What 2nd Last Prophet of Islam Jesus/

Eisa PBUH said in the praise of Woman

AndProphetIsaSaidAll Praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom who never dies and is closer to person than his neck vein and knows even what soul of person whispers secretly and silently, who is focal point of all true love obedience and remembrance near a sincere devotee [Ibaad-ul-Mukhle-seen], who must be praised & thanked in each breath in all awaken conditions when person is lying down, standing, walking, and working etc. HU is, who solely deserve his house in each heart. All journeys start and end at Allah  Hayy-ul-Qayyoom. HU is the First and HU is the Last. HU does not live in any House but there is no any house where HU does not live. Nothing is like him. His throne [Arsh] is extended to all spaces.“Waasay aa Kursiyyo HuSamaawatay Wal Ard”.

Now please read below what in a ongoing Sermon/Speech, Prophet Isa/Jesus PBUH said:

8. At this point, an aged woman, who had approached the group that she might better hear Issa, was pushed aside by one of the men in disguise who placed himself before her.

9. Issa then said : ” It is not meet that a son should push aside his mother to occupy the first place which should be hers. Whosoever respecteth not his mother, the most sacred being next to God, is unworthy the name of son.”

10. “Listen, therefore, to what I am about to say: ” Respect woman, for she is the mother of the universe and all the truth of divine creation dwells within her.”

11. “She is the basis of all that is good and beautiful, as she is also the germ of life and death. On her depends the entire existence of man, for she is his moral and natural support in all his works.”

12. “She gives you birth amid sufferings; by the sweat of her brow she watches over your growth, and until her death you cause her the most intense anguish. Bless her and adore her, for she is your only friend and support upon earth.”

13. Respect her, protect her; in doing this, you will win her love and her heart, and you will be pleasing to God; for this shall many of your sins be remitted.”

14. “Therefore, love your wives and respect them, for to-morrow they shall be mothers, and later grandmothers of a whole nation.”

15. Be submissive toward your wife; her love ennobles man, softens his hardened heart, tames the beast and makes of it a lamb.

16. “The wife and the mother, inestimable treasures bestowed on you by God; they are the most beautiful ornaments of the universe, and from them shall be born all that shall inhabit the world.”

17. “Just as the God of armies separated day from night and the land from the waters, so woman possesses the divine talent of separating good intentions from evil thoughts in men.”

18. Therefore I say to you: “After God, your best thoughts should belong to women and to wives; woman being to you the divine temple wherein you shall most easily obtain perfect happiness.”

19. Draw your moral strength from this temple; there you will forget your sorrows and failures, you will recover the wasted forces necessary to help your neighbor.”

20. “Do not expose her to humiliation; you would thereby humiliate yourself and lose the sentiment of love, without which nothing exists here below.”

21. “Protect your wife, that she may protect you and all your family; all that you shall do for your mother, your wife, for a widow, or another woman in distress, you shall have done for God.
————————-JesusWasMuslimF2ChistianityBiggestDogmaticFraudFOne GOD has only one True Path and that is Islam. All Messengers of God including Moses and Jesus preached none but Islam. Never Jesus but Paul invented dogma of Christianity. Quran_42_13_IslamSoleDeenF

Quran3_67PlusNoteProphet Mohammad the exalted said in Last Sermon “O Men! Be fearful of Allah in all matters concerning Women. They have rights upon you as you have rights upon them. Treat them well and be kind to them. Remember’ they are your companions, colleagues, and partners in life” (Ref: Multiple historical Sources) Watch complete Sermon of Prophet Mohammad (S) at: Note:
Last and final testament of GOD, Noble Quran also says, beat 80 stripes on that slander monger who placed a slander on a Chaste Lady and never accept witness of that liar in his whole life. Allah will drop Curse in this world and in next world on who placed slander against a Chaste Lady and on the day of judgment, body organs of that  slander monger will provide witness against him. Noble Quran has stipulated pleasure of GOD with the pleasure of Mothers.4c9XjjjJudge in following Quranic verses; what is importance of a Chaste lady in the sight of Allah. Also note, how GOD has honored and protected Chaste Lady. No such honor and protection, one can find in mankind history. Following Quranic verses confirm and reinforce the words of Prophet Isa Jesus, and Prophet Mohammad, that they both delivered in their Sermons, about Woman. Just assess; up to what extent, GOD is concerned about the honor and protection of a chaste lady. Since we read text of this page, each cell of our body bows down in the respect of lady, whenever we see a lady. Quran24_4N1One very important Example from Quran about Respect of Lady is below:

In case of dispute of “bad character”, when Wife and Husband appear in Islamic Court; Quran says:

Man must say on oath: Be Curse (La’anat) of Allah upon me if I am telling a lie” 24:7

But Woman will say: Be Anger (Ghadab) of Allah upon me if what my husband says is True; mean if I am telling a lie. 24:9

Have you noticed so subtle but very important difference between statements of Man and Woman here?

Quran has used word “Curse (Lanat) for Man but for Lady that word has been omitted & replaced by comparatively much soft word ANGER (Ghadab). Reader can assess here, How Quran is much more respectful for a lady than a Man. Subhan-Allah. But Mullahs and sectarian translator always try to subjugate and degrade lady. These criminals when translate verse 24:9; instead of writing WRATH (Ghadab), they write Curse (La’nat) even for lady, despite it is very very very clear in following verses in 24:9, that for lady, word “CURSE” is not used. These criminals are twisters of Book of Allah, and Hell is waiting them for their crimes. Quran_24_6_9Note about 24:9 And in fifth (oath) when she solemnly invokes the wrath of Allah on herself if (her accuser) is telling the truth, the court shall then punish neither the husband nor the wife and it infers that the same procedure applies if the wife accuses her husband.Quran17_23_24ParentsIn following verse, GOD has enjoined upon person, goodness towards his parents but clearly more emphasis on motherQuran31_14AndNote

Important_Callout2But in Fabricated hadith Books of Persian Zoroastrian hypocrites Bukhari, Muslim & Tirmidhi, woman is equated to Horse, Ass, Dog, and Satan. That evil hadith Books were forged by defeated Persian Zoroastrian Imams 250-400 years after the death of Prophet Mohammad in order to distort Islam and defame last Prophet Mohammad. But like Christians, majority of Muslims are also blindly-following ignorant and they follow that crap called hadiths, which were never said by Muhammad(s). Mohammad(S) left behind nothing except complete written Book of Quran. Read full proof at:

True history of Hadith. A MUST reading for all Muslims; & Non-Muslims who R interested in Theology.


Also following page is a MUST reading for all truth-seekers. Never die unless you read following page too fully:

Some Hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death – Your enlightenment is guaranteed


If any hadith Book had been compiled under supervision of Prophet; we will be the first who will place that Book on our eyelashes, but Prophet and four caliphs ordered to burn all hadiths and then placed ban on all hadiths. All Hadiths books that we find today were fabricated 250-400 years after the death of Prophet with fake matans (text) and fabricated chains of narrations. That books has no any relation with Prophet Mohammad the exalted. Allah witnessed in Quran that Prophet Mohammad the exalted used to have the highest level of conduct. We request reader to decide; then how Prophet with such high level of ethics and conduct could say hadiths that are shown in following picture. Important_Callout10FloweredHadithQudsiCrap













QuranexplainsItself2IslamIsSimpleDeenNoStoningInQiranStoningInTorahBibles1Important_Callout2Now we give you one example; how majority of evil Mullahs and Imams from centuries are badly twisting verses of Book of Allah in order to subjugate Ladies. You might have noticed that in different theological debates and in TV shows, especially in backward South Asian Countries, Mullahs always say; that place of woman is his house and she should always remain there. They always justify their claim by propounding verse 33:33 of Quran. General public is easily misguided because when they read verse 33:33 alone; they see, really, Quran is saying that stay in home. But this misguidance is due to the reason that Mullahs present this verse out of context. Quran can never be understood in isolation by picking just one verse out of one page and out of context. To understand Quran, one must read and understand it from A to Z. Understand Quran only by Quran with out using any external theological source because Quarn has its own built-in dictionary and Quran fully explains itself: http://is.gd/ZBElOUQuran33_32_33Mullahs’ Fraud and misinterpretation of verse 33:33 can be exposed easily when you also read previous verse 33:32 along with 33:33. Please see the picture that we have posted above. If you read verse 33:32 before reading verse 33:33; it becomes clear that, that law was confined ONLY to the wives of Prophet. Quran at many places makes clear that many laws for wives of Prophet are different to all other ladies of Muslim Umma. For example, in Quran, punishment for normal woman and man, for Zina, is 100 stripes, regardless married or unmarried. But Punishment for wives of Prophet was double than this, mean 200 stripes. If husband of any woman is died, she can marry other man if wishes but it was forbidden for wives of Prophet. Therefore; verse 33:33 was clearly applicable only to wives of Prophet, and not to other ladies of Umma. Please note, there is no any trace of “Stoning” also called Rajam in Quran. That Rajam is production of fabricated hadiths which at 180 degree contradict Quranic laws. Hadith-Crap was forged by Persian Zoroastrian pseudo Imams 250-400 years after the death of Prophet to distort Islam and to misguide Muslims. Please do not forget to read our following two very popular pages about hadiths:




AbuHurairah3LiesAbtSolomonCOProphetSolomonAbuHurairahFSolomon60WivesFSolomondrilled70or90WomanHadithFBukhariSuicideLie1BukahriAndSuicideLieFBukhariAndSuicide2CamelUrineAndParsiBukhari2Note: Team Factszz about above-posted fabricated Hadith:
1– Prophet left behind not a single written hadith except complete written Quran.
2– Up to 722 A.D.; Satanic Innovations of Hadiths and Sunna used to have no legality in Islam (Professor J. Schacht).
3– Four Caliphs never compiled or ordered to compile any hadith Book. In fact Four Caliphs burned and banned all hadiths. Read our page “True History of Hadiths”.
4– It were Muslims who bulldozed millennia Persian Zoroastrian empire in 7th Century. During Abbasid Period from 750-1258 A.D., Persians hijacked Islamic empire and in order to disable Quran and to place Muslims on the path of Satan, they forged millions of lies with fake chains of narrations, and later labeled those all lies as Hadith of Prophet Mohammad(S). Did Prophet certify any Book of Hadith? No. We have read each line of all hadith books. It is very clear in these books that books were fabricated to misguide Muslims and to distort Islam. They remained successful in this conspiracy.
5– First painful thing is; that Persian hypocrites Imams forged millions of Hadiths in the name of Prophet. But more painful than this is; that instead of learning that these hadiths books are the biggest conspiracy against Islam; our Evil Mullahs, Freak Imams and their dumb and dead blindly following pets are always busy to defend crap that is stuffed in all forged hadith books. The report of Nine year marriage age of Aisha RA was fabricated by Eleven Shia narrators of Iraq, two from Basra and Nine from Koofa but our Mullahs and their pets are always busy to convince world that to marry a 6 or 9 year girl is ok. They have neither any brain nor any shame or honor. When Abu Dawud says in his forged hadith: Do ablution from water in which dead dogs and menstruation shreds of women are floating; these shameless hadithers and Mullahs start to defend even this kind of crap by hiding it under a metaphor etc. No any stoning in Quran. For fornicator, married or unmarried, are 100 stripes punishment but these dumb hadithers are stoning people by following fabricated hadith of Rajam (stoning) from centuries. Quran says: All is haram that dies itself but hadithers follow a fabricated hadith and say: Dead fish is Halaal.
6– Through this camel urine’s fabricated hadith, Criminal Bukhari has also tried to tell people that Prophet was very vicious and aggressive Person, as, as per his fabricated hadith of camel urine, Prophet ordered to take eyes of alive people out. This his crap totally contradicts witness of Allah of 68:4 in which Allah said that Mohammad(s) used to have the highest level of sublime moral standard.QuranHadithOfAllahAndProphetNNQadianisAnd4thPillarOfFaithImportant_CalloutTenTruthsForMuslimFQuran12_111And16_89FQuran28_56AndMullahsImportant_Callout2NahjAlBalaghaAndWomanhttps://factszz.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/one-of-the-most-outrageous-forged-hadiths-of-zoroastrian-bukhari-in-which-bukhari-has-nakedly-insulted-prophet-aisha-ra-and-noble-quran/

ImportantNanoNote about reference: A reader once asked us for reference for the Sermon of Isa/Jesus that we have posted above. Jesus was king of travelers & during that travels every where; he delivered lectures and that lectures (in fact diamonds) were mostly saved by people. When Church canonized four Gospels of Mark Mathew Luke and John; they banned all other many Gospels that were even more reliable than the existing four ones. In fact in circulating four gospels, there is tons of forgery and corruption. We have approach to that material which was banned by church. For example in Tibetan Scrolls; we find many written lectures of Jesus. Church and all the four circulating Gospels do not tell you at all, where was Jesus between 12-29 years age. As is our Right, we have not posted references here. But if reader is indeed interested in reference; please contact us through our main page with your email; and we will send you full reference. At this time we can only tell you that the document that contains a.m Sermon of Jesus has much more creditability than even the Four circulating Gospels.

Hafiz Abdu Samad and Team (Factszz)



What 2nd Last Prophet of Islam Jesus/Eisa PBUH said in the praise of Woman


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