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Root-causes of Terrorism and its mitigation


There could be countless micro-drivers that promote Terrorism directly or indirectly, explicitly or implicitly but we will highlight and discuss only some major and main drivers in this page

1- Clergy-sponsored Terrorism by twisting theology and scriptures – Criminal Approach

2- To Promote Terrorism in specific area or a country to achieve personal benefits. Usually as State level – A Satanic Approach

3- Illogical and Irrational Political System of a State.

4- To create injustice in society deliberately to achieve some evil goals.

On this Planet, Terrorism and murder is as old as man on this planet. He was one son of Adam who murdered his real brother for some trivial demand. When Adam was being created, angles said to GOD. O Our Lord: We are enough for your adoration. We are afraid, Man will be the source of blood-shed on that earth. GOD answered: What I know, you do not. Later we realize from scriptures, that in fact Aliens (we humans) were sent to this planet to go through a test and trial to know how we behave during test.Quranocracy2When test is over (upon death), his cage (body of flesh and bone) is buried in a grave or cremated, and original immortal Person is taken back to GOD. Where, as witness, Person is shown holographic movie of his whole life actions that were being recorded in his soul 24 hour/day during his life on this planet. Scriptures tell us so, and that has also been confirmed by recent research in Medical Science in the field of N.D.E. Scriptures ordain, that we all humans must do good deeds, and refrain from bad deeds. Last testament of God, Quran beautifully defines “GOOD DEED” in 2:177, which mean, “After right faith, Philanthropy is the Good deed. We all humans were supposed to love and help each other on this planet in all spheres of life. But we forgot, that at Apex, we all humans have same one dad and same one mother. We all humans are in fact brothers and sisters to each other. Quran makes very clear repeatedly 2:256, 10:99 that there is no compulsion in Islam regarding faith. GOD has clarified both paths, path of Evil and Path of Good in Quran but have left that up to person which path he/she follows. QuranHabellQabeelVerses5_27_31

We do not see in all scriptures and in final edition of all scriptures Quran any ritual or units and methods of rituals. Because Quran tells in 2:177 “After possessing right faith, please GOD by serving his creation; and not by Clergy made rituals.

But we humans did not follow the right path. Historically, terrorism remained in all human societies and in all religions. It will be unjust to say that Terrorists are only in Islam. Historians know, how many millions people were killed by Atheists and non-Muslims in China USSR Russia, in 2nd world war and by Church inquisitions.

However, in this page, we will discuss in detail only Root-Cause No.1 “Clergy-sponsored Terrorism by twisting theology and scriptures – Criminal Approach”; relevant to Muslims in general, and Pakistan in particular as a special case. Other causes will be highlighted briefly.Islam:

Many People think, Islam started from Prophet Mohammad. NO. Islam is sole one true path of one GOD preached by all Prophets of GOD even by Moses and Jesus. Islam was not started but perfected upon Mohammad and has been finalized in Quran. Some main points of Quran are as under:

1- All Humans were one nation but when population started to grow; disputes among them also grew exponentially. So GOD sent Prophets to humans along with Divine Books so that they could do Justice among them as per laws of Divine BOOK 2:213. So it is very important point that main goal was to restore justice in society. Therefore; frequency of  disputes is directly proportional to the degree of injustice in society. Major Root cause of terrorism and disputes on this planet even today is injustice? But why? Because we humans has abandoned Book of GOD, and we follow our own man-made imperfect systems.

2- Quran tells, after right faith (4:136), the best action of humans on this planet is Philanthropy 2:177

3- Quran never allows killings of any person but only through court for the pursuit of Justice (ISIS, TTP, Boko-haram never follow Quranic law but man-made books and Mullahs). Quran says: To kill one innocent is so big crime that it is like to kill whole humanity 5:32.

4- Quran allows war ONLY in defense, or in order to rescue oppressed humans from an oppressor 2:190, 4:75. So before reading all verses of Quran about war, reader must read verses 2:190, 4:75.

5- Quran does not forbid a Muslim for to be kind with non-Muslims who are not in war with Muslims and who do not drive Muslims out from their homes 60:8.

6- Quran tells, drop invitation of Islam but never force any one. After invitation, as a Muslim, your job is done 2:256, 10:99

7- Quran forbids slavery 2:177 and Prophets were BOUND to follow laws of Divine Books 10:15, 6:1i4

Then what is cause of Terrorism in some tiny groups of Muslims?

Prophet Mohammad was given Quran by GOD. Prophet and his all companions followed no any other Book except Quran. Prophet Muhammad passed away in 632 A.D. and there is tons of multiple historic evidence that up to year 722 A.D, Hadith and Sunna has no any legality in Islam (Professor J. Schacht). Joseph_Schacht_FIt is very important to note that Prophet Mohammad forbade to write any of his hadith. After Prophet, four guided Caliphs collected all hadiths from people, and burned and banned all hadiths. In the time of Caliph Omar RA, it was Crime to preach, spread or even to possess any hadith. Muslims were told to follow only fully detailed standalone Quran 12:111, 16:89, 17:12.

Hundreds of years after death of Prophet Mohammad, defeated Persian Imams (Zoroastrians disguised under Muslim names) started all-out ideological war against Islam. It were Muslims who dismantled millennia Persian Zoroastrian empire in 7th Century. Persians, after defeat, converted to Islam as pseudo Muslims and they never accepted Islam from their heart. Even after 1300 years, they remember their Zoroastrian empire, and the most hateful people on planet near Persians even today are Arabs because it were Arab Generals who dismantled their millennia empire.KazimzadaF Persians were subdued but underground they continued their hate and enmity against Arab Muslims. They started to support Abbasid family against Omayyad Rulers. Finally, with the support of their evil Man “Abu-Muslim Kharasaani, they succeeded to topple Omayyad Government in 750 A.D. But Abbasid Caliph called Abu-Muslim in his court for some talk but ordered his guards to kill Abu-Muslim and they killed him. As a result, further hate augmented in the hearts of Persians. Now they penetrated in Abbasid GOV through their beautiful women. Abbasid fell in that sexy trap and they started to marry Persian women. As a result, during Abbasid Period 750-1258 A.D., almost all tutors of kids of Abbasid Caliphs were Persians (disguised Zoroastrians), their wives were Zoroastrians, even the Mother of the most powerful Abbasid Caliphs Haroon Rasheed was a Persian Zoroastrian. Her name was Queen Khaizraan. She is the Person who told Persian hadith Imams to blend five Zoroastrian Namaz Rituals in Islam through forgery of Hadith of Miraaj (Night Journey) which is totally different from Quran. Even all Ministers including Chief Minister of Abbasid were from Persian Bramaka (Zoroastrian) family. Now it was right time for Persians to wage all-out ideological war against Islam to take revenge of their defeat. They prepared countless Pseudo Imams like Bukhari Imam-Muslim, Tirmidhi, Nasai, Abu-Dawud, Ibn-Majah, and Shia’s Yaqoob Kileeni (all Zoroastrians disguised under Muslim names). They assigned them job to forge millions of lies with fake matans and fake chains, and then label that all lies as Hadith and Sunna of Prophet Mohammad. In order to advance their agenda, they employed Criminals like Imam Shafi too. Shafi (Paul of Islam) was an employee of Abbasid Caliphs, and GOV of Abbasid was being run by Persians Zoroastrians. Quran2_190AndHatersStatOf20thCentury2

Reference for above-posted pie-chart

So era of Abbasid Caliphs 750-1258 was the time when Deen Islam was converted into Religion of Mullahs and Imams, and Majority of Muslims were converted into Mohammedans. They were told, to forget Quran, and follow millions of lies called hadith. That was turning point in the history of Islam. Deen mean Divinely prescribed way of Life. Because Islam is DEEN and never man-made Religion, so, there is no any place of Mullahs, Imams and Priesthood in Islam. We Muslims copied priesthood from Judaism, Christianity and Zoroastrians. Standalone fully detailed Quran is simple plain made-easy Book 54:17, and so, Quran is absolutely not in need of any external theological source like hadiths Sunna Contexts Nazools, Fiqa, Tafsirs Mullahs Imams and pseudo scholars. Quran is so simple that it is not in need of any interpretation. It has its own built-in commentary and dictionary, as verses are connected to each other in various chapters, and one point is explained in multifaceted forms so that humans can grasp the truth easily. Read below a message that a Persian has sent to us. ZoroastrianMessageAfter the inventions of Hadith and Sunna books during Abbasid Period, majority of Muslims forgot Quran, and started to follow that fabricated Books of hadith and Sunna which are root-cause of terrorism and violence among Muslims. Most of fabricated hadiths contradict Quranic laws. Prophet Mohammad left behind only Quran, and no any book of hadith and Sunna. But Mullahs tell Muslims, that because GOD in Quran ordains to obey Prophet Mohammad, so (according to Mullahs), Muslims should follow Books of Hadiths and Sunna that Prophet Mohammad neither verified nor certified. Majority of blindly following Muslims fell in this trap of Satanic Mullahs because majority do not read and understand Quran fully in their whole life. Quran makes very clear in many verses that to obey and follow Allah and Mohammad mean to follow only Quran 47:2, 10:15, 3:80, 28:56, 6:19, 50:45, 3:20, 6:114.

Fabricated hadith and Sunna Books are Root-Cause of Violence in Islam

Quran forbids killing except through court for the pursuit of Justice but fabricated hadiths promote murder of any one under different pretexts. (Governor Taseer is an example).

Quran says: No force in Deen Islam, and be kind even with non-Muslims. But fabricated hadiths say, annihilate Kaafirs.

Quran never ordains to kill apostate. Quran says: Path of Evil and Good has been made crystal clear and it is up to person which path he follows but Fabricated hadiths orders to kill apostate

Quran sets a procedure for divorce that requires months but fabricated hadiths and Stupid Fiqa Imams tell, you can divorce and send away wife in three seconds, Talaq Talaq Talaq.

Quran ordains war only in defense and even in war, forbids aggression but what ISIS, TTP and Boko-Haraam do, you all know well because that all evil gangs, neglect Quran, and follow fabricated hadiths and Sunna.

Noble Quran nowhere makes mandatory Head Cover, Face Cover and Burqa for ladies. Quran tells lady to have modest dress. Wear longer garments and cover chest. No shorts. And best dress is your good character. But fabricated hadiths converted this so called culture of Hijab into Islamic law. Quran nowhere uses word “Hijab’ for head cover or for dress of woman. Quran has used word “Hijab” as a barrier between different groups of people.

Quran nowhere makes BEARD mandatory but fabricated hadiths make it mandatory through forged sunna and fake hadiths. Beard is again, nothing else but a Culture. If Prophets used to have beard, then infidels also used to have beard. Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab used to have also beard. Quran concentrates on Character of Person rather than apparent forms or color of a person.

Quran repeats over 50 times, eat and drink clean things but fabricated hadiths tell to drink filthy urine of Camel and many mad hadithers do that. GOD witnesses in Quran 68:4 that Prophet Mohammad used to have the highest standard of sublime moral conduct but fabricated hadith and seera books of defeated revengeful Persian hadith Imams depict Prophet Mohammad as pedophile, cruel, rapist and worst person on planet; yet brain-bent hadithers kiss fabricated hadith books even without reading that all crap.

Quran says: All that is illegal (haraam) to eat which dies itself but fabricated hadiths tell to eat dead fish (that dies itself) and dead locusts (makri).

Quran says: on the day of resurrection, every one will be responsible for his own actions and deeds 21:47 but forged hadiths tell we Muslims, you can commit crimes of all kinds because on the day of resurrection, GOD will shift all sins of Muslims to the heads of Jews and Christians (so called Sahih-Muslim)SinsShiftingQuran says: beat 100 lashes to, who commits adultery regardless person is married or unmarried but fabricated hadiths that was imported from corrupted bible, says: Stone to death a married person who is involved in unlawful sex.

Quran says: After right faith (4:136, 2:177), Good deed is Philanthropy but fabricated hadiths orders you to pray five daily Zoroastrian Namaz Rituals. Salat of Quran is never five rituals. Read our relevant page for full discussion.

Quran forbids sodomy of any type but Imam Shafi and Imam Malik encourage to have sex with wife from her rectum, and some hadithers follow these evil sodomite Imams for sodomy. Quran depicts sodomy as an heinous crime. Nation of Prophet Lut was annihilated by a disaster due to sodomy.QuranVersusHadithQuran respect Woman more than Man but fabricated hadiths equate woman to dog, ass, donkey scorpion, Image of Satan, evil, and pig. Hadiths also say, woman is mentally poor and hell will be full of women. Read our relevant page for full proof.HadithsInsultWomanPicMessengerCannotGuideFFQuran says: Woman and man are partners in life and are friends, and not masters of each other but fabricated hadiths say: Man is ruler over woman. Mullahs do false translation in order to subjugate women.

Quran never forbids good Music but fabricated hadiths do. Hadithers twist verses of Quran. Prophet David (Dawood) was a great Musician who used to adore Hayy-ul-Qayyoom with music.IslamIsTrurhQuran tells, Jesus survived death on Cross 4:157, Allah raised (Rafa) him in honor 4:158, and later died at old age naturally 5:116-117, 3:55 but in fabricated hadiths Mr Abu Hurairah tells, he is still alive. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani was an impostor but our hadithers and Mullahs are bigger impostors than Mirza Qadiani. Please note that Aisha RA and Caliph Omar Khattaab declared Abu Hurairah a thief, a liar, a beggar, and a hadith forger. Read our relevant pages about Qadiani cult, and Biography of Abu Hurairah.

Quran never says: Jesus was born w/o human father. We know each word of Quran including Sura Mary too. Also neither first canonical gospel, Bible of Mark, nor bible of John tell any thing about virgin birth. But Hadithers and Mullahs follow fabricated fable of Church. Read our special page on this subject.

Nowhere fully detailed Quran mentions any faggot Dajjal (anti-Christ) and Mahdi but that fables came from fabricated hadiths. QuranisIslamQuran forbids sects and all kind of Tafarraka that creates division among Muslims. Allah has named believers in Quran 22:78 only Muslims and not Shia and Sunni etc. As per Quran, all sect followers are Khwarij / Khaarji who took exit from Islam by making sects 6:159. As per Quran 3:103-105; hell is waiting all sect followers. But fabricated hadiths not only created sects but also validated sects. So all fitna among we Muslims is created by that forged hadith books. Shia and Sunni are fighting each other always. Deobandi say: Braivli is Kaafir and Brailvi say: Deobandi is Kaafir. Some funny idiots fools want to hide that evil sects in the cloak of “Madhab’ or “School of Thought” but Truth is, that if a Pig takes cloak (skin) of a Lion; he never becomes Lion but still remains a pig. You will see in many TV shows like TV Show of Kashaf Abbasi in which Mullahs justified and validated their evil sects by using fabricated hadiths. Despite Kashaf reminded that bloody Mullahs repeatedly about Quranic verses that clearly forbid all kind of Tafarraka and sects. The filthiest rotten eggs of fabricated hadith and Sunna are our Mullahs, Imams and Pseudo Scholars who neglect Quranic laws and misguide Muslim youth through fabricated hadiths. Quran sets three criteria for minimum marriage age. Person should be adult, should be able to understand and sign a commercial agreement, should be able to earn. But Zoroastrian Bukhari deliberately defamed prophet Mohammad by saying in his evil book that Prophet at age of 53 married a 6 years child and did sex with her when she was 9 years age. By following this forged report of Bukhari, hadithers are doing child marriages from centuries. They ignore Quran and follow forged lies. Truth is, that for this report, all eleven narrators of Parsi Bukhari were Shia, nine from Koofa and two from Basra Iraq. All Muslims know that shia has enmity with Caliph Abu Bakar and Aisha RA. They forged that lie to defame Aisha RA, and if Shia Book Al-Kafi can abuse Allah, then how will they care about Prophet Mohammad?. Oldest history book of Islam written ~150 years even before the fake book of Majoosi Tabari, “Dalaa’il min Nobuwat-e-Mohammad” by Abdul Jabar tells that Aisha RA was widow of a Martyr Saleh bin Saleh Tayyab. She was 48 years old when Prophet married her at age of 52. Reader is suggested to read our page about actual age of Aisha RA. That book also writes that when Hussein bin Ali RA was Governor of Iraq, one day, during sleep at home, people of hypocrite Abdulla bin Sabah murdered him. Therefore; whole story of Karbala is fabricated by Shia cult. It never happened in history. And Personal diary of Muslim rulers of Spain also confirm what is written in Book of Abdul Jabar.

Being final edition of all scriptures, Quran in 5:48, 2:105-106 abrogates bible and other all previous scriptures because Quran also contains their remnant truth but Shafi-Mafia and Persian Zoroastrian hadith Imams invented doctrine of Abrogation. As per this evil doctrine, they say, that many many verses of Quran has been abrogated. SatanShafiFraudMachineofShafi

Allah tells Prophet Mohammad in Quran that O Mohammad: Exercise patience against blasphemers. Allah says: I will punish them on the day of Judgment. But Fabricated hadiths justify that you can place slander of blasphemy on any of your opponent, and even without going court, just kill him. Governor Taseer is an example. His killer was supposed to be hanged within a week but even after years that killer is a VIP in Jail. Many brainwashed fanatics even Jaahil lawyers also support that killer. That shows, up to what degree Society has been religiously, ethically, and morally bankrupted.  In no way, Quran supports any killing except through Court for the pursuit of justice.

Allah Al-Adal makes clear in Quran, that before sending you to paradise or hell, all deeds of your whole life will be counted/weighed but Parsi Hadith Imams tell in their books countless short-cuts for Paradise i.e. you commit all crimes in your whole life but just by saying “La ilaha ill-Allah” you will go to paradise, steal billions from the pockets of people but by giving just one date in charity or by reciting just Ayt-ul-Kursi or by memorizing just 99 names of Haq-Ta’aala, you will go to paradise. And mad hadithers believe in this all nonsensical forged hadiths that has been attached to the name of Prophet Mohammad. BukahriAnd21_47 Quran makes very clear that on the day of resurrection, no one will be your intercessor except Allah 39:44, 6:94 but Persian Parsi Hadith Imams tells that Prophet Mohammad will be Intercessor for all Bigggg Criminals. If we believe in this lie, then whole Judicial system given in Quran collapses. But Mad monsters like ISIS, Boko-Haraam, Talban, TTP and hadithers believe in these fabricated hadiths which clearly contradict Quranic laws at 180 degree.HadithNQuranIntercessionQuran6_94EngArbQuran makes clear that all Messengers of GOD are equal in status, as they all preached only one path of GOD, Islam 42:13, 3:52, 3:67. Therefore, Quran says: Do not make difference among them. But fabricated hadiths tell you that Last Prophet, Prophet Mohammad was head of all Prophets and is superior to all prophets.LaNofarraKaBainaAhdinF

Quran18_110NAllah makes clear in Quran that Duty of Prophets was NO MORE THAN to deliver Divine Books clearly to people. Prophets died after completing their great missions and their chapters on this planet were closed but Sunni and shia sects invoke, adore and worship died Prophet Mohammad. MessengersOnlyDivinePostmenF2DivinePostmanAndTrueMuslimQuran3_80

This list is very long. For further reading, please see our main page and read links about Hadiths at:

Fanatical Terrorism in PakistanA Case Study


After year 722 A.D, Deen Islam was hijacked by Mullahs and Imams under patronage of Pro-Zoroastrian Abbasid Caliphs and they converted Deen Islam into counterfeited religion of Evil Mullahs and Imams. Therefore, after 722 A,D., we do not see any Muslim country in which same Divine System of Quran was implemented as was implemented before 722 A.D. Do you think in Saudi Arabia and Iran is Islamic System? No never at all. What they follow is counterfeited religion of Mullahs, and never that simple and easy Islam which has been finalized in Noble Quran. It is clear from Quran that only duty of all Prophets was to deliver BOOK of Allah. It was neither thier duty to explain book nor to invent their own hadith and sunna parallel to Book of GOD, and they never invented that innovations but clergy centuries later.


Professor Dr. Allama Mohammad Iqbal Ph.D was one of the best Muslim brains of 1400 years history. He was a great sage like Sir Syed. He foresaw that in future Muslims will be in bad shape under Majority of Idol-worshiper Hindus. So he demanded to form a separate State with Muslim Majority. He died in 1938 but his great mission was continued by another one of the greatest and smartest statesmen of history “Mohammad Ali Jinnah”. Target of Jinnah was to form Pakistan as country for Muslims finally as a Muslim-welfare-State like that existed before year 722 A.D., when no any Satanic book of fabricated hadith and Sunna used to exist. Please note that Divine System of Quran is in fact a secular system in which all religions are given freedom within Islamic system. Fanatics misinterpret word “secular”.After Pakistan appeared on world map, first thing that Jinnah did was to appoint another Great thinker of Islam “Allama Mohammad Asad Ph.D” as Chief of Islamic department, and he was told to deliver lectures on Islam in Radio and in papers to tell gone-astray Muslims, what is real Islam. Asad was colleague and student of Iqbal. Quranic translation of Asad is among the best ones. But unfortunately, Jinnah died just after Pakistan was formed, and his successor were not so wise as Jinnah was. So what happened?Abu_DardaMullahs and Imams who declared Sir Syed, Iqbal and Jinnah Infidels/Kaafirs, and opposed formation of Pakistan, now shamelessly moved to Pakistan and hijacked Islam. They managed to send Asad away from Pakistan and made him Ambassador in UNO. Now Pakistan was a free field for Criminal Sectarian Mullahs in order to advance their evil agenda. After Jinnah, it was duty of Pakistani rulers to regulate Islamic education under Government institutions, and stop evil Mullahs, but Loot-Maar politicians remained busy in war of chairs and they turned blind eye toward Islamic education. As a result, that vacuum was filled by Satanic Sectarian Mullahs. Now Mullahs were free in Pakistan as forest-cattle are free in a Jungle. Quran22_78NamedYouMuslimFNoahAgreatMuslimQuran_42_13_IslamSoleDeenFIslam_FlowChart1Sect formationSunniShiaKhawarijMullahs started to build their countless sectarian Mosques and Madaaris (seminaries) to brainwash and misguide Muslim Kids. Pakistani Politicians continued to support and kiss hands of that Silly Vile Evil Jaahil Mullahs by, unjustly labeling them Ulama (Scholars). Loot-Maar ignorant Politicians never knew that Ulama of Quran are scientists, and never Mullahs and Imams. In Islam and Quran, there is no any place of Mullahs and Imams. We Muslims copied priesthood from Judaism Zoroastrianism and Church. Is there any place of priesthood, Mullahism & pseudo scholarship in Islam?

That Mullahs in Pakistan never teach Quran but millions of fabricated hadiths along-with badly twisted translations of verses of Quran. They spread hate among kids. Sunni Mullah teach kids that Shia are Kaafir and so are Wajib-al-Qatal, and Shia Mullahs teach in same rhetoric. They also teach kids that non-Muslims are to be annihilated, despite Noble Quran never say so 2:256, 10:99. Many Mullahs are hired by enemies of Pakistan and that kind of Mullahs prepare suicide bombers who kill innocents in schools and markets. Such kind of hired Mullahs assure their ignorant students that 200 Million Pakistanis and their Army are infidels, so it is mandatory to murder them.


They assure students by showing them fabricated hadiths that if suicide bomber is killed during blast, he/she will go straight to paradise, and at the gate of Paradise, Prophet Mohammad; and your 72 Hoori Wives will welcome you. They brainwash students by following forged hadith. So when students are fully brainwashed, they fight each other to take first turn in suicide-attack because they wish to reach to that gate of Paradise as soon as possible where 72 Hot Hooris are ready to play golf with them.Important_Callout2IbneMajahBiggestCrapDear reader: Terrorism grows from a sick mindset and that mindset is created by Mullahs, Imams and Pseudo Scholars in Mosques and Madaaris (Seminaries). We want to assure whole world that Islam is peace. Islam is not an issue at all but issue are Mullahs, and Madaaris in which they not just brainwash but hypnotize teenager students by preaching them millions fabricated crap called Hadith and Sunna that Last Prophet of GOD Prophet Mohammad never certified.

How Pakistan can mitigate existing fanatical Terrorism?

1- First of all, know, that it is very difficult job but not impossible to accomplish. You cannot destroy that evil crop in just a few months and even in a few years that is growing from 67 years freely in the Madaaris of Mullahs. Mullahs has infected millions of people. So be patient and very patient. Allah is with who exercise patience.

2- Bulldoze all Private Mosques ruthlessly (which are in fact like Majid Diraar of Quran) and build new Grand GOV Mosques in each town. Regulate all Islamic education. Ban and run bulldozer over all Madaaris of Mullahs preferably when Mullahs are inside. Ban all activities of Mullahs. Put them in Jail or let they work in farms or production factories or give them one way ticket of Hell. Teach Noble Quran only in GOV schools and Colleges and Universities. Review curricula. Make License mandatory for all theological Teachers like one needs license for Driving. Any one who preach a group or in a school w/o license, jail him for 15 years. Take all Mosques under GOV control. All Khateeb (who deliver Friday Sermon) must be employees of Aouqaaf department of Government.HadithLiesBlackDiamond3- Because majority of voters are ignorant poor (so sale-able) and belong to feuds and tribes, this is why, they cast vote for even Thieves and Criminals. As a result, one big thief raises to the position of President. Replace democracy by Quranocracy. Do not elect but select best pious patriot and undisputed honest people of Society under Control of Army and Supreme Court.

4- Revamp whole Judicial system. Bring laws that can hang all terrorists within a month.

5- Build fool proof fence/wall at Afghanistan border at any cost. No excuse. If Chinese could build Great wall w/o advance technology of today, then why Pakistan cannot? Stop some low priority mega projects of Billions dollars, and spent that money on Afghan border. We know why this project will not be attractive for Ruling Class but it must be done as is first priority of People of Pakistan. Pakistan lost hundreds of thousands innocent lives, and lost billions for Afghanistan but Afghani always caused harm to Pakistan. Enough is enough. It is time now to say them, bye. MQ_Funeral_4QuranMakesUhuman

6- Remember: We cannot finish mosquito by just killing 100 mosquito daily when at the same time another 100 mosquito are growing in dirty ponds of water. Madaaris are breeding cells of Fanatical Terrorists. Unless all Madaaris and Mullahs are banned, and Noble Quran is taught only in GOV schools, Terrorism will not end even in next 100 years. Recently, some terrorists are arrested in Pakistan who have Master Degrees. Do not surprise. That Master degree holders were also brainwashed and hypnotized by Sectarian Satanic Mullahs when they were learning in their Madaaris in childhood. Dogma, true or false, is so deeply engraved in human brain that during hypnotizing session, you can tell person any thing to follow except any command against his dogma. Because he will follow every advice you commanded him but will never follow your commands that you have given him against his faith/dogma. Another example is of Pakistani Nobel Prize winner Great Scientist Professor Abdul-Salam. He belonged to Qadiani Cult which has been proved 100.000% a false fabricated dogma; yet that Nobel Prize winner remained stuck to that false dogma his whole life. Please read our page about Qadiani cult. Therefore; dogmatic brainwashing is extremely dangerous. Even Nobel Prize and Ph.D degrees fail to convince a Terrorist that what he is doing is wrong.ProphetsInGrave7- Because Quran forbids sects, so ban all sects. Who proclaim his sect, must be sent to jail for 15 years. Ban and burn all books of Hadith and Sunna like four Caliphs did before year 722 A.D. Islamic law is valid ONLY and ONLY from Book of GOD 6:114, 10:15, 16:116. To obey Mohammad meaning nothing else but to follow Divine Book that Mohammad delivered and he delivered none but Quran 6:19, 47:2, 10:15, 3:80, 28:56, 29:18.

Burn all hadiths, as to burn hadith books is Sunna of Prophet and 4 Caliphs. FULL PROOF at:


Now we come to 2nd root-cause of Terrorism:

2- To Promote Terrorism in specific area or a country to achieve personal benefits. Usually as State level – A Satanic Approach”

This is when one Country promotes terrorism in another country in order to achieve his evil goals. It is inhumane. It must end. UNO must be active. In this situation, enemy country will hire someone from other country including Politicians, Media and Clergy and will spread terror by different means.

Third Root-Cause of Terrorism is:

3- Illogical and Irrational Political System of a State.

EduANDwisdomDemocracy brings fruit only in prosperous and highly educated Societies. A society in which majority of voters are poor (sale-able), Ignorant (uneducated), and belong to tribes and feuds, democracy becomes the most dangerous system that also can promote corruption and terrorism. Unless poverty drops to 10% and literacy exceeds 85%, only an honest dictator-ship under patronage of Supreme Court and Army is the right solution; and if Country is of Muslims, then Quranocracy is the Best System. Poverty, corruption, and ignorance has strong proportional link with the rate of crime and terrorism. Any one who invented democracy was never a precise thinker or a great intellect because it is very easy to debunk democracy on rational and logical basis. Basic building block of democracy is VOTE and vote is an opinion. In democracy, a wise university Professor has one vote and a fool thug has one vote too. In other words, democracy equates a wise man to a fool. It sets same price for good and rotten apples, It counts only heads but never scans heads to know if in this and that head is an healthy brain or not. Its approach is quantitative and never qualitative. Due to that drawbacks of democracy, in one country, top thief was elected as President and in other country a notorious terrorist was elected as Prime Minister. Approach of Divine system is Qualitative. If one person among 1000 opponents tells truth, Quran stands with that truthful. Quran makes clear that in mankind history, majority always remained on wrong side. DemocracyVSQuranocracyIf a Person steals 10 Billion, and later was arrested by GOV agencies; he was supposed to return all stolen amount, and bear either death penalty or at least 25 years in Jail in order to discourage other Plunderers and Thieves, but Corrupt democracy has made many laws to protect thieves and thugs. One their law is; if a Person steals and plunders 10 Billion; and he is arrested by Anti-Corruption Depart. He can keep 9 Billions in his pocket, and if returns from stolen ten billions, just one Billion to Government; he will be freed with Good Character certificate. This is a great incentive for thieves. After coming out from Jail, such a criminal will start again Loot Mar. Can we say it Democracy or Satanocracy? we leave answer of this question to reader. When such kind of thieves are caught; they start to shout aloud “Democracy is in Danger”. That kind of corrupt politicians has made this kind of laws to cover up their crimes; yet they chant everywhere that their Constitution is a scared document. Another law: If any one has stolen billions but if he pays on that stolen money a small amount of tax; GOV will consider his black-money as White. That kind of Satanocratic System is dedicated to give asylum and protection to all kind of Criminals, yet it is sacred democracy with sacred constitution!EvilTreeOfCorruptDemocracy

 Is State important or Constitution?

There is one country in which so called democratic political Parties (in fact Gangs of Thieves and Thugs) made Constitution. Later they did many amendments in constitution in order to win every future election by rigging and to protect their Theft and Plunder with majority-Vote, because majority in Parliament is of thieves and crooks. Some of that amendments in that constitution were done by under order of other countries and that amendment has placed time-bmb in the foundation of that Country which can break it apart in many parts. Yet that Looters always say: Constitution is a sacred document and in this way, they equate that corrupted man-made constitution to Scriptures. No any man-made constitution is more important than State. If State exists, many other constitutions can be made but if State disappears from world Map due to implementation on corrupted Constitution; then what?

Quran6_116-117_MajorityVSTruthSome countries controlled by a specific lobby, love to remain in war in order to profiteer from their defense industry because if there is no war; their defense industry will be badly affected. Near them, if soldiers and humans die in war, not an issue. Important is to profiteer by hook or crook. There is also Mafia that intentionally spread diseases in order to sell their medicine and so make more profit. That all are inhumane activities and must end. Some GOVS are controlled by a Lobby of Religious fanatics and they wage war against others to suppress another religion or sect. In order to blame and defame  other country, religion or nation and to get sympathy and support of their own public for an already planned attack on other country or another religion; some countries plan false-flags in their own country. Media is in their control, so general public believes what media airs and publishes.

Fourth Root-cause of Terrorism is:
4- To create injustice in society deliberately to achieve greed and evil goals.

This is Root-Cause of all Root-Causes. Injustice and greed leads to violence Crime and revenge regardless if that injustice is in a home, family or in a society or in a country or on this planet. Country GOVS and U.N.O were supposed to mitigate that injustice on this planet but not so successful. Disputes of Kashmir, Palestine, Rohingya, Syria are there from years. We can solve that all issues; and terrorism and violence related to that all disputes, only by doing Justice with all parties. It is humane duty of Powerful countries to restore justice on this planet that will certainly sharply mitigate violence and terrorism. For an example: We condemn brutal acts of ISIS but why ISIS came into existence? That is also result of injustice. Shia Ruler of Iraq and Syria victimized people of Sunni sect which then lead to rebellion. If Asad and Malki had ruled wisely and justly; we could have never known about ISIS.OneDadOneMother

To sump up:

Keep in mind always: We all will never live on this planet forever. We all are sons and daughters of same one mother and same one dad. We might have political and ideological differences and conflicting debates but that all must never lead to hate, fight, war, and killings. We authors of this page are Muslim. We love all humans regardless what path they follow 10:99, 2:256. If we have one bed in our room and a Jew or a Hindu or a Buddhist or a Sikh or a Christian or an Atheist is our guest for night, we will sleep at floor, and offer him our bed. If you are on wrong path, that is between you and GOD 10:99, 2:256. Love each other, help each other and Support each other. Always make plans to serve humanity, and never to harm humanity. We end this page with following one so beautiful verse of Last testament of GOD “Noble Quran”: Quran2_177CoreMessage



For example, When we filter work of following Personalities through Filters of Noble Quran, we realize following:

1- When we read Abu Hanifa, Malik, Shafi, Hanbal, Jafar Sadiq, and Yaqoob Kileeni of Shia, we find some truth but tons of falsehood. Many rules of their Fiqa books very clearly contradict Laws of Book of Allah. They all sound more, Ignorant Mullahs of past than real thinkers of Islam. Shafi was Paul of Islam who converted Muslim-Majority into Mushrik-Mohammedans

2- When we read Hadith books of Sunni and Shia sects, we find authors of that Books Parsi Hypocrites disguised under Muslim names. Their Books contain heap of fabricated crap; that they attached with name of Prophet.

3- When we read Magians Tabari, Wakidi, Ibn Hisham, Yahoodi Ibn Is’haaq, and tons of exegesis (Tafsir) books, it becomes very clear that these enemies of Islam sold sugar-coated candies of cyanide. Praise Prophet in one page and insult in next page, again praise in one chapter and nakedly insult him in next chapter. They were Professional forgers. If their Book were full of only insult, no any Muslim was going to read that books.

4- Ibn Arabi wrote great books but but also some kuffar and crap is blended in his books. Some times he appears a great Sufi and some time a great Mul’had and Zindeeq.

5- When we Read Ghazali, we see his wonderful true approach in many areas but his work also contains some stinky garbage.

6- When we read Rumi, his books enlightens and are amazing but still he slips to bad track some times that are against Quranic laws.

7- When we read Rumi-e-Kashmir Mian Mohamamd Bakhsh, Bullah Shah, Kabir and many other Sufis, we find tons of diamonds and rubies but also some kuffar and shirk in their writings.

8- When we read Allama Mohammad Iqbal, we find tons of Rubies and Diamonds but also some material that is against the spirit of Noble Quran. 9- When we read one of the best Quranic translations of Allama Mohammad Asad, still we find some oversights in his translation and commentary.

10- When we read Allama Ghulam Ahmed Perwaiz. We find him one of the greatest thinkers of Quran in 1400 years history; yet he exaggereated in some areas.

11- When we read Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D.; we find tons of diamonds of bold truth but still some exaggeration.

12- When we see work of Harun Yahya, we find his great and amazing approach in several subjects but mountains of lies too mostly based on fabricated hadith.

13- When we see Javaid Ghamidi we find him better than majority of Ignorant Mullahs but his approach in some area is untrue. He advises others, that understand Quran with blank mind but from his works, it appears that he himself has understood Quran never with blank mind. During study of Quran, when a reader is influenced by any non-Quranic source, he can never understand Quran correctly even in 100 years. There is only and only one way to understand Quran correctly, and that is: Understand Quran only by Quran.

14- When we see our Great asset Zakir Naik, we find truth but also some big lies and fables.

15- When we watch two Lions of Present day, Dr. Bilal Phillips and Shaykh Yasin, we find them among the best Muslim Speakers of present time. We Find them much better than other Mullahs of Present time; yet they beleive in fabrications that are stuffed in forged hadith Books. So they also try to validate and justify lies of that Books under different lame pretexts.

Majority of above-mentioned Personalities fell periodically in Ibleesian trap because they consider Islam as Religion but Islam is Deen and never a Religion. All Religion are concocted by Theocratic Clergy. Deen=Divinely Prescribed way of life. They also failed to realize that Islam is to follow the Divine Book that Divine Postman delivered, and not Divine-Postman in Person. 3:80, 29:18, 6:114, 10:15, 47:2, 18:110 Quran8_22PlusNoteAs per Noble Quran, to obey obey Allah and his Messenger is nothing else but to follow Divine Book that Allah Al-Haadi delivered through his Messenger to humans. Messengers were bound to follow only and only Divine Books. 28:56, 6:114, 10:15, 6:19, 50:45, 2:213, 3:80, 18:110, 41:6, 16:116, 66:1, 47:2, 39:23, 39:27, 69:40-48, 12:111, 16:89, 17:12, 72:21, 75:19, 42:18, 13:40, 3:20, 5:99, 29:18, 20:114, 25:30, 29:45, 38:29, 72:18, 42:7, 72:1, 6:155, 4:105, 45:6, 31:6, 77:50, 54:17, 55:2, 75:17, 75:19, 4:47, 15:9, 17:106, 76:23

Messenger left behind no any other Book except Quran. Read out page “Quran as Book was assembled under supervision of Prophet”. What is not in Quran is not part of Islam.Important_Callout

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Root Causes of Terrorism and its Mitigation


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