tumblr_static_bismillah-thuluth[1]Quran_15_9_OvalTeam Factszz recommends only two Quranic translations.

All other translations are badly twisted

Our team (Factszz) once compared all Quranic translation and found 98% deliberately twisted by sectarian Translators.

Only following two Quranic translations were found relatively better. When we say that these two translations are better than all other translations; that never mean, these two are free of errors, but that mean, these two translations contain less twist, when compared with all other translations.

We suggest to place these two translations side by side, and read same verse at the same time from both translations.

1Message of Quran by Dr. Allama Mohammad Asad (recommended)
Read or download at:

Despite, translation by Allama Dr. Mohammad Asad is one of the best scholarly translations; yet he has made some mistakes when he translated a few Quranic terms. That mistakes has been corrected by Allama Ghulam Ahmed Perwaiz in his following translation.

2Exposition of Quran by Allama Ghulam Ahmed Perwaiz (Highly recommended).
One of the greatest scholars in Arabic literature in past 1400 years; the literature that existed during the landing of Quran. Knows Arabic to its deep roots. His another Magnum Opus is “Lughat-ul-Quran”

Read or download Exposition of Quran at:

Note: We have tested both links on 13 July 2015 and they all worked well. They are clean and truth-worthy. So do not worry at all.QuranicTranslationsFFWe do not recommend following the latest translation of Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D.; because despite one of the best translations, in his following latest edition, he has grossly changed the meaning of some verses, that, near to us, are not justifiable with the Arabic text of Quran. However he has dealt terminology of Salat very well. we have given below link of his latest translation but read it with utmost caution:


Following are some useful Quranic Search Engines:



Important_Callout2Different opinion of some translators.

1– Jinn are humans, living in villages and Ins (humans) live in Cities (Shabbir Ahmed M.D.). Team Factszz respectfully differs with Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D. We believe Jinn is an other invisible creation. Some say: Angels are nothing but Laws of GOD. We believe, Angles are creation of Allah, like Humans are also creation of Allah.

2– Some translators try to validate all miracles only with scientific analysis. When their Science does not apply to a specific Quranic-Miracle; they try to twist the meanings of verses. i.e miracles by Jesus which were shown only with the permission of Allah Jalla Aala. When Moses took his hand out in front of Pharaoh, It was Bright (With Permission of Allah)  We believe: not all miracles can be justified by theories of Physics and Chemistry. When Allah told Prophet Saleh that one She-Camel will come out of Mountain; we must not try to discuss it under scientific theories. If Allah had given special faculties to Prophet Solomon; we must not try to prove it through science. However; this does not mean that Jaahil Fanatics should cover their many fabricated fables and fictions under the umbrella of Miracles. Honest is, that we should state exactly, what Quran says but seems almost all translators has some already preconceived and built-in UNSOUND beliefs, and when they translated Quran, they changed meanings of some terms in order to reconcile the terms with their some unsound beliefs.  Unfortunately, three great translators like Allama Perwaiz, Dr. Asad and Dr. Sahbbir are not exempted from that kind of oversights. For example: Because Dr. Shabbir & Allama Perwaiz want to explain all miracles by the principles of that Material-science which we humans so far are able to know (major part we human still do not know); therefore, they have badly twisted events of miracles by some lame-logic that does not meet reason at all. Shabbir says: Angles are only forces, But we read from Quran that 2 Angles entered in the house of Prophet Abraham in human form and Abraham brought quickly a roasted calf for them. But later he was scared, when he saw, both his guest are not extending their hands toward food. Then they disclosed, we are sent by GOD to give you glad tiding of your son (Isaac/Ishaaq) and our next task is to destroy sodomites of Nation of Prophet Lot. In order to convince others, some hide behind allegory. But not all Quran is in allegorical terms. God says: He has made Quran easy 54:17.SlanderOfPlagiarize In same ways: Allama Pervaiz denied the unique powers that GOD had given to Prophet Solomon. He has also denied destiny totally. But fact is, that though man is made autonomous in his all actions but still some big events work only under destiny. I.e. though movement of Tectonic plates might cause earth-Quake but nothing can move without order of Haq-Ta’ala. Nation of Lot was destroyed by Tornado but Quran makes VERY clear: under order of Allah, tornado taught a lesson to sodomites of nation of Lot. A Sister awakes up at morning and runs to brother, Brother: do not drive to office through that Intersection today, as she saw a bad dream. Brother agreed. But after an hour, a big accident is a big news about the accident at that intersections. Though not all but many events are preordained and we have observed and recorded it empirically, so are irrefutable. When you are made known about an event 24 hour ahead in a dream, and later that event occurs exactly; this proves, some events are preordained. However, regarding all personal actions, man is made autonomous by giving him Scripture and brain, so he must not blame destiny always for his all bad actions.  So brothers and sisters: Follow not all but only the best part of any work or any speech (even from our pages) unless it meets your common sense and reason. (Quran 39:18). That all translators were fallible humans. They did a great job, as all the three were/are ONLY Muslims, and not Shia Sunni etc (sects are forbidden in Quran 6:159, 3:103-105). Quranic translations of sectarian translators have tons of deliberate twists.

3– If there are 100 Quranic translations today, in 98 of those, all translations relevant to Jesus Christ, Salat, and Miraaj are deliberately twisted in order to validate some unsound beliefs.

4– Some translators add their own words in brackets during translations, and some times their bracketed words totally mislead Reader. Others twist Quranic verses when they see verses through the glasses of man-forged books like hadiths Sunna Sira Nazools Contexts Fiqa and Tasfsirs (Exegesis). That all man-made stuff always misguides you and drags you away from the right destination,

5– Quran is standalone complete Books, and Quran has its own built-in dictionary. Quran fully explains itself. Quran is made easy 54:17, 54:40. Quran is absolutely not in need of any external theological source such as fabricated Hadith, Sunna, Contexts, Fiqa, Shan-e-Nazools, Tafsirs, Mullahs, Imams and Pseudo Scholars. You will not understand Quran correctly unless you understand Quran only by Quran. Never use any external theological source to understand Quran. If any term or word is not clear to you; search same or other derivation of same word in all other verses of Quran. You will see, that that specific “word” is used in other verses in multifaceted forms in such a way; that the word that was not clear to you becomes very clear in this way. Quran does not need any interpretation. Its law are simple like 1+1=2. Do we need any interpretation of 1+1=2? No. “Interpretation” is a tool, invented by Satanic Mullahs and Imams, so that they could twist any verse in their own way by using their own favorite interpretation.QuranMakesUhuman

Please do not forget to read our page: Complete Quran as BOOK was arranged and assembled under the supervision of Prophet. All other mutually conflicting compilation stories of Persian Zoroastrian Hypo Hadith Imams are nothing but gossip and hearsay.


NoStoningInQiranStoningInTorahBibles1Quran5_44PlusExtendedNoteFBiggggTruthMajorityAndMainStreamFussHadithsBooksAreLiesIslam_Deen_Not_ReligionIslamicLawsASA Great read at following link “Laws of Quran“:



Team: Factszz at:


Team Factszz recommends only two Quranic translations. All other translations are badly twisted


5 thoughts on “Team Factszz recommends only two Quranic translations. All other translations are badly twisted

  1. Allama Pervaiz was the greatest philosopher & a social scientist rarely found like him in the past millennium ,He is a matchless & unparalleled scholar who has for the first time in the Muslim history has presented pristine Quran .He occupies the topmost position who has analysed each ayah in its depth & discovered the latent pearls within that ayah. It will be injudicious to compare him with any other scholar of the day or the past being at the highest pedestal of wisdom & scholarship .Kindly review your sequence eruditeness & declare him as number scholar of the millennium. Comparing the rest of all scholars like shabbir or Asad with this giant would be injustice & an insult .

    • Please note: That Translation of Perwaiz is one of the best ones; yet not 100% perfect. In fact no any translation on planet is 100% Perfect. Best way to understand Quran is to learn Arabic and then learn Quran only by Quran and by common sense, as Quran fully explains itself. Quran has its own built-in dictionary. Each verse is further explained in multifaceted forms in other chapters of Quran. So one must keep eyes on all verses of Quran at same time. You are not in need of to buy that translation. It is available free online at:


      If you wish to download free pdf file, then that is already given in this page but you have missed it during reading. We post it again for you as under:


      • Awais Khan says:

        I had been the student of this matchless scholar known as Allama Pervaiz(AR) for the last 30 years.U are right one has to learn Arabic Grammar to grasp the depth in the ocean of Quran.I have composed an Arabic Grammar & Qawaid-e-Quran after the unflinching efforts of 6 years so that the youth might come closer to Quran.Awais Durrani Islamabad-Cell no-0343-5369064.
        Thank you Khan for this info. However, it was better, if you had uploaded your work to any site, and then had provided here download link, so that people might benefit from it. “Team Factszz”

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