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According to our in-depth study and Research, Qadiani (Ahmadis) are non-Muslims; but our idiotic ignorant Mullahs and Imams has been fighting with Qadianis from decades always on the matter of Isa/Jesus that if Isa is dead or alive. The matter if Jesus is dead or alive, is not the main logical and rational argument that proves Qadianis as Non-Muslims. If one believes that Jesus has been died naturally at old age, and dead do not return; then this belief does not makes one Qadiani automatically as our ignorant Mullahs claim; because there is tons of historical evidence that even before the birth of Impostor Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani, there were and still are many many non-Qadiani scholars who believed/believe, that Jesus, though survived death on Cross 4:157, but later, he was died naturally at old age 3:55, 5:117. Some Legendary Muslim figures like Second Fiqa Imam Imam-Malik, Hafiz Ibne Qayyam, Hafiz Ibne Kathir, Abu-al-Kalam Azad, Abaid-Ullah Sindhi, Jamal-uddin Afghani, One of the greatest Scholars Mufti Mohammad Abdu, two great sages of Muslim Umma Sir Allama Mohammad Iqbal and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Allama Dr. Mohammad Asad Ph.D (One of the greatest Scholars of 1400 years Islamic history), Javaid Ahmed Ghamidi, Dr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D, Team Factszz, and many others did not believe in the fictions of ascension and return of Jesus; and fables of Mahdi & Dajjal. Besides these all great scholars agreed that ascension and return of Jesus, Non-Quranic Mahdi, and Non-Quranic Dajjal are mere fabricated stories that were spread through hadiths that were forged during Abbasid Period from 750-1258 A.D. Reader should not forget that Abbasid Caliphs were half-Muslim and Half-Zoroastrian, as many of their tutors, ministers, wives and even mothers were Persian Zoroastrians. Almost all distortion that came in faith of Muslims, was during that 508 years of Abbasid Period, from 750-1258 A.D. Please also note that 508 years is a not a short period. Practically, Islamic empire was completely hijacked by Persian Zoroastrians for 508 years. During that very long period, they tried to their best to distort each aspect of Islam. They burned the original works of oldest Arabic Muslim Scholars. They also tried to change text of Quran but they badly failed because Quran was memorized by countless Huffaaz 15:9. When they failed to change text of Quran; then they found another way to disable Quranic law and that way was to spread false theory of Abrogation and to forge Millions of hadiths in the name of last Prophet. Their target was to take revenge from Islam, as It were Muslims who bulldozed their Millennia Zoroastrian Sassanian Empire in 7th Century. Their fabricated hadith books created countless sects in Islam & ignorant Muslims placed Book of Allah aside 25:30 and started to follow that crap which is stuffed in their fake hadith Books. Most of that hadiths contradict laws of Quran at 180 degree, yet majority of Criminal Mullahs and Imams follow that crap from centuries. Persians also changed meaning of thousands of Quranic terms during translation from Arabic to Persian. Other Muslim countries translated that terms from Persian to in their own language such as Urdu in South Asia. So from 1200 years, our Islamic universities are teaching to students that fake translations of thousands of Quranic terms. What is result? Result is, that in most cases a Ph.D in Islamic theology is much more stubborn ignorant than even a farmer who never went to school because curricula in Islamic Universities from past 1200 years is based on fake translation of Quranic terms that Persian Zoroastrians devised during 750-1258 A.D.  A list of some 20+ innovations that were blended in Islam during Abbasid Period from year 750-1258 A.D are given at.

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So in the light of above-written Para, our approach to prove Qadianis as Non-Muslims is not like nonsensical & irrational approach of freak Mullahs and Ignorant Imams but our approach to disqualify Qadianis from the title of a Muslim is irrefutable and Solid; which is as under.

We debunk following claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani as under. Let first, highlight his preposterous claims:

He claimed that he is Mahdi
He claimed that he is Masih-Mauood (Returning Masih=Jesus=Isa)
He claimed he is a Prophet

Iqbal_Mahdi_Masih1- His First Claim that he is Mahdi: Allah says; his Quran is complete & fully detailed and it explains everything that is needed in Islam 12:111, 16:89, 17:12. So any one who says, this is missing from Quran and that is missing from Quran is a Jaahil and an ardent Kaafir because in this way he/she is throwing a lie on Allah Jalla Aala who says, his BOOK is Complete and Fully detailed. We do not see any freak Mahdi or Dajjal in Noble Quran. In fact fiction of Mahdi used to exist among Persian Zoroastrians even before the landing of Noble Quran. After defeat of Persian Zoroastrian empire in 7th Century in the hands of Muslim Generals; many many Zoroastrians became Pseudo Muslims and Pseudo Hadith Imams like Bukhari, ImamMuslim, Ibne Maja, Abu-Doud, Tirmidhi, Nasaae, Yaqoob Kileeni of Shiites Al-Kafi; and in additions to forgery of millions of fake hadiths during Abbasid Period, they also blended fiction of Mahdi in Hadith Books that were again compiled by their own Zoroastrian Imams (Names are mentioned above already). Time of Abbasid was like that whore who is standing undressed at door and is available to anyone on this planet. SindhiAboutMahdiAbbasid Courts were full of Evil-Atheists and gone-astray clerics of Zoroastrians, Jews, and Christians etc. So; that was the time when many many Kharafaat (fables) were manufactured and blended in hadith Books. Kharafaat of Mahdi, Dajjal & Return of Isa were also blended in fabricated hadith books of Shiites and Sunnis at that time. Later our Criminal Mullahs and Imams started to twist translations/meaning of verses of Quran in order to reconcile their fictions with Quran. For example, wafat is very common word and its meaning is cause to die but in order to validate fiction of alive Jesus they change meaning of Wafat from death to “To take up Alive to heavens” but when same word Wafat appears in other verses of Quran over 25 times and appears in verse 10:46 for Last Prophet, then they translate the same word Wafat as “Cause to die. This is just one example of forgery in translation which highlights that Majority of our Mullahs and sectarian translators has indeed DNA of Pigs because they are shameless twisters of Book of GOD. Therefore, Mahdi is a Fiction; and claim of Mirza Qadiani that he is also Mahdi is nothing but a shameful lie and a despicable forgery. Please read: How fictions of Mehdi and Dajjal were forged and blended in hadith books of Sunni and Shiites? at Zubyair92- His 2nd Claim that he is Masih-Mauood (Returning Masih=Jesus=Isa): Quran, history, & even bibles prove that Jesus survived death on Cross but died at very old age. And Quran tells that, dead can never return to this planet. Therefore, claim of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadian that he was Masih-Mauood is nothing but another shameful forgery.

TischendorfClaim of Mirza Qadiani that he was Masih-Mauood >> Returning Masih(Jesus) is absurd because Noble Quran says, a dead person can never break barrier of Barzakh to come back to this earth again.Verse23_99_100 4c9XjjjAn honest mature reader will be flabbergasted to know that when we our-self read each line of hand-written oldest manuscripts of all Four Gospels known as of Mark, Mathew, Luke and John of 4th Century; we did not see any trace of fiction of ascension and return of Jesus; not a single word.  So when did church manufacture this fiction? After landing of Quran, the straight verbatim truth of Divine Quran was so much impressive that at high speed, people started to convert to Islam. This was very bad time for Church. So Crusaders planned how to attract more converts to Christianity too. They finally planned a forgery, and that was to blend fiction of ascension & return of Jesus in Gospel of Mark to impress new converts that Christianity is superior to Islam. Their missionary started to tell new converts that, Look! Alive Jesus is sitting on the right hand of GOD & will return to this planet again, but Prophet Mohammad is on ground; so according to their fantasy, Jesus was made superior to Last Prophet by them and in this way, they preached to new converts that Christianity is superior to Islam. That Crusader’s missionary did not stop just here but they also fabricated many hadiths that were later blended in Six Sunni Hadith Books and books of Shia during Abbasid Period. One of that forged hadiths is: Satan touches body of every baby after his birth with his fingers but Satan failed to touch body of baby-Jesus, so he touched only his placenta”. Clearly, this crap was forged to show, that Jesus is superior to Mohammad. PlacentaHadithLieTherefore; reader must learn without any doubt: that fiction of ascension and return of Jesus was fabricated by Church and blended in Gospel of Mark centuries later; and later other gospel writers copied that fiction from gospel of Mark. The forgery that we have discussed just now was also confirmed by one of the greatest German Christian Bible Scholars of 2000 history “Professor Constantin von Tischendorf”. But Crusaders did not stop just here; they advanced to Courts of Abbasid Caliphs and managed to blend fiction of ascension and return of Jesus in hadith Books that Persian Zoroastrian Imams fabricated 250-400 years after the death of Prophet with fake Matans and fake Isnad (Chains of narrations). CorruptioninMarkJunkMullahsCorruptioninLukeBukhariTimeLineCarRacingChurchVsMullahsFHence, inventors of all hadiths that show, Jesus went alive to heavens and will return back, were Crusader’s missionaries. From fake hadith books, later, that fiction was infused in the rotten heads of our ignorant Mullahs and Imams, & they are preaching this fable to majority of blindly-following ignorant Muslims from centuries. When we tell this truth to these brainless fanatics, instead of accepting truth, they declare us either Qadiani or a Kaafir. Whether, Al-Hamdo-Lillah! we are neither follower of Impostor Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani nor are we Kaafirs but we are Muslims and only Muslims, and Allah knows the truth who listens even what soul of a person whispers. Quran makes clear that Jesus survived death on Cross 4:157, raised in honor 4:158 and died naturally at old age 5:117. In verse 43:61, word INNA-HU points to Quran but criminal Mullahs add name of Jesus in bracket (JESUS) in verse 43:61 during translations in order to validate their fable which is being discussed here. Truth is; that ascension & return of Jesus is the biggest dogmatic fiction of mankind history that Church has forged and blended in 4 Gospels centuries later; & Church also managed to blend that fiction in Hadith Books that Persian Zoroastrian Imams fabricated 250-400 years after the death of Exalted Prophet. For full in-depth discussion on this subject, please read fully the links that we have provided below: Quran43_61PlusTableFOystersAndPodsFDo not forget to read following pages that prove our Point.

True history of Hadith. A MUST reading for all Muslims; & Non-Muslims who R interested in Theology.

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What is meaning of word RAFA in verse 4:158 of Noble Quran?

What top Non-Qadiani Scholars has said about the return of Jesus in past 1400 years?

3- His 3rd Claim that he is a Prophet: He also claimed that he was a Prophet. Though he took back his this false claim in his book “Aaik Ghalti Ka Azala” but Qadiani and Ahmadis insist, he was a Prophet. Noble Quran makes clear that the DEEN Islam which started from Adam/Idris has been perfected on Last Prophet Mohammad The Exalted,  and has been finalized in Noble Quran “alyawma akmaltu lakum deenakum” 5:3. Quran also makes clear that Prophet Mohammad The exalted was last Prophet of GOD “wakhatama alnnabiyyeena 33:40”. Avid readers of Noble Quran knows well that one never becomes a Muslim just by reciting Kalama (Shahada) so named as “Kalama Tayyiba” as ignorant Mullahs and Imams are preaching to majority of ignorant Muslims from centuries because if just Kalama Tayyiba is criteria for to be a Muslim, then Qadiani recite same Kalama too. Truth is, that from First to last Prophet, one was/is Muslim when he/she believed/believes in Five, Allah, his Scriptures/Books (Only in their original form), Prophets, Angels and day of resurrection/day of judgment (Qayama) as per Quran 4:136. From five, for the sake of argument, concentrate on “PROPHETS”. So to believe in all true Prophets is essential component of Imaan (faith) but when one adores an impostor as a Prophet, he/she violates terms of Imaan that are given in Five essentials of 4:136, and he/she becomes instantly OUT OF ISLAM . Quran makes very clear that who denies even one component from FIVE of 4:136, is gone astray. Therefore, claims of Impostor Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani and impostor Rashaad Khalifa for prophet-hood, must be summarily rejected.MirzaQadiai02RasoolNabiCOVerseand22_52 - CopyLast ProphetQadiani or anyone who follows Impostor Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani is out of Islam. So to disqualify a Qadiani from the title of Muslim, you have to accept three truth which are: Mahdi is a fiction; Ascension & Return of Jesus is a fiction; and Quran makes so clear as sun on sky that Deen Islam has been perfected upon Last Prophet Mohammad the exalted, and and no any Prophet of GOD will come after Prophet Mohammad the exalted. These three truth shut all back doors, from where, Qadiani usually try to escape, but if as usual, like fool Mullahs, you are fighting with Qadianis to prove already died Jesus “Alive”; then you are trading in a desert, and your approach is untrue, moronic, fictitious, shallow, illogical, irrational, unrealistic and nonsensical. Important_CalloutQadianisAnd4thPillarOfFaithQadianisAnd2_213JesusMullahsAndQadianiSirSyedDo not forget to visit our main page to read billions of tons of shocking truth at:


ImportantNanoWafat_Jesus_DeathFFollowing example will also show to an honest and unbiased reader; how these Evil Mullahs and majority of Criminal Sectarian Translators deliberately twist verses of Quran in order to validate and support fiction of Ascension and Return of Prophet Isa Jesus.

Following is true translation of verse 5:117 by Dr. Allama Mohammad Asad Ph.D. Please see the Arabic and English words that are highlighted in yellow color. For the death of Prophet Isa, in 5:117, Arabic word “tawaffaytanee” is used which is derivation of word Wafaat, which mean natural death.Quran5_117AsadNow see below, how another Sectarian translator called “Sahih International” has translated verse 5:117. Reader should again see highlighted words. This Criminal Translator has twisted translation of word “tawaffaytanee” as “Took me up” instead of “cause me to die”, in order to support fiction.Quran5_117But now see below, verse 2:234 in which, for death, Arabic word “yutawaffawna” is used which is also derivation of word “Wafaat” which is also used in verse 5:117 for Prophet Isa. So the word “yutawaffawna” of 2:234, and “tawaffaytanee” of 5:117 are same words’ derivation of word “Wafaat“. But, have you noticed, that, “Sahih International” has now translated word “Wafaat” as “Death” in verse 2:234, but when same word of Wafaat is appeared in 5:117 for Prophet Isa, same translator “Sahih International” has now deliberately changed translation of word “Wafaat” from “death” to “Take up”. This is a despicable crime, that, these criminal sectarian Translators commit with Book of Allah. Hell is waiting these conscienceless, shameless and honor-less twisters of Book of Allah.Quran2_234Important_Callout2ImportantNoteCrucifixionFQuran makes clear, that though Jesus did not die on Cross 4:157 but as per 5:116-117 he, later, died naturally at very old age (Kahlan 3:46). When fanatics lose debate, they start to speak nonsense, such as, O this is present tense and that is past tense or future tense etc. For example, when we sent verse 5:116-117 to a fiction-lover fanatic; he answered, that verses 5:116-117 are talking about future which is not arrived yet. He was claiming, that dialogue between Jesus and Allah given in 5:116-117 will happen on the day of judgment. Such type of idiots believe that Jesus is relaxing in some remote part of heaven from past 2000 years and he will drop on this earth in order to make intensive search of all sugarcane fields of World (especially Cuba) in order to kill all swine. Abu Hurairah has not told, which brand of rifle he will use. Then he will visit home of every Christian, and will break all the CROSS they possess. This tough duty was assigned to Son of Mary in a fabricated hadith concocted by Abu Hurairah, whom Aisha RA and Caliph Omar RA declared a beggar, a thief, and hadith forger. Please read our page “Biography of Abu Hurairah” to see proof provided by reputed scholars of Sunni Sect. Shia are also a deviated sect. Quran forbids all sects 6:159, 3:105.
Please note that verses 5:116-117 never use any word of “Qayama” day of judgment. Dialogue given in 5:116-117 has already been done in past, right after death of Jesus. Because Quran says in 32:11 that after death, Humans will be brought back to Allah (in Spiritual Realm). Besides; Arabic words “Qaala” and “Qult” used in verses 5:116-117 are forms of PAST TENSE which confirms, that dialogue mentioned in 5:116-117 has already been completed between Allah and Jesus, right after the death of Jesus. Whole text of that verses is in past tense. Please refer to following table to see, that words “Qalaa” and “Qult” used in 5:116-117 are in forms of past tense, when Quran was landing and so now too: QalaQuran32_11_malak_moutWordWafatTwistedForJesusQuran3_55NoteQuran 4:159
4:159 (Asad) Yet there is not one of the followers of earlier revelation who does not, at the moment of his death, grasp the truth about Jesus; [173] and on the Day of Resurrection he [himself] shall bear witness to the truth against them.

These crooked fanatics are become so much mad to prove a fiction, that they feel no any shame in twisting even the very clear verse of Quran. For example, in verse 4:159, Quran says, that all Jews and Christians at the time their deaths (Moutay-Hi} will for sure know the actual status of Jesus. Mean, they will made known that Jesus was not died on Cross, and he was not son of GOD or GOD but was a mortal Prophet. But These Criminal fanatic Mullah, Imams and their brainless Pets twist meaning and say, that all Christians and Jews will know the truth before the death of Jesus. So they twist this verse at 180 degree to prove fiction of ascension and return of Jesus. One of the most qualified and educated Scholars and translators of Noble Quran, Dr. Allama Mohammad Asad translated verse 4:159 as under with additional comments on this verse:Quran4_159



Now please read below, how Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani has nakedly insulted Jesus and has declared him a bad man, a drinker who used to have relation with a prostituteMGA_abusing_ISA_pbuhMGA_abusing_ISA_pbuh2Source:

Jesus-Summary0Important_CalloutOne of the most important points regarding matter of Jesus that Mullahs failed to grasp is, that Verse 4:157 never ever denies nailing of Jesus on Cross but forcefully denies his crucifixion. To die on Cross is the binding condition of Crucifixion. If Person is nailed on Cross but he does not die on Cross or is removed from Cross before his death; then he is though attempted for crucifixion but is NOT-CRUCIFIED >> (Wa Ma Salabu) which mean he did not die on Cross. Allah saved him from dying on Cross; as in those days, People used to think that who dies on Cross, is cursed by GOD. He was hypocrite Monnabba who fabricated the story of substitution that Jesus was replaced by any freak Judas. This is a big lie. The word Shubba-la-hum in 4:157 never mean that Jesus was replaced by someone but its mean: he was not killed on Cross but it seemed to them as he is killed, as in deep coma, person might seem like a  dead person. Our Very full and deeply discussed best scholarly page on Failed Crucifixion of Jesus is published at: The best page on World-Wide-Web about Jesus and Crucifixion


Quran4_158TwistTableAnother Viewpoint: Honest and good reader of Whole Quran knows well that in Quran, word Rafa is used for Humans either to raise them in honor, Darajaat or human Spiritual Exaltation after death. If we read verse 32:11 and 3:55, it becomes crystal clear that only after death, Soul is raised to spiritual Realm of GOD which is spiritual exaltation TO RAISE SPIRIT to GOD. In this context, 4:158 can also be understood in the light of verse 32:11 and 3:55 and then finally by 5:116-117 in which natural death of Jesus is Crystal clear . That all verses show, Spirit is raised to GOD only after death. It is climax of stupidity and utter ignorance to believe that a mortal Body of Flesh and Bones can be raised to spiritual Realm of GOD. It is like to place butter in the core of Sun. But Sun cannot destroy and burn the Immortal Soul (Real Person). Whatever is the viewpoint; ascension of body of flesh and bone to Spiritual Realm of GOD makes no any sense at all. Only Dumb and Ignorant can believe in such kind of fables, fictions and fairy funny tales. Parrot is in Cage. When Parrot fly out, it never fly with its cage (Body). Fanatics has paralyzed brains. If you go to any Arabic School in Arabia or in Pakistan or in India and ask a 5th grader the meaning of word WAFAT; all will answer you: DEATH. Word Wafat is used in Quran over 25 times and its meaning is as usual death (please refer to relevant tables given in this page) but many sectarian translators who by birth believe in the ascension and return fiction of Jesus, will badly twist translation of Quranic word WAFAT in order to validate fiction on which they believe in. When most of them translate 10:46 for the death of Prophet Mohammad, they translate word WAFAT as DEATH but when same word WAFAT appears in 3:55 and 5:116-117 for Jesus, they translate word WAFAT as “TO TAKE UP ALIVE”. That Translators has no any shame nor any conscience. They are Criminal to their Core. In order to validate their fictions, they even do not feel any shame in twisting Book of Allah. Hell is awaiting these Criminals.


And now at the end of this page, we present a big Truth for you which is given below:

Hadith_MathIf you have not believed what above-given picture says; then we have full proof of this truth at:

True history of Hadith. A MUST reading for all Muslims; & Non-Muslims who R interested in Theology.

TwoConcoctedDoctrinesQuran3_46_KahlanThroughout mankind history, it remained habit / custom of immigrants that whenever they moved to another country, they named their villages, towns and cities similar to names of their previous original towns and cities. For example: when immigrants moved from Cambridge Britain to Canada, they named new city Cambridge in Ontario Canada. When people around London Britain moved to Canada, they named a new city “London Ontario Canada”. In same way, you will find many names of city and towns that are same of some Indian and European cities. Name of Residential town area of Prime Minister of Pakistan (2015) in city Lahore is Jati-Umra which is same name of village where ancestors of Prime Minister lived in India before partition 1947. Following is Para from Wikipedia:
“Jati Umra (Amritsar), a village in Punjab, India. It is notable as the ancestral village of the Sharif Family of Pakistan. Jati Umra (Lahore), burial place of Nawaz Sharif’s father and location of Nawaz Sharif’s grand palace.”
In same way, when Lost 10 tribes of Israelite were deported to Kashmir and Afghanistan in 722 B.C. by Syrian king Sargon-II and around 586 B.C. again by Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar (Bakht Nasar), deportees named their almost all villages and towns with same names as were in Palestine. Following table shows you again irrefutable proof that Kashmiri are in fact deported Israelite, and after failed crucifixion, Jesus moved to these lost tribes, lived a long life among them, and is buried in Rozabal Srinagar Kashmir with tons of multiple historical evidence. These are historical facts and that facts were not manufactured by False Prophet Impostor Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. In following table, in front of name of place, in brackets, names of town or cities are given where that places exist.
Prof Mohidin Hajini (1917-1993) was among the greatest Scholars of Kashmir. Late Professor Hajini in his Maqalaat has emphasized that in the Kashmiri language there are dozen of Hebrew words used in daily conversation even up to the present times. Late Abdul Ahad Azad 1903-1948 was a top Kashmiri poet who said that the Kashmiri language had sprouted from the Hebrew language. The same opinion is held by other scholars such as Nazim the author of Nigaristan-i-Kashmir, and late Khwaja Hassan Nizami. KashmirPTB

 “Then Yuz Asaf (Yusu), after roaming about in many cities, reached that country which is called Kashmir. He traveled in it far and wide and stayed there and spent his (remaining) life there, until death overtook him, and he left the earthly body and was elevated towards the Light. But before his death, he sent for a disciple of his, Ba’bad (Twin-Thomas) by name, who used to serve him and was well versed in all matters. He expressed his last will to him and said: ‘My time for departing from this world has come. Carry on your duties properly and turn not back from truth, and say your prayers regularly. He then directed Ba’bad to prepare a tomb over him (at the very place that he died). He then stretched his legs towards the West and head towards the East and died. May God bless him.”
Reference: “Ikmal-ud-Din” authored by Al-Shaikh Al-Said-us-Sadiq Abi Jaffar Muhammad Ibn-i-Ali Ibn-i-Hussain Ibn-i-Musa Ibn-i-Baibuyah al-Qummi, Ikmal-ud-Din (Kamal-ud Din wa Tmam-un Nimat fi Asbat-ul-Ghaibat wa Kashf-ul-Hairet (Publish in Iran: Syed-us-Sanad Press, 1782 A.D, p. 357).
The author of Ikmal-ud-Din (the original title is, Kamal-ud Din wa Tmam-un Nimat fi Asbat-ul-Ghaibat wa Kashf-ul-Hairet), is Al-Shaikh Al-Said-us-Sadiq Abi Jaffar Muhammad Ibn-i-Ali Ibn-i-Hussain Ibn-i-Musa Ibn-i-Baibuyah al-Qummi, who died in Khorasan in 962 AD. He was a scholar who had traveled to many countries in order to research material for his book. Yuz_Asaph_5th_Gospel_FConcerning the year 54 given in above picture, Professor Fida Hassnain notes the following:
“Note that since Islam did not exist during the reign of Gopadatta (79-109 AD), connecting the year 54 with the Muslim Hijra Era is absurd. During that period, the Laukika Era was exclusively used in Kashmir. As this era started in 3076 BC, the 54th year mentioned in the inscription would come to either 22 BC or 78 AD (since Laukika Year 1 is 3076 BC, 3054 would be 22 BC, and 3154 would be 78 AD.) As it was not possible for Jesus Christ to have traveled to Kashmir in 22 BC, I take the year 78 AD to be the correct date of his arrival.

The author of the Ain-ul-Hayat was Ibn-i-Muhammad Hadi Muhammad Ismail. In Volume 2, Chapter 2, pages 177 to 178, he states the following regarding Yuz Asaf: (Printed at Bombay) A.H. 1232. Author writes: “He  went to many cities and preached to those cities. At last he reached the city of Kashmir. He invited its inhabitants to righteousness and resided there till death approached him, and his holy spirit departed from his earthly body and went to rest with God. But before his death he called his companion Ba’bad and made a will…and directed him to construct a tomb for him. He laid himself with his head towards the East and stretched his legs towards the West, and went to the place of Eternity.”

Historian Mullah Nadri (1420 A.D.) writes in his Book “Tarikh-i-Kashmir (history of Kashmir) “I have seen in a book of Hindus that this prophet was really Hazrat Isa [Jesus], the Spirit of God, on whom be peace [and salutations] and had also assumed the name of Yuz Asaf. The real knowledge is with God. He spent his life in this [valley]. After his departure [his death] he was laid to rest in Mohalla Anzmarah. It is also said that lights of prophethood used to emanate from the tomb of this Prophet. Raja Gopadatta having ruled for sixty years and two months, [then] died…”

“Jesus (on whom be peace) was named the “Messiah” because he was a great traveler. He wore a woolen scarf on his head and a woolen cloak on his body. He had a stick in his hand; he used to wander from country to country and from city to city. At nightfall he would stay where he was. He ate jungle vegetables, drank jungle water, and went on his travels on foot. His companions, in one of his travels, once bought a horse for him; he rode the horse one day, but as he could not make any provision for the feeding of the horse, he returned it.
Reference: Rauzat-us-Safa, written by Mir Muhammad Bin Khawand in 1417 A.D. The complete title of that book is, Rauza-tus-Safa fi Sirat-ul-Ambia wal Muluk wal Khulafa (Gardens of Purity concerning the biography of the Prophets and Kings and Caliphs). It was published later, in the year 1852 AD, in Bombay India.

From the The Fifth Gospel: New Evidence from the Tibetan, Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian and Urdu Sources About the Historical Life of Jesus Christ After the Crucifixion; by Dr. Fida Hassnain and Dahan Levi; in Book page 140-142; On pdf file Toolbar 169 to 171; we read:

First Aid: They took Jesus down from the Cross and wrapped his body with a clean linen cloth. This Linen was pasted with spices. They laid him a new sepulcher, which existed in the garden, near the site of Crucifixion,
The women also accompanied them to the sepulcher. Nicodemus had brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes with him. The other devotees prepared spices and ointments for Jesus. Nicodemus spread strong spices and healing salves on long pieces of byssus, which he had brought. He also spread balsam in both the nail-pierced hands of Jesus. The myrrh and aloe was reduced to powder and inserted between the bandages, which were wound, fold upon fold.
In these medical operations, they were helped by the Essene (Quran calls Essene as Muslim Hawaari-yoon in 3:52). This pious group was fully instructed in the healing virtues of medicinal plants, roots and stones, At midnight, Nicodemus and other devotees found that Jesus was breathing. As the place was not safe, he was taken out of the sepulcher to some other safer place. After coming out of coma, Jesus recognized his friends and he asked where Am I? Joseph of Arimathea embraced him with tears in his eyes. They gave him some bread dipped in honey and he felt greatly refreshed. He became conscious of the wounds but the balsam, which Nicodemus had spread upon them had a soothing effect. After the byssus wrappings had been taken off and the muckender was removed from his head, Jesus was removed to a house belong to another Essene (Please note: Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus were also members of Essene brotherhood). Before departure, they annihilated every trace of the byssus wrapping, the medicines and the drugs used. Jesus was kept in concealment for his safety’s sake. After his recovery, he was clothed in white robes of gardener. Nicodemus again tied up his wounds, gave him a medical drought and advised him to rest himself in quite but Jesus replied:

I fear not death,
For I have fulfilled it;
And the enemies shall acknowledge,
That God has saved me;
And wills not that I die eternally.

After that Jesus went forth upon his Journey (as is being discussed in this page). As it was cold, the Essene gave him a warm mantle in which he wrapped himself.

Ointment of Jesus:
The famous Marham-i-Issa or the ointment of Jesus, which cured his wounds has been mentioned in many medical treatises such as, Canon of Avicenna (Bu Ali Sina), Sharh-i-Qanun, Hawi-Kabir by Rhazes, Liber Regius by Haly Abbas, Hessagps of Jarjani. According to Avicenna, this balm has miraculous powers of healing wounds. It can eliminate puss and replace worn-out flesh, It is effective to cure wounds and provides fresh flesh to fill up cavities. It is helpful in circulating blood and removal of numbness. The Ointment of Jesus contains:

1- White Wax.
2- Gum Gungal also knows as Balsamo Dendron Mukul.
3- Plumbi Oxidum.
4- Myrrh.
5- Galbanum
6- Aristoelchia Longa.
7- Subacetate of Copper.
8- Gum Amonicum.
9- Rasin Pinuslongifolia.
10- Olibanum
11- Rasin.
12- Olive Oil

Please note, in all Arabic and Persian works, the ointment has been mentioned under caption of Sheliakh, Salieka, Zaliekha, which might mean the Ointment of the Prophets or the Ointment of Twelve.

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TaqleedisCurse2Important_CalloutCriminalMullahs01SummaryDbleCallOutFalseQadianiCultJesus had a human father. Read exposition of Sura Maryam at:

Quran explains every thing for Islam>>16:89. Then why no 5 Rituals & units in Quran

Just one fictitious Hadith of Miraaj turned the table of Deen Islam at 180 degree

Biography of Abu Hurairah. A Must for all educated Muslims. Will refresh ur Imaan

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Are Qadiani Muslims or Non-Muslims?


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