Some Hadiths that will drag you to paradise even

before your death – Your enlightenment is guaranteed

 All praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom who never dies and listens even what soul of person whispers. All journeys start and end at him. Quran_6_112

Important Note: Our team is a team of truthful theologians and it is not our way to post some thing in our pages that is not already verified as true. We believe, to present something which cannot be substantiated, is a indication of shameful moral bankruptcy. Being humans, oversights are possible but no any intentional fake posting in our pages. So Reader is requested to trust us fully. Al-Hamdo lillah: we are Muslims but we reject all sects as Quran blasts sects over four time. We do believe that Mohammad(S) was last prophet/messenger of Islam

1- When Prophet Moses was once taking bath in a river. He placed his clothes on a stone but stone caught his clothes and stone escaped away leaving Moses NAKED so that other people should see his nakedness [Bukhari]. So Stone was walking like a man. Fiction-Monger Bukhari must had been captured against the crime of spreading fictions and pornography!

2- When “angel of death” came to Prophet Moses to take his life, Moses slapped angel so strongly that angel lost his one eye. [Bukhari]. So here Jaahil Bukhari is telling you that Angels have physical eyes like we have. Satanic Mullahs of present day seem much less ignorant than that stupid Bukhari. This also shows, the degree of ignorance of Mullah Bukhari. BukhariSuicideLie1BukahriAndSuicideLieFBukhariAndSuicide2haditherscallout3- Prophet Abrahim did his own circumcision when he was of 80 year age [Zoroastrian Surgeon Dr. Bukhari M.D, F.R.C.S]. See dictionary to know what is circumcision. How Bokhari has served Islam by this manufactured crap?

4- Prophet Abraham was a liar [Bukhari]. [AstaghfirAllah]. Was Bukhari a Muslim? Allah Jalla Aala  witnessed in Glorious Quran that Prophet Ibrahim was highly truthful Person. Siddiqan Nabiya

5- Abu Huraira narrated that Prophet said: When Adam was created by Allah, he was 60 yards (more than 180 feet) tall. [Bukhari]. Do you believe in this bull of Abu Huraira & Bukhari?

6- Said Abu Huraira that Prophet Said that When one person was sleeping on a OX, ox started to talk to that person that I am not for sleeping but for cultivation/agricultural work. Once a wolf snatched a sheep and shepard ran forward to rescue the sheep. Wolf talked to shepard and said OK I release her today but what about Saturday (sabit) when you will not be there and I will snatch it again. According to this funny Abu Huraira; Abu Bakar and Umar were also there and they agreed on this truth. [Bukhari]. Do you believe in this fabricated childish story?

7- God loves those who commit sins. Who does not commit sin, God does not like him [Sahee Muslim. Publisher Zam Zam Company Lahore Pak.] (You see these Bloody Zoroastrian Imams). These Criminal Parsi Imams were laying dynamite in the foundation of Islam but still our Jaahil Mullahs and their brainless pets kiss ass of these criminal hadith imams. Quran says, refrain from Evil, as evildoers will be put in Hell. On the contrary, this Satanic Hadith Imam is encouraging Muslims to do evils, so that, hell is get assured for them. Clearly taking revenge from Muslims because it were Muslims who crushed their millennia Zoroastrian empire in 7th century.SatanSleepsInNoseF8- Satan farts when he listens call of Prayers and runs away 36 KM from Mosque[An Hadith from Six forged Hadith Books]  We is this nonsense?

9- Narrated Abu Huraira that Prophet said: If there were no Jews, meat was never going to decay (expire); if there was no EVE (mother of all humans), woman would had never betrayed his husband [Insane Bukhari].  If there was no eve; then from where Jahil Bukhari would had brought woman that will betray him, & how then Ignorant Bukhari would had been born if there was no eve? Only a Mad idiot could fabricate such kind of nonsense. Truth is, that all hadith books are nothing but heap of lies.

10- Said Abu Huraira that Cock and Donkey see Devil Satan [Microscopic expert Bukhari] . What this useless comic report has relation with Islam? That also mean that Bukhari was able to see Satan.

11– Sun every day arises from between two horns of Devil-Satan [Teacher of Einstein, Professor Bukhari Ph.D, D.SC]. Idiot Bukhari deserve Noble prize of Physics for his this great finding! Note, The Biggest Scholar of Saudi Arabia Shaykh Ibn Baaz gave Fatwa in 1970. That Earth does not move around Sun & No one has gone to Moon & who believes that earth moves & American are landed on moon is Kafir & his Nikah has been broken with her wife automatically & people are not allowed to pray his funeral & forbidden is to eat or drink in home of that Kafir.ThreeStonesAndAssF12- From where people catch FEVER? They catch it when HELL boils [Dr. Bukhari M.D. F.R.C.P] – Our Bloody Brain-blind Mullahs have been telling us from centuries that Persian Imams, authors of Hadith books were great scholars and saints!!! This Bukhari must had been admitted in mental hospital

13- Said Abu Huraira that Once One JIN came to disturb Prophet during prayers. Prophet over took him and bound with a piller so that people should had seen him but later Prophet changed his mind and freed him [Bukhari].   JIN is unseen creature like Ghost but not Ghost. We can say, JIN mean UNSEEN Creature. Do you believe in this fake story made up for small children?

14- If you do not pray, Satan urinates in your ears [Satanologist Bukhari].  As we know, majority of Muslims do not pray that what called 5 [Non-Quranic] prayers daily. So we suggest them all to wash their both ears with disinfectant soap when they awake up to get rid of smelly urine of Satan. Do you think that Prophet has said this?

15- Yawning is from Satan, so one must try one’s best to stop it, if one says ‘Ha’ when yawning, Satan will laugh at him. [His excellency Abu Huraira] – What is importance of this crap in Islam?

16- Prophet married a girl at 6 or 9 year when he was of 53 years old. (All 11 ravi of Parsi Bukhari are shia from Koofa & Basra Iraq. For proof, Open this following page and go to page 26: All Raavies were ShiaActualArgumentN17- Prophet Ordered to take eyes of alive people out. (Quran says he is mercy for world)

18- Prophet advised to drink urine of camel. (What a fabricated shame)

19- Prophet used to suck the tongue of his wife when was fasting. (Were these criminals Imams even Muslims)

20- Prophet used to have intercourse with his wife during menstruation. (Were these criminals Imams even Muslims). Quran forbids sex during menstruation. Do you think, Prophet has acted 180 degree opposite to Book of Allah? NO WAY.

21- Imad Mahdi will drop. A fable forged by Persians. Please read truth at: Mehdi and Return of Jesus Reality

22- Eisa son of Mary went to heaven alive and will drop again (see proof of truth at: Did Son of Mary die on Cross?  This is the best scholarly Non-Qadiani page on world wide web on this subject. Do not miss to read it & understand it.SatanTeachesAytul_KursiF23- Prophet went to Heaven riding on a donkey (Boraq) to meet Allah and talked with Allah like a union leader to reduce from 50 prayers to 5 prayers. (read the truth at page 144 and 151 at: True History and False Beliefs.  Also read:

Allah says: Quran is Complete & fully detailed; Then why no units+Methods of 5 Daily Rituals?

24- Woman is evil (though all are born from this evil?) Bukhari was also born from that evil. Does Quran say so? NO. Quran gives high respect to woman. Read:

25- A part of Quran is eaten by hungry goat. so Quran is not complete. (Were these criminals Imams even Muslims? These bloody criminals were Pro-shia Parsi . It is very clear from this slander – because this slander comes from Shia) – Some teachers of Bukhari were also Shia. ReadHadithNQuranIntercession26- For a married Zani, punishment is stoning to death (Noble Quran orders 100 lashes only) – They fabricated/copied this story from corrupt Bible & Torah. Rajam (stoning) is not punishment of Quran/Islam but of Jews.

27- Prophet used to catch beautiful women in order to fornicate them (We find this in the book of criminal Bukhari. Was Bokhari a Muslim?) Read full text of this forged hadith at:

Prophet Murdered 600 men of Banu-Qareza (From the book of Jew Ibne Ishaq – Imam Malik declared Ibne Ishaq a liar Kafir) But all our evil mullahs and imams love this Jewish biographer Ibne Is’haaq.hytfredddd

CamelUrineAndParsiBukhari228- Prophet ordered to pull two legs apart of a alive person to kill him. – Hypocrite Ibne Ishaq

29- Prophet had 11 (and some time 9) wives and he was doing sex with them with in one hour, that mean 5 minute per wife, and prophet used to have sexual power equal to 30 men. (Satanic Sexologist Parsi Bukhari) – What is relation of this forged shameful lie with La ilaha IL-Allah?

30- Prophet snatched (married) wife Zainab of his said-son (This a fabrication, It never happened. Prophet himself arranged marriage of Zainab & Zayd. Then after divorce, he could nary. Quran makes clear, your adopted son is not your real son

31-Dajjal will come – A lie forged by Christians and infused in hadith books.

Please now read in following picture two so called Hadiths from two so called the most authentic hadith books of brainless animal hadithers. Shame on you O Jaahil Hadither, shame on you O Jaahil Hadither and we say again one trillion shames on you O Jaahil ignorant Hadither. See the fabricated crap you follow:SatanUrinatedInEar32- Bad luck is in house, horse, and woman. Bukahri, Muslim, Ibne Maja and Tirmidhi has also equated woman to dog, ass and Satan. (Quran gives high respect to woman. Woman is mother of prophets and saints. Prophet Eisa said, after GOD the most respected person near you is your mother.)

33- Allah laughs and wonders and Allah show his thigh to believer to recognize him. [Only a mad, a blasphemer can say like this]

34- Allah has Five fingers, on one is earth on other this planet on other is sea on other is tree (all bullsh*ts of Parsi hadith Imams – names mentioned above). Quran says: nothing is like Allah.

35- Prophet said if you do not have wife, take a female pigeon (a bird) as your wife. Mean, do sex with female pigeon (mentioned in Book of Hafiz Ibne Qayyam) – What a shame – What a Shame – What a Shame – O GOD! still our majority of Muslims follow these crap books and do not follow the AHSON HADITH (The Best Hadith) of Allah – Noble Quran which is complete and fully detailed Book of Allah. In Ibn Qayyam’s book “Zaad-al-Ma’ad” >> a woman can use cucumber or a leather round long object for sex. And a Man can make a hole in water melon to do sex in that hole. Now reader can assess if these Mullahs and hadith Imams were men of Rehman or disciples of ShatanHadithsAreLiesSTAR1DeadDogsOfAbuDawudFNarrated AbuSa’id al-Khudri: The people asked the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him): Can we perform ablution out of the well of Buda’ah, which is a well into which menstrual clothes, dead dogs and stinking things were thrown? He replied: Water is pure and is not defiled by anything. (Abu Daud Book 1, Number 0066:)

Note: Now if reader has even half brain; he will realize that these Persian Zoroastrian imams were hypocrites and enemies of Islam. Allah says in Quran that Prophet had  the best conduct. Do you think that Prophet will tell Muslims to use such kind of filthy water for ablution? Mission of these criminals was to convince we Jaahil Muslims through this kind of forged hadiths that even, you can do ablution with a sh*t; as water of above-mentioned WELL will be filthier than even sh*t. Muslims crushed Millennia empire of Persians and they were unable to fight with Muslims in battle field. So they started ideological war against Islam and prepared these Pseudo hadith imams to forge millions of lies in the name of Prophet and send Jaahil Muslims astray. 

Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas: One of the wives of the Prophet took bath from a large bowl. The Prophet wanted to perform ablution or take from the water left over. She said to him: O Prophet of Allah, verily I was sexually defiled. The Prophet said: Water not defile (Abu Daud Book 1, Number 0068: ). Note: This Persian hypocrite is telling you to do ablution with  that water in which sperm of man and orgasm fluid of woman is mixed. Reader: If you still do not believe that they were hypocrites; then only we can suggest you to go to mental hospital.Quran68_4Abu Huraira reported: The Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) said. When any one of you awakes up from sleep and performs ablution, he must clean his nose three times, for the devil spends the night in the interior of his nose. (Sahih-Muslim Book 002, Number 0462) . Note: So Satan uses your nose as a Holiday-in Hotel.

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “When any human being is born. Satan touches him at both sides of the body with his two fingers, except Jesus, the son of Mary, whom Satan tried to touch but failed, for he touched the placenta-cover instead.” (Bukhari Volume 4, Book 54, Number 506). Note: Clearly this hadith was forged by Church, and blended in Hadith books during Abbasid Period to show people that Jesus is superior to Prophet Mohammad. During Abbasid Period, their courts were full with Zoroastrians, Jews and Christian missionaries.

Satan farts to the sound of the Adhan/Azaan
Narrated Abu Huraira (biggest hadith forger) Allah’s Apostle said, “When the Adhan is pronounced Satan takes to his heels and passes wind with noise during his flight in order not to hear the Adhan. When the Adhan is completed he comes back and again takes to his heels when the Iqama is pronounced and after its completion he returns again till he whispers into the heart of the person (to divert his attention from his prayer) and makes him remember things which he does not recall to his mind before the prayer and that causes him to forget how much he has prayed.” (Bukhari Volume 1, Book 11, Number 582). Note: What is this nonsense. What is relation of these Loud Satanic-farts with La Ilaha ill-Allah?SnakesFAbu Umama narrated: “The Messenger of God said, ‘Everyone that God admits into paradise will be married to 72 wives; two of them are houris and seventy of his inheritance of the [female] dwellers of hell. All of them will have libidinous sex organs and he will have an ever-erect penis.’ (Sunan Ibn Maja, Zuhd -Book of Abstinence- 39) Note: How these Criminal sex hungry pornographers Persian Parsi hypocrites has forged lies to defame Prophet and Islam. This same pig Ibne Maja says in 1944 that Quran has been eaten by Goat. “Allah is guardian of Quran 15:9”,

Flowers from Bukhari :: Book 5 :: Volume 58 :: Hadith 188
Narrated ‘Amr bin Maimun:
During the pre-lslamic period of ignorance I saw a she-monkey surrounded by a number of monkeys. They were all stoning it, because it had committed illegal sexual intercourse. I too, stoned it along with them.

NOTE: Now in this fake hadith Jew hypocrites and Criminal Parsi Bukhari hs tried to validate their fake story that there was verse in Quran for stoning to death but a Goat ate the pages of Quran (Allah says he is protector of his book & no any evil can touch his book from any side). In fact Stoning to death is in Jews book and not in Quran. In Quran is 100 lashes for Zani & Zania married or unmarriedGoatOfFreakIbnMajahFwehavenopanacea

Another forged Crap in Bukhari Book 9 Volume 88 Hadith 219
Narrated Abu Bakra:
During the battle of Al-Jamal, Allah benefited me with a Word (I heard from Prophet). When the Prophet heard the news that the people of the Persia had made the daughter of Khosrau their Queen (ruler), he said, “Never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman their ruler.”

Note: Target is to degrade & insult woman. Quran never says so.

Another Example of crap & lies: 180 degree contradiction in same one book. you reach NO WHERE!

Gaber Ibn Abdullah said, “The messenger of God prohibited a man from crossing one leg over the other while lying down on his back (Sahih Muslim)

Ebada Ibn Tameem said , his father said that he saw the messenger of God lying down on his back in the mosque while crossing his legs. (Sahih Muslim)

These lies and fabrications are kept hidden by our pseudo Scholars because they expose the Bukhari and Muslim as collectors of lies and fabrications. These Hadiths and many others expose the true nature of these books that made the majority of the what is practiced today in the name of Islam. Islam as practiced today by the majority of Muslims is corrupted beyond recognition. If the prophet Muhammad (s) would come back today, he would not recognize his Islam that he brought to this world. AbuHurairah3LiesAbtSolomonCOProphetSolomonAbuHurairahFAnother Sahee & Authentic Hadith of Bukhari – Read & get enlightened

Prophet Solomon boasted that he would impregnate one hundred women in ONE NIGHT, but only one woman became pregnant & gave birth to a half-formed child. [Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 169] Bukhari’s Math?: (Math: Say in one night 8 hrs=~500 minutes. Bukhari says, Solomon has 100 time orgasm inside the 100 women in 500 minutes. So 500/100 = 5 minutes each woman). Who was the insane who first time labelled his book as SAHEE?

HadithsInsultWomanPicSee 180 degree contradiction in Bukhari

The Messenger (S) used to visit all nine of his wives every night. [Vol 3 pg 52 Book of Nikah, #34]. On the other hand, Bukhari repeatedly narrates that the Prophet used to stand at prayers all night, so much so that his feet used to swell. (Please note that in same book, Bukhari writes 11 wive not 9 as in this report – He was a Parsi criminal disguised under Muslim Name.

Witness of Allah: Allah says to Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Noble Quran: “Surely, you (Prophet Muhammad) are of a greatest morality/character”. [Noble Quran verse 68:4]

Read more Kufer from the book of this Parsi Criminal Bukhari – Note how he insults Prophet?

A woman presented herself to the Prophet. He intently gazed at her from head to toe and then lowered his head. (He was not interested in her.) [Book of Nikah 3:71 #113]. The Quran testifies that the exalted Prophet had sublime morals 68:4.Quran68_4Just notice, what message this Parsi Criminal Bukhari wants to give to people about Prophet?

Ayesha relates, The Prophet used to have intercourse with us and deeply kissed us while he was fasting. Then she shied away smiling. [Vol 1:691, Kitabus Saum, Hadith #1798 & 1799]. Quran forbids this act and Prophet had never done any thing which is against the commandments of Quran. Witness of Allah: Allah says to Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Noble Quran: “Surely, you (Prophet Muhammad) are of a greatest morality/character”. [Noble Quran verse 68:4]

More Crap from the evil book of Parsi Bukhari (But our over 97% stupid Mullahs worship Bukhari)

Khola bint Hakeem presented herself to the Prophet. Ayesha exclaimed, The woman does not feel ashamed of giving herself to a man! However, the Prophet started receiving a revelation and Ayesha complained, O Messenger of Allah! I see that your Lord rushes to fulfill your desires. [Vol 3 pg 67 Kitabun Nikah # 102]. Here, some criminal is trying to create doubt in the Divine Revelation of Quran.

Was Bukhari a Muslim? – Read more crap from his evil book

When the Prophet went to the daughter of Jaun (Jaunia) and came close to her, she said, I seek refuge with Allah against you. The Prophet said, You have sought refuge with the Great One. So go to your household now. [Vol 3 Kitabut Talaq pg 115 #237]. Can we think of a greater insult to the exalted Prophet. Was Bukhari even a Muslim? Witness of Allah: Allah says to Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Noble Quran: “Surely, you (Prophet Muhammad) are of a greatest morality/character”. [Noble Quran verse 68:4]

Now please you decide, If Bukhari was a saint or he was a ENEMY of Islam – Read following from Book of Bukhari

The most beautiful Jaunia was brought in to a garden. The Prophet told his companions to wait outside & he entered a house made of date trees. Upon entering, he said to Jaunia, Give yourself to me. She said, Can a queen give herself to a thief? I seek refuge with Allah against you.[Vol 3 Kitabut Talaq pg 115 #238].

In this report, Satan Bukhari is telling Muslims that Prophet was a thief & rapist. He is same Parsi Bukhari who spread slander of 6 yr marriage of Aisha in his evil book labeled by blind fanatics as Sahee. Witness of Allah: Allah says to Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Noble Quran: “Surely, you (Prophet Muhammad) are of a greatest morality/character”. [Noble Quran verse 68:4].MajorityAndTruthIslamIsSimpleDeenFake hadith & fake Imams:

A person told a Hadith on behalf of Imam Malik to Abu Hanifa that wudhu (ablution) is half of faith. Imam Abu Hanifa responded, You should perform two ablutions so that your faith can become whole. (Khateeb Baghdadi 13:387)

Abu Hanifa should have bin flogged since he accepted only 17 Ahadith. (Khateeb 13:387)

Imam Shafii called Abu Hanifa the worst of creation. (Tarikh Khateeb Baghdadi)

Abu Hanifa is no less than Iblees and Dajjal. (Imam Malik, Khateeb Baghdadi 13:396)

Imam Shafi was the biggest Criminal who told people first time that consider forged hadith as same as Book of Allah

Abu Hanifa declared that Imam Malik was a man without any sense. (Tahqiq-il-Madahib).

Abu Hanifa called Imam Jafar Sadiq and Imam Malik as the worst of creations. (Tareekh Khateeb Baghdadi)

Imam Shafii called Abu Hanifa the worst of creation.(Tareekh Khateeb Baghdadi)

Abu Hanifa had no trace of the knowledge of Deen. (Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal, Khateeb Baghdadi 13:396)
Majority today follow these Imams instead of following Quran! Quran explains itself & is made easy by Allah (Read Sura Qamar).

Should we follow imams or Quran? Quran explains itself
Imam Naafe said, Imam Shafii committed the most grievous crime, calling Hadith as another form of revelation.
He equated Hadith with Wahi. (Tahqiq-il-Madahib) – Imam Shafi was among the biggest Mushraks and Criminals of Islam.

Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal was apparently a vanguard of Islam, but in truth, he was a dangerous hypocrite. (Mujahid-al-Munafiq Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, by Abdul Muhsin bin Mullah Ali Al-Qari, pg 67-135).Should we follow Imams or Quran which explains itself?

Abu Hanifa is no less than Iblees and Dajjal. (Imam Malik, Khateeb Baghdadi 13:396).

The worst of all people in Islam is Abu Hanifa. He is Dajjal. (Abdur Rahman Bin Mahdi, Imam Ozaai, Khateeb Baghdadi 13:498)

Imam Yahya bin Moin said that Iman Hanbal was a hidden Sabai (a bitter, hateful Shia). (Tahqiq-il-Madahib)

Should we follow Imams or Quran which explains itself?

Abu Hanifa said that the Imams of Islam are worse than the crawling creatures. (Durre-Mukhtar)

Abu Hanifa says, Be the curse of Allah on those who call themselves Imams Imam Malik, Shafii and Jafar Saadiq were deceitful liars and sodomites. (Tahqiq-il-Madahib)

Imam Jafar Sadiq himself was a master forger, but he called all Imams of Figh and the hadith narrators

as the worst creatures under the heavens.(Tahqiq-il-Madahib)

Should we follow Imams or Quran which explains itself?

Jalaluddin Rumi narrated in his Mathnavi, These four (Abu Hanifa, Malik, Hanbal, and Shafii) have carved four religions out of one Islam. They have created irreconcilable divisions in the Deen of Nabi (S). Imam of Kaafir Shia – Read it & get enlightened & go in ecstasy

Around 140 Al-Hijra, the tomb of the Prophet (S) needed repairs. Builders asked Imam Jafar Sadiq whether it was right to climb the roof. The Imam responded, “Maybe you will find him engaged in sex with one of his wives.” (Usool-e-Kafi, Imam Kaleeni, Kitabil Hujjat 1:452)

Should we follow Imams, or Quran which explains itself? Listen your imam and get enlightened

Hazrat Ali should have been the first Khalifa. But he rebelled prematurely and got humiliated. Then Hazrat Usman played with the Quran as he liked. Amir Muawiya used to drink alcohol. Hazrat Ali drank heavily during Jahiliyah and later on in hiding. (Musnad-e-Ahmed bin Hanbal and Manaqib Ahmed bin Hanbal pg 168)TrueMuslimWhoisHadithMensesCOGOD in Noble Quran 2:222 and 2:187 forbids Sexual-Intercourse during fasting and when wife is menstruating; but what Criminal Filthy Stinky Hypocrite Hadith Imams tell Men; please read now: Noble Quran very Clearly forbids husband to have sexual Intercourse with wife during her menstruation period 2:222; and during fasting in Ramadan 2:187; and It is out of Question, if Prophet Mohammad (a Great Man 68:4) had ever disobeyed commandment of his Lord 10:15. But Hypocrite Hadith Imams has forged many many Hadiths in order to place we Muslims on the path of Satan, such as:

1- Prophet Mohammad will be intercessor for all Big Muslim Criminals on the day pf judgment. (So they are telling us, that Prophet will support Crime).
2- A person who gives one date in charity will go to paradise; and there are many other similar forged hadiths too.
3- O Muslim: Commit any crime without fear because on the day of resurrection, all sins of big Muslim Criminals will be placed on the heads of Jews and Christians (Sahih-Muslim another book of authentic lies). Quran makes clear, No one will bear any burden of other but only what he earned, bad or good. Quran2_222_MensesWhat is the message embedded in these forged lies? They want to tell we blindly following Jaahil Muslims that you without any fear can commit all kinds of crimes and even the big crimes like murder theft plunder and Zina; because Prophet Mohammad will rescue you on the day of resurrection (same as Christians fabricated that Jesus has died for their Sins and so they are free to commit any sin). That hypocrite Hadith Imams are also telling we Muslims, that you commit all crimes in your life and at the end give just one date in charity and go to paradise. Is it not so simple solution! There are many more Kharafaats like these crappy hadiths in forged hadith Books. That kind of all forged reports contradict Judicial system of Quran at 180 degree. Noble Quran makes very clear in 21:47 that on the day of resurrection, your every even the tiniest deed will be weighed and counted before sending you hell or paradise. So one must live his whole life as a righteous person.

As we have mentioned above, Quran forbids intercourse with wife when she is menstruating and when person is fasting during Ramadan but that Hadith Imams (Zoroastrian hypocrites disguised under Muslim names) tell in their Books that Prophet Mohammad used to do intercourse with wife even during fasting and also during their menses. Here target of that Criminals Zoro-Imams was to encourage Muslims to violate commandment of Quran by having sex with wife even during fasting and menses. Their main target to manufacture Hadith crap was to disable Quran, and ensure hell for we Muslims. Please read below: HadithMobashara2Important Note: From 1200 years, Evil Mullahs, Freak Imams and their brain-dead shameless pets are twisting many Arabic words of Quran and also of their forged hadiths in order to escape from the actual meaning of that Arabic words which are given in Noble Quran and in their Forged Hadith Books. FastingInterCourseTirmidhi

It is clear from above-given fabricated Hadiths, that Prophet used to have intercourse (mobashrat) with wife during fasting and menses. Word used in that Arabic text is “Mobashar/Mobasharha/Mobasharni”. That words are well understood by all expert of Arabic language; and meaning of these words is Intercourse. But when you will read that above-given Hadiths in the biggest Hadiths site “”; Mullahs of that site has changed meaning of words “Mobashar/Mobasharha/Mobasharni” from intercourse to embrace or fondling. But these are so big fools that even they are not expert in forgeries. Because in same site they have translated words “Mobashar/Mobasharha/Mobasharni” as SEXUAL Intercourse. So they change the meanings of Arabic words as they wish. For proof, please read below: aaaasssUrdu mostly spoken in South Asia, is called Daughter of Arabic and Persian languages. Most words come from Arabic. All over a billion Urdu Speaking people know: That to do Mobashrat/Yobashir with wife mean nothing else but Intercourse. That word is used in same sense in millions of Urdu books too.

Now Let we read below: What the most authoritative and recognized Lexicon of Arabic language “Lisaan al-Arab” says about words “”Mobashar/Mobasharha/Mobasharni” Lisaan_Al_Arab_FQuran2_187Noble Quran 2:187 “On the night of the fast it is lawful for you to have sexual relations with your wives. They are clothing for you and you for them. Allah knows that you have been betraying yourselves and He has turned towards you and excused you. Now you may have sexual intercourse with them and seek what Allah has written for you. Eat and drink until you can clearly discern the white thread from the black thread of the dawn, then fulfill the fast until the night appears. But do not have sexual intercourse with them while you are in retreat in the mosques. These are Allah´s limits, so do not go near them. In this way does Allah make His Signs clear to people so that hopefully they will have taqwa.”

We “Team factszz” do not take any case under discussion unless is 100% proved and solidified with commonsense, logic and rationality. So that Shameless hadithers should not be able to escape from the back door of excuses under pretext of metaphors, language and interpretations. Sometime, it happens with us that we took a topic under discussion but dropped it from our pages because though that was true but we were unable to prove that by reason, logic and rationality.

In above paras we have proved fully that word “Mobasharat” for wife is nothing else but sexual intercourse with wife. But Shameless hadithers still can deny this truth because their conscience has been died, They are mere hypnotized dumb dummies of their Evil Mullahs and Satanic Imams who are misguiding them from 1200 years.

As a last nail in the coffin-box of hadithers, now we will catch their neck in that vice, from where they will be unable to escape. That VICE is Al-Furqan which mean a BOOK that separates falsehood from Truth. Quran (Furqan) is mother of Arabic literature and Arabic Grammar. Let we see how Quran has used word “Mobashrat” in its verses and what is its meaning. Just look at Quran 2:187. That verse forbids sex with wife during fasting, and hypo hadith Imams has used root of same word Mobasharat in their forged Hadiths which Quran has used in 2:187 for sexual intercourse. So this is now irrefutable Proof that meaning of word “Mobashrat” with wife mean nothing else but sexual intercourse. Where you bloody Jaahil hadithers will flee now? We have sealed your all back doors, so you brain-dead dumb dummies of Mullahs cannot escape now. This all discussion again proves, not 990.999%, but 100.000%, that the Pseudo Imams who forged that Hadith books 250-800 years after the death of Prophet, were in fact disguised hypocrites under Muslim names and their one target was to insult and defame Great Man (68:4) Mohammad. They defamed him by putting him on a flying horse, sometime marrying that great man with a 9 years girl, and sometime showing that great man a rapist, and sometime showing, that he used to have sex with wife during fasting and menses. (AstaghFirAllah). 
Att: Worshipers of Imam Ibne Kathir

The earth is resting on the horns of a great bull. When he shakes his head he brings earthquakes. (Ibne Kathir 2:29, 50:1).

Then Ibne Kathir changes his mind: The earth is resting on a fish. The fish is resting on water, water on the Mount Safa in Makkah, Safa on an angel, the angel on a rock, the rock on air. When the fish moves, it causes earthquakes. (Imam Ibne Kathir, Tafseer part I pg 76). We have quoted this scientific research of Imam Ibne Kathir for those impostor Mallahs who tell Muslims that the best Tafseer of Quran is of Ibne Kathir! How can we trust the tafseer of an imam who is so ignorant that he writes in his book that “The earth is resting on a fish“.IbneKathirScienceAllah says, his Book is easy to understand, is complete, and it explains itself. So u do not need any twisted Tafseer. If Arabic is not your mother tongue, u just need a honest translation, which is available for free download at: “Message of Quran“.

The so-called Imams were all children of bondwomen. They destroyed Islam just as the children of bondwomen had destroyed the Israelites. (Safyan Sauri, Khateeb 13:394]

Now let we read what the biggest Mullah of his time in South Asia says:

Do not read the Quran WITH understanding lest you go astray. (Mullah Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Fazaael-e-A’maal pg 216) . This is the same bullsh*t that Church used to tell Christians for 1500 years about their corrupted Bibles. Church kept ban on the translation of Bibles to other languages for 1500 years, The English Scholar who did first translation of Bibles was chased by hooligans of Church and finally was arrested and strangulated to death.

Dear Reader: It can easily be judged that the biggest enemy of Islam in past 1200 years are these Satanic Ibleesian evil Mullahs and Imams. They all must had been and must be loaded in sinking ship. Only one BOOK u need for Islam and that is Quran which explains itself. In Sura Qamar, Allah says repeatedly that we have made this Quran easy to understand and memorize; is there any who want to understand it so?
Criminal Mullahs and Imams have written useless countless, fiqa, Tafsirs, contexts, forged hadiths and much more to market & profiteer from DEEN of Islam.

Imam Ibn Taimiah wrote that Hazrat Ayesha’s belief about no life in the grave was totally erroneous.
(Al-Minhaj Al-Wahbia) See Quran 36:51-52 mentioned above. Quran makes clear that dead body do not listen.

There were grave disputes between Imams Shafi’i, Abu Hanifa, Malik, Hanbal and Sufiyan Sauri. Whoever uttered much nonsense was called a Faqih (enlightened jurist). (Shah Waliullah, Hujjatullah Al Baligha pg 254)

Allama Shibli Nomani, on page 27 of his Seeratun Nabi has given a startling quote of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (780-855 CE, d. 241 AH), “Three kinds of books are absolutely unfounded, Maghazi, Malahem and Tafseer. (The exalted Prophet’s Battles, Dreams and Prophecies, and Expositions of the Quran).

Now please read following picture and after reading this picture about Moulana/Scholar who is advertised on this picture; read below the picture too.ThanawiNow Please see/read actual ugly face of that Big Satan Mullah who is advertised in above-shown picture. This Mullah Thanwi tells you, how to utilize Book of Allah. Read below and get enlightened. Your dried-up Imaan will be fully refreshed. It is our money-back guarantee.

“Take the front leg of a goat after Friday prayers. Be completely naked. Write Surah Yasin of Quran and the name of the person you desire. Then place the meat in a cooking pot. That person will surely fall in love with you”. (Mullah Ashraf Ali Thanwi, known as Hakeem-ul-Ummat (The Wise of the Nation), Monthly “Khalid”, Deoband Darul Uloom)
Note: Millions of ignorant Muslims of Indo-Pak used to consider this Satan Mullah a Saint & bigggg Scholar – What a shame? Dear Reader: We are not kidding with you. This is truth & you can check yourself at very Authentic Book “Criminals of Islam” at page 45 and 46  at

A big but a nasty Mullah tells you how to benefit from the BOOK of Allah: Just read & get enlightened

If you wish to kill ur enemy, write A to T on a piece of bread. Recite Surah Ar-Ra’ad. Break the bread into 5 pieces & feed them to five dogs. Say to these dogs, Eat the flesh of my enemy. BY THE WILL OF ALLAH, UR enemy will have huge boils on his body. (Mullah Ashraf Ali Thanwi, known as Hakeem-ul-Ummat (The Wise of the Nation), Monthly “Khalid”, Deoband Darul Uloom). Dear Reader: We are not kidding with you. This is truth & you can check yourself at very Authentic Book “Criminals of Islam” at  page 45 and 46 at . We assure you, that Persian Zoroastrian hypocrite Hadith Imams were a duplicate copy of that Mullah Ashraf Ali Thanawi. Presently, his son (or grandson) Moulana Tahir Asharfi is chief of Islamic Ulama Council of Pakistan; and like his grandfather, he is also a big Satan. He was invited in a party by a foreign Embassy in Islamabad Pakistan. During party, he drank wine so much that after party when he went to a TV talk-Show; his voice and head were moving and TV Anchors and millions of people watched this Satan ibne Satan fully-drunk at TV. But still he is in Ulama council of Pakistan. It is like to appoint Robbers as bank guards. Note: Millions of ignorant Muslims of Indo-Pak used to consider this Satan Mullah a Saint & bigggg Scholar. If your Dried up Imaan is still not refreshed; then read below.

The best Fatwa ever given by a TOP Saudi Scholar – SubhaanAllah

Chief Saudi Cleric, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baaz, issued a Fatwa in 1970: Whoever believes that the Earth moves around the Sun, or that man has landed on the moon is an ardent Kaafir. Furthermore, anyone doubting his infidelity would be a greater Kaafir and his wife would be automatically divorced from him. It would be haram to marry into his family, drink water in his house, pray behind him, or to attend his funeral prayer 

Quran5_44PlusExtendedNoteFNehjul Balagha is a book believed by millions (Shias) to be the most authentic book on earth after the Quran.

Woman is a scorpion that may please the heart but never refrains from stinging.
Woman is all evil. The greater evil is that there is no subsistence without her.
Women are deficient in intellect. Beware of even the good women.
(from Nehjul Balagha) . Our Note: Truth is that Woman is the best scent of this world, It is woman who is mother of all Prophets & Saints.

Were these Imams Muslim or Criminal disguised Parsi & Magian enemies of Islam?

Our research prove- they were criminals.

Ayesha narrated that the Prophet used to suck on her tongue while he was fasting. [Masnad Ahmad 6:123, Abu Dawood 15:237, Baihaqi 4:234]

Had these Imams any shame?

Witness of Allah: Allah says to Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Noble Quran: “Surely, you (Prophet Muhammad) are of a greatest morality/character”. [Noble Quran verse 68:4]

Now we see the real face of another Munafik Imam

A woman, Sehla, said to the mother of believers, Ayesha, My husband’s young servant, Salem, sometimes approaches me when I am in a thin, see-through nightdress. Ayesha advised Sehla to let Salem suckle on her breast five times. Ayesha used to advise her sisters and nieces, If any unrelated man visits your houses often, suckle him on your breasts five times ( in another report is 10 times), even if he happens to be a grown-up man. (Masnad Ahmed bin Hanbal 6:27). Clearly, Target of these Fire-Shipper defeated Imams was to make all Muslims Zani. Bcaz If a woman call any adult man & tells him to suckle her chest 10 times; that will be enough to make that woman hot. And  what will be next scene? Guess what? Man will be removing her trouser/Pants to fornicate her.  An Honest Educated Muslim can realize; that how these Persian Zoroastrian Imams were laying dynamite in the foundation of Islam. They did this all to take revenge from Muslims because it were Muslims who decomposed their Millennia Zoroastrian Empire  in year 636 A.D

Now for the refreshment of our very dear readers, we have posted in following picture some pure Diamonds and Rubies from so called hadith Books. Your refreshment is 101 percent guaranteed. Besides, after reading this picture, if you are a man, then, you will indeed love to be shifted to paradise of Ibn Maja right now, in order to dive in hell-hot 72 wives that will be gifted to you from Hell. (Only mentally retarded fanatics follow forged carp of that so called Hadith Books). Important_Callout210FloweredHadithQudsiCrapProphetMohammad68_4FireandRiverFReader can view that Five reports of history book so labeled as Sahih-Muslim at the end of our following page : True History of Hadiths:

More flowers from Parsi Imams of Hadith books

Hazrat Ali led Salaat-il-Maghrib, but he was drunk and recited the Quran wrong.
(Abu Dawood in his collection of Hadith, Seerat-un-Nabi by Allama Shibli Namani 2:88) counterfeiteddogmaofmullahsMore crap from Parsi Imams of Hadith Books:

The (woman) who buried a girl alive and the girl who was buried will both go to hell. (Mishkat, Babul Qadar-wal-Imaan).. What was the fault of the poor little girl who was buried alive?

A man complained of being single. The Prophet (S) advised him to take a female pigeon as his wife. (Mentioned in Book of Ibn Qayyim, Tibb-e-Nabawi, Al Minaril Hanif pg 106, Zadil Ma’ad)

BukhariWomanDogDonkeyFSome smelly dung from the books of Kafir Shias:
One who does Mutah (temporary marriage) once in his life becomes equal in degree to Hussain. Someone who does it twice equals Hasan, three times equals Ali and Mutah four times in life makes one equal to Prophet Muhammad. (Tafseer Minahj As-Sabiqain) . Pls note that Mut’ah is licensed Prostitution. It is 100 % Zana (Fornication). IF u like any woman and pay her some to to have sex with her. If she agrees, u write a temp agreement. Penetrate her and tear the agreement & that’s it. This is why we believe 100% that Shia are worse than Kafirs

Let we see again what these parsi fool imams say:
There is an ocean above the seventh heaven. On that ocean are standing seven mountain goats. On the back of those huge goats rests the throne of Allah! (Tirmizi)

Tuesday is the day of blood. On this day bleeding refuses to stop. (Abu Dawood Hadith #3862 and Bukhari), What is this nonsense?BlindFollowersImam Tabari was Shia but presented himself as a Sunni through Taqiyyah. (Tabari was in fact Magian Criminal)
(Allama Tamanna Imadi, Tasveer ka Doosra Rukh) .
Now we see what the STUPIDEST Mullah of Indo-Pak says – Just read and get enlightened from feet to head. In our Books, this Mulla is biggest LIAR IMPOSTER (Kazzaab) of IndoPak. But millions are his followers!

The stool and urine of the Prophet (S) has been used as food and drink. People have been cured by consuming these.
(Mullah Tahirul Qadri, supposedly a modernized reformist Mullah of today, (Islam Ya Maslak Parasti pg 130)UrineGirlBoyFOne of the MOST GENEROUS FATWA in the history of Islam – What a shame? What a Shame?

If a couple desires fornication, the woman should sneak into the bed of the apparently sleeping man. No punishment will then apply. (Fatawa Alamgiri compiled by 500 top jurists of India, during the end of the 17th century, pg 337). Is this in Glorious Quran? NO.
There is one jahil sect like all other sects which are forbidden by Quran. This sect is called Sulfi – Who follow so called all Sulfs indiscriminately.  Please read above how were their some sulfs? – Quran warn us, Never follow any one Blindly. “Worst beasts on earth are those who follow others blindly [Quran].

How winter and summer comes ?- Imam Bukhari & Abu Huraira (a great sulf of sulfi sect) propunded their very unique scientifc theory & research as under:

Abu Huraira said that Prophet said that Hell complained to Allah and said O my Lord, my one part has eaten my other part. So Allah allowed HELL to breathe twice, Once in Summer and 2nd in Winter. So when you see winter, that winter is also a breathe of Hell. [Sahee Bukhari 132/490 Volume II, chapter 292 – Published Rahmania Publishing Press Lahore, Pak.]
Please Note That Abu Huraira was student of notorious Hypocrite Jewish Rabai Ka’ab Al-Ahbar. Abu Huraira have forged thousands of  hadiths alone and he has attributed them to the name of Prophet. For all hadith of Abu Huraira, he himself is only the witness. No other witness. So his most of fabricated Hadiths are called Ohad Hadiths. But Our Brain-Blind stupid Mullahs will declare you a Kafir at the spot if you tell them this truth about Abu Huraira [A deep hidden Jew Hypocrite] —-> A mass production Machine that fabricated over 40000 hadiths just in two or three years & named them to Prophet.

True_Sharia_LawBukhari says: Woman, Horse and House are evil things.

Said Abdullah Bin Umar that Prophet said that bad omen is in three things and they are Horse, Woman, and House. [Sahee Bukhari 37/118, volume II, published Rahmania Publishing Press Lahore, Pak.]

Also in Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 30: Narrated Abdullah bin ‘Umar: Allah’s Apostle said, “Evil omen is in the women, the house and the horse.’

Note: Now do you think Prophet has said this? Nothing is like this in Quran. In fact Woman is the the first kindest mother & teacher of Humanity, All humanity is in debt of woman. Woman is the Best Scent of this planet. Woman is who gave birth to all saints and Prophets. One cannot even imagine this world with out a woman. Quran gives high respect to woman. Quran says ” Beat the posterior of a that evil man with 80 lashes who places a slander on a Chaste Woman. and never accept any witness from that Liar in his whole life.

Read Glorious Quran:

The fornicatress & the fornicator, flog each of them with a hundred stripes. Let not pity withhold U in their case, in a punishment prescribed by Allah, if you believe in Allah & the Last Day. And let a party of the believers witness their punishment [Verse 24:2]
And those who accuse chaste women & then do not produce four (True) witnesses; lash them with 80 lashes & do not accept from them testimony ever after. And those are the defiantly disobedient” [Verse 24:4]EvilOmenInWomanHadithFAnother Crap from Evil Book of Bukhari

We returning from battle & When we were about to enter (Medina), the Prophet said, “Wait so that you may enter (Medina) at night so that the lady of unkempt hair may comb her hair and the one whose husband has been absent may shave her pubic region. [Pubic region = Area around reproduction organ of woman in which male penetrats his male organ to do sex). Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 16: Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah:
Now what message Criminal Parsi Bukhari wants to give to people about Prophet by this fabrication? What this has to do with Islam?

Bukhari says that if any one commits Zina [Fornication] & is even a thief; still he will enter into paradise provided he/she does not place a partner beside GOD.

Said Abu-Zar that Said Prophet that even if any one commit Zina [Fornication] & theft; still he/she will go to paradise provided he/she does not place a partner beside GOD [Shirk].
[Sahee Bukhari 276/1147 Volume I, Published Rahmania Publishing Press Lahore, Pak.]

Note: Quran sets complete system and one have to implement on all the Quranic Commandments in order to earn paradise. Quran also says that fornication is a despicable crime and 100 lashes is punishment for Zina. Theft has also a strict punishment. But Bukhari’s book gave all criminals free hand to do Zina and theft day and night, and still Bukhari grants a license to this kind of evildoers to enter into Paradise. Do you thing that Bukhari was even a Muslim? One can easily judge with basic common sense that this Hidden Zoroastrian-Parsi criminal has planted dynamite in the foundation of Building of Islam. But our bloody Mullahs say that Bukhari was a big saint and he was infallible and his book is the most trust-worthy book after Quran. We say here only Shame shame shame to all blindly following brainless Mullahs who are misguiding Muslims from centuries.

Now a days, Kaafir-Hadithers have adapted a new method to deny the truth, which is, when you present them any hadith during a debate for reference; they will instantly tell you, O you are a liar, You have made up this hadith yourself and they will claim that it does not exist in hadith book. Fact is, that Hadith Books are published by different companies & some time page number or report number may differ but that does not mean, that hadith being discussed does not exist in hadiths Books. For example, in above Para we have quoted 276/1147 from a Pakistani Publishing Company but When when we see Book of Bukhari published in Riyadh Saudi Arabia by Darrusalam Publishers and distributors, in Arabic and English, we found that they gave number 1237 to this above-mentioned hadith in the Book/chapter of “Funerals”. We have presented full Proof below. We have taken picture from that BOOK of Arabic and English text and have pasted below. Any reader who understands Arabic, can read Arabic text too. Our team is team of Truth-Sayers, and we consider it a Crime to present the references that do not exist. We have to die one day, so we cannot risk our next life by telling lies to people. See Proof below:

Bukhari1237_Arb   Bukhari1237_EngAbove-presented hadith is a fabricated lie, as it contradicts Quran at 180 degree, and Beloved Prophet could never tell people something that fully contradicts BOOK of Allah (10:15, 6:114, 69:40-48). If reader is an intelligent Critic, he/she can easily catch forgery of this hadith just from the Matan (Text) of this report, Just concentrate on “Someone came to me from Lord”

Let we read what Noble Quran says:

Verse21_47We shall set up scales of justice for the Day of Judgment so that not a soul will be dealt with unjustly in the least. And if there be (no more than) the weight of a mustard seed We will bring it (to account): and enough are We to take account. Qur’an 21:47.

Every soul that hath sinned if it possessed all that is on earth would fain give it in ransom: they would declare repentance when they see the Penalty: but the judgment between them will be with justice and no wrong will be done unto them. Qur’an 10: 54.

One the Day every soul will come up struggling for itself, and every soul will be recompensed (fully) for all its actions, and none will be unjustly dealt with. Qur’an 16: 111.

Another filth from Book of Bukhari

Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: We got female captives in the war booty and we used to do coitus interruptus with them. So we asked Allah’s Apostle about it and he said, “Do you really do that?” repeating the question thrice, “There is no soul that is destined to exist but will come into existence, till the Day of Resurrection. (Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 137)
[Coitus = During intercourse with woman when Man daws out his male organ from the female organ just before orgasm)

Our Note: Now when we read Quran, we see that Quran says to marry any kind/category of woman before you have any sexual relation with her. Quran also emphasize that this marriage must be as serious honest marriage to live as husband & Wife whole life and not just for temporary fulfillment of Sex desire for a night or three nights as is in fabaricated hadiths of Shia’s Muta. Muta is Zina/fornication and Quran says to beat fornicator 100 lashes who commit Zina. Remember one thing! It is out of question that if Prophet had said and had done some thing against the commandments of Quran.

But in above-given fabricated hadith, Criminal Zoroastrian Bukhari wants to give following messages to Muslims:
1- You can fornicate your captive woman any time.
2- and in such case you do not need to use even coitus method.
3- Do not use coitus, so let an illegitimate child be born as per destiny [as per Bukhari].
So in this fabricated hadith, Bukhari is laying dynamite in the foundation of building of Islam.
But if you ask one sect called sunnis, over 97% blindly following sunnis and Impostor Mullah will claim, “Bukhari is the most correct and authentic Book after Quran”. Correct? Authentic? Our foot. Pls note according to Quran it is forbidden to make sects and Quran declares Sects followers as Mushrik [Mushrik = worse than a Kafir].ScienceofHadithMore Crap

“Prophet died on the day of my usual turn at my house. Allah took him unto Him while his head was between my chest and my neck and his saliva was mixed with my saliva.” Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 144: Narrated ‘Aisha:

[So according to Parsi Bukhari, Both were sucking tongue of each other a second just before death – Bakhari says This. What message Bukhari wants to give to people? What this fabrication have to do with Islam and La Ilaha Ill-Allah?. Do you thing a person who is usually in highest pain just before death will involve in such kind of activity? Honorable reader, Just ask your common sense. How through this fabricated report Bukhari is serving TRUE Islam

An other fabricated Bull from evil book of Bukhari:  Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 163:

Narrated ‘Aisha: The Prophet was screening me with his Rida’ (garment covering the upper part of the body) while I was looking at the Ethiopians who were playing in the courtyard of the mosque. (I continued watching) till I was satisfied. So you may deduce from this event how a little girl (who has not reached the age of puberty) who is eager to enjoy amusement should be treated in this respect.

Note: Here Bukhari is telling you the methods how to amuse a little girl with finger when she is watching an event. What a Shame? Who are they who say that Bukhari was a Muslim? Enemies of Islam quote this crap of Fire-Shipper Bukhari at all forums Quran28_56AndRitualsFQuran respects woman more than man VERY CLEARLY

Last Prophet, Prophet Mohammad PBUH Said in last Sermon: O Men: Fear Allah regarding woman. They are your life partners, you have rights over them and they have rights over you.

Second last Prophet of Islam, Prophet Isa/Jesus said: Respect woman as she is Divine Temple and is the most precious ornament for humanity. When you respect a woman, indeed U respect GOD. After GOD, the most respectful near you is your mother(A Woman). You can read full speech of Prophet Jesus about woman in a linked-Page at our main page at WomanAndRib_ForgedHadithF2But Zoroastrian Hypocrite Hadith Imams such as Bukhari & Muslim has equated woman to Satan, Horse, Dog & Ass. Read Below:

Below are some fabricated Hadiths of Persian Zoroastrian Imams that insult & degrade woman. That lies were forged 250-400 years after the death of last Prophet; and at the beginning of each lie Persian Zoroastrian Imams attached “Qaala Rasool-Allah” mean “Prophet Said” & labeled that forged lies as Hadith of Prophet. Hadith Matans were forged and chains of narrations were forged too skillfully >>>> but to know big truth, do not forget to read following great Islamic page. True history of #Hadith. A MUST reading for all Muslims; & Non-Muslims who R interested in Theology.

Allah’s Apostle said, “If at all there is bad omen, it is in the horse, the woman, and the house.” (Sahih, Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 32). Note: Quran respects lady more than man

The Prophet said, “After me I have not left any affliction more harmful to men than women.” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 33)  – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89HadithCrapTouchingPenisFAllah’s Apostle said, “The woman is like a rib; if you try to straighten her, she will break. So if you want to get benefit from her, do so while she still has some crookedness.” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 113) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89. These Zoroastrian took these stories from corrupted bibles.

The Prophet said, “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should not hurt (trouble) his neighbor. And I advise you to take care of the women, for they are created from a rib and the most crooked portion of the rib is its upper part; if you try to straighten it, it will break, and if you leave it, it will remain crooked, so I urge you to take care of the women.” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 114).  A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89. These Zoroastrian took these stories from corrupted bibles.DeadFish_is_Haraam_5_3The Prophet said, “A woman should not fast (optional fasts) except with her husband’s permission if he is at home (staying with her).” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 120) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89.

The Prophet said, “If a man Invites his wife to sleep with him and she refuses to come to him, then the angels send their curses on her till morning.” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 121) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89.

The Prophet said, “If a woman spends the night deserting her husband’s bed (does not sleep with him), then the angels send their curses on her till she comes back (to her husband).” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 122) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89.AbudaudDeadDogs2After studying almost all hadith books and all Tafsirs (exegesis) that Hadithers follow, Our Team have honestly and sincerely, concluded, that vast majority of Mullahs and Imams of today are Jaahil Ignorant, and vast majority of Mullahs, Imams and Mofassars 1300 years ago were also Jaahil Ignorant, and 1200 years ago were Ignorant, and 1000 years ago were Ignorant. Reason is: Exalted Last Prophet left behind only Noble Quran because his sole one duty was to deliver Quran and return to his Lord 29:18, 42:48, 3:20, 3:80, 5:99, 72:21, 28:56, 18:110. This is why; after completion of Quranic wahi, after a short period, he died because his great mission was now complete which was none but delivery of Quran clearly. He left behind no any manuscript of Hadith, Sunna, Contexts, Fiqa, Shane-Nazools, and Tafsirs (Exegesis). Know that: If the heart be pure, clean and sanctified, it will be able to discern between right and wrong, truth and lie, and guidance and misguidance.

But question is; why he did not leave behind any Extra-Quranic Book; despite he could setup another panel of honest mature writers to write down Tafsirs, Hadith and Sunna books? Answer is: He was absolutely not in need of to leave behind all that extra-Quranic books because Quran is made easy 54:17. Because Quran is fully detailed 6:114. Because Quran explains every thing for Muslims 12:111, 16:89, 17:12. Because Quran has its own best build-in dictionary, and its own best built-in Tafsir (exegesis) 25:30, 25:33. Mullahs, Imams and Mofassars (authors of books of Tafsirs) even 1300 years ago remained Jaahil Ignorant because most of them did not use Quran’s own built-in dictionary and Quran’s own built-in Tafsir but they added long tales/stories in their books which came from fables and fabricated hadiths (hearsay) that in most cases were concocted by hypocrites (pseudo converts of people of Book) like Wahb Ibn Munnabih, Hammam Munibbih, Rabbi K’ab al-Ahbar and by his many students like Abu Hurairah, Ibn Abbas, Ibn Umar and many others. All that hadiths and Tafsir are huge pile of lies or let say: that all books of hadiths and Tafsirs are Himalaya of Lies, Nonsense, Gossip, Hearsay, very Foolish-talk, and comic moronic Stupidities. It is sad to ascribe that all concocted tales to Prophet but that what is done by hypocrites. You will see many Mullahs and Pseudo Scholars who say: After Quran, Bukhari and Muslim are the most authentic books but truth is: Bukhari and Muslims are books of authentic lies. For solid Proof, read our page “some hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death”.

Among other oldest hadiths collection are of Malik’s Mowatta, Tabarani, Al-Hakim  (Mustadrak), Bayhaqi, Musnad Ibn Hanbal, Darimi, and Daraqutni. We have read all that works and we have concluded, that authors of that all works were not different from stupid ignorant Mullahs of today. Their collections are full of laughing stock. Regarding Tafsirs; majority considers and loves Tafsirs of Razi Jalalyn, Risala of Shafi, Fiqa-Hanfi, Ibn Kathir, Baghawi, Qartabi, Tabari, and Zamakhshari but truth is: in that all books though there is some truth too but billions of tons of lies and foolish-talk too. Ibn Hajar is one of the biggest demigods  (9:31, 2:170) of Sunni sect but truth is: this Egyptian Mullah was in way more educated than our stupid Mullahs of today. He was a Jaahil. His work is full of Kufar and Shirk. Though not all but almost all Mofassars and Hadiths-collectors belong to Shafi-School, and Shafi was the Greatest Satan/deceiver of our 1400 history; and an Ass never gives birth to elephant. If Teacher was a Satan, then how will be his followers! Read our special page on Shafi (an hidden Shia). And Books of Shia sect also stink more than dead dogs. That almost whole pile of garbage grew in Abbasid era 750-1258 A.D. DNA-wise, Abbasid were half Muslims and half Zoroastrians. Their Tutors, Ministers, Prime Minister, many wives and even mother were Persian Zoroastrians. O Wise Person: Know that: Whole Islam is finalized in Quran. Any rite, ritual or law that has no roots in Quran is absolutely not part of Islam. All extra-Quranic Laws (Sharia Laws), Rites and Rituals are innovations of Clergy. Islam is to have right faith 4:136; to follow Divine law; to be mindful about Allah in all awaken conditions; and to live your whole life as a righteous Philanthropist 2:177. If you follow all this, then day of death is the Best day of your life on this earth.

Majority do not know that it were Muslims who taught Paper manufacturing to Europe first time. They started it from Spain. During War with Chinese in which Muslim General Qautaiyba bin Muslim captured area that is called today Chinese Turkistan; Muslim army took many Chinese Soldiers in captivity. From them, some were aware of Paper Manufacturing, so they were ordered to train Muslims in Paper Technology. Now Muslims became expert in Paper Manufacturing in Abbasid era and they exported this technology to Europe. Muslim Empire during Abbasid era was the most prosperous area on earth. After expertise in Paper manufacturing, a revolution came in writing. It was just like, when you buy a new bike for your child, he will run it too much in first weak. In same way, after getting expertise in Paper Manufacturing, every Mullah and Imam started to write their books even up to 30 volumes of some one book. But their mvast majority was not true wise Researchers in Deen Islam but were mere folklore and story collectors. This is why, their collections of hadiths and Tafsir are the worst example of crude gossip. We give you just one example here: We were reading Book of Tabarani “Mu’jam al-Awasat” Vol 5, published by “Progressive Group” Lahore, Pak. When we were reading pages of its Contents-chapter, we reached to a place where it was written “Description of “Hajar-Aswad” which mean Black-Stone that exists in one corner of Ka’ba in Mecca. During Hajj, people are preached to kiss that Black stone claiming, that this is Sunna of Prophet. But neither that Black Stone nor its kissing is made mandatory in Noble Quran. In fact that kissing of Black-Stone is Pre-Islamic Practice of Pagans. Anyhow. We wished to read opinion of Tabarani on that Hajar Aswad. Contents-chapter of that Book told us to locate hadith Number 7698. We scrolled down the pages and reached to 7698: Now following was written in 7698 about description of Hajar-Aswad “Prophet said: when a Black-Man is hungry, he steals the things, and When a Black man’s stomach is full with food, he looks to fornicate, and (but even after that two big evils), but he has two good things, which are, when he speaks, he speaks Truth, and he is always moderate”. For your info, we have posted original Arabic Text of 7698 below from book of Tabarani. Now please think honestly: Can a Great Man 68:4 like Prophet Mohammad say this kind of dubious and ridiculous hadith? We say: Never. Is this hadith talking about Hajar-Aswad? No. This kind of hadiths were forged by hypocrites and they the hypocrites have connected that kind of millions lies with the name of Prophet Mohammad(s). But our Mullahs and Imams were silly 1200 years ago, and our Mullahs are stupid fools even today, as they believe, that all hadiths were said by Prophet but Truth is: Prophet neither verified not certified any hadith. He left behind only written Quran. A Good reader of Quran knows: That; concerning age color race; there is no any racism in Quran. Quran tells: Criteria of Superiority among Muslims is degree of Consciousness of GOD and Piety of Person 49:13. Not race and not color. HadithersAreShamelessBeastsFThe Prophet said, “I looked at Paradise and saw that the majority of its residents were the poor; and I looked at the (Hell) Fire and saw that the majority of its residents were women.” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 126) – A shameful Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89.

The Prophet disliked that one should go to one’s family at night (on returning from a journey). (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 170) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89.

The Prophet said, “If you enter (your town) at night (after coming from a journey), do not enter upon your family till the woman whose husband was absent (from the house) shaves her pubic hair and the woman with unkempt hair, combs her hair” Allah’s Apostle further said, “(O Jabir!) Seek to have offspring, seek to have offspring!” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 173) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89.RightHandAndPenisFThe Prophet said, “Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?” The women said, “Yes.” He said, “This is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 3, Book 48, Number 826) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89. Quran says that 2nd woman is to remind the She-witness (if she forgets), as Ladies are very busy in children, So witness is actually of one woman and not two as par one man.

The Prophet said: “I was shown the Hell-fire and that the majority of its dwellers were women who were ungrateful.” It was asked, “Do they disbelieve in Allah?” (or are they ungrateful to Allah?) He replied, “They are ungrateful to their husbands and are ungrateful for the favors and the good (charitable deeds) done to them. If you have always been good (benevolent) to one of them and then she sees something in you (not of her liking), she will say, ‘I have never received any good from you.” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 2, Number 28) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89. Lie is forged to subjugate womanAbu_Huraira_FartsOnce Allah’s Apostle went out to the Musalla (to offer the prayer) o ‘Id-al-Adha or Al-Fitr prayer. Then he passed by the women and said, “O women! Give alms, as I have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-fire were you (women).” They asked, “Why is it so, O Allah’s Apostle ?” He replied, “You curse frequently and are ungrateful to your husbands. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you. A cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you.” The women asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! What is deficient in our intelligence and religion?” He said, “Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?” They replied in the affirmative. He said, “This is the deficiency in her intelligence. Isn’t it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?” The women replied in the affirmative. He said, “This is the deficiency in her religion.” (Sahih Bukhari Vol1 Book 6 #301) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89. These Criminals Persian Parsi Imams were running hate campaign against Quran and Islam by twisting the facts

Rifa’a divorced his wife whereupon ‘AbdurRahman bin Az-Zubair Al-Qurazi married her. ‘Aisha said that the lady (came), wearing a green veil (and complained to her (Aisha) of her husband and showed her a green spot on her skin caused by beating). It was the habit of ladies to support each other, so when Allah’s Apostle came, ‘Aisha said, “I have not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing women. Look! Her skin is greener than her clothes!” …… Allah’s Apostle said, to her, “If that is your intention, then know that it is unlawful for you to remarry Rifa’a unless Abdur-Rahman has had sexual intercourse with you.”……. (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 72, Number 715) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114.JuaaniaNHadithBukhariCrapProphetMohammad68_4A wife must not seek divorce from her husband without a serious cause. If she does, she will not enter paradise. If she can prove her case, she will be awarded decree only if she returns all that her husband had bestowed on her as an entitlement or outright gift. A woman who seeks Khula, cannot expect settlement! (Ibn-e-Majah, vol. 1, page 571) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114.

Woman has a religious duty to produce the maximum number of children;:” The Prophet said “Getting married is my basic doctrine. Who so does not follow my example, is not my follower. Marry, so that I can claim preference over other communities (Jews and Christians) owing to commanding a greater number of followers.” (Ibn-e-Majah, Vol. 1, page 518 and 523, SUNAN) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114. This same bloody Ibne Maja says Quran is eaten by Goat. Allah says: He is protector of Quran 15:9

“If women comply with your commands, do not molest them listen carefully, they have a right over you that you take care of their food and wear.” (Ibn-e-Majh, Vol. 1, p 519) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114. They have tried to make woman slave here.InnocentGirlAndHadithFAfter the death of Prophet Mohammad(s) in 632 A.D., Four Guided caliphs neither compiled any book of hadith, sunna, Tafsir (Exegesis) nor they ordered any of their subordinate to compile any such book. Therefore, up to year 722 A.D. Only Glorious Quran was in the hands of Muslims. Joseph Schacht was a British-German Professor of Arabic and Islam at Columbia University in Newyork. He was leading Western Scholar on Islamic law. He writes “There is no any evidence of legal traditions (hadith and Sunna) before year 722 A.D. in Islam, and we can conclude that the Sunna or Hadiths of the Prophet is not the words and deeds of the Prophet, but apocryphal material dating from later”.

So it becomes Crystal Clear that Role of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) was no more than a Divine Postman, as is said in Quran by God: O Mohammad: “your duty is no more than to deliver Quran clearly” 29:18, 5:99, 3:20, 42:48, and it is up to God to explain Quran to People 75:19. In fact Quran fully explains itself by its built-in Tafseer, Tafseel and Tasreef 75:19, 18:54, 25:33, 6:114. To Obey Allah and his Rasool mean nothing but follow only Quran 6:114, 25:30, 47:2. After the death of Prophet, Abu Bakar RA became First Caliph. Musannaf Abi Ibn Shaybah is one f the oldest Books, older than Six Sunni books they falsely call Sihae-sita. That books are full of concocted tales but are named by any Idiot as Sahih-books. It is like give a Muslim name to the Biggest Kaafir of a City. In Book of Ibn Shaybah, it is written: Someone asked Tafsir of any verse of Quran from Abu Bakar RA, and he answered that Person: “Which Sky will shade over me and who will give me refuge if I say something about Quran which I do not know”.

What is said in above-given Para is again fully confirmed when we see tons of disagreement among Sahaba (Companions of Prophet), Taba’een and Taba’taba’een and others who later wrote tons and tons of Tasir (Exegesis) books about Quran. In these books, we can see frequent disagreement on many points. For example, in Glorious Quran, one term is “Salat Wusta“. Now point is: If “Salat Wusta” was any kind of Matwatar Ritual, then every one could have known which one is Salat Wusta and there supposed to be no any dispute/disagreement about it at all. But when we read Muwata of Malik and other six books of Sunni Sect; we see, there is tons of dispute about the question “which one is Salat Wusta? One report of one hadith book says, it is Fajar Ritual, other say, it is Dhuar Ritual, another says, it is Prayer just after sunrise, yet another says: it is Asar. We have provided full references of that kind of all so called hadiths in our page of “Salat”. This all shows again: Prophet delivered Quran and left. He did not leave any Tafsir or explanation of any verse of Quran at all, because Quran explains itself. So it is Possible (and it appears so), after his death, many people did not understand Quran correctly as we can understand it today with the assistance of Great tools like Computers and super speedy search Engines. This is why, Quran forbids blind following of Ancestors/Salaf, and verse 2:170 makes clear this point further when it says: What if your ancestors were ignorant and devoid of Wisdom. We can judge that ignorance in our ancestors/Salafs by many many Kharafaats they invented, and in this way, they mislead generations for 1400 years (like Church has mislead people from 2000 years). One of such big Kharafaat is false doctrine of Abrogation.They invented this Greatest lie against Quran because they failed to reconcile verses of Quran to each other. So when they failed to understand any one verse, their easy way of escape was to say: Oh this verse has been abrogated; they reinforced such kind of lies through fabricated chains for fabricated Matan (text) they call Hadiths. Sunni sect considers Shafi’i as their one big demigod but in truth he was the biggest Jaahil of our 1400 history who placed Muslim Majority on wrong path. They our Salaf also failed to understand very comprehensive and simple dietary laws of Quran, therefore; to cover their this ignorance, they invented Laws of Haram and Halal from millions of forged hadith which contradict Quranic laws such as: you can eat dead locust, while Quran forbids meat of all that dies itself. Besides, Quran is only Authority on Halal (permissible) and Haram (forbidden) 6:114, 10:15, 5:44, 16:116. There were a very strong gang of hypocrites, who after the death of Prophet, twisted meanings of many terms of Quran and mislead whole Umma i.e our Ignorant ancestors advanced fable of Virgin Birth and fable of Ascension/Return of Jesus, and fable of Mahdi and Dajjal which all have no any relation with Islam. Fable of Virgin birth, and ascension and return of Jesus are essentially fables of Church; Mahdi is hoax of Persian Zoroastrians, and Dajjal (Anti-Christ) is the hoax concocted by Church, and later fables about Jesus, Mahdi and Dajjal infused in millions of concocted hadiths. Please read our pages on fable of Virgin Birth and fable of Ascension and return of Jesus. Instead of pondering Quran honestly, our Mullah and Imams and so called Salaf/Ancestors has been following fables of Church and Zoroastrians, and our vile Mullah of today blames False Prophet Mirza G A Qadiani for their own ignorance. Quran makes very Clear, Jesus did not die on Cross, but died at very old age naturally. Mullahs badly twist verses 4:157, 4:158, 4:159, 3:55, 3:144, 5:116-117. In same way, in whole Quran, there is not a single Arabic word which translates as Virgin. If God blew his spirit in the Womb of Mary then Quran also tells us: God blows his spirit in the womb of every woman. About Mary, Quran has used word Chaste (not Virgin), and even a married woman can be chaste if she protects her private part from illegal sex. We have discussed this subject in depth in our page “Birth of Jesus”. Please also read our page “Abrogation the Greatest Lie against Quarn”.“If I were to order someone to prostrate before other than God, I would have commanded woman to prostrate before her husband. If a husband tells his wife to keep carrying a load of stones from that red mountain to that black mountain, she must obey him whole heartedly. “(Ibn-e-Majah, Vol. 1, ch. 592, p 520) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114. Contradicts premises of Noble Quran. Again it is tried to make woman slave

The Prophet said: “When wife vexes her husband, then houris of paradise utter curses on her saying, ‘may God destroy you because he is with you only for a short time; he will shortly leave you to come to us.’ (Ibn-e-Majah, Vol. 1, p 560) – A shameful Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114.

” ….. women had become bold with their men, and so the Prophet authorized beating them. As a result seventy women, during one evening, gathered at the residence of the Prophet to complain ruefully against their husbands, who they thought, were not good people.” (Ibn-e-Majah, Vol. 1, p 553) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114. Quran only punishes Fahisha prone to whoredom . Target here is to defame prophet & to prove supremacy of man over woman BukhariTimeLineThe Prophet said: “When a woman dies, if her husband was pleased with her, she goes to paradise. (Mishkat_al-Masabih, Vol. 2, p 102) –A Shameful Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114.

The Prophet said: “On the Day of Judgement, a husband shall not be questioned for beating his wife.” (Mishkat_al-Masabih, Vol. 2, p 105) – A shameful Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114.BlackDogSatanThe Prophet said: “When a man calls his wife to bed and she refuses and he is angered, then angels keep cursing her all night…. even the Master of Sky (God) is annoyed with her until husband is reconciled with her.” (Mishkat_al-Masabih, Vol. 2, p 100) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114.

The Prophet said, “A woman’s evidence carries half the weight of that of a man…. it is owing to lack of wisdom on their part. However, they are also injurious to the dignity of faith and cannot be allowed to say prayer during the period of menstruation or observe fasting.” (Mishkat_al-Masabih, Vol. 1, p 19) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114. Quran says, 2nd woman is just to remind the lady who will provide witness.

The Prophet said, “Beware of women because the calamity that the Israelite suffered was caused by women.” (Mishkat_al-Masabih, Vol. 2, p 70) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114.UrinatedongarbageNow please read following report in same book of Parsi hypocrite Ibn Majah that contradicts 180 degree above-posted report. We are giving you these examples to prove that Hadiths are nothing but gossip lies rumors hearsay and garbage that has been connected to the name of Prophet falsely.NeverUrinatedStandingThe Prophet said, “Misfortune is a part of womanhood, residence and horse.” (Mishkat_al-Masabih, Vol. 2, p 70) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114.

The Prophet said: “No woman should perform a marriage ceremony of another woman or her own because such a woman is the true seducer.” (Mishkat, Vol. 2, p 78) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44

If a woman refuses to come to bed when invited by her husband, she becomes a target of the curses of angels. Exactly the same happens if she deserts her husband’s bed. (Bokhari, Vol. 7, p 93) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44

A woman in many ways is deprived of the possession of her own body. Even her milk belongs to her husband. (Bokhari, Vol. 7, p 27) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44UrinatingTowardQiblaFReader is suggested to read our page “how hadith of Miraaj (night journey) was forged” linked at our main page. Just this one the most outrageous forged hadith turned the table of DEEN Islam at 180 degree and converted DEEN Islam into counterfeited religion of evil Mullahs and Imams. DEEN mean “Divinely prescribed system of life”.

Again, if a man is in a mood to have sexual intercourse, the wife must come immediately even if she is baking bread at a communal oven (Tirmzi, Vol. 1, p 428) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44 – These sex hungry insane Persian Parsi imams

The Prophet declared from the pulpit at Hajj, a wife must not spend anything belonging to her husband without his permission, and this prohibition equally applied to buying foodstuff. (Tirmzi, Vol. 1, p 265) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44TrimidiAboutWomanFThe Prophet unintentionally looked at a woman and was aroused. He went home and had intercourse with Zainab (one of his pretty wives). He said, “Woman faces you as Devil. If you are affected by her charm, have intercourse with your wife because she has the same thing as the woman who affected you.” (Tirmidhi, Vol. 1, p 428) – A shameful Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44. Allah witnessed in Quran that Last Prophet was with the best morality, ethics and conduct. Do you think that male organ of such a great man of God will suddenly become erectile by just looking at any woman. Is there any bigger proof  than this; that these Persian Hadith Imams were disguised hypocrites under taqqiya. 99% Muslims do not read their books fully, yet they kiss their ass. Also note that in this fabricated report, it is told that face of woman resembles Satan.

On the contrary, Second last Prophet of Islam Isa said in his one sermon, that after GOD, the most sacred near you is your Mother (a woman). Isa said, O Men! Woman is Divine Temple and the most beautiful ornament of universe. Be kind with her, as if you have done some thing good for woman, then, in fact you have done this for GOD. Please read full sermon of Prophet Isa about woman in our following page:

And Noble Quran says: Beat 80 stripes to that evil doer who places slander on chaste lady. Quran says: In the case of dispute, when wife and husband are in court; man will say: Be curse of Allah upon me if I am a liar, but Woman will say: Be wrath of Allah upon me if slander placed by my husband on me, is true. Reader can notice here, that Quran of Allah has so high respect for lady, that word “Curse” is replaced by “wrath” (much softer than word “Curse”). But, because our most of translators are criminal sectarian Mullahs; so during translation of Quran, they use for woman also the word “Curse” (La’nat), despite the fact, that Quran has not used this word “La’nat” for lady but have used WRATH (Ghadab). Last Prophet in last sermon said: O men! be careful about women, they are your life partners. Be kind with them. They have rights upon you and you have rights upon them.

 You will read another forged hadith in this page in which, one man came to prophet and asked: can I do ablution from the water of a WELL in which dead dogs and women’s menstruation shreds are floating. Prophet said Yes. Go Ahead & use that water. Can a person with healthy brain accept, that such a great man of GOD can tell so?The Prophet said, “Woman has been created from a rib which is twisted. If you try to straighten it, you will break it. It is desirable to make the best use of it as it is.” (Tirmzi, Vol. 1, p 440) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44. Story copied from corrupted bibles

Prophet said, ”The woman whose husband remains happy at night, and every night, she will be admitted into paradise.” (Tirmzi, Vol. 1, p 4 28) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44. Quran says, deeds of whole life will be weighed for paradise and hell but these Persian Zoroastrian Imams tell you many shortcuts to enter in paradise.

The Prophet said that he had not left for man any calamity which could hurt him except woman. (Tirmzi, Vol. 2, p 286) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44SalivaA woman is not a believer if she undertakes a journey which may last three days or longer, unless she is accompanied by her husband, son, father or brother. ( Tirmzi, p 431) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44

Abu Huraira reported (Omar RA 2nd Caliph declared Abu Huraira a liar and a theif) : The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: A woman, an ass and a dog disrupt the prayer, but something like the back of a saddle guards against that. (Sahih Muslim, Book 004, Number 1034) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44

‘Urwa b. Zubair reported: ‘A’isha asked: What disrupts the prayer? We said: The woman and the ass. Upon this she remarked: Is the woman an ugly animal? I lay in front of the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) like the bier of a corpse and he said prayer.(Sahih Muslim, Book 004, Number 1037) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44FilthiestCrapFromParsiAbuDawudThe Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife. (Abu Dawood, Book 11, Number 2142) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44

The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: If one of you marries a woman or buys a slave, he should say: “O Allah, I ask Thee for the good in her, and in the disposition Thou hast given her; I take refuge in Thee from the evil in her, and in the disposition Thou hast given her.” When he buys a camel, he should take hold of the top of its hump and say the same kind of thing. (Abu Dawood, Book 11, Number 2155) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44BukahriAnd21_47A man came to the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) and said: I have found a woman of rank and beauty, but she does not give birth to children. Should I marry her? He said: No. He came again to him, but he prohibited him. He came to him third time, and he (the Prophet) said: Marry women who are loving and very prolific, for I shall outnumber the peoples (People of other religions) by you. (Abu Dawood, Book 11, Number 2045) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44

Mu’awiyah asked: Apostle of Allah, what is the right of the wife of one of us over him? He replied: That you should give her food when you eat, clothe her when you clothe yourself, do not strike her on the face, do not revile her or separate yourself from her except in the house. (Abu Dawood, Book 11, Number 2137) – A Fabricated lie. We do not see this in complete and fully detailed Quran 16:89; 10:15, 6:114, 2:213, 5:44

Satanology_Hadith_imamsDavid is the begotten Son of God. (Psalms 2:7)

Jacob God’s firstborn son (Exodus 4:22)

Solomon is God’s son (2 Samuel 7:13-14)

Ephraim is God’s firstborn son (Jeremiah 31:9)

Adam is the son of God (Luke 3:38)

Jesus is son of GOD & also is God >> ask gynecologist how it happened (And you are not in need of reference here)

Now we read funny comic fairy tales of Satanology from Persian Zoroastrian Hadith Imams; whom ignorant hadithers follow.

Following all reports were studied and noted by our team directly from fabricated hadith Books. We have not copied any other source. So what we present here can be trusted 100% as original. Most of these reports are from Bukhari & Muslim, and others are from other four books labeled as SehaAay Sitta which are in fact collection of fabricated lies.

Satan urinate in your ears (no other place to urinate. This Satan is indeed a stupid)

Satan Farts loudly when Azan/Adhan in Mosque Starts (We are Sure these evil hypocrite hadith Imams used to fart more loudly than Satan)

Satan sleeps in your Nose (We will drive out this bloody Rascal Satan. He lives in nose w/o paying any rent).

Satan’s face resembles face of woman (Tirmdhi Vol 1 page 128) – This show you ugly face of these filthy Pseudo Hadith Imams.

Satan has two horns from where Sun arises (Mad Bukhari indeed deserved Nobel prize for this scientific discovery)

Satan circulates in the human mind as blood circulates

Satan touched placenta of all humans except Jesus’s (Report forged by Church)

Satan came in front of me

His excellency Abu Hurairah who was a supersonic machine that manufactured about 40000 fake hadiths, tells us about one funny & strange RoosterSatan is responsible for Yawning

Satan will laugh on you if you Yawn (So stop your yawning from today)

Satan steals from your prayers

Satan causes you bad dreams, so spit on your left side  (Let Jaahil Hadithers keep spiting all the time)

Satan sees you when you are taking a bath (Idiot sex-hungry Satan – So Satan can even make your blue movie and launch at YouTube under anonymous name – This is really a matter of concern. We have to contact FBI)

Satan stays in the upper part of your nose all the night (This idiot must pay us at least rent for a single room of three-star hotel)

Satan is he/she, who passes in front of Prayers

Satan takes your part of Prayer

Satan’s musical instruments were placed near Prophet (What is this fuss?)

Satan’s head will come out of earthquakes (A new discovery. We must snatch Nobel Prize from Malala & given to Bukhari)

Satan puts three knots at the back of head when you are asleep (Buy a good magnifying Glass to see that knots)

Satan’s head was put down and legs up by God (So Satan was forced to do an exercise to keep his body fit – Mad Bukhari)

Satan materialized his body as a thief

Satan shouted loudly during battle of Ohad (Bukhari took picture of shouting Satan but forgot to post in his evil Book called Sahih Bukhari)

Satan the silly idiot is responsible for your all bad dreamsMessengerCannotGuideFFSatan when is seen by a donkey, donkey starts to bray haann haann haann. (For sure that Donkey was Ignorant Bukhari)

Satan is sent by GOD on a rich man

Satan forsaken Prophet, so he missed three Tahajjad prayers (So as per Bukhari; in-charge was Satan. How Mad hadithers follow this crap?)

Satan was stealing in a house & was caught up by Owner. Satan begged, if you free me, I will give you a tip that if you recite Ayat-al-Kursi, Satan will be away from you (Do you believe in this bullsh*t?)

Satan can hit that Arm to your brother that you have pointed to your brother. So do not point it.

Satan’s head comes out from East from the side of Sun (Yes every body see that head daily!)

Satan’s two horns will emerge from the tribes of Rabi’a & Mudar (We can cut his horns and make chairs for ibleesian Mullahs who has ruined Muslims from 1200 years)BukhariAndPornographySatan goes into seclusion and weeps (Really Satan deserve sympathy and funds from Charity that Mullahs collect in the name of Islam & spend on Talbaan & ISIS)

Satan when listens Azan/Adhan he escapes away Exactly 36 Miles from the place of Adhan/Azan (Bukhari used to have microscope and an advance machine that show him Satan and measured distance which was exact 36 Miles)

Satan’s entry in your house can be stopped if you Cover vessels, water-skins, close the doors and extinguish the lamps (So Edison was the culprit who invented this lamp. He must be brought out from grave and crucified on the graves of these Mad Pseudo Hadith Imams – Could be; that Edison was launched by Satan, Who knows!)

Satan does not open a closed door, so never open your doors to stop the entry of Satan (So the best way is, you please close your all doors with cement permanently, otherwise you are at risk 25 hours per day. Satan is really a stupid moron)

Satan becomes very active after Sunset, so do not let your animals and children go out after sun sets (So never run any school and any business at night, or you are under risk)

Satan, along with a girl and a desert-Arab, rushed to dinner of Prophet, but Prophet caught hand of Satan & girl and desert Arab. (Only an hadither with paralyzed brain can believe in such funny fairy tales)FemalePigeonsAreDevilF

Satan eats and drinks with left hand; so never eat or drink with left hand. (So The best way is to cut your left arm away, and keep it spare in your car; otherwise Satan will approach you)

Satan eats what falls from your mouth. So if it falls, pick it, clean it & eat again. (Great way to starve Satan – We liked this crap because starved Satan might get out of nose where, according to Bukhari, he sleeps)

Satan One night came to me when I had taken my share, and he said: You have taken the drink reserved for prophet Muhammad(S). (So Satan must be CEO of McDonald)

Satan’s musical instrument is Bell (the biggest hadith forger Abu Huraira) – We must collect all the bells of planet and must melt them in furnace and make guitars.

Satan will not tease you if you spit three times on your left-side (So Let all brainless donkeys called Hadithers keep spitting 25 hours per day to repel Satan)

Satan can appear as Jin to you. If so, warn him three times & if he does not go; kill him (A FIR against these hypocrite Imams has already been Launched by Satan for incitement for murder)

Satan are all poets (So we know now, who are Poets – SubhanAllah)

Satan pricks new born baby; this is why he/she cries (We must wage a big Jihaad against this idiot Satan. He is really a trouble maker & even does not leave babies. We are going to apply for rifle-license today)

Satan Iblis places his throne upon water (other reports tells, Satan sleeps in your nose)

Satan cried when spoil of war was being distributed

Satan will enter in your mouth when you Yawn. To prevent him, place hands in front of your mouth when yawning (Especially when you are attempting on a big burger)

Satan Iblis came with a flame of fire to put it in face of Prophet during prayer (Even now these Mentally retarded Hadithers will not believe that these hadith imams were hypocrites)

Satan Iblis places his throne on water (other reports tells, Satan sleeps in upper part of your nose)

Satan has villas where camel lie down, so never pray there. (indeed a great discovery)

Satan in female form meets another Satan in male form on roadside and he fulfill his desire (Hope reader got the point, what that desire could be. We knew today that Satan is also a porn-star)

Satan misguided one revelation writer and that writer became apostate (Zoroastrian Hypocrite Abu Daud concocted this forgery to create doubt in revelations). Read Quran 15:9

Satan’s banner>whoever goes out to the marketplace first thing in the morning, he goes out under the banner of Satan Iblis (So here you Go! you all are going Markets under banner of Satan. The best way is to smash all the markets. No Markets No banner of Satan. If pain is in head, just cut the head away. Our team always tells you optimum solutions, But you guys never thanked us – Very Sad)

Satan is black dog. (So take care: all Black Dogs are Satans according to Zoroastrian hypocrite hadith Imam ibne Maja) – It is our suggestion, either you never keep a black dog or if you have, just paint it white or red or whatever you like but Behold! no black; otherwise you might burn in Hell by keeping a black dog.

Satan as a part of body was present in Prophet but Angel Gabriel came and made surgery of chest of prophet and took that satanic part out (Sahih Muslim chapte-1, #311) – (This report again confirms that these Pseudo Imams were hypocrites.)Quran68_4Note: The most truthful witness is witness of Allah (Some say GOD), and Allah witnessed in Noble Quran that Prophet Mohammad(S) used to have the highest ethical and Moral Conduct. Now we request reader: Just ask your conscience and use your common sense; that; will a Prophet of GOD with such a high standard of ethics & conduct tell such kind of funny and fairly tales? And also ask your conscience; should you build your faith on such kind of funny comic and fairly moronic tales? Prophet left behind only Quran which is protected by Lord 15:9. So, Sisters and Brothers: Build your faith only on Book of Allah. Second Caliph Omar RA used to say: “Hasbona Kitaab-Allah” Enough is for us book of Allah

An Hadither during a debate told us, that why we are saying Persian hadith Imams were hypocrites because according to that hadither there were also Arab Hadith Imams like Ibne Hanbal and Imam Malik. We answered him as under:

Books of Malik Mowata was not included in 6 canonized hadith Books called Sihae Sitta. But why? The reason is, that Abbasid Caliphs were more Irani Zoroastrians than Arab. Because their tutors, many wives and even mother of Caliph Harun Rashid was Zoroastrian. Their almost all ministers were from Baramka Zoroastrian Family. So in order to please Persian Zoroastrian lobby, they refused to canonize Book of Malik and accepted six books that all were forged by Persian Imams to distort Islam. It was a Master Plan to harm Islam through their forged lies. Some people say, Bukhari was not Persian but was from Bukhara from Uzbekistan; but they forget that if they see map of 7th century; Bukhara was under Persian Zoroastrian Sassanian Empire; and Bukhari was a Persian from a Zoroastrian Family (In fact a hypocrite like other Persian Imams).
For the sake of argument, even if Book of Malik (which is also full of lies) was canonized; that would had not changed the Situation because Malik was also a deceitful liar and sodomite. Please read proof in a picture under this text.Now we come to another Arab Hadith Imam Ibne Hanbal. His Books Masnad Ahmed was also not accepted because he was not Persian. But who was Ibne Hanabl; following picture will fully show you. Ibne Hanbal was though an Arab but was 100 times bigger hypocrite than even Persian Hadith Imams. One Member of our team was at twitter and he brought to us a clip that we have posted in following Picture. Please read carefully and fully following Picture and judge, who Ibne Hanbal was. Under Tweet we have posted other references in picture, so that reader can compare all texts/quotes that are posted on following picture. IbnHanbalAnHypocriteImportant Note:
Hoor is plural in Arabic meaning “intelligent and righteous companions”. Ahwar is the male gender and haoora is the female. The promise of such companions in Paradise is referred to in the Holy Qur’an 44:54 and 52:20. For centuries, our historians, evil Mullahs and ignorant sex-hungry Imams have portrayed hoors only as voluptuous women of Paradise

Up to this point; we hope almost all readers of this page would have already been dragged to Paradise after reading the crap of forged Hadith Books that we have posted above. If someone complain that NO SIR; I am yet not dragged to Paradise; then we give you money back guarantee that after reading following picture; you will be, not just dragged, to heaven but will be taken to heaven at the speed of light, and then you will have all that enjoyment which these filthiest Persian Zoroastrian hypocrite hadith Imams has depicted in their fabricated books.4c9XjjjIbneMajahBiggestCrapDo not forget to visit our main page, the most truthful Islamic page of Present time at:

Also read following very important book “Persian Conspiracy against Quran” at: Persian Conspiracy against Quran (Important)

ListofhypocritesAblutionwithFilthyWater2FPlease click on following picture to enlarge it.

FraudMachineofShafiWhen we show the garbage that is stuffed in fabricated hadith books to conscienceless ignorant hadithers; in stead of admitting that these hadith books are heap of lies; they reply: these are Metaphors or Miracles. Remember: Mothers of all Prophets were also women. But If Bukhari declares all women of universe an Evil; Shameless Hadithers say: It is metaphor. If we show them forged hadith in which Prophet Solomon drilled 100 woman (other report says 60 women) in one night, Hadithers say it is miracle, If Carp of Sahih-Muslim says: that all black dogs are Devil; honorless Hadithers say: It is metaphor. If we show insane hadithers that forged hadiths which say: To do ablution (Wadhu) from Water Well in which orgasm fluid of man and woman, and dead dogs and menstruation shreds of women are floating; ignoble, hypnotized, despicable hadithers say: it is a metaphor. Therefore; all brainwashed mad Hadithers and their Satanic Mullah teachers want to cover tons of garbage of forged hadith books under just three words. It is a metaphor or it is a miracle or it is a wrong interpretation. They are mentally sick but who has made them sick? They are Evil Satanic Mullahs and Imams who has distorted their brains within past 1200 years. They all are psychopaths like fanatics of ISIS and Boko-Haraam. They deliberately fail to grasp the truth, that all hadith books were fabricated 250-400 years after the death of Mohammad(s) the exalted, and Prophet has no any relation with these forged hadith Books. Bukhari and Muslim were either mad ignorant Parsi Mullahs or hypocrites. Our research shows that they were Zoroastrian hypocrites under Taqiya with fake Muslim names. Contents of their Satanic books are the biggest proof of their hypocrisy.HadithsBooksAreLiesQuran7_179HadithsBooksAreLiesQUnholyMullahsDear readers!

We can post here other hundreds of forged carp of Persian Zoroastriana Imams who were authors of Sihae Sitta six Hadith books but we do not want to make this page much longer. Dear reader if you also read Hadiths book of Shia called “Kaafi”; we are afraid you will go in coma or get heart attack. Just one sample from shia’s evil book of hadiths “Kaafi”: “Abdullah bin Sabah approached to Ali ibne Talib and said him “O Ali, You are real Allah”.   [Sihae Sitta = six authentic books of hadith] – Sihae is plural of Sahee and Sitta mean six in Arabic. Your Brother with Team: Dr. Hafiz Abdu Samad Ph.D (Comparative Religions and History).

Never forget to read the best page on Hadith History at:


Islam: The true history and false beliefs.
This great Book tells reader, what are some false beliefs that has been infused in Islam during past 1200 years.
Criminals of Islam.
This great book exposes the real face of some so called scholars of past but in fact they were hypocrites.,
Persian Zoroastrians’s conspiracy against Quran/Prophet/Islam – A MUST READING.file1.jpegNextPageN

Do not forget to read our main page at:

Some Hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death – Your enlightenment is guaranteed


9 thoughts on “Some Hadiths that will drag you to paradise even before your death – Your enlightenment is guaranteed

    • Thanks Brother: At this page, we have provided most of reports with references and some not, as they are lot. You can just copy text and do search in any Islamic Hadith-search-Engine. We assure; that we do not post any thing at our pages unless we verify it fully. However, we will try our best to increase references as you have suggested. Thanks again for your input.

  1. Bushra Zaydi says:

    thank you very much, you have addressed the issues which are never touched by anyone. Please share your thoughts and knowledge with authentic references, How does the religion respond to bowing down against buildings during prayers. Ka’aaba shareef is also a buliding is it correct to bow down and worship. is it not making it equal to Allah subhan u talla by our actions.

    • Thank you Bushra for your comments.
      Probably you have not visited our main page where we have discussed all points in detail that you have raised in your comments. You are suggested to visit our main page at:

      That our page with sub-links is almost a book of 600+ pages. Spare a week or more and read that all material.

      Our all page are full of real references. Even in this page, we have posted most of hadiths with original text and with full url reference. However the biggest and the most truthful reference is BOOK of Allah that we use in our all pages. After that, common sense, logic and rationality are the great references for an intellectuals. We do not present as reference millions of fake books of Mullahs and Imams, as that books are full of stinking garbage. To be a scholar is a subjective matter. Near you Ibn Kathir could be a great scholar but our research shows, he was mere an ignorant Mullah of Past. Near Arabs Bin Baaz could be a great scholar but our research shows, he was mere an ignorant foolish Mullah. Near you Imam Shafi, Malik, Ibn Hanbal and Jafar Sadiq could be great scholars but our research shows, they were sodomites and deceitful liars of Past. No where Allah ordains us to follow that Mullahs of past and present. Quran is made Easy 54:40. Just follow it directly. Easy-made Quran explains itself fully and is not in need of any Mullah or Imam or any theological source.

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