O Mullah, Sufi, Brahman, Clergy, Priest, Lama, Atheist, Rabbi

Please double click on following picture to enlarge it.OneLightAt the time of death that small light is taken out from your body. You must thank Creator in each breath who is source of all life. That small immortal light is you and not your body of flesh and bones that is buried after death. Your whole memory is saved not in brain but in that tiny light. Brain borrows memory from it and uses it. Therefore, after death your memory will go with you.  Besides, know FIRMLY, that round the clock non-stop holographic movie of your all actions is recorded with in that tiny light during your whole life. After death, that movie is shown to you to provide witness what you have been doing on earth during test. At that day you will be told “Do audit of your actions yourself today.

Last Preserved and protected testament of GOD Successor of all previous scriptures, successor of Torah and bible “Quran” tells you; what you will be told after your death. 

Quran 17:13-14 “All deeds of the humans are instantly recorded on their “Self”, as if the record book is fastened to their own necks. And We shall bring forth this record book wide open to them on the Day of Resurrection.”Read your book! You are a sufficient auditor for yourself this Day.”

O Mentally paralyzed Atheist: That beam of Divine light in you is keeping you alive, otherwise you are a dummy of flesh and bones. When that beam is cut-off; you will be presented in HU’s court to see, how did you perform during test/trial on this earth; and your relatives and friends will carry your lifeless dummy of flesh and bone, and will rush to any cemetery or cremating center before decay starts. This is the whole truth, that you atheist fails to grasp during your whole life; and during your life on earth, you spend your whole time in running after tangibility and material proofs of Divine Truth; whether in fact, Real eternal world is in “Spiritual Realm” and this material world is made “temp and transient” only for test. Just like a villager who installs a tent in a play ground before a marriage party, and after, when that party is over; you do not see any tent there. Even when your eyes are looking at a bird; that bird does not appear in your brain like a camera works but appears through signals that brain generates, and in fact you do not know, that the bird you are looking, if exists really or not, but is being shown to you as it is. Same happens when you touch and see any thing. Try to understand mystery of brain; how it works? This is reality of your material and tangibility, to whom, you stick your whole life and you destine yourself to Blazing Fire. Therefore; be Wise and believe in Creator who is source of all lives, and thank him in each breath in all awaken conditions. Your all journeys start from HU and Ends at HU.WindowSpiritualDeerKabirRumiAndUniverseQuran2_115Quran6_103FQuran42_11Quran_25_35Quran_Aytul_KursiQuran67_13Now above-give verse 50:16 is so clear that it is not in need of any interpretation but Pseudo Scholars, freak Imams and evil Mullahs do their own countless versions of interpretations. It is beauty of Quran that it explains itself fully, and therefore; Quranic verses 56:83-84-85, 58:7, 2:115, 24:35, 6:103, 57:3-4 and 2:255 further confirm and solidify verse 50:16 but still evil Mullahs and freak imams will play with verses of Book of Allah under label of their own countless manufactured interpretations. This verse 50:16 and other relevant verses confirm what Kabir has said in following picture. But ignorant Mullahs usually declare these Saints of Allah as Kaafirs, whether truth is, that no one is bigger kafir on this planet than Mullah. Quran ordains meditation in which no any units of any rituals are required but Mullah prays five non-Quranic rituals that Persian Zoroastrians blended in Islam in 8th century in Abbasid Period. Please visit our main page to read our special page on this subject.  Accept what is passed by Quran (Al-Furqaan), and reject what contradicts Quran, regardless who said it. This is a simple criteria of Truth and Falsehood. And let we reject Hindu philosophy that man is Allah. No; Man is creation of Allah and man is not Allah. You can see reflecting light of Sun from Moon, yet Moon is not Sun. Though an Electric Generator is source of all light but an Electric Lamp is never a Generator. In Ocean, fish is surrounded by water and inside fish is water, yet fish is not Ocean and Ocean is not fish. Because HU is sole ONE source of all life, therefore; question of duality does not arise. Every where YOU are; Outward YOU are, and Inward YOU are.Quran56_83_84_85GooglePlusCoverFactszz01Quran57_3ImmortalPersonPitcherInOceanMMB_CageMMB_AliensFQuran_23_99_100Quran35_36_37FQuran7_179LifeCycWPHuman Life Cycle

Quran6_94EngArbEvery human has built-in Window of enlightenment but by-default that window is closed. Though not mandatory but many have ability to open that window by continuous meditation toward GOD. And when you will be able to look in that window, you will be so much flabbergasted/stunned that even if you will try to explain it, you will be unable. You will then realize, that this temp and transient material world is just a mysterious play at a big TV screen. Where apparently actors disappear from screen at the end of play but they still exist, and fully exist. Never forget, that be righteous through out you life at this earth; And beginning of righteousness is that you must believe in Five:

1- One GOD

2 His all Scriptures in their original form. Quran is final edition of all Scriptures

3- Angels

4- All Prophets and Messengers (Now from First to last Mohammad(S)

5- Day of Judgement / Resurrection

If you believe in all the FIVE honestly & sincerely, and pass life as a righteous Person, then, death is nothing but a gift for you. But if you do not believe in all the FIVE mentioned above; your all good works and good deeds will be wasted and fly away like ash flies in a windstorm (Sura Ibrahim 14:18). Who denies even any one component from FIVE, is gone astray. One example is of mother Teresa. She fits fully in following Quranic verses 14:18 & 5:72. Because by denying Last Prophet Mohammad(S) she denied one mandatory component of above-mentioned FIVE. Besides; she believed that Jesus is GOD, and Quranic verse 5:72 guarantees HELL for those, who say: Jesus is GOD.2014-12-06_213328Verse5_72_2GOD says in Noble Quran 5:75 (Asad) “The Christ, son of Mary, was but an apostle: all [other] apostles had passed away before him; and his mother was one who never deviated from the truth; and they both ate food [like other mortals].  Behold how clear We make these messages unto them: and then behold how perverted are their minds!”Quran22_78NamedYouMuslimFQuran_42_13_IslamSoleDeenFMuslim_Name_TranslationQuranicVersesPlusNDE_Note


Important_ArrowThis subject is discussed in more depth at our following page but you have to read whole page in order to grasp the embedded truth in that page:

Why there is no any detail of 5 Namaz Rituals in Complete & Fully detailed Quran?


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O Mullah, Sufi, Brahman, Clergy, Priest, Lama, Atheist, Rabbi


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