tumblr_static_bismillah-thuluth[1]Our Sincere Advice to all Muslim Debaters,

To our Dear Sisters and To our Dear Brothers

All praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom who never dies and hears even what soul of person whispers.

If one takes a donkey to animal market and wants to sell it as a cow; he will never succeed even if he stays there whole life. Because his claim is based on a lie that donkey is same as cow. When you build a grand multistorey building on a pile of sand; that building might fall even with a medium speed wind. If you wish to sell Copper in a Gold Market at the price of Gold; you will never succeed. If you will try to your best to prove that two plus two makes six; you will never succeed; why? because you are standing on the pavement of falsehood, On the contrary, If you will attempt to show that two plus two is equal to four; you will ALWAYS win.

Noble Quran is the last protected 15:9 and preserved testament of GOD. Quran is successor of all scriptures. Because it contains remnant truth of all scriptures; this is why, it also supersedes all previous scriptures 5:48. Quran is Truth of all Truths. If you have learned Quran only by Quran without using any man-made sources such as Tafseers, contexts, Shan-e-Nazools & millions of fabricated hadiths of Persian Zoroastrian Parsi Imams; then you are ready for any debate with a non-Muslim. When your debate will base only on Book of Allah; you will never be defeated in any debate with a non-Muslim. If you are even now defeated; then its mean. you have not learned Quran correctly.

But if you will try to explains Islam to a non-Muslim debater through Mullahs & Imams’ manufactured millions of pages of mutually conflicting sectarian Tafseers and Fiqa, and fabricated hadiths; then know firmly that even an ignorant Atheist or a non-Muslim can defeat you in debate VERY EASILY. If that your opponent brings forward any Kharafaat from fabricated hadith books; you are gone. And if you will try to justify a lie by many other lies; you will never succeed. If an Atheist or a non-Muslim throw a fabricated hadith on your face during debate; you will be under dog & in no way you will be able to escape. HadithersAreShamelessBeastsFFor example:
If your opponent says: It is written in Evil Bukhari that Prophet married 6/9 year child when he was 53 years old & declares Prophet a pedophile;  you can never defend by offering lame excuses such as Arab is hot land and a girl becomes adult at 6 years age or there were customs in those days etc. So you will be telling many shameful lies in order to cover one lie of Bukhari. But what should be your truthful approach? You should tell him truth that Prophet left behind only written Quran and Allah witnessed in Quran that Prophet used to have the highest ethical and moral standard; and no any witness is more truthful than the witness of Allah. Therefore you reject the false fabricated story of Zoroastrian hypocrite Bukhari that he forged 250 years after Prophet. And you can also tell your opponent that all the 11 narrators of that 9 years marriage age story of Aisha RA were Shia from Koofa and Basra Iraq. Also tell him’ that how Shia hate Aisha RA and his Dad. You can also provide him following link for proof:

What was actual Age of Aisha RA at the time of her marriage?

Another example: If your opponent presents you forged hadith of Abu Daud; in which he says: You can do ablution from a well in which dead-dogs and menstruation shreds are floating; then how will you defend that Persian Crap called hadiths books?

Another example: If an Atheist presents you hadiths of Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmdhi & ibne Maja in which they equated lady to horse, black dog, Ass, donkey & Satan; how will you defend? No way; except you tell him the truth that we have mentioned in example number one; that hadith Books are pack of lies forged 250-400 years after Prophet; so that evil book are not part of Islam. Islam has only one Book which is Quran. To read hundreds of more examples from Satanic fabricated hadith books; please read our following pages fully:

Some Hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death – Your enlightenment is guaranteed


True history of Hadith. A MUST reading for all Muslims; & Non-Muslims who R interested in Theology.


Before any Islamic debate; if you follow the advice of First Caliph Abu Bakar Radi Allah unho (Be Zillions of blessings of Allah upon him); you will never be defeated in any debate when that debate is with a non-Muslim. AbuBakkar_3_144_2Abu_Bakkar

HadithAndAliQuranStandaloneBookBonfireTrue_Sharia_LawBswuI1r-4IcrrAIOOazPicture1DeadDogsOfAbuDawudFMessengerCannotGuideFF O Our Muslim Brother Debater: How we can defend following Crap of Evil Zoroastrian Bukhari?ProphetSolomonAbuHurairahF











BiggestTextPicMishnahNow for the refreshment of our very dear readers, we have posted in following picture some pure Diamonds and Rubies from so-called hadith Books. Your refreshment is 101 percent guaranteed. Besides, after reading this picture, if you are a man, then, you will indeed love to be shifted to paradise of Ibn Maja right now, in order to dive in hell-hot 72 wives that will be gifted to you from Hell. (Only mentally retarded fanatics follow forged carp of that so called Hadith Books).10FloweredHadithQudsiCrapHadithsBooksAreLiesO Our Muslim Brother and Sister: How we can defend following crap of these Zoroastrian hypocrite Imams that they forged 250-400 years after Prophet and connected with the name of Prophet to insult him and to defame him:

Satanology_Hadith_imamsDavid is the begotten Son of God. (Psalms 2:7)

Jacob God’s firstborn son (Exodus 4:22)

Solomon is God’s son (2 Samuel 7:13-14)

Ephraim is God’s firstborn son (Jeremiah 31:9)

Adam is the son of God (Luke 3:38)

Jesus is son of GOD & also is God >> ask gynecologist how it happened (And you are not in need of reference here)

Now we read funny comic fairy tales of Satanology from Persian Zoroastrian Hadith Imams; whom ignorant hadithers follow.

Following all reports were studied and noted by our team directly from fabricated hadith Books. We have not copied any other source. So what we present here can be trusted 100% as original. Most of these reports are from Bukhari & Muslim, and others are from other four books labeled as SehaAay Sitta which are in fact collection of fabricated lies.

Satan urinate in your ears (no other place to urinate. This Satan is indeed a stupid)

Satan Farts loudly when Azan/Adhan in Mosque Starts (We are Sure these evil hypocrite hadith Imams used to fart more loudly than Satan)

Satan sleeps in your Nose ( We will drive out this bloody Rascal Satan. He lives in nose w/o paying any rent)

Satan’s face resembles face of woman (Tirmdhi Vol 1 page 128) – This show you ugly face of these filthy Pseudo Hadith Imams.

Satan has two horns from where Sun arises (Mad Bukhari indeed deserved Nobel prize for this scientific discovery)

Satan circulates in the human mind as blood circulates

Satan touched placenta of all humans except Jesus’s (Report forged by Church)

Satan came in front of me

Satan is responsible for Yawning

Satan will laugh on you if you Yawn (So stop your yawning from today)

Satan steals from your prayers

Satan causes you bad dreams, so spit on your left side  (Let Jaahil Hadithers keep spiting all the time)

Satan sees you when you are taking a bath (Idiot sex-hungry Satan – So Satan can even make your blue movie and launch at youtube under anonymous name – This is really a matter of concern. We have to contact FBI)

Satan stays in the upper part of your nose all the night ( This idiot must pay us at least rent for a single room of three-star hotel)

Satan is he/she, who passes in front of Prayers

Satan takes your part of Prayer

Satan’s musical instruments were placed near Prophet (What is this fuss?)

Satan’s head will come out of earthquakes (A new discovery. We must snatch Nobel Prize from Malala & given to Bukhari)

Satan puts three knots at the back of head when you are asleep (Buy a good magnifying Glass to see that knots)

Satan’s head was put down and legs up by God (So Satan was forced to do an exercise to keep his body fit – Mad Bukhari)

Satan materialized his body as a thief

Satan shouted loudly during battle of Ohad (Bukhari took picture of shouting Satan but forgot to post in his evil Book called Sahih Bukhari)

Satan the silly idiot is responsible for your all bad dreams

Satan when is seen by a donkey, donkey starts to bray haann haann haann. (For sure that Donkey was Ignorant Bukhari)

Satan is sent by GOD on a rich man

Satan forsaken Prophet, so he missed three Tahajjad prayers (So as per Bukhari; in-charge was Satan. How Mad hadithers follow this crap?)

Satan was stealing in a house & was caught up by Owner. Satan begged, if you free me, I will give you a tip that if you recite Ayat-al-Kursi, Satan will be away from you (Do you believe in this bullsh*t?)

Satan can hit that Arm to your brother that you have pointed to your brother. So do not point it.

Satan’s head comes out from East from the side of Sun (Yes every body see that head daily!)

Satan’s two horns will emerge from the tribes of Rabi’a & Mudar (We can cut his horns and make chairs for ibleesian Mullahs who has ruined Muslims from 1200 years)

Satan goes into seclusion and weeps (Really Satan deserve sympathy and funds from Charity that Mullahs collect in the name of Islam & spend on Talbaan & ISIS)

Satan when listens Azan/Adhan he escapes away Exactly 36 Miles from the place of Adhan/Azan (Bukhari used to have microscope and an advance machine that show him Satan and measured distance which was exact 36 Miles)

Satan’s entry in your house can be stopped if you Cover vessels, water-skins, close the doors and extinguish the lamps (So Edison was the culprit who invented this lamp. He must be brought out from grave and crucified on the graves of these Mad Pseudo Hadith Imams – Could be; that Edison was launched by Satan, Who knows!)

Satan does not open a closed door, so never open your doors to stop the entry of Satan (So the best way is, you please close your all doors with cement permanently, otherwise you are at risk 25 hours per day. Satan is really a stupid moron)

Satan becomes very active after Sunset, so do not let your animals and children go out after sun sets (So never run any school and any business at night, or you are under risk)

Satan, along with a girl and a desert-Arab, rushed to dinner of Prophet, but Prophet caught hand of Satan & girl and desert Arab. (Only an hadither with paralyzed brain can believe in such funny fairy tales)

Satan eats and drinks with left hand; so never eat or drink with left hand. (So The best way is to cut your left arm away, and keep it spare in your car; otherwise Satan will approach you)

Satan eats what falls from your mouth. So if it falls, pick it, clean it & eat again.(Great way to starve Satan – We liked this crap because starved Satan might get out of nose where, according to Bukhari, he sleeps)

Satan One night came to me when I had taken my share, and he said: You have taken the drink reserved for prophet Muhammad(S). (So Satan must be CEO of McDonald)

Satan’s musical instrument is Bell (the biggest hadith forger Abu Huraira) – We must collect all the bells of planet and must melt them in furnace and make guitars.

Satan will not tease you if you spit three times on your left-side (So Let all brainless donkeys called Hadithers keep spitting 25 hours per day to repel Satan)

Satan can appear as Jin to you. If so, warn him three times & if he does not go; kill him (A FIR against these hypocrite Imams has already been Launched by Satan for incitement for murder)

Satan are all poets (So we know now, who are Poets – SubhanAllah)

Satan pricks new-born baby; this is why he/she cries (We must wage a big Jihaad against this idiot Satan. He is really a trouble maker & even does not leave babies. We are going to apply for rifle-license today)

Satan Iblis places his throne upon water (other reports tells, Satan sleeps in your nose)

Satan cried when spoil of war was being distributed

Satan will enter in your mouth when you Yawn. To prevent him, place hands in front of your mouth when yawning (Especially when you are attempting on a big burger)

Satan Iblis came with a flame of fire to put it in face of Prophet during prayer (Even now these Mentally retarded Hadithers will not believe that these hadith imams were hypocrites)

Satan Iblis places his throne on water (other reports tells, Satan sleeps in upper part of your nose)

Satan has villas where camel lie down, so never pray there. (indeed a great discovery)

Satan in female form meets another Satan in male form on roadside and he fulfill his desire (Hope reader got the point, what that desire could be. We knew today that Satan is also a porn-star)

Satan misguided one revelation writer and that writer became apostate (Zoroastrian Hypocrite Abu Daud concocted this forgery to create doubt in revelations). Read Quran 15:9

Satan’s banner >> whoever goes out to the marketplace first thing in the morning, he goes out under the banner of Satan Iblis (So here you Go! you all are going Markets under banner of Satan. The best way is to smash all the markets. No Markets No banner of Satan. If pain is in head, just cut the head away. Our team always tells you optimum solutions, But you guys never thanked us – Very Sad)

Satan is black dog. (So take care: all Black Dogs are Satan according to Zoroastrian hypocrite hadith Imam ibne Maja) – It is our suggestion, either you never keep a black dog or if you have, just paint it white or red or whatever you like but Behold! no black; otherwise you might burn in Hell by keeping a black dog.

Satan as a part of body was present in Prophet but Angel Gabriel came and made surgery of chest of prophet and took that satanic part out (Sahih Muslim chapte-1, #311) – This report again confirms that these Pseudo Imams were hypocrites.

Note: The most truthful witness is witness of Allah (Some say GOD), and Allah witnessed in Noble Quran that Prophet Mohammad(S) used to have the highest ethical and Moral Conduct. Now we request reader: Just ask your conscience and use your common sense; that; will a Prophet of GOD with such a high standard of ethics & conduct tell such kind of funny and fairly tales? And also ask your conscience; should you build your faith on such kind of funny comic and fairly moronic tales? Prophet left behind only Quran which is protected by Lord 15:9. So, Sisters and Brothers: Build your faith only on Book of Allah. Second Caliph Omar RA used to say: “Hasbona Kitaab-Allah” Enough is for us book of Allah

Why no any detail of  Five Namaz Prayers in Complete & Fully detailed Quran? GREAT READING


Do not forget to read our main page at:



Our Sincere advice to all Muslim Debaters


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