twenty-seven times in excess to the prayer said alone.

Prayer in congregation is equivalent to twenty-five prayers (offered alone).

Praying in a jungle alone is equal to 50 prayers

Pray at sheep resting-places and do not pray in camels resting-places

The women and the donkeys would pass in front of the staff during prayer

The Prophet said: Saying Tasbih applies to men during prayer and clapping applies to women.

Burn those persons who absent themselves from Jumu’a prayer in their houses

During those days in Madina, the practice of Adhan (call for Rituals) had not been introduced yet. Some people suggested the use of a bell like the Christians, others proposed a trumpet like the horn used by the Jews.

They were bowing during Ritual of Al-Fajr.” (So is that something unusual?)

The Prophet would open his Salat with (Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim).”

Allah’s Messenger, Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman opened the Salat with (Al-Hamdu-lillahi rabbil-alamin).

Dinner has priority over rituals. Ignore Rituals and take Dinner first.

The Prophet said: Prayer should not be postponed for taking meals nor for any other thing.

The martyrs of Uhud were not washed, and they were buried with their blood. No prayer was offered over them.


The Prophet recited the supplication for a month (in prayer) and then gave it up.

I saw the Messenger of Allah performing prayer in his sandals.

I asked Anas (bin Malik), “Did the Prophet use to offer the prayers with his shoes on?” He said, “Yes.”

Stop (looking towards the sky during the prayer); otherwise their eyesight would be taken away.

There are many fabricated hadiths that say: If Donkey and Woman pass in front of praying Person, Prayers is severed but this forged reports says: Donkey does not sever prayers if passed in from of a praying Person. So in other hadiths, Woman is equated to Donkey, so she has equal status with donkey but as per this hadith, woman is made worse even than donkey. Woman breaks Prayers but donkey does not. So sad. Our sympathy with all women indeed, not just lip service.

Yahya related to me from Malik that he had heard that Ali ibn Abi Talib said, “Things that pass in front of a man praying do not break his prayer.” (Muwatta)

Rituals are better for you than red camels: (What an excellent comparison! Prayers compared with Red Camels.]

Do not offer prayer in places where the camels lie down. These are the places of Satan.

The prayer is severed by a black dog and a woman (Ibn Majah)

Do not pray near Camels because Satan live there. Pray at resting places of sheep because that are blessed places.

After prayers, Prophet used to spit and then rubbed it off with his left shoe (Sahih-Muslim – in fact forged Crap)

Sun’s heat at noon is from the exhalation of Hell-fire, so delay the prayer till it is cool (Sahih-Muslim)

We complained to the Messenger of Allah for saying prayer on the intensely heated (ground or sand), but he paid no heed to our complaint (Sahih-Muslim)

Prophet prayed facing Khaibar (strong hold of Jews in those days).

Do not intend to observe prayer at the time of the rising of the sun nor at its setting, for it rises between the horns of Satan (Sahih-Muslim)

he Prophet (p.b.u.h) used to make the two rak`at before the Fajr prayer so light that I would wonder whether he recited Al-Fatiha (or not) (Bukhari).

Messenger of Allah said: “When you are in Prayers, then do not spit on your right, but behind you or toward your left, or under your left foot.” (Tirmidhi)

WomanVScatThe prayer is severed by a woman, a dog and a donkey.”

It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that: The Messenger of Allah said: Prayer is not severed by cat. “Cats do not invalidate the prayer, because they are one of the things that are useful in the house.” (Note:So it is clear here that Cat in home is much better than women of house. Women are equivalent to donkey, Ass, black dog, Pig, Jew and Magian (in other hadiths that you can see in this page)

Urwa b. Zubair reported: Aisha asked: What disrupts the prayer? We said: The woman and the ass. Upon this she remarked: Is the woman an ugly animal? I lay in front of the Messenger of Allah like the bier of a corpse and he said prayer.(Sahih-Muslim)

We saw the Messenger of Allah performing prayer wearing sandals and leather slippers. (Note: So never pray with out sandals and slippers)

When Satan hears the call to prayer, he turns back and breaks the wind (means farts loadly) (Sahih-Muslim)

Prophet used to pray 50 Rituals per day at the beining and then he reduced to 5 per day. Abu Dawud (Note: 50 prayer mean, praying whole day and doing nothing else)

Ibn Abbas said: Prophet used to snore always during sleep. One day, we awakened him for Rituals and he prayed Rituals with out doing Wadhu (Ablution).

Zoroastrian hypocrite Bukhari in following hadith-Crap tells, that If you violate all Quranic laws, do Zina fornication, but just pray ritual; your all sins are deleted. Only a brain-bent mad idiot will beleive in such kind of Crap that tends to smash whole judicial system of Quran>21:47. These Zoroastrian Pseudo Imams forged such kind of incentives to tell Muslims the importance of Zoroastrain 5 Namaz Rituals. Their other target was to encourage Muslims for crimes. Verse 2:177 tells clearly that Rituals are not even any kind of good deed but good deed is Philanthropy.











SatanUrinatedInEarWomanAndRib_ForgedHadithF2MuslimAndMohammadenWhat is difference between a Muslim & a Mohammedan? Great Read




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Allah says: His Quran is complete, fully detailed, and it explains everything that is needed in Islam 16:89, 12:111; then why no any unit and method of five daily Namaz Rituals in Quran?


17 thoughts on “Allah says: His Quran is complete, fully detailed, and it explains everything that is needed in Islam 16:89, 12:111; then why no any unit and method of five daily Namaz Rituals in Quran?

  1. Humans are not only physical bodies but besides physical bodies humans have soul, substance responsible for life phenomenon, substance wherein the actions done by them are stored. Soul within the humans could be perceived by existence of the Ego ( I within every human being ), innate knowledge of the Creator ( Descartes ) and most importantly a very well defined book of innate moral law ( Thomas Aquinas & Kant ) and the latter is with only humans as the species. The only task of all prophets was to convey the eternity of the soul and to warn humans that their afterlife will depend upon whether they adopted the book of innate moral law, which has been authored & inscribed by the Creator in their souls, or not. Once the book of innate moral law is opened ( this could be done by only original, genuine & philanthropist philosophers ) the basic & fundamental principle of this book is that humans should live peacefully & justice should prevail in all human societies. Humans are living like everything other than humans because they do not know the purpose of life as religions have been corrupted and this basic message was not conveyed. Read the book ‘Natural World Order & The Islamic Thought’ for details free at http://www.slideshare.net/mohammadshafiqkhan1/natural-world-order-the-islamic-thought

    • Thank you for your input.
      Quranic verse 2:213 and 2:177 cover major-part of your comments. Verse 2:213 tells that at the beginning, humans were a small community but when that community started to expand, frequency of disputes among people increased. Therefore; GOD sent Messengers with Divine Books to settle dispute among people and to tell people that there no no deity but One Allah. All Messengers preached same message of Islam 42:13. All Messengers were Muslims and their all true followers were Muslims. All Scriptures were scriptures of Islam. Islam is not religion but Deen which mean Divinely prescribed way of life. All theocratic religions are concocted by Clergy. Noble Quran is not a book of theocracy but Divine sociology that ordains peace and justice and mindfulness of GOD in all awaken conditions.

      Just to be a good person or good philanthropist is not enough unless one has correct faith. Sura Ibrahim in Quran makes clear that even the good deeds of infidels will blow like ash in wind storm, and it will be of no use.

      Original immortal person is not the body of flesh and bones but the Spirit/Soul. Body is just like a horse on which person rides to go through test of life. Upon death, mortal body is buried and original person goes back to source; where he/she is told, how did he/she perform during test on earth. During life on earth, continuously an holographic movie of all actions of person is recorded in his soul. After death, that movie is shown to person as witness for his actions 21:47. After death, memory goes with Person because during life time on earth, memory of person is never storied in his head but in Soul. Brain just borrows memory from soul and uses it.

      Islam the sole one true path of one GOD sets 5 mandatory beliefs for a Muslim.
      Believe in::

      5-Day of Judgement

      Any human who believes in above-Five; and lives a righteous life of Philanthropist 2:177 and remains mindful about GOD in all awaken conditions and follows all ethics, codes and laws of final testament of GOD “Quran”, is the person who is wise, and successful in test of life on this earth.

  2. Right Islam is philanthropy but how to establish a philanthropic society should be also the primary concern of Qur’an & Islam. There is a very well defined socio-political structure prescribed in the Qur’an, the primary objective of which is to establish a philanthropic society wherein the laws defined by God are enacted & enforced, and this socio-political structure has been conceived, for the first time in Islamic history, on the basis of political philosophy, human history & Qur’an in the book ‘Natural World Order & The Islamic Thought’ which everybody could read free at http://www.slideshare.net/mohammadshafiqkhan1/natural-world-order-the-islamic-thought.
    Besides the book discusses how Qur’an helps us to realize the Self. Truth has to be very simple so that it could be understood by all people irrespective of their intelligence, educational qualifications, social & financial status etc and as such no new prophets & preachers are required. The corruptions of so-called religious scholars, personal bias of philosophers & science has kept us away from realization of the Truth.
    Realization of Self is the greatest enlightenment ( Nirvana ) and once we realize the Self all the mysteries open up which includes purpose of human life and purpose of creation of the universe etc.
    Realization of Self through critical thinking & analysis of human thought process absolves us of the frustration of apparent purposelessness of life. Qur’an & thorough philosophical analysis leads to the fact that humans are not only physical bodies but besides physical bodies humans have soul, substance responsible for life phenomenon ( the interaction of this substance with the physical body gives rise to natural instincts within a species/humans ), substance wherein the actions done by them are stored. Soul within the humans could be perceived by existence of the Ego ( Self the “I” within every human being ), innate knowledge of the Creator ( Descartes ) and most importantly a very well defined book of innate moral law ( Thomas Aquinas & Kant ) and the latter is with only humans as the species. The only task of all prophets was to convey the eternity of the soul and to warn humans that their afterlife will depend upon whether they adopted the book of innate moral law, which has been authored & inscribed by the Creator in their souls, or not. Once the book of innate moral law is opened ( this could be done by only original, genuine & philanthropist philosophers ) the basic & fundamental principle of this book is that humans should live peacefully & justice should prevail in all human societies. Humans are living like everything other than humans because they do not know the purpose of life as religions have been corrupted and this basic message was not conveyed.
    Worshiping God is only to remind ourselves that there is Creator who has created & is sustaining us and we are answerable for actions of lifetime before Him.

  3. faridh says:

    So whats your advice to ME, I am a sunni Muslim who agrees with what you have posted here, I converted to islam last year, I only know the english Language and Few Surah’s in of the Quran. I dont know the Arabic Language so i have to Keep Reading Englsih Tanslations.

    • In order to reach to truth, hard labor is required and that also include intensive study. We suggest you to spare a week or more and read following page and all linked pages on this page, fully without skipping any line:


      Concerning your point about Translations, please read this short page:


      If you read that all material with full presence and concentration without skipping any line; we are sure, finally you will reach to that point where you will be able to see the apex of truth. Page mentioned above can answer your all questions even if you have a million Questions. However, during study, take notes for points and that points can be discussed with our team later. But only that points will be discussed that are not already given in our pages. Unfortunately, there is no any short-cut through which one can realize, what is true and what is not. We have been studying and doing research on these matters from over 30 years without any respite. So we hope, you will be able to invest a few weeks time to study all that material. Know that Allah has named us only Muslim in 22:78 and Quran forbids sects. It is great just to be a Muslim and only Muslim. No sects.

      Try to learn Arabic. If we can learn French German Russian and English, then why not Arabic too. There is no any excuse. Beside, It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that Quran is standalone fully detailed book and it has its own built-in dictionary. So Quran fully explains itself. Never use any external theological source to understand Quran or you will not understand Quran correctly even in 1000 years. Understand Quran only by Quran. One verse is explained in many other verses of other chapters in multifaceted forms. Prophet left behind not a single paper except written Quran. Hadith Sunna Tafsirs exegesis contexts and fiqa are made by Men and are full of fabrications and lies. Never use those. Read our page that tells difference between a Muslim and a Mohammedan. Try to be a Muslim and not a Mushrik-Mohammedan

  4. Qadir says:

    Do you mean Mohammad ﷺ was a messenger just to recite the verses of the Quran, and after this, nothing else to show practically?
    I think it could be done by sending a book on the mountain and a caller (angel) may call out saying, a book (Qur’an) is on the mountain follow it.
    It was a waste of sending a messenger whose job was nothing except reciting the verses of the Qur’an to people.
    May Allah (SWT) guide you.

    • Quran 17:94-95 “And nothing prevented men from believing when the guidance came to them, except that they said: “Has Allah sent a man as (His) Messenger?” Say: “If there were on the earth, angels walking about in peace and security, We should certainly have sent down for them from the heaven an angel as a Messenger.”

      O ignorant Fanatic:
      Allah is not bound to consult brainless cattle like you or Amazon about Delivery-Method before delivering BOOKS to People. Allah Jalla Aala knows what is the best way. You are suggesting Allah to throw Quran on mountain instead of giving it to Prophet Mohammad. Water comes in your home through pipe-line. Messengers were no more than than Pipeline/Divine Postmen. Quran makes very clear in many verses that “Duty of Messenger is NO MORE THAN to deliver BOOK clearly 29:18”. That kind of verses are repeated many times in Quran but you have read only verse 33:66. So; will you impostor not listen what Allah has said? Quran also makes clear that Prophet Mohammad could not guide any one but it is Allah who guides 28:56. So, when Prophet Mohammad could not guide any one; then how would he guide you Kuffaar-Hadithers about your fabricated Zoroastrian 5 Namaz rituals and its units, and forged hadith and Sunna? Did Prophet Mohammad tell Shia and Sunni different Azan and different methods of Namaz? Will he? Does it make any sense? Verse 10:15 makes Clear, that Prophet was BOUND to follow ONLY AND ONLY what is in Quran.

      Quran 3:20 (O Messenger)….behold, thy duty is no more than to deliver the message: for God sees all that is in [the hearts of] His creatures

      Get educated by reading our following page:

      How to Obey Prophet after his death?

  5. Qadir says:

    (33:66) On that Day when their faces shall be turned around in the Fire, they will say: “Would that we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the Messenger.”

    • To obey Allah, and to obey Prophet mean to obey the laws ethics and codes of DIVINE Book that Prophet delivered 47:2, 6:114, 25:30, 10:15, 29:18, 3:80.
      You seem among those millions of ignorant fanatics who never read whole Quran and pick just one verse and start to preach Quran. Quran cannot be understood in this way. In order to understand Quran, when you read one verse, at the same time your sight must be on all other verses of Quran. Why? Because Verses in Quran are interconnected with each other and explain each other. To pick one verse 33:66 will never tell you what is point of Quran. In 33:66 obedience of Allah and LIVING Rasool is ordained but you have never read in Quran, how to obey Living Rasool? Does Quran 33:66 tell you that you should obey Rasool by following hadith and Sunna books that Hypocrites will forge 250-500 years after the death of Prophet? NO. Quran makes very clear in 47:2, 10:15, 6:114, 5:44, 50:45 and in many other verses that to obey Prophet mean to follow Divine BOOK he has delivered. So If one follows Quran, he follows, both Allah and Messenger 39:23, 69:40 because Messengers were mere Agency of Allah. Mission of Allah and Messengers was same that was to deliver Divine BOOK to people Clearly. Verse 33:66 will in fact take you Mushrik Hadithers in HELL because you hadithers place Fabricated Man-Made Books of Hadith and Sunna beside Book of Allah. And who does so is a Kaafir 5:44 and you know, what will be the place of Kaafirs after their death!.

      You brainless Hadithers think that Allah and Prophet has different mosques like Shia and Sunni sect have. You think, name of Masjid of Allah is Quran, and Name of Masjid of Rasool is Hadith and Sunna in which he never stepped-in nor he certified any kind of such material. Truth that does not enter in your locked brain is; that Masjid of Allah and Prophet is same because mission of both Allah and Prophet was same, to deliver Divine Book which has its own built-in dictionary and so it fully explains itself and is absolutely not in need of any external theological source such as forged hadiths forged sunna Tafsir Contexts Nazool-stories, Mullahs Imams and pseudo Scholars. Quran is made Easy and Simple 54:17 that does not need any man-made interpretation.

      “Mars Cement Ltd” produces cement(Quran) and their Agency supplies to people same cement(Quran) that is produced by “Mars Cement Ltd”. It is not, that Agency will start to sell its own-made cement (hadith and Sunna). Messengers were mere agency of Allah.
      Did Prophet leave behind any manuscript of Hadiths and Sunna? NO
      Did Caliph Abu Bakar compile or ordered to compile any Book of Hadiths? NO
      Did Caliph Umar Khattab compile or ordered to compile any Book of Hadiths? NO
      Did Caliph Uthman compile or ordered to compile any Book of Hadiths? NO
      Did Caliph Ali compile or ordered to compile any Book of Hadiths? NO
      Then who permitted Persian Zoroastrians Imams to forge millions of lies and attach that lies to the name of Prophet 250-500 years after his death? Truth is; that Hadith and Sunna books are the biggest Persian conspiracy against Islam.
      In fact Prophet and 4 Caliphs burned and banned all hadiths. For proof, read our page “True History of Hadiths”

  6. Arslan says:

    As you say that physical prostration is not in the Quran and that the meaning of sajda is ‘to obey divine law’. Then why did Allah said in his Quran in sura sajda verse 37 that [don’t prostrate to the sun nor the moon……………………..] I want an explanation of this verse.

    • Thank you brother Arslan: We think you mean 41:37 Sura Fussilat. Our many friends post comments without reading our pages fully. Fully mean without skipping any line. The point you have raised is already discussed in this page in multifaceted forms. We said nowhere that meaning of Sajada is not prostration but we said that meaning of Sajada is not only Prostration but also to bow to, to adore, submit to, to follow Divine laws; and we have supported this point in this page by many verses of Book of Allah. For the sake of Argument, even if you Prostrate, that never validates Five non-Quranic Zoroastrian Rituals. Read also about meditation in this page.

      Quran tells that Allah is closer to person than his neck-vein and wherever you turn your face, is presence of Allah. That clearly shows that Allah is Omniscient and Omnipresent. Take as concept of a Sphere that has no circumferential limits. In sphere are 360 degrees. So Sphere is direction-less. Therefore; if you want to prostrate him by placing forehead on ground, which direction will you take? Your physical prostration cannot be confined to a certain degree of circular Sphere because sphere is directionless. Allah is everywhere and his throne is extended to all spaces (Ayt-ul-Kursi). You have rationality and logic to place your forehead at ground to a specific direction, only and only, if Allah Jalla Aala lives in a confined place such as any Five Star Villa in heavens (AstaghFirAllah). But Quran tells, Allah is Omnipresent, HU is everywhere and anywhere. Try to digest this point if you can. If you digest it; you might realize the truth.

      Read verse 41:37 carefully. In this verse after Sajada to Allah, word “Ta’bo’doon” is also used at end. It is beauty of Noble Quran that it explains itself. In this verse, word “Ta’bo’doom” confirms the meaning of “Sajada to Allah” which is Ibada>Ibadat>Ma’bood>Ya’bo’doon>
      Ta’bo’doon>Abad>Abeed=Slave. And a Slave OBEYS ORDERS of his Lord. Therefore verse 41:37 is:

      Quran 41:37 “And of His signs are the night and day and the sun and moon. Do not adore/bow to the sun or to the moon, but obey (Ta’bo’doon) Allah , who created them, if it should be Him that you obey (Ta’bo’doon).” — To obey Allah and Rasool means to obey and follow Divine Laws given in BOOK of Allah 10:15, 6;114, 39:23, 69:40, 47:2, 28:56, 3:80, 3:20.

      Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D translated verse 41:37 as:

      “(Divine Laws help you journey through life in great balance as you see in the Nature). Now among His Signs are the night and the day as well as the sun and the moon. Adore neither the sun nor the moon, but adore Allah Who created them, if it is Him you wish to serve.” (His this translation ranked Number 1 by Al-Azhar University).

      One of the greatest Thinkers and scholars (expert in Ancient Arabic literature) of Quran in 1400 years history, Allama Ghulam Perwaiz translated verse 41:37 as under:

      “(Quran 41:37) If you want to understand the way life is blessed and balanced by obeying the divine laws, just take a look at the cosmic bodies. Ponder how night and day appear one after the other according to an unalterable law; and how the sun and the moon revolve according to a fixed law. (You will observe that there is no disorder in the universal system. This is the result of obeying the divine law.)

      This example also makes it clear that the moon and the sun do not have any intrinsic power. There is no basis for human beings to start considering them to be deities and start bowing to them. (This will simply be superstition.) Both the sun and the moon have been created by the Almighty and they obey only His laws. You also should obey only God’s laws.

  7. ARSLAN says:

    I have digested the point and have realised the truth.Thank you team factszz for your opinion.factszz.wordpress.com will always be a gold-mine for sincere truth seekers and a true website that upholds the Quran.I have a question that are there Arab scholars who think that Quran is complete and is no need of any hadiths? as the best learner of the Quran are the Arabs.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Brother: Up to 722 A.D., only Quran was the BOOK of Muslims & there was no any legality of man-made Books like hadith, Sunna, Tafsirs, contexts, fiqa and Nazools. Quran is simple and made-easy book 54:17 and in fact is not in need of any Mullah, Imam and Pseudo Scholars. We see that all Kharafaat like hadith, Sunna, Tafsirs, contexts, fiqa and Nazools originating from Abbasid Period from 750-1258 A.D. After 722 A.D. in fact Arabs became the most ignorant Muslims on Planet in Islamic Theology. Even today Saudi Arabia follows a Quranic translation which is of two Pakistani men Mohson Khan and Hilali Khan. Our team has compared over 50 translations of Quran with Original Arabic text of Noble Quran, and we found translation of Mohson and Hilali one of the most twisted and corrupted translations. During Abbasid period, there was full hold of Persian Zoroastrian Bramka Family on government. When innovations of Hadith and Sunna were being forged, Arab Mu’tazila Scholars opposed that all innovations but were pressed down by Pro-Persian Abbasid Caliphs. It was not Arabs but Persians who first time translated Quranic terms into Persian as per their own wish. Later even Arab students followed that all Persian’s forged crap in Universities and even today after 1200 years, what our faculties of Theology in University are teaching to students, is same that crap which was forged during Abbasid Period when real Incharge were Persian Zoroastrians. This is why, even today our Ph.D in Islamic Theology is in fact much more ignorant even than a farmer who never went to school. They are got educated from forged curricula, and later whole their life, they preach to blindly following people same lies that they learned during their Ph.D classes. They are educated-Ignorant regardless if they achieved their Ph.D from Universities of Madina Mekka Islamabad Malaysia or Turkey. All are taught Persian’s made counterfeited version of Islam in Islamic universities. Same meat of Donkey is being recycled in Meat grinding Machine from past 1200 years, and we expect, that one day donkey-meat will change into Cow-Meat. It will never, unless we Muslims go back to True Real Islam that existed before 722 A.D., when we Muslims were united under ONE BOOK of Allah and we defeated two superpowers of that time, Zoroastrians and Romans in same year 636 A.D., with gap of mere six months for each.

      All our sisters and bothers including you can judge level of Scholar-Ship of so called top Arab Scholars as under:

      The Greatest Fatwa (Religious Ruling) given by Top Saudi Scholar

      One of the greatest names of the Islamic world of the 20th century , the Chief Saudi Cleric, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baaz, issued a Fatwa in 1970:

      “Whoever believes that the Earth moves around the Sun, or that man has landed on the moon is an ardent Kaafir. Furthermore, anyone doubting his infidelity would be a greater Kaafir and his wife would be automatically divorced from him. It would be haram to marry into his family, drink water in his house, pray behind him, or to attend his funeral prayer.” (The Criminals of Islam, by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D.)

      Amusingly, this is a prototype of the kind of Fatawa dispensed by our Mullahs rendering Kaafir whoever won’t heed them. Fact is; that after South-Asian Mullahs; presently, Arabs of Saudi Arabia are the most ignorant Muslims living on this planet.

      Attention: Worshipers of Imam Ibne Kathir

      The earth is resting on the horns of a great bull. When he shakes his head he brings earthquakes. (Ibne Kathir 2:29, 50:1).

      Then Ibne Kathir changes his mind: The earth is resting on a fish. The fish is resting on water, water on the Mount Safa in Makkah, Safa on an angel, the angel on a rock, the rock on air. When the fish moves, it causes earthquakes.
      (Imam Ibne Kathir, Tafseer part I pg 76)
      Note: Noble Quran forbids blind-Following

  8. Alik says:

    Discussing such a divine subject, you are using the word “Crap” for hadiths so many times, this is not acceptable. I don`t believe in hadiths, because they are a disgrace to Quran and Islam and its Prophet, but still that Crap word looks very ugly and unacceptable when used next to an Aya from Quran alongside with the name of God on the same page.
    My question is, If there is no prayers in Quran, then why God orders us to make a wudu, to wash our hands, face, etc, before prayers.

    • Thank you for your comments: You have objected on word crap. But when Book of Parsi hypo Abu Dawud tells that water is still clean and pure in which dead dogs and menstruation shreds of woman are floating; then is this crap are not? Can a Great Man (Quran 68:4) like Prophet Mohammad say this kind of words? No. If Zoroastrian Bukhari tells that Woman is Evil. And all Prophets of GOD and all Humans are born from woman. So is that Crap or not? If Ibn Majah tells you: Suns rises from two horns of Satan; then is this crap or not? Please note that word Khanzir (Swine) is also used in Noble Quran within its sacred verses. Will you now raise objection on GOD that O GOD why you have used word Khanzir in sacred books? Therefore; Dear: Your objection carries no any logical and rational weight. Be a Realist instead of being an emotional fanatic.

      You have also asked: That why Quran has told us to do Wudu then? Habibi: Quran has never used word Wudu. Quran uses word “faighsiloo” WASH. If you want to go to Masjid on Friday in Salat meeting (Ijtama Salat); it is mandatory to wash yourself as is ordained in Quran 5:6. Quran nowhere tells in 5:6, that washing is for to pray 5 Non-Quranic rituals, the rituals which never exists in Glorious Quran. If Salat of Friday was a ritual then GOD could have told you, how to pray that Rituals and how many units you should pray if you are shia; and how many units, if you are sunni; and if you are a Wahabi, then should you raise your hands on every Takbir or not (Rafa-Yadaiyn); and should you recite non-Quranic word Ameen at the end of Fatiha loudly or silently. And Omnipresent GOD could have also told you if in non-Quranic forged text of Tasha’had (Atta-Hiyaat a Shia Forgery), you should raise your index finger or not, and should you raise that finger according to Hanfis, Malkis, Shafis or Hanbalis. Because that your four lovely imams (Please read Quran 9:31) preach you their own brand of Islam that never exists in Made-Easy, Standalone, Self-Explanatory, fully detailed Quran (54:17, 12:111, 16:89, 17:12, 25:33, 25:30). If that were Rituals, then GOD the Omniscient, for sure, could have told Shia (Shiite) to use name of already died Caliph Ali in their Adhan, and Sunnis to use the name of died Prophet Mohammad in Adhan (crude violation of Quran 72:18, 3:80, 2:136, 2:285, 3:84). Shia declare Sunnis Kaafir and Sunnis declare Shia Kaafirs. Two sub-sects of Sunni-Sect of South Asia “Deobandi and Brailvi declare each other Kaafirs. Did Allah command us to split in countless evil sects (6:159, 3:103-105, 42:13)? Your this point of Wadu is discussed in detail in this page but for sure you have skipped that. Many readers who want to catch the bird of truth by short-cuts, usually skip lines or even full paras during reading and then they raise same Question which has already been fully discussed in same page. Last part of your question proves 100% that you have posted this question without reading this page fully. Fully mean: Do not skip any word.

      We humbly request all readers, not to post any Question under our pages unless you have read and understood each and every word of relevant page. Otherwise, we have to repeat same topic again and again in comments, and that wastes our tons of time. This is why; when our team assesses that Questioner has posted question without reading page fully; we simply delete the question.

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