All praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom the Sustainer of the Universe the Omnipresent and the Omniscient, from whom, all journeys start, and end. Only Hayi Al-Haadi can guide one to right path, and due to stubbornness and arrogance of one, if Al-Haadi leaves him astray, then no one can be his guide, and such an evildoer is destined to blazing fire   

Answering one self-proclaimed apostate

(Under video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR7_YQ53lfI )CallOutApostates


Even during the life time of Prophet Mohammad, there were many Yahoodi, Zoroastrians, and Christians hypocrites who apparently embraced Islam, built even mosques, and became preachers in order to harm Muslims and Islam. Even that hypocrites built their Mosque which is called by Quran “Masjid-Diraar“. GOD informed Prophet Mohammad not to go to that Masjid-Diraar because that Mosque is Mosque of hypocrites. From Yamen, there was one well known person Ka’ab Al-Ahbar a Yahoodi Rabbi who apparently accepted Islam during Rule of 2nd Caliph Umar The Great but history proves fully; that later, he was Ka’ab Al-Ahbar  who masterminded the murder plan of Caliph Umar and used Zoroastrian Persian Feroz Lulu as a tool. Throughout past 1400 years, even during the life time of Prophet, Yahood, Zoroastrian and Church planted many their hypocrites in Islam in order to harm Islam. GOD told Prophet Mohammad about that kinds of all hypocrites in verse 6:112. It seems to us, this apostate of Video “Aiamen/Ismael” is also a Yahoodi who was planted in Islam to harm Islam. All the most outrageous hadiths that today brain-dead hypnotized dumb dummies (we call them Hadithers) follow, were in fact forged by Ka’ab Al-Ahbar and his student Abu Hurairah. According to our in depth analysis and investigation, all Hadith Imams of Shia and Sunni sects like Bukhari, Imam-Muslim, Nasaee, Tirmidhi, Abu-Dawud, Ibn-Majah, Yaqoob Kaleeni of Shia Al-Kaafi, author of Nahj-al-Balagha (forged 383 years after Caliph Ali), Ibn Ishaq who wrote book Sira, Wakidi, Ibn Hisham and Tabari all were planted hypocrites. They all were Kaafirs and hypocrites disguised under Muslim names. Their task was to sell sugar-coated candies of cyanide to blind-followers. Their way: Praise Prophet Mohammad in one report in order to build trust in brain of Reader and then in next report, insult nakedly Prophet Mohammad and Quran. Abdulla Bin Abi was also a notorious Yahoodi hypocrite (apparently Muslim) who created many problems among Muslims. Abdulla bin Sabah was another lethal Yahoodi hypocrite (apparently Muslim) who created split of Shia and Sunni. Two Monabba were also Yahoodi Hypo. LeanedOrNotOldest history book of Islam written 150 years even before Tabari “Dalaa’il min Naboute Syedna Mohammad” by Abdul Jabar tells that it were Sabaite-Shiites of that hypo Abdulla bin Sabah who murdered Hussein bin Ali when he was asleep at home, when he was Governor of Iraq; but Shia has fabricated a long story of Karbala which never happened. Same book of Abdul Jabar also tells that Aisha RA was sister of Caliph Abu Bakar and she was widow of a martyr Saleh bin Saleh Tayaab. She was 48 years old when Companions suggested and requested Prophet Mohammad to marry her (after death of Khadeeja). So age of Aisha was 48 years and age of Prophet was 52 years when their marriage took place. But Zoroastrian Bukhari published fake hadith of her 9 years marriage in his evil book in order to show Prophet as a pedophile. It has been fully confirmed now, that hadith of 9 years marriage was forged by 11 Iraqi Shiites, 9 from Koofa and 2 from Basra Iraq. Please read a Book “Karbla: fact or fiction” authored by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D. It is free download. If you do not find it, please ask us.Quran4_82FThat all hypocrites mentioned above were professional forgers. Ibn Ishaq declared Imam-Malik “Dajjal” and Malik declared Ibn Ishaq a “Kaafir”. Shafi and Malik were notorious Sodomites. Both used to have sex with their wives from rectum. Ahmed bin Hanbal apparently was vanguard of Islam but in fact he was an ardent hypocrite (Mojahid-al-Monafak by Mullah Ali Qari). We have given full Proof in our page at link 15 at our main page about these all hypocrites. Being a sensible, mature, honest, logical, and rational reader, Can you expect that when a Dedicated Muslim (not hypocrite like this man of video) fails to understand just one verse of Quran due to his own ignorance and lack of knowledge, he/she will leave Islam? It can never happen with a dedicated Muslim. It could happen only and only with a planted hypocrite. There are hundreds of our Muslim sisters and brothers who engage with us in discussion in order to clarify some points, and once the point was made clear rationally and logically, we were thanked back. Do you not wonder that in past years, we posted hundreds of comments under videos of this man and criticized his false approach to Islam; but he replied not a single comment. What is this! That attitude made this guy suspicious. A Dedicated knowledgeable Muslim will always engage in discussion for clarification. He never. The biggest mistake that most of Quranic-Readers make, is: that they try to understand Quran by man-made theological sources and they try to understand a few verses in isolation and also they do not understand correctly Quranic verse 3:7 (verses that are Foundation of Book and verses that are allegorical). Only the correct way to understand Quran is: when you are reading any one verse, AT THE SAME TIME, your brain-eyesight must be on all other verses of Quran too because verses are interconnected and each verse is explained in multifaceted forms in all chapters of Quran. 

Quran3_144DicStandalone Quran fully explains itself, as it has its own built-in dictionary. Quran is absolutely not in need of any external theological source. In above-posted pictured example: word “Qad Khalat” of verse 3:144 is fully explained by Quran through its own buit-in dictionary. Please note that Mullahs, Imams and pseudo scholars who try to understand Quran through fabricated hadiths, Sunna, Sira, Tafsirs (exgesis), Fiqa, contexts, and Shan-e-Nazools are disputing this word from 1200 years. But it is beauty of Quran that it clarifies a point in minutes. You will never understand Quran correctly even in 100 years unless you stop to understand Quran through Man-manufactured material like fabricated hadiths, Sunna, Sira, Tafsirs (exegesis), Fiqa, contexts, and Shan-e-Nazools. Please, understand Quran only by Quran, as above-posted picture shows: We posted following comments under video of this self-proclaimed apostate but he deleted our following comments under his video. So are posting that comments below:Qutan4_136_137_138Peace be upon you Mr Ismael or Mr Aaiman: We will try to post our comments in a language that should not hurt you, however. So if we make mistake; we apologize in advance. Your Problem is like majority of blindly following Hindus Buddhists Jews Christians and Muslims. There is two brands of Islam that one might face. One is the True Islam the sole one true path of one GOD 3:19, 3:85, 3:52, 3:67 which started from Adam, perfected on Prophet Mohammad, and has been finalized in Quran. Other brand is Counterfeited Islam that is manufactured by evil Mullahs and freak fake Hadith Imams, and Pseudo scholars. Just to learn Arabic and then to be well versed in Arabic language, never gives one license of True Scholarship. Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab were native Arabs but they followed path of Satan. JalalynCallOutInstead of understanding Quran by Quran only, You self-proclaimed apostate tried to understand Quran through Books of Hypocrites. Will an hypocrite love Quran, Islam and Prophet Mohammad 68:4? Never. You have quoted in your videos many time from “Tafsir Al-Jalalayn” (Tafsir=exegesis) which was written by two hypocrites 827 years after the death of Prophet Mohammad (632-1459=827). Did GOD tell you the brain-dead self-proclaimed apostate to understand Quran through that evil book? Never. Did Prophet Mohammad certify that book? No. Do you know that both Authors of that Tafsir Exegesis Jalalayn “Jalal al-Din-Al-Mahalli and Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti” were followers of Imam Shafi, and Sodomite Imam Shafi was the Greatest Satan of our 1400 years Islamic history. He was Paul of Islam. Roman Mithraic Paul converted Teachings of Jesus into Christianity which is duplicate copy of Mithraism; and he was Criminal sodomite Shafi who converted Deen Islam into Counterfeited Religion of silly and vile Mullahs and Imams. Deen mean “Divinely prescribed way of life”. He was Shafi who created the Greatest lie of Abrogation against Quran, despite the crystal clear fact: Quran abrogates corrupted bible in 2:105-106, and never its own verses. He was Shafi who used to have sex with his wife from rectum and during debates he always defended his this evil act of Nation of Prophet Lot. He was the Iblis Shafi who invented and blended terms of Hadith and Sunna in Islam by misinterpreting verse 53:3 of Quran by ignoring all other verses of Sura Najam that surround verse 53:3. That verse clearly is relevant only and Only to Quranic wahi/revelations; and never to any fabricated hadith and sunna. Before this Satan, that terms of Hadith and Sunna were illegal in Islam. Joseph_Schacht_FThere is tons of evidence that Prophet and 4 Caliphs burned and banned all hadiths. Read our page “True history of hadiths”. He was Shafi who was proved as one Sabaite hypocrite Shia and was dragged to the court of Abbasid to listen verdict of Hanging but by many lies and tricks, he got free. He was Shafi who later became an employee of Abbasid Gov and Abbasid were 1/2 Muslim and 1/2 Zoroastrians. Tutors of Abbasid Children were Zoroastrians, their almost all Ministers were Zoroastrians from Bramaka family. Their Chief Minister was also a Zoroastrian, even the mother of the most powerful Abbasid Caliph Haroon Rasheed “Khaizran” was a Zoroastrian. Do you know that all garbage of hadiths books were manufactured during Abbasid Period in order to manipulate Quranic laws, to split Muslims into countless sects and to place all we blindly following Muslims on the path of Iblis. Read:

How Imam Shafi (Paul of Islam) derailed Muslim-Majority 1200 yrs ago?

Abu_DardaLike many people, you were also dropped in that Pit which Evil Mullahs has dug 1200 years ago in the time of Greatest-Satan Imam Shafi. You are another victim of Mullahs and of your utter ignorance. We know you from the date you converted to Islam. And we also know that from very beginning, you followed the False brand of Islam of Mullahs that has no relation with the Islam that is Sole One True Path of One GOD, Path of Jesus Moses Noah, Mohammad and all. In past we many times, commented under your videos to alarm you that what you are following is not True Islam but being an arrogant you always ignored us.You have tried to explain Book of Allah through the stinky blurred glasses of Azhar University (Gang of Ignorant Mullah Teachers), Ibn Kathir a Stupid Jahil Mullah of Past and through Hadith Books that were never certified by Mohammad nor by any of four guided Caliphs. That all hadiths Books were forged 250-800 years after the death of Mohammad by Persian Imams (disguised Zoroastrian hypocrites). Persian Zoroastrian Empire was defeated by Muslims in 7th Century. Now in order to take revenge of their defeat, Persians were unable to face Muslims in battle field, So they prepared Pseudo hadith Imams who forged Millions of lies with false chains of Narrations during 750-1258 A.D. (508 years) and later labeled that lies as Hadiths of Mohammad, But Truth is: That Mohammad left behind no any Book of Sira Sunna and Hadith: When you will understand Quran not by only Quran but through Man-made Books of Hadiths Sunna and Sira, then not only you but many will go astray and has gone astray already. One example is yours. You must had realized following Truth that you did not: HadithAndAliIslamOnlyPathofGOD

Miracles of Quran (A Must Reading)

Who Wrote the Quran? By Dr. Shabbir M.D.

Who wrote the Bible? By Dr, Robert Beckford Ph.D An Academician Top Bible Scholar (if this video is banned in your Christian country under influence of Church, then please use any proxy to view this very important about one hour long video.)

ImportantNano1– Islam is Only one True Path of one GOD 3:19, 3:85, 3:67. 3:52. All Messengers incl Jesus and Moses were Prophets of Islam. Original Scriptures Psalm Torah Bible (injeel) and Quran all are Scriptures of Islam. Not Jesus but Paul and Constantine made Dogma of Christianity. Nasaraa of Quran are not Christians of Paul. GooglePlusCoverFactszz012– Quran is final updated edition of all Scriptures and It supersedes all of those 5:48, 2:105-106, as it carries forward also remnant Truth of all previous scriptures. So when you follow Quran, you follow all scriptures in fact. IslamIsDivineP3– Islam mean to follow ONLY and ONLY One BOOK for Islamic-Law and that Book is Quran 5:44, 6:114, 10:15, 50:45, 6:19. Any one who make Divine laws from any other Book except Book of GOD has been declared as Kaafir in Quran 5:44. Quran57_204– Islam mean to follow Divine BOOK that Allah sent to people through his Messenger; and never Messenger in Person nor any other Book nor any other Personality like Mullah Imams and Pseudo Scholars. Quran is made Easy 54:17. Quran has its own built-in dictionary and Standalone fully detailed Quran explains itself. Many verses of different chapters are interconnected and explain itself. Quran explains every thing for a Muslim 16:89, 17:12, 12:111, So what is not in Quran is not part of Islam. Prophet Mohammad left behind only Quran and no any other Book. To follow any other Book FOR ISLAMIC LAW, is a Kuffar 5:44 Quran7_1795– Islam is to follow Divine BOOK that Mohammad delivered and not Mohammad in Person. Despite that, you must had realized that GOD do not choose bad people for Prophet-hood, It is matter of common sense. Most Truthful witness is witness of GOD, and GOD has witnessed in 68:4 that Mohammad was a Great Man. After this witness, you are not in need of any other fabricated false witness of Jew Hypo Ibn Ishaq, Zoroastrian Hypo Hadith Imams, and Majoosi Tabari. Quran56_83_84_856– Quran cannot be understood correctly unless you stop to use any other external theological man-made-source or Human Personality. Understand Quran only by Quran. You cannot understand Quran by taking just one or a few verses out from Quran, and then explain that verse in isolation as YOU HAVE DONE in past and in this VIDEO too. That kind of moronic approach is dangerous and can mislead, so you are mislead too. When you take one verse of Quran, AT THE SAME TIME your eyesight must be on all verses of Quran because verses are interconnected and explain each other in multifaceted forms. Quran50_16OVal7 If you have a Million Questions, We will answer your every question not like freak Mullahs but with Sense Logic and Rationality. You are suggested to read our main Page at factszz dot wordpress dot com . Contents of that page exceed 1000-Book-Pages. In order to understand whole Material, you might need weeks. After Reading our all material, If any question arises in your head, please post your question under our pages in comments-area, or ask us through email factszz AT gmail dot com. We are not telling, you should follow Islam or not. It is up to you (2:256, 10:99). Because only you will be answerable to GOD after death for your actions, not we. But we want to tell you the Truth and want to Prove 100 Percent that you are mislead by Satan due to your ignorance though you think, you are a learned-one but you are NOT. Learned-one never leave Islam, and this is unalterable Law. Though you claim, you learned Islam for 16 years but we assure you, that you did not learn Islam at all but you were being dragged in garbage-pile that Mullahs and Imams are spreading from past 1200 years. You wasted your years. If two Billion Christians can go astray from 2000 years due to blind-following; then why Blindly-Following Muslim-Majority cannot go astray too? It is not strange. Quran35_36_37F8– You claimed, you Know Quran, but we claim we know Quran from 50 years (time more than your total age). We know each word of Quran and we know that Quran is TRUTH of all Truths. At same one time, all words of Quran are under our eyesight. When Quran was landing, Slavery was already in society and it was Quran that ordained in 2:177 to set slaves free and it is out of question if Prophet had disobeyed Law of his Lord 10:15. It is matter of basic common sense. Malakat-Aiamanokum never mean Slaves but all what is under your control. If you keep all verses of Quran under your eyesight, you will realize that Quran forbids any kind of sex without wedlock Marriage. During War, or in other times, Some women became Muslim and took asylum with Muslims. Now if a married Kaafir woman becomes Muslim, automatically she is considered divorced from his Kaafir Husband, So if that Lady agrees to marry a Muslim, she can marry. You have tried to explain Quran by forged Material of Mullahs and that is the main reason, you ignorant very arrogant beast is gone astray. Quran_23_99_1009– Regarding your point that you have raised in this video about Quranic term “ma malakat yaminuka“, please read below:
During war, women used to take part in war too. Example: She was Hind who chewed Liver of Uncle of Prophet “Hamza” in one war. If after Enemy was defeated, and if a woman from that defeated group with her consent embraced Islam and agreed to marry a Muslim or Prophet; then that marriage is validated in 33:50-51-52. In other cases, some times wives of Kaafirs embraced Islam but their husband were still Kaafirs. In that scenario, If that woman escapes from his Kaafir Husband and come to Prophet or Muslims to seek asylum; now that woman also comes under “milk al yamin” mentioned” (in your control). If that woman agrees to marry a Muslim; that is valid then. Please note that when a non-Muslim Wife of a Non-Muslim husbands becomes Muslim; marriage/Nikah remains no longer valid, Quranic verse 33:50-51-52 do not mention in specific slaves but “milk al yamin”: Under your Control or under your asylum. Quran in 2:177 ordains to set slaves Free. It is Quran who rescued Humanity from slavery. Also 8:67 is relevant . “IT DOES NOT behoove a prophet to keep captives unless he has battled strenuously on earth. You may desire the fleeting gains of this world-but God desires [for you the good of] the life to come: and God is almighty, wise. – 8:67” – as an aftermath of a war in a just cause. As almost always in the Qur’an, the above verse lays down that no person may be taken, or for any time retained, in captivity unless he was taken prisoner in a jihad-that is, a holy war in defense of the Faith or of freedom (regarding which see Quran surah 2, note 167) – and that, therefore, the acquisition of a slave by “peaceful” means, and the keeping of a slave thus acquired, is entirely prohibited: which, to all practical purposes, amounts to a prohibition of slavery as a “social institution”. But even with regard to captives taken in war, the Qur’an ordains (in 47:4) that they should be freed after the war is over.(Quran Ref: 8:67) QuranIsMadeEasyQuran_14_1810– Why you are gone astray? Its root cause is: what you learned was about Counterfeited Religion of Mullahs and Imams; and in this ways, you remained totally blank-Ignorant in Real Islam which is finalized in Quran. You made a blunder by understanding Quran through the glasses of Pseudo Scholars and man-made Material. You even was not aware that in Real Islam, there is NO ANY PLACE of Mullahs Imams and Pseudo Scholars (Because Quran is simple and made Easy 54:17). We Ignorant Muslims copied priesthood from Zoroastrians Rabbis and Church. Mullahs Imams & Pseudo Scholars are aliens to Islam. For adultery Quran ordains 100 lashes. As per Quran, no sex without wedlock. Rape, mass murder, terrorism come under Fasaad-Law of Quran 5:32-33 and criminal is to be crucified. QuranMakesUhumanQuran45_14_15_Forgive11– So purpose of our these comments is not to tell you, what Faith you should follow and what not; but main purpose is to rescue you from the Grip of Satan who has misguided you from the True Path in order to destine you to Hell-fire. In this message we have given address of our Main Site and email too. You can put even a Million Questions to us (but one by one, maximum 5 Question at one time) and InshaAllah we will answer you LOGICALLY and Rationally. You frequently quote in your false videos that that Mullah said so and this Mullahs said so. Where Quran tells you that Mullahs are authority on Islamic law? Nowhere. You also quoted many books that were fabricated by hypocrites in order to defame Islam and Prophet like Exegesis Tafsir Jalaalain and many others. Did God or Prophet Mohammad certify that all man-made books that you have frequently quoted in you false videos? GOD told Prophet Mohammad in Quran that around you are many hypocrites; you know them not but God knows: Quran9_101+ZubyrQuran_6_112Quran17_45_46_Second


May Allah Al-Haadi rescue you from path of Satan Iblis and put you back on right True Path which is none but Islam. A Muslim or a Mullah can be a culprit but never ISLAM the Sole One True Path of One GOD 3:19, 3:85, 3:52, 3:67. Bye now.PopCompQuran16_116NplusNF
2016-04-09_142104ProphetMohammadCONow this conscienceless hypocrite the self-proclaimed Apostate is uploading his new videos in which he is insulting Prophet Mohammad. Truth is that about Prophet Mohammad, we do not have any authentic info except what we find in Book of GOD Quran. The Most truthful witness is witness of GOD, and GOD has witnessed in Quran 68:4 that Prophet Mohammad used to have the best sublime ethics and moral conduct. After this witness of GOD; we are absolutely not in need of any other fabricated witness from fabricated Hadith Books of Zoroastrian Pseudo Imams and from Book called Seera of Yahoodi Hypo Ibn Ishaq. Should we expect; that hypocrites will praise Prophet Mohammad? No. These hypocrites sold sugar coated candies of cyanide. In one page of their Books, they praise Prophet and when they assess that reader has put trust in them; then in next page they start to insult Prophet. This is their way in their books. They were professional forgers. If they had not coated their cyanide-candies with sugar; then no one was going to buy their candies. This is why they deliberately mixed truth and lies and stuffed in their evil books.ProphetMohammad68_4Contents of books of Persian Hadith Imams, Ibn Ishaq, Wakidi, Tabari, Ibn Hisham clearly show; that all were Zoroastrians/Majoosi/Parsi, and Yahoodi hypocrites. It is matter of basic common sense to realize that GOD will not chose a bad person for Prophet-Hood. Who thinks that God had chosen bad guys as Prophets, is nothing but an idiot insane mentally paralyzed beast. Quran repeatedly tells us that all Prophets were of great character. All Slanders against Prophet Mohammad for pedophilia and Slave trading comes from forged Persian Hadiths and from evil Books of Majoosi Tabari and Yahoodi Ibn Ishaq. Also there is slander that Prophet married wife of his son but all historian knows that Prophet Mohammad had no any son. His sons died in childhood. In Islam, and near GOD, Son is only Son that is your real son and is born from the body of your wife from your sperm. Adapted son is never a Real Son. It is simple matter that your son is only that, who is your biological son. Zoroastrian Bukhari fabricated one hadith in which he shows that Prophet at 52 years age married 9 years old Aisha RA. But it has been fully Proved that, this report of Parsi Bukhari was forged by Eleven Shia, 9 from Koofa and 2 from Basra Iraq. People know well that Shia abuse Caliph Abu Bakar and Aisha Siddiqa. Oldest Book of Islamic history “Dalaa’l min Nobawate Syedna Mohammad” by Abdul Jabar” written 150 years even before book of Parsi Tabari shows that Aisha RA was a widow of martyr Saleh bin Saleh Tayyab and she was 48 years when Prophet at 52 years age married her. Reader must note also a very important point that Islam is to follow Divine BOOK “Quran” that Mohammad delivered; and not Mohammad in PERSON 6:114, 10:15, 47:2. Quran makes very clear that sole duty of Messenger was no more than to deliver BOOK of GOD. In Quran 28:56 and 72:21 it is made clear that Mohammad cannot guide any one but it is Allah who guides. Therefore; how Prophet could guide through fabricated books of Sira Sunna and Hadiths that he himself neither certified nor verified. Please read following very important page:

All #Hadith Imams hailed from Persia were Zoroastrian hypocrites & worst adversaries of Messenger & Allah




Read Proof at:

frigfdwaeUKCRFCQuran8_67PlusNoteQuran_42_13_IslamSoleDeenFNoahAgreatMuslimQuran3_67PlusNoteMosesAndJacobMuslimsJesusWasMuslimF2CallOutEssenesFollowing is record from one the most recognized historians of First Century. Though in historical records, not every thing is 100% authentic but even if not all, but most of following text appears sound and credible to us. After reading following text, reader is requested to compare character of Essene (Hawaari’yoon of Quarn 3:52) with the character of followers of Paul that we call Christians. In following text (relevant to Essence) Important lines are highlighted with Red font and blue color of font shows comments of Team Factszz:

The Essene; although Judeans by ancestry, they are even more mutually affectionate than the others. Whereas these men shun the pleasures as vice, they consider self-control and not succumbing to the passions virtue. And although there is among them a disdain for marriage, adopting the children of outsiders while they are still malleable enough for the lessons they regard them as family and instill in them their principles of character: without doing away with marriage or the succession resulting from it, they nevertheless protect themselves from the wanton ways of women, having been persuaded that none of them preserves her faithfulness to one man. There is also a different order of Essene. Though agreeing with the others about regimen and customs and legal matters, it has separated in its opinion about marriage. For they hold that those who do not marry cut off the greatest part of life, the succession, and more: if all were to think the same way, the line would very quickly die out.

Since [they are] despisers of wealth—their communal stock is astonishing—, one cannot find a person among them who has more in terms of possessions. For by a law, those coming into the school must yield up their funds to the order, with the result that in all [their ranks] neither the humiliation of poverty nor the superiority of wealth is detectable, but the assets of each one have been mixed in together, as if they were brothers, to create one fund for all. They consider olive oil a stain, and should anyone be accidentally smeared with it he scrubs his body, for they make it a point of honor to remain hard and dry, and to wear white always. Hand-elected are the curators of the communal affairs, and indivisible are they, each and every one, [in pursuing] their functions to the advantage of all.

No one city is theirs, but they settle amply in each. And for those school-members who arrive from elsewhere, all that the community has is laid out for them in the same way as if they were their own things, and they go in and stay with those they have never even seen before as if they were the most intimate friends. For this reason they make trips without carrying any baggage at all—though armed on account of the bandits. In each city a steward of the order appointed specially for the visitors is designated quartermaster for clothing and the other amenities. Dress and also deportment of body: like children being educated with fear. They replace neither clothes (though used to wash) nor footwear until the old set is ripped all over or worn through with age. Among themselves, they neither shop for nor sell anything; but each one, after giving the things that he has to the one in need, takes in exchange anything useful that the other has. And even without this reciprocal giving, the transfer to them [of goods] from whomever they wish is unimpeded.

Toward the Deity (God), at least: pious observances uniquely [expressed]. Before the sun rises, they utter nothing of the mundane things, but only certain ancestral prayers (seems Dua/Adore God) to him, as if begging him (Clearly it seems Dua) to come up. After these things, they are dismissed by the curators to the various crafts that they have each come to know, and after they have worked strenuously until the fifth hour they are again assembled in one area, where they belt on linen covers and wash their bodies in frigid water (mean normal cold water refer to Quran 5:6). After this purification they gather in a private hall, into which none of those who hold different views may enter: now pure themselves, they approach the dining room as if it were some [kind of] sanctuary. After they have seated themselves in silence, the baker serves the loaves in order, whereas the cook serves each person one dish of one food. The priest (seems Dua) offers a prayer before the food, and it is forbidden to taste anything before the prayer; when he has had his breakfast he offers another concluding prayer (Dua like thanking GOD, you have granted us Rizk). While starting and also while finishing, then, they honor God as the sponsor of life (Sustainer). At that, laying aside their clothes as if they were holy, they apply themselves to their labors again until evening. They dine in a similar way: when they have returned, they sit down with the visitors, if any happen to be present with them, and neither yelling nor disorder pollutes the house at any time, but they yield conversation to one another in order. And to those from outside, the silence of those inside appears as a kind of shiver-inducing mystery. The reason for this is their continuous sobriety and the rationing of food and drink among them—to the point of fullness.

As for other areas: although there is nothing that they do without the curators’ having ordered it, these two things are matters of personal prerogative among them: [rendering] assistance and mercy. For helping those who are worthy, whenever they might need it, and also extending food to those who are in want are indeed left up to the individual (Please refer to Quran 2:177); but in the case of the relatives, such distribution is not allowed to be done without [permission from] the managers. Conc anger, just controllers; as for temper, able to contain it; of fidelity, masters; of peace, servants. And whereas everything spoken by them is more forceful than an oath, swearing itself they avoid, considering it worse than the false oath; for they declare to be already degraded one who is unworthy of belief without God. They are extraordinarily keen about the compositions of the ancients, selecting especially those [oriented] toward the benefit of soul and body. On the basis of these and for the treatment of diseases, roots, apotropaic materials, and the special properties of stones are investigated.

To those who are eager for their school, the entry-way is not a direct one, but they prescribe a regimen for the person who remains outside for a year, giving him a little hatchet as well as the aforementioned waist-covering and white clothing (Hawari’yoon f Quran 3:52). Whenever he should give proof of his self-control during this period, he approaches nearer to the regimen and indeed shares in the purer waters for purification, though he is not yet received into the functions of communal life. For after this demonstration of endurance, the character is tested for two further years, and after he has thus been shown worthy he is reckoned into the group. Before he may touch the communal food, however, he swears dreadful oaths to them: first, that he will observe piety toward the deity; then, that he will maintain just actions toward humanity; that he will harm no one, whether by his own deliberation or under order;StatOf20thCentury2that he will hate the unjust and contend together with the just; that he will always maintain faithfulness to all, especially to those in control, for without God it does not fall to anyone to hold office, and that, should he hold office, he will never abuse his authority—outshining his subordinates, whether by dress or by some form of extravagant appearance; always to love the truth and expose the liars (Refer to Quran 2:42); that he will keep his hands pure from theft and his soul from unholy gain; that he will neither conceal anything from the school-members nor disclose anything of theirs to others, even if one should apply force to the point of death. In addition to these, he swears that he will impart the precepts to no one otherwise than as he received them, that he will keep away from banditry, and that he will preserve intact their school’s books and the names of the angels. With such oaths as these they completely secure those who join them.

Those they have convicted of sufficiently serious errors they expel from the order. And the one who has been reckoned out often perishes by a most pitiable fate. For, constrained by the oaths and customs, he is unable to partake of food from others. Eating grass and in hunger, his body wastes away and perishes. That is why they have actually shown mercy and taken back many in their final gasps, regarding as sufficient for their errors this ordeal to the point of death.

Now with respect to trials, [they are] just and extremely precise: they render judgment after having assembled no fewer than a hundred, and something that has been determined by them is non-negotiable. There is a great reverence among them for—next to God—the name of the lawgiver, and if anyone insults him he is punished by death. They make it point of honor to submit to the elders and to a majority. So if ten were seated together, one person would not speak if the nine were unwilling. They guard against spitting into [their] middles or to the right side and against applying themselves to labors on the seventh days, even more than all other Judeans (Zoroastrian Hadith Imams allow Hadithers to spit even during Non-Quranic Five Zoro-Rituals): for not only do they prepare their own food one day before, so that they might not kindle a fire on that day, but they do not even dare to transport a container—or go to relieve themselves. On the other days they dig a hole of a foot’s depth with a trowel—this is what that small hatchet given by them to the neophytes is for—and wrapping their cloak around them completely, so as not to outrage the rays of God, they relieve themselves into it [the hole]. After that, they haul back the excavated earth into the hole. (When they do this, they pick out for themselves the more deserted spots.) Even though the secretion of excrement is certainly a natural function, it is customary to wash themselves off after it as if they have become polluted. (As no modern toilets existed in those days and no any method could be better, clean and hygienic than the method they adopted)

They are divided into four classes, according to their duration in the training, and the later-joiners are so inferior to the earlier-joiners that if they should touch them, the latter wash themselves off as if they have mingled with a foreigner. [They are] long-lived, most of them passing 100 years—as a result, it seems to me at least, of the simplicity of their regimen and their orderliness. Despisers of terrors, triumphing over agonies by their wills, considering death—if it arrives with glory—better than deathlessness. The war against the Romans proved their souls in every way: during it, while being twisted and also bent, burned and also broken, and passing through all the torture-chamber instruments, with the aim that they might insult the lawgiver or eat something not customary, they did not put up with suffering either one: not once gratifying those who were tormenting [them], or crying. But smiling in their agonies and making fun of those who were inflicting the tortures, they would cheerfully dismiss their souls, [knowing] that they would get them back again.

For the view has become tenaciously held among them that whereas our bodies are perishable and their matter impermanent, our souls endure forever, deathless: they get entangled, having emanated from the most refined ether, as if drawn down by a certain charm into the prisons that are bodies. But when they are released from the restraints of the flesh, as if freed from a long period of slavery, then they rejoice and are carried upwards in suspension. pulses of the bad are impeded by anxiety, as they expect that even if they escape detection while living, after their demise they will be subject to deathless retribution. Team Factszz thanks to author of following page which is source of above-given text :


BibleCorruptionAnd QuranFStoningInTorahBibles1DeenANDReligion1FatwaByBinBaaz1970IbneKathirScienceIbnHanbalAnHypocriteNoStoningInQiranLast testament of God Quran makes crystal clear in 3:19, 3:85 that one God has only one True Path and that is Islam. These verses also tell: People who will follow any other Deen except Islam will be losers on the day of Resurrection and their deeds will not be accepted. Therefore; all Prophets and Messengers of God preached none but Islam 42:13, 3:67, 2:130-133, 3:52; and all true followers of all Scriptures (given to Prophets), were Muslims. Quran 22:78 tells us: From Adam to Prophet Mohammad(s), God has named all True believers only “Muslims”. Not Hindu, Sikh, Yahoodi, Christian, Sunni or Shia etc. All scriptures are scriptures of Islam. Every new Prophet came with new scripture which contained updated version of Divine law. So it was mandatory for Muslims of all times to stick to the latest Scripture of their life-span. Moses was given Book of God “Torah”. Jesus/Isa was given Enjeel. Because all previous scriptures were to be implemented for a limited time, so after their time expired, those got corrupted. Old and New testament has been badly corrupted, this is why Quran abrogated Torah and Bible 1400 years ago in verse 2:105-106, 5:48. Quran updated Divine law and also carried forward still-valid remnant law of previous scriptures. For example: Quran carries forward 9 commandments from 10 commandments of Torah. 10th, Sabbath is dropped. Some Ignorant Islamophobes spread lies that Mohammad(s) has plagiarized some passages from new and old testament. These fools know not that author of Original Torah, Original Enjeel and Quran are not Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad (Peace be upon all of them) but Author of all scriptures is One GOD. When author plans to bring forward his new edition, usually he uses some still-valid material from previous editions in his new edition. So slander of Plagiarism is mere moronic nonsense. We must also note, that after Jesus, Original Aramaic Gospel of Jesus (Enjeel) became extinct. Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John are never scripture Enjeel but are unreliable hadiths of Jesus. In that books, truth and falsehood is melted down together. Any verse of today’s old and new testament which still runs along with Quran, can be considered still uncorrupted but all verses of old and new testament which contradict Quran, are corrupted. Even that four books of hadiths of Jesus Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John are being tampered from 1800 years. Many top bible Scholars like Dr. Bart D. Ehrman PhD and Dr. Robert Beckford PhD admit that Old and New testament have been badly corrupted. Top most Christian German bible scholar of all times Dr. Tischendorf also wrote that bible has been corrupted. For example when we read Book of Mark of 4th Century, its verse 1:1 is: “This is Gospel of Jesus Christ” but when we read Book of Mark of today, verse 1:1 has been badly tampered and now it is: “This is Gospel of Jesus Christ son of God”. You can see, by adding in verse “son of God” they turned table at 180 degree, as they made a mortal human Prophet, Son of God. In same way, in Gospel of John of today we see many verses which we do not find in the Gospel of John of 4th Century. Over 10 news manufactured verses has been blended in last chapter of Book of Mark that we read today because that over 10 verses never exist in Mark’s edition of 4th century. In fact there are thousands of contradictions in corrupted old and new testament. For example: following verses has been deleted from The NIV (New International Version); Matthew 17:21, 18:11, 23:14, Mark 7:16, 9:44, 9:46, 11:26, 15:28,16:9-20; Luke 17:36, 23:17; John 5:4, 5:7; Acts 8:37, 15:34, 24:7, 28:29; Romans 16:24. Nothings happened like this in Quran in past 1400 years. No any verse was blended or removed from Quran nor any verse was changed from one form to other.

Now there are two main groups, who from centuries, want to prove that Quran has also same problem as their Hadith books and 4 Gospels have. So it is to think like this “If am am sick, why my neighbor is not Sick too”. That two groups are: Christian Missionaries, and Sunni Hadithers. In order to defame and degrade Quran, and in order to bring Quran down to the level of fabricated Hadith Books and badly tamped Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John; hadithers and Christian Missionaries has invented many lies against Quran. Hadithers follow a false fabricated doctrine called abrogation but in fact Quran never abrogates its own verses but abrogates corrupted Bible and Torah in 2:105-106, 5:48. Hadithers also spread big lies from centuries that Quran, like hadiths, also came through narrations (Chinese whisper A told B told C told D told E….told X, told Z). But Truth is: Quran was instantly written down after Divine Revelations, and full Quran as hard book was present in the life of Prophet. You can read its full proof at: http://wp.me/p4GOwI-lv Quran is protected by God through memorization, and in all times thousands and thousands Hufaaz (people who memorize whole Quran) existed. At present time, over 50 millions Huffaaz exist. So even if Islamophobes publish Quran with twisted deformed words and verses; their trick will be useless because in Chest of 50 million Huffaaz is the same Quran which was in the hands of Prophet Mohammad(s). Hadithers and Christians missionaries has also invented together another lie against Quran. They call it Hafs and Warsh. Hafs and warsh is same one Quran with different style of Arabic graphic text. Because many Arabic regions, though write Quran in different style and some time they pronounce even same word differently but meaning of word remains same. Like in USA, Canada, and Britain, many English words are spelled/written differently and also some time pronounced differently. Like Color, Clour. Word “Schedule” is pronounced differently in USA and Canada from Britain. In same way: In Saudi Arabia, Friday is called Jum’a but in Egypt Friday is pronounced as Gum’a. But meaning is same which is Friday. In Saudia word Quran starts from “Qaaf with 2 dots at top” but in Morocco, they place just one dot on Qaaf instead of 2 dots but both Pronounce it as “Quran”. Usually “how are you” in Arabic is “kai’ful haal” but in some areas it is pronounced as “chai’ful haal”, here ch sounds like ch of chair. Please also note: 1400 years ago, in Arabic text, no any diacritical marks were used on Arabic words because being the mother tongue, Arabs knew how to read and pronounce the words without diacritical marks. Diacritical marks were added later in order to make the reading of Quran, easy for non-Arabs, so diacritical marks are not part of text but are mere facilitators. In Quran, God has addressed many time as “I did so” and also “We did so”. We, here is majestic Plural. Conclusively, that all minor differences in different Graphic Arabic texts makes no any difference in the meaning of any verse, any ethics, law, and codes of Quran, It is not like corrupted bible where many verses are deleted, made-up, and blended in Bible and many verses has been badly tampered. We have talked already above about that tampering. So try of Hadithers, Submitter-Cult, and Christian Missionaries to defame Quran is totally failed, and that has no any base at all. Last Prophet of God,  Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) died in year 6:32 A.D. and after his death, only Book of Quran was found in his Room. He left behind no any other written manuscript. He left no any hadith and Sunna manuscript. He did not certify any hadith. He did not verify any hadith. Six hadith Books of Sunni Sect labeled as Shihae Sitta and four of Shia books were fabricated 250+ years after the death of Prophet. 250 years is big time gap. Besides, contents of that books itself prove forgery of these books. All extra-Quranic books attached to Islam has no any relation with Islam. Quran makes clear in many verses that to Obey Allah and Messengers is same thing, and that is nothing else but to follow Quarn 6:114Quran2_190AndHatersBiggestTextPicIslamDEENnotReligionChistianityBiggestDogmaticFraudFIslamIsSimpleDeenIslam_Deen_Not_Religion

Read “Quranic laws” at:


SatanWorksWhatIsSalatOfQuranFToFollowQuranIStoFollowProphetListofhypocritesQuranIsMadeEasyImportant_ArrowQuran5_44PlusExtendedNoteFQuran tells, Prophet was a great man with the highest level of sublime conduct but fabricated hadith books especially following fabricated hadith of Parsi Bukhari depicts Prophet as the worst person on planet.JuaaniaNHadithBukhariCraphytfreddddCamelUrineAndParsiBukhari2Note: Team Factszz about above-posted fabricated Hadith:
1– Prophet left behind not a single written hadith except complete written Quran.
2– Up to 722 A.D.; Satanic Innovations of Hadiths and Sunna used to have no legality in Islam (Professor J. Schacht).
3– Four Caliphs never compiled or ordered to compile any hadith Book. In fact Four Caliphs burned and banned all hadiths. Read our page “True History of Hadiths”.
4– It were Muslims who bulldozed millennia Persian Zoroastrian empire in 7th Century. During Abbasid Period from 750-1258 A.D., Persians hijacked Islamic empire and in order to disable Quran and to place Muslims on the path of Satan, they forged millions of lies with fake chains of narrations, and later labeled those all lies as Hadith of Prophet Mohammad(S). Did Prophet certify any Book of Hadith? No. We have read each line of all hadith books. It is very clear in these books that books were fabricated to misguide Muslims and to distort Islam. They remained successful in this conspiracy.
5– First painful thing is; that Persian hypocrites Imams forged millions of Hadiths in the name of Prophet. But more painful than this is; that instead of learning that these hadiths books are the biggest conspiracy against Islam; our Evil Mullahs, Freak Imams and their dumb and dead blindly following pets are always busy to defend crap that is stuffed in all forged hadith books. The report of Nine year marriage age of Aisha RA was fabricated by Eleven Shia narrators of Iraq, two from Basra and Nine from Koofa but our Mullahs and their pets are always busy to convince world that to marry a 6 or 9 year girl is ok. They have neither any brain nor any shame or honor. When Abu Dawud says in his forged hadith: Do ablution from water in which dead dogs and menstruation shreds of women are floating; these shameless hadithers and Mullahs start to defend even this kind of crap by hiding it under a metaphor etc. No any stoning in Quran. For fornicator, married or unmarried, are 100 stripes punishment but these dumb hadithers are stoning people by following fabricated hadith of Rajam (stoning) from centuries. Quran says: All is haram that dies itself but hadithers follow a fabricated hadith and say: Dead fish is Halaal.
6– Through this camel urine’s fabricated hadith, Criminal Bukhari has also tried to tell people that Prophet was very vicious and aggressive Person, as, as per his fabricated hadith of camel urine, Prophet ordered to take eyes of alive people out. This his crap totally contradicts witness of Allah of 68:4 in which Allah said that Mohammad(s) used to have the highest level of sublime moral standard. Truck_Foreign_MaterialkWhen we show the garbage that is stuffed in fabricated hadith books to conscienceless ignorant hadithers; in stead of admitting that these hadith books are heap of lies; they reply: these are Metaphors or Miracles. Remember: Mothers of all Prophets were also women. But If Bukhari declares all women of universe an Evil; Shameless Hadithers say: It is metaphor. If we show them forged hadith in which Prophet Solomon drilled 100 woman (other report says 60 women) in one night, Hadithers say it is miracle, If Crap of Sahih-Muslim says: that all black dogs are Devil; honorless Hadithers say: It is metaphor. If we show insane hadithers that forged hadiths which say: To do ablution (Wadhu) from Water Well in which orgasm fluid of man and woman, and dead dogs and menstruation shreds of women are floating; ignoble, hypnotized, despicable hadithers say: it is a metaphor. Therefore; all brainwashed mad Hadithers and their Satanic Mullah teachers want to cover tons of garbage of forged hadith books under just three words. It is a metaphor or it is a miracle or it is a wrong interpretation. They are mentally sick but who has made them sick? They are Evil Satanic Mullahs and Imams who has distorted their brains within past 1200 years. They all are psychopaths like fanatics of ISIS and Boko-Haraam. They deliberately fail to grasp the truth, that all hadith books were fabricated 250-400 years after the death of Mohammad(s) the exalted, and Prophet has no any relation with these forged hadith Books. Bukhari and Muslim were either mad ignorant Parsi Mullahs or hypocrites. Our research shows that they were Zoroastrian hypocrites under Taqiya with fake Muslim names. Contents of their Satanic books are the biggest proof of their hypocrisy. Quran45_6WithPicF2HadithsBooksAreLiesStatOf20thCentury2Quran2_190AndHatersQuranMakesUhumanQuranPermitsWarinDefenseOnlyQuranicTranslationsFFStrongAndWeakFoundation2Important_Callout10FloweredHadithQudsiCrapQuranExplainsEverything2HadithsBooksAreLiesQV_Important_MessageTenTruthsForMuslimFQuranBestHadithsWorstIslamIsDivinePMessageForJahilMullahs2Qayama2shariaisquranonly

Following is copy of our response to an Hadither (at YouTube) who raised some points about hadiths, Salat and Zakat

1– Prophet Mohammad left behind no any hadith or sunna or Tafsir manuscript except Book of Quran which is Protected by Allah 15:9. So if you follow fabricated Hadiths, you are following not Prophet but Satan Iblis. Hadith and Sunna are Satanic innovations that converted majority of we Muslims into Mushrik-Mohammedans 3:80. Up to year 722 A.D., Sunna and hadiths used to have no any legality in Islam. Four Caliphs burned and banned all Hadiths. In the time of Caliph Umar RA, it was CRIME to preach and even possess any hadith. See link #2 at this page for full proof. Sunna of Rasool (Messenger) is NOTHING ELSE but replica of Quranic ethics and Laws. All extra-Quranic Hadiths and Sunna are inspired by Satan Iblis. Rasool delivered you Quran, and no any hadith or sunna book. So in order to follow Rasool and his LORD; follow Quran. Quran tells many times: Obey Allah and Rasool but Quran also makes clear several times that to obey Allah and Rasool is to follow DIVINE BOOK that Rasool delivered, and Rasool delivered NONE but Quran 6:114, 47:2, 10:15, 6:19, 16:116, 50:45. Quran is made Easy 54:17. Quran explains every thing that is needed in Islam 16:89. So Quran is standalone, self-explanatory book and is not in need of any Mullah, Imam, Pseudo Scholar, Hadith, Sunna, Tafsir Contexts Nazool and fiqa books. Mullahs and Imams are aliens to Islam. We Muslims copied priesthood from Christians, Yahood, and Zoroastrians.

2Islam is not, to follow Rasool in person but Islam is to follow THE DIVINE BOOK that Allah delivered thru his Rasool and that Book is Only Quran 6:114, 10:15, 6:19. Quranic verses 10:15, 6:114 make clear that Prophet was told, not to follow any Book or law except Quran.

3– Books of Hadiths like Bukhari and others were forged 250-800 years after the death of Prophet. That Books of Satan were never seen by Rasool-Allah. You brain-dead Jaahil Hadith followers never read Quran nor all hadith books in your whole life. We have read that all Hadith Books of Shia and Sunni sects, and that book are full of stinky garbage that stinks more than dead dogs. Can a Great Man (68:4) Prophet Mohammad could say this kind of Stinky Garbage such as: Sun rises from two horns of Satan, all black dogs are devil (Sahih-Muslim), Woman is Evil (Bukhari), Prophet tried many Suicides (Bukhari), Water full of dead dogs and menses blood of woman is still clean and pure (Abu Dawud 0066), Quran is eaten by Goat, so verses are missing (Ibn Majah 1944), do not touch peeenis with right hand, Do not kill a snake if that lives in your home, Prophet used to wear shirt of Aisha RA before receiving Wahi, Prophet tried to rape a woman Juhania, Prophet was a pedophile as he at age of 53 years did sex with 9 years Aisha RA, Prophet was Zaalim & he took eyes of alive people out, Prophet told people to drink disgusting urine of camel. This list is very long and reader is requested to view this whole list in link #3 of this page. You all hadith follower are brainwashed mentally paralyzed Cattle because you all hadithers follow that all forged garbage blindly. You never think or even try to think that a Great Man (68:4) like Prophet Mohammad can never say so. Donkey has better brain than you all hadith followers. You hadithers are a Gang of Jaahils. Satan sent all Christians astray, and Satan of we Muslims were Pseudo Hadith Imams. Very Clearly, Quran depicts Prophet Mohammad as Great Man 68:4 but forged Hadith Books depicts him as the worst person on planet. It is matter of basic commonsense: That GOD could never send a Prophet to people who is a bad man.

4– Quran makes very clear in 5:44 that all hadith followers are Kaafirs because Islamic law is valid only from Quran and who make laws from other books are Kaafirs 5:44 and Hadith followers are Kaafirs because they make laws from forged books of Hadiths. Allah makes clear in Quran that to follow Allah and his Rasool mean nothing else but to follow Quran because Messengers were no more than AGENCY of Allah 29:18, 5:99, 42:48, 3:20. So if you follow any other Book for Islamic law except Quran, then you are following your Murshid Iblis

5Salat and Zakat:

All what is in Quran is Islam and all what is not in Quran is NOT ISLAM. Salat of Quran has no any relation with Five daily namaz Rituals that were blended in Islam by Irani Zoroastrians in 773 A.D. Five Zoroastrian Namaz were forged thru forged Hadith of Miraaj. Read full page on forgery of Miraaj (night journey) in link #30 of this page. No any mention in Quran that during Miraaj Prophet Mohammad took ride on a flying donkey and bargained with Allah like union leader to reduce daily rituals from 50 to 5. That all tale is forgery of Zoroastrians. Allah has not mentioned 2.5 percent Zakat in Quran because Zakat is not mere 2.5 charity tax. Zakat is Economic System of Islam and in that System, Zakat-Tax is tiny part of System of Zakat. That tax percentage is not fixed in Quran by Allah Jalla Aala intentionally, and have left it to Muslim Ruler; it could be 2 percent in peace time and 15% or more in War time etc. In order to read, how Zoroastrians blended Five daily Namaz Rituals in Islam in 773 A,D.; please read link #1 at the top of this page.

Allah says in Quran: Task of Rasool (Messenger) is NO MORE than to deliver Quran clearly to people 29:18, 42:48, 5:99, 3:20. Allah also tells in Quran that Mohammad cannot guide any one (Quran 28:56, 72:21). So how Rasool guided you brainless brain-dead foolish Hadith followers from hadith and Sunna books that Prophet/Rasool Mohammad never left behind nor certified? Just use your common sense. Just ponder. How then Prophet Mohammad guided you Sunni and Shia about your mutually conflicting Azans (Calls for Rituals) and Ritual Units? Did Prophet give you two brands of Rituals? Quran 2:177 blasts all kind of Rituals when verse starts with words “it is NEVER a GOOD deed that you turn your face to EAST and WEST but Good deed is Philanthropy”. Quran 22:78, 3:19, 3:85, 42:13, 3:52, 3:67 make clear that from Adam to Mohammad, Allah has named all True Believers as ONLY MUSLIM 22:78. No Shia No Sunni No Wahabi No Salafi, No Yahoodi, No Buddhist, No Zoroastrian, No Yahoodi, No Hindu, no any sect at all. As per 6:159, Sect followers are Khawaarij who took exit from Islam by making sects. As per Quran 3:103-105, HELL is waiting sect followers.

Islam is simple: Follow Quran and that’s it. Allah says in 16:89, 12:111, 17:12, my Quran explains EVERY THING for Muslims. Therefore; what is not in Quran, is not part of Islam. For example: If Quran does not tell you, with which hand, RIGHT OR LEFT, you should drink water; then that’s mean, Quran has given you the option which hand you like to use. If Quran does not tell you, which shoe, RIGHT OR LEFT you should wear first; then that mean, you are free to wear either right or left. If Quran does not show you map of India and USA, then that Maps are not part of DEEN Islam but of Geography. If FULLY DETAILED Quran, never uses words of Mahdi and Dajjal; that means, Mahdi and Dajjal are fabricated tales and lies by hadith-forgers. If FULLY DETAILED Quran does not mention Units of Shia and Sunni Rituals and does not mention text of Atta-Hiyaaat and Drood Ibrahimi; then that’s mean; Salat of Quran is NEVER Rituals. If Quran fixed 100 lashes for Adultery; then no one can change that number to 101 or 99 or more or less. If Quran ordains 80 lashes for an evildoer who placed slander on a chaste lady, then no one can change that number of 80 lashes. If Quran depicts sodomy as an heinous crime but does not fix its punishment; then that mean, Quran has left the option of Punishment to Muslim Ruler/Shoora. Know that Quran is BOOK for Muttaqi and Wise; and not for brain-dead stubborn fools who are destined to hell due to their own stubbornness. Quran is a Big Book and is fully detailed 16:89. Then did Allah forget to mention 2.5 percent Zakat and Units of Shia Sunni Rituals? No Allah never forgets. Have Allah shortage of words? No Never.

If Allah can use complex fractional Math in Inheritance verses like 1/2, 1/6, 1/8; then what was difficult for Allah the Omniscient to mention units of Shia and Sunni Rituals, text of Atta-Hiyaat (Tasha’had) and Drood/Salat Ibrahimi of Tasha’had? Do you know that text of Att-Hiyaat (Tasha’had) was forged by Shia; and Text of Drood Ibrahimi was forged by a Persian Dehlmi fish-catcher Shia of Caspian Area, His name became later Moiz Doula when he captured Baghdad & became Ruler?


If you want to please Allah and his Rasool on the day of resurrection, then follow Noble Quran 25:30, 69:40, 39:23. For Islamic law (Sharia); do not follow any other Book in Islam except Quran, otherwise you will die as a Mushrik Kaafir. This is not our verdict but verdict of Malik-ul-Mulk in Quran 5:44. During formation of Islamic law (Sharia), to place Man-Made Books and Humans beside BOOK of GOD is like to make partners with GOD and no any sin is bigger than to make partners with ONE GOD. It is called Shirk and as per Quran, Shirk is that Crime which is unforgivable.

“Who do not judge from what Allah has bestowed from the HIGH (scripture) are indeed Kaafirs (Kafiroon)” 5:44.

Also note: verse 53:3 talks only about Quranic Wahi. It is clear when whole Sura 53 is read alongwith verse 6:114, 10:15, 6:19, 50:45. And 59:7 points to only distribution of Spoil of war. and Verses of Sura Ahzab like 33:21 are talking about Patience of Rasool during battle of Trench for living Prophet. No where Quran tells: to follow Prophet Mohammad in Person but to follow the Scripture that he delivered 47:2, 6:114, 10:15, 6:19. Quranic verse 3:31 never tells you to love Rasool, but Allah. And verses 6:114, 47:2, 10:15, 6:19 tell, that to obey Rasool and Allah is nothing else but to follow Scripture Quran. We have clarified that all points that you shameless hadithers deliberately twist and misuse in order to worship Rasool 3:80

May Allah Al-Haadi rescue majority of our Muslim Sisters and Brothers from the grip of Satan, the Satan who also sent all Christians astray.

Quran 38:82-83 [Whereupon Iblis] said: “Then [I swear] by Thy very might: I shall most certainly beguile them all into grievous error, [all] save such of them as are truly Thy servants!”

Quran 14:22 (Asad) “And when everything will have been decided (on the Day of Resurrection), Satan will say (to his followers): “Behold, God promised you something that was bound to come true! I, too, held out [all manner of] promises to you but I deceived you. Yet I had no power at all over you: I but called you, and you responded unto me. Hence, blame not me, but blame yourselves. It is not for me to respond to your cries, nor for you to respond to mine: for, behold, I have [always] refused to admit that there was any truth in your erstwhile belief that I had a share in God’s divinity.” Verily, for all evildoers, there is grievous suffering in store”.


ISIS, Mullahs, Imams, Fabricated books of Sira Sunna, Exegesis Tafsirs, historical crap, and Hadiths has no any relation with the True Islam that has been finalized in Quran, After studying almost all hadith books and all Tafsirs (exegesis) that Hadithers follow, Our Team have honestly and sincerely, concluded, that vast majority of Mullahs and Imams of today are Jaahil Ignorant, and vast majority of Mullahs, Imams and Mofassars 1300 years ago were also Jaahil Ignorant, and 1200 years ago were Ignorant, and 1000 years ago were Ignorant. Reason is: Exalted Last Prophet left behind only Noble Quran because his sole one duty was to deliver Quran and return to his Lord 29:18, 42:48, 3:20, 3:80, 5:99, 72:21, 28:56, 18:110. This is why; after completion of Quranic wahi, after a short period, he died because his great mission was now complete which was none but delivery of Quran clearly. He left behind no any manuscript of Hadith, Sunna, Contexts, Fiqa, Shane-Nazools, and Tafsirs (Exegesis). Know that: If the heart be pure, clean and sanctified, it will be able to discern between right and wrong, truth and lie, and guidance and misguidance.

But question is; why he did not leave behind any Extra-Quranic Book; despite he could setup another panel of honest mature writers to write down Tafsirs, Hadith and Sunna books? Answer is: He was absolutely not in need of to leave behind all that extra-Quranic books because Quran is made easy 54:17. Because Quran is fully detailed 6:114. Because Quran explains every thing for Muslims 12:111, 16:89, 17:12. Because Quran has its own best build-in dictionary, and its own best built-in Tafsir (exegesis) 25:30, 25:33. Mullahs, Imams and Mofassars (authors of books of Tafsirs) even 1300 years ago remained Jaahil Ignorant because most of them did not use Quran’s own built-in dictionary and Quran’s own built-in Tafsir but they added long tales/stories in their books which came from fables and fabricated hadiths (hearsay) that in most cases were concocted by hypocrites (pseudo converts of people of Book) like Wahb Ibn Munnabih, Hammam Munibbih, Rabbi K’ab al-Ahbar and by his many students like Abu Hurairah, Ibn Abbas, Ibn Umar and many others. All that hadiths and Tafsir are huge pile of lies or let say: that all books of hadiths and Tafsirs are Himalaya of Lies, Nonsense, Gossip, Hearsay, very Foolish-talk, and comic moronic Stupidities. It is sad to ascribe that all concocted tales to Prophet but that what is done by hypocrites. You will see many Mullahs and Pseudo Scholars who say: After Quran, Bukhari and Muslim are the most authentic books but truth is: Bukhari and Muslims are books of authentic lies. For solid Proof, read our page “some hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death”.

Among other oldest hadiths collection are of Malik’s Mowatta, Tabarani, Al-Hakim  (Mustadrak), Bayhaqi, Musnad Ibn Hanbal, Darimi, and Daraqutni. We have read all that works and we have concluded, that authors of that all works were not different from stupid ignorant Mullahs of today. Their collections are full of laughing stock. Regarding Tafsirs; majority considers and loves Tafsirs of Razi Jalalyn, Risala of Shafi, Fiqa-Hanfi, Ibn Kathir, Baghawi, Qartabi, Tabari, and Zamakhshari but truth is: in that all books though there is some truth too but billions of tons of lies and foolish-talk too. Ibn Hajar is one of the biggest demigods  (9:31, 2:170) of Sunni sect but truth is: this Egyptian Mullah was in way more educated than our stupid Mullahs of today. He was a Jaahil. His work is full of Kufar and Shirk. Though not all but almost all Mofassars and Hadiths-collectors belong to Shafi-School, and Shafi was the Greatest Satan/deceiver of our 1400 history; and an Ass never gives birth to elephant. If Teacher was a Satan, then how will be his followers! Read our special page on Shafi (an hidden Shia). And Books of Shia sect also stink more than dead dogs. That almost whole pile of garbage grew in Abbasid era 750-1258 A.D. DNA-wise, Abbasid were half Muslims and half Zoroastrians. Their Tutors, Ministers, Prime Minister, many wives and even mother were Persian Zoroastrians. O Wise Person: Know that: Whole Islam is finalized in Quran. Any rite, ritual or law that has no roots in Quran is absolutely not part of Islam. All extra-Quranic Laws (Sharia Laws), Rites and Rituals are innovations of Clergy. Islam is to have right faith 4:136; to follow Divine law; to be mindful about Allah in all awaken conditions; and to live your whole life as a righteous Philanthropist 2:177. If you follow all this, then day of death is the Best day of your life on this earth.

We “Team Factszz” has discussed over 70 topics about Islam, theology, and comparative religion at our following Main page. Do not miss it to read.:Important_Callout2

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Answering one self-proclaimed apostate


4 thoughts on “Answering one self-proclaimed apostate

  1. Abdul Basit says:

    A great answer to the claims of theapostate.Please complete the “Discussion about some verses of Noble Quran; that according Islamophobic Haters, incite violence” as soon as possible.Iam curious to read it.

    • Thank you brother for your great feed back. Our Team will speed up work for the new page you have talked about. In fact, just two verses ONLY TWO verses of Noble Quran shut barking mouths of all those liar haters who beat drum that Quran incites violence. That verses are 2:190 and 60:8.

      According 2:190, War is permitted only in defense and even during defensive war, aggression is not permitted. So no harm to non-combatants Men Children Women and even the soldiers who raise their hand. Quran also tells to free the prisoners of war after war 8:67. Quran also allows War in order to rescue Oppressed humans from an Oppressor 4:75. One of Main Goals of Islam is to rescue Oppressed humans. Moses was sent to Pharaoh to rescue Oppressed people. (Corrupted Bible in Ezekiel 9:6 tells to kill all children women and even old people)

      In 60:8, Quran tells to be just and kind with even those non-Muslims who do not wage war against you and do not drive you out from your homes.

      Therefore; all war verses of Quran are relevant to defensive war. Core of Quran is Peace Justice Philanthropy 2:177

    • Blog you posted is blog of lies and slanders, all nonsense. No any trace of logic and rationality in that blog as you have claimed. And we do not have time to debate Satanic blogs. This is why: We have published our these pages and our all work exceeds 1000 book-pages on-line. Who is sincerely after truth can read our pages and who want to go to hell can read that kind of Satanic nonsensical blogs that you have posted. All his objections against Quran are mere nonsense and 100% nonsense and carry no any rational weight at all. It is mere cacophony of a brain-bent hater. All his material based on hadiths is again a pack of lies because all hadiths are fabricated tales. Islam has no any relation with hadiths. Prophet Mohammad(s) left behind only written Quran and he left no any manuscript of Mullahs-Made Stuff such as Hadiths Sunna Sira Examples Exegesis Fiqa (Jurisprudence), contexts and Nazools. That all man-made stuff has no any relation with Islam which has been finalized in Quran; and last and final testament of God Quran is treasure for mankind. It is Book of Complete Guidance for who are GOD-Conscious (2:2). It explains itself fully by Tasreef and Tafseel , so Quran is absolutely not in need of any man-made stuff like Hadiths Sunna Sira Examples Exegesis Fiqa (Jurisprudence), contexts and Nazools.

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