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How Followers of Fake Sunna and Fabricated Hadiths are twisting verses of Holy Quran from Centuries!

Quranic verse 2:213 tells us: when Man was sent to this planet, due to small community, there were not many disputes among people but when population started to grow, disputes also started to grow. In order to rescue mankind from this situation, God sent Prophets along with Divine Books so that they could judge among people as per Laws of Book of God. Here we do not read that God also sent with Divine Books, books of hadiths, Sunna, Seera Contexts, Fiqa and Nazools etc. Divine Books were simple plain made-easy and self-explanatory. Therefore were not in need of nay external theological support. But after the death of Prophets, Clergy not only corrupted all Divine books (safe Quran) but also fabricated many books like Hadiths Sunna exegesis etc in order to twist meaning of verses of Book of GOD as per their own wish. Talmudic Rabbis, places Torah aside and invented Talmud. Christians lost original Syriac Gospel of Jesus and started to make their own Gospels that are based on scarred conflicting stories. Truth is: that Mark, Matthew, Luke and John are not Scripture but concocted hadiths of Jesus; Jesus said this and Jesus said that and Jesus said so. To accept Mark, Matthew, Luke and John as scripture is total dishonesty. Even Mark, Matthew, Luke and John are being tampered by priests from centuries, When we compare hand written copies of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John with copies of today, we can notice tampering in these books during last 1800 years. Also note: that for two centuries, book of Matthew and Luke were anonymous books. Their names were given much later. One GOD has only one True Path and that Path “Islam” was preached by all Prophets including Moses and Jesus. Therefore; Islam was never Started from Quran but was finalized in Quran. Quran updated Divine Law and carries forward remnant truth of all Scriptures. Because author of all Scriptures is One GOD, so question of plagiarism never arises. Being the final edition of all Scriptures that has to go to the day of Judgment, was preserved and protected by GOD in the Most Powerful way. Quranic revelation were written down instantly and in order to protect written text from tampering, from first day, Muslims started to memorize Quran from cover to cover, Prophet Mohammad PBUH was first Hafiz of whole Quran. We find many conflicting stories in Hadith Books about the compilation of Quran as BOOK but that all stories were written down by Defeated Persian Hadith Imams (disguised Zoroastrian hypocrites) 300 years after the landing of Quran in order to discredit Quran. But Truth is: Complete Quran as Hard Book was compiled under supervision of Prophet Mohammad and the Quran which we have in our hands today is same Quran that was in the hands of Prophet Mohammad. Even from Books of Hadithers, we can see many reports that explicitly tell that Quran was compiled in life time of Prophet and was present as Complete Hard Book. Reader is suggested to go to our main page and located page-link about Compilation of Quran. Last testament of Quran is a Unique Book. It is standalone, made-easy, fully detailed and self-explanatory Book. GOD says in Quran that his Quran explains every thing for Muslim 12:111, 16:89, 17:12. Therefore; the hadither who say: Quran is not enough are followers of Iblis and enemies of Allah and his Rasool through whom Quran is delivered to people. Islam is simple; what is given in Quran is Islam; and what is not given in Quran is not part of Islam. All rites, Sharia Laws, rituals and their units that are not in Quran, were fabricated by Mullahs and Imams mostly during Abbasid era 750-1258 A.D. Quran has its own built-in dictionary and built-in exegesis 25:33. So Quran is absolutely not in need of any external support of millions of Fabricated Hadiths, Fake Sunna, conflicting Tafsirs and Fiqa. One cannot understand Quran correctly even in 100 years unless he stop to consult all extra-Quranic sources. Always understand Quran by Quran only. If you are confused about any Quranic terms, before going to Arabic lexicons, make a list of same Quranic terms from whole Quran. Read all verses in which same term is used. It will be very clear to you finally. This is the best way and only one way to understand Quran clearly, For example: Sectarian Translators are translating word “Baghiya’ of verse 19:20 and 19:28 as whole, harlot and Prostitute in order to validate a fiction in which they are trained to believe in. But let we collect all verses of Quran in which word “Baghiya’ is used as different derivations of same word with same roots. After doing so, it becomes crystal clear that meaning of word “Baghiya” in 19:20, 19:28 is not Whore or Harlot or Prostitute but “Rebellious”. Now there is big difference between a Prostitute and one who is Rebellious against law. This is just one example. When you will follow same pattern which we have given in preceding example; then you will know yourself, how followers of Fake Sunna and fabricated hadiths are twisting translations of verses of Holy Quran from centuries in order to support their many false beliefs. Now below, we will post some verses to show: How Hadithers are playing with Scripture. They claim: Hadiths explain Quran. But this is a big lie. Quran fully explains itself, so Quran is absolutely not in need of millions of fabricated hadiths that Prophet Mohammad never left behind, never verified and never certified. Six Canonized Sunni Hadith Books and Four Shia books were written 250-800 years after death of Prophet. Ninety nine percent Hadithers never read all hadith books in their whole life but we have read those all and we know: That books of Himalaya of fabricated stories. For example, Nahj-al-Balagha of Shia sects says: Woman is Scorpion. Bukhari says: Woman is an Evil, Sahih-Muslim says: All black dogs are Devil. Now we ask an honest reader; Please tells us: How that all lies explain Quran? 

Quran as Complete Hard BOOK was present with Prophet Mohammad

Quran makes repeatedly clear that all Messengers of GOD were NO MORE THAN Divine-Postmen (Russal/Rasools) of Allah. Their duty was to deliver BOOKS of Allah Clearly to people and go back. It is duty of a postman to deliver you a letter and not to explain you what is written in letter. But Hadithers ignore whole Quran and propound just one verse verse 16:44 and twist its meaning and falsely claim that verse 16:44 ordains to Prophet to explain Quran to people; so in this way they validate Satanic innovations of Hadith and Sunna which were fabricated 250-400 years after the death of beloved Last Prophet.  Quran in many verses makes clear that duty of messengers was ONLY AND ONLY to deliver Books of Allah and it was not their duty to explain it because Quran explains itself fully 25:33. Hadithers even twist meaning of verse 16:44. In fact verse 16:44 says only to DELIVER QURAN Clearly:

Quran 16:44 (Asad) “and they will tell you that their prophets, too, were but mortal men whom We had endowed with all evidence of the truth and with books of divine wisdom. And upon thee [too] have We bestowed from on high this reminder, so that thou might make clear unto mankind all that has ever been thus bestowed upon them, and that they might take thought.”

Because there is no contradiction in Quran, so let we see what some other verses of Quran say on this same subject: The sole duty of the messenger is to deliver the message, and GOD knows everything you declare and everything you conceal. [Quran 5:99]. Allah says about Quran: “It is for Us to collect, compose and arrange it and to promulgate it:” [75:17]. Quran 72:21 Say:(O Prophet): “I am not given the power to inflict any evil on you, neither I am given the authority to guide you Rightly.” If you deny the Message, then nations have denied before you . The only duty a Messenger has is to deliver Allah’s Message clearly.” [Quran 29:18]. Just for the sake of Argument, if verse 16:44 ordained Prophet to explain Quran through his hadiths (as Hadithers falsely claim); then Prophet Mohammad was supposed to set up another panel of Scribes, and would have ordered them to make another book of Hadiths beside Book of Allah. But did he? No. In fact when once he saw some people writing his hadith, Prophet told them: Are you compiling another book beside book of Allah? You must erase it and do not take from me any thing except Quarn. But shameless Hadithers alway build back doors, from where they can escape. So by using one such back door; they claim, that Prophet forbade to write his hadiths because he was afraid, it should not mix with Quran. This is totally nonsensical and childish argument because were Scribes 10 year old boys? No. They all were Great Trustworthy people. OK, even if we accept this childish argument of Hadithers, then why Caliphs Abu Bakar, Umar Khattaab, Uthman and Ali did not order any one to compile hadith book like Bukhari, Nahj-al-Balagha, Al-Kafi (forged 250-500 years after Prophet)? Therefore; hadithers are a Gang of Sick Psychopaths and their all arguments are childish and moronic. In fact, there is tons of multiple historical evidence that Four guided Caliphs collected all hadiths from all people and then burned and banned all hadiths. Please read our  page “True history of Hadiths“.  Abd al-‘Ala’ says, “Qasim Ibn Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr used to dictate Hadith to me. He said, ‘The amount of Ahadith had increased during the days of ‘Umar. So he ordered that Hadith be collected. When this was done he set them on fire and declared, “No Mishnahs like the Mishnahs of the followers of the Bible. Reference: Al-Tabaqat al-Kubra, V, 188. Note: Mishnah is one of the books (now a part of Talmud) of the Jews besides their Scripture, the Torah. ‘Umar Ibn al-Khattab compared it to the Hadith of the Prophet which he did not want to exist alongside of the Book of God.

Following is Shahada of a Muslim to believe in FIVE, and not that, which Mullahs and Imams has manufactured. Shahada that Mullahs and Imams has concocted converts a Muslim into a Mushrik Mohammedan. Because as per Quran, all Prophet were prophets of Islam. Noah was our prophet and so was Moses, Jesus and Mohammad (Peace be upon all of them) too. A Muslim must not pick just one prophet in Shahada. Because if you do so, You violate the Quranic verse “La Nofarraka Baina Ahdin” Do not make difference among prophets. This is why, reader will not find Mullahs’ manufactured Shahada in whole Quran at one place. If we say “La Ilaha illAllah, Mohammad was Rasool-Allah; then you have to say this for all 25 prophets which are mentioned in Quran in order not to MAKE DIFFERENCE among Prophets; i.e  “La Ilaha illAllah, Idris was Rasool-Allah. You have to use WAS, and not IS because  IS is used for a living Person But in fact, all prophets has been died after completing their great Divine Missions and we must not idolize or invoke them in Masjid as verse 72:18 forbids it. A True Muslim must have his Divine relations only with Allah and his final Book. One day when we were debating this point with one Mushrik Sunni; he told us,  O Kaafir: Prophet is not died. We asked him 6 times, then who is buried in Madina tomb? He did not answer our question. He was wandering here there about Abu Hanifa, Malik Flaan and Flaan but when we repeated our question again & again, “who is buried in Madina tomb?”, he never answered. We guess, that mad was follower of the biggest impostor of present time “Tahir-ul-Padri”. Indeed we need a big hospital with 1.3 Billion beds where such kind of idiot fanatics can be treated by psychiatrists. Please refer, at the top of page to the Sermon of Abu Bakkar that he delivered after the death of Prophet Mohammad the exalted.

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How Followers of Fake Sunna and Fabricated Hadiths are twisting verses of Holy Quran from Centuries!


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