About – Who We Are?

tumblr_static_bismillah-thuluth[1]Quran8_22PlusNoteBrahmins,  Rabbis, Priests, Mullahs and Imams has been deceiving vast majority of people from centuries. Majority of we human beings by nature or you can say by default are sheeple. If one sheep jump down from cliff, other sheep also follow that move blindly. In same way majority of blind followers are following these Priests and Mullahs from centuries. Despite last testament of GOD, Quran repeatedly ordains, that do not accept any thing unless  you fully investigate it. Our Team is in research, in the fields of Theology, Comparative religions, History, Metaphysics, Science &  Technology, Medical science, spirituality and meditation from several decades. We have single point agenda which is to tell you TRUTH and Only TRUTH. The word “Falsehood” & “Lies” does not exist in our dictionary. We strictly follow commandment of Noble Quran that is given in 2:42 which is:Quran2_42

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And You can debate with our dedicated team any time at following platform but with ethics and morality. No Abuse please. Discuss Logically:



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